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This novel brings you the story of Abe Chou a young son-in-law in an abusive family. There is nothing good going on in his life. But one fine day he gets to know his reality and actual identity. one that is totally opposite to an ordinary and a poor man. The one he has grown up with and used to. Find out more about it by reading the novel story online.

The Rise of Abe Chou Novel Chapter Links

Here you will find all the chapters’ links to The Rise of Abe Chou Novel to read online. But the names of the major characters in the story have been changed to give the readers an easy reading experience. Meanwhile, the storyline and the plots and subplots remain intact.

Chapter 01 – 100

Chapter 101 – 202

Chapter 203 – 301

Chapter 302 – 400

Chapter 401 – 502

Chapter 503 – 601

Chapter 602 – 700

Chapter 701 – 802

Chapter 803 – 901

Chapter 902 – 1000

Chapter 1001 – 1108

Chapter 1109 – 1189

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Read along and find out what happens in the life of this so far poor and humble living young man, whose life is a mess to put it in simple words.

The vicissitudes of life have brought him to a point where he must act swiftly. Take decisions and act precisely otherwise, irreparable loss awaits him. Would he be able to tame the winds that that changes in his fortune bring?

Would he steer his own life and the life of people around him on a path of progress and prosperity? Or would the responsibilities and liabilities break his back irreversibly? Read The Rise of Abe Chou novel to find out all.

Start from a chapter of your choice and take it to the end. Happy reading!

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  1. Please when will the rest of the chapters be added?? This novel is really interesting, great and addictive. I just can’t wait for the rest of the chapters

  2. Spent 3 days to read this, the rise of Abe Chu, now suddenly don’t have chapter after 250.
    Isn’t it vain that these days I wasted..

  3. Pls I can’t wait for the next chapters pls can u add them
    Like 60 chapters each day cost am just following and always get bored when I don’t see anymore to read I really love this book….s💜

  4. I don’t usually post a comment under novels and fanfictions but after reading through the 1200 chapters I just felt the need to vent given how the last 200-300 or so chapters went. The story started off great but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore when the original author keeps trying to force never ending plots/schemes and continuously expanding the martial arts universe to keep the story going. Some characters aren’t fully utilised or utilised at all given their background relationship to Dustin Zhou. E.g his step-sister Shui Bingyue who got forced out of the capital appearing only once in the story to give advice against Xu, Mengmeng his god sister completely vanishing after spending her holiday at the villa, the promise to see Jiang Yan with her university junior missing, Sister Ling’s family consent to marrying their daughter to Zhou prior to her birth never addressed etc just so many plot holes that seemed to be ignored.

    Lastly, although that ending is somewhat expected, it is kinda underwhelming given how the story progressed. The last thing I expected regarding Dustin Zhou’s rise to the top of China is by getting every major character killed, but this is linked to the fact that the story is not properly planned out from the beginning. There is also an issue with paragraph repetition in some chapters. Hopefully these issues will be addressed if the author ever plans to rewrite this story.


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