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Chapter 989

Dustin Zhou knew that something would happen to Xu’s family this time.

Even the Xu family would threaten his life.

But he still came, so in Dustin Zhou’s heart, there was no fear at all, and there was no need to hide anything.

He doesn’t need to play any conspiracy, he just needs to be upright and take over all the conspiracies of the Xu family.

This is why he is rampant, because he came here with a fearless heart.

Dustin Zhou and Xu Shengsheng looked at each other, without the slightest fear in their eyes.

Xu Shengming gritted his teeth, “Okay, okay, you are arrogant!” “Boy, since you are so arrogant, dare you to accept the test of our Xu family!” Xu Shengming said almost desperately.

As soon as he said this, he immediately regretted it.

Originally, this was a trap and the biggest killer they used to deal with Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, what they planned was to use insidious means to trick Dustin Zhou into that test.

Rather than just say it as it is now.

What if Dustin Zhou refuses to say it directly?

No, Dustin Zhou will definitely refuse!

Moreover, after Dustin Zhou refused, he would still have a certain degree of vigilance in his heart, and would never enter their test again. As long as they did not enter that test, they would have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou!

The rest of the Xu family also suddenly became nervous.

If Dustin Zhou refused today, it would be impossible for them to keep Dustin Zhou. In that case, it would be too difficult for them to deal with Dustin Zhou in the future!

Either the Xu family’s structure is small, and they didn’t consider many things comprehensively. They just heard that Dustin Zhou had become the emperor of warriors, and couldn’t wait to eradicate Dustin Zhou.

The Xu family, indeed, has a way to deal with the emperor of warriors, that is, the test of the emperor, which is a formation method uploaded by Xu Jiazu.

No one knows what this formation is like, even the Xu family’s own people don’t know, because this formation is too dangerous, even if the emperor of warriors enters, there is a high chance that he will fall!

This is where the Xu family’s confidence lies, and they think that their family can defeat the emperor of warriors!

So they couldn’t wait to invite Dustin Zhou over. The purpose was to use this formation to defeat Dustin Zhou.

But they never thought about what to do if Yang does not enter the test!

They directly exposed their headquarters, and Dustin Zhou rejected them and didn’t enter the test at all. What would they do?

They started to get nervous before things happened.

Dustin Zhou glanced at them lightly, and quickly understood what they were thinking.

Then a deep smile crossed his mouth.

“Enter your test, sorry, I’m not interested, I don’t want to go in.” Dustin Zhou said with a smirk.

Of course, he didn’t dare to enter that test. On the contrary, he was still very much looking forward to what the Xu family’s hole cards were.

But as soon as Dustin Zhou saw the nervousness of these people, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but want to tease them.

I just won’t go in, what should you do?

The Xu family really couldn’t help it.

Xu Shengsheng gritted his teeth, “Aren’t you crazy? You will enter the test if you are crazy!” “I am very crazy,” Dustin Zhou thought for a moment, and suddenly raised his hand and slap Xu Shengsheng, “I should be regarded as such. It’s very rampant, but I don’t want to enter your test.” “I don’t think this conflicts. I’m rampant, just to make you uncomfortable, not what you ask me to do.” “If I I listen to you all, how can it be called rampant?” Dustin Zhou said with a faint smile on his face.

But the people of the Xu family are almost mad!

This Dustin Zhou is too arrogant and arrogant!

Even slapped their Patriarch!

This is an unabashed slap in the face, an insult!

But their Xu family is helpless!

The only way is that Dustin Zhou is not fooled at all, so what can they do?

“You, if you don’t enter the test, you just don’t have a seed!” Xu Shengsheng tried to use radical methods.

But this kind of remarks sounded like a kind of radical technique at the elementary school level.

Is the Xu family isolated from the world for too long?

Elementary school students would often point to someone’s nose and say, “Don’t leave after school!” Dustin Zhou would naturally not be fooled by this level of agitation.

He smiled faintly, without any uncomfortable expression on his face. Instead, he walked over and slapped Xu Holy Spirit again, “You said I didn’t have any seeds? Do I have them now?” Dustin Zhou felt a little guilty for hitting this old guy. No heart.

After all, I didn’t know the existence of the Xu family at all before. It was this family who started to make trouble for myself inexplicably.

He even almost threatened the people around him, such as Enderia Shen, such as his mother. If he didn’t arrive in time, they were all in danger now.

And the man behind all this is this old guy.

Therefore, hitting him Dustin Zhou is a peace of mind.

Xu Shengsheng was slapped twice in a row, and suddenly he didn’t know how to speak.

He was afraid that Dustin Zhou would beat him as soon as he spoke.

This made him feel frustrated.

“Say, am I not planted?” Dustin Zhou continued to ask.

“You have, you have.” In desperation, Xu Shengsheng can only admit it.

“I admit it so soon. If you want me to tell you, the Xu family are all spoilers, don’t you think?

Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes and asked with a smirk. Needless to say, if he doesn’t answer yes, Xu Shengsheng will be beaten again. Rather than being beaten and confessing that he is a bogus, it is better to admit now… So, the Xu Shengsheng, in front of everyone, confessed that the Xu family is a gangster. This scene made everyone in the Xu family almost burst into flames. How could there be such an aggrieved thing in the world? The Xu family is still a super hidden family! Seeing that these people are almost tortured, Dustin Zhou lazily returned to his chair, tilted his legs, and said leisurely, “It seems that you really want me Enter that test.

“But I also said that it is impossible for me to listen to your orders. Why, you can try to beg me, maybe I can consider it.

” “Please?

“Xu Shengsheng’s eyes lit up, is it possible that Dustin Zhou will really enter the test? If that’s the case, he doesn’t mind asking Dustin Zhou, after all, he doesn’t have any dignity left. “Yes, please. I have to be sincere, and I will consider it.

Dustin Zhou said confidently. “I beg you, you can enter that test.”

“Xu Shengsheng said without hesitation. Dustin Zhou frowned, “This is too insincere.”

Chapter 990

Although it is a rare thing for Xu Shengsheng that he can lower his head to ask Dustin Zhou. But it is absolutely impossible for Dustin Zhou to agree to him so easily. What a joke , Xu Shengsheng made an idea, but tried a way to let himself die! Although it was a test in name, Dustin Zhou actually knew very well that even if he was an emperor of warriors, it would be more fortunate after entering that test. The Xu family’s confidence will not be so full. Although he doesn’t care too much, it does not mean that he will make the Xu family comfortable. “Xu Patriarch, I think you don’t seem to want me to enter that test much. Ah, otherwise, how could there be no sincerity at all?

“Dustin Zhou said lightly. Xu Shengsheng was taken aback for a moment, and then gritted his teeth again, “After Dustin Zhou, you don’t want to chirp anymore. For this test, you give me a chance to get in.

“If you go in, what price will I have to pay before you are willing to enter the test? Just put it straight.

“This old man doesn’t have any brains at all. It seems that he should still have an IQ as big as a mouse, and he actually noticed that Dustin Zhou was playing tricks on him. But what can he do if he notices it? f*ck him, Dustin Zhou. I didn’t intend to hide it at all! “I have very clear conditions, but I don’t have the exact words you want.

“I won’t be direct

Promise you to enter the test, but if you can meet the conditions I put forward, I can consider it.

Dustin Zhou said calmly. He was fearless at all. To put it bluntly, it was the Xu family who had nothing to do with him. The Xu family could be said to be at an absolute disadvantage. If they want to flop, their only chance is to let Dustin Zhou. Entering that test. So at this point, Dustin Zhou believes that their bottom line is very low. As long as he doesn’t say anything that would make the Xu family self-destruct, there is a high probability that Xu Shengsheng will agree to all his conditions. But Xu Shengjing retorted, “You fool me, you don’t have a chance to speak, why should I agree to your terms!

“After I promised your terms, what should you do if you still refuse to enter the test?”

“This guy still wants to negotiate terms with Dustin Zhou. But he doesn’t seem to realize that he is not qualified to negotiate terms with Dustin Zhou. “Is that so?”

“Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes and smiled slightly, “If this is the case, then there is nothing to talk about.”

“Since there is no more talk, then I will leave directly, I hope we will see you again.”

“Of course, next time we meet again, what identities will be and what will happen, then I won’t know.

Dustin Zhou was suggesting that Xu Shengsheng, if he let him go now, it would definitely be a return to the mountain! Xu Shengjing did not speak, and the rest of the Xu family dared not speak. In the entire living room, only Dustin Zhou stood up and walked outside. Just when Dustin Zhou was about to walk to the door, Xu Shengsheng finally couldn’t help it. “Stop and state your conditions.

“After saying this, Xu Shengsheng seemed to be a few years old for an instant. This was definitely a shameful negotiation. Dustin Zhou did not promise anything at all, only said that he could consider whether to enter the test or not. But the Xu family, but He must agree to a condition he casually put forward. But, who made them really not Dustin Zhou’s opponents! They can only fight one! “I figured it out?

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and sat back again. “It’s fine if I figured it out. I knew I would agree anyway. What would I have to do with this effort?”

“Actually, I am a very kind person, and I will definitely not embarrass you very much.”

“The Xu family, just need to donate one billion to charity organizations, and I will consider entering your test, how about it?”

Dustin Zhou said with a smile on his face. The Zhou family didn’t have much threat in his eyes, so in fact, he didn’t have much to ask the Xu family to do something for him. It was pure embarrassment to put forward this condition. It’s just the Xu family. Moreover, a wicked family like the Xu family asked them to donate a large

It seems to be a matter of course to give money to charities.

That’s why Dustin Zhou put forward this condition.

After hearing this condition, Xu Shengsheng’s first reaction was to refuse.

“This is impossible!” Xu Shengming shouted loudly, “Why don’t you grab it, that’s a billion!” The Xu family is not very rich. As a super family, their performance in wealth is obviously Short board.

The total assets of the entire Xu family are about 10 billion, which is not as large as the scale of the famous company.

Therefore, to ask them one billion, for the Xu family, it can be said to be a real pain.

However, Dustin Zhou would not pity them.

Broken muscles?

What Dustin Zhou wants is this effect!

“Impossible? Well, we are destined to see you next time.” “Can you just leave without a word…” Xu Shengsheng was speechless, he really didn’t dare to put Dustin Zhou back.

“I can’t agree, what am I doing here?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically.

Xu Shengsheng had no temper again. He was silent for a while, and then he discussed with the rest of the Xu family in a low voice before he decided to agree to Dustin Zhou’s terms.

Then under the supervision of Dustin Zhou, they anonymously transferred one billion yuan to the charity on the spot.

Dustin Zhou also nodded in satisfaction, “Good job, you Xu family are really good people.” “Wish you good people a safe life, then I will go first.” After finishing speaking, Dustin Zhou turned and left again.

Xu Shengming suddenly panicked, “Wait, why are you leaving again! I have transferred the money!” “Yes, you have transferred, does it have anything to do with me?” Dustin Zhou asked back.

“Didn’t you agree. As long as I transfer the money, you will consider entering the test?” “I have considered it and decided not to enter. What’s wrong?” Xu Shengsheng was stunned.

The rest of the Xu family were also stunned.

They have seen shameless people, but they have never seen anything more shameless than Dustin Zhou.

Think about it so soon?

You didn’t think about it at all!

In other words, Dustin Zhou had already made plans for a long time, and was never prepared to agree to their request!

“You, you are shameless!” Xu Shengming roared with gritted teeth.

The Xu family donated a billion!

“Oh.” Dustin Zhou faintly agreed.

“Perhaps it is. Compared to the Xu family who can donate the past billions of good people casually, I am really shameless. I am ashamed of my own behavior.” Dustin Zhou lowered his head. He really looked ashamed.

Chapter 919

Entering the Test Dustin Zhou seemed to be really ashamed on the surface, but in fact, this behavior is simply shameless.


Is to make the Xu family mad!

In fact, Dustin Zhou donated a lot of money to charity organizations. As a responsible man, Dustin Zhou knows how to return.

Of course, he donated money willingly, and he was very happy, without any pressure.

It is completely different from people like the Xu family who only pays attention to the development of their own family.

The Xu family was forced to donate one billion, which is a very sad thing for the Xu family.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was pretending that he had never donated money, and then pretended to be ashamed. In the eyes of the Xu family, they were a little bit ashamed and angry.

“You, Dustin Zhou! You are too much!” Xu Shengming almost spit out old blood.

Originally, they invited Dustin Zhou over to humiliate Dustin Zhou, and then deceive Dustin Zhou into the test and tortured him to death.

But now, the situation is almost completely opposite to what they thought.

What has Dustin Zhou done since he came to Xu’s house?

First, they mocked the poor Xu family, they didn’t have a chair, and then they slapped Xu Holy Spirit a few times, and the attitude was extremely arrogant.

In the end, he played them fiercely again and deceived them one billion yuan.

You know, this billion is definitely not a small amount for the Xu family.

The key is that from beginning to end, the Xu family couldn’t even say a word of rebuttal. The combination of these circumstances can really make the Xu family people alive.

Dustin Zhou was also very ashamed and aggrieved… Xu Shengsheng didn’t even know how to refute.

I can only say that Dustin Zhou is too much.

“Excessive?” Dustin Zhou raised his head and asked in a dazed posture, “Did I do anything?” “From start to finish, aren’t we all talking reasonably?” Dustin Zhou looked innocent, and I was a beautiful woman. Lie to you.

I asked you to donate one billion. Originally, I didn’t promise you anything. I just said that I wanted to consider it. Now that I think about it, I just don’t want to go. What can you do?

I didn’t fool you either!

After saying this, Xu Shengsheng finally couldn’t help it, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out.

Being so mad to vomit blood is definitely a shame that can be carved into the bones of Xu Shengsheng.

What’s even more shameful is that he can’t resist Dustin Zhou at all, and can only bear it silently.

Seeing Xu Shengsheng spit out a mouthful of old blood, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a lot more comfortable.

Moreover, things are almost done, and it’s time to promise this old guy.

After all, Dustin Zhou himself was also very curious about the test, after all, that was the last card of the Xu family.

It is said that it is a hole card, but at the same time, it also means that that test is exactly the essence of the Xu family’s heritage for thousands of years.

Perhaps the Xu family is now discarding

A lot.

For example, the current pattern of the Xu family is very small.

However, the Xu family still possesses a lot, and the trump card for that test is definitely the essence of the Xu family’s thousands of years of heritage.

Dustin Zhou was very curious about this, and he didn’t even plan to give up.

If he knew this test in advance, even if the Xu family did not allow him to enter, he would find a way to go in and take a look.

As for whether it is dangerous or not, Dustin Zhou has never considered it.

The emperor of warriors, what does the heart of the emperor mean?

It means domineering, indomitable dominance!

If he was afraid of danger and stopped exploring, Dustin Zhou would never become the real emperor of warriors.

This is also the reason why most martial masters cannot become the emperor of warriors at all.

Even if he is as strong as the ancestor of the Hua family, through his own talent cultivation, he has changed the true qi in his body forcibly and raised his own strength to the level of the emperor of warrior, but he cannot have the heart of the emperor.

This can be seen from how much he dotes on Hua Chenyu.

With that shortcoming, it can be said that in this life of the ancestors of the Hua family, no matter what methods they use, they can only stop at the half-emperor level, and absolutely cannot be promoted to the emperor of warriors!

And Dustin Zhou can become the emperor of warriors so smoothly because he cares a lot about his mentality.

The test of the Xu family, he must go in!

So he said, “Forget it, I won’t tease you anymore. It’s really pitiful to see your Xu family like this.” “In this way, you are promising me a condition, and I will definitely enter what you said. Instead of considering the test, how about?” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Before it was too late to consider Dustin Zhou’s insulting language when he said that they were pitiful in the Xu family, Xu Shengsheng instantly became excited.

Anyway, they didn’t have much dignity in front of Dustin Zhou, and it was not the first time that they were insulted when they were insulted.

However, if Dustin Zhou can enter that test, everything will be worth it!

“Okay, say it!” Xu Shengjing agreed.

“In this way, you can transfer me another one billion. You donated the previous one billion to charity, but it doesn’t make much sense to me.” “Since it is for me to promise to enter the test, then, There is nothing wrong with you transferring one billion to me, right.” Dustin Zhou still looked innocent, as if what he said was so common and confident.

Xu Shengsheng, “…you can’t ask for anything else!” It’s one billion again, really treat their Xu family as an ATM!

This two billion is equivalent to one-fifth of the assets of the entire Xu family!

His flesh pain was directly reflected on his face, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

However, he still agreed

Come down.

No way, he has already lost one billion, and his purpose is to kill Dustin Zhou.

And now, if she does not continue to add one billion, the previous one billion will be wasted.

Moreover, he did not dare to let Dustin Zhou go back.

Dustin Zhou is a warrior emperor!

Allowing an enemy of the emperor of warrior level to leave safely, the price is not something that the Holy Spirit can bear.

Ten thousand steps back, why did they stare at Dustin Zhou in the first place, nothing more than Dustin Zhou’s jade.

Now that Dustin Zhou has become the emperor of warriors, they can basically say that they have lost the opportunity to obtain jade.

But what if Dustin Zhou died?

Then that piece of jade, it is not going to belong to their Xu family!

Don’t talk about Dustin Zhou hiding the jade.

As long as Dustin Zhou is dead, their Xu family can dominate Donghai City. No matter where Dustin Zhou hides the jade, their Xu family can find it!

Because they have the capital to turn the entire East China Sea upside down!

Killing Dustin Zhou, getting jade, and dominating Donghai City, in the face of these interests, the cost of losing two billion yuan is not much.

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