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Chapter 590

“I’m sure, Kong Shao, as long as you help me once, I will be in my hands. All the remaining shares will be given to you.

“This time, Wang Wei really gave up. He

Unexpectedly, at the beginning, I had a confident showdown with Dustin Zhou and parted ways.

Originally, I was going to bring a few partners to do a business together, not only to prove to Dustin Zhou, that everyone can develop very well even without him, but also to prove to others that Dustin Zhou is not omnipotent.

But how long is this?

He parted ways, and now, in almost a month, he can no longer sustain it.

If it hadn’t been for this period of time, there would have been several times to seek help from Kong Hui, Wang Wei felt that Liushi Beauty would have been unable to sustain it long ago and would have closed down.

And now, it is also the moment of life and death.

If this step is over, then Liushi Beauty, as well as them, will be able to leap in the future, and the sky will be high.

And this step, if they can’t get past, then waiting for them is still the closure of the store, and they are rolling back to the East China Sea like a bereaved dog.

Moreover, their original business in the East China Sea is likely to suffer a severe blow because of this move in Hunan Province.

It can be said that this is already the last fight, and Wang Wei has no way to retain his opponent.

Moreover, he has no backs.

“Oh, well, I will make one last shot. If you still don’t do well, then I can’t blame me.” Kong Hui smiled faintly, feeling disappointed with Wang Wei in his heart, but at this moment, Fighting also made Kong Hui look at him with admiration.

At least, not a counselor.

“Thank you Kong Shao, this time, we will never give up!” When Wang Wei heard it, his heart suddenly became excited, and a glimmer of hope flashed through his eyes.

As long as Kong Hui is willing to make a move, then with Kong Hui’s position in the Kong family, with the position of the Kong family in Liushi, and even Xiang Province, Wang Wei may not have the possibility of a comeback.

After getting Kong Hui’s guarantee, Wang Wei also returned directly to Liushi Beauty.

Now Liushi Beauty is all up and down, up to partners, down to every employee, feeling very depressed, even a little frustrated.

And Wang Wei needs to tell everyone this exciting good news, so that everyone can regain hope and fighting spirit.

At least, they must not just give up so easily before the final result comes out.

While Wang Wei and the others were waiting for Kong Hui to take action, the caring people also discovered the dilemma of Liushi Beauty.

Thinking of the relationship between Liushi Beauty and the Liushi branch of the famous company, I was also waiting for a good show.

Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel.

Dustin Zhou and the others have lived here for a long time, and in Hunan Province, they have stayed there for almost three months.

Now that the new year is approaching, many people are also preparing to return to the East China Sea.

Except for the first batch of branches that will open a year ago, everyone else is also fully packed, anytime

All can return to the East China Sea.

“Dustin Zhou, when are we going back?” Enderia Shen asked lightly, with a trace of melancholy in his tone.

Thinking of the real purpose of coming to Hunan Province, and seeing what he is doing now, Enderia Shen only felt that there seemed to be infinite sadness in his heart.

Originally, she followed Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie to Hunan Province, acting as an electric light bulb.

However, after coming to Hunan Province, the situation has changed so much that Dustin Zhou has no free time, let alone Enderia Shen. He has been trained by Dustin Zhou almost all the time, working hard and busy, and rarely has time to spare. With.

“Mira, don’t you have any grievances? Dustin Zhou said at first he wanted to take you out to relax. Have you ever gone out to play?” And seeing Mira Xie who was silent and calm, Enderia Shen felt annoyed. .

On the surface, the relationship between Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou is still husband and wife, so she is just an outsider after all.

Even if she had a very good relationship with Dustin Zhou, before in the East China Sea, she helped Dustin Zhou take a shot and almost died.

However, she can’t do anything to Dustin Zhou without any scruples.

However, apart from himself, Enderia Shen clearly felt that Dustin Zhou also seemed to be lucky when he came to Hunan Province. Then the eldest lady of the Jiang family, Jiang Yan, is not a living example.

What’s more, Jiang Yan’s statement in Hunan Province was broadcast far and wide, and she was so good-looking. I am afraid that as long as she is a man, she can’t stand such a beauty.

Enderia Shen thought to herself, if she put herself in the position of Mira Xie, she would not be so calm.

Even if you don’t stare at Dustin Zhou’s every move every day, to see which woman he talked to today, which woman he is close to, behaves intimately, and has bad signs, he will always care about Dustin Zhou and keep Dustin Zhou’s eyes on Fall on yourself.

Enderia Shen was very jealous of Mira Xie, and at the same time admired and admired very much in his heart.

“That’s not important, there are more important things than going out to play.” Mira Xie said lightly.

She is a calm temper, and rarely competes with others except in the business field.

Just like this time, Dustin Zhou said that she would take her out to relax, she did not refuse, so she followed, and then during these three months, don’t say go out to relax, even Dustin Zhou’s time alone with herself, added together, I am afraid there will be no day.

However, Mira Xie did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Except, sometimes I feel a little helpless.

Mira Xie didn’t know much about Dustin Zhou in the past, and the time to get along was short, and there was no communication between the two parties. Coupled with family reasons, Mira Xie also had some opinions on Dustin Zhou.

But now, Mira Xie found that he didn’t know Dustin Zhou at all.

And this is the first time Jiang Yan appeared in her vision


That was the time, and the only time, Mira Xie found himself panicked.

Although it was only a trace, at that moment, Mira Xie’s heart felt tight for no reason.

Therefore, when Enderia Shen was pulling her to see Jiang Yan, Mira Xie didn’t know what was going on with him, so confused, he followed Enderia Shen to see Jiang Yan.

Only now, the new year is approaching, and this is also the fourth year of her marriage to Dustin Zhou.

Mira Xie has always felt a slight throbbing in his heart in the past two days, as if he was expecting something.

But she couldn’t tell.

“Oh, you are too wanting and wanting.” Enderia Shen sighed lightly, shaking his head and feeling helpless in his heart.

However, the two people talking like this made Dustin Zhou a little embarrassed.

Although Enderia Shen and Mira Xie didn’t say anything, how could he not understand the meaning.

In fact, this is why he feels a little guilty in his heart.

It was clearly stated that I wanted to take Mira Xie out to relax, but he plunged into these things in Hunan Province and was busy for three months.

“When the matter of Wang Wei is resolved, we will celebrate the New Year in the East China Sea.” With Dustin Zhou’s assurance, although Enderia Shen and Mira Xie didn’t say anything, Dustin Zhou could detect that both of them seemed to be in a much better mood. The mood has also risen a bit, and when he speaks angry, his tone is also a lot more cheerful.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang.

“Zhou, Wang Wei has done it again.” Ye Fang’s voice was a little anxious, as if he had encountered some problem.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou frowned and asked in a deep voice.

According to his estimation, Wang Wei should be dormant during this period and would not go to Kong Hui for help at will.

After all, after successive defeats, Wang Wei’s fighting spirit must have fallen a lot, and now logically speaking, they should not be interested in doing things.

Ye Fang simply said things over the phone.

But Dustin Zhou’s expression became serious.

He didn’t expect that Wang Wei would actually seek Kong Hui’s shot.

Just today, Liushi Pedestrian Street suddenly ushered in a major inspection.

And it seems that the inspection lineup is still very strong, and most people simply cannot resist, especially the inspection is extremely strict.

Ye Fang suspected that Wang Wei asked Kong Hui to do this, and the purpose was actually to come to the Liushi branch.

At that time, as long as you jump out of a few problems, you can issue a lot of fines to the Liushi branch, or even order it to close.

In such a menacing battle, Ye Fang had no room for manipulation at all, and even the other party would never give her the opportunity to manipulate.

Ye Fang also had no choice, so he called Dustin Zhou.

And after listening to what Ye Fang said

After that, Dustin Zhou also had a trace of doubt in his heart.

It stands to reason that, although the Kong family can do such a large-scale inspection, it is not what Kong Hui can do. He is not enough for his own face.

Then, on the one hand, it is possible that someone else from the Kong family came forward to help Kong Hui.

On the other hand, all this is just a blindfold.

Chapter 591

Dustin Zhou pondered for a moment, already thinking of many possibilities in his mind.

However, after excluding all unreasonable things, Dustin Zhou suddenly discovered that the other party’s doing so should be just a cover.

Borrowing such big things as checking, let Ye Fang, and even let him Dustin Zhou, focus the eyes and attention of the entire famous company.

Then the other party is somewhere else, and then perform other operations.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know or guess what the other party would do.

But there is one thing Dustin Zhou can think of.

That was the next action of the other party. It must have done unprecedented harm to the Liushi branch of the famous company, to Ye Fang, and to Dustin Zhou.

Even if Dustin Zhou was careless, he would be trapped by the other party and could not get out of his body.

“Don’t act, just wait and see the changes. The branch has been checked so many times before, hasn’t it been okay? There will be nothing wrong this time. Moreover, since the other party dares to make such a big battle, it means that they dare not do anything wrong. “And if the other party has other ideas and actions, as long as you don’t move, the other party will act sooner or later. Then, I will find out.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, giving Ye Fang a simple distraction. Let Ye Fang stand still.

Ye Fang responded and hung up the phone in a hurry, preparing for the next inspection.

After Dustin Zhou hung up the phone, his face was a little serious.

This time, it can be said that it was Wang Wei and Kong Hui’s last resort. At the beginning, even Dustin Zhou was blinded.

If Dustin Zhou had a hunch, things would definitely not be that simple. Maybe now he would really focus all his attention on the branch and ignore many other factors.

For example, Ye Fang’s ability to reopen the Liushi branch was supported by Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

If Kong Hui led people to subdue Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and others, then Ye Fang would naturally be defeated without a fight.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou suddenly smiled.

Don’t say that the people on their side are not so easy to deal with. With the existence of a Niu Chuan, it is impossible for ordinary people to pose a threat to them at all.

However, just in case, Dustin Zhou decided to make arrangements in advance.

After all, there is still some time before the New Year, and there is still some time before they return to the East China Sea.

And Kong Hui

, It is very likely to act during this time, as for the specific action time, no one knows.

Dustin Zhou called all the people in the hotel to gather.

He didn’t tell everyone that Kong Hui might take action. Otherwise, if someone had fear in their heart and left the hotel without authorization, thinking that they would be able to avoid the past, they might just be caught by the other party.

So Dustin Zhou just reminded everyone not to go out casually these days. If you have any needs, please contact the hotel directly, and the hotel will cooperate to solve it.

When the time came, everyone returned to the East China Sea.

Although everyone didn’t know what happened, seeing Dustin Zhou’s solemn expression and heavy tone, they also put away their indifferent thoughts, and calmed down one by one.

Although some people think that Dustin Zhou is a bit domineering like this, in all the previous things, Dustin Zhou’s ability has long been recognized by everyone.

Therefore, even if some people feel a little reluctant, at this time, they still won’t complain casually, let alone let others notice.

However, they have already made plans. Anyway, they will return to the East China Sea in a few days. They can’t stay in Changsha for long. If they don’t take advantage of these last few days to go out and play, maybe they won’t have a chance in the future.

As for what Dustin Zhou said just now, in their opinion, it was undoubtedly some sensational and purely frightening.

They don’t think they will encounter any danger if they go out.

At this time, the Liushi branch.

The inspection on the pedestrian street is proceeding in an orderly manner.

The inspection brigade inspected one store at a time, and most of them were qualified, but there were also a few unqualified, and the inspectors ordered them to suspend business for rectification.

Soon, the inspection team appeared at the door of the Liushi branch.

“Are you the boss here?” A dark-skinned inspector said lightly, glanced at Ye Fang casually, and walked in directly and started the inspection.

Many nearby stores also came to watch.

The business of the Liushi branch is really good this time, and it is much better than the Liushi beauty makeup on the opposite side, which naturally arouses the curiosity and envy of the surrounding store owners.

They also want to come over to see if there is anything tricky in this Liushi branch.

However, what is surprising is that the inspectors seem to be deliberately looking for faults. There are no such things at all, and even if they are to be inspected according to this standard, the entire pedestrian street will not be qualified.

“These problems have already been investigated during the renovation of our store. This is our rectification and acceptance document.” Ye Fang had been prepared long ago. During the renovation, some strangers came to inspect one after another.

Check, and the points of the check are all faultfinding.

In order to prevent accidents, Ye Fang asked the inspectors every time to write down the problems pointed out by the inspection and the qualified acceptance after the store was reorganized, and bind them together.

As for Ye Fang’s hand, these prosecutors didn’t seem to have expected it at all. His expression was obviously stunned for a moment, and his face was a bit ugly.

The leading dark-skinned inspector even twitched his mouth slightly, almost tore up the document and denied it directly.

However, today’s inspection was too big and the whole pedestrian street was aroused, and now in the Liushi branch, there are still many people from other stores watching.

If he dared to do this, he would definitely throw someone at the handle.

At that time, even if that person is willing to help him, I am afraid there will be no good results.

Thinking of this, the man felt so angry that he had no place to vent, and his face naturally became worse and worse.

“Receive the team.” Seeing that Ye Fang’s preparations were so perfect, the man had no choice but to reclaim the team hastily.

The massive inspection of the pedestrian street soon came to an end.

Liushi Beauty Office on the second floor.

Wang Wei and others watched the whole process. They watched the inspectors and inspected the stores one by one in the pedestrian street.

Watching the inspectors enter the Liushi branch, and then walked out with an ugly face, and after they came out, the inspection speed afterwards was obviously much faster, and the remaining stores didn’t take a few hours in total.

“President Wang, it seems that Ye Fang has been prepared for a long time. I am afraid that this trick will not have any effect.” Zhang Hai who is wrong in

Chapter 592

Ding Junfeng rubbed his face. He was injured by Chen Tianhao and the others, and he recovered in these two days.

Although some of the scars on his face and body have faded, even some are almost invisible.

But Ding Junfeng would still feel a bit of pain if he touched the wound.

And now his face is like this, even speaking, it will affect the muscles and make Ding Junfeng feel pain.

However, compared to the previous two days, it is much better now. A little kneading and massage will reduce the pain.

Ding Junfeng shouldn’t care about these now.

What he should care most about is Ye Fang, the Liushi branch of the famous company, and Dustin Zhou.

This time the big inspection is indeed related to them.

In fact, this is just a trick for Kong Hui.

Increase the momentum of the inspection so that everyone thinks that this inspection will definitely be due to something important.

And Kong Hui’s real purpose was to attract all Dustin Zhou’s attention, and then to continue to do another thing.

“President Wang, what on earth is Shao Kong going to do to make such a big battle, but Ye

On Fang, there seemed to be no reaction at all, and he seemed to be able to deal with this inspection easily.

“Ding Junfeng asked in a deep voice. In fact, it is not only Ding Junfeng, but also the other partners. It is clear that such a big momentum came to the inspection. I could have taken advantage of this opportunity to make Ye Fang and Liushi branch suffer a big loss. But, no. Thinking of the Ye Fang and Liushi branches, there were no accidents at all. Even the random inspectors did not look good when they left the branch. Obviously, which inspectors did not find out what was wrong. Shao Zi has his plans. Don’t ask so much. Anyway, I have given all the shares of the store to Kong Shao. This time, it is our last chance. I believe Kong Shao will not let us down. Otherwise, I will Like you, with nothing to do, I left Hunan province and returned to the East China Sea.

“Wang Wei said in a deep voice, lowering the curtains, and no longer looking at Ye Fang’s proud smile on the other side. He does know some things. However, this last fight is related to the final victory between them and Dustin Zhou, so Wang Wei is unwilling to make any surprises. Therefore, he did not disclose Kong Hui’s plan to a few partners at all. It was not that he was worried about these people and worried that they would leak out, but he did not want Dustin Zhou to get a bit in advance. News. Regardless of whether this news was revealed by someone on his side or discovered by Dustin Zhou’s people, it will undoubtedly have a slight impact on what Kong Hui will do next. “But I just underestimated the woman Ye Fang. There is indeed a little ability, the person Kong Shao arranged specially, did not catch her handle.

“Wang Wei said lightly, a trace of fear flashed under his eyes. At the same time, Wang Wei was also grateful. If he didn’t choose to part ways with Dustin Zhou, and didn’t force Ye Fang to leave Liu City Beauty Makeup, then Ye Fang is now. It’s still in one of their boats, maybe it can help me a lot. But then I think about it, if Ye Fang doesn’t leave, who will have the final say in the future of Liushi Beauty, not necessarily. “Next, Kong Shao’s side. You can do it at any time. You must pay attention. Don’t have any contact with Dustin Zhou. Otherwise, Kong Hui won’t know you and what happened to you. Don’t blame me for not reminding you.

“Wang Wei glanced at the crowd and reminded him in a cold voice. Now that this situation is reached, a few of them can say that they are all hanging by one breath now. And this tone is the desire for Dustin Zhou to win. Once they are they This breath broke, or that Kong Hui made a big loss to Dustin Zhou. They all breathed a sigh of relief and prepared

Return to the East China Sea.

However, Wang Wei couldn’t guarantee that none of these people would turn to the side. At this moment, he rebelled to Dustin Zhou and became a double agent.

Therefore, he must deter him, and at the same time, he must not expose Kong Hui’s next actions.

When everyone heard it, they all became serious.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang, we will definitely pay attention.” … Three days after the pedestrian street inspection, nothing happened in Liushi within these three days.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t notice anything wrong in Changsha. It seems that Wang Wei and Kong Hui really gave up.

“Dustin Zhou, the Chinese New Year is coming in one week, when shall we return to the East China Sea?” In the room, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie appeared together, and the two were even beginning to pack their luggage.

When Dustin Zhou confirmed the time to return to the East China Sea, they would book the tickets as soon as possible, and then waited to go home.

“Wait another two days. If they don’t make a move, let’s go back to the East China Sea in three days, and let everyone know and let his family make preparations sooner.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, it was very quiet for these three days.

It was because it was so quiet that Dustin Zhou noticed something wrong. There seemed to be an undercurrent rushing towards him and the people around him, but this undercurrent was well hidden and had not been discovered yet, at least not by Dustin Zhou.

“It’s not good, Mr. Zhou.” At this moment, a middle-aged man ran to the door of the room in a panting, his face pale.

“Mr. Zhou, the big business is not good.” Dustin Zhou looked back, he recognized this man, Zhang Hai, who had followed him from the East China Sea from the very beginning. He had a good net worth in the East China Sea and was also responsible for a small sales. There have been several cooperations between the company and well-known companies, and they are all pretty good.

“What’s the matter? Speak slowly.” Dustin Zhou’s expression did not change, but he suddenly became alert.

He knew that at this juncture, it was impossible for the people around him to panic for no reason, and it was even more unlikely that there would be any accidents.

“Zhou, Chen An and Li Chen were kidnapped by a group of people. They asked me to come back and give this to you.” Zhang Hai still looked very nervous, and took out a crumpled note from his pocket, thinking To pass it to Dustin Zhou.

“Well, you put it here, I’ll watch it later, I’ll take care of anything, and Chen An and Li Chen won’t have any problems. You go down and rest and relax.” But, Dustin Zhou did not go forward to pick up the note, but instead asked Zhang Hai to put the note on the ground.

“Zhou, the group of people told me to hand this note to you, saying that there are very important things in it. If you don’t read it the first time, you will regret it.

For life.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Zhang Hai seemed to be anxious, took a deep breath, and walked into the room. “Stop!

“However, Zhang Hai only took a step into the room, and he was stopped by Dustin Zhou.

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