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Chapter 158

The content on the file is very simple, only a few news reports.

However, the conspicuous title above made a few people’s hearts sink.

“Who are the shareholders of Mingyang Company? In broad daylight, resort to violence?” “Enjoy the darkest day of the club, who can manage it?” “From scratch, reveal the secret of Dustin Zhou, who is it!” “… More than a dozen conspicuous titles made Dustin Zhou’s heart move!

Let’s not talk about it first, enjoy what happens in the club, under normal circumstances, it will not leak out.

Even if it leaks out, the Su Family will suppress everything for the sake of face!

Furthermore, as one of the three directors of the media industry association, Dustin Zhou had not received any notice for such a clear-cut news report against him.

This is unreasonable anyway.

The only explanation is that some media companies have pointed the finger at Dustin Zhou and wanted to challenge the authority of the association.

In other words, it is another mountain top!

However, no matter what it is, it is not something Dustin Zhou can accept calmly.

“Mr. Zhou, there are a lot of media coming to interview you now. I have people stop them, but we can’t stop them all the time.” Sara Ye’s face was very ugly. She was very angry when something like this happened.

Although I don’t know the authenticity of the above content of the news report, such a purposeful targeting will not be easily accepted by anyone.

“Dustin Zhou, the person who came is unkind, do you know who is targeting you like this?” Enderia Shen’s originally indifferent expression gradually became heavier.

These news media seem to be targeting Dustin Zhou, but they associate Dustin Zhou with Mingyang.

When the public sees these news and Dustin Zhou, they are bound to see the famous company.

Then, their previous impressions of well-known companies will change, and they will even hate well-known companies, and then hate whitening factor masks.

In other words, the other party wanted to kill Dustin Zhou and Mingyang together!

“Who else is there, it’s not all clearly written on it.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and pointed to the media unit that posted the news.

“The East China Sea Evening News.” “The East China Sea Gossip.” … “Aren’t these all the media companies that discredited you and the company the last time?

“Enderia Shen looked at these media units and was immediately surprised. The company that reported this news was the same as the previous one that discredited Dustin Zhou and the famous company. But Enderia Shen knew it. During this time, Dustin Zhou, The media industry in Donghai City has been integrated and cleaned up and managed by the Association. According to normal circumstances, it is impossible for such a thing to happen. Unless… Enderia Shen can leave the Shen family and run a well-known company to the present level. Naturally flexible, and soon figured out the conspiracy behind it. “What are you going to do with it?

As far as I know, although these media are not top-notch, together, they can occupy a small half of the Donghai media industry.

“Enderia Shen’s tone couldn’t help being a little low. It’s not that she wanted to suppress Dustin Zhou’s morale or damage his confidence, but the actual situation is like this. Dustin Zhou must face it truthfully. “It is difficult for us to understand the specific situation just through these news. I first ask the other people in the association. In short, these people want to make ideas on me. That’s really a frustration!

“Dustin Zhou did not hesitate, and directly opened the phone calls of the other two directors of the association, Chen Tong and Sun Yue. This happened, the Donghai Media Company reported negative news against the association directors, and there were signs of discrediting, such things, the association is I’m sure I will know the first time. But the association did not tell Dustin Zhou the first time, but Sara Ye told Dustin Zhou. This means that even Dustin Zhou has to think about it. “Zhou, it seems that you know.

Sun Yue was the first to answer the phone, and suddenly smiled bitterly. “What the hell is going on?”

Why didn’t the association notify me the first time?

Dustin Zhou’s heart sank. It seems that Sun Yue knew about it a long time ago, but he didn’t tell him the first time. This made Dustin Zhou feel a little skeptical. Is there something wrong with the association? “Some things can’t be explained on the phone. , I have already contacted Chen Tong and Asher Chen. Let’s go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to discuss, Mr. Zhou, come with you too!

Sun Yue said without hindrance. Dustin Zhou did not object, he heard a hint of helplessness and even irritation from Sun Yue’s words. But after all, it is such a big matter. If the association cannot handle it safely this time, then no matter what Dustin Zhou is facing, It was still a very influential slander to the association. After comforting Enderia Shen and Sara Ye, Dustin Zhou called Shang Niu Chuan, left the company’s back door, and went straight to the Mountain Mist Club. As the top private club in Donghai City, the Mountain Mist Club has always been in class. Very high! Before Dustin Zhou inherited the family, he was not qualified to come here, he could only take a look from a distance every time, and secretly envy him. But now, Mountain Mist Clubhouse

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, it was already an ordinary place, and he would come only after discussing some things.

When Dustin Zhou came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Chen Tong, Sun Yue, and Asher Chen had already gathered together to discuss some things, but everyone seemed to have a cloud over their faces.

This made Dustin Zhou feel awkward.

Could it be that something terribly big happened to the Association that even the three of them couldn’t handle it?

“Zhou, you finally came.” Seeing Dustin Zhou, Sun Yue hurriedly greeted him, and without any delay, he directly spoke out the problems they encountered.

And Dustin Zhou’s heart also sank bit by bit.

After listening to Sun Yue’s words, Dustin Zhou finally understood the ins and outs of the whole thing.

The “Donghai Evening News” and “Donghai Bagua”, as well as some other media companies, directly withdrew from the association, and they also let out the news that they wanted to form an organization by themselves, unite everyone, and establish a mechanism for news reporting to advance and retreat.

In other words, they want to withdraw from the existing association and build another hilltop!

Is it true?

Although Dustin Zhou had some speculations in his mind before, but now that it happened, he was still a little shocked.

“There was no sign before, why did they do that?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

Knowing yourself and the enemy can win every battle.

The opponent wants to withdraw from the association and build another hill, Dustin Zhou must know the opponent’s hole cards.

Otherwise, they cannot withdraw from the association so decisively.

You know, even if they are united together, they already occupy a small half of the media industry in Donghai City, but in terms of overall strength, compared with the association, they are still vulnerable.

If the association is ruthless and completely bans them, even if they can’t really be banned and killed, they will definitely not feel good.

And now that the “Donghai Evening News” media companies dare to do so, there is no doubt that someone is behind them?

But who is it?

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

If anyone has the greatest motivation to support them, then it must be him.

Chapter 159

Su family!

This was a thought that suddenly came to Dustin Zhou’s mind.

Looking at the news report of the “Donghai Evening News” this time, all the things that discredit Dustin Zhou and the famous company are all connected with what happened in the Zunxiang Club.

Dustin Zhou would not believe it if there was no support from the Su family.

The exclusive clubhouse is the property of the Su family. In the past, any news report had to be approved by the Su family. Otherwise, the general media could not bear the anger of the Su family.

But in the Su family, there are ongoing internal disputes, and Su Shiming and Su Shiqin are divided into two factions.

Su Shiming and Su Wei are close to Dustin Zhou, and Su Shiqin and Su Che are

, It hated Dustin Zhou.

In addition, Dustin Zhoucai severely taught Su Che amidst the crowds, which made him lose face in the upper class of Donghai City.

This hatred, Su Shiqin and Su Che will definitely not swallow their anger easily, they will definitely look for opportunities, shamelessly!

“I heard some rumors, it seems that someone from the Su family is behind them, and the organization they are going to form this time is the figure of the Su family.” Chen Tong was silent for a moment, and said in a deep voice, his expression unchanged. .

Chen Tong is the deputy editor-in-chief of the “Donghai Morning News” and has an official status. His words have a certain degree of credibility.

Since he said that there was the figure of the Su family behind him, then this must be true.

For an instant, both Sun Yue and Asher Chen fell silent.

When they have reached their status, when the whole line of Donghai City has reached its peak, it is inevitable to know some first-class families.

As for the Su Family, they had naturally heard of it.

This is not to say that they are afraid of the Su family, but no matter what, there is always some fear in their hearts.

Asher Chen is okay. After all, behind him is the Zhou family. Compared to the Su family, it is a behemoth, and this time Dustin Zhou is involved, and he cannot ignore it.

But for Sun Yue, the choices he faces now are very difficult.

On the one hand, it is to maintain the prestige of the association, diametrically opposed to the group of “Donghai Evening News” and the Su family.

On the other hand, it is to obey the other party, or stay out of the matter in this matter, no matter which party is looking for him, he will ignore it.

As the protagonist of the incident, Dustin Zhou is naturally impossible to avoid, and he has to face the Su family.

So for a time, Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, and Chen Tong’s eyes all fell on Sun Yue.

His attitude and choice will directly determine the position of the association this time.

“To be honest, I am under a lot of pressure now. Although I am not afraid of the Su family, if the Su family tries its best to deal with us, we have no chance of winning.” Sun Yue smiled bitterly.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and didn’t mean to blame Sun Yue.

Sun Yue’s understanding of Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen is still very one-sided. He just saw some superficial things and didn’t know the true identity of the two, so he naturally had a little drumming in his heart.

“But we finally formed an association. If we concede defeat without a fight, we must be laughed at by colleagues in the whole industry. In that case, what is the point of me in the media industry?” However, Sun Yue turned his head. , But his expression became firm.

“Since the Su family and the “Donghai Evening News” media are going to fight, how about our fight!” Sun Yue’s words made Dustin Zhou and the three people very satisfied.

“That’s fine, but there is Su family behind the other party

Shadow, then we must have a careful plan, and we must not fight separately!

Dustin Zhou said, countless thoughts flashed in his mind, all aimed at this time of public opinion war. The four discussed in secret for a while, and waited until the evening before they left. After sending away Chen Tong and Sun Yue, Asher Chen let out a long sigh. “Master, this Su family simply doesn’t know how to promote. As long as you agree, I can make the Su family disappear in Donghai City with just one sentence!

“The peace on Asher Chen’s face disappeared, becoming very fierce. And what he said was very harsh. Dustin Zhou did not doubt the authenticity of Asher Chen’s words. From the perspective of the Zhou family’s power, deal with the Su family. Such a family that is only distinguished in Donghai City is simply a breeze. “Of course I know, but have you ever thought that if you do this, it must be impossible to be without any wind, and it is difficult to do so without revealing my identity.” Mobilize the strength of the Zhou family.

Dustin Zhou shook his head and rejected Asher Chen’s proposal. He was confident that he alone and the strength of the Association were enough to deal with the Su family. “But not using the power of the Zhou family to deal with the Su family does not mean that we cannot be indifferent.

, Do nothing, you arrange someone to watch the Su family, especially the every move of the Su Shiqin family.

After the arrangements were made, Dustin Zhou also left soon. After discussing with several people this time, the association has reached an agreement, which has reached Dustin Zhou’s psychological expectations. After returning to the company, Dustin Zhou did not talk to Enderia Shen and Sara Ye. What to say… just to tell them not to worry. And those reporters outside the company, without seeing Dustin Zhou, stayed outside for a long time, and left. The next day, the major news media in Donghai City, except The day before, in addition to the slander against Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, more media companies joined in. But they did not discredit Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, but instead discredited the “Donghai Evening News” media incidents, the whole incident It was presented to the public in its entirety. Of course, this was also signaled by Dustin Zhou. For this reason, he recorded everything that happened that day and sent it to Sun Yue, who asked him to arrange for other media companies of the association to report. , Donghai City’s media reports are instantly authentic and difficult to distinguish. What the public saw in this media was the smear of Dustin Zhou and the famous company, and in another media, they saw the report and explanation of the entire incident. It’s hard to tell the truth from the false in everyone’s minds, and the disgust towards Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company is slightly lessened. However, in addition to this, the appearance of the Su family has made the public see something different. In the past, they were in I saw some so-called big families on TV, how beautiful and indispensable. But in reality, you can’t reach the so-called big families at all. And this time, the Su family, who appeared frequently in the middle of the report, was described by Dustin Zhou. The big family that only exists on TV, and compared to it, is even better! This made the people’s curiosity burst instantly. At the same time, it also made their attention shift from Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company to the Su family.

Chapter 160

After the Fall! The public’s attention has been successfully transferred, and the pressure on Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company has suddenly been reduced. The number of media reporters outside Mingyang Company is also much less, basically only two or three per day A reporter who just stayed there for an hour or two and left without seeing Dustin Zhou appearing. On the contrary, more reporters started investigating the existence of the Su family. Not only reporters, but the public also began to pay attention to everything around them. They will not let go of anyone who is in contact with the Su family. At the same time, in Donghai City, as long as some families surnamed Su, no matter how big or small, as long as they have a certain identity, they have been questioned by others. And those ordinary people , How is it possible to come into contact with the real Su family?

For those people named Su, all the harassment and anger in their hearts were transferred to the Su family.

Ordinary people naturally don’t know where the real Su family is, but Donghai City is such a big city after all, some people always have some ways to attack and learn about the Su family.

As a result, more and more Su family industries are being watched by the public, which makes Su family feel troubled.

Originally, because of the internal disputes of the Su family, the benefits of the Su family’s industry were getting lower and lower. Now that such a thing has happened, the business has been greatly reduced.

This made the Su family very angry!

But after their investigation, all the spearheads were directed at the media association and Dustin Zhou.

After all, in the beginning, Dustin Zhou instructed those media companies to shift the public’s focus to the Su family.

Su’s house, lobby.

“Su Shiming, you must give us an account of this matter! That Dustin Zhou is yours, and now because of him, our business has suffered heavy losses, you must give an explanation!” “That is, if you can’t help it, then hurry up Give up the position of Su Family Patriarch and let the capable people go up!” “That’s right, look at what the Su Family has become under your leadership?” … Many people in the Su Family have a gloomy expression. With a sneer accusing Su Shiming, everyone’s eyes were full of disdain, and Su Shiming, the Patriarch, was not in his eyes.

At this time, Su Shiming sat firmly in the main seat of the lobby, looking at the people below calmly, without a trace of his attitude.

On the left hand side of Su Shiming are Su Shiqin and Su Che.

At this moment, Su Shiqin was sitting, watching everything happening before him with cold eyes.

Many people in the Su family accused Su Shiming, and she didn’t say a word, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with her.

But Su Che kept sneering. Every time someone came out to accuse Su Shiming, the smile on Su Che’s face became more intense.

It has been half a month since what happened at the Zunxiang Club last time.

Su Che’s injuries were basically healed.

It’s just that there is a faint frustration in his chest.

Su Che knew that it was his anger towards Dustin Zhou.

As long as he didn’t succeed in revenge, then this gloom would keep stuck in his chest.

“Uncle, during this period of time, most of the family’s industry has been exposed to the public view of the East China Sea, and it has received a lot of attention, and there have been many problems, and many have been punished by the government.

“Actually, I really want to know, why didn’t such a thing happen before?” Seeing Su Shiming remained silent, as if he didn’t intend to make a statement, Su Che stood up and said with a light smile.

But he was smiling on the surface, but he was sneer in his heart.

“Master Su, it’s not all the ghost of Dustin Zhou that the Patriarch invited! If it wasn’t for him in the East China Sea

In the media, how can our Su family’s industry be made public!

“That’s right, now not only some shops and office buildings, but even some financial futures industries have been blocked by people of unknown origin!”

“The origin is unknown. Those people clearly came to our Su family. They want to become famous in the first battle and expand their influence by attacking our Su family.”

“… As soon as Su Che’s voice fell, several people responded immediately and kept putting pressure on Su Shiming! In their hearts, Su Shiming is definitely not a good patron. Not only is it very strict internally, but also in the welfare of each Su family member. Su Shiming also cares very much about it. In contrast, Su Shiqin’s promise makes them very useful. Su Shiqin even promised that as long as she wins the status of the head of the family, as long as she helps her, she will get a range of shares in the family industry. , The shares of the Su family industry are basically firmly in the hands of the Su family’s direct line, that is, in the hands of Su Shiming. Other people in the Su family have basically no shares, and naturally they do not have the power to speak in the Su family’s industry. The room for them to obtain benefits is much smaller, and they will naturally feel dissatisfied. “It’s not what you said!

“Su Wei looked at the faces of these people and couldn’t help but stood up and scolded. He had been silent just now, but he saw that Su Che and his gang were too rampant, plus they kept belittle Dustin Zhou. Su Wei can’t accept it anyway. “Su Wei, don’t think I don’t know. You have a very good relationship with Dustin Zhou, and you even cheat others. I really don’t understand. When will the Su family also need Familiar with outsiders?

“Su Che sneered, and did not hide his sarcasm in the slightest. In his heart, Su Shiming was the one he needed to attack, Dustin Zhou was the one he needed to attack, and Su Wei was no exception. After all, he was enjoying the clubhouse that day. Su Wei was there, and he was still on Dustin Zhou’s side. “Huh!

You don’t need to ask me about my affairs. If you didn’t instruct the media to publicize what happened that day, how could Dustin Zhou clarify it?

“Su Wei knew that Su Che was determined to bring down his father, so he wanted to borrow Dustin Zhou’s things to find things. If that’s the case, then it’s better to push the matter back to Su Che. After all, this matter is also separated from Su Che. There is no relationship. Only a few people in the Su family knew what happened in the exclusive club that day. And they were both Su Shiming and Su Shiqin’s confidant. Otherwise, Su Shiqin would not be able to mobilize 100 million. “What’s the matter?

It was clearly Dustin Zhou’s thing, why did you get involved with Su Che?

“Yes, we know you don’t deal with it, but here

At that time, you are still on the side of outsiders, which really makes us chill!

“Many people in Su’s family didn’t know what happened at the exclusive club that day. Now that they heard Su Wei talking about it, they suddenly thought it was Su Wei who was on Dustin Zhou’s side. They spoke to Dustin Zhou, and they turned their heads at Su Wei. “Enough is enough.” !

Shut up!

Everyone was scolding Su Wei. Su Shiming suddenly slapped the table, looking serious, and sternly reprimanded. As the Patriarch of the Su family, even though Su Shiqin is now fighting for the position of Patriarch, Su Shiming’s majesty still exists. When he got angry, those who chattered noisily. People, all kept silent, just sneered in their hearts, wanting to see Su Shiming’s jokes. “Everyone knows that the Su family has been benefiting from the industry frequently decreasing recently. As for the reasons, I think you know better than me!

“Su Shiming hummed coldly, looking back and forth between the people of Su Shiqin’s family. Those people didn’t dare to look at Su Shiming at all. After all, the status gap between the two sides was still not small. Before Su Shiqin seized power, no one had the guts. Fall out with Su Shiming.

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