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Chapter 161

The third party! Dustin Zhou is not ignorant of what happened inside the Su family. Since the last time he cleaned up Su Che, Su Wei has admired him even more. Nothing happened to the Su family. , He will notify Dustin Zhou. “Big brother, you don’t know, those people who were reprimanded by my father, they were all just like grandsons, they didn’t dare to raise their heads!

What a relief!

Su Wei raised his eyebrows on the phone, and his voice was much more excited than before. Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and there was no surprise to this situation. The Su family’s influence on the media of the “Donghai Evening News” was all made by Su Che. For this reason, Su Che did not hesitate to use the power of the Su family. On the one hand, he put pressure on the media, and on the other hand, he promised them. As long as Dustin Zhou can be ruined and can’t be mixed in the East China Sea, every leader can at least Get 10 million! You know, all the media people involved are at the highest level of deputy editor-in-chief of media companies like Chen Zhen. Even so, like Chen Zhen’s income is less than one million a year. Including some gray income. And the 10 million that Su Che gave, the temptation to Chen Zhen should not be underestimated, not to mention those who are not as good as Chen Zhen. Therefore, Su Che threatened and tempted Chen Zhen. More than a dozen media outlets headed towards him and began to condemn Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company. “But, big brother, now those people are still headed by Su Che, and they compete with my father in many things, so I Father can’t help you too much.

“As he said, Su Wei’s tone was also lowered a lot. After all, in his opinion, Dustin Zhou has cleaned up Su Che, which is a help to him.

With a bad breath, in return, he should also give Dustin Zhou some feedback.

But now in the situation of the Su family, let alone Su Wei, even his father Su Shiming could not give Dustin Zhou much help.

At most, when Su Che wanted to plot against Dustin Zhou, he would inform him so that Dustin Zhou could know in advance and make preparations early.

“It’s okay, there’s only Su Che. If you want to move me, I’m afraid I don’t have the energy yet.” Dustin Zhou didn’t care.

Don’t say that Su Che is only a second generation of the Su family, even if Su Shiqin comes forward, Dustin Zhou is not afraid.

Immediately afterwards, Dustin Zhou instructed Su Wei not to contact him frequently, so as not to be noticed by the people on Su Che’s side, and it would be no good for Su Shiqin’s line to target him.

Dustin Zhou took a long breath after hanging up the phone.

Right now, the media in the “Donghai Evening News” discredited themselves and the famous company more frequently and exaggeratedly than the first time.

Almost the things that happened in the Zunxiang Club were made into Dustin Zhou’s sole responsibility, causing the public to lose the ability to judge.

However, under the mobilization of the Association, other media shifted the public’s focus to the Su family, which was a relief for Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

Although many external media still slander Dustin Zhou and Mingyang, the public’s attention has shifted to the Su family.

“Ting Ling Ling.” “Master, I found some other clues.” Asher Chen’s voice was low and serious, which surprised Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t entrust him, but soon came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou asked. On the phone just now, Asher Chen didn’t say clearly enough and hesitated, which made Dustin Zhou a little bit suspicious.

“Master, when I was investigating, I discovered that behind the media, besides the Su family, there were other families’ intervention.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, his face changed, and he was obviously very surprised.

“Which family?” “Donghai Sun Family!” Dustin Zhou fell silent as soon as Asher Chen said it.

He did not expect that there was a shadow of the Sun family behind this incident.

Dustin Zhou thought about it in his heart. Basically, there were few entanglements between himself and the Sun family.

Except for some disputes with Sun Tian at Tunghai University, and a little dispute with Sun Cheng at the entrance of the Rocket Girls concert at the gymnasium, it seems that there is no relationship with the Sun family.

As for the assassination of Su Xiaomeng, Officer Hao said at the beginning that the incident might be related to the Sun family, but there was no clue behind it, and the case is still there, without any breakthrough.

But now, Asher Chen suddenly said about the Sun family, which surprised Dustin Zhou, and somewhat justified it.

Surprisingly, Dustin Zhou never considered the Sun family from beginning to end.

As it should be, the Sun family and the Su family

The Sun family will never sit idly by and will inevitably intervene if such a dispute occurs within the Su family right now.

It now appears that the Sun family is probably already on the side of Su Shiqin, so this time there will be both Su Che and the Sun family behind the media company.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou’s heart sank slightly.

It wasn’t that he was so jealous of the cooperation between the Su family and the Sun family.

Rather, he was worried about the Sun family’s silent shot.

As a family stronger than the Su family, the Sun family secretly took action behind the scenes, so what role did the Sun family play in Su Xiaomeng’s affairs?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, and he had no clue right now.

He wanted to integrate all the clues, hoping to find some related clues, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t find anything.

“Master, the strength of the Sun family is much stronger than that of the Su family. It can be regarded as the Ding Jian family of the East China Sea. Even if our Zhou family comes to the East China Sea, we will give the Sun family a little face and will not rush into conflict.” Asher Chen saw Dustin Zhou’s expression in his eyes, and he also vaguely understood Dustin Zhou’s thoughts, so he couldn’t help speaking softly.

Asher Chen said that in addition to naming the Sun family’s current strength, he also wanted to persuade Dustin Zhou that if there is no major conflict, it is best not to collide with the Sun family right now.

“Will the Zhou family be afraid of the Sun family?” But Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything, but instead asked indifferently.

“Of course not. Although the Sun family is a top family in Donghai City, there is still a big gap in front of the Zhou family. If the Sun family offends the Zhou family, the Zhou family will be able to clean up the Sun family.” Asher Chen’s heart shuddered. , He knew what he said just now, which was a bit of Dustin Zhou’s meaning, and he immediately reaffirmed his position.

The Sun family in Donghai City is of course strong and lofty.

But that is also limited to Donghae City.

Outside of Donghai City, the strength of the Sun family will be greatly reduced!

But the Zhou family is different. The Zhou family’s power is spread all over the country, and its status and strength are much stronger than the Sun family.

If the Sun family doesn’t know how to promote and offend the Zhou family, then the dust will be wiped out, and it will only be a matter of the Zhou family.

“If that’s the case, what is there to be afraid of? I don’t take the initiative to look for things, but if the Sun family offends me, then I will never give up!” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

At this time, he swept away his former d*ck-like temperament, and his whole body was high-spirited, and an invisible aura spurted out.

And Asher Chen on the side was stunned, his eyes instantly full of respect!

Chapter 162

“I see, Master.” Asher Chen nodded in response.

“The Su family probably won’t do much for the time being. Even if they do, they are under my control, so you don’t

It takes too much effort, as long as you do well in the association, what you are currently doing.

“As for the Sun family, you should also pay attention to it. If they make any big moves, report it to me at any time, and you must not reveal your identity.

Dustin Zhou glanced at Asher Chen lightly and said in a deep voice. From the conversation just now, Dustin Zhou saw that Asher Chen seemed to be a little conservative when facing the Sun family. But with the strength of the Zhou family, this was not the case. Asher Chen as the Zhou family The spokesperson in the East China Sea should not be like this in theory. This makes Dustin Zhou faintly unhappy. However, he will not directly express it, but express such an unpleasant meaning. Naturally, he can understand Asher Chen as a person. After all, right now. Dustin Zhou still needs to use Asher Chen in many places. If Asher Chen is single-minded, then Dustin Zhou will naturally not treat him badly. Even if Dustin Zhou inherits the Zhou family property in the future, Asher Chen will be assigned a better position. “Yes, master, I will follow suit. .

Asher Chen replied respectfully, with a slight anxiety in his heart, but when he saw that Dustin Zhou had no other expressions, he relaxed again. However, there was a faint bead of sweat on Asher Chen’s forehead, and his back also appeared. There was a cold sweat. He knew that what he said just now would definitely arouse Dustin Zhou’s discomfort, so when Dustin Zhou made a statement, he immediately followed. … Asher Chen’s affairs, Dustin Zhou didn’t bother much, after all, Asher Chen’s everything belonged to the Zhou family. Given, if he really has any two-heartedness, the Zhou family will not allow him without Dustin Zhou’s hands! Moreover, to choose between the Zhou family and the Sun family, Dustin Zhou believes that Asher Chen can make the right choice. Back to the company After that, Dustin Zhou didn’t have much to do. The whitening factor facial mask has been on the market for more than a month, and the sales situation has been very good. In the first half of the month, the sales have exploded, and the sales of nearly 3 billion in half a month Later, although the subsequent sales declined, but it has maintained a very flat trend. Up to now, the sales of whitening factor masks in Donghai City have exceeded 4 billion. Although the masks are fast-moving consumer goods, they have been When many people buy it, they buy a few boxes or a dozen boxes at a time. Even if they use two a day, it will take more than a month to use up. So during this time, sales have declined. However, according to the name According to the statistics of the sales department of Yang Company, this situation is considered to be within a reasonable range. Therefore, the company, from Enderia Shen to the specific sales director below, has not been too much trouble. During this period, Dustin Zhou has not seen Mira Xie. It seems that Mira Xie is interested. Avoid Dustin Zhou, every time Yueji Beauty has to do a data docking audit with Mingyang, Xie Ling

Yudu sent someone over, but he never came.

This made Dustin Zhou sad for a long time.

Obviously, the relationship between him and Mira Xie has eased a lot before, and it has made a lot of progress compared to before.

However, Mira Xie seemed to be a little further away from Dustin Zhou after Su Che’s trouble.

Dustin Zhou knew the reason for this.

There was a gap in status between him and Mira Xie before, but it was still within a reasonable range of understanding.

Even if it was Tiger Lord’s existence, Mira Xie was able to understand, after all, there was still cooperation between the parties and some understanding of each other.

However, what Dustin Zhou showed after the Su Che incident made it difficult for Mira Xie to understand.

It seemed that Dustin Zhou’s identity changed drastically overnight.

This is not the ugly duckling becoming a white swan, but the toad becoming a white swan.

“Hey, I blame this damn Su Che, don’t fall into my hands, otherwise a hundred million won’t save you!” Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou hated Su Che even more.

“Tingling bell.” Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang as his thoughts were chaotic.

Picking it up, it turned out to be Su Xiaomeng’s phone.

Dustin Zhou did not hesitate, and directly connected.

“Hey, Xiaomeng, is it better?” Dustin Zhou’s voice was apologetic.

After comforting Su Xiaomeng at the Fengyue Hotel last time, Dustin Zhou had never seen Su Xiaomeng, and he didn’t know if Su Xiaomeng was any better.

Although the rumors on the Internet are all false, and Dustin Zhou has used the power of the association to delete them, there are no more rumors on the Internet.

However, Dustin Zhou was also somewhat helpless for the damage caused to Su Xiaomeng.

Can only let time comfort Su Xiaomeng.

So now when I receive a call from Su Xiaomeng, Dustin Zhou will have a trace of guilt in his heart.

“Brother Yang, I am fine, thank you for comforting me before, can I invite you to dinner?” Su Xiaomeng’s voice is very sweet and soft, and it sounds lively.

When she was depressed before, she looked like two people.

This also made Dustin Zhou feel much better.

Even if Su Xiaomeng is not completely well, it is a good thing to be able to get out of it.

“Okay, you decide the time and place, and I will go straight there!” Dustin Zhou responded with a smile.

Hearing Su Xiaomeng’s voice made him feel much better.

“Well, this weekend, let’s stay at the Fengyue Hotel where we stayed.” Su Xiaomeng seemed very happy after receiving Dustin Zhou’s affirmative reply, and said sweetly immediately.

As if afraid that Dustin Zhou would return, Su Xiaomeng immediately hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

Although it felt a little strange, Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, thinking that he would at least give Su Xiaomeng a decent gift.

At this moment, Fengyue Hotel.

Rocket Girl in

It’s no secret to stay here. Fans have always come here just to meet Rocket Girl.

But the last time something like that happened at the concert, Sister Yang had already issued a strict order not to allow the three little beauties of Rocket Girls to meet with fans in private.

So these days, the three people have been hiding in the room, and they are almost becoming nerds.

“Did you agree? Did your brother Yang really agree?” Just as Su Xiaomeng hung up, Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong asked.

They had been trying to get to the phone to eavesdrop just now, but Su Xiaomeng was stopped by Su Xiaomeng, and they didn’t hear everything.

Now that Su Xiaomeng hangs up, how can I still mess with it!

You know, the last time Su Xiaomeng was affected by those rumors, Zhang Tiantian, Zhao Wanrong, and Sister Yang were not good at persuading them.

But Dustin Zhou only took a short time to comfort Su Xiaomeng.

This made Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong very curious, wanting to know what Dustin Zhou said that day.

But no matter how the two of them asked, Su Xiaomeng was reluctant to say, even if he didn’t want to reveal a word, this made the two of them feel itchy.

Chapter 163

“Well, Brother Yang promised me.” Su Xiaomeng put down the phone and replied in a low voice.

The girl’s pretty face was low, and a blush quietly climbed up her side face, and even her neck was covered with blush.

When Su Xiaomeng faced Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong’s ridicule, she didn’t dare to look at them at all.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng’s heart is extremely excited, a small heart is constantly thumping and throbbing.

Just now Dustin Zhou agreed to her invitation on the phone, making Su Xiaomeng’s whole person as if immersed in a honeypot, full of sweetness from the inside out.

“Hee hee, Mengmeng, it’s this time, you still don’t explain it honestly? Last time, what did your brother Yang tell you, why we didn’t persuade you, but he just said a few words. Alright?” Zhang Tiantian had a sly look, her eyes kept searching Su Xiaomeng’s face, hoping to find some clues.

And Zhao Wanrong also watched curiously, her eyes full of curiosity.

Such scenes have appeared several times in the past few days.

But every time Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong asked like this, Su Xiaomeng kept silent, and they never got any useful information.

But this time, Su Xiaomeng’s face was flushed, and when the two of them asked, they still kept silent.

“Oh, Mengmeng, you really have Brother Yang, so forget about us!” “Yeah, fortunately, we haven’t been out for a few days and have been by your side. Even your brother Yang is not as good as your brother Yang. It’s so sad.” Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were extremely disappointed in their hearts.

The film is blank.

And the matter between Su Xiaomeng and Dustin Zhou, after Su Xiaomeng’s constant talk, caused the two little ones to have a strong interest.

Even, they have a faint longing in their hearts, feeling that the relationship between Su Xiaomeng and Dustin Zhou is very sweet.

But Su Xiaomeng never said specifically, this disappointed the two little ones.

“Okay, okay, this time Brother Yang agreed to my invitation, and the big deal will be for you to come together then.” Su Xiaomeng suddenly couldn’t bear to see the grievances of his two partners, and said quickly.

“Really? Great, I love you to death, Mengmeng!” “Hee hee, by the way Mengmeng, does Sister Yang know that you want to invite Brother Yang?” The two little ones were overjoyed, one after another on Su Xiaomeng’s face Got a kiss.

As Zhao Wanrong was the oldest, she naturally thought a little more, and immediately asked Sister Yang.

After all, Sister Yang previously issued an order not to leave the Fengyue Hotel for the three of them, and not to run around, it is best to be in the room. When everything is clear, the police have given the best explanation.

“Not yet, but I will tell Sister Yang later that Brother Yang saved me and Sister Yang will definitely not object.” Su Xiaomeng said with a smile without much worry.

But when Su Xiaomeng told Sister Yang about the invitation to Dustin Zhou, Sister Yang fell into silence.

To be honest, Sister Yang didn’t pay much attention to Dustin Zhou at first, only that he was a younger brother with a little money.

I don’t know why I met Su Xiaomeng, but I only thought that the relationship between the two was nothing more than that.

But after a series of things happened, Yang Jie realized Dustin Zhou’s extraordinary.

However, this also made Sister Yang more worried.

After all, although Dustin Zhou’s reputation is not that big, he can still find out if he investigates in Donghai City.

Sister Yang used the power of the company to investigate Dustin Zhou.

But it encountered great resistance during the investigation.

This didn’t surprise Sister Yang how much, but what shocked her in her heart was that just some of the furs investigated were far from ordinary people.

The shareholders of Mingyang, the whitening factor facial mask sold billions in half a month, the director of the media industry association, and even the fund.

There are people in society doing all these things, but most of them have one item alone.

But Dustin Zhou has everything!

This is not something ordinary people can have!

Sister Yang guessed Dustin Zhou’s background for the first time, but after thinking about it, she couldn’t think of what kind of force Dustin Zhou could rely on.

“I don’t have much opinion. This is your private matter. However, I still hope that Mengmeng, you must be cautious. Although Mr. Dustin Zhou saved you, you have to know your current status, what you can do and what Can’t do it.” Yang

The elder sister was silent for a moment, then said earnestly.

She is also worried that Su Xiaomeng’s age is exactly the age of the girl’s Huaichun. For people like Dustin Zhou who have played an important role in her life, she will often have feelings of dependence.

Sister Yang has always been open-minded and doesn’t think Dustin Zhou will do anything bad, but she is worried that Su Xiaomeng will not be able to control herself.

“I see, Sister Yang, Brother Yang has promised to come to our hotel. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the harassment of those reporters.” Su Xiaomeng looked very happy after receiving the affirmative answer from Sister Yang, and the corners of his mouth raised. It’s almost hanging on the ears.

… Time flies quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it’s the weekend.

At the invitation of reporter Su Xiaomeng, Dustin Zhou made preparations very early on the weekend.

There was a faint perception in his heart, but he was not sure yet. Everything needed to be confirmed when he saw Su Xiaomeng.

However, since it was an appointment, Dustin Zhou would not be unprepared.

When interacting with Mira Xie in the past, although the relationship between the two parties has always been very light, even Mira Xie always ignored Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou always wanted to please Mira Xie.

Since he wanted to please Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou asked a lot of so-called “romantic talents”, and he had also consulted with classmates who were not young girls, how to give girls gifts and appear close.

With these memories in my mind, Dustin Zhou’s gift selection has a lot of room for consideration, instead of sending so-called lint dolls such as hug bears as in the beginning.

In the evening of the weekend, Dustin Zhou drove to Fengyue Hotel alone.

This time, he did not bring Niu Chuan over.

On the one hand, this time it was an invitation to Su Xiaomeng. It was purely a private meeting between the two parties. It was not very good to bring Niu Chuan over. In case Niu Chuan missed his mouth in front of Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou would suffer.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou did not worry about any danger.

After all, it takes only half an hour from Mingyang Company to Fengyue Hotel, and there is a busy city along the way. No one will look for trouble without opening their eyes.

Not long after, Dustin Zhou came to Fengyue Hotel. After getting off the bus, he saw a slender figure looming in the hotel lobby, it was Su Xiaomeng.

“Brother Yang!” Su Xiaomeng kept looking at the hotel door, full of expectation.

She was even worried that Dustin Zhou would suddenly call and say that he has something to do and cannot come today.

However, after Su Xiaomeng saw Dustin Zhou’s figure, joy suddenly jumped on his face, without any cover at all.

Su Xiaomeng exclaimed, and immediately got up and trot to Dustin Zhou.

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