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Chapter 164

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and did not move at first.

It’s just that when he saw Su Xiaomeng working hard and rushing towards him, he still had


Su Xiaomeng is a member of Rocket Girls and has many fans.

Not only Donghai, but also in the whole country, there are countless fans.

If others see this scene, their jaws will be shocked.

When will the perfect goddess in their hearts treat a man this way?

But Su Xiaomeng didn’t care about these things. Seeing Dustin Zhou, she was so excited that she had no chance to think about other things.

It was also at this time that Su Xiaomeng realized that Dustin Zhou was full of his mind.

When Su Xiaomeng came in front of him, Dustin Zhou opened his arms slightly, hugged Su Xiaomeng directly in his waist, and turned slightly in place.

“Brother Yang, so many people are watching.” Su Xiaomeng didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so bold, his face quickly covered with crimson, and he patted Dustin Zhou’s shoulder, whispered, his voice full of shame.

After all, she is a young girl with a cardamom age. Being held in this way by Dustin Zhou naturally caused a panic in her heart.

“Okay, but if you run over like this, you are not afraid that others will see it?” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, put Su Xiaomeng down and walked inside.

And Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were also waiting on the sofa in the lobby.

“Brother Yang, hello, but you made Mengmeng wait so anxiously.” Zhang Tiantian is a big little ghost, sticking out his tongue, very playful.

But Su Xiaomeng was ashamed when she heard that, buried her head behind Dustin Zhou’s shoulders, and did not dare to look at others.

“Brother Yang.” Zhao Wanrong also said hello.

They have a very good relationship with Su Xiaomeng, and Dustin Zhou has also exerted a lot of effort when something like that happened before.

They shouted “Brother Yang”, which is not excessive.

“Well, why, let’s go up.” Dustin Zhou nodded and said.

Fengyue’s restaurants are divided into Chinese and Western restaurants.

The Chinese restaurant is on the third floor and the Western restaurant is on the fourth floor.

The group came all the way to the fourth floor, ready to eat Western food here.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou feels that Western food is better than Chinese food, but that at this time, Western food has more atmosphere.

In fact, Dustin Zhou ate western food very few times, and he did not even exceed ten times.

The four were seated, Dustin Zhou and Su Xiaomeng sat together, and Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong sat together.

“How do you say? Or order directly?” Dustin Zhou smiled and took the menu from the waiter. He looked around at random and found that there were indeed many dishes on the menu.

Although this western restaurant is Fengyue Hotel’s own western restaurant, it is not inferior to those outside, or even better.

Especially the prices of dishes are not cheap.

“Hehehe, we haven’t been hungry after waiting for so long. Are brother Yang hungry?” Zhang Tiantian smiled and put her small face in front of Dustin Zhou, her beautiful eyes were very bright and looked very attractive.

But for Dustin Zhou,

There is no temptation, after all, the age gap between the two sides lies here.

“Yes, I don’t know if Brother Yang has prepared any gifts for Mengmeng? I think that when someone eats with a girl, they will prepare gifts.” Zhao Wanrong also echoed.

For a moment, all the three girls looked at Dustin Zhou, their eyes full of expectation.

“Uh, fortunately I prepared, otherwise you will be stumped today.” Dustin Zhou gently stroked his forehead, a little helpless.

He didn’t expect this Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong to be so active, so he asked for gifts without giving him time to react.

However, Dustin Zhou did not blame them. On the contrary, Dustin Zhou felt that Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were very real.

“Actually, I want to thank Brother Yang, you don’t need to be like this.” Su Xiaomeng’s eyes lit up when Dustin Zhou said so, but she felt embarrassed when she felt the playful eyes of Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong.

Dustin Zhou did not make a sound and took out a small gift box from his pocket.

The gift box looks nothing, neither gorgeous nor luxurious.

But the Rocket Girls did not dislike them. On the contrary, they all looked expectant.

“Give it to you.” Dustin Zhou smiled and took Su Xiaomeng’s hand, and put the gift box in her palm.

“Quickly, Mengmeng, open it and see what it is!” Zhang Tiantian was a quick-witted person. Seeing the gift box falling into Su Xiaomeng’s palm, she shouted immediately.

And Zhao Wanrong also looked expectant, unable to move her eyes off the gift box.

“Brother Yang, can I open it now?” Su Xiaomeng held back the excitement and excitement in his heart, and his eyes turned to Dustin Zhou.

“I gave it to you, of course you can open it.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, and did not stop.

Originally, this gift was specially selected by Dustin Zhou, no matter when Su Xiaomeng opened it, it would not change.

And the meaning is more direct, there will be no doubts about it.

Su Xiaomeng was overjoyed and carefully opened the gift box.

For an instant, the three little faces were full of surprise and shock.

Su Xiaomeng’s tears were even more hazy, and besides surprise, there was more shame on her face.

I saw a crystal-clear bracelet in the gift box.

The bracelet is made of jade, the whole is crystal clear, without a trace of impurities, and even faintly white light in the sun.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful!” “Is this the bracelet of Jade Pavilion?” Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were very envious, and their eyes seemed to be full of stars when they looked at the bracelet.

With their status and financial resources, it is not difficult to buy a jade bracelet, even if it is such a jade bracelet, it is not difficult.

But most importantly, the jade bracelets they bought themselves did not represent anything.

Unlike the one sent by Dustin Zhou, it represents his heart.

“very beautiful,

I like it very much, thank you, brother Yang.

Su Xiaomeng held back her inner joy, holding the jade bracelet in both hands, placing it on her chest, and whispered. “You like it. Actually, since the first time I met you, I thought you were very lively and innocent.”

“Dustin Zhou said with a smile, thinking a lot and hesitated, but in the end he decided to say the rest. “Mengmeng, I want to let you be a goddess, I don’t know if you want to.”

Dustin Zhou said. As soon as the voice fell, not only Su Xiaomeng, but also the other two girls looked at Dustin Zhou with surprise. But soon, Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were full of anger. And Su Xiaomeng was His face instantly turned pale, the corners of his mouth moved slightly, he wanted to say something, but he opened his mouth slightly and couldn’t say a word. Dustin Zhou couldn’t bear to see a few people like this. How could he not know that Su Xiaomeng was treating himself Feelings, this kind of feelings is pure, without any conspiracy. But Dustin Zhou knows that this is just because Su Xiaomeng’s heart is not mature. Besides, he is already married, although the feelings and relationship with Mira Xie are tense, but It is still a legal relationship between husband and wife. Taking advantage of Su Xiaomeng’s not getting deep into it now, Dustin Zhou decided to speak directly, and the province will hurt Su Xiaomeng even more in the future.

Chapter 165

Did you know that Mengmeng has been chanting your name these days, and can’t even sleep well!

“Although Zhang Tiantian is innocent and simple, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know anything. Dustin Zhou’s words are so direct, as long as they are individuals, they can understand that they clearly want to use the name of Su Xiaomeng as a goddess and reject her. It seems to Zhang Tiantian that the three Rocket Girls are the best fairies in the world, and they deserve the best love in the world. Although Su Xiaomeng’s relationship was very hazy before, even she herself is not even aware. But Zhang Tiantian knows, Su Xiaomeng fell in love with Dustin Zhou. Originally, when Dustin Zhou was invited over this time, Su Xiaomeng was ready to confess to him. When Dustin Zhou presented the jade bracelet, not only Su Xiaomeng, but Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong were also very happy. I thought Dustin Zhou accepted Su Xiaomeng’s feelings. But they never expected Dustin Zhou to refuse so directly. “I didn’t expect that since you don’t want to accept Mengmeng’s feelings, then why are you so kind to her? Her jade bracelet?

“Zhao Wanrong is the most mature among the three, with the most full-fledged thoughts. But even so, he is just an eighteen-year-old girl who has no experience in emotional matters. The only understanding is from romance novels and television. Those deduced above. And those are often very sweet, Zhao Wanrong

I think it will be the same between Su Xiaomeng and Dustin Zhou.

Suddenly hearing Dustin Zhou’s refusal now, she felt very sad. She felt that her cognition was all wrong.

“Tiantian, Wanrong, don’t talk about it.” At this moment, Su Xiaomeng whispered, with a faint weeping sound in her voice.

Dustin Zhou was also very distressed, but he knew that he had to do this at this time, otherwise, if Su Xiaomeng fell too deep, no one could save her.

“Brother Yang, I am willing to be your god-sister.” Su Xiaomeng slowly raised her head, looked at Dustin Zhou, smiled and said softly.

But Dustin Zhou clearly saw a tear mark on her face.

Su Xiaomeng was clearly in tears when she lowered her head just now, but when she raised her head, she was already like a okay person, as if she had buried all her feelings for Dustin Zhou deeply.

“Mengmeng!” “Mengmeng!” Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong hurriedly shouted. Although the three of them have not been together for a long time, they have been together for more than a year. They have a deep relationship with each other.

How could the two of them not know, Su Xiaomeng must be very sad at this moment.

But seeing Su Xiaomeng’s gaze, the two of them were silent.

“Xiaomeng…” Dustin Zhou’s lips moved slightly, and he wanted to speak, but was directly stopped by Su Xiaomeng.

“Brother Yang, I know. Actually, I know that you and Sister Mira Xie are husband and wife. My feelings for you are a bit whimsical. It’s normal for you to refuse me.” After a pause, Su Xiaomeng continued.

“But I still want to fight for it, but it’s useless after all.” “However, since I can’t be Brother Yang’s lover, then be your relatives. However, I have one condition!” Su Xiaomeng finished speaking and looked at Looking at Dustin Zhou brightly.

Dustin Zhou sighed in his heart and nodded gently.

“What conditions?” “I’ll be your god-sister, but Brother Yang is not allowed to alienate me because of this, and must be the same as before!” Su Xiaomeng said firmly, his tone of voice cannot be rejected.

Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong looked at each other, and both saw a trace of helplessness in each other’s eyes.

After all, Su Xiaomeng made the decision himself, and neither of them could do anything about it.

“Okay!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, taking a long breath in his heart, a lot easier.

But soon, a trace of guilt appeared in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

Su Xiaomeng’s move is considered to retreat for progress.

Originally Dustin Zhou rejected her face to face, even if the relationship between the two parties did not break, it would be far worse than before.

In that case, it would be better for Su Xiaomeng to take the initiative and maintain the relationship between the two parties as before.

In this way, even if she and Dustin Zhou are not in a romantic relationship, they can still get a lot of attention from Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, great, brother Yang, I’m hungry

, Let’s eat!

Su Xiaomeng nodded, touched her belly, and said coquettishly while holding Dustin Zhou’s arm. But she knew that from now on, between herself and Dustin Zhou, she could only get along with her brother and sister. …… Accompanying Su Xiaomeng After dinner, I stayed with her for a while. Dustin Zhou worried that Su Xiaomeng was feeling wronged in her heart, but after a few hours together, she didn’t see anything wrong with her. He sighed in his heart, and Dustin Zhou secretly made a guarantee that she must be sure in the future. Treat Su Xiaomeng better. After confirming that Su Xiaomeng is intact, Dustin Zhou felt relieved and left Fengyue Hotel. Seeing Dustin Zhou driving away, Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong in the room immediately surrounded Su Xiaomeng, very worried. They were afraid that Su Xiaomeng had tolerated it before, and they would burst out after Dustin Zhou left. But after waiting for a long time, Su Xiaomeng was nothing strange, and the two of them took a long breath. Wait until Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong left. After the room, Su Xiaomeng’s smiling expression disappeared suddenly, and then, tears couldn’t stop falling. … And all this, Zhang Tiantian, Zhao Wanrong did not know, and Dustin Zhou did not know. After returning to Mingyang, the whole Only a few people in the company were working overtime, and they all said hello when Dustin Zhou appeared. “Master, the Sun family has done it!

“As soon as I sat down in the office, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang. Asher Chen’s deep voice came slowly. “Huh?

Wait for me, I will go now!

Dustin Zhou said immediately. He didn’t expect that after only a few days of effort, the Sun family couldn’t help but want to make a move. Before that, Asher Chen had been staring at the Sun family. Once the Sun family made a move, he immediately notified Dustin Zhou. Everything was foreseeable. When Dustin Zhou came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Asher Chen did not cover up, and directly introduced the Sun family’s current trends. “It seems that the Sun family really intervened in the Su family’s internal affairs. Then, in this case, the Su family It should be very unstable now.

Dustin Zhou mused. “Yes, the Sun family supports the Su Shiqin family. I just got the news that the Sun family has sent someone to the Su family. It seems that today the Su family is going to fight for the final patronage!

Asher Chen said in a deep voice, looking at Dustin Zhou’s expression, wanting to see something from his face. But Asher Chen looked at it for a moment, but couldn’t see anything. He could only sigh softly in his heart, and then stabilized his mind. Ask Dustin Zhou for his opinion. After all, the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Su Wei from the Su family is okay, and correspondingly, Dustin Zhou should be considered a member of Su Shiming’s line. If Dustin Zhou chooses to interfere in the affairs of the Su family, he will undoubtedly stand on Su Shiming’s side.

Chapter 166

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, raised his head and asked. He has never done anything unprepared.

No matter it’s your own business or someone else’s business, even if that person is very important to him or how deep the relationship is.

You know, even if Mira Xie’s Yueji beauty company is facing a difficult situation, Dustin Zhou did not directly say what to help, but after finalizing the whitening factor mask, making a comprehensive plan, and waiting for the project to go online, then he did it.

Regarding the Su family this time, although Dustin Zhou and Su Wei knew each other, they had a good relationship, and Su Shiming was kind to him.

However, Dustin Zhou would never make a move easily before he could not figure out the strength between Su Shiqin and the Sun family.

Asher Chen thought for a while, then said slowly.

“The Sun family dispatched this time is Sun Qiankun! He is the second child of the Sun family, and his skills are not small.” Subsequently, Asher Chen introduced some of Sun Qiankun’s information to Dustin Zhou in more detail, giving Dustin Zhou a more comprehensive view of him Three-dimensional understanding.

It turns out that Sun Qiankun is the second child of the second generation of the Sun family, and the younger brother of the current Patriarch of the Sun family.

The name Qiankun is naturally the Sun family’s high hopes for him!

Sun Qiankun did not live up to the training of the Sun family. He had obtained a doctorate in economics from the country’s highest school at a young age, and then studied abroad and obtained a doctorate in business administration, which is regarded as the most educated existence in the Sun family.

But if he only has a high degree of education, then Sun Qiankun is nothing, after all, it is not that Donghai City does not have a higher education.

The important thing is that when Sun Qiankun was studying abroad, he helped the Sun family acquire a large foreign technology company, and the purchase price was extremely low.

You know, foreign countries have been very strict about the acquisition of high-tech companies by China, and they usually won’t allow it.

Before Sun Qiankun took the shot, China had no less than ten companies that had issued acquisition requests to a high-tech company, but without exception, all failed!

But as soon as Sun Qiankun took the shot, it was an immediate success, which made Sun Qiankun’s name well known by many people at home and abroad.

After Sun Qiankun returned to the Sun family, he took over most of the Sun family’s properties, and his power was even greater than that of the owner.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed that Sun Qiankun was capable and talented, but he was humble and not anxious at all.

Dustin Zhou thought in his heart, how could such a person intervene in the affairs of the Su family?

This is totally inconsistent with his personality!

“Master, Sun Qiankun originally didn’t want to interfere with the Su family’s affairs, but this is the order of the Sun Family Patriarch, Sun Yu, and Sun Qiankun dare not disobey.” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s doubts, Asher Chen quickly explained.

Sun Qiankun has a great reputation in the East China Sea, and he is also very capable. Asher Chen didn’t want Dustin Zhou to suffer from him, so he explained everything about Sun Qiankun clearly.

In this way, Dustin Zhou was prepared in his heart. When facing Sun Qiankun, he also

Not to be suppressed to death by him.

“I see.” Dustin Zhou nodded, hesitant.

Since Sun Qiankun didn’t want to intervene in the internal affairs of the Su family, there was a certain possibility of manipulation.

And those who want to intervene in the affairs of the Su family and benefit from it can’t say anything about it, unless Xu Zhi has greater interests.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Dustin Zhou picked up the phone and saw that it was Su Wei.

The Sun family intervened, and Su Wei called at this time, which means that you can imagine.

“Boss, do you have time now?” Su Wei’s anxious voice came as soon as the call was connected.

Asher Chen glanced at Dustin Zhou and smiled slightly.

Although Dustin Zhou did not intend to actively intervene in the internal affairs of the Su family, if someone from the Su family invited him, Dustin Zhou would naturally not refuse.

What’s more, inviting Dustin Zhou to help is not in vain, but at a price.

And Dustin Zhou wants to further strengthen his strength in the East China Sea, and cooperation with the Su family may not be a good way.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou asked indifferently, pretending to be ignorant.

At this juncture, Dustin Zhou must firmly hold the initiative in his hands, so that, in the future, between the Su family and Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou can deal with it calmly without being tied by the Su family.

“Boss, Su Shiqin launched the final offensive against my father. This time she came aggressively and also invited foreign aid. My father cannot deal with them now. I want to ask you for help.” Su Wei’s voice was very anxious. After a pause, he continued.

“Boss, don’t worry, our Su family won’t let you help in vain…” “I’ll be here now.” Before Su Wei finished speaking, Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Everything ends, Su Shiming of the Su Family is in a predicament. If Dustin Zhou is too aggressive at this time, he will definitely leave a grudge in his heart.

Even if Su Shiqin’s matter is resolved later, Su Shiming will guard Dustin Zhou in his heart.

Instead of doing this, it’s better to be a little proactive.

It doesn’t seem that he has the meaning of favoring the Su family, but can also win the gratitude of the Su family.

“Great boss, I will meet you at the door!” Su Weixi said quickly.

Dustin Zhou had been to Su’s house before, and it was a huge manor. It took a lot of time to enter from the door.

Moreover, today such a thing happened to the Su family and the Sun family intervened. It is inevitable that they would not issue a ban to prevent people from making trouble.

With Su Wei’s presence, Dustin Zhou can better enter Su’s house.

Greeting Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou went directly to the Su family.

Asher Chen knew that Dustin Zhou was the main face this time, so he modified it a little so that most people would not recognize him when he saw it.

At the gate of Su Family Manor, Su Wei was already waiting outside


Seeing Dustin Zhou getting off the car, Su Wei hurried up to usher.

“Big brother, you are finally here, great.” “How is the situation inside?” Dustin Zhou nodded lightly, without saying anything, but took Asher Chen and the others and walked directly into the Su Family Manor.

Passing through the path, it suddenly opens up, and you see a long corridor.

“Stop! Who? Dare to trespass into Su’s house!” Dustin Zhou was about to walk inside when a violent shout suddenly sounded.

Immediately afterwards, a small group of people in black walked out from inside and stopped in front of Dustin Zhou and others.

“Presumptuous! They were invited by me. Are you going to stop me too?” Su Wei obviously knew these people in black, and when he saw them blocking the way, he was immediately furious, and he lashed out at the leader.

“Master Su, there are important things in the Su family today. Outsiders are definitely not allowed to enter. Please take these people away!” The man in black, who was the leader, didn’t care about Su Wei’s scolding, but calmly stretched out his hand to signal. Let Dustin Zhou and others leave the Su family.

“How can the Sun family get in? The people I brought can’t get in?”

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