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Chapter 167

Su Wei glared at the leader in black with an angry look on his face, his forehead bursting with blue veins, and he meant to burst out if there was a disagreement.

“Then it also depends on the identity of a human being. How can any cat or dog in our Su family enter?” At this moment, a sharp voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou frowned and looked inside.

A young man dressed upright, stylish and handsome, but with a scornful look on his face, walked leisurely.

“Su Li! Why are you here?” Su Wei asked in a cold voice when he saw the visitor.

Su Wei never expected that Su Li would appear in Su’s house.

Although Su Li’s surname is Su, it is not the Su family, but an adopted son adopted by the old patriarch in his later years.

Although Su Li is still young, his seniority is the same as Su Shiming and Su Shiqin.

Therefore, Su Wei and Su Che both need to treat him as their elders when they see him.

“It’s really not big or young. When I saw me, I not only rude, but also called my name directly. It seems that I want me to teach you on your father’s behalf, so that you can know what is the order of growing up.” Su Li hum With a sound, Su Wei glanced at Su Wei, his eyes cold.

When Su Li said so, Su Wei was suddenly depressed, and he didn’t know how to refute it.

After all, anyway, Su Li is Su Wei’s elder, this is a fact that need not be disputed.

Even if the Su Family Patriarch is reborn, he can’t change it.

“It’s not that I said you. It’s the second thing to be fooling around outside all day long, not being famous. You always mix with cats and dogs. What can you do? When did you have the skills like Su Che?” Su Li sneered. Did not watch Dustin Zhou

A few people glanced at them and regarded them completely as those who want to mix good things with Su’s family.

But Su Wei’s expression changed when he heard it, and he burst into anger.

“I don’t allow you to say that! They are all friends I invited, nobles, isn’t my Su family treating people like this?” Although Su Wei’s voice is not very loud, it is very low and full of momentum.

Even Su Li was slightly taken aback.

But soon, a trace of anger flashed across Su Li’s face, a cold snort, and his eyes looked at Dustin Zhou with contempt.

“Noble person? What a joke! In Donghai City, who can claim to be a nobleman in front of my Su family? Su Wei, I think you are crazy, you go back to reflect today, and you don’t go to the board of directors!” Su Li Sneered.

Hearing this, the people in black all sneered, staring at Su Wei, Dustin Zhou and others with shining eyes. As long as they had the intention of breaking through, these people in black would inevitably stop them, or even secretly hurt others.

But Su Wei’s eyes widened, and he looked at Su Li with an incredible expression, his eyes full of anger.

Dustin Zhou was also surprised.

He was not very clear about the sudden appearance of Su Li.

However, Dustin Zhou knew that the Su family was in the council hall today to fight for the final patriarch.

No matter what the final result is, news will come from the board of directors.

Su Wei was signaled by Su Shiming and asked Dustin Zhou to come over to support Su Shiming at a critical moment.

At this moment, Sun Qiankun of the Sun family must be in the council hall.

If Dustin Zhou couldn’t even enter the council hall, then there would be no way to support Su Shiming!

This is simply a conspiracy!

Dustin Zhou was secretly surprised, not knowing whether this was a temporary rise in strength, or a late move that Su Shiqin’s first line had prepared.

“Master, this Su Li is the adopted son of the Su family’s patriarch in his later years. He is considered to be Su Wei’s elder in his seniority. It is the same as Su Shiming and Su Shiqin’s generation. If he supports which side, then which side will have a better chance of winning today Quite a lot.” Seeing the doubt on Dustin Zhou’s face, Asher Chen stepped forward and introduced in a low voice.

At this time, Dustin Zhou also knew the reason.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help looking at Su Li, his eyes flickering slightly.

This Su Li is not only due to seniority, if it is just because of this, then he will not have much power in the Su family.

After all, he is not of the Su family’s blood.

However, Su Li controls nearly half of the Su family’s industry.

Especially the three most profitable industries are firmly controlled by Su Li.

“This Su Li is not the Su family. Will the Su family watch him control so many industries?” Dustin Zhou asked in a low voice.

Such a situation is impossible in any other family.

If it’s in another family, Suli doesn’t

When it comes to controlling the industry, being able to have a little voice in the family can be regarded as family kindness.

“The Su family naturally does not want to do this, but they have no choice. This is the will of the old family owner before his death.” “However, these industries are only temporarily controlled by Su Li. He only has the right to operate the property and has no shares. But now the Su family basically Everyone relies on him to run the industry, so he is highly regarded in the Su family.” Asher Chen continued to explain.

Dustin Zhou was slightly surprised, but did not expect that this would be the case for Su Li in Su’s family.

Only management rights and no shares meant that the Su family could kick Su Li out at any time, but Su Li was helpless.

Don’t Su Li himself know that such a situation is very unfavorable to him?

With his ability, it is impossible not to know, unless… Dustin Zhou’s eyes flashed suddenly, and a thought flashed in his mind.

“That’s it!” It was clear in his heart. When Dustin Zhou looked at Su Li again, he felt that the man in front of him was well dressed and well-looking, but he had a ruthless plan in his heart!

“Su Li, don’t go too far! Don’t you know what she feels like Su Shiqinan? Besides, the person I invited, not to mention the Sun family, no one in the entire East China Sea can match it!” Su Wei is young after all , Where can I stand Su Li’s words, blushing immediately and fighting for reasons.

And in the end, Su Wei even said that Dustin Zhou was the best existence in the East China Sea. This surprised Dustin Zhou and thought that his identity had been exposed.

But Dustin Zhou thought about it carefully. He didn’t reveal his identity, and he knew that Su Wei was talking in a hurry, and there was no evidence.

However, Dustin Zhou’s surprised expression fell in Su Li’s eyes, but it was an expression of guilty conscience.

“Haha, what a joke! Su Wei, it seems that you have been living with a dog for more than 20 years. If you can’t do it by yourself, you have to find a few uninfluenced boys and want to talk a lot?” People are comparable, then I want to see who he is!” “Go!” Su Li’s eyes were cold, and he gave an order.

The dozen or so people in black immediately surrounded Dustin Zhou and the others, and stared at Dustin Zhou.

“Since Su Wei said that you are someone who the entire East China Sea can’t afford, then I am very interested, I don’t know…” Su Li took a few steps forward, sneered at Dustin Zhou, and was about to speak.

“You are so much nonsense!” Dustin Zhou said lightly, letting Su Li speak, and looked over in surprise.

“What did you say?” When Su Li was said so, immediately a cloud of anger ignited in his heart.

Chapter 168

(1) “You talk a lot of nonsense! You don’t know what to say about such obvious things, so you have to ask me again?” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly, glanced at Su Li lightly, and said lightly


If Su Li only blocked Dustin Zhou and Su Wei from entering, then Dustin Zhou would only act like the fate of the Su family, and he would not interfere forcibly.

But this Su Liqian shouldn’t, absolutely shouldn’t, provoked Dustin Zhou on the initiative.

Since Dustin Zhou followed Su Wei into the Su Family Manor, he only asked a few general information along the way, and did not do anything beyond the rules.

But as soon as this Su Li appeared, he ridiculed him and even regarded Dustin Zhou as something like a pig or dog.

Facing this kind of slander, Dustin Zhou naturally didn’t need to bear it anymore, and immediately spoke coldly!

“Haha, yes, gangster, you are so right, Su Li, I respect you as adopted by your grandfather, but you should not be ignorant. The entire Su family, if it is not for grandpa’s face, who will respect you? “Su Weiwei was overjoyed and shouted coldly with Dustin Zhou.

As the only son of the Patriarch, he is respected in the Su family.

However, recent internal changes in the Su family have caused many people to stay away from Su Shiming’s line, and naturally many people stay away from Su Wei.

At this time, Su Li not only did not stay out of the matter, but instead relied on the so-called generation to pressure people, which made Su Wei how to bear it.

“Presumptuous! This is the Su family, where can you speak! Come and blast them out!” Su Li was furious, and with a wave of his green sleeves, the dozens of people in black suddenly swarmed up, trying to stand up. Dustin Zhou threw it out.

“I see who dares!” At this moment, Asher Chen, who had been beside Dustin Zhou, scolded angrily.

Immediately afterwards, the several men brought by Asher Chen also stepped forward and confronted the dozen or so men in black.

Although there is a gap in the numbers between the two sides, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen are not worried at all.

After all, Asher Chen chose the top players in the Mountain Mist Club this time, and each one has the strength to be ten.

Even Niu Chuan wanted to retreat under the hands of these people, but he couldn’t do it!

Not to mention the dozens of so-called nursing homes in the Su family that seemed unreliable.

“Huh! Strange things happen every year, and this year is so many. What kind of cats and dogs dare to make trouble in my Su’s house. Su Da, give you a quarter of an hour. I don’t want to see these people! Send Master Su Wei to his room, don’t Let him spoil the good things of today!” Su Li anxiously laughed, and the whole person was no longer as angry as before, but instead smiled faintly.

In his opinion, both Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen were incompetent, and they had no right to cause trouble in the Su family.

Originally, if they had nothing to do with their hands, it would be fine. Su Li would blast them out at most.

But now, Dustin Zhou ridiculed Su Li before, and Asher Chen ridiculed him. Su Li has lost his last patience.

“Go!” The leader in black was Su Da. After receiving the order, he immediately rushed to the few people brought by Asher Chen.

In his opinion, even if there are no more than a dozen people on his side,

, He can solve the other party instantly.

But since Su Li was impatient, he naturally wouldn’t pay attention to the morals of the world. Even if there are more people and less people, as long as they can quickly solve the other party, that’s fine.

More than a dozen people quickly rushed towards Dustin Zhou, and several people brought by Asher Chen also hit the head.

After the two sides played against each other, Su Da’s expression changed drastically.

“Don’t keep your hand, the idea is a bit hard!” Su Da shouted violently, and immediately stopped keeping his hand, his fist changed more quickly, and even Dustin Zhou couldn’t see clearly, he could only feel the opponent’s offensive more fierce.

In fact, there is no need to say from Su Da, the dozens of people in black also felt the strength of each other when they played against each other. At this time, no one would hide their strength, so they all went all out!

However, Su Da was still too underestimated.

As the boss of the Mountain Mist Club, Asher Chen has to deal with innumerable things every day, and if he wants to maintain his position and majesty, he will naturally recruit many good players.

Although these people are small in number, all of them are good players. Many of them are Donghai and even famous boxing champions and martial arts champions across the country.

As soon as the two sides played against each other, within a quarter of an hour, a dozen people in black on the side of Su University quickly defeated, and all fell to the ground, without exception.

And Su Da was even more unbearable. He was hit by the leader of Asher Chen’s side with a punch. At this time, he was collapsing on the ground, groaning constantly, cold sweat on his forehead!

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Chen, they have all been brought down, and it won’t be better in a week!” The leader said confidently.

Dustin Zhou smiled and glanced at him, knowing that this man is Asher Chen’s first champion, Wu Fang, who had won the championship in the national boxing competition. In addition, he is also a descendant of Xingyiquan, and his skill is not small. watch for.

Nodded, Dustin Zhou silently remembered this person in his heart.

At this time, Su Li was dumbfounded.

He originally thought that Su Da could blast Dustin Zhou out with a dozen people, but he didn’t expect that in less than a quarter of an hour, Su Da’s more than a dozen people would be defeated!

In an instant, Su Li’s face turned pale, looking at Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen in horror, no longer the previous arrogance.

“This is the Su family, you dare to commit a crime, Su Wei, is this your so-called friend, nobleman?” Su Li calmed his mind and sternly rebuked at Su Wei.

He knew he could not touch Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen, but facing Su Wei, Su Li still had a little confidence.

But he had forgotten that when he treated Su Wei and Dustin Zhou with that attitude before, Su Wei already hated him very much.

“Now I know it’s my friend, noble person? It’s too late! Su Li, I tell you, don’t think that you are high in seniority, you can scream at me, if my father didn’t let me, I would have wanted to abolish you. !” Su Wei dismissed it

, The cold language is relatively.

“What happened? What’s going on, Su Li? Well, Su Wei?” At this moment, an old voice came from the backyard.

An old man walked slowly from the backyard, seemingly slow, but he walked in swift steps with great momentum.

The moment Dustin Zhou saw the old man, Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed, and his heart suddenly tightened.

He had only seen this kind of momentum and feeling from Niu Chuan before.

Even Niu Chuan’s aura can’t match this old man!

There is such a strong person in the Su family?

“Uncle San!” Su Li looked at the incoming person with joy, and immediately greeted him. He pointed at Su Wei and Dustin Zhou and criticized him. He turned the situation upside down and said that Su Wei disrespect him, while Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen did. Become a villain.

After Su Li finished speaking, the old man’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen.

When he saw Dustin Zhou, there was no change in expression on his face.

But when he saw Asher Chen, his face moved slightly.

“But Donghai Asher Chen?” The old man said in a deep voice.

At this moment, Su Wei and Su Li both froze for a moment, and looked at Asher Chen at the same time.

Chapter 169

Donghai Asher Chen!

(2) Su Wei and Su Li looked at Asher Chen, their faces suddenly showed surprise.

Obviously, both of them have heard of Asher Chen’s name, but they have never seen it.

Or what they looked like Asher Chen, but they didn’t notice that he was following Dustin Zhou.

“You turned out to be Asher Chen? Why are you here?” Su Li’s face was very ugly, and looking at Asher Chen, his voice trembled slightly.

Asher Chen’s name is known throughout Donghai City, as far as any family with a bit of strength is known.

He is not only the boss of the Mountain Mist Club, the top club in the East China Sea, but also a guest of the East China Sea government.

There are even rumors that Asher Chen and government leaders are relatives.

Although there is no evidence, it all shows that Asher Chen is very strong in both the road and official background.

You know, even though the Su family belongs to a first-class family in the East China Sea, it has a clubhouse comparable to Mountain Mist Clubhouse, but it is only boasting and selling.

If you get it in front of someone who knows it, Mountain Mist Clubhouse doesn’t know how upscale is than the exclusive clubhouse.

What’s more, the Su family has not much to do with the government until now.

In the entire East China Sea, there are only a handful of families that have ties to the government, but there is no Su family.

“Why, I can’t be here?” Asher Chen sneered.

“Su Li, don’t be rude. It’s naturally an honor for our Su family to visit Mr. Chen. It’s just that the Su family is dealing with internal affairs and the hospitality is not adequate. Please forgive Mr. Chen.” The old man shouted and stopped Su Li. Continue to speak, and then apologize slightly to Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou nodding.

He knew Asher Chen, but didn’t know Dustin Zhou, so he thought Asher Chen was the leader this time, and Dustin Zhou was just a follower.

“Master, look?” Asher Chen did not respond, but looked at Dustin Zhou and asked in a low voice.

But this scene, in the eyes of the old man, changed his expression greatly, and his eyes were full of surprise!

Asher Chen himself belongs to the existence of a giant in Donghai City. He alone is equivalent to a first-class family.

In Donghai City, Asher Chen could not even buy the face of most of the families, and those families would not do anything to him.

But now, Asher Chen is so respectful to a young man!

Who is this young man?

The old man was uncertain and looked at Dustin Zhou carefully and confirmed that he did not even know him.

“Is it a child of a big family that has recently arrived in the East China Sea? It is rumored that Asher Chen is backed by a super big family. Is this person from that super big family?” For a moment.

The old man thought of many possibilities, but he ruled them out one by one.

Only when he thought of this possibility, his eyes lit up and thought it was extremely possible.

Otherwise, with

It is impossible for Asher Chen’s character to be so profane.

“Who is this person?” Dustin Zhou asked in a low voice.

This old man appeared suddenly, and even Su Li and Su Wei did not dare to be presumptuous or even dare to confront him.

It can be seen that this old man’s position in the Su family is extraordinary.

Moreover, looking at this, it should not be too partial to both Su Shiming and Su Shiqin.

“Master, this is Su Hui, the third master of the Su family, the third younger brother of the old Patriarch, and the third uncle of Su Shiming. He is in charge of all the nursing homes and enshrining power of the Su family. So, he is in charge of all the forces of the Su family!” Asher Chenyi One said.

Dustin Zhou nodded, knowing something in his heart.

No wonder this old man gave him a stronger feeling than Niu Chuan. Since he was in charge of the entire force of the Su Family, his strength must have been extraordinary.

“Since he knows you, then it’s up to you to negotiate with him. Test him first to see if we can get in, otherwise we can’t get in the board of directors, and we can’t control the current disputes in the Su family.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Yes.” “It turned out to be Su Hui, Su Sanye. Chen was uninvited. Please forgive me.” Asher Chen arched his hand at Su Hui, saying hello in the manner of a renown.

“Where, I just don’t know why Mr. Chen came to Su’s house today?” Su Hui asked loudly, but his eyes were looking back and forth between Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou.

He clearly saw Asher Chen asking Dustin Zhou for instructions, but now he is very casual. It is obvious that Asher Chen does not want Dustin Zhou’s identity to be exposed.

That being the case, Dustin Zhou’s identity must be very noble.

Su Hui felt powerless when he thought of the current predicament facing the Su family.

He is the third master of the Su family, in charge of all the forces of the Su family, but has no knowledge of family management and industrial management.

Seeing that the Su family was in trouble, and the internal disputes for the owner of the family even more, Su Hui was helpless.

Originally, the appearance of Sun Qiankun today made him think that perhaps with the help of the Sun family, he could help the Su family rise again.

But after deliberation in the board of directors, Su Hui realized that the Sun family was also unkind.

Seeing Dustin Zhou now, Su Hui suddenly felt that he might be able to use his influence to prevent the Sun family from acting rashly.

“Grandpa San, I invited them.” Su Wei said quickly at this time.

He asked Dustin Zhou over, but he helped his father Su Shiming.

In case Su Hui digs a wall here, then Su Wei will not have time to cry.

“Huh! San Uncle, you also know what Su Wei usually looks like. The person he invited can be a good thing. In my opinion, President Chen was probably also deceived by Su Weiyu.” “Su Wei, all are here. At this time, do you still admit your mistakes? Do you want to take the Su family to the ground?” However, no one thought that Su Hui would not reply, but Su Li sternly replied.

Scold it.

For a while, everyone looked at Su Li dumbfounded.

Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart. This Su Li was simply stupid. In order to prevent himself from entering the board of directors and help Su Shiming, he even said such things.

It is very unreasonable to leave aside such remarks.

Just saying this in front of Asher Chen was looking for something for the Su family.

“Humph.” Dustin Zhou snorted lightly, his eyes turned cold, and Su Li had already hit a big cross in his heart.

“Well said! Well said!” Asher Chen heard Dustin Zhou’s hum, and clapped softly.

It’s just that the expression on Asher Chen’s face looks like a faint smile, but there is no trace of emotion, which is very false.

“It seems that the Su family of Su Li is not only talented in business, but also good at his mouth.” “It’s just that I came with Su Wei. What right do you have to keep us out? It’s this Su The family has changed hands, now you are in charge, or Asher Chen’s face is not enough, in your eyes, but a pig or dog?” Asher Chen said finally, his tone was very cold.

A cold wind blew across the corridor, and Su Li shuddered subconsciously before realizing that the situation was not good.

Given his Su Li’s position in the Su family, to Su Wei, perhaps the people of the Su family will look at the face of the old Patriarch and ignore him.

But what he is facing now is Asher Chen, and few people in Donghai dare to speak like this in front of him.

And he not only said that Su Li, but also looked down on Asher Chen, this is undoubtedly seeking a dead end.

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