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Chapter 170

Locked room!

“I didn’t say that, don’t think you are Asher Chen, you can be in Su’s house…” Su Li’s face flushed, and he stared angrily, and wanted to fight back.

“Shut up!” Old Su Hui snorted coldly, his face pale.

Su Li is young and arrogant, and may not care about Asher Chen.

But Su Hui can’t!

He knows Asher Chen’s methods!

When Asher Chen established a foothold in the East China Sea and opened the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, the second-rate family from the East China Sea came to challenge him.

At first, everyone was holding a wait-and-see attitude and wanted to see how Asher Chen would deal with it.

But at the opening ceremony, facing the provocations of others, Asher Chen said nothing, just treated others with a smile.

When others found it boring, they cursed and left.

And those families who were watching also felt that Asher Chen was nothing but that.

However, overnight, the second-rate family that provoked Asher Chen was completely removed from the East China Sea!

Even, the other families did not receive any wind.

Although there is no direct evidence, everyone thinks Asher Chen did it!

After all, no one in Donghai City had too much conflict with that second-rate family at that time.

That time, the Donghai City family did not dare to despise Asher Chen.

You know, even the Sun family and the Su family want to make a second-rate family in Donghai City disappear overnight.

“Uncle San, I…” Su Li’s face was unclear, and he wanted to argue.

“Slap!” But Su Hui didn’t give him a chance, slapped Su Li’s face with a slap, and immediately flung him for several meters, then his face instantly became red and swollen.

“Go back! Take Su Li to the forbidden room. No one can let him out without my order!” Su Hui snapped.

Su Li’s face changed drastically when he heard the forbidden room, as if he had imagined something terrible.

“Uncle San, I don’t dare anymore, you must not lock me in the forbidden room!” Su Li quickly begged for mercy, even trotting directly to Su Hui’s side, directly kneeling on the ground, hugging Su Hui’s thigh.

But Su Hui turned a blind eye to him, staring coldly at the dozen or so people in black who collapsed on the ground.

Seeing this, Su Da, the leader of the black-clothed man, resisted the pain of his body. After getting up, he called two people to stand up Su Li and walked towards the backyard.

“I don’t want to go to the forbidden room! Sanshu, spare my life!” Su Li kept struggling and yelling, but he was firmly held back by Su Da.

When Su Li disappeared from everyone’s sight, Su Hui took a long breath.

“Mr. Chen laughed, the juniors in the family don’t understand the rules, please don’t be offended by Mr. Chen!” Su Hui smiled and arched his hands.

Putting a low profile in this way means that this matter has passed, and neither side will be held accountable in the future. After all, Su Li has already been punished, and the Su family has given Asher Chen enough face.


Seeing this, Asher Chen didn’t say much, just nodded slightly.

“Since Chen is always invited by Su Wei, then let’s come together, presumably you are also invited by Shiming.” Su Hui changed the subject and directly invited Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou into the inner courtyard.

The Su Family Council Chamber is in the inner courtyard.

“Great, thank you Grandpa San, brother, let’s go in quickly.” Su Weixi thanked him quickly, and then led Dustin Zhou to the inner courtyard.

Although Dustin Zhou felt the change of Su Hui’s attitude before and after it was very strange, he didn’t think too much.

After all, Asher Chen’s reputation in Donghai City was enough to shock the Su family.

However, no one noticed that Su Hui, who had been following the crowd all the time, saw Dustin Zhou walking in the forefront and Asher Chen a step behind, a bright light flashed in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“Perhaps this time, my Su family will be able to bathe in the phoenix and rebirth from Nirvana!” … There is a universe in the Su family’s inner courtyard.

When Dustin Zhou came to Su’s house last time, he was directly invited to his room by Su Shiming. He didn’t pay attention to the situation in the Su’s inner courtyard. Now, when he saw it, his heart moved slightly.

“As expected of the Su family, it can be considered a first-class family in Donghai City. The furnishings of this inner courtyard are of great value, and the quality is extremely high. It is definitely not the ordinary family can bear!” Dustin Zhou nodded secretly in his heart.

In the Su family’s inner courtyard, apart from a dozen long corridors, there is a clear pond.

The lotus leaves on the Qingchi are in the sky, and a few lotus flowers are in bud.

And in the center of Qingchi, a small rockery stands impressively, and its shape is pretty, which can not help but make people shine.

Even if Dustin Zhou didn’t understand this kind of landscape very well, he felt that his heart suddenly opened up and his mood became much better. Eh Suli’s unhappiness stopped the questioning just now, and it disappeared instantly.

Su Wei was in front, Dustin Zhou followed behind, and across two long corridors, he came to a lobby.

And this is the Su Family Council!

Any major decision made by the Su family will be discussed here first.

So the second generation of the Su family will gather here to discuss major issues.

In the past, the Su family discussed in the board of directors on the Su family’s industry and planning issues. Although there were occasional disputes, they were considered peaceful.

But this time is different!

“Who? Su Family Council Hall, you can also come in? Get out!” Dustin Zhou was only slightly close to the Council Hall, and was drunk by one person!

“Presumptuous!” Before Dustin Zhou could speak, Asher Chen couldn’t help it. He immediately stood up and looked at the person who denounced Dustin Zhou coldly.

Just now, when Su Li stopped him, Asher Chen didn’t say much, just asked Dustin Zhou’s opinion.

After all, it was that they had just arrived at the Su family, and if they ran into conflict with the Su family, it would be bad after all!

But this time not


With the previous one, the Su family now scolds Dustin Zhou again, it is disrespect for Dustin Zhou, and naturally it is disrespect for Asher Chen.

Moreover, they were also approved by the third master of the Su family, Su Hui, when they entered the council hall.

“Who are you! Dare to make trouble in our Su’s house? What about Su Li? Didn’t I let him stop irrelevant people outside?” The other side said coldly, looking at Dustin Zhou’s side, but didn’t see Su. Li, immediately questioned.

“Uncle, don’t ask any more, Su Li can’t come to see you.” Su Wei stood up, gestured at the other party slightly, and then sneered.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” “Because he is now in the forbidden room and can’t get out!” Su Wei said lightly, as if he was talking about something ordinary.

However, the other’s face changed drastically.

“Who would dare to put Su Li in the forbidden room! Do you want to rebel?” “It’s me!” At this moment, Su Hui steadily walked over, faintly sweeping his eyes on the opponent’s face, and said indifferently .

But at this moment, the other party’s face changed in shock and arrogance, and he quickly lowered his head, not daring to say another word.

Dustin Zhou could see clearly from the side, and he had a new understanding of Su Hui in his heart.

“It seems that this Su Hui is not only strong, but also very prestigious in the Su family!” “But, looking like this, the Su family is destined to be unrest today!”

Chapter 171

My master!

(1) Dustin Zhou thought to himself, and looked at the council hall.

He knew who the man who stood up and accused him was.

Su Wei calls him his cousin, so he should be the cousin of Su Shiming and Su Shiqin.

“Master, this is Su Wenhou, Su Hui’s son, but he has always been very close to Su Shiqin. This time, he should be on Su Shiqin’s side.” Asher Chen whispered.

Dustin Zhou nodded, feeling clear.

No wonder Su Hui said, he dared not speak any more.

“Why? The matter is over? Do you have time to go outside to do more nosy?” Su Hui seems to be very upset with his own son. He doesn’t feel a little biting, on the contrary, he is very indifferent, even speaking coldly, no feeling.

When Su Wenhou heard his father say this, he wanted to argue something, raised his head, met Su Hui’s gaze, but lowered it again.

In front of Su Hui, Su Wenhou did not dare to make any trouble.

“Father, this is our Su family’s business. Why do you want to let these irrelevant people in?” But Su Wenhou thought for a while and bit the bullet and said, and his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou, also very unhappy.

He knows Dustin Zhou.

It wasn’t that I had met Dustin Zhou before, but Su Shiqin and Su Che had mentioned it in front of him, and naturally they had shown him photos.

So Su Wenhou saw Dustin Zhou in the crowd at a glance.

And he also knew that Dustin Zhou was invited by Su Shiming in order to support Su Shiming.

When Su Shiqin and Su Che said this, Su Wenhou still had a trace of fear, thinking that Dustin Zhou was a child of a big family.

But then he went back to check it, and he was immediately annoyed.

Dustin Zhou is just a shareholder of Mingyang Company, and he was a son-in-law before.

It can be said that such an identity, in Su Wenhou’s view, is really low and can’t be seen in his eyes at all.

At the same time, he also felt that Su Shiqin and Su Che had no courage. Such a person would be able to make them both feel cowardly in their lives.

“Uncle, what do you mean by this? They are irrelevant, do those from the Sun family want to do it? Everyone knows that we have always had grievances between the Su family and the Sun family, but today you are discussing matters in the board of directors. The Sun family invites you, what do you have in mind?” Su Wei snapped.

With Su Hui here, he was not afraid that Su Wenhou would trouble him.

After all, from the conversation and speaking tone just now, Su Wei could also feel Su Hui’s disappointment and indifference to Su Wenhou.

“Su Wei, there is no place for you to speak here, go away!” A flash of embarrassment flashed on Su Wenhou’s face, and he sternly shouted at Su Wei.

“Presumptuous, I didn’t even speak, here is your place!” “Since you said before that the facts discussed today are important, please ask the Sun family to sit on the sidelines.

Then I also invite people to watch!

“Su Hui was really so angry by Su Wen, he didn’t care about his father and son. Then, Su Hui walked up to Asher Chen and said in a low voice. “Chen, since you came to Su’s house today, you must be affected by Shiming.” In this case, I let you in, but please support Shiming!

Su Hui’s voice was a little low, but more of it was lost. “Don’t worry!”

Asher Chen nodded and didn’t say much. Dustin Zhou was silent on the side, and he had a little bit more understanding of the affairs of the big family. The Su family was only a first-class family in Donghai City. For the owner of the family, the relationship between father and son Feelings can be ignored. So for the Zhou family, it is countless times stronger than the Su family, and what about the ownership of the head of the Patriarch. Dustin Zhou is the only son of the old Patriarch of the Zhou family. Although he has been living outside, he is his biological and the only heir. But, what would the other members of the Zhou family think? They would willingly let Dustin Zhou, who appeared suddenly, take Dustin Zhou into his hands? For a time, Dustin Zhou thought of a lot. But the more he thought about it, the heavier his heart. No matter how many hardships and challenges you will face, I Dustin Zhou, and then I am!

With a firm conviction in his heart, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt extremely relaxed, and the whole council hall became very leisurely and there was no atmosphere at all of the rattling sword just now. “Father!

The Sun family is a first-class family in Donghai City. It is comparable to our Su family and can naturally be on the sidelines, but who is this person also qualified to be on the sidelines?

“Su Wenhou looked at Asher Chen coldly, full of disdain. Indeed, at this time Asher Chen looked very simple and honest, and his face did not have the anger and prestige of the superiors, and he had not said anything, so he was considered by Su Wenhou. An influential existence. “Haha, it’s really interesting!

Unexpectedly, I have Asher Chen today. First I was stopped by Su Li and said that I was like a pig and dog. Now, another unknown thing barked in front of me. Did I step on sh*t?

Not only was Asher Chen not angry, but he said with a smile. However, no one thought Asher Chen was really laughing. Because in his tone, there was a faint anger, and it was about to explode. Dignified Asher Chen, Mountain Mist club boss, Donghai top Existence, within a day, two people said so, it is impossible for anyone in this position to bear it. This is still in the face of Su Hui, Asher Chen did not care about Su Li’s previous contempt. And Asher Chen’s voice As soon as it fell, Su Wenhou’s eyes widened, staring at him, and a flash of panic flashed across his face. Asher Chen’s name, as the Su family, could not have been heard. It’s just that Su Wenhou felt that Asher Chen’s behavior

It’s too quagmire and disdain to get along with it, so I haven’t checked what Asher Chen looks like.

But this does not mean that Su Wenhou does not know Asher Chen’s strength.

Now I heard someone claiming to be Asher Chen, and immediately a cold sweat broke out from his back.

Su Wenhou looked at Su Hui and wanted to confirm with his father, but he didn’t get a response.

“What’s the matter?” At this moment, the door of the council suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man walked out from the inside with a frown, with no worries.

“Mr. Sun.” Su Wenhou was overjoyed when he saw the visitor, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly stepped forward and said everything just now.

“Oh? Asher Chen?” Mr. Sun heard Asher Chen, his eyes tightened, and he followed the direction Su Wenhou was pointing, and he saw Asher Chen standing there, his eyes calmly looking forward.

“I didn’t expect President Chen to come to Su’s house. It is really surprising.” Although Asher Chen’s name is very big, many big families are jealous.

But Sun Qiankun is a member of the Sun family, and there is no conflict or intersection with Asher Chen before.

But Sun Qiankun knew what Asher Chen looked like.

“It turns out that it is Sun Qiankun. You are here. It surprised me. There have always been conflicts between the Sun family and the Su family, and there is almost no contact?” Asher Chen seemed to have only seen Sun Qiankun, not Xu. Replied without illness.

Chapter 172

My master!

(2) As soon as Asher Chen’s voice fell, Su Wenhou’s face changed slightly.

He didn’t expect Asher Chen to say so directly in front of so many people.

Although the Donghai family knows that there are conflicts between the Sun family and the Su family, there are default rules among the family.

Under normal circumstances, the hostile relationship between large families will not be exposed.

When Asher Chen said so, he undoubtedly broke this rule.

Under normal circumstances, if someone breaks the rules, other big families will attack the person who breaks the rules together.

But this time it was Asher Chen breaking the rules, and no one wanted to face off against Asher Chen.

After all, the disappearance of a second-rate family in the East China Sea overnight is too legendary, and no one will take the initiative to declare war until there is no certainty of victory!

“Haha, I was invited by Su Shiqin from the Su family as a witness.” Sun Qiankun didn’t care, and laughed.

If Asher Chen’s rhetorical question was to ask someone else, it would probably make the other person unable to speak.

But facing Sun Qiankun, it didn’t help much.

After all, Sun Qiankun’s reputation in the East China Sea is also very loud, he is not afraid of Asher Chen!

“In this case, we are also invited by brother Su Shiming to be a witness.” Asher Chen smiled lightly.

In the face of Sun Qiankun, although he didn’t want to really collide with him, Asher Chen was not afraid of Dustin Zhou.

Hearing Asher Chen’s words, Sun Qiankun’s face flashed with unhappiness, but he was quickly covered up.

“If that’s the case, then please come in, Mr. Chen.” Sun Qiankun turned sideways slightly, aside from his position, so that Asher Chen could enter.

Only when Asher Chen saw this, he smiled slightly and didn’t go in, but walked to Dustin Zhou’s side.

“Master, you go in first!” Dustin Zhou nodded, and stepped into the council hall.

“Wait!” Dustin Zhou had just taken a foot before stepping into the board of directors, and a bitter voice suddenly sounded. Then, he directly stopped in front of him with both hands, preventing him from taking any further steps.

It is Sun Qiankun!

“Sun Qiankun, what do you mean?” Asher Chen was very angry, but only sternly asked.

He knew that this was Sun Qiankun’s dismissal of the horse. He thought that Dustin Zhou was just a younger brother of Asher Chen, at most a little close, and wanted Dustin Zhou to advance as a test.

And Sun Qiankun wanted to stop him at this time, so that Asher Chen’s face would hang first.

If this is the case, when he will enter the board of directors, if Asher Chen wants to say more, he will definitely be taken out of the matter.

“Mr. Chen, this is the Su family. Not all cats and dogs can enter. You are a famous person in the East China Sea. Naturally, you can enter. But this kid, I’m afraid you can’t enter.

go with!

Sun Qiankun narrowed his eyes slightly, wanting to see the anger on Asher Chen’s face. But he was disappointed. Asher Chen did not have any expression on his face, but was very cold. “Did you guess wrong? This kid has nothing to do with Asher Chen?”

Not his junior?

Sun Qiankun kept muttering in his heart, but he couldn’t confirm. He knew what Asher Chen looked like, but he didn’t know anything about Asher Chen’s family background. I am afraid that the entire Donghai City didn’t know, and they all wanted to know who was behind Asher Chen. “Sun Qiankun, I advise you to be more acquainted. Your Sun family is used to domineering things in the East China Sea. You are arrogant. You must know that there are some people you can’t provoke!

Asher Chen sneered and nodded to Wu Fang. Wu Fang quickly rushed from behind and kicked Sun Qiankun’s arm that was holding Dustin Zhou without mercy. “Kacha!”

“A clear voice sounded, and everyone’s complexion changed. Just a kick caused Sun Qiankun’s arm to crack. More importantly, he dared to do something with Sun Qiankun. You know, Sun Qiankun is the younger brother of the Sun family’s Patriarch. , The position in the Sun family is extraordinary! “Since you are blocking, then I will interrupt what is blocking the way!

“Asher Chen said coldly, and nodded slightly to Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou remained silent, without looking at Sun Qiankun, and stepped into the board of directors. “Asher Chen, you dare to do this to me, the Sun family will definitely not let you go!”

Sun Qiankun tried to endure the pain, one arm was drooping, sweat beaded continuously on his forehead, and his face instantly paled. Sun Qiankun was taken care of by the Sun family since he was a child. When he suffered such a crime, he was very angry at this moment. I can’t wait to get rid of Asher Chen! “Sun Qiankun, if I were you, I will go back to the Sun’s house now, and don’t care about outside affairs. Don’t think I don’t know what you are doing.

“Do you think he is my junior and want to stop him and then humiliate me?”

“Asher Chen walked into Sun Qiankun and looked down and said. Sun Qiankun did not speak, but his eyes flickered. Obviously, he thought so before. “You are wrong, he is not my junior.

When Asher Chen said this, a trace of irritation flashed across Sun Qiankun’s face. Not your junior, did you make someone break my arm? “Don’t think my Sun family is so annoying!”

A few words came out from Sun Qiankun’s mouth with difficulty. “He is not my junior, but my young master!”

A sneer flashed across Asher Chen’s face, and he said softly. Then he stopped looking at Sun Qiankun, and directly stepped across the threshold and entered the council hall. At this moment, the front of the council hall was quiet and terrifying. Everyone was stunned. I tried to digest what Asher Chen said just now. Even if it was a few people brought by Asher Chen, this

Ke also looked shocked.

“He is not my junior, but my young master!” Just a few words, but it seems to be too heavy, making everyone’s heart sink.

Wu Fang and others are Asher Chen’s younger brothers. Several people looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

They knew that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen had a good relationship. Dustin Zhou often went to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to find Asher Chen, and even he had a good relationship with Asher Chen’s Chen Xin.

But Wu Fang and others always thought that Dustin Zhou’s elders knew Asher Chen.

But this layer was not thought of.

Su Hui, Su Wenhao, Su Wei, and Sun Qiankun were even more shocked.

They naturally knew Asher Chen’s identity and status, and even he stirred the situation in Donghai City.

So as the young master of the power family behind Asher Chen, what kind of existence would it be?

But soon there was a burst of ecstasy on Su Wei’s face!

Dustin Zhou’s status was so big, and it was invited by his father Su Shiming, and his relationship with Dustin Zhou himself was good, so in the future the Su family might be able to get involved with Dustin Zhou’s family.

Just thinking about it in his heart, Su Wei was very excited, and his gaze toward the entrance of the council hall became more enthusiastic and determined.

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