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Chapter 173

When Dustin Zhou walked into the council hall, he saw a small alley, with the two main seats placed one on the left and the other on the right.

At the bottom, there are two

Chapters on the left and right of the chair.

This is the display method handed down in ancient times.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that the Su family would be so reverent on this.

It’s not that Chonggu is bad, but that it seems that the family has a long history. Many big families like to do this and win a good reputation.

There was a staircase on the inner side. Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate, walked directly over, stepped up the ladder, and quickly reached the second floor.

As soon as Dustin Zhou went up to the second floor, he noticed that a dozen pairs of eyes were looking at him.

Looking up, Dustin Zhou saw a dozen people sitting around a long table in the small attic on the second floor.

These people are of different ages. The oldest hair is gray and the faces are full of wrinkles.

The youngest is about the same size as Asher Chen, nearly forty years old.

A dozen people are divided into two factions.

One faction, headed by Su Shiming, sits just south of the long table.

The other faction, headed by Su Shiqin, sits at a long table just north.

Seeing Dustin Zhou appear, more than a dozen people looked different.

The people of Su Shiming’s line smiled, and Su Shiming nodded slightly at Dustin Zhou.

On the other hand, Su Shiqin’s family, all his expressions were livid, after a glance at Dustin Zhou, they turned their eyes away, ignoring Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou stepped forward and walked to Su Shiming’s side. Before he said hello, he was interrupted.

“Huh! It seems that my Su family is really getting more and more degenerate. It is true that any cat or dog can come in and participate in our discussions!” Su Shiqin

A middle-aged man looked at Dustin Zhou and said coldly.

Dustin Zhou glanced at the other person and saw that he was somewhat similar to Su Wenhou, and guessed that he might be Su Wenwu’s other son, Su Wenwu.

Su Hui has twins, a culture and a martial arts, not only in the Su family, but also in other families in the East China Sea.

“Indeed, not all cats and dogs can come in, so Su Li can’t come in. He thought about it in the forbidden room, so Su Wenhou can’t come in. It’s estimated that he is being reprimanded by Su Hui.” Dustin Zhou did not refute sharply, but said a few words indifferently.

However, just these few sentences changed the expressions of everyone.

Especially the people of Su Shiqin’s line, all their faces are green!

Su Li was sent out by Su Shiqin to stop irrelevant people. He hasn’t come back yet, something must have happened.

As for Su Wenhou, everyone knows that his personality is a bit soft, and he is most afraid of his father Su Hui.

Now that the two of them have not returned, something must have happened.

Although many people did not believe what Dustin Zhou said, this undoubtedly gave them a trace of gloom.

“Huh! Don’t think that you can play well with Su Wei. If you don’t have the ability and background, what can you do even if you are here?” “Wenwu, go and see why Mr. Sun hasn’t returned?” Su Shiqin gave Dustin Zhou a faint look, brows Wrinkled tightly, very angry in my heart.

It was because of Dustin Zhou that Su Shiqin’s department had to spend 100 million yuan in exchange for Su Zhe.

Now Su Shiqin’s family knew that Dustin Zhou had blackmailed them 100 million, and everyone hated Dustin Zhou.

“You don’t need to go to see, Mr. Sun may not be able to come up.” Dustin Zhou found a place to sit down, not far from Su Shiming, but not too close, just right.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t get into it! Let me let you in!” Su Shiqin snapped.

Sun Qiankun was the biggest helper Su Shiqin invited this time, and behind him represented the meaning of the Sun family.

With Sun Qiankun, Su Shiqin would get the support of so many people. Otherwise, it would be good to have five people to support her.

“I can’t tell the truth? Your Sun Qiankun has a bone fracture in his right arm and needs to go back for treatment. I am afraid it can’t help you much.” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and said lightly. From start to finish, he didn’t look at Su Shiqin.

“Nonsense! Mr. Sun is the second master of the Sun family, who dares to move his arm!” Su Shiqin was obviously not convinced, but there was a glimmer of doubt in his eyes.

“I moved!” Suddenly, a cold drink came from the stairs.

Asher Chen walked up with a smile, glanced back and forth among the people, and then walked in Dustin Zhou’s direction.

“It’s Asher Chen!” “It turned out to be him! How could he come? Did Su Shiming know him?” “Damn it, it’s troublesome now, if what he said is

Really, then we miscalculated this time!

“Could it be that Mr. Sun was really caught by him…” The moment he saw Asher Chen’s appearance, several of Su Shiqin’s expressions changed slightly, and his heart was a little hesitant. They were often active in the East China Sea, so naturally they knew Asher Chen’s name. Except overnight. Apart from the disappearance of a second-rate family, they know more about Asher Chen. Especially now that a new media company is formed, and it has a key position in the media industry association. If so, Asher Chen almost controls the entire East China Sea The media throat. “Asher Chen, our Su family has no grievances with you, why are you here?

Su Shiqin clenched his roots, his eyes almost sparked. Sun Qiankun went to intercept people from breaking into the board of directors. Now Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen are in front of her, but Sun Qiankun is not there. This shows that Sun Qiankun was caught by this. The two people cleaned up. In that case, what Dustin Zhou said before, Su Li and Su Wenhou’s things, is likely to be true. “I came with the young master, wherever the young master goes, I will go naturally.

Asher Chen said lightly. “Master?”

Who is the young master?

“Difficult to be the young master of the big family behind Asher Chen?”

who is it?

“It’s not that kid, right?”

“… For a while, everyone’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou, not just the Su Shiqin series, but even Su Shiming’s series. Looking at Dustin Zhou, they were surprised and happy. If Asher Chen didn’t talk nonsense, that would not mean it. Is Dustin Zhou’s status very distinguished? Judging from the current performance of Asher Chen in the East China Sea, the family behind him is undoubtedly very powerful. But to what extent it is so powerful, it is not everyone can guess. “Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou, surname Zhou, could it be… …” Su Wenwu chanted Dustin Zhou’s name, suddenly his eyes flashed, looked at Dustin Zhou with an incredible expression, and then walked over in person, took a serious look at Dustin Zhou, and after confirming that it was correct, he was overjoyed. Everyone was taken by Su Wenwu. There was a lot of confusion. Does Su Wenwu know Dustin Zhou’s details? Dustin Zhou’s face tightened, is his identity about to be exposed? It’s just to everyone’s surprise that Su Wenwu didn’t directly say Dustin Zhou’s identity. It was a gesture of courtesy to Dustin Zhou, and then he kept silent and sat down. “Chen is really good at joking. This person is Dustin Zhou. I can check his identity thoroughly. Why, do I have to show evidence? ?

Su Shiqin gritted his teeth and tried to calm down. “How?”

I said Dustin Zhou is my young master, don’t you believe it?

Chapter 174

The small attic on the second floor of the Su Family Council Hall is extremely quiet. The dozen or so Su family members present here were all surprised.

Asher Chen kept thinking about the meaning of his words.

Dustin Zhou is the young master of Asher Chen’s family?

Everyone in the Su family has speculation that there is a super family behind Asher Chen.

Not only the Su family, but the entire big family in Donghai City were so guessing.

Otherwise, it is impossible for Asher Chen to set up the Mountain Mist Clubhouse once he arrives in the East China Sea, gain a firm foothold, and also establish relations with the government.

You know, even those families that have been in the East China Sea for decades are not as good as Asher Chen who has been in the East China Sea for a month.

To say that there is no super family support behind him, no one believes it at all.

“Mr. Chen, this is our Su family. Even if you want wind and rain or rain in the East China Sea, you can’t play with us like this!” Su Shiqin’s face is extremely ugly, looking at Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou, who is doing nothing, his eyes are almost coming out. Fire light.

“Yeah, we have checked. This Dustin Zhou is just the son-in-law of the Xie family, and the Xie family is not even a second-rate family!” “How could the young master of the Chen family be the son-in-law of a second-rate family? Don’t be kidding. Now!” “If Dustin Zhou is really Mr. Chen’s young master, then why has he not been famous in the East China Sea before? Moreover, we have investigated, this Dustin Zhou, a few months ago was still ineffective, how could it be…” Su Shiqinyi The Su family member of the department ridiculed and looked at Dustin Zhou squintingly, not believing Asher Chen’s words at all.

However, after one of them said halfway, he stopped abruptly and looked at Dustin Zhou with shock.

“Since, what’s the matter?” The rest of the Su family couldn’t help asking curiously.

Su Zhiyi flashed an inexplicable light in his eyes, and glanced at Dustin Zhou and the Su family.

“A few months ago, Dustin Zhou was still unknown, but he suddenly became the head of the whitening and anti-aging factor project. You will know what happened after that.” Su Zhizhi felt a little dry in his throat, and his heart was agitated for a long time. Unable to calm down.

“So what? It’s because of this that he can’t have any identity!” “That’s right, the wild boy who didn’t know where he came from, dare to pretend to be here. I think he deceived President Chen. Right?” “By the way, you are not scared by Asher Chen, are you?” The others sneered, dismissing Su Zhiyi’s words.

Su Shiqin smiled faintly when listening to them, the suspense on his face instantly disappeared, full of confidence.

In addition to Su Shiqin, the rest of the Su family would certainly investigate Dustin Zhou’s identity and details, and the directions of their investigations were roughly the same, and the conclusions reached were the same.

Even if Su Shiqin’s investigation made some mistakes, the Su family could not be all wrong.

“Don’t you see it? What a strong man Asher Chen is in the East China Sea?

So respectful!

“Furthermore, Dustin Zhou suddenly made his fortune a few months ago. What does this mean? It means that he was probably practicing abroad before, but the experience ended a few months ago and he returned to the family!

“Su Zhi looked very ugly. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what he said was extremely correct, and at the same time he became more jealous of Dustin Zhou. It is absolutely impossible to be able to face a first-class family like the Su family, who does not change his face. An unknown person is a person who walked out of a slum. What’s more, even Sun Qiankun of the Sun family was abandoned by Asher Chen! You know, this will cause the Sun family to retaliate against Asher Chen. It’s not something that Qian can measure. There is only one possibility. Asher Chen did this entirely for Dustin Zhou, and he was willing. As soon as Su Zhi’s voice fell, the needle in the entire pavilion was audible. It’s not just people from the Su Shiqin family, Even Su Shiming’s line of people looked at Dustin Zhou in a daze. That’s right! That’s right! Su Zhi’s words sounded like a giant bell ringing in everyone’s heart. They were just investigating before and look at Dustin Zhou. Is there any powerful family behind him, or any other reliance? After the investigation, nothing was found, and the Su family felt that Dustin Zhou was just a person who had run out of sh*t. But they did not think deeply about the reason for Dustin Zhou’s sudden success. Now that Su Zhi said so, everyone understood. Then, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes with fear, and even a few eyes dodge, afraid to look at Dustin Zhou. If Dustin Zhou is really big In the background, he is a child of a super big family, so almost a word can make the Su family fall into a dead end. But Dustin Zhou found a chair at the moment, put it on the long table, sat straight on it, and looked at it leisurely. Everyone in the Xiang Su family saw everyone’s expressions in their eyes. “This is impossible!

I do not believe!

“Suddenly, a sharp voice sounded. Su Shiqin’s eyes were splitting, staring at Dustin Zhou, and sternly yelled. The thought of his son Su Che being humiliated by Dustin Zhou and even lying in bed for several months, Su Shiqin hated Dustin Zhou in his heart. “Su Shiqin, even President Chen said so, there is nothing to doubt, do you want to pull the Su family into the water and follow the footsteps of the second-rate family many years ago?

“Su Shiming sternly scolded. At this time, he couldn’t care about talking to Su Shiqin, or his brother-sister relationship. Once Su Shiqin angered Dustin Zhou, even if Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything, Asher Chen would attack the Su family. The big family will also take action against the Su family. At that time, the Su family really fell into a situation where it is impossible to recover. After all, the children of the super family, absolutely

Insults are not allowed!

“Everyone, I know this is something inside your Su family. I’m just an outsider and I shouldn’t have bothered.” Dustin Zhou slowly spoke, patrolling the faces of everyone in the Su family one by one, showing everyone’s appearance and expression. In mind.

“However, I was invited by Su Wei and Uncle Su to bear witness to this dispute over the Patriarch, so no matter what decision you make later, you must be upright!” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he did not. Speak again.

The Su family also looked at each other, not knowing what to say for a while.

If only Dustin Zhou is here, they may still have a way to deal with it.

Even if the two sides tore their faces in the end, Dustin Zhou could be imprisoned directly, and outsiders would not know.

But now Asher Chen is here.

The Su family can move Dustin Zhou, but not Asher Chen.

Not to mention Asher Chen himself is already well-known in the East China Sea, and his own strength is not bad.

Once Asher Chen disappears, his subordinates will definitely investigate, and sooner or later they will find the Su family.

What’s more, at this moment, Asher Chen’s younger brothers were in front of the board of directors, staring at the Su family.

Once everyone in the Su family takes any action that is unfavorable to Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou, those people will definitely fight to the death.

Chapter 175

(2) “This is our Su family’s business, even if you are a child of a big family, you have no right to interfere!” Su Shiqin forced to endure the hatred in his heart, said coldly, his eyes hesitating behind her The Su family stared fiercely.

Only this time, the Su family, who were a little jealous because of Dustin Zhou’s identity, all panicked, then recovered, and followed Su Shiqin firmly with their eyes.

However, Su Wenwu was hesitant on his face and was not shocked by Su Shiqin.

After all, after all, Su Wenwu and Su Shiqin are in the same generation, and his father, Su Hui, the third master of the Su family, is still alive and in charge of the Su family’s military force.

He is not afraid of Su Shiqin’s power.

“If this is the case, then we will continue to discuss matters!” Su Shiming sighed slightly, but he didn’t expect that the status of the son of Dustin Zhou’s super family could not make Su Shiqin stop.

Recalling the time when the two were young.

Su Shiming often falls into memories.

At that time, the Su family was developing surgingly, and the old Patriarch of the Su family was still alive.

The two siblings, Su Shiming and Su Shiqin, are carefree and there is no intrigue at all.

However, this kind of memory only lasted for an instant, and Su Shiming woke up, and then the whole momentum changed, like a sharp sword out of its sheath, with its sharp edges!

“Since Mr. Sun is injured, he is naturally the main thing to do, and he cannot witness our discussion this time.” Su Shiming said slowly.

And the people of Su Shiqin

His face was darker again.

Sun Qiankun was invited by Su Shiqin to frighten Su Shiming’s people.

But now, Sun Qiankun not only failed to deter Su Shiming’s people, but was abandoned by Asher Chen.

All this, the Sun family will count on her Su Shiqin.

… Next, the more than a dozen people from the Su family started their discussions in the small attic and decided on the ownership of the Su family’s head.

Dustin Zhou listened in the sidelines and gradually understood the reason.

Before that, the head of the Su family had always been Su Shiming.

Originally the Su Shiming Patriarch was sitting well, and the Su family was also developing step by step.

But in recent years, Donghai City has developed rapidly, and many other families have also developed rapidly.

But the Su family has been standing still.

In this way, it is still the reason why many people give Su Shiming face, in fact, the Su family is already going backwards.

Originally, the Su family could benefit billions a year, feed hundreds of people in the Su family, and continue to develop the strength of the Su family.

But in the past few years, the income of the Su family has been declining every year.

last year end

At that time, the Su family had only one billion in income, which was not as good as the income of the famous company for half a month.

At this moment, a lot of complaints arose from within the Su family.

At this time, Su Shiqin was bewitched by many people in the Su family, and initiated a battle for Patriarch, wanting to challenge Su Shiming and fight for the position of Patriarch.

And Su Shiming was fine, and the Su family gradually declined. It was not his responsibility alone, but most of the Su family were stubborn and unwilling to change.

As a result, many industries in the Su family are still old industries more than ten years ago.

Ten years ago, even a few years ago, these industries were still profitable industries.

However, in recent years, the times have developed too fast. The IT industry and the financial industry seem to be on a rocket. The speed of development has left other industries behind.

The Su family has not been in contact with these industries, and naturally lags behind.

A series of backlogs didn’t wake everyone up until the Su family’s annual income plummeted last year.

However, the Su family did not think about how to remedy the change, but felt that Su Shiming, the leader of the Patriarch, was wrong, which caused the Su family to decline.

It is precisely because of this that the Su family will give birth to many people who are dissatisfied with Su Shiming.

Dustin Zhou kept nodding his head, which was to understand the ins and outs of the matter.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou looked up and saw that most of the people in Su Shiqin’s line were elderly.

Even the youngest Su Wenwu was over 40 at this time.

Not to mention other people, most of whom are over sixty, almost can be regarded as the previous generation.

On the other hand, almost all of Su Shiming’s people are young people.

Among them, Su Shiming was the oldest, and the others were in their thirties.

Seeing this, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became clear.

Apart from the selfishness of some people in this dispute for the master of the family, more of them are different concepts.

Su Shiqin’s family consciously thought that it was Su Shiming who was in charge of the Su family’s disadvantages. As long as they changed a Patriarch, they could have a new atmosphere and return the Su family to its past glory.

The people of Su Shiming’s line advocated reform and reformed the Su family industry.

Su Li suddenly appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

When they were on the promenade, someone appeared to stop them.

Asher Chen said that Su Li is the adopted son of the former owner of the Su family and is responsible for the family business.

If the Su family really carried out industrial reforms, then the one who suffered the most was Su Li.

“It’s no wonder that Su Li has such a big opinion on me, and it can even be said to be an enemy.” Dustin Zhou thought to himself in his heart, and some understood.

As for the third master of the Su family, Su Hui, his own attitude is a bit vague, and he is wavering between the two sides.

And all this is probably related to his two sons.

Dustin Zhou is here

Meditation, everyone in the Su family over there has also reached the time when the controversy is most intense.

“Big Brother, the Su family has reached this point now and it can’t stand the tossing anymore. Do you want to drag the Su family into the abyss and the disaster will be over?” Su Shiqin sneered. At this moment, she couldn’t see her face. A trace of affection between brother and sister.

Facing Su Shiming, Su Shiqin seemed to treat her brother as an enemy.

“Little sister, I’ll say it again! The current plight of the Su family is no longer something that can be changed by changing the owner. It must be judged, otherwise, it will be chaos!” Su Shiming rejected it with a just look.

The other Su family members also spoke out to support those on their side.

“Before Su Shiming became the head of the Patriarch, the Su family was already slowly retreating, but most of us did not realize it, but the benefits of the Su family have been declining every year, especially in recent years, it has fallen sharply!” It’s wrong, but in the past few years, Su Shiming made some changes, and the Su family has improved, but it was directly rejected by you!” Su Shiming’s people kept talking and scolded each other.

“Don’t make any more excuses. It is because Su Shiming is the head of the Patriarch and his leadership is incompetent. This has caused the Su family to have such problems. Now it is even more united with outsiders to persecute the children of the Su Family. In Su Shiqin’s line, an old man with white hair sternly scolded him, and from time to time he looked hard at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou felt a little strange in his heart.

This is a good discussion, how can the flames of war be drawn to me again?

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