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Chapter 176

For a while, the small attic was silent.

More than a dozen people from the Su family looked at Dustin Zhou.

Even Asher Chen’s eyes slowly fell on Dustin Zhou.

Asher Chen’s gaze was okay, except for a little weirdness, nothing else.

But among the dozen or so Su family members, nearly half of them glared at Dustin Zhou.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Do you want me to be the Patriarch of your Su Family?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and said blankly.

“Presumptuous! This is the Su family, not yours. Even if you are a child of the big family, you can’t be so rampant in the Su family!” The old man stood up suddenly, and the chairs behind him all stepped aside.

The old man stared at Dustin Zhou angrily, his white beard moved, obviously out of anger.

“Dare to ask the old man why he said that? I sat here well, saying nothing, doing nothing. If you slander me like this, at least you have to say something?” Dustin Zhou looked at the old man, his eyes The light was slightly tight, revealing a dangerous look.

“Old man Su Sanqian!” The old man stroked his white beard and said lightly, condescendingly, and didn’t pay attention to Dustin Zhou at all.


Dustin Zhou was shocked when he heard this!

Unexpectedly, the Su family was actually there.

Dustin Zhou was surprised, not because Su Sanqian came forward to accuse himself, but because of his seniority.

It can be said that Su Sanqian’s seniority is the highest among all the Su family.

Because he is the grandfather of Su Shiming.

Even if the old Patriarch is alive, you must obediently call him Seventh Uncle!

And this kind of seniority is only one person in the Su family.

“It turns out to be Mr. Su Sanqian. I have heard of it and I admire it very much, but I don’t know what you mean by what you just said? Is there anything that I can’t say explicitly. I have to imply? Or say, yes. What shameful words?” Dustin Zhou raised his body and arched his hands slightly, then said coldly with a move of his brows.

Others don’t know the truth of Dustin Zhou’s remarks, but Asher Chen is very clear.

Before coming to the Su family, Dustin Zhou asked some Su family members about the general situation.

And Asher Chen didn’t have any private possessions, and told Dustin Zhou all the important people in the Su family he knew.

Su Sanqian was on the list.

Before that, Dustin Zhou had no idea about the situation of the rest of the Su family, let alone Su Sanqian.

As for the words that have been admired for a long time, it is natural to open your eyes and speak nonsense.

But Asher Chen would not say it.

“Huh! I ask you, did you do the injury on Su Che’s body?” Su Sanqian said coldly. Although he was very old, his eyes were not muddy. On the contrary, he appeared very wise.

It seems that everything is in his grasp!

However, after Su Sanqian finished speaking, a sneer came from the small attic.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you laughing at? Is the old man’s words wrong? Or, Su Che’s injury has nothing to do with you?” Some people were still looking for who was laughing, but Su Sanqian snapped the table abruptly and pointedly. Dustin Zhou sternly scolded.

Even Su Sanqian’s face has more wrinkles.

When everyone looked over, they saw Dustin Zhou’s mouth raised slightly, his expression disdainful.

Obviously, the laughter just now came from Dustin Zhou.

As the senior elder of the Su family, Su Sanqian would respect and respect even Su Shiming, but now he was ridiculed by Dustin Zhou, a young man in his twenties.

If this incident spreads out, then the Su family’s face in the East Sea will be lost, and all the East Sea family will treat the Su family as a joke!

Therefore, those who supported Su Shiqin were all angry, staring at Dustin Zhou, as if they wanted to kill him with their eyes.

Among those who supported Su Shiming, there were even a few people who glared with anger.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou had no respect for Su Sanqian, and it was not only Su Shiqin’s family who offended him, but also Su Shiming’s family.

After all, Su Sanqian was respected in the Su family.

But even so, Dustin Zhou did not accept any softness, as if he did not see those

The angry look on the individual’s face.

“Then do you know what Su Che did? Because of what caused such a serious injury?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and his eyes passed Su Sanqian before falling on Su Shiqin’s face.

At this moment, there was no change in Su Shiqin’s face.

Even if Dustin Zhou’s disrespect for Su Sanqian caused dissatisfaction among several Su’s family members, she would not have any expressions.

This made Dustin Zhou feel slightly awkward.

You know, the first time I saw Su Shiqin, with just a few words, she was like a crazy woman, without any reason.

“Huh! Su Che is the most outstanding descendant of my Su family, and can even take over as the next Patriarch! Anything he does has a reason!” “I know what it is, isn’t it just asking your wife to discuss cooperation?” “Your wife is from the Xie family? The Xie family is no more than an incompetent family. Su Zhe can do this because she is worthy of her!” “I didn’t expect you to be so jealous that you would kill Su Zhe!” “Today, If you don’t give us an explanation for the Su family, don’t even want to get out of the Su family!” Su Sanqian reprimanded!

Then Su Sanqian sat down straight, across a long table, and looked at Dustin Zhou coldly, with an expression of victory on his face!

At this moment, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

Even Asher Chen, Su Shiming, and a few people who knew the reason were all stunned.

However, the people of the Su family quickly woke up. Except for one or two expressions of guilt and shame on their faces, all the others remained unchanged, as if the truth was indeed what Su Sanqian had said.

Asher Chen blinked, silently raised the tea cup in front of him, sipped it slightly, and did not go to see Su Sanqian.

And Dustin Zhou was stunned for the longest time!

However, this stupefaction actually lasted only a few breaths.

“Haha, haha.” Dustin Zhou laughed suddenly, his eyes gradually cold.

“What are you laughing at? Do you want to beg for mercy from the old man?” Su Sanqian didn’t look at Dustin Zhou, but said lightly.

“What am I laughing at? I’ve never seen someone as brazen as you!” Dustin Zhou laughed.


As soon as the voice fell, everyone heard a clear voice.

Everyone followed the sound and saw that the tea cup in Su Sanqian’s hand fell to the ground, into pieces.

As for Su Sanqian himself, his face flushed, his whole body trembling faintly, his breathing was not smooth, and his withered arms straightened out, trying to point at Dustin Zhou.

“You! You…” But before Su Sanqian finished speaking, he fell back.

Fortunately, the people behind him were agile, and he held Su Sanqian in the first place, and then he didn’t directly fall to the ground.

Otherwise you will definitely get hurt!

And the consequences of being injured at such an age can be imagined!

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be too arrogant, this is our Su family after all!

Do you look like I am scared?

Chapter 177

“You have to give us an explanation for the Su family!” “When Grandpa Su is so old, you, a yellow-mouthed child, are so disrespectful to Grandpa Su! If you don’t give us the Su family an explanation, no matter what your identity, I don’t even want to get out of the Su family!” “That’s right, I hurt Su Che first, and now I’m so angry with Mr. Su, Dustin Zhou, my Su family will never stop with you!” “Patriarch, is this the person you invited to witness? If you don’t explain, you have to apologize!” “That’s right, I think Su Shiming should withdraw from the position of Patriarch as soon as possible! Otherwise, sooner or later, the Su Family will be defeated by him!” All the Su Family criticized. .

First, he severely accused Dustin Zhou, and then pointed the finger at Su Shiming.

But Su Shiming and his family all looked gloomy and didn’t say a word.

Because Su Sanqian is involved, they are really not easy to speak up at this time.

Dustin Zhou sat on the chair with a big grin, smiling at the ugly faces of these people.

That’s right, it’s an ugly face!

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, almost all the elders of the Su family standing behind Su Shiqin had ugly faces.

Except for Su Wenwu, except for reprimanding Dustin Zhou at the beginning, he didn’t say a word afterwards. Even if Su Sanqian was so angry, he didn’t do anything.

“Enough! You are simply harassing! Others don’t know how Su Che was injured, but don’t you know? The family account is suddenly missing 100 million. Is it disappearing out of thin air? If I don’t speak, you really think I don’t know?” At this moment, Su Shiming, who had been tolerant, slapped the table fiercely and shouted angrily.

His angry words echoed throughout the small attic.

As for those in Su Shiqin’s line, all of them lost their voices after hearing Su Shiming’s words. Some even cowered directly, lowered their heads, and dared not raise their heads.

But a few people wanted to argue with Su Shiming, but as soon as they met Su Shiming’s eyes, they all lost the battle!

They have nothing to regret the Su family.

But the 100 million mentioned by Su Shiming just now.

But it was their private hands to exchange Su Zhe from Dustin Zhou’s hands.

“Grandpa Qi is too old to continue the discussion here. Someone will send him back and take a good rest!” Seeing that everyone stopped talking, Su Shiming looked at the fainted Su Sanqian and said coldly.

Immediately afterwards, two people walked out from behind Su Shiming, took Su Sanqian, and went straight down to the attic.

Dustin Zhou kept nodding to the side, and his mind about Su Shiming also quietly changed.

Before, Dustin Zhou had always thought that Su Shiming was a very weak person and liked to compromise.

But now it seems that all this is just

The purpose of Su Shiming’s disguise is to suppress everyone by thunder means at a critical moment.

Although there were two people from Su Shiming who sent Su Sanqian back and left the board of directors, Su Sanqian was also absent.

The most important thing is that Su Sanqian’s attitude alone is many times more important than those two.

Dustin Zhou even saw that two or three Su’s family members had already expressed their intention to withdraw, and seemed to be hesitating whether to leave directly and not participate in the dispute for the owner of the family!

In a short time, the atmosphere in the small attic changed again and again.

Su Shiqin wanted to stop, but couldn’t find any reason.

“Su Shiming, this is the person you invited? Make Grandpa Seven so angry, if he has anything good or bad, you have to take full responsibility!” Su Shiqin said coldly, his eyes full of resentment, and there was no sibling at all. Feelings.

Su Shiming sighed softly, a little helpless, but more sad in his heart!

Su Shiqin’s behavior surpassed his expectations, and even caught him off guard, without any preparation at all.

He couldn’t even figure out why his sister who was very good before would become like this in a short time.

In order to be the head of the Patriarch, I would not hesitate to confront him directly with his brother!

“Continue to discuss matters!” Su Shiming said in a deep voice.

Everything just now was like an episode, as if nothing happened.

And hearing Su Shiming say this, even if other people are reluctant, they have no alternative.

After all, the Su Family Patriarch is still Su Shiming, and even he doesn’t pursue Dustin Zhou’s qi to Su Sanqian. Others have no right to make Dustin Zhou give anything.

The discussion continued, and the two sides still argued around the changes in the Su family over the years. For a while, both sides could not persuade each other at all.

Dustin Zhou listened boringly, even a little sleepy.

But my heart is always vigilant.

Even the Su family is like this, let alone the dignified Zhou family?

If I really return to Zhou’s house, I am afraid it will not be calm.

The people from the old forces are dissatisfied with themselves first.

Dustin Zhou thought about everything in his heart, and felt that he had to grow stronger.

At the very least, when he returns to the Zhou family, he won’t be weak.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou suddenly raised his head to look at the Su family who were arguing.

If you can get the support of the Su family, then your strength will definitely skyrocket!

Although it can’t be compared with Zhou’s family, it is not weak.

But at the moment, the most important thing is to ensure that the Su family is in control of Su Shiming, otherwise everything is empty talk.

“Su Shiming, you have to know that you not only fainted with anger today, but also offended the Sun family, but you have to think carefully!” Su Shiqin said coldly, as if everything was under his control.

“So what, my Su family always

I don’t agree with the Sun family. Should I not sin against them, so they will not target my Su family?

Su Shiming did not fear at all, and responded lightly. “Humph!

Dustin Zhou, I know that your background is not small, even Asher Chen calls you a young master, but no matter what your background is, the Sun family is something you can’t afford to offend!

If you are acquainted, don’t get in the way here, I will intercede for you, as long as you admit a mistake and apologize to the Sun’s house, then you will be in peace!

Su Shiqin snorted coldly, looked at Dustin Zhou suddenly, and said in a deep voice. “Do you think I look scared?”

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and didn’t pay attention to the threat of Su Shiqin at all. Don’t say that the Sun family is just a first-class family in Donghai City, and it can’t be robbed by much. The opponent of the Zhou family. And before his inheritance failed, he was absolutely safe! This is what Dustin Zhou relied on! The children of the Zhou family can be incompetent and can die by doing nothing. But they must not be killed by others. What’s more, Dustin Zhou He is still the only son of the old Patriarch, and he is now undergoing inheritance, and the Zhou family is even more unlikely to hurt him! And Asher Chen is the most important manifestation. Dustin Zhou thought this way, quietly glanced at Asher Chen, and recalled the words and Asher Chen in his mind. One meeting, all the scenes up to the present. Before, Dustin Zhou thought that Asher Chen valued himself and believed that he could inherit everything from the Zhou family, so as to help himself, only to wait until the end to be able to reciprocate. However, Dustin Zhou found a trace. Something is wrong.

Chapter 178

Who to choose?

Dustin Zhou has always felt strange!

He always thought that after he accepted the inheritance, the Zhou family ignored him, and only observed him secretly to see if there was any cheating.

For this reason, Dustin Zhou had been observing a few days before receiving the inheritance.

But later discovered that Zhou’s family would also provide some help to Dustin Zhou.

Asher Chen is one of them!

Otherwise, Asher Chen is like a fish in the East China Sea, and his reputation is so great that he can ignore Dustin Zhou.

But he still contacted.

This shows that the Zhou family asked Asher Chen to help Dustin Zhou solve some problems.

Dustin Zhou turned his gaze back slightly, and no longer looked at Asher Chen, but suppressed the thoughts in his heart and looked at the Su family again.

However, what Dustin Zhou didn’t know was that after he retracted his gaze, Asher Chen on the side gave him a deep look instead, with a smile in his eyes.

… “You! Humph! This is the Su Family after all!” Su Shiqin snorted, eyes full of anger, but Dustin Zhou had nothing to do.

“Since the negotiation comes, the negotiation goes, and the negotiation does not yield any results, then go straight to the vote! The party that each voted for!” Su Shiqin put away his anger and said in a deep voice.

In an instant, all the Su family felt that the pressure suddenly increased, and everyone felt that breathing was a little harder.

People like them have never faced such a big choice!

“I support Su Shiqin, Shiming, you have been too silly these years. If the Su family lets you take care of it again, I am afraid there will be no good results!” An old man took the lead in voting.

“Sanshu Gong, I don’t think so. How can Su Shiqin be the head of the Su family as a woman?” a middle-aged man said coldly, staring at Su Shiqin badly.

“Oh, by the way, let me excuse me.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou said suddenly.

Everyone in the Su family looked over, the faces of Su Shiqin’s family were full of anger, while the faces of Su Shiming’s family had only a faint smile.

“My Mingyang Company and Asher Chen Chen’s Mountain Mist Club, and our Mingyang Media have been looking for partners. Perhaps the Su family can become our partner.” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he closed his eyes and said nothing. Do not look at the reaction of the Su family.

However, at this moment, Dustin Zhou heard a slight rapid breathing from the small attic.

Asher Chen glanced at Dustin Zhou and didn’t say anything. Obviously Dustin Zhou’s words prevail.

And everyone in the Su family, except for Su Shiqin and Su Shiming, the eyes of everyone else were shocked.

You should know that Mingyang has been developing rapidly recently and has attracted the attention of many families, and even some families have secretly contacted Mingyang to move into Mingyang.

Even if you don’t have control, you have to take a certain share.

After all, the sales of billions in half a month are among the best in the country.

What’s more, there is a famous media.

Everyone in the Su family was very clear about Dustin Zhou’s investigation.

It is natural to know that Dustin Zhou has integrated the media industry in Donghai City, established its own famous media, established industry associations and industry funds, and has great authority in the media industry in Donghai.

What shocked everyone in the Su family most was Asher Chen’s participation.

Although Asher Chen called Dustin Zhou the young master.

But no one in the Su family knew what position Dustin Zhou was in that super family.

In case they are a marginal figure, they don’t have to worry about it.

But with Asher Chen joining, it’s different.

This shows that even if Dustin Zhou is not a direct child, he is also a very core child and is valued by the super family!

The eyes of the people in Su Shiqin’s first line are fierce, and they have already felt that if the two sides cooperate, it will be of great benefit to the Su family and to them.

For a while, everyone hesitated.

Even the people who supported Su Shiqin at the beginning were very upset.

“Cough cough, I think, although the development of the Su family has been hindered over the years, Shiming is still doing a good job. If you change the owner rashly, it will easily cause shock!” An old man in Su Shiqin’s family coughed lightly and said lightly. , As if not seeing Su Shiqin with a gloomy expression on the side.

“I think so, although Su Shiqin is also good, but after all she married out, it is difficult to take charge of the Su family.” A person spoke out to support Su Shiming.

Su Shiqin’s face grew gloomy.

She never expected that Dustin Zhou would say such words at this critical time.

What he did not expect was that some people who originally supported her would change their course because of Dustin Zhou’s words, and instead support Su Shiming.

After a hesitant face of the Su Family Third Master who had previously supported Su Shiqin, he sighed and said slowly.

“The Su family hasn’t changed much for so many years, but the times have undergone earth-shaking changes. The Su family has always been complacent and will naturally fall behind. Shiming, in the future, this Su family will continue to be under your control! After speaking, the third master got up and slowly descended from the attic.

Everyone looked at his back in silence, and no one spoke.

They all knew why the three masters did this, and they all looked at Dustin Zhou with different expressions.

“Presumptuous! How can you be like this? Can you believe what a yellow-haired kid said?” Su Shiqin finally couldn’t bear it, furious.

She might accept others’ rebellion.

But the third master instead supported Su Shiming in the past, but she couldn’t accept it.

You know, although the third master doesn’t care about too many things in Su’s family, he has many descendants, and he has a great say in Su’s family.

Whoever the third master expressed his support, his descendants will definitely support whom


In an instant, Su Shiqin was in trouble!

“Shiqin, don’t talk nonsense!” Su Shiming hummed again and looked at Su Shiqin coldly.

At this time, the Su family in the small attic almost all supported him.

This means that the Su family, who they represent, also support him together.

“Am I wrong? You have lived a long time, and now you are at the mercy of a yellow-haired kid, and you have lost the face of the Su family!” But what is surprising is that Su Shiqin did not constrain. Instead, he ignored his face. Yelled.

It’s like a shrew in the market, which is staggering.

“Dustin Zhou, it’s all you, you hurt my son Su Che, you hurt Mr. Sun, and broke my plan, it’s all you, I want you to pay for my life!” Su Shiqin suddenly seemed crazy, yelling Rushing towards Dustin Zhou, there is a great momentum of death.

However, Su Shiqin didn’t even touch the corner of Dustin Zhou’s clothes, so he stopped, his face full of consternation.

“Huh! Bold, dare to move my young master? Even if you lose all of your Su family, you can’t afford it! Get out!” Asher Chen kicked Su Shiqin’s abdomen without any pity, snorted coldly, exerted force on his legs, and directly pressed Su Shiqin kicked out.

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