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Table of Contents

Chapter 179

The dust settled!

Discuss cooperation!

Deathly silence in the small attic!

Everyone in the Su family didn’t expect that Su Shiqin would suddenly go crazy, so there was no time to stop it, and they could only watch her rush towards Dustin Zhou.

Then everyone was even more shocked that Asher Chen actually made the shot himself!

Although I don’t know Asher Chen’s strength, Donghai has always had a rumor.

Asher Chen is a super master!

How strong is it?

If the national boxing champions are together, Asher Chen can fight ten!

No one knows whether this rumor is true or not.

But since Asher Chen settled down in the East China Sea, no one has ever seen him make a move!

His little brother has always shot.

Now seeing Asher Chen kicking Su Shiqin so simply and neatly, everyone is shocked.

This Asher Chen is very powerful!

I am afraid that the Su family’s strongest combat power is not his opponent!

Only Su Shiming’s eyes flickered, watching Asher Chen retract his right leg.

Only the Patriarch knows the Su family’s strongest combat power.

But right now, only he knew about the Su Family.

Uncle Gong is the strongest combat power of the Su family.

When the old Patriarch was still alive, several times when the Su family was in trouble, it was Uncle Gong who came forward to solve it.

Silently compared the strength between Asher Chen and Uncle Gong in his heart, Su Shiming felt a little settled.

Asher Chen can’t beat Uncle Gong!

Su Shiming gave the two people beside him a look, and the two immediately stepped forward and carried Su Shiqin down the attic, who had passed out.

So far, Su Shiming’s first line can be described as a complete victory.

Not only did he cut off Su Shiqin’s ambition to compete for the Su Family Patriarch, but also completely stabilized his position.

“Congratulations to Uncle Su.” Dustin Zhou was not stingy, and directly handed over and congratulated him.

He came here today because he meant to support Su Shiming.

In order to prevent himself from not having enough reputation, he alas specially brought Asher Chen with him.

Now Su Shiqin fainted under the impulse of being kicked by Asher Chen, coupled with the alluring conditions thrown by Dustin Zhou.

Right now, in the small attic, there is no Su family who opposes Su Shiming.

“Congratulations to the Patriarch!” “Yes, the Su family will continue to carry forward in the hands of the Patriarch in the future!” “Haha, I said Shiming will do it, he can’t, who can do it?” “Alas, Su Shiqin is well deserved, he I have always opposed Su Shiming before, and have disrupted family arrangements many times, and even harmed the public and private. It is simply unforgivable!” “That, Mr. Chen, Shao Zhou, I don’t know, the cooperation you just mentioned…” After everyone in the Su family congratulated Su Shiming, Someone carefully mentioned the cooperation Dustin Zhou just mentioned.

When he said this, he took a careful look at Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen, for fear of stepping into the footsteps of Su Shiqin. If that happens, he will definitely be disgraced.

Walked with his head down.

Dustin Zhou did not speak, but fell silent.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is also thinking.

He hadn’t thought about how to cooperate with the Su family before, and he didn’t know the specific industries the Su family was involved in.

However, he offered to cooperate in order to pave the way for himself and drag the Su family onto his big boat.

Dustin Zhou fell into silence, and everyone in the Su family panicked.

For fear of Dustin Zhou’s sudden repentance, at that time, they were helpless.

After all, the Patriarch’s choice has been decided, and they want to go back, and Su Shiming will not agree.

And Su Shiqin’s appearance is even more impossible to be the Patriarch.

“Dustin Zhou, if you don’t have a good idea, you can think about it slowly, we are not in a hurry.” Su Shiming sighed lightly, thinking that Dustin Zhou had said casually before, and wanted to help him cover it up.

“That’s not necessary, but I haven’t figured out the specific areas of cooperation.” But Dustin Zhou said suddenly, his eyes fell on everyone’s face, and every expression on them was in his eyes.

There is excitement, excitement, complacency, and a hint of secret joy.

Dustin Zhou knew that outside of the Su family, they were each a small family.

Everyone has their own desires!

And if Dustin Zhou cooperates with the Su family, plus Asher Chen, they will definitely get a lot of benefits from it.

“Well, let’s make a detailed list first, and list out your Su family’s outstanding industries and other industries that are in urgent need of breakthrough. After I take it back, think about it, and then give you a reply in three days! After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They were afraid that Dustin Zhou would regret it, and now they heard Dustin Zhou say that, and they all felt relieved.

Although Dustin Zhou has not made specific deployments, the three-day deadline is almost certain.

“That’s okay, you and Mr. Chen will wait for a while, and I will make arrangements.” Su Shiming said softly, looked at Asher Chen, and when he saw Asher Chen nodding his head in agreement, he was sent to sort it out.

Not long after, a detailed form was presented to Dustin Zhou.

The above lists the very well-developed industries of the Su family in detail. There are also some industries that are in trouble and urgently need to seek breakthroughs.

Dustin Zhou looked at the past one by one, and felt clear in his heart.

Some of the above industries did not exceed my own knowledge. After I went back, I had a lot of room for cooperation.

“Well, that’s the case, after we go back, we will discuss it and come up with a simple cooperation plan, which will be sent to you.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“No, you’ll be notified when the time comes and let Su Wei pick it up.” Su Shiming said quickly.

Dustin Zhou froze for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

This Su Shiming is for Su Wei to be in Dustin Zhou

Appear before, strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think there was anything wrong, so he readily agreed.

What’s more, Su Wei has been looking for Niu Chuan to apprentice, maybe this time he can solve it after returning.

After the conversation, Dustin Zhou left.

The position of the Patriarch has been decided, and Su Shiming is firmly seated as the Patriarch.

What was left was that he cleaned up the rest of the Su family and completely filtered the relationship between Su Shiqin and his family.

And those have nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

If Su Shiming can’t even solve that, then Dustin Zhou doesn’t have to cooperate with Su Shiming or the Su family.

“Three days later, I will come to Mingyang Company to find you something to do.” When he was parting, Su Wei came over and thanked Dustin Zhou in particular. Dustin Zhou did not forget what Su Shiming said just now and asked Su Wei to be named after three days. Young company takes cooperation plan.

And Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, and all of his younger brothers left the Su family and returned to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Now Dustin Zhou often comes to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, so Asher Chen also prepared a permanent guest room for Dustin Zhou in the clubhouse.

That night, Dustin Zhou stayed in the guest room, and took a good look at the form listed by the Su family, and he had a good idea in his heart.

No words for a night.

The next day, Dustin Zhou was still asleep when an urgent knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou flicked off the bed and sat up, his face full of sleepiness.

At the latest, he scrolled through the list, and it took a lot of time to fall asleep until nearly three in the morning.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, Brother Dustin Zhou, got up.”

Chapter 180


Chen Xin’s voice suddenly sounded, and Dustin Zhou suddenly felt helpless.

He originally wanted to sleep, and then went straight back to Mingyang, and didn’t think of anything else.

But Chen Xin came by herself, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t drive her away.

When he got up and opened the door, Dustin Zhou saw Chen Xin standing at the door, looking at himself with a smile.

“You come in first, I’ll wash it first.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, letting Chen Xin come in sideways, without closing the door, but directly opening it open.

He didn’t want others to misunderstand, after all, Chen Xin is Asher Chen’s daughter.

After washing, Dustin Zhou returned to the room and saw Chen Xin sitting by the bed, still looking at himself with a smile.

“What’s the matter? Are you looking for me so early?” Dustin Zhou looked at the time, and it didn’t arrive at half past eight or nine.

I went to bed more than three o’clock last night, and it has only been five hours until now. The average person is simply not enough.

However, Dustin Zhou was strong, and after washing himself, he felt that it was okay. Both physically and mentally, he was sober.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, we officially start school today. Can you accompany me in a class?” Chen Xin stood up, embarrassed.

“This is class? You don’t have military training?” Dustin Zhou was surprised.

In his impression, after the start of school, the freshmen seemed to have military training, and under normal circumstances, the time lasted for two weeks.

“We have finished the military training. Didn’t Brother Dustin Zhou see any changes in me?” Chen Xin had a trace of frustration on her face, but she still raised her head and said with a smile, looking at Dustin Zhou with bright eyes.

“Oh? The military training is over?” Dustin Zhou discovered a slight difference.

When I saw Chen Xin before, her skin was as white as snow and very delicate.

But this time, there was a hint of wheatish color.

Obviously, even if Chen Xin put on a lot of sunscreen, it still left a trace on the skin.

“So that’s the case, but…” Dustin Zhou still wanted to refuse, after all, there were a lot of things during this period and there was not much free time.

But then I thought about it, if I refused Chen Xin directly, it seemed a little too unkind.

After all, Chen Xin called herself “Big Brother Dustin Zhou.”

“Okay, shall we go now?” Dustin Zhou smiled and nodded.

Chen Xin was stunned for a moment, and then he was overjoyed, and smiled again and again.

She had just asked with the mentality of giving it a try. In fact, Chen Xin had already prepared Dustin Zhou to refuse.

Even the trace of loss has been well hidden.

But she didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to agree directly.

This made Chen Xin overjoyed and hurriedly stepped forward and took Dustin Zhou’s arm straight.

The two went all the way downstairs and went straight downstairs.

And Asher Chen was already waiting downstairs at this moment.


Almost very satisfied with this situation.

“Master, would you like breakfast?” Asher Chen said with a smile. At the same time, he glanced at his daughter Chen Xin’s face, and it was immediately clear.

At this moment, Chen Xin’s face was full of smiles, and she got Dustin Zhou’s promise.

Asher Chen also knew the reason why Chen Xin went up to Dustin Zhou. Seeing her daughter’s appearance, his heart suddenly relaxed.

He was afraid that Dustin Zhou would refuse directly.

That would not only hurt Chen Xin’s heart, but also leave a rift between the two sides.

Although this crack may be very subtle, it will never be broken.

But a crack is a crack, which will never disappear and will always be a hidden danger.

Now Dustin Zhou has agreed to Chen Xin’s request.

Then there is no rift between Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen.

“No, you are not hungry, do you have a car here? Give me one.” Dustin Zhou shook his head, not hungry, not like eating.

But if he and Chen Xin go to school, it is not easy to take a taxi or a bus, so they can only drive by themselves.

Yesterday Dustin Zhou came back in Asher Chen’s car and did not drive himself.

“Master, there are many cars in the garage, you can choose one at will.” Asher Chen smiled and handed a series of keys to Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou glanced at it, suddenly surprised.

The keychain is full of keys, and it’s almost impossible to put it down.

In addition to some common models, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and the like.

Even Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Bentley have several.

Dustin Zhou went down to the garage and looked around. They were all luxury cars.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are even placed in the corners, no one has used them for a long time, and a layer of roaring dust falls on the surface of the vehicles.

Dustin Zhou was speechless, he had not bought a car of his own.

Before, because there was no money on him, it was impossible to ask Mira Xie for money to buy a car. Besides, even if Mira Xie asked for money, Xie’s mother would interfere in every possible way.

After Dustin Zhou had money, he was busy for a while and forgot to buy a car.

Now that I see so many luxury cars, the impulse in my heart is also Hao Ran.

Dustin Zhou has decided to buy a car of his own after finalizing the cooperation with the Su family.

In the end, Dustin Zhou chose a silver-white Rolls-Royce Phantom.

This car is no more than ten in the whole world.

China has two vehicles.

Dustin Zhou Messi thought that one of them was actually in Asher Chen’s hands.

When he first saw the news, Dustin Zhou was still in school, he was only envious, and he didn’t even dare to hope that he would be able to drive such a car one day. He just wanted to look at it from a distance.

Unexpectedly, time has passed, and now Dustin Zhou can not only stand up close and watch, but can even sit directly on it.

The world’s only ten luxury cars are not the same, Dustin Zhou sat

After going, I only feel comfortable all over, almost every movement is not restricted, and any movement is very convenient.

After bidding farewell to Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom and drove Chen Xin all the way to Tunghai University.

“f*ck! What kind of car is this? It’s so handsome!” “It’s awesome, I’ve never seen a car like this!” “It looks like a Rolls Royce, but I have never seen such a car. The car?” “This is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. There are only ten cars in the world. Two of them are in China. I only know that one of them is in Beijing, but this car is also a Donghai license plate. Is the other one in East China Sea?” …… The Rolls-Royce Phantom galloped along the road, attracting passers-by to watch and scream.

Dustin Zhou even saw several Maseratis following, all of whom were wealthy daughters, looking at him with a flattering expression.

Ignoring these people, Dustin Zhou accelerated and surpassed them directly to come to Tunghai University.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom’s voice was not loud, so it did not immediately attract everyone’s attention.

After the first stop, the silver-white car god and the incomparable appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone at the entrance of Tunghai University.

“f*ck, this is the Rolls-Royce Phantom? How could it be here?” “I don’t know whose family is so strong!” “You said, could it be Sun Shao?” “Impossible, no I said, even if it’s the Sun family, it’s impossible to buy this car for Sun Shao.” “Could it be Chen Shao in the capital?” “It is very likely that I am familiar with this license plate number. Chen Shao seems to have driven like this before. The car!” “Well… this is really hard to guess! Look, the people in the car have gotten off!”… Dustin Zhou parked the car, and Chen Xin got off first.

When everyone saw Chen Xin, their faces suddenly showed shocked expressions.

Chapter 181

To Tunghai University again!

Chen Xin got down from the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

All the people who were watching had their jaw dropped!

They had already thought about who it was, but they never thought it was Chen Xin.

As a freshman beauty of Tunghai University, Chen Xin’s reputation at Tunghai University was thoroughly established at Tunghai University through the freshman entrance ceremony.

Many people who didn’t know Chen Xin at first also knew that there was a beautiful woman like Chen Xin in the freshman.

There are even rumors that Chen Xin is not only a big beauty, she is also a Bai Fumei, the Chen family has tens of millions of fortunes in the East China Sea.

“How could it be her! My goddess, is Chen Shao collected? My heart is broken!” “Isn’t that impossible? Chen Xin’s big beauty actually got in Chen Shao’s car?” “Oh, I’m afraid the whole East China Sea In college, only Shao Chen is worthy of the goddess Chen Xin!” … Seeing Chen Xin getting off the car, all the boys were heartbroken. Everyone was sorry, but there was a hint of relief.

After all, compared with Chen Shao, they are too ordinary to give Chen Xin a good life.

However, in the next second, everyone was angry!

Because the man who got off the car was not Shao Chen, but a man they did not know!

Although this man looked a little immature, he knew at a glance that he was definitely a few years older than Chen Xin.

“Damn! Why isn’t it Shao Chen?” “Apart from Shao Chen, who is eligible to touch the goddess Chen Xin?” “This person is definitely not from Tunghai University. Goddess Chen Xin is the goddess of Tunghai University. We must not let outsiders get involved!” “Yes, absolutely not! Let’s stop him and not let him leave. You should quickly inform Shao Chen that you must let this bastard walk around!” … After Dustin Zhou got out of the car, he immediately felt something wrong.

It seems that there are countless pairs of angry eyes falling on him.

Dustin Zhou looked around and was stunned.

I saw all the boys at the entrance of Tunghai University looked at themselves with an angry expression, and many of them were even more angry.

Walk towards yourself.

Everyone is eager to do it.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out for a while, wondering whom they were targeting.

But suddenly, a thought flooded Dustin Zhou’s mind.

“Aren’t they coming for me?” Dustin Zhou was shocked, but he didn’t remember that he had provoke them.

Could it be that he drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom and caused their hatred of wealth?

But these people don’t seem to hate the rich at all, but they seem to have taken away their beloved baby!

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou looked at Chen Xin, and saw Chen Xinzheng looking at him helplessly, his face flushed, even flushing to the back of his neck.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou understood everything, and why these boys hated him so much.

It turned out to see Chen Xin getting off his car, thinking that he and Chen Xin are lovers, breaking their illusions.

“Who are you? Why are you with our goddess Chen Xin?” “Yes, goddess Chen Xin, don’t be afraid, if this kid threatens you, you blink and we will protect you!” “Yes, Others have already informed Shao Chen. With Shao Chen here, this kid wouldn’t dare to do anything to you!” “Boy, if you are acquainted, please let the goddess Chen Xin leave, or we won’t let you go! “… Everyone yelled and continued to surround Dustin Zhou. Everyone glared at Dustin Zhou. As long as Dustin Zhou dared to do something wrong, they would surely rush forward and subdue Dustin Zhou to death!

“I said, did you misunderstand something?” Dustin Zhou held up his hands helplessly. At this time, these boys seemed to be extremely angry. A little carelessness angered them with disastrous consequences.

Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to be in danger!

“Boy, don’t you dare to admit it? Who are you? Why did the goddess Chen Xin come down from you?” one of the tall boys said angrily.

“Uh, I’m here to send her to school.” Dustin Zhou said helplessly.

“Are you a student of Tunghai University?” the man asked again.

“Yes.” Dustin Zhou stretched his brows and gradually calmed down.

“Fart, why have we never seen you? Say, which line are you from?” The man snapped again.

“In the Department of Material Testing, my tutor is Professor Shao Zekai.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, feeling a little lucky in his heart.

The last time I came to attend the freshman entrance ceremony, I encountered difficulties from Kaohsiung, the president of the Student Union, and it was Shao Zekai’s help.

At that time, Dustin Zhou felt that Shao Zekai had made a big fuss and didn’t need to earn money from Tunghai University, but he didn’t expect it to be used right now.

“Fart, I know several students majoring in material inspection, there is no you at all!”

Be unforgiving.

But Dustin Zhou was a little angry.

Once, twice, or even three times, he can treat it as a normal inquiry to avoid misunderstandings between both parties.

However, the boy in front of him is not forgiving and does not look like a normal question at all. He clearly wants to force Dustin Zhou, and even wants to humiliate Dustin Zhou.

“What? Are you a school teacher? Or a school leader? My identity needs to be reported to you?” Dustin Zhou squinted and said coldly. He seemed to see a hint of pleasure and a hint of pride in the eyes of the man before him.

It seems that this man knew himself very early and he also knew that he was a student of material testing.

“Lu Wei is the director of the Disciplinary Department of the Student Union, and he has done his best to investigate you!” “Yes, you are so old, how could you still be a student of Tunghai University, our Tunghai University does not have a student of yours!” “Yes, Don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself. Don’t think that you drive a Rolls-Royce and think that you are number one in the world. Some people can subdue you!” Before that person could answer, many other students immediately sneered.

And Dustin Zhou also knew that this person who was reluctant to himself was actually from the Student Union.

In this way, everything makes sense.

The pride and pleasure in Lu Wei’s eyes is probably because he had seen himself in the back of the auditorium before and knew that he had dealt a big blow to Kaohsiung.

This Lu Wei is very likely to retaliate for Kaohsiung, so he wants to be favored and promoted by Kaohsiung!

“So what? I am a student specially recruited by Professor Shao Zekai. Today I am only here to report. Why, do I need to call Professor Shao Zekai and explain it in person?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

“Huh! I’m not ashamed. Professor Shao Zekai is conducting a very important item inspection recently. How could it be possible to come here for you as a student? You don’t want to be like a tiger!” Lu Wei said coldly, looking past Dustin Zhou and staying on Chen Xin. In a moment, he left directly, but the greed disappeared in a flash.

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