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Chapter 182

Shao Chen Donghai!

Several people in the crowd looked different, and seemed to want to go up to help Dustin Zhou speak, but hesitated for a while and finally gave up.

As far as Dustin Zhou’s eyes could be, he saw the changes in the expressions of those people, and he was suddenly puzzled, but he didn’t see anything.

“Boy, I met Lu Wei today. If you can go to school, I will give you your last name!” Lu Wei was extremely arrogant, pointing at Dustin Zhou and constantly sneering.

“Hehe, I don’t have unfilial children like you!” Dustin Zhou also sneered back, his eyes gradually cold.

He was only thinking about sending Chen Xin over to school, maybe he could take a look at the scenery of the campus by the way, and look back at his time at school.

But I didn’t expect that this person would be stopped outside before entering the school.

Fortunately, there are only two people, Dustin Zhou and Chen Xin, but where Niu Chuan or Asher Chen’s younger brother is there, it is impossible for this person named Lu Wei to stand in front of him.

“You! Take advantage of your arrogance now. When Shao Chen is here, I see if you can be so arrogant!” Lu Weiwei was angry and wanted to attack Dustin Zhou when he raised his hand, but when he met Dustin Zhou’s gaze, his heart trembled. He retracted his hand subconsciously, but still reluctantly said.

“What’s the matter?” At this moment, a cold voice sounded from outside the crowd.

Dustin Zhou saw the crowd surrounding him suddenly separate, and a young boy walked slowly from outside.

However, Dustin Zhou’s expression was a little weird.

He looked at this boy, always feeling a little familiar.

After a closer look, he discovered that this boy and Asher Chen actually looked a bit like.

Astonished in his heart, Dustin Zhou turned his head and looked at Chen Xin, and realized that Chen Xin’s expression was also a little weird.

Could this be Chen Shao, Asher Chen’s illegitimate child outside?

“Shao Chen?” Lu Wei smiled and fawned upon seeing the incoming person, whispering something in his ear, and pointed at Dustin Zhou from time to time.

Chen Shao’s face was gloomy, listening to Lu Wei’s words, and then looking up at Dustin Zhou, he naturally saw Chen Xin on the side.

Only for an instant, Chen Shao’s eyes showed surprise.

Although the time was short, only a moment, it was still caught by Dustin Zhou.

“Oh? Are you a student of material testing?” Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of inquiry.

It seems that he knew Dustin Zhou’s existence, but he didn’t know Dustin Zhou very well. He saw it now and wanted to know more about it.

“Not bad.” Dustin Zhou said loudly.

“Chen Shao, don’t listen to him nonsense. He is not a student of material testing at all. I know all students majoring in material testing, and there is no him at all, and he also claimed to let Professor Shao Zekai come out to pick him up! He is simply bragging! “Lu Wei sneered.

“Did I ask you?” Chen Shaoleng


He glanced diagonally at Lu Wei.

Lu Wei suddenly felt a shock, and quickly lowered his head, but his eyes were full of anger.

He wanted to please Chen Shao, but he didn’t expect Chen Shao to give him no face in front of so many people.

This made Lu Wei extremely angry. He couldn’t wait to give Chen Shao a bitter pain directly in front of so many people.

However, Lu Wei dare not!

He knew that once he did that, the consequences would be very serious.

Rarely, he was ordered to drop out.

In severe cases, he may be sentenced directly.

Shao Chen has this ability!

“Can you find Professor Shao Zekai?” Chen Shao looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise.

For Professor Shao Zekai, even if he is not a student of material testing, he is very respectful.

It is not only because of Professor Shao Zekai’s major in material testing and the ability to rank in the forefront of the country, but also because Professor Shao Zekai is very generous and treats students very kindly.

Unlike some teachers, they are extremely harsh.

“Yes.” Dustin Zhou hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

After guessing the identity of the Chen Shao in front of him, Dustin Zhou had nothing to worry about. At least he would not embarrass himself in front of so many people.

“Who wouldn’t speak big words? If you have the ability to call out Professor Shao Zekai, I will admit that you are a student of material testing!” Lu Wei suddenly raised his head and said harshly.

Many students onlookers also nodded repeatedly, feeling that what Lu Wei said was reasonable.

Anyone can say big things, some can say that he is also a student of material testing, and some can say that he still knows the principal.

However, there is no evidence to speak, and there must be real evidence.

Since there are no students majoring in material testing to testify for Dustin Zhou, Professor Shao Zekai’s certification is needed.

“Pop!” “Did I let you talk? I don’t know what is good or bad!” Lu Wei just finished speaking, a loud slap was thrown on his face.

Lu Wei’s right cheek instantly turned red, and a bright red palm print was directly imprinted on his right cheek, and it was impossible to dissipate in a short time.

And this slap was directly shot by Shao Chen.

For a while, everyone was stunned.

Isn’t Lu Wei Chen Shao’s doggie?

Recently, I haven’t been intimidated by Chen Shao, so why Chen Shao suddenly beat Lu Wei.

“Shao Chen, I…” Even Lu Wei himself didn’t even think that Shao Chen would slap himself.

I wanted to flatter him and rely on him to lead him, but when Lu Wei thought that he had been in front of Chen Shao during this period of time, he was slapped in public by Chen Shao, and his heart suddenly became angry.

“You dare to hit me? I’m so kind to serve you, so you dare to hit me?” In the eyes of everyone’s surprise, Lu Wei roared and rushed towards Chen Shao with his teeth and claws, wanting to report.


However, before Lu Wei approached Shao Chen, two men in black suddenly rushed out of the crowd, kicked Lu Wei, kicking him out, and the other person protected Shao Chen behind him. His face looked around warily.

Everyone was shocked. Many people even rubbed their eyes vigorously, seriously suspecting that they had eye problems.

What did they see.

Two men in black rushed out of the crowd, and one of them kicked Lu Wei away!

You know, Lu Weiguang’s body shape looks like at least two hundred catties.

This requires much effort.

Only to kick him flying!

Everyone took a cold breath in their hearts and kept thinking about whether they had offended Shao Chen before.

After the memories, everyone’s expressions became weird, and they all looked at Dustin Zhou and Chen Xin together.

They haven’t offended Chen Shao, but right now, Dustin Zhou seems to have offended Chen Shao.

Not only was he rude to Chen Shao, he even snatched Chen Shao’s woman over!

This is simply cuckolding Chen Shao, as long as he is a man, he absolutely can’t stand it.

What’s more, Chen Shao’s reputation at Dinghai University, and even in several nearby universities, is well-known.

Once this matter is known to other people, especially those who see Chen Shao upset, they will surely laugh to death.

Chen Shao first glanced at Dustin Zhou, then moved his eyes to Chen Xin, his mouth moved slightly.

Everyone was shocked.

It’s finally here!

Shao Chen is finally about to speak, and finally is about to punish this nasty man!

The next second, a word, helplessly uttered from Chen Shao’s mouth.


Chapter 183


“Sister.” As soon as the voice fell, everyone was silent. They all looked at Chen Shao dumbfounded, and then at Chen Xin.

They thought that Chen Shao had been pursuing Chen Xin, but they didn’t expect their relationship with brother and sister to die.

This is simply the biggest and hottest news of Tunghai University!

However, Lu Wei was even more shocked, a burst of anger hit his chest, and suddenly coughed and panted violently.

He wholeheartedly flattered Chen Shao and helped him pursue Chen Xin, but he didn’t expect this kind of relationship between the two parties.

However, in the next second, Lu Wei felt more frightened.

If Chen Xin and Chen Shao had a sibling relationship, then he was so aggressive towards Dustin Zhou before, and he must have offended Dustin Zhou, and even Chen Shao would retaliate against him.

For Dustin Zhou, Lu Wei knew a little, but he was limited to knowing that he was a student majoring in material testing. He saw Dustin Zhou in the background during the freshman entrance ceremony.

But Lu Wei didn’t know Dustin Zhou’s other identities, only that he was a lucky person who could be valued by Professor Shao Zekai.

But Shao Chen and Lu Wei know a lot.

Chen Shao comes from the Chen family in the capital, and is considered to be a small family in the capital, and Chen Shao is a direct descendant of the Chen family.

But if it is placed in the East China Sea, the size of the Chen family is even much larger than that of the Sun family.

The more so, the more scared Lu Wei is now.

If you offend Dustin Zhou and he still has room for maneuver, then offend Chen Shao, Lu Wei thinks that no one can help him.

“Shao Chen, I have no eyes! I didn’t expect that Miss Chen Xin is your sister, I damn it! Please forgive me!” In the shocked eyes of everyone, Lu Wei, who was kicked out, rushed to Shao Chen’s side. , Hugged Chen Shao’s thigh and kept begging!

Everyone looks different.

Lu Wei was very arrogant just now, and he meant to look down on anyone.

But now, like a dog, he begged Chen Shao for mercy.

But everyone also knew that Lu Wei had to do this.

If he can’t cancel the anger in Chen Shao’s heart, the consequences will be extremely serious.

Many people can think of the most serious thing than being ordered to drop out by the school.

But there are also a small number of people with some background at home, knowing that the most serious consequence is that Lu Wei may not get out if he enters!

Chen Shao, or the Chen family has this ability!

“Go away!” Chen Shao said blankly.

Lu Wei still didn’t want to let go, but the two men in black came directly and threw them aside.

“Sister, why didn’t you tell me in advance, this, is this brother-in-law?” Chen Shao slowly shook his head, walked towards Chen Xin, and said helplessly.

When his eyes fell on Dustin Zhou’s face, he was still looking constantly on the surface, but I had already called out “Brother-in-law

“Yes. Dustin Zhou didn’t feel anything, just that Chen Shao was a little bit interesting. But Chen Xin’s ears were red for an instant, his eyes dodged, and he didn’t even dare to look at Dustin Zhou. It was full of reaction. “Don’t talk nonsense, this is Brother Dustin Zhou. , He is here to send me to school.

Chen Xin said hurriedly, for fear of Dustin Zhou’s misunderstanding. But Chen Shao didn’t believe it. His eyes fell on the Rolls-Royce Phantom, with a playful look. This car, he also drove, was Asher Chen’s car. And Chen Shao Formerly known as Chen Kuan, he was Asher Chen’s nephew. Chen Xin said Dustin Zhou only sent her to school. But Chen Kuan knew that Asher Chen could not lend this Rolls Royce to others for nothing, let alone lend it to others and let others. Sending his daughter to school. What it means is that Chen Kuan just thinks about it and immediately figured it out. But now Chen Xin doesn’t admit it, and Chen Kuan doesn’t ask any more questions. When he gets to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, he asks Asher Chen and he will. The truth is clear. “Oh, oh, yes, brother Dustin Zhou.

Chen Kuan stopped teasing Chen Xin and looked at Dustin Zhou. For Dustin Zhou, Chen Kuan was really the first time I saw him. I don’t know why Dustin Zhou could be favored by Chen Xin and Asher Chen. As a relative, Chen Kuan knew Asher Chen and Asher Chen. Chen Xin’s vision, under normal circumstances, even some big family children are not regarded by them. “Ah, let’s not say, class is about to start, let’s go.

“Chen Xin looked at the time and said hurriedly. The first class in the morning was nine o’clock. When I came out of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, it was already half past eight. In addition to the time on the road, I was delayed a little bit earlier. Class will be in less than five minutes. “Go, I’ll send you in, let me see who dares to stop!

“Chen Kuan glanced at the crowd of onlookers and snorted coldly. He had already heard about what happened just now. These people regarded Chen Xin as his woman. At first sight, Chen Xin was actually sitting in another man’s car. I just wanted to come up and stop them. Chen Kuan knew what these people were thinking, but Chen Kuan was very clear in his heart. Everyone let out a gap and let Chen Shao and Dustin Zhou leave. When they walked to Lu Wei’s side, Dustin Zhou With a chuckle, he bent over slightly. “Do you remember what you just said?

Now you have your eyes wide open, I’m in school!

After speaking, Dustin Zhou ignored what Lu Wei would react, and took the lead and walked into the school. “Ah!

I hate…” Lu Weiwei shouted, a mouthful of blood came out, and then he collapsed to the ground limply. Everyone did not dare to step forward, for fear of some accident. There are still a few boys who usually play well with Lu Wei Mustering up the courage, he stepped forward and carried Lu Wei to the school hospital. … Chen Kuan was leading the way, and Chen Xin followed along the way.

Dustin Zhou can be regarded as a master of the eyes of the students of Tunghai University.

Everyone will look over.

In addition to taking a look at Chen Kuan and Chen Xin, more of them are looking at Dustin Zhou.

Everyone is very curious, who is this person?

Chen Kuanhao and Chen Xin, who are currently in the limelight of Tunghai University, can be accompanied at the same time.

You know, Sun Tian, ​​the most famous Tunghai University before, could not do it.

With the weird and curious eyes of everyone, Dustin Zhou and Chen Xin came to the classroom.

Today I mainly accompany Chen Xin to class, so everything is done in accordance with Chen Xin’s schedule.

The first session in the morning is English.

When several people came to the classroom, it had been several minutes before the class.

The English teacher is a young woman with a faint plain makeup. I was surprised to see Dustin Zhou.

But he didn’t embarrass Dustin Zhou’s few people, but rather readily let them in.

However, Dustin Zhou entered the classroom first, but it didn’t cause much spark.

After all, Dustin Zhou is a bit older. Although he looks very young, he can tell at a glance compared to these college students.

But then, when Chen Kuan and Chen Xin came in together, everyone’s eyes looked over at once.

“Oh my god, it turned out to be the beauty of Chen Xin!” “Hmph! What is so good about Chen Xin, but Shao Chen is the most handsome! I really want to talk to Shao Chen about a love that will never break up!” It’s a day dream, I’m curious, who is the first person to come in, and how come with Chen Shao and Chen Xin?” “That’s true, I have never seen this boy before! It’s from our school.” “Ah! My God, my classmate sent me a message just now, what do you guess?”

Chapter 184

English class representative!

“What’s going on? Tell me!” “Lu Wei early?” “Of course, the head of the Discipline Department of the Student Union!” “Yes, he is now injured and sent to the school hospital. They did it all.” Pointing to Dustin Zhou several people, shocked.

After he had said all the things that happened at the school gate, everyone took a cold breath and looked at Dustin Zhou and Chen Kuan with horror.

In front of them, Lu Wei had always been arrogant and didn’t treat them as classmates at all.

So these students have a lot of anger towards Lu Wei in their hearts.

Now I feel very refreshed to hear that Lu Wei is so miserable.

But at the same time, they looked at Dustin Zhou and Chen Kuan’s gaze and became very cautious.

Even Lu Wei was so miserable by them, and they had no power to parry.

Dustin Zhou looked at it, and there were only a few empty seats in the corner.

So the three people walked straight over.

However, Dustin Zhou always felt that the eyes of the students around him were very special.

Full of curiosity, awe, even a hint of fear.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know why they had such emotional gazes, and temporarily couldn’t figure it out, so he stopped thinking about it.

The English class will continue as usual.

The English teacher did not seem to be affected in any way, even if many of the students below were whispering, it did not affect the teacher’s rhythm in the slightest.

Dustin Zhou listened below, just as if he was listening to the heavenly scriptures.

When he was in school before, he also learned English, but his English score was not good, so he didn’t catch a cold with English.

Now, this English teacher may have received more formal English training, whether it is hi accent or tone, it is very similar to the pure London accent.

In the eyes of others, the level of this English teacher may be very high, with excellent oral English.

But in Dustin Zhou’s view, ju is a little understanding.

Since he didn’t understand, Dustin Zhou didn’t bother to attend classes anyway, he was not a student here anyway, and he entered the material testing major, it was just a cover.

… In a daze, Dustin Zhou seemed to feel that someone was pushing him gently, and there was a thin laughter in his ear.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, wake up, Brother Dustin Zhou.” Chen Xin’s voice reached Dustin Zhou’s ears, causing him to open his eyes.

However, as soon as Dustin Zhou opened his eyes, the surrounding students laughed louder.

Dustin Zhou looked up and saw that the young English teacher was watching him playfully.

At this time, he knew that he had fallen asleep just now.

Although I am not a student here, it is not a glorious thing to fall asleep in class.

Dustin Zhou scratched his head, a little embarrassed. He sat upright and looked straight ahead. He was ready to listen to the class seriously, even if he was pretending to be.

“This classmate, is it mine?

Is the class boring?

So boring that you would rather sleep than listen to my class?

At this moment, the English teacher on the podium said with a smile. Her eyes were clearly looking at Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou felt that her eyes were full of smiles, as if she had known herself very early. The English teacher fell off. , The other students withdrew their laughter, all looking at Dustin Zhou, their eyes flickering. In order to grab this class, they all stayed up late to grab the class when they were choosing the class. They finally grabbed it. Treat their teachers. You know, the English teacher standing on the podium at this time, named Ye Hongzhuang, is a high-achieving student who has returned from studying abroad. Not only is his English proficiency very high, he even minored in psychology when studying abroad. Double degree Ph.D. Not only that, Ye Hongzhuang is still a full-fledged beauty. Unlike Chen Xin, Chen Xin’s appearance is a girlish sweetness, which reminds people of the feeling of first love. But Ye Hongzhuang’s appearance is that. This kind of tempting is so tempting that it makes people want to stop. Whether it is for college students or middle-aged men, there is a deep-rooted attraction. But at this moment, Dustin Zhou’s eyes are very calm. “That’s not it. , It’s just that I was a little sleepy just now, and fell asleep accidentally, sorry, not next time.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. In fact, he was secretly smiling. Today is the last class. I don’t know if I will come to Tunghai University again in the future. Of course, I can say it casually. “In this case, then you will be our English class. Represent it!

“Ye Hongzhuang said with a smile, a pair of beautiful eyes lifted slightly and looked at Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou was taken aback, subconsciously avoiding Ye Hongzhuang’s gaze, and at the same time seemed to hear countless heartbreaking voices. All the classmates looked at Dustin Zhou, full of gazes. Anger and dissatisfaction! They worked so hard to choose courses, and they were fully prepared for the first time, hoping to have close contact with Ye Hongzhuang. The class representative is undoubtedly the best way. But now, Ye Hongzhuang is let Dustin Zhou Be the class representative, let the first class be late, and the person who slept in the class will be the class representative! Everyone only feels that all their kindness has been disappointed! “No, teacher, I…” Dustin Zhou stood up quickly , I just wanted to explain that I didn’t choose this course. But Ye Hongzhuang didn’t give Dustin Zhou a chance to explain it. “It’s so decided, is your name?

Let me record it here.

“Ye Hongzhuang smiled and looked at Dustin Zhou after speaking. “Brother Dustin Zhou, since the teacher has asked you to be the representative of this class, you should be it. It’s fun.”

Chen Xin quietly pulled the corner of Dustin Zhou’s clothes on the side and whispered. “Okay.”

, My name is Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to say his name. “Okay, this kid is called Dustin Zhou, so he dared to snatch the goddess from us!”

It won’t look good to him!

“That is, after the get out of class is over, let’s go together and let him know that this English class is not something he can do, even if he is a class representative, he can’t have too close contact with Yelaoshr!

“Yes, Brother Zhao, when the time comes, you can talk about it, after all, you have an identity!

You are a member of the Student Union, and he is a freshman, so he should not embarrass you!

“But, he had abandoned Lu Wei at the school gate before, and he was not even afraid of Lu Wei. Wouldn’t it be worse if I provoke him?”

“What do you do, is it just let him take advantage of it for nothing?”

“Otherwise, let’s inform Sun Shao. With Sun Shao here, Dustin Zhou will definitely not dare to be presumptuous this time. Even Lu Wei, in front of Sun Shao, is like a grandson.

“Okay, just do it!”

“… Several students got together and discussed in secret. They looked at Dustin Zhou’s gaze and were very upset. Although Ye Hongzhuang chose Dustin Zhou as the class representative, he did not assign any tasks. The class ended smoothly until the end. Ye Hongzhuang did not speak to Dustin Zhou again, nor did he even say what he needed next time. It was as if Ye Hongzhuang had forgotten Dustin Zhou’s existence except for the representative of the fate recognition class at the beginning. “Hehe, brother Dustin Zhou, the feeling of being a class representative. how about it?

Isn’t it fun?

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