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Chapter 185

Meet Sun Tian again!

Dustin Zhou looked helpless.

Not to mention Chen Xin smiled and looked at herself, looking curious about the baby.

All the other students in the classroom turned their gazes.

Almost every classmate looked at Dustin Zhou curiously.

Looking at this person who was late for class and slept in class, he was favored by Ye Hongzhuang and became the weird representative of English class.

“What’s fun, you don’t know, I don’t want to be a representative of this class at all!” Dustin Zhou shrugged and said helplessly.

“Huh! Don’t be ashamed!” However, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, a strange voice came from the front of the classroom.

Dustin Zhou looked at the sound and saw that seven or eight people in front of the classroom surrounded a boy, and the boy looked at himself with an unhappy expression.

“Since you don’t want to be the representative of this class, why didn’t you just refuse it decisively?” The boy saw Dustin Zhou not speaking, thinking that he had nothing to say, he smiled more on his face and walked towards Dustin Zhou slowly.

“Do you need to control it?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, not caring what the boy said.

He has already passed such an age for things like this kind of jealousy in a big university classroom.

What’s more, he himself didn’t have much interest in Ye Hongzhuang.

“You!” “Brother Zhao, this person is too much!” “That is, don’t see where you are, you must show him a good look!” “Brother Zhao, we have already contacted Sun Shao. When Sun Shao comes, we must I won’t let this kid go!” “Yes, I think Sun Shao often runs to Yelaoshr’s office, he must be pursuing Yelaoshr.” Several classmates immediately yelled.

“Boy, just wait! Before Shao Sun comes, it’s best not to leave!” “I know you cleaned up Lu Wei at the school gate, but the rubbish is in front of Shao Sun. It’s not bullsh*t!” “Don’t think you clean up Lu Wei is so amazing! When Shao Sun arrives, you will kneel down and beg for mercy!” Brother Zhao looked smug and stopped for a while when he appeared before he moved away reluctantly.

“Sun Shao?” However, Dustin Zhou smiled in surprise when he heard Sun Shao’s name.

He was actually wondering if Sun Shao was the Sun Tian he had met before, and he was a little surprised.

But this astonishment fell in the eyes of Brother Zhao, who was clearly scared!

“Haha, are you scared? If you kneel down and amend us now, maybe we will let you go!” “Yes, now I know that I’m afraid, why did you go early?” “If Sun Shao really pursues it, you will even have ten Life is not enough!” Everyone laughed again.

“Uh, you seem to have misunderstood. I am not afraid. I just feel weird. Is this Sun Shao, Sun Tian?” Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect them to misunderstand.

Yes, but after another thought, they didn’t know what they knew Sun Tian, ​​and it was only natural for them to behave like this.

“Boy, you’re still hard-talking now!” “Can you call Shao Sun’s name directly?” “Boy, it’s still too late to admit your mistake!” When Dustin Zhou directly said Shao Sun’s name, everyone scolded him.

“Big Brother Dustin Zhou, is it really Sun Tian?” Chen Xin gently pulled Dustin Zhou’s sleeves and asked nervously.

Sun Tian himself may not be very good, but the Sun family he is in is the top family among the first-class families in Donghai City, much stronger than the Su family.

It is true that big men like Asher Chen, when facing the Su family, can do their job well, and can even not give the Su family’s face.

But when Asher Chen faced the Sun family, he dared not do it!

If it’s the Zhou family, then there is no need to take care of the Sun family, because there is a huge difference between the two.

But Asher Chen cannot represent the Zhou family after all.

“If it’s really Sun Tian, ​​it’s a bit tricky. I also know that the Sun family has a lot of influence in Donghai City. Compared with our Chen family, it’s not much more.” Chen Kuan also frowned, and said that he was a little bit angry. dignified.

Obviously, both siblings thought that the Sun family was not easy to provoke.

But they are still with Dustin Zhou, and they are silently supporting Dustin Zhou.

If you change to an ordinary person, at this time, you will be out of right and wrong.

“It should be Sun Tian, ​​Tunghai University, the well-known Sun Shao of the Sun family, only Sun Tian.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, very relaxed.

Chen Xin glanced at Dustin Zhou silently, bit her lips tightly, her eyes firmer!

When Chen Kuan saw this scene, he sighed helplessly, and immediately raised his head and looked straight ahead calmly.

Chen Kuan did not know why he did this.

But he felt Dustin Zhou had a reason for him to do this.

Not to mention that Chen Xin stood firmly behind Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen even directly gave Dustin Zhou the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

All this means that Asher Chen values ​​Dustin Zhou very much.

Even, there is a little bit of flattery.

Although Chen Kuan is not very old, he can see through such things at a glance.

“Shao Sun is here!” “Boy, you’re dead, just wait to kowtow to Sun Shao!” Suddenly they exclaimed, and everyone looked at the door of the classroom.

Dustin Zhou also looked over with a smile, and saw that it was Sun Tian who had come, and slowly walked into the classroom accompanied by two people in grey clothes.

“Master Sun, you are here at last, and if it’s late, that kid will slip away!” Brother Zhao saw Sun Tian and immediately greeted him, almost flattering.

“Yeah.” On the contrary, Sun Tian didn’t even look at him, he just hummed, his gaze passed directly over Brother Zhao and fell on Dustin Zhou behind him.

“It’s you!”

Sun Tianqiang suppressed his anger and said coldly.

In an instant, everyone else in the classroom felt cold behind their backs, and the temperature in the entire classroom seemed to drop several degrees suddenly.

It is obviously September, and the heat has not yet subsided, but now it feels like it’s entering a cold winter.

When Sun Tian saw Dustin Zhou, he was extremely annoyed, and he couldn’t wait to pounce directly on him, tearing him apart.

But when I thought of the last time I met, I was in conflict with Dustin Zhou and was directly injured by his men.

Even if the two offerings next to Sun Tian acted together, it was just a little blocking the person and taking Sun Tian to evacuate. For this reason, the two offerings even suffered serious injuries.

After returning to Sun’s house, although Sun Tian was injured, he was impulsively and recklessly implicated in the sacrifice. He was even directly punished by his father, and was imprisoned for nearly half a month.

And what shocked and angered Sun Tian most was what happened to Sun Qiankun!

That day, Sun Qiankun’s right arm was interrupted, blood was dripping, and his appearance was extremely miserable.

When Sun Tian heard that it was Asher Chen who made the shot, he was extremely angry. If it weren’t for someone else’s pressure, he would go directly to the door.

And when he heard that Dustin Zhou was there, he was even more frightened!

What is Dustin Zhou’s origins this time? There are actually two subordinates who can hurt two priests, and they can also establish a relationship with Asher Chen.

Chapter 186

Sorry, I am really not interested!

“Unexpectedly, it was really you!” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, looking at Sun Tian and the two gray-clothed men behind him for a moment.

He recognized the two gray-clothed men. It was the first time he met and stopped the two men in Niu Chuan.

Hearing from Su Wei, these two people should be worshipped by the Sun family, and they are very strong in their kung fu.

Right now, Niu Chuan is not by his side, and there are only three people on his side who have no power to bind the chicken. If the other party really wants to do it, he will definitely not be pleased, and he will even suffer a big loss.

But this is a classroom, and there are people coming and going. Many people are watching. Sun Tian’s move is definitely not a wise move.

“Boy, I spared you last time. I didn’t expect you to dare to come to Tunghai University. This time, your little brother is not there. I will see what you can do with me!” Sun Tian gritted his teeth and his eyes showed fierce light.

“Yes, Shao Sun, this kid is too presumptuous, he dares to think about Teacher Ye, you know, Shao Ye is your forbearance!” Brother Zhao added fuel and jealousy.

“Really?” Sun Tian became even more angry when he heard it!

He had been pursuing Ye Hongzhuang for this period of time, but he didn’t get a single response, and he couldn’t vent his anger.

Unexpectedly, Dustin Zhou dared to have bad thoughts about Ye Hongzhuang, and Sun Tian suddenly felt as if he had been cucked!

“Hehe, the mouth is on your face, and I can’t stop you!” Dustin Zhou sneered when he saw the two of them drink.

“Also, did you spare me the last time, or flee in embarrassment?” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the entire classroom was silent.

They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to dare to say that. You know, at Tunghai University, almost no one dared to contradict Sun Tian so much.

But when they saw Sun Tian’s expression, they were a little surprised and felt that what they were there was probably true.

“Oh, by the way, your second uncle, are the injuries healed?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Everyone was shocked again!

Isn’t Sun Tian’s second uncle Sun Qiankun?

Even he was injured by Dustin Zhou?

“What’s the situation?” “No, didn’t it mean that when Sun Shao came, this person would immediately kneel down and admit his mistake?” “And what did he mean by what he just said? Did he really hurt Sun Shao? With Sun Qiankun?” “Is it impossible? If it is true, then how could the Sun family ignore him, he must have been on him.” Everyone talked a lot, and each became suspicious. It was Dustin Zhou’s words that gave them too much Shocked, it is difficult to come out for a while.

“Sure enough, it was you! I felt strange when they said that you were there. I didn’t expect this matter to be really related to you!” However, to everyone’s surprise, Sun Tian was actually angry.

This is obviously an indirect admission!

Everyone is dizzy, what is going on?

But no one answered them, and as they looked at the situation, there seemed to be a bigger fight between Sun Tian and Dustin Zhou.

So, in order to protect themselves, many students retreated to the side, far away from the two, for fear that when the time comes, the two sides will act and hurt themselves.

“It’s just that he doesn’t know how to promote! You know, this Donghai is not your Sun family’s final say, but Donghai University is not your Sun Tian’s final say!” Dustin Zhou coldly scolded.

“Good point! Brother-in-law, you are too right. I’ve seen Sun Tian upset for a long time. If he didn’t rely on the Sun family, does he have the ability?” Chen Kuan suddenly clapped his hands and shouted in applause, venting his anger. Look like.

“Chen Kuan, there is nothing wrong with you here! I advise you not to be nosy! Otherwise, I won’t care about your Chen family’s face!” Sun Tian looked at Chen Kuan gloomily and threatened.

He was not worried about what Chen Kuan could really do to him, but was a little afraid of the Chen family behind him.

This Chen family is not only the Asher Chen Donghai, but the Chen family in Beijing.

It was no less than the Sun family’s existence, even if it was placed in a place like a crouching tiger, hidden dragon in the capital, it was still a family that could be counted.

“Hehe, originally you were domineering in school, I was not interested in paying attention to it, but now if you dare to trouble my brother-in-law, it is that you can’t get through with my Chen family. I will take care of this matter!” Chen Kuan said in a deep voice. .

Dustin Zhou looked sideways and found that Chen Kuan didn’t look like a dude at this moment. On the contrary, he seemed full of loyalty!

This caused Dustin Zhou to slightly change his view of Chen Kuan and nodded secretly.

“Well, if that’s the case, I can’t blame me. Dustin Zhou dared to attack my second uncle. I will take him back to Sun’s house today to investigate the course of the matter carefully!” After Sun Tian finished speaking, he rushed forward. So hold Dustin Zhou.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, be careful.” “Brother-in-law, be careful!” Chen Xin and Chen Kuan suddenly exclaimed.

They did not expect that Sun Tian would actually do it directly in front of so many faces.

You know, this is undoubtedly handing over the handle directly, so that many people who have enemies with the Sun family can get it, which will be very detrimental to the Sun family.

“Brother Yang, be careful!” However, just as Sun Tian was about to meet Dustin Zhou, a loud shout came.

When Dustin Zhou heard this voice, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Suddenly feel at ease.

Niu Chuan is here!

Niu Chuan slammed a punch and took Sun Tian’s chest.

If Sun Tian didn’t retreat and insisted on attacking Dustin Zhou, then he would definitely get Niu Chuan’s punch.

Sun Tian obviously knew Niu Chuan’s abilities, and he didn’t dare to take it hard. It was worth a quick stop and resist Niu Chuan’s blow!


After the two sides fought, they immediately stepped aside


The color of Niu Chuan noodles remains unchanged.

But Sun Tian stepped back again and again, his face was white and red, and he was faintly angry. It was obvious that he had suffered a lot of dark losses.

“Brother Yang, are you okay?” After Niu Chuan stopped and saw Dustin Zhou was okay, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Dustin Zhou also smiled slightly.

Before he entered the classroom, he secretly called Niu Chuan and asked him to come to school just in case.

Unexpectedly, Sun Tian would really appear, and he would directly do it!

“It’s okay, but there are so many people here, it’s best not to do it, we just leave!” “As for the Sun family account, I will come back sooner or later!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking at Sun Tian and those two The grey-clothed man stayed on his body for a short while before leaving the classroom directly.

Niu Chuan, Chen Xin, and Chen Kuan also left with them.

From beginning to end, they did not rely on Niuchuan’s existence to avenge Sun Tian.

Sun Tian and the two gray-clothed men naturally heard Dustin Zhou’s words clearly.

“Damn it! If this kid doesn’t get rid of it, it will be a scourge to my Sun family sooner or later! The second uncle’s grudges must be reported!” Sun Tian’s expression was very ugly.

Said by Dustin Zhou.

And the other party didn’t put himself in the eyes at all, which made him feel very despised.

This kind of contempt was the first time in the life of the Sun family.

Chapter 187

The discovery of Professor Shao Zekai!

“Master, the man’s strength is unfathomable. After we went back last time, we inferred that his strength is comparable to a great sacrifice, and he is most likely a real warrior! We can’t be impulsive!” One of the gray-clothed men said solemnly.

“What? Martial artist? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? And, how could there be so many martial artists? Haven’t all the martial artists in Donghai City been found out? How could one appear out of thin air?” Sun Tian heard this, suddenly Shocked, then his face turned pale.

Martial artist is his ultimate pursuit.

The martial artist himself is strong, and it is almost a piece of cake to pick up hand-to-hand, breaking gold and iron.

Even a powerful warrior can volley!

The grand worship of the Sun family is a warrior, one hand Wing Chun, almost no one can rival in the East China Sea!

And the Sun family, relying on great sacrifices, ranks among the top of the first-class family!

Now, there is also a warrior beside Dustin Zhou.

How can this make Sun Tian not surprised!

But then, Sun Tian felt cold all over!

I did it with the martial artist twice, but only suffered some innocuous injuries. After I went back, I could recover after a few days of recuperation.

This is obviously the opponent’s mercy, otherwise, even if Sun Tian had four lives, it would not be enough for the martial artist.

“Master, the Patriarch is investigating this matter! But that person should not be as big as a big offering, there is a big offering, this East China Sea is still firmly in the hands of our Sun family!” Another grey-clothed person said confidently.

They have seen the strength of the great worship, and compared to Niu Chuan, they are much stronger.

They have this self-confidence. Once the two fight against each other, the winner must be a great sacrifice!

“Okay! Let’s go back now, lest the other party repents, come back to trouble us, and tell my father what happened today and let him be careful of the Chen family.” “Asher Chen is able to gain a foothold in the East China Sea, is it because of this warrior?” After Sun Tian finished speaking, he left directly, and the two gray-clothed men also left with them. When they left completely, the classroom suddenly exploded!

“Did you see it? It’s so powerful, it can knock people away with one punch!” “Yeah, I thought Sun Tian was invincible, but I didn’t expect that he was not the opponent of that person. I heard the opponent call Dustin Dustin. Is it Dustin Zhou’s subordinates?” “There are also the goddess Chen Xin and Chen Shao, who both seem to respect Dustin Zhou very much. Isn’t Dustin Zhou a child of a big family that hasn’t been born?” “I don’t know, but Sun Tian is deflated today. It’s really cool, brothers, I’ll have dinner today and celebrate!” “Holle! Let’s go!” … When the others in the classroom finished walking, the Zhao brothers gathered together with sullen expressions.

“Brother Zhao, what should I do? Even Sun Shao can’t help Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou is held accountable next time, how should we deal with it?

“That’s right, even Sun Shao was blown away with a punch. Then we were blown into scumbags?”

“Brother Zhao, think of a way!”

“… Several people were arguing anxiously, for fear that Dustin Zhou would turn around to find their trouble. “What a panic, that person is just a little stronger than Sun Shao. This time, Sun Shao didn’t pay attention. He was successfully attacked by that person. Shao Sun’s strength. Absolutely not under that person!

Brother Zhao yelled and calmed everyone down. In fact, his heart was in a mess at the moment. He thought that if he found Sun Tian, ​​he would be able to solve Dustin Zhou. But he never expected that Dustin Zhou would also have a helper. And Sun Tian actually did it. It’s not that person’s opponent! The situation has taken a turn for the worse! Originally, Zhao Ge was looking down on Dustin Zhou, but now he actually found that he wanted to look up at the other party.

It is absolutely impossible for that person to be with Dustin Zhou all the time. If Dustin Zhou really has thoughts about Yelaoshr that he shouldn’t have, I will definitely not let you go!

“… After Dustin Zhou left, they were ready to go back. This morning, Chen Xin only had one class. Dustin Zhou didn’t choose any courses at all, so naturally there was no class available, not to mention, he didn’t want to go to class. “Brother-in-law, that grandson.” He must be repaid if he is dead. Today, we let him squat, and next time he will find his place. You must be careful and protect my sister!

“Chen Kuan suddenly said in a deep voice, his eyes full of dignity, with a sense of entrustment. It seems that only Dustin Zhou can protect Chen Xin’s safety, and he is not at ease when he is replaced by someone else! “What are you talking about!”

“Dustin Zhou hasn’t reacted yet, Chen Xin has a shy face, and turned his face to his side, not daring to look at Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou sighed in his heart, and felt that he hadn’t restrained that damn charm. He already had Mira Xie, but he was Mingming. Among them, it seems to have a slight involvement with Enderia Shen, Su Xiaomeng, and Chen Xin. “Don’t worry, as long as I am here, no one will hurt Xiaoxin!

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice. “Dingling!”

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang. “Hey, Professor Shao!

Seeing the caller ID, Dustin Zhou immediately connected the phone. “Hey, Dustin Zhou, have you come to school?”

Why don’t you tell me, if you weren’t listening to others, I don’t know, are you still in school?

Come to my side quickly, the material testing laboratory, you find someone to ask the next way.

Shao Zekai seemed to be a little worried and excited, speaking very fast, and before Dustin Zhou could answer, he hung up the phone. “Yes, I can’t go back. Professor Shao is looking for me, or you can go back first, Chuanzi follow me That’s it.

Dustin Zhou said helplessly. “Brother Dustin Zhou, let me be with you. I know

What about Professor Shao?

“Chen Xin said with a smile, eyes full of expectation. “I will follow my sister, wherever she goes, I will go!”

“Chen Kuan immediately pointed at Chen Xin and said with a look of justice. Dustin Zhou nodded in agreement. With Chen Xin there, a few people soon came to the laboratory of material testing. Soon, a student ran from the laboratory. When I came out, I saw several people from Dustin Zhou, and immediately greeted them with a smile. “You are the people Professor Shao said, and he asked me to pick you up!

“Well, what is this classmate’s name?”

“My name is Shao Xu, so follow me.”

Shao Xu simply said his name, then turned and walked towards the laboratory. Dustin Zhou rolled his eyes, thinking that there should be some relationship between Shao Xu and Professor Shao Zekai. The father and son should not be the same, and the age is not right. Not to mention grandchildren. To suppress the doubts in his heart, Dustin Zhou followed into the laboratory. As the best university in Donghai City, Tunghai University is also among the best in the country. The school’s laboratory has always been of high standard. Before Dustin Zhou entered the laboratory, one A series of disinfection procedures are indispensable. When he really enters the laboratory, he is immediately stunned by everything in front of him. In his impression, the laboratory usually has a lot of people wearing white coats doing experiments. The experimental table should be full of various experimental equipment, bottles and cans, and there should be a dazzling array of things. But the laboratory in front of you is very small, and with Professor Shao, there are only five or six. And the equipment on their experimental table, There are very few. On the experiment table of Professor Shao Zekai, there is a strange-shaped plant. “Professor Shao.

Dustin Zhou stepped forward and greeted softly, and then he kept looking at the plant and found that he didn’t know what it was. In Dustin Zhou’s limited knowledge base, there was no introduction about the plant in front of him. “Well, here you are, this paragraph. Is the time okay?

“Professor Shao saw Dustin Zhou, obviously very happy, and said with a smile. “Well, everything is fine.

Dustin Zhou didn’t feel it. He just treated it as a normal greeting and answered honestly. But the other students in the laboratory were dumbfounded. Even Shao Xu, who had just gone out to meet Dustin Zhou and them, looked at them with surprise. Everyone’s expression is like hell. What Dustin Zhou doesn’t know is that Professor Shao Zekai is usually very serious and almost unsmiling. These students, in the years of schooling, have hardly received much smile and care from Shao Zekai. And Shao Xu As Shao Zekai’s grandnephew, he is only a little better than the others, but he does not live with Shao Zekai, and both parties are only nominal relatives. In fact, Shao Zekai treats Shao Xu strictly as an ordinary student. Today, Professor Shao Zekai laughed. And it’s so close to Dustin Zhou

Huai, this is simply beyond everyone’s expectations.

“Come and see, do you know this?” Shao Zekai smiled and waved to Dustin Zhou to show him the plants on the test bench.

“I don’t know, what the hell is this?” Dustin Zhou shook his head without any unpleasant emotions. Knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing. He will not forcefully say that he knows in order to pretend to be coercive.

In the event that Professor Shao Zekai asked him to tell the origin of this plant, Dustin Zhou would directly reveal his true colors.

Rather than disappointing at that time, it’s better to say it early.

“That’s why I found you today. This is a new plant we discovered.”

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