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Chapter 188

uninvited guest!

Dustin Zhou was taken aback.

A newly discovered plant?

Hasn’t it been discovered before?

Dustin Zhou turned his head and looked at the other people in the laboratory, and found that the faces of the students in white coats were proud and excited.

As if they themselves were the creator.

“Professor Shao, is this a brand new plant?” Dustin Zhou looked confused.

Although he didn’t go to a particularly famous university, he knew a lot of things anyway.

In today’s world, to discover a new species is as difficult as shooting stars from the sky.

The stars in the sky may be a small piece of meteorite, formed by the sun, and may be shot down.

But discovering a whole new species is simply unrealistic.

But now, Professor Shao Zekai told him that what was placed on the test bench was a brand new plant.

Don’t say that Dustin Zhou is just a normal person, even those big scientists who have been searching for new species all their lives will be surprised if they see it.

“Yes, I have compared it. There is no species like it in the world, but it has just been confirmed and has not been officially named.” Professor Shao Zekai seemed very excited.

He has been engaged in material testing all his life, and every time a rare element is detected, he has to be excited for a long time, let alone this time, he has discovered a new species.

For Professor Shao Zekai, this is even more exciting than winning the prize of five million.

Winning the prize of 5 million, it will be spent soon, and then there will be nothing.

But the discovery of new species means that it may be left in history.

Even if hundreds of thousands of years have passed, later generations will still know that he was the first to discover this plant.

“We found this from the beach, but it was not easy. Only one plant of this kind was found on that beach.” Shao Xu was also a little excited.

As a participant in this new species discovery journey, he will also be remembered by the world.

This will greatly help him in his future studies or career.

And the other students are like Shao Xu, everyone’s face is full of excitement and excitement.

“Actually, the main thing is not that this is a new species, but its function.” Shao Zekai said suddenly, and it caught everyone’s attention.

Even Shao Xu’s students who have been staying in the laboratory are still half-understood.

Dustin Zhou looked at it, and it became clear in his heart.

Since Professor Shao Zekai said so, it shows that the role of plants in this lesson is very important.

For this reason, he probably concealed something from these students, but also worried that the students would leak out, causing immeasurable consequences.

But Professor Shao Zekai called himself over, but directly mentioned its function, which made Dustin Zhou’s heart abrupt

Get up quickly.

After all, Professor Shao Zekai knew what Dustin Zhou was doing, but at this time he mentioned this situation, and his intention was already obvious.

“I temporarily named it a new strain. Its rhizome contains a kind of ingredient, rich in collagen, and it is very active and easy to absorb.” Professor Shao Zekai smiled and looked at Dustin Zhou, with a rare kindness on his face.

Dustin Zhou confirmed that he was kind.

But the next second, he was stunned.

Why does Professor Shao Zekai show such an expression to himself?

The other students were even more surprised. They were more curious than Dustin Zhou. Professor Shao Zekai had always been unsmiling, and was usually very strict with them. Don’t laugh, even other expressions are very rare.

But right now, Professor Shao Zekai smiled suddenly, and it was to an outsider!

This made the faces of those students a little sad, and they blamed themselves, thinking back to whether they had made Professor Shao Zekai unhappy before, or did something wrong that made Professor Shao Zekai dislike him.

However, after thinking about it for a long time, they couldn’t think of a reason, and a wry smile suddenly appeared on their faces.

“Such words…” But when Dustin Zhou thought of the ingredients of the new strain, his heart moved quietly and said softly.

However, he did not finish speaking, but looked at Professor Shao Zekai with expectation.

There are many things rich in collagen, and Dustin Zhou knows a lot.

Apart from fish maw and aloe vera, there are many other things.

But those are all clichés. Most of the cosmetics on the market are related to those things, and the specific ingredients have been thoroughly studied.

If you want to research something new, it’s hard to reach the sky.

But now it is different. The new strain has just been discovered, and no one outside knows yet, so naturally it is not known that the collagen in it is different from the others.

If it is the same, at most, there is one more source of collagen.

But in case it is different, that would be a great happy event!

Dustin Zhou’s heart flopped, and he intuitively told him that things must not be simple, otherwise Professor Shao Zekai would not call him over to talk about it.

“Yes, the collagen content is extremely high, and it is also rich in some other substances, which should be of great benefit to skin repair.” Professor Shao Zekai no longer sells Guanzi, but speaks out straightforwardly.

For an instant, the entire laboratory was quiet enough to be heard.

Even if they are not employees in the cosmetics industry, everyone who has been working in the laboratory still knows a little about the cosmetics industry.

Collagen alone is very valuable, and now it also contains ingredients that are beneficial for skin repair.

They know that just these two points, for those cosmetics

For the company, it is a big temptation!

As long as they have these two points, they can grab a large market share in the cosmetics market!

“Dustin Zhou, I know that you are in Mingyang. The whitening and anti-aging factor mask you produced before, I also tested it, and the effect is very good.” “But if you add ingredients from the new strain, the effect will be better! Shao Zekai’s words left everyone stunned.

Those students who didn’t know that Dustin Zhou turned out to be a cosmetics company, now that Professor Shao Zekai said so, it is obvious that he wants to cooperate with Mingyang.

So as participants, they must also be able to get a lot of benefits.

It is even favored by well-known companies. Once you graduate, you can get an offr from well-known companies.

But everyone didn’t notice that one of the boys who was standing behind the test bed and was blocked by the tall test bed changed his face for a moment, but he quickly recovered.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Professor Shao Zekai’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hello?” Professor Shao Zekai answered the phone, before saying a few words, his complexion was suddenly very ugly, and at the same time he scanned the faces of all the students extremely severely.

“No need, I have found a good partner.” After Professor Shao Zekai finished speaking, he hummed and hung up the phone directly.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Dustin Zhou also snorted in his heart.

Seeing this, is it possible for someone to get news and want to be the first to get there?

However, didn’t anyone know about the new strain before?

So how did the other party know?

And call to find Professor Shao Zekai so soon?

Chapter 189

Is it ten million?

“I remember I said before that you are not allowed to say anything in the laboratory, who is it, stand up for yourself!” Professor Shao Zekai’s tone was cold, and his eyes scanned the crowd, even his nephew Shao Xu.

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, understanding why Professor Shao Zekai had such a big temper.

This is just a new plant, a newly discovered plant. Although it is of great value, it is ultimately limited for scientific research.

Even if it is known by others, the initiative is firmly in the hands of Professor Shao Zekai.

, However, if it is in normal scientific research activities, even if Professor Shao Zekai takes the initiative to carry out a certain scientific research activity, once successful, it is likely to fill a certain scientific gap in the country.

Once at that time, the situation in the laboratory was leaked today, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If it is detected by other colleagues in the country, it will be fine.

If it is known by foreign forces, the consequences will be unaffordable for everyone.

Even the entire laboratory is equivalent to a traitor!

Dustin Zhou can understand the anger of Professor Shao Zekai, just like someone who works as a lieutenant in a famous company and leaks out the whitening anti-aging factor mask or key information in the project, he will also be extremely angry.

“Professor, it’s me.” And a student standing behind the test bench was slightly pale, raised his hand hard, and whispered.

“It’s Li Hao!” “How could it be him? Professor Shao treats him best. Not as good as Shao Xu!” “Yes, this time Li Hao was originally not qualified to enter the laboratory, but it was granted by Professor Shao. Who wants to fight, he would do such a thing, otherwise Professor Shao would never let him participate!” “Li Hao! Are you worthy of us for doing this? Are you worthy of Professor Shao?” “Traitor! What about such a person? , I don’t deserve to be in the laboratory at all!” … After seeing the person who admitted, the other students were extremely angry and all began to criticize.

And Dustin Zhou and several people also heard roughly, knowing some ins and outs.

“Why do you do this?” Professor Shao Zekai was shocked. He couldn’t believe that Li Hao did it. His eyes couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“Professor, I am doing this for your own good, for everyone!” Li Hao’s face only paled, and he quickly recovered. When he looked at everyone, he was full of pride.

“Li Hao! You are farting!” “That’s how you are to us, to the professor?” “Don’t make any excuses for yourself. We will have nothing to do with you in the future. You can just talk about the interests of the laboratory. , Who would dare to work with you in the future?” “That’s right, if such a person is placed in the past, that is a traitor!” The students were filled with indignation and dismissed Li Hao’s words!


Ho, do you know what you are talking about?

“Professor Shao Zekai’s face was blue. He never expected that his favorite student would betray him, and he didn’t admit his mistake, and said such high-sounding words. It was only for his good, for the good of other students! Even Li Hao! If he makes up any other excuses, Professor Shao Zekai will convince himself that Li Hao just did it because he had no choice but to do it, not actively wanting to do it. “Of course I know what I’m talking about!

“Professor, don’t we go to school just to have a good job in the future?”

This time, you discovered the new strain, but didn’t we contribute?

“This time, I was contacted by a large company. They are willing to spend five million to cooperate with us. As long as you agree, the five million is yours. Why not?

“Li Hao said triumphantly. He thought he had said this. Professor Shao and other classmates should be surprised, and they don’t even need to say anything, and they directly agreed to cooperate. After all, five million won the first prize in the lottery. Five million. But in the entire country, how many people can win the prize each time? And this time, as long as Professor Shao Zekai agrees to cooperate, five million will directly fall into his pocket! Such a good thing, Li Hao believes that Professor Shao Zekai will not refuse Hearing Li Hao said five million, a few students’ complexions changed for an instant, with a trace of suspicion, and a trace of movement. Dustin Zhou saw all the changes in the expressions of these students. Hearing Professor Shao’s name, the first time I met, it was really extraordinary!

At this moment, a clear voice came from outside the door. Then, the door of the laboratory was pushed open from the outside, and a woman, two men and three people walked in with a smile. Dustin Zhou patted his forehead and looked helplessly. Chen Xin and Chen Kuan, who looked confused and didn’t know what was happening. When Shao Xu went out to pick them up, they were the last to enter the laboratory. After they came in, they didn’t even close the door. Who is it?

You are not welcome here, please go out!

“Professor Shao Zekai looked calm, and said coldly, he was about to blast the opponent out directly. However, the three people didn’t seem to hear them, and walked straight inside, in front of Professor Shao Zekai, and in front of Dustin Zhou. At this moment, Dustin Zhou also. I am upset, looking at the three people, how do you look at it, how unpleasant. If you say you stand, you will stand, but it is good or not, you are in front of yourself, and you want to cut the new strain of Hu Laozi. Shinobi! “Hey, you are blocking me!

Dustin Zhou said lazily, his tone was very indifferent, as if he didn’t put them in his eyes at all. In fact, Dustin Zhou did not put them in his eyes. No.

To say that the current well-known company is developing momentum, not afraid of this cosmetic company that does not know where it came from.

Even if the opponent company is strong, it is even stronger than the famous company.

Dustin Zhou is not worried either.

After all, in addition to being a professor at Donghai University, Professor Shao Zekai is also the director of Zhou’s Testing Institute in Donghai City, and he can be regarded as a member of the Zhou family.

As the next head of the Zhou family, who is almost certain, Shao Zekai will naturally be partial to Dustin Zhou.

Even Dustin Zhou directly named the new strain, Shao Zekai would not hesitate to agree.

“This classmate, today we are going to talk to Professor Shao about cooperation. If you are okay, leave first!” The leading woman turned around and looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile, completely treating him as a student. Very kind.

But Dustin Zhou clearly saw a slight threat in her eyes.

“He, dare to threaten me, do you really think I’m annoying?” Dustin Zhou snorted in his heart.

“Sorry, I also came to Professor Shao to talk about cooperation, and I just talked about cooperation on it!” Dustin Zhou sneered and pointed directly at the new strain on the experimental platform.

However, the expressions of the three people changed slightly, and they all looked at Dustin Zhou with bad eyes.

“Ten million! You withdraw.” “Otherwise, there will be no your company in the East China Sea in the future.” The woman coldly stretched out two fingers and said lightly.

But the threats in the words are not concealed at all.

What she meant was obvious. Dustin Zhou would either take 10 million to get out, or go back and have an explanation.

Otherwise, she will target Dustin Zhou’s company and completely block the entire East China Sea.

Even, the woman never asked which company Dustin Zhou worked for, she had such confidence.

“Ten million, is it a lot?”

Chapter 190

Crazy one!

Once Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he regretted a little.

It’s not that I feel like I’m talking big, to let people know that the impact is not good.

But for fear that I am so fearless to scare those students.

After all, except for Professor Shao Zekai, other students don’t know his net worth.

If a young man in his early twenties casually said something like “a lot of ten million?”, anyone would think that his brain was broken.

The laboratory is surprisingly quiet.

All the students looked at Dustin Zhou blankly.

Professor Shao Zekai just smiled faintly.

Chen Xin and Chen Kuan didn’t pay much attention. After all, ten million is not a big number in their opinion.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom outside is worth tens of millions!

If you have money, you may not buy it!

But the two men and the woman were dull for a while.

But soon, they recovered.

“Hehe, it’s a hell, you can meet people who don’t know how serious you are. Looking at you like this, how long have you just graduated?” The woman looked at Dustin Zhou up and down, and then said lightly. , It seems that Dustin Zhou has already been eaten in my heart.

“It’s more than three years.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, as if he hadn’t noticed the contempt in the woman’s words.

“Three years, three years, you look like this, at best, you are just a low-level leader of your company, do you have a salary of 10,000 a month? You are not ashamed here?” The woman said, her voice gradually became cold, and her eyes were Becomes sharper.

“Besides, the lower-level employees don’t know the importance, and they are not ashamed. Where can your company be better? Do you dare to snatch things from us?” The woman snorted, then cast a look at a man behind her.

The man understood, he directly raised the box he was carrying, and opened it directly in front of everyone!

“Hiss!” “Oh, this…” Everyone’s eyes widened, staring at the box intently.

Even Chen Xin and Chen Kuan are the same at this moment.


A chest full of money!

Red banknotes!

Even Chen Xin and Chen Kuan had never seen so much cash in front of them before. All their consumption was directly drawn from the bank card, and there was no real money.

And those students took in the air-conditioning.

Even though they were so righteous and awe-inspiring before, how opposed to despising Li Hao, but seeing so much money at this moment, they are still very nervous, and then a little envious.

“How much is this?” “I don’t know, but looking like this, at least five million, right?” “But another man still has a box in his hand. If it’s also money, it’s not ten million. ?” “

I have never seen so much money.

Now my breathing is a little unsmooth!

“You said, if Professor Shao Zekai cooperates with them to develop new strains, will they also give us a little money?”

“… The students whispered, everyone tried to avoid looking at the box of money, but couldn’t help but glance at it secretly. Not to mention getting it, but just taking a look from a distance, just a few of them His complexion was ruddy, and I felt that his spirit was better! And Li Hao was even more unbearable at this moment. His eyes seemed to be frozen, fixed on the box of money, motionless, even if it was the shock of the classmates beside him. Phew, don’t let him get distracted for a moment. “These are all mine, as long as the professor cooperates with them, all the money is mine, haha!

“Li Hao was very ecstatic. He looked at a box of money and was already thinking about what he would spend after he got the money. He must buy a car and buy a house, and then soak the goddess that he has always looked down on. Haha. If others know what Li Hao is thinking at the moment, they will definitely drop their chin. But Dustin Zhou didn’t care. He just glanced at the box of money in front of him slightly, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. These people wanted to use it. The money came to buy him, and it was only a mere five million. Just wanting Dustin Zhou to give up the bright future that the new plant might bring to the famous company is too whimsical. “As long as you leave, here is five million. Give it to you directly. Enough for you to fight for twenty years!

“Moreover, with our Meizi Beauty Company, your little broken company has no hope at all. People, be content!

“The woman snorted coldly, and the man closed the box and handed it directly to Dustin Zhou. Suddenly, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou. Each of the students was short of breath and looked envious. But Li Hao was full of envy. I can’t believe it. “You can’t do this!

This is all my money!

Why do you give it to him!

Li Hao gave a violent shout, rushed directly from behind the test bench, rushed to Dustin Zhou, reaching out to grab a box of money from you. Dustin Zhou did not move, and Niu Chuan did not move. It was the man who hit backhand. Li Hao directly blasted back. “You can grab the money?

“The man looked at Li Hao with a sullen expression. As long as the other party made another wrong move, he would definitely attack him without hesitation. Even if this is the laboratory of Tunghai University, he has nothing to fear. “You said. , As long as I reveal the news to you, you will give me five million!

How can you give him this money!

Li Hao clenched his fists, his eyes were red, and roared angrily. The other classmates also reacted at this moment. The feelings Li Hao had said before were as long as Shao.

Professor Ze Kai promised that if he cooperates with the other party, the other party will send five million yuan, and the five million yuan is not for everyone, but for him, Li Hao.

All of a sudden, everyone was angry.

Dustin Zhou is an outsider, and he seems to have a very good relationship with Professor Shao Zekai, and has a relationship with the goddess Chen Xin and Chen Shao. They naturally dare not be arrogant.

But you, Li Hao, betrayed everyone. Professor Shao Zekai has already given up. You still can’t move you?

“Li Hao, you beast! I thought of you as a brother before losing me, and wanted to introduce my sister to you. I didn’t expect you to be such a beast!” “Li Hao, you are so disappointing!” “Li Hao, go out, the mud monkey, don’t say I know you, I can’t afford to lose this person!” … “Why are you doing this, these five million are dead to me, no one wants to take it away, no one can do it!” Li Hao crazy!

For the sake of five million, let alone those classmates, even Professor Shao Zekai, he still betrayed when he said that he was betrayed, and there was no trace of regret.

Right now, Li Hao saw that everyone was accusing himself, and he couldn’t bear it because he thought there was nothing wrong with him. With a sullen expression on his face, he directly threw himself at the box of money again.

“Get out!” The man was furious and kicked out with a kick, hitting Li Hao’s chest.

Li Hao is a weak student, where is the opponent of an adult man.

At this moment, Li Hao was kicked out and hit the test bench before stopping, but he passed out.

“Shao Xu, find someone to carry him out, don’t dirty my laboratory!” Professor Shao Zekai said coldly with a rare expression of disgust.

Shao Xu responded, found someone, and together he carried Li Hao out.

At this time, everyone was shocked.

They knew that Li Hao was finished, not only would he be excluded and isolated at Tunghai University, he would even have difficulty in graduation.

Even if you are lucky enough to graduate, you will find it difficult to enter society in the future.

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