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Chapter 416

Enderia Shen’s interrogation!

After Dustin Zhou left with Jiang Yan, let’s leave Zero Point Water first.

But Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan followed him in silence.

However, unlike Mira Xie and Niu Chuan, Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou’s back, clenching his teeth, clenching his hands into fists, and constantly waving against Dustin Zhou’s back.

There is a stance of punching you to death.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about it at all, even if he looked back several times and saw a fist waving in front of his eyes, he just smiled slightly.

After all, he knew enough about Enderia Shen, knowing that she was just a way to vent his unhappy emotions, and would not really do anything unusual to him.

After several people returned to the hotel, Enderia Shen directly pulled Mira Xie and shut Niu Chuan out, and then the two women blocked Dustin Zhou in the room, swearing to give up.

However, only Enderia Shen vowed to give up. Mira Xie still looked indifferent, but the occasional slight jitter of her eyebrows showed that her heart was equally uneasy.

After all, Dustin Zhou is also her husband anyway. Today I had such a happy chat with Jiang Yan, more or less, Mira Xie felt a strange feeling in his heart.

It’s like, the cake that was supposed to belong to me is now worried by a little mouse.

“Dustin Zhou, you’d better explain it honestly, did you like that little fox? Otherwise, why can you chat with her so happily? And, you said that you have met several times before, what is going on?” Enderia Shen said Dustin Zhou pressed down on the sofa, pulled Mira Xie by himself, and sat on the sofa opposite Dustin Zhou.

And Enderia Shen seemed to be the incarnation of an inquisitor for an instant, a posture that was bound to interrogate Dustin Zhou clearly, coupled with her pretending fierce and lovely appearance, made Dustin Zhou feel a little funny.

Although there was nothing between him and Jiang Yan, since Enderia Shen liked to guess like this, he simply played with Enderia Shen.

Anyway, big things are progressing steadily, and he has nothing to pay special attention to.

“You are not allowed to say that Jiang Yan is a little vixen, she is the ambassador of the flagship store.” “And, I did meet her three times.” Dustin Zhou said with a stern face, as if he was very dissatisfied with Enderia Shen.

But this moment really made Enderia Shen angry.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou, you openly defended that little vixen in front of his wife.

Moreover, I have seen her three times!

Wait… Three times?

Enderia Shen opened his mouth slightly, recalling quickly in his heart.

At the Jiang family dinner, it was once, today, it was once.

In Enderia Shen’s impression, Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan clearly saw

Only twice.

But Dustin Zhou said it was three times.

This shows that she didn’t even know one more time?

“Three times?” Enderia Shen’s voice suddenly sharpened, his eyebrows were twisted tightly, and he looked at Dustin Zhou, feeling extremely upset in his heart.

“Sister Mira, listen, is this still human? He is still carrying you and secretly met the little vixen. This is the evidence!” Enderia Shen was extremely angry, and took Mira Xie’s arm. Keep complaining.

After all, she is only Dustin Zhou’s boss, and she has no right to ask about such private matters.

But now Mira Xie is by his side, as Dustin Zhou’s genuine wife, naturally has the right to interrogate Dustin Zhou’s affairs.

“You can remain silent, but every word you say will become evidence that Mira’s sister sanctions you!” Enderia Shen said in a deep voice, cheering and supporting Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen and then at Mira Xie, which was also funny.

He did not expect that Enderia Shen could actually make this set.

Who did you learn this from?

“Okay, I’ll confess, in fact, I went out for a while after returning from the Jiang family dinner last time, do you remember?” Dustin Zhou reluctantly raised his hands and told about the second meeting with Jiang Yan. .

After all, it wasn’t a secret, and he didn’t intend to hide it.

However, I didn’t think it was necessary, so I didn’t say it.

But now that both Mira Xie and Enderia Shen know about it, Dustin Zhou will naturally not continue to hide it.

“…That’s the way it is. There is no concealment. In fact, before today, I didn’t need to adjust that Zhang Xinyi was talking about Jiang Yan, but I had a little guesswork in my heart.” Dustin Zhou spread his hands and said with a chuckle.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s magnanimous look, Enderia Shen fell into silence.

Is this all true?

Or was Dustin Zhou deliberately fabricating it to deceive them?

However, such a thing is not a secret at all, not to mention that Enderia Shen can use a lot of energy.

Even if you contact some local snakes casually, I am afraid you can investigate clearly.

However, Rao is so, Enderia Shen felt very upset when he thought of meeting Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan today.

Since she was upset, she wanted to get angry with Dustin Zhou and divert her attention.

… On the other side, after Dustin Zhou and the others left, Jiang Yan was still in the water bar and did not leave.

After several minutes, it was confirmed that Dustin Zhou and the others had really left. Suddenly a woman slowly went up to the second floor, walked directly to the opposite of Jiang Yan, sat down with a smile, propped her chin, looked at Jiang Yan, the corners of her mouth raised a little radian.

“Why? He is the man you are thinking of?” The woman laughed and joked

Dao seems to be very familiar with Jiang Yan, and he has no scruples in speaking.

“Don’t talk nonsense, he is just a friend I met recently.” Jiang Yan shook his head and said lightly.

However, in those beautiful eyes, there was a trace of unknown expression.

“Haha, Xiao Yan’er, when you lied, you were really cute. You have been back to Changsha for some time. You haven’t left the Jiang family much. Now suddenly a so-called friend pops up. I believe it, do you think Do you believe in yourself?” The woman seemed to have anticipated Jiang Yan’s reaction, she shook her head insignificantly, and continued to joke.

It seems that to make fun of Jiang Yan is just her pleasure.

Jiang Yan didn’t resist too much to the woman’s words, just listened silently.

“Let’s talk, when can I meet him with me?” The woman saw Jiang Yan being silent and leaned on the seat with a smile, Qiao Qi Erlang’s legs, regardless of the image of a lady, anyway, how comfortable she was.

Besides, this is the zero point of water. There are only two women on the second floor, and they will not be seen by the third person.

However, women are not afraid of these at all.

Even if viewed by a third person, the other person would probably pretend not to see it, and then immediately apologize and leave. Afterwards, he dared not mention what he saw today.

“Sister Ling, what are you talking about? I don’t understand! Besides, he is already married and has a wife!” Jiang Yan glanced at the woman and said lightly.

Jiang Yan wanted to calm her tone as much as possible, and couldn’t see much.

But the more so, the more she said her breath, the more fluctuating her breath, and even, it could make people feel that her mood at this moment was also very fluctuating.

Chapter 417

Sister Ling!

“Is there a wife? Who? That frizzy woman?” Sister Ling stared in surprise, looking at Jiang Yan with an incredible expression.

“He has a wife, and you still chat with him so happily? Are you crazy? Are you too hungry? Is it possible that in the past few years abroad, you have not been in love, and now you return to China, you can’t help it. ??” Sister Ling whispered in an incredible tone, and at the same time she did not hide her eyes, swept up and down Jiang Yan aggressively, focusing on her chest for a while.

“Sister Ling, what are you doing?” Jiang Yan was a little angry. With a move of her right hand, she covered her chest and glared at Sister Ling.

“Haha, I’m used to it, don’t mind Xiao Yan’er, but you haven’t answered me yet?” Sister Ling laughed.

“No, it’s the woman who has always been very calm, Mira Xie.” Jiang Yan said softly, her tone full of melancholy.

Even she herself was very surprised, never thought that she would have such emotions.

“Hey, you even inquired about the name of the other’s wife, and you said that it was meaningless to them, you are a lie!” Sister Ling was amazed, and suddenly there was a meaningful smile on her face.

Jiang Yan suddenly felt as if she was being stared at by something strange, and she trembled suddenly.

“Sister Ling, don’t make fun of me. I met with him, in fact, only discussing the ambassador of the famous company’s flagship store. Their previous store manager wanted to invite me to be the ambassador of the flagship store. Today is to confirm This matter.” Jiang Yan stated the purpose of meeting Dustin Zhou today.

“Image ambassador? I said Xiao Yan’er, as your family background, what image ambassador do you need? That thing, you can’t pay you a lot of money in a year, right?” Sister Ling looked at Jiang Yan with contempt, then immediately The conversation turned.

“However, since you want to be someone else’s ambassador, then in the future, can you take and use their products as you like? If so, then you can just get me dozens of boxes of facial masks and facial cleansers.” Sister Ling at this time seemed to be a different person.

Her face was flushed, her eyes gleamed, she leaned in front of Jiang Yan, and said foolishly.

It seems that those cosmetics have infinite appeal to her.

“How can it work, besides, you don’t miss that little money? You want so many facial masks and facial cleansers, can you run out of it?” Jiang Yan said angrily.

“Hey, who said that I can’t use it up, those harems of mine, one person gave them a few sets, didn’t they treat me more desperately? Besides, there are good things that are cheap, why do I spend my own money, you don’t look at me This is a bit of water, there is not even a customer, where is the money.” Sister Ling said indifferently.


Yan looked at Sister Ling speechlessly, her eyes at this moment were like looking at a mentally retarded child, full of love.

“You don’t want to leave the house with such good conditions. You came to this place. It’s not all you found, so who can you blame?” Jiang Yan said in a deep voice.

Jiang Yan knew about some of Ling’s past, but after all she hadn’t experienced it herself, so she had no say in many things, and it was hard to say anything.

For a while, the atmosphere between the two became quiet.

I don’t know how long it took, but a noisy footstep disrupted the silence between the two.

“Miss!” The Jiang Family Nursing Home really breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Jiang Yan. When they saw that the woman sitting opposite Jiang Yan was a woman, everyone immediately felt relieved. .

Several hours have passed since they received Jiang Xingyuan’s order until they found Jiang Yan.

They conducted a large search in Changsha according to their previous experience of searching for Jiang Yan.

They have looked for many places, but they have not found Jiang Yan.

It was a nursing home that suddenly remembered that the previous time I found Jiang Yan, it was by the river.

That’s why they came to the Yangtze River, looking for each store, and then they found Jiang Yan.

Several nursing homes came to Jiang Yan and saluted very respectfully.

“Miss, Erye asked us to invite you home.” The leading nursing home was the nursing home where the team leader was looking for Jiang Yan.

He saluted Jiang Yan, after explaining his intentions, he looked at the woman sitting opposite Jiang Yan.

In his impression, there does not seem to be such a woman in the big family in Hunan Province.

And looking like this, the relationship between this woman and Miss Jiang Yan is pretty good.

In addition, Jiang Yan had no chance to meet any outsiders during the time he returned to Changsha, and suddenly became nervous.

Could it be that this woman did something to Ms. Jiang Yan that caused Ms. Jiang Yan to lose her distinguishing ability and walk so close to her.

This woman has bad intentions and is not a good person. It seems that after returning, she has to report to the second master.

However, the leader of the nursing home looked at Sister Ling with many things in his mind, and for a while, he forgot to take his gaze away from Sister Ling.

So it seems that the gaze of the leader of the nursing home has been on Sister Ling.

This made the nursing homes behind him admire one by one. Although they came out to perform the task, the boss actually did not forget to tease his sister while performing the task.

That’s fine with sultry sisters, the key is that your sultry beauty is Miss Jiang Yan’s good friend.

God, what do you want to do, boss?

Do you want to save the country and take the opportunity to approach Miss Jiang Yan?

Boss, your thoughts are so meticulous, I’m dying of admiration.

“If you don’t take back your dog’s eye again, I don’t mind digging it out and throwing it away

Feed the fish in the opposite river.

“Suddenly, a lingering voice sounded. For a moment, everyone was at a glance, looking at the speaker in shock. It was the woman sitting opposite Miss Jiang Yan. All the nursing homes looked over, suddenly Her heart tightened. At this moment, Sister Ling raised her gaze slightly, like a sharp blade, stabbing the leading nursing home. From this gaze, all the nursing homes seemed to be on the scene, as if they were facing one. Take the peerless sharp blade, as long as you are not careful, the sharp blade will dismantle yourself. They are still like this in the nursery, not to mention the real goal of Ling sister, the leader of the nursery. At this moment, he As if being in hell, he couldn’t help shaking. At first, he was scolded by sister Ling, and he was very angry in his heart, ready to teach this wicked woman. Even if she is a good friend of Ms. Jiang Yan, she dare to talk to him like this , It also has to pay a certain price. However, he never expected that he just bowed his head and touched the woman’s gaze, suddenly unable to move as if falling into the abyss, his forehead and back were sweating profusely. It’s a nursing home in my Jiang family, so don’t embarrass him.

“At this moment, Jiang Yan’s voice floated. At this moment, the leader of the nursing home was like hearing the sound of heaven, and all the pressure was instantly dissipated. Only at this time, he felt that his whole body had been Sweat. Just a moment ago, I really seemed to have walked back from hell. It was terrible. Who the hell is this woman? The leader of the nursing home didn’t dare to ask, and immediately apologized respectfully, and then directly led everyone to retreat. Aside, they didn’t dare to speak any more. And those nursing homes were puzzled when they saw their boss like this, but when they just wanted to ask, they saw the boss’s restraining eyes, and suddenly everyone shut up. Dare to speak. “Sister Ling, why should you be angry with them?

Jiang Yan shook his head helplessly and said softly. “Humph!

A group of dogs should be dog-conscious and gaze awkwardly. That is not what you want.

Sister Ling snorted coldly, her tone full of coldness. “Alright, Sister Ling, are you really going to stay here for a lifetime?”

Are you really not going home forever?

Jiang Yan shook her head, and was not going to persuade Sister Ling. Besides, she knew that even if she persuaded her, she couldn’t persuade Sister Ling.

Chapter 418

Something is in trouble!

“Home? Where do I have a home? This is my home, otherwise, Xiao Yan’er, you let me join your Jiang family and be your son-in-law?” Sister Ling’s style of painting changed in an instant, and she looked squinted. With Jiang Yan, the words are also very light.

“Hmph, you are saying this again, I will ignore you.” Jiang Yan checked the time, it was too early, she should go home indeed.

If you can’t go home as soon as possible, the person in the family may go crazy and send more nursing homes to look for her.

And that is definitely not what Jiang Yan wants to see.

“Okay, but Xiao Yan’er, sister here will be your secret place for dating in the future. If you miss that kid one day, you can bring him here. I promise you to keep a secret.” Before leaving, Sister Ling quietly Attached to Jiang Yan’s ear and said a whisper.

However, after a while, Jiang Yan’s face was suddenly flushed, even the back of her ears were flushed.

Seeing Jiang Yan go away in embarrassment, Sister Ling smiled, her eyes complicated.

“I don’t want to enjoy it now, until one day you know what you are facing, I am afraid, you will not have this chance, unless you are like me…”… Time passed day by day.

Three days later, at Zero Point Water, Dustin Zhou, Zhang Xinyi, Jiang Yan, and Ling Sister sat face to face.

Today, they are about to sign a contract with an ambassador.

Regarding the details of the contract, Jiang Yan actually didn’t care.

Anyway, she didn’t believe Dustin Zhou would do anything in the contract.

Moreover, even if Dustin Zhou really did something, with the Jiang family’s ability, he was not afraid at all.

As for Dustin Zhou, he also believed in Zhang Xinyi’s abilities. The contract was only roughly scanned. It was very common and there were no defects, so it was decided directly.

However, Dustin Zhou was a little scornful for the sudden appearance of Sister Ling.

Faintly, Dustin Zhou felt that Sister Ling was a little familiar, her face and eyes seemed to have seen her somewhere.

But when I recalled it in my mind, Dustin Zhou ignored this person if he hadn’t seen it before.

After signing the contract, Zhang Xinyi immediately went back to prepare the filming and advertising work of the ambassador.

Dustin Zhou originally planned to have a meal with Jiang Yan, but was interrupted by a phone call. As a last resort, he apologized to Jiang Yan and said that he would treat him next time, so he hurriedly left.

Zero point of water.

Jiang Yan sat down with Sister Ling again.

There was another silence between the two.

Jiang Yan was inexplicably worried, and she glanced at Sister Ling secretly from time to time, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Why? I’m embarrassed to talk now?” Sister Ling seemed to see through Jiang Yan’s careful thoughts, and she said.

Even if Jiang Yan contradicted her before, Sister Ling didn’t take it the same.

after all,

At that time, she hadn’t really met and talked with Dustin Zhou.

So Jiang Yan has no burden in her heart.

But today is different.

Today they both met and talked a lot, and sister Ling herself also had a general understanding of Dustin Zhou.

It is probably because of this that Jiang Yan is even more nervous, for fear that she will give Dustin Zhou a bad evaluation, or even dislike Dustin Zhou.

Thinking of this inwardly, Sister Ling thought about how she felt when she was chatting with Dustin Zhou.

It’s very strange, in the midst of it, it seems that I am very familiar with Dustin Zhou, but I can’t tell where this familiar feeling comes from.

Sister Ling was very sure that she had never spoken to Dustin Zhou before, and it was the second time she saw Dustin Zhou today.

There can be no intersection before the two sides.

“Where, Sister Ling, you’ve seen it too, I really have nothing to do with him, it’s just an ordinary friend.” Jiang Yan was guilty of being seen by Sister Ling and forcibly argued.

“Well, the relationship between ordinary friends, I know.” Sister Ling rolled her eyes rarely, and smiled faintly.

“Actually, let’s be honest, I don’t have any other feelings about Dustin Zhou. I just think it’s okay, not like a bad person.” Sister Ling said with a smile, which was to appease Jiang Yan’s anxiety.

“Of course, he can’t be a bad person.” Jiang Yan said with a smile, like a blooming rose, very beautiful.

… Dustin Zhou didn’t know the little secret between Jiang Yan and Ling sister.

He originally planned to have a meal with Jiang Yan and Ling sister, but was interrupted by a phone call.

After receiving the call and hearing the report from the other party, Dustin Zhou also realized the seriousness of the matter and hurried back to the hotel.

In Double Happiness Hotel, Dustin Zhou sat on the sofa with a gloomy expression in his room.

Opposite him, there were more than a dozen heads of cosmetics companies who came to Hunan with him.

Compared with their high spirits before, they felt that following Dustin Zhou could make a fortune and make the company go further, now they are a bit disgraced.

Even, several people still have black and blue faces on their faces, which are obviously injuries left after being beaten.

“What the hell is going on? Tell me carefully, you can’t miss a bit.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Originally, on the phone, they also said a little bit euphemistically, but said that the process of opening a branch outside was not very smooth and encountered a lot of troubles, so I wanted to ask Dustin Zhou for advice.

But now when he rushed back, Dustin Zhou was already furious after seeing several people injured.

Even if he is stupid, he will react at this time.

On the phone just now, they were just avoiding the most important things, just talking about them, mainly trying to find a way to solve the problem by themselves.

If Dustin Zhou

If you don’t care about it, just talk on the phone, and you won’t see this scene.

“Zhou, we are working together according to your instructions to open a branch in a nearby city, and we have almost found some addresses. With the help of Zhang’s family, it can be said that we have prepared the basic procedures. When it is complete, it will be able to reopen after taking over the other side’s store.” A man with obvious black scars on his face said, his tone was full of helplessness.

Dustin Zhou glanced at him, and suddenly thought of this person in his heart.

Wang Wei, a vice president of Donghai sh*tai Beauty Company.

sh*tai Beauty is relatively small in the East China Sea. At best, the scale of the company is only tens of millions.

Among all the companies that come to Hunan Province, the scale is one of the smallest.

But this time, opening a branch in Hunan Province, with the strength of sh*tai Beauty Company, naturally can’t do it, so he united several companies that are not much different from his own company to open a branch.

This can be regarded as in line with Dustin Zhou’s previous plan.

Originally, with Dustin Zhou’s plan and deployment, and with the help of Zhang’s family, they had already optimistic about a store in Armliu City, and even when everything was ready, they waited for the renovation, and then the branch could open.

But when it was redecorating, it was in trouble.

“I don’t know where a group of people suddenly rushed out. No matter what, they rushed directly to our branch and they started smashing them. The branch that had already been renovated was also destroyed by them. We went to the theory and were beaten by them. A meal.” Wang Wei’s tone was full of grief and anger. They honestly did business, but they didn’t expect to encounter such a thing. It was so rude.

“Furthermore, the other party also said that we should pay the protection fee, otherwise we will destroy it once when we see our renovation. Mr. Zhou, we really don’t know what to do now.”

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