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Chapter 419


(1) After hearing Wang Wei’s words, Dustin Zhou frowned.

He hadn’t considered such a problem before, but considering that Zhang’s family is in, and they opened branches, for the local government, it is an achievement that can increase tax collection. It stands to reason that the government will also guarantee The successful opening of various branches.

But now that Wang Wei said this, Dustin Zhou immediately thought whether someone was secretly making a ghost.

If you think so, then the four big families are all very suspicious.

“Protection fee? How much?” Dustin Zhou asked softly, he wanted to get rid of the so-called protection fee that the other party had proposed to Wang Wei.

If there are few, it is likely to be an ordinary small organization, but if the protection fee is high, then Dustin Zhou’s guess is very likely.

“Five million, Mr. Zhou, they said that our protection fee is at least five million a year. They also said that they know that we are a well-known company and that we are very popular, and our daily sales are huge. Numbers, so so much protection fee is just an appetizer.” When Wang Wei said this, he gritted his teeth and itchy with hatred.

Thinking of the other party’s arrogant tone with a swing stick against his forehead, Wang Wei still felt a little chill in his heart until now.

After all, these people are people who have no power to restrain chickens. They are usually at home, and they don’t even kill chickens and fish. There is no way to face such people.

As for reasoning with each other?

When a talented person meets soldiers, it is unreasonable to explain the reasoning since ancient times.

Besides, the opponent is not a soldier, but a gangster. He doesn’t tell you these things at all, and everything speaks with his fists.

If you have a hard fist, what you say counts. If your fist is not hard, I’m sorry, I don’t care about what you said.

“Zhou, you also know that the sales are booming. That is the flagship store, and the flagship store has a large area, a variety of products, and a rich source of goods. However, the branches we opened are less than one-fifth of the flagship stores. One day’s sales will not be so much, five million, it can even be said that the branch’s profit for a year.” Wang Wei complained.

Regarding these accounts, no one else knows it. Those of them who have been walking around with Dustin Zhou this time are shining and clear in their hearts.

If any branch can be the same as the flagship store, the daily sales alone can reach several hundred million, I am afraid there will be countless people all over the country who want to join in.

At that time, no one would get people from small companies like them, not to mention eating meat, even drinking soup, I am afraid it will become a luxury.

“Five million? It’s really arrogant.” Dustin Zhou sneered, understanding in his heart.

These five million are just what the other party said casually

, As long as Wang Wei and the others dare to agree, tomorrow, I am afraid that a gangster group will come to collect protection fees, and today it is 5 million, then should the price be increased next year?

Ten million?

20 million?

It’s not impossible.

“Okay, I know about this. Let’s rest in the hotel these few days. The branch will also temporarily stop work and wait for my notice!” After comforting Wang Wei and the others, Dustin Zhou suddenly fell into thought.

He couldn’t help but think that Jiang Xingfang, the eldest of the Jiang family, went to the flagship store to find himself in person and made it clear to himself that he would not deal with him in the future. In other words, Jiang Xingfang would not attack himself.

Therefore, the famous company, even if it is a branch, belongs to his name, Jiang Xingfang shouldn’t make a move.

So, if the Jiang family did this thing, then it should be Jiang Xingyuan.

After all, when he held a dinner party and wanted to recruit Jiang Yan for his son-in-law, he was sabotaged by himself, and the two had already forged enmity.

Therefore, Jiang Xingyuan has ample reasons to secretly block the opening of the branch.

In addition to the Jiang family, the other Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family are all likely to take action.

Especially the Yu family and Tang family.

After all, at the Jiang family dinner, Dustin Zhou beat Yu Hu from the Yu family, and Tang Shiwen from the Tang family, and severely beat the two families in the face.

This hatred can be ended here.

As for the Du family, it is likely that the four major families reached an agreement, and the Du family also had to take action.

If you count it this way, this time, even though it seems on the surface, it is just a few small gangsters who open their mouths to ask for the price, the deficit is big, and the protection fee is sky-high.

But in fact, it was the four big families that once again blocked the famous company.

This time, Dustin Zhou was angry.

Even clay figurines have tempers.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou himself is a person with a clear distinction between good and evil. He treats him with courtesy to people who are kind to him, but who has resentment towards him, Dustin Zhou will not hesitate to use thunderous methods to strike out and destroy each other in one fell swoop.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou decided to communicate with Zhang Family first.

Asher Chen didn’t know where he went this time, and there was no news.

Even Dustin Zhou didn’t know the whereabouts of Asher Chen.

Dustin Zhou even wondered whether Asher Chen would not show up as long as Sun Lian was in the hotel.


Zhang Taiyan was still shocked when he heard that Dustin Zhou called and said that he had something to discuss.

In his impression, Dustin Zhou is a very confident person, full of confidence in everything, and a person who has full confidence in his own methods and strategies.

Before the two parties tried to test each other, Dustin Zhou was even more calm than his Patriarch.

During this time, cooperation between the two parties has begun.

Mingyang branch has been

It has been carried out successively throughout Hunan Province.

Moreover, the cooperation between the two parties has been very smooth, and no problems have been encountered.

So, that kid is calling now, what’s the matter?

With a trace of doubt in his heart, Zhang Taiyan answered the call from Dustin Zhou.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, I heard that you have something to discuss. You don’t know what it is? Is there anything about our cooperation that makes you unsatisfied?” Zhang Taiyan said with a chuckle.

But in the Zhang family that Dustin Zhou couldn’t see, Zhang Taiyan had a smile on his face, but his eyes were deep.

“Hehe, the old man is serious. Our cooperation is very happy. The opening of the branch is going very smoothly. There is no contradiction.” After a pause, Dustin Zhou continued, but this time, his tone sounded very right. Casually, it seems to have said this sentence inadvertently.

“By the way, father, have the four major families acted recently? Do you have any news, can you tell me?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, but this is actually the result of his thoughts.

It stands to reason that the people who may have troubled Mingyang’s branch are those who have hatred against Mingyang or Dustin Zhou himself.

So far, in the entire Hunan Province, the four major families are the most suspected.

But on the other hand, he can think of it, and others can think of it.

Since the four big families can occasionally think of doing this by themselves, it is tantamount to hiding their ears, and Dustin Zhou will still guess them, so why do they use such small means?

Therefore, thinking in reverse, Dustin Zhou was suddenly surprised, and in an instant, he thought of a possibility.

Zhang family!

The four hundred and twentieth

Chapter of temptation!

(2) That’s right, the four major families may do such a thing, and the Zhang family may also do such a thing.

Although Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jia have reached a cooperation, the two parties have cooperated to make Mingyang’s branches bloom everywhere in Hunan Province as soon as possible.

However, let’s not talk about Zhang’s family, Zhang Lun, Zhang Tao and his sons have hatreds with Dustin Zhou. When Dustin Zhou proposed cooperation before, Zhang Lun took the lead in the opposition.

This already has a certain motivation.

In addition, based on Zhang Taiyan’s ingenuity, it is very likely that Zhang Lun will be allowed to do so, or tacitly approved, even with his shadow behind him.

After all, doing this seems to be a bit of a distraction.

But you must know that Dustin Zhou’s famous company dominates the plan of Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family, and Zhang’s family is only an assisting role, and it does not have a great say in the entire cooperative project.

Father Zhang Taiyan may deliberately make the project suffer some setbacks for the right to speak, and then once Dustin Zhou asks for Zhang’s head, then he can make more requests, even

The Zhang family’s voice in the project has expanded a lot.

Having figured out the possibility of the entire incident, Rao Dustin Zhou has experienced a lot, and he can’t help feeling a bit cold in his back.

If you didn’t take this into consideration, and if you rushed to ask for help from the Zhang family, you might have really fallen into the scheme of Zhang Taiyan, and gave away a lot of the right to speak for the project.

“Recently, the four big families seem to be very calm. I am a little worried. I don’t know if they are planning something, so I specifically ask you.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, not mentioning the threats to the branch. .

He wanted to see if this matter had anything to do with the Zhang family.

“Action? No, I haven’t received any news here, hehe, little friend Dustin Zhou, did you call me because of this? I thought it was a problem with the branch project.” Old man Zhang Taiyan Said with a smile, the tone was very flat.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, and couldn’t grasp the meaning of Zhang Taiyan’s words.


Otherwise, why did he suddenly say, mentioning that the branch project encountered a problem?

However, Dustin Zhou did not rely on this matter with the idea of ​​not ignoring the grass. He just said that everything has been fine recently, and he is also going to go around Hunan Province to see the local customs in Hunan Province.

After a few casual conversations between the two, Zhang Taiyan terminated the call on the grounds of poor spirits.

After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou suddenly fell into thought.

Although this time he called, he didn’t seem to hear any useful news from Zhang Taiyan.

But with just a few words and some information, Mr. Zhang Taiyan has already faintly expressed.

Actually, has the branch project encountered any problems recently?

Then again, if you encounter problems, you must tell him, after all, the Zhang family is obliged to deal with such problems in the cooperation between the two parties.

Then, there are huge differences across Hunan Province, not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of economic development. It is more difficult to open a branch in every city, and it is easy to encounter some problems and obstructions.

… Even before finally hanging up the phone, Mr. Zhang Taiyan emphasized this.

If you have any problems, tell them, the Zhang family can handle them!

Dustin Zhou certainly knew that the Zhang family could handle these problems.

Regardless of who created the problem, the single Zhang family is one of the five major clans in Hunan Province and has the ability to deal with these problems.

What’s more, if these problems were the Zhang family, or the grandfather Zhang Taiyan instructed them, then it would be nothing more than just one sentence from him to deal with them, and it would not take much effort at all.

At this time, the Zhang family on the other side.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Taiyan’s was not locked tightly together

, Looks a little confused.

And behind him, both Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying stood quietly.

“Strange, why is this kid so behaved this time?” Zhang Taiyan chuckled lightly, feeling strange for Dustin Zhou’s respect in his words today.

After all, when the two met and talked to each other several times before, Dustin Zhou was not as obedient as he is today.

“How is the arrangement over there?” Shaking his head, Zhang Taiyan didn’t think about it, turned his head and asked Zhang Lun lightly.

Zhang Lun tightened and said quickly.

“Father, everything is ready, and the Liushi side has already begun to move. According to the news just returned, the renovation there has stopped, and the people from those small companies have not appeared for two days. “Zhang Lun said respectfully.

While Zhang Ying was aside, her expression was somewhat complicated.

“Father, is it not so good for us to do this, in case…” Zhang Ying wanted to say something, but Zhang Taiyan reached out to stop it.

“Nothing in case, this project, you should also know that the annual profit alone is a large number, even more than the annual profit of most of our Zhang family’s industries.” Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice. Slowly walked to the side and sat down on the Grand Master’s chair, his expression calmed down.

“Moreover, the most important thing is the layout!” “Layout?” “Layout?” At this moment, the two brothers Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying were a little confused. They didn’t know what the old man meant by the layout.

Mingyang wants to spread its branches everywhere in Hunan, they know it, and on this matter, their Zhang family and Dustin Zhou have reached a cooperation.

In their view, many of these branches are unnecessary. In some economically underdeveloped places, the living conditions of ordinary people are very limited, and even a month’s salary is not much.

They simply don’t have the ability to consume the cosmetics sold in the well-known company, and those people don’t care about cosmetics or skin care at all.

I have a monthly salary and it is hard to support myself. You tell me skin care and whitening?

Is this a joke?

“Yes, it’s the layout. I know what you think, but this is the gap between you and Dustin Zhou. Sometimes, I have to say that Dustin Zhou is indeed a talent and can think of many things that ordinary people can’t think of.” Zhang Taiyan laughed. He said, with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Father, what can Dustin Zhou think of what I didn’t think of?” Zhang Lun was not convinced, and asked coldly.

Zhang Lun was full of displeasure and anger for Dustin Zhou, the man who once injured their father and son.

If there is a chance, he will not hesitate at all, and will directly return everything he suffered to Dustin Zhou, and there is still interest.

“Do you think these branches are just branches? Take it for granted. Dustin Zhou’s purpose is to use these branches to occupy the entire Hunan market, whether it is the current hot market or some that have no future in sight. The market. Once he has taken over and stood firm, he will have the final say in those places in the future.” “And, don’t you realize that this time, Dustin Zhou didn’t let the famous company participate in it. The opening of those branches?” Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying suddenly became serious.

What the old man said, they didn’t think about it, but they just ignored the past because they felt that there was nothing.

“Isn’t it because Mingyang can’t afford such a huge project cost at all? Although we have the Zhang family cooperation, the cost of building so many branches is extremely large.” “Absurd, don’t you think that With the current strength of Mingyang’s company, they would not be able to afford those branches. Even if they opened a branch in every city in Hunan Province, it would cost 10 million for each branch. How many cities in Hunan Province? Less than 30 , He won’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make the company famous. One week’s profit of that flagship store is enough!”

Chapter 421 is heavy!

The old man Zhang Taiyan looked dignified and his tone was very solemn.

After all, it is actually very difficult to admit that others are good. What’s more, this time, what he wants to admit is Dustin Zhou, who is two generations younger than him and the same generation as his grandson.

Zhang Taiyan became angry when he saw the surprised expressions of his two sons.

Obviously he grew up in Zhang’s family and has been taught

How many cities are there in the province?

With less than 30, he won’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make a famous company. One week’s profit of that flagship store is enough!

“The 421st

Chapter is heavy! Old man Zhang Taiyan has a majestic expression and a solemn tone. After all, it is actually very difficult to admit that others are excellent. What’s more, this time, what he wants to admit is younger than him. Dustin Zhou is a generational person, the same generation as his grandson. Zhang Taiyan became angry when he saw the surprised expressions of his two sons. He has grown up in the Zhang family and has been taught.

How many cities are there in the province?

With less than 30, he won’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make a famous company. One week’s profit of that flagship store is enough!

“The 421st

Chapter is heavy! Old man Zhang Taiyan has a majestic expression and a solemn tone. After all, it is actually very difficult to admit that others are excellent. What’s more, this time, what he wants to admit is younger than him. Dustin Zhou is a generational person, the same generation as his grandson. Zhang Taiyan became angry when he saw the surprised expressions of his two sons. He has grown up in the Zhang family and has been taught.

Education is also aristocratic education.

Why are my two sons even worse than Dustin Zhou?

“If you think about the problem, you still take it for granted, and you are too arrogant. It is a good thing to have confidence in yourself, but you can’t have any prejudice against other people.” “Take Dustin Zhou as an example. Ask yourself if you put you in In his position, can you guys be like him?” Zhang Taiyan sat on the chair, swaying slowly, glanced at the two sons diagonally, sighed, and stopped talking.

In fact, what he said just now is enough.

If your two sons are smart enough, you can get a lot of experience with just a little thought.

And these experiences are something they can’t get outside, no matter how hard they work.

However, after thinking about it, Dustin Zhou made a special call today, but he said almost nothing. What he said was all nonsense, without any useful information.

Zhang Taiyan originally thought that Dustin Zhou would ask for help, but he didn’t expect that he had hinted so much, and the other party still gritted his teeth.

Thinking of this, Zhang Taiyan’s views on Dustin Zhou have once again raised a new level.

Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying left the room without communicating, and each went to their own small courtyard.

They are all recalling what the old man said just now and trying to figure it out.

In fact, the two people were very dissatisfied with the old man’s high evaluation of Dustin Zhou.

You know, they are from the Zhang family, one of the five largest families in Hunan Province, and they have received the best education since childhood.

And now, they have been able to stand alone in the Zhang family’s industry, and even their achievements are even more dazzling than some elites who have been immersed in shopping malls for many years.

But today, in the eyes of the old man, they seem to be inferior to Dustin Zhou.

How can the person in charge of a cosmetics company be comparable to them?

Zhang Ying’s face was calm and he couldn’t see anything. It was just that his steps were unusually gentle. When he walked back to the small yard, he didn’t disturb anyone and went straight back to his room.

He was thinking, and he had contacted Dustin Zhou several times. With his understanding of him, coupled with some information he learned from Zhang Jie, in the entire Zhang family, he could say that he knew Dustin Zhou best.

Indeed, as the old man said, Dustin Zhou is indeed a rare talent, even if it is in the Zhang family, I am afraid they can’t conceal Dustin Zhou’s dazzling glory.

However, if you want to say that Dustin Zhou is better than him, Zhang Ying is a bit dissatisfied.

At best, Dustin Zhou has only made some achievements in the cosmetics industry. The famous company is very popular, but there is no way to enter the country.

Even the cities that occupy the entire Hunan Province

They all need the help of their Zhang family.

To put it bluntly, Zhang Ying even felt that she was better than Dustin Zhou.

Otherwise, for so many years, the Zhang family would not have been able to rely on the support of the father and Zhang Lun. Even now facing the siege of the four major families, they have not fallen into a disadvantage.

Among them, he Zhang Ying’s credit.

But not small.

“Father, you are back.” Zhang Jie returned to the small courtyard and saw the lights in Zhang Ying’s room, knowing that his father was back.

These days, Zhang Ying has been busy outside and has not returned home for several days.

Now that Zhang Ying returns home, Zhang Jie is also very happy. Besides, he wants to share some things about Dustin Zhou with his father.

… Not to mention that Zhang Jie wanted to tell Zhang Ying something about Dustin Zhou, just talk about Zhang Lun’s side, after returning to his small yard from the old man, the anger in his heart was no longer hidden, and his face was full of anger.

As soon as he looks, he knows that he is angry, so don’t provoke him.

Otherwise, Zhang Lun will let you know what the consequences are when you provoke Young Master Zhang.

In the old man’s room just now, what the old man said really made Zhang Lun angry.

However, in front of the old man, he couldn’t refute anything, so he could only hold back the anger in his heart.

Now that I go back to my yard, I naturally don’t need to cover up.

“Go away, I don’t want this, you dog minions, did you put me in your eyes?” Just stepping into the yard, Zhang Lun heard an angry voice, and then suddenly a porcelain plate flew over in front of him. .

This shocked Zhang Lun.

Is someone trying to assassinate himself?

Moreover, they are from the Zhang family!

It’s daring!

Looking at the avoiding porcelain plate, Zhang Lun was shocked in a cold sweat on his back.

If he was a little slower just now and was directly hit by the porcelain plate, then he must have been battered now, and then passed out directly.

“Presumptuous! What are you doing!” When his gaze swept away, he immediately saw the stone table by the side of the yard. His son Zhang Tao was holding some tableware and throwing it out, while some of the servants were all trembling. Tucked in a corner, he dared not look at Zhang Tao at all.

At this moment, Zhang Lun suddenly understood in his heart.

The porcelain plate just now was thrown by his son Zhang Tao.

This rebellious child!

Zhang Lun cursed in his heart, strode towards Zhang Tao, and then avoided the flying cutlery several times, walked up to Zhang Tao, and slapped it.


The extremely loud applause echoed in the entire small yard in an instant. The people who were hiding on the side trembled even more, and tried to lean towards the corner without saying a word, wanting to not be noticed. And they were still going crazy just now. The average Zhang Tao was stunned at this moment. The loud applause and the burning pain on his cheeks all stimulated his nerves. He was beaten! “You!”

…” Zhang Tao was furious and was about to fight back, but when he stood up, he saw his father glaring at him. The anger in his heart suddenly disappeared without a trace. “Father, why did you come here… Zhang Tao suddenly became flustered, and his appearance was tens of thousands of miles away from what his father expected of him. “Humph!

Why am I here?

Am I not coming, so you just let yourself be?

Look, what does this look like?

If your grandpa found out, what would he think?

You are in this Zhang family, do you want to stay?

While Zhang Lun was angry in his heart, he was also very disappointed. This son of his was not so presumptuous before. Not only did he go crazy in the small yard, but he also acted on his servants as he looked. If this is spread, the old man will know. It’s hard to predict the consequences. “You all go down. No one is allowed to say anything about today. If you let me know that someone says it, you know the consequences!

“Zhang Lun gave a cold sigh, and the people suddenly felt much more relaxed, so they hurriedly said goodbye and left the small yard.

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