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Chapter 422

Soon, only Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son were left in the small yard. what happened?

“After all the servants left, Zhang Lun didn’t look at his son tightly. Based on his understanding of his son, Zhang Tao wouldn’t be like this innocently. At the very least, something irritated him. He was. Silent. But after Zhang Lun finished asking, Zhang Tao was silent. “Huh, what do you look like now?”

Does it look a bit?

Even that Zhang Jie is better than you now!

“Zhang Lun rebuked in a deep voice, disappointed with Zhang Tao. I think he is the young master of the Zhang family at any rate, and he is highly powerful in the Zhang family. Most people don’t dare to oppose him at all. That is to say, the second child Zhang Ying thinks he has a relationship with Dustin Zhou. Okay, I started to wrestle with myself, but in the end I didn’t need to think about it. But my own son, who used to be a dude, was arrogant and domineering. Every time he got into trouble, if it wasn’t for his father to wipe his butt, I didn’t know how to do it. What a disaster it caused. And now, Zhang Tao has turned into this negative look again. He really doesn’t look like himself at all. “Zhang Jie!

Zhang Jie!

If you think he is good, let him be your son!

“It’s just that Zhang Lun’s voice just fell, and it kept sinking.

The silent Zhang Tao broke out suddenly.

Zhang Tao stood up abruptly and screamed at Zhang Lun. His face was flushed, his eyes were bloodshot, and even the blue veins on his neck burst out, looking like a crazy beast.

Rao is Zhang Lun who is not surprised at all, but he was also taken aback by the sudden change of his son.

“Presumptuous, do you know what you are doing?” Zhang Lun was furious. He had never thought that his son would dare to talk to himself like this.

Furious in his heart, Zhang Lun kicked Zhang Tao directly.

He decided to teach his son a lesson.

And Zhang Tao was also fierce at this time, and instantly fought with Zhang Lun.

For a time, the whole small yard jumped around.

… At the same time, after hanging up the phone call with Zhang Taiyan, Dustin Zhou once again found Wang Wei and several people after some thoughts.

Although the guess in his heart cannot be confirmed, Dustin Zhou can be sure of one thing. From the perspective of the Zhang family, they hope that they will encounter problems here and then ask them for help.

That being the case, if Wang Wei and the others stayed in the hotel and didn’t go to the branch, then they would never encounter problems, and then it would have nothing to do with Zhang’s family.

This point plays an important role in catching the black hand behind the scenes.

Therefore, not only can Wang Wei and the others be unable to evade, they should also take the initiative to return to Liushi to deal with those who are asking for protection money.

Only in this way can the other party reveal more flaws, and Dustin Zhou can better find some clues from it.

After sharing his ideas with Wang Wei and the others, Dustin Zhou waited quietly. In fact, Wang Wei and the others needed to pay attention to them. At best, they would provide an idea for them to refer to.

At this moment, Wang Wei and the others were suddenly lost in thought.

They naturally believed in what Dustin Zhou said, but the fear of those chaos was also real. It was not that Dustin Zhou’s words could wipe out the fear in their hearts.

“Zhou, is this really possible? We are afraid that if the other party really does something, then we will be powerless.” Wang Wei is still a little worried.

In fact, not only him, but even the few people who worked with him, were also worried at this time.

After all, they came to Dustin Zhou because they wanted to ask Dustin Zhou for help.

As a result, Dustin Zhou reassured himself and didn’t need to bother about it, and even asked them to deal with those who demanded protection fees.

If they can deal with each other, what do they have to come to Dustin Zhou for help?

For an instant, several people were holding a lot of anger in their hearts.

However, Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and he could guess the thoughts of Wang Wei and others.

After all, such an experience, I used to seem

I have also experienced it, so I have some empathy.

“Don’t worry. Since I told you this, I have been fully prepared. This time, the other party will not pose any threat to you.” But Dustin Zhou has no way to explain the truth to Wang Wei and the others. Talking.

Even if they have dissatisfaction in their hearts, at the present stage, they can only do so.

Dustin Zhou believed that as long as he found the people behind the gangsters, he would definitely be able to solve this problem.

After leaving Wang Wei and the others, Dustin Zhou fell into deep thought once again.

This time, he deeply felt a sense of powerlessness.

This sense of powerlessness is not caused by his inability to solve the immediate predicament.

Rather, in the face of a difficult situation, even if he has some guesses and even some plans, no one can provide him with appropriate advice so that he can let him go with more confidence.

In the past, there was Asher Chen beside Dustin Zhou, who could give Dustin Zhou confidence and help at critical moments.

But now, because of Sun Lian’s existence, Asher Chen left the hotel, and there was no news. Even Dustin Zhou could not find anyone else.

Sun Lian?

In an instant, the image of Sun Lian appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

It stands to reason that Sun Lian can be in charge of fashion capital for so long, even in the face of the coveting of the Yu family, she can still retreat from the whole body, and it has caused the Yu family to suffer a lot of losses, and the ability is sufficient.

In addition, Asher Chen told him several times before, not to go too close to Sun Lian of Fashion Capital, it is best not to have contact.

Thinking about it now, in addition to the relationship between Asher Chen and Sun Lian, I’m afraid it was also related to Sun Lian’s ability.

Before Dustin Zhou didn’t have enough solid foundation, he might suffer a big loss if he came into contact with Sun Lian.

Moreover, he couldn’t find the place afterwards.

But now, after a period of contact, coupled with the state that Sun Lian showed after getting along with Chen Xin, Dustin Zhou felt a little close to Sun Lian inexplicably.

After all, fashion capital is the Zhou family’s industry, and Sun Lian is also doing things for the Zhou family.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou immediately made up his mind, and he asked Sun Lian to be his adviser.

During this period of time, except for a trip to Zhang’s house with Dustin Zhou, Sun Lian was basically with Chen Xin, waiting for Asher Chen to return.

So during this period, Sun Lian has been staying at the Double Happiness Hotel and staying with Chen Xin, just like a mother and daughter.

“Mr. Sun, are you there?” Dustin Zhou asked in a soft voice, knocking on Sun Lian’s door.

At this point in time, he couldn’t guarantee what Sun Lian was doing in the room, plus maybe Chen Xin was also in the room.

In case of seeing something that shouldn’t be seen, Dustin Zhou will probably suffer

Few people blamed it.

Dustin Zhou felt inexplicably frustrated when he thought that Enderia Shen might become the leader who blamed himself.

“What’s wrong?” But soon, Sun Lian’s response sounded slowly, and immediately after that, Sun Lian opened the door from the inside.

Chapter 423

“Come in.” Dustin Zhou paused when he heard the words, and hesitated.

Did Sun Lian notice that Dustin Zhou is male, while Sun Lian and Chen Xin are both female.

Now like this, he entered the room of two women with a man and spread it out, but it didn’t sound good.

“Don’t worry, there is nothing you can’t see, Xin’er just happened to be there, what are you still afraid of?” Sun Lian’s voice came again, this time, there was a bit of playfulness.

After all, Dustin Zhou was like a little boy in front of Sun Lian, so Sun Lian couldn’t help but get close.

Dustin Zhou touched the tip of his nose, and smiled embarrassedly.

He was worried here, but Sun Lian didn’t care at all.

In other words, in Sun Lian’s eyes, he was just a junior.

As long as it does not involve some privacy that cannot be spread, basically she has nothing to hide from Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou stepped into the room and did not close the door tightly, but left a gap. In this case, if someone hits him, there will be an explanation.

Sun Lian just turned around to see Dustin Zhou’s subtle movement, smiled slightly, didn’t care, and didn’t ask Dustin Zhou to close the door, and didn’t even have any desire to open it.

But Dustin Zhou walked into the room and saw everything in the room clearly, then he relaxed in his heart.

As Sun Lian said, there was nothing to avoid in the room.

Chen Xin sat at the desk, quietly reading the book.

Seeing Dustin Zhou, Chen Xin looked back and smiled, but under this smile, there was a trace of worry hidden.

After all, Asher Chen is her father. It can be said that Chen Xin is the only and closest person in the world.

Now that Asher Chen is missing, as a daughter, he is naturally extremely worried.

“Brother Dustin Zhou.” After yelling to Dustin Zhou softly, Chen Xin turned her head back to read.

She knew that Dustin Zhou came to find Sun Lian, there must be something to discuss, so she was also very interested in not disturbing.

“Sit down.” Pointing to the sofa, Sun Lian sat down directly, not shying away from it, and lit a cigarette.

Soon, the white smoke from the cigarette spread slowly in the room.

While Chen Xin stood by, as if he could not smell the peculiar smell of cigarettes, he remained motionless.

“What? Did something happen?” Sun Lian took a couple of breaths, and then turned his gaze on Dustin Zhou and asked quite seriously.

She knows that although she and

Dustin Zhou seemed to have a good relationship. He went to the Zhang family together before. In the presence of Zhang Taiyan, the elder of the Zhang family, Sun Lian bluntly said that he would maintain cooperation with Dustin Zhou.

But Sun Lian knew in her heart that there was still a big distance between herself and Dustin Zhou.

Sun Lian had some guesses as to the reason for this distance.

One is Asher Chen’s reason, and the other is probably related to fashion capital.

After all, even Asher Chen works behind Dustin Zhou, so Dustin Zhou knows some details of fashion capital, but it is normal.

“Well, there are some things. I have some ideas, but I can’t pay attention. Now Uncle Chen is not there anymore. I want to go, so I have to come to Mr. Sun to hear your opinion.” Dustin Zhouman is sincere. Said.

Since it is asking for help, he must have an attitude of asking for help, so Dustin Zhou put his posture very low, even if Sun Lian directly refuses now, it will not affect anything.

“Let’s talk about it.” Sun Lian spit out the smoke ring and said lightly. Obviously, this was a matter of acquiescence to Dustin Zhou’s help.

Dustin Zhou was slightly surprised, and he was a little surprised at Sun Lian just agreeing without asking anything.

But Dustin Zhou soon realized that Sun Lian didn’t mean to show her favor in front of her.

In this way, once Asher Chen returns, then she can be her help to speak nice things in front of Asher Chen.

After figuring this out, Dustin Zhou did not hesitate anymore, so he explained all the problems encountered in the opening of the branch, as well as the problems encountered by Wang Wei and the others, as well as the phone calls with Zhang Taiyan and some of his own guesses. come out.

There are a lot of things to say, and some things need to be explained and deduced further, so when Dustin Zhou finished speaking, nearly two hours have passed.

“This is basically the case. My current guess is whether there is a shadow of the Zhang family behind this incident. Mr. Sun, you have been in Hunan province for a long time, and you have a better understanding of the Zhang family than I do. For Mr. Zhang Taiyan Once I understand more, in your opinion, would the Zhang Family do such a thing?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

In fact, he really doubted the Zhang family.

Although he has a very good relationship with Zhang Jie, he is still a college classmate, and during this time, Zhang Jie has treated him as before, not only without a trace of resistance, but also expressed support for him several times.

Even at the previous dinner held by the Jiang family, Zhang Jie alone stood up to support him in the entire Zhang family.

Dustin Zhou will never forget this.

However, Zhang Jie is only a third-generation second-young master after all.

In addition to Zhang Taiyan, there are two second-generation young masters Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, and a cousin Zhang Tao.

Therefore, Zhang Jie’s right to speak in the Zhang family is almost small.

Plus, if this matter involves

When arriving at Zhang’s house, then it must be Zhang Taiyan, Zhang Lun, and Zhang Ying’s level of people discussing and making the decision. Zhang Jie would not know at all, even without the qualifications to know.

Moreover, judging from the several encounters between Dustin Zhou and Zhang Taiyan, Zhang Lun, and Zhang Ying, it seems that they are entirely possible to do such a thing.

For a while, the room was quiet, only Chen Xin made a little sound when turning the pages of the book.

“Well, I probably know about this, so you now suspect that the Zhang family is behind the plan to open the branch, instigate the gangsters to obstruct, and even open the protection fee?” Sun Lian said in a deep voice, her face full of With a solemn expression, the two beautiful eyebrows are also tightly knit together.

Obviously, even if it was her, she was very cautious about Dustin Zhou’s guess and would not easily draw conclusions.

“Well, I have this guess, but I can’t confirm it. After all, the possibility of the other four big families interfering in it is very high.” Dustin Zhou nodded.

“Hehe, looking at your depressed look, why, if you find out that the hands and feet were made by the Zhang family, you will be very disappointed?” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s head down, Sun Lian couldn’t help but chuckle, feeling better for Dustin Zhou’s senses. .

After all, if Dustin Zhou really has this kind of disappointment, it means that Dustin Zhou has not been smoothed by this society, and he still has some sincerity of his own.

And this is more important to Sun Lian than Dustin Zhou’s great success in her career.

“I’m afraid that ASher will follow you, so he values ​​you.” I thought to myself and thought of some news he had received. Asher Chen’s support for Dustin Zhou was not only in the East China Sea, but also in Hunan province several times. Provide help to Dustin Zhou.

“In fact, this matter is very simple, far from being as bad as you think.” Sun Lian chuckled lightly, with a feeling of completeness in her chest.

“How do you say?” Dustin Zhou asked in a moment of spirit.

“You just have a showdown with Zhang Taiyan!” “Showdown?” Dustin Zhou was really shocked by this.

Chapter 424


It was because I had doubts in my heart, but there was no way to confirm it, and I didn’t want to turn my face with the Zhang family, so I came to ask Sun Lian, but Sun Lian actually gave him such a way.

This is totally different from my own purpose!

“Yes, I know you must be thinking right now, once the showdown, you will completely turn your face with the Zhang family, and this does not meet your expectations at all, does it?” Sun Lian asked with a light smile.

Dustin Zhou didn’t feel embarrassed after his mind was broken, so he nodded and admitted.

“Actually, you are in Mount Lu, and you don’t know the true face of Mount Lu.” Sun Lian smiled.

“Actually, if you think about it, it’s nothing more than

There are two possibilities, one is made by the Zhang family and the other is not made by the Zhang family.

“If this is not done by the Zhang family, then you ask, and you have a showdown with Zhang Taiyan, then it means that you are sincere enough and want to maintain the cooperation between the two, and this cooperation is based on fairness. , If the Zhang family had no ghosts in their hearts, naturally they would not care too much.

“Besides, are you familiar with the Zhang family?”

Last time I went to the Zhang family, it seemed to me that you seemed to be familiar with the kid named Zhang Jie. What does the Zhang family think of you, do you need to care?

You only need to confirm a little, and that Zhang Jie understands you!

Sun Lian stretched out a finger and continued. “Another possibility is that this thing was done by the Zhang family from beginning to end. So now the biggest expectation of the Zhang family is that you ask them for help. Once you ask them for help, Then they will have countless ways to remove this matter from themselves!

“But if you showdown directly with them, I’m afraid it will go far beyond their expectations, leaving them unprepared. When that happens, they will naturally show their feet and the truth will be undefeated.

Sun Lian said it very seriously, obviously after careful consideration, not casually speaking. And Dustin Zhou fell into deep thought after listening to it, and kept deducing the two possibilities Sun Lian said in his heart. Gradually, Dustin Zhou’s face The dignity became more relaxed, and the whole person became clearer. “So, it seems that I have some aspects, and I have not understood the essence of the matter.

Dustin Zhou laughed at himself. He didn’t expect that he had thought so much. In fact, things were so simple. Under Sun Lian’s few words, things that had troubled him all day were solved in this way. That’s right, Zhang Family is for him. , It’s nothing at all, just like the Yu family, the Du family, the Jiang family, and the Tang family. Zhang Jie is the only one who has the friendship of college classmates with him. However, Zhang Jie is in the Zhang family alone The weight is very light, so light that some of the decisions made by the Zhang family do not even need to let Zhang Jie know. In this case, then the Zhang family cannot represent Zhang Jie. If Dustin Zhou turns against the Zhang family, it does not mean that he is turning against Zhang Jie. Figured it out. After this, Dustin Zhou smiled and looked at Sun Lian very sincerely. “Mr. Sun, I am so grateful. I have been thinking about not turning my face with the Zhang family before. It seems that I am still in a dead end. Thanks You help me get out of this horny tip, haha.

Dustin Zhou laughed and said, getting closer to Sun Lian. Dustin Zhou was even thinking about whether to bring him closer to Sun Lian again. Although Asher Chen said to himself seriously several times before, don’t get too close to Sun Lian. You must keep your distance. But after this period of time

, Coupled with Sun Lian’s enlightenment to herself this time, made Dustin Zhou realize that Sun Lian might not need to strengthen the embankment as Asher Chen said.

Even Dustin Zhou is still thinking about whether to tell Sun Lian of her identity so that she will have fashion capital to be a powerful help for her return to Zhou’s house in the future.

However, as soon as this thought came into being, it was directly extinguished by Dustin Zhou.

Not to mention that his identity is now a secret and must be kept strictly confidential.

Even now, only Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua know their secrets.

No one else knows.

In case Sun Lian was still hiding some aspects, she didn’t notice it for a while, and she rashly said her identity, it would inevitably become a disaster.

Even if disasters are not found immediately, one amount is likely to become a hidden danger.

So Dustin Zhou thought twice and decided not to tell Sun Lian his identity.

As for the assistance of Sun Lian and Fashion Capital, as long as he is closer to Sun Lian now, Sun Lian and Fashion Capital may not be able to be their own assistance when needed.

Besides, Asher Chen must be by his side by then.

Using Asher Chen as a bait, Sun Lian would not let this opportunity pass.

Thinking about it this way, Dustin Zhou felt a wave of Pengbye in his heart.

However, he didn’t notice that the way he was in Sun Lian’s eyes meant that he had a wishful thinking.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you thinking? Tell me to listen?” Sun Lian’s cold voice suddenly sounded, and it passed into Dustin Zhou’s ears, like a thunderbolt on the blue sky, making Dustin Zhou sober instantly.

Everything that was originally in my mind disappeared like a broken bubble in an instant.

“Ah? No, I didn’t think about anything. I just want to explain to Zhang Jie if things are really the same as I guessed.” Dustin Zhou quickly explained, but he didn’t dare to tell the truth about what he was thinking. Just say a reason, take Zhang Jiechi as an explanation.

“Hmph, it’s best to be like this, but Zhang Jie, if the relationship with you is true, then you don’t need to explain to him specifically, he will naturally understand your approach, otherwise, such a friend, don’t No matter it!” Sun Lian was suspicious, apparently skeptical of Dustin Zhou’s explanation, but since Dustin Zhou said so, she could only choose to believe it.

At the same time, he was a bit disdainful of Dustin Zhou’s statement.

When is this, the friendship of classmates in college, can it still be a meal?

“Well, I see, I’ll go back first, you guys have a good rest.” Nodded, indicating that he would think about it, Dustin Zhou left after leaving.

It’s already night, and he is staying in the room, and he has not written properly.

Wait till Dustin Zhouli

After opening, Chen Xin, who had been reading quietly, suddenly turned around, looking at Sun Lian with slightly red eyes.

“Auntie Sun, did Brother Dustin Zhou encounter any problems?” “Why do you ask? Just now you pretended to read, but you were actually eavesdropping?” Sun Lian Meimu looked up and down Chen Xin, jokingly.

She actually felt a little weird.

What is the charm of Dustin Zhou? First, there was a superb wife like Mira Xie, and another stunning boss boss like Enderia Shen, but he was very obedient to him.

Now, it seems that Chen Xin has a very good sense of Dustin Zhou.

Could it be that Dustin Zhou’s charm was already so strong, but he didn’t find it.

“Auntie Sun, what are you talking about? I don’t have any. It’s just that I see brother Dustin Zhou frowning. Obviously he has encountered a problem. When he was in the East China Sea, every time his brother Dustin Zhou encountered a problem, he would go to the bank. The Lake Club was discussing with my dad, and now my dad is not here, brother Dustin Zhou must be very embarrassed.” Chen Xin’s voice was a little shameful, but as he spoke, when it came to his father Asher Chen, his voice suddenly became low.

Sun Lian was silent. Of course she knew the reason for Chen Xin’s low tone, and she sighed deeply in her heart.

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