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Chapter 425

Chapter shooting!

“When I was in Donghai before, Dustin Zhou would consult with your father every time he encountered a problem? Your father would help him every time?” Although Sun Lian felt a little down, she keenly grasped a key point in Chen Xin’s words. point.

“Yeah, it has been several times. I just saw it, not less than ten times. Moreover, on a few occasions, there were other people coming with Brother Dustin Zhou, but I didn’t know him very much. I asked my father, he Don’t tell me either.” Chen Xin was taken aback, wondering why Aunt Sun Lian’s voice suddenly changed and became serious.

Is there something wrong with it?

But Chen Xin thought about it carefully, and found nothing wrong. What he said was seen with his own eyes, and he didn’t say anything nonsense.

“Is that so?” Sun Lian murmured, thinking about it in her heart.

Before, he thought it was Asher Chen who was optimistic about Dustin Zhou and wanted to get closer to Dustin Zhou, so he extended his hand appropriately.

But now it seems that the relationship between Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou is far beyond what Sun Lian thought.

Even Asher Chen has been too optimistic about Dustin Zhou.

Is this really just the love of talent?

Sun Lian asked herself, based on what she knew about Asher Chen, he was not such a person, so this possibility was very slim.

So, is it because of Chen Xin?

Sun Lian has long noticed that Chen Xin’s relationship with Dustin Zhou is also very

Not much, and Chen Xin has some hints of relying on Dustin Zhou.

Could it be that Asher Chen helped Dustin Zhou in every possible way because of Chen Xin?

And Chen Xin was a little embarrassed to be stared at by Sun Lian.

Although she was a girl who didn’t experience much human affairs, she was able to see some specious things in Sun Lian’s gaze.

“Auntie Sun, why are you looking at me like this?” Chen Xin’s body twisted slightly, avoiding Sun Lian’s gaze slightly.

“Haha, Xin’er, have you ever thought that your father is so kind to Dustin Zhou because of you?” Sun Lian said with a smile.

“For me?” Chen Xin blinked his eyes wide, for a moment not knowing why.

“Yeah, your father may have taken a fancy to Dustin Zhou and wants him to be his son-in-law.” “A son-in-law?” Chen Xin blinked his eyes. At first he didn’t understand Sun Lian’s meaning, but after a while, Chen Xin rectified. Zhang’s face turned red, as if it had been scalded by boiling water, almost white gas.

“Aunt Sun, what are you talking about!” Chen Xin quickly retorted, even more afraid to look at Sun Lian.

“What? Xin’er, don’t you have any thoughts on your own?” Sun Lian still joked.

In her opinion, if Dustin Zhou and Chen Xin are really together, maybe it is really good.

However, there is a problem right now, that is, Dustin Zhou already has a wife, and her appearance is superior, not only not inferior to Chen Xin, but even because of his age, Chen Xin is far inferior to Mira Xie’s style and charm.

“Auntie Sun, you think too much. Brother Dustin Zhou has a wife, and sister Mira is also very beautiful.” Chen Xin whispered. When talking about Mira Xie, he obviously lacked confidence, like doing something bad, for fear of mentioning it. To Mira Xie, she knew the same.

“Haha, Xin’er, if you like it, you must say it, even if there is no result, don’t leave any regrets. I also told you that the matter between me and your father, now I think about it, it is that there was a lack of good communication back then Opportunity.” Sun Lian said with a smile, but this smile was full of bitterness.

… In the room, Dustin Zhou didn’t know the whisper between the two women, I’m afraid he didn’t have the interest to know.

Back in his room, Dustin Zhou was still thinking about what Sun Lian said just now.

Indeed, according to what Sun Lian said, the direct showdown with Mr. Zhang Taiyan is, if it wasn’t you, that’s good, I admit it, but if you did it, there is nothing to hesitate even if it turns out.

As for Zhang Jie, he is only an individual, and cannot be equated with the Zhang family.

After making up his mind, Dustin Zhou stopped thinking about other things.

What he needs to wait for now is whether Wang Wei will be threatened by those gangsters.

Just like that, three days passed in a flash, Wang

There was no news from Wei.

Everything seems to be advancing steadily.

Even during this period of time, the four major families did not move much, as if all the previous ones were about to move, disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, the ambassador contract between Mingyang’s flagship store and Jiang Yan was officially signed. From that moment on, Jiang Yan has become the ambassador of the flagship store.

The flagship store, under Zhang Luo, the store manager, Zhang Xinyi, has already started contacting all parties, preparing to take a group of promotional photos for Jiang Yan, and distribute it first, spreading the news first in Changsha and even Hunan Province.

Dustin Zhou also asked Jiang Yan carefully whether doing so would put her in a dilemma.

After all, Jiang Yan belongs to Jiang’s family, but Dustin Zhou and Jiang’s family have hatred.

Dustin Zhou was afraid that doing so would make Jiang Yan a bad man in the Jiang family, and would be rejected by the Jiang family.

But the feedback Dustin Zhou got was that Jiang Yan didn’t care what the Jiang family thought of her. Anyway, she was still the Jiang family and Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter anyway. No one could change this.

With Jiang Yan’s guarantee, Zhang Xinyi can do things faster.

Soon, all aspects were coordinated, and Zhang Xinyi also invited a photographer who was out of town in Hunan Province to personally take promotional photos for Jiang Yan.

It was another weekend. Dustin Zhou arrived at the flagship store early. At this time, Zhang Xinyi was ready in the store.

“Zhou, you are here.” Seeing Dustin Zhou coming, Zhang Xinyi quickly put down everything and ran over to greet him.

“Well, how are the preparations? There is no problem, right?” Dustin Zhou nodded, looked around, and saw that there were a lot of preparations in the store, especially some venues, which were specially set aside to match Jiang Yan’s promotional photos. Shoot.

Dustin Zhou was very satisfied with this.

After all, compared with the price they paid, it seems that Jiang Yan can be invited to serve as an ambassador. It is undoubtedly a good thing for the famous company and the flagship store.

Not only the flagship store, but when the branches are well prepared and opened, Jiang Yan’s promotional photos can also be distributed, so that each branch will have Jiang Yan’s promotional photos.

Dustin Zhou believes that Jiang Yan’s appearance and her reputation in Hunan will definitely receive a very strong response.

“No problem, don’t worry, Mr. Zhou, now I’m waiting for the photographer team and Miss Jiang Yan to come.” Zhang Xinyi said with a smile, she is also very excited now, all of which was promoted by her, and her heart was suddenly full. A sense of accomplishment.

Not long after, Jiang Yan also came over.

Unlike when she came here alone, this time there was a woman beside her.

When Dustin Zhou saw this woman, he immediately remembered who she was.

Sister Ling.

Although I don’t know

Who is this sister Ling, but looking at the relationship with Jiang Yan is very good, it shows that she is at least a member of a big family.

“Miss Jiang, Sister Ling.” Because she didn’t know what Ling’s surname was, Dustin Zhou could only call each other Ling’s sister along with Jiang Yan.

Anyway, looking at his age, Dustin Zhou felt that it was not a disadvantage for him to call her sister Ling.

Chapter 426

“Well, Dustin Zhou, are you all ready?” Before Jiang Yan spoke, Sister Ling started to look around in the store. Seeing some preparations, she nodded in satisfaction.

Obviously, Sister Ling was very satisfied with Dustin Zhou’s sincerity.

Otherwise, she would never let Jiang Yan be an ambassador.

“Hey, by the way, how about the photographer? You wouldn’t have invited the photographer?” Suddenly, Sister Ling seemed to have discovered something, frowned and asked.

At this time, Dustin Zhou also discovered that the best photographer in Hunan Province who had agreed to invite, until now, even the protagonist Jiang Yan has come, and the other party has not yet come.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou didn’t look up, but looked at Zhang Xinyi, his expression also ugly.

After all, this is already a mistake in their work.

But Zhang Xinyi’s face had become very ugly at this moment, and some sweat was also drenched on her forehead.

“I’ll contact the other party again. Maybe something happened on the road.” Zhang Xinyi was still thinking about explaining to the other party. After making the call, it was almost a minute before the call was about to hang up automatically. through.

“Mr. Yang, I don’t know when you will be able to come to the store. We are all ready here, and the protagonist has already arrived. Just waiting for you.” Zhang Xinyi put her posture very low, even her words were polite .

After all, the other party is the best photographer in the entire Hunan Province, and his reputation is not only great in Hunan Province, but also in the whole country, with many fans.

This time, Zhang Xinyi also took a lot of effort, and even used the contacts she had accumulated when she was the store manager of Zhangjia Meichen Beauty Makeup to invite her.

“What’s the rush? It’s early in the morning, can’t people sleep well? When I’m asleep, you can wait.” The other party’s tone was very bad, and after he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

In an instant, Zhang Xinyi’s face turned ugly, even with a hint of anger.

“What’s going on?” At this time, Dustin Zhou also saw something was wrong. Could it be that the other party was playing big cards and temporarily increasing the price?

“Mr. Zhou, the other party said that he wanted to sleep well before he came, and said that we should wait.” Zhang Xinyi said in a difficult tone. After speaking, she lowered her head, obviously very self-blame.

After all, the other party was invited by her, out

If things happen, Zhang Xinyi is naturally responsible.

What’s more, Zhang Xinyi now has a certain understanding of Jiang Yan’s identity, and she cherishes Dustin Zhou’s ability to negotiate with Jiang Yan as an ambassador.

If the matter of the ambassador is left to the ground because of the problem of the photographer she invited, even if Dustin Zhou does not blame her, Zhang Xinyi will not be able to live with her own self-blame.

“It’s a big tone, it’s stubborn to be angry, Dustin Zhou, is this your sincerity?” Jiang Yan could not help but cursed before Jiang Yan had spoken.

Obviously, the photographer’s arrogance has already made her angry, and it has even angered Dustin Zhou.

“Sister Ling, Dustin Zhou didn’t do it intentionally. Besides, I heard that the other party is the most famous photographer in Hunan Province. It should be a bit more temperamental. Let’s just wait. There is nothing to do anyway.” Jiang Yan Pulling sister Laling’s arm, she whispered.

However, when he said this, Jiang Yan was inexplicably afraid to look at Sister Ling’s eyes, and even said that he was not very confident.

Sister Ling’s attention and vigilance immediately aroused.

“Little Yan’er, what’s the matter with you? Have you changed your temper? If it were put in the past, you would be more hot-tempered than mine, and now you actually speak for others?” Sister Ling was very surprised. It is impossible for Jiang Yan to say such words.

Now that the other photographer is playing a big show, Jiang Yan not only didn’t get angry, but had a kind face, as if she really didn’t care at all, and it didn’t even matter if she waited here for a while.

No matter how Sister Ling looked, she thought Jiang Yan was very strange, and Jiang Yan didn’t even dare to look at herself.

There is definitely a problem!

Sister Ling was very sure in her heart, but she couldn’t think of anything except the problem for a while.

But the next second, when Sister Ling saw Dustin Zhou’s gaze, all the doubts in her heart disappeared in an instant.

It was because of him!

It seemed that Jiang Yan had forgiven the other photographer, but she was actually excusing Dustin Zhou, and she offered to wait here, just to be able to spend more time with Dustin Zhou.

Okay, you Jiang Yan, has become so bad, is this still the little Yan’er in my mind?

Sister Ling was anxious and wanted to take Jiang Yan away, but now she is not good at playing in someone else’s territory.

“Where is it, Sister Ling, when is it now, and with such a big temper, anyway, there is nothing wrong with us, not to mention, this time I want to try something new, so please stop getting angry.” Where did Jiang Yan know that Sister Ling had already seen everything at this time and was still whispering to persuade.

“Well, okay, but that photographer, the death penalty is forgiving.

Can’t escape, Yang Zhaoting, the most famous photographer in Hunan Province?

Sister Ling looked at Zhang Xinyi, who was blaming herself, and asked coldly. Since Xiao Yan’er wanted to protect Dustin Zhou, Sister Ling had to turn the muzzle and aim it at the most famous photographer in Hunan Province. Um, that’s right.

Before Zhang Xinyi could respond, Sister Ling took the phone in her hand, and Sister Ling quickly dialed a call. “Who, it’s so annoying, I didn’t tell you, wait until I sleep well. Come here again, you can’t even wait for a while?

After the call was dialed, Yang Zhaoting’s voice instantly rang from the phone, his voice full of anger and irritation, and a trace of tiredness. Zhang Xinyi was dumbfounded at this time. She didn’t know the identity of Sister Ling, but she saw Sister Ling. I used my mobile phone to call Yang Zhaoting, and my heart suddenly became nervous. Will Yang Zhaoting think that she is venting her dissatisfaction, and then cancel the cooperation. After all, as far as Zhang Xinyi knows, Yang Zhaoting doesn’t care about a breach of contract. As for people like them, Just shooting a set of promotional photos of the ambassador, even if you break the contract, you won’t be able to lose much money. Zhang Xinyi’s concern now is that this sister Ling, who doesn’t know the specific situation, will offend the other party. “Little Tingting, know who I am ?

You are so courageous now, you dare to play big cards, do you know what you are doing?

You want my old lady to sit here and wait for you, right?

I’ll give you half an hour. If you can’t see you, you’d better walk with bodyguards in the future. Be careful not to know where the cold arrow came from and hurt you!

“Sister Ling said coldly, her tone of voice harsh, but it sounded like she was domineering. Zhang Xinyi was dumbfounded, with a shocked look on her face, she didn’t even dare to imagine that what she said just now would be from Sister Ling. It came out, and it sounded so domineering. Not to mention Zhang Xinyi, even Dustin Zhou was shocked.

Chapter 427

Yang Zhaoting! Although I know this sister Erling is probably also a young lady in a big family, but this The words can be said from her mouth, and it is really impressive. This person looks completely different from her appearance. She looks cute and sexy in appearance, but in fact, I am afraid that he is domineering and a posture of self-respect. Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang Yan unconsciously, but Jiang Yan responded to him with a helpless and innocent look. In an instant, Yang Zhaoting on the other side of the phone became quiet. It seems that there is a rush of wind and rain to wind up the building. It means that it’s like the tranquility of a storm and money. Zhang Xinyi is even ready. If Yang Zhaoting becomes angry, she will definitely apologize and try not to let this sister Ling get angry. However, the next second, the phone came. Yang Zhao

Everyone was stunned by Ting’s voice.

“You are… Sister Ling? Damn! Sister Ling, why are you there? Isn’t that just a broken shop? Why would you go there, Sister Ling? Wouldn’t you be the so-called ambassador? Sister Ling, your style?” Yang Zhaoting not only didn’t get angry, but had a surprised tone. Even, in his tone, it was incredible. It seemed that a small store like the company’s flagship store was not worthy of Sister Ling.

“What are you talking about? I only give you half an hour. Two minutes have passed now, and you still have twenty-eight minutes. It’s out of date!” Sister Ling sneered without saying much, she just checked the time and reported. After a while, he directly hung up.

Returning the phone to Zhang Xinyi, who was stunned, Sister Ling shook her head, and suddenly felt a bit boring. There is a regret that no one appreciates the pretense.

“Sister Ling, you…” Zhang Xinyi finally reacted, and hurriedly grabbed her mobile phone and looked at Sister Ling. She became even more nervous and shuddered when she spoke.

After all, Zhang Xinyi knows about Yang Zhaoting. There are some lawless demon kings in Hunan Province. Although he doesn’t know what he has to rely on, Zhang Xinyi knows that even the children of the five big families, they must be polite when they meet Yang Zhaoting. I’m so angry, I don’t dare to be presumptuous.

But now, Yang Zhaoting, who is like a little devil in marriage, looks like a little brother in front of Sister Ling, and he still doesn’t dare to talk back.

This made Zhang Xinyi confused for a while.

The same is true for Dustin Zhou. Seeing sister Ling’s extremely chic appearance, she was shocked.

What is the origin of this sister Ling? She looks so powerful.

However, Dustin Zhou would not ask the bottom line if the other party didn’t say anything.

After all, he didn’t know this sister E Ling very well at all, and it was all because of the presence of a middleman Jiang Yan that they would say a few words.

Seeing this, since Sister Ling said to give Yang Zhaoting half an hour, there is a high probability that the other party will come over in half an hour.

“Everyone, let’s take a break first. It’s half an hour and there will be occasional moments. Standing up is also tired.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and Zhang Xinyi hurriedly arranged.

Time passed by, not only Zhang Xinyi was looking at the time, but Dustin Zhou was also looking at the time from time to time.

“Om!” “Huh!” Suddenly, a loud sports car sound exploded not far from the pedestrian street.

Immediately afterwards, an Aston Martin, a cool and domineering sports car, came to the door of Mingyang’s flagship store with a beautiful sweep of Thomas, and it could be parked in front of the flagship store.

In an instant, this sports car shocked everyone on the pedestrian street, everyone, whether it was a pedestrian on the road or someone from a store, all eyes gathered


Not to mention, the shape of this Aston Martin can be memorable and deeply shocking.

Not to mention, this is a pedestrian street. In theory, it is inaccessible by any means of transportation.

However, this Aston Martin drove in without any hindrance. Those who knew, naturally knew that the owner of this car must have an extraordinary identity and means.

Moreover, the car stopped at the door of Mingyang’s flagship store.

This has attracted the attention of many stores.

During this period of time, the whole pedestrian street, the whole Changsha, the most dynamic, the most lively, is the flagship store of the famous company. Every day, customers are endless and the sound is very hot. The nearby shops, by contrast, the business is deserted. A lot.

So now suddenly a luxury sports car is coming, which naturally attracts the attention of many people.

Yang Zhaoting had just parked the car, got off immediately, and rushed to Sister Ling in a few steps.

At this time, he still had a watch in his hand.

“Sister Ling… Twenty-eight minutes… It’s not even half an hour…” Yang Zhaoting said breathlessly, his voice intermittently, and even others could not stand steady, and he half-kneeled in front of Sister Ling, with his hands on his hands. The watch was handed to Sister Ling for Sister Ling to check.

At this time, Dustin Zhou took a serious look at the photographer Yang Zhaoting.

He was not very old, about twenty-five and sixty, and he was about the same as himself, dressed up very casually, as if he didn’t dress himself seriously.

The hair is a Korean style that is very popular recently, and the face is also very handsome.


Little fresh meat!

This is Dustin Zhou’s first impression of Yang Zhaoting.

As for other impressions, there are none for now.

But compared with this, Dustin Zhou was still more curious about the reasons for this attitude of Yang Zhaoting in front of Sister Ling.

“Huh, Xiao Tingting, you are amazing now. You dare to put my pigeons and hang me here. Haven’t you been cleaned up for a while, you’re already floating now?” Sister Ling didn’t look at Yang Zhaoting’s watch. He sneered and broke his wrists, meaning to start with a big disagreement.

“Where, Sister Ling, don’t I know you are here? In other words, why are you here? This is just a small shop. What status are you…” Yang Zhaoting chuckled.

But halfway through the conversation, she was interrupted by sister Ling reaching out.

“Huh, it’s good to know. Since you came within the time I stipulated, then you won’t be punished. Don’t talk nonsense, and start work quickly.” Sister Ling said coldly.

“Hao Le!” Yang Zhaoting responded excitedly when she heard that Ling sister didn’t pursue it. He immediately got up, went back to the sports car and took out his exclusive camera and some equipment, ready to start work.

“You guys are ready to prepare.” Sister Ling said casually.

And Zhang Xinyi

Only after reacting, he quickly greeted the employees to help Yang Zhaoting.

Soon, the equipment for taking publicity photos, lighting boards, and the like were all placed.

“Xiao Tingting, come here, let me introduce to you. This is my good friend Jiang Yan, from the Jiang family in Xiang province. What should I do? You know, if I am not satisfied with the photos taken, you should not go back today. Sister Ling carried Yang Zhaoting’s collar, pointed at Jiang Yan, and said coldly, full of threats.

But Yang Zhaoting’s face was stern, and Yizheng sweared.

“Don’t worry, Sister Ling, I will take good shots. I will absolutely satisfy you and make Miss Jiang satisfied!” Yang Zhaoting swore his vows and immediately went to work.

Dustin Zhou has been observing sister Ling, and when she saw this, she was amazed.

After Yang Zhaoting knew Jiang Yan’s identity, he did not show any surprises or even surprises, as if he didn’t care that Jiang Yan was Jiang’s family.

You know, the Jiang family is one of the five largest families in Hunan Province, and Jiang Yan is very famous in Hunan Province. Basically, anyone with a little influence can not know Jiang Yan.

But Yang Zhaoting didn’t seem to know at all, and didn’t care.

But even so, he looked like a little brother in front of Sister Ling.

It seems that the origins of these two people are not simple, and even the forces behind them are not in Hunan Province at all.

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