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Chapter 428

The fear of being dominated by sister Ling!

“No problem, right?” Dustin Zhou whispered to Jiang Yan.

For this Yang Zhaoting, he had never heard of this person before, and he didn’t know at all about his level.

But since Dustin Zhou arranged for Zhang Xinyi to handle this matter, Zhang Xinyi naturally investigated it.

After all, Hunan Province is just this big, and Zhang Xinyi has worked in Hunan Province for more than ten years, and he must have a deeper understanding of this aspect.

“Well, it’s okay, it’s just taking a few photos anyway, it’s not a problem.” Jiang Yan smiled.

“Hehe, sure enough, I still have enough confidence in myself.” Dustin Zhou nodded, stopped talking, and now only needs to take the promotional photos.

Soon, the filming work officially began.

Alas, with the light board and some other props, Yang Zhaoting quickly started shooting.

And Jiang Yan also showed her charm, just changing a figure and posture casually, as if exuding endless light of charm, making people unable to open their eyes at all.

Even Dustin Zhou was shocked by Jiang Yan’s posture.

The feeling they had met the previous few times was completely different.

At this time, Jiang Yan seemed to be a completely different person. Everything was under her control, whether it was a photographer or a passerby.

“Huh, a bunch of mortals, how can you understand the charm of my little Yan’er at will.” Seeing the dull faces of those employees, Sister Ling curled her lips and said with disdain. There was a trace of dissatisfaction, it seemed that someone else looked at Jiang Yan, making Sister Ling a little jealous.

Dustin Zhou was startled, he didn’t know why such a thought suddenly appeared in his heart.

Isn’t Jiang Yan and Ling sister ordinary friends?

Or… Thinking of a possibility, Dustin Zhou looked at Sister Ling’s gaze, slightly changed, his mouth twitched, a little unbelievable.

But soon, Dustin Zhou put away the surprise.

After all, this is a matter between Sister Ling and Jiang Yan, not to mention that Dustin Zhou didn’t think Jiang Yan would be that kind of person.

And the reason why I felt that way just now was probably just sister Ling’s wishful thinking.

The whole shooting went smoothly, even if Yang Zhaoting had a hint of wanting to slack off, Sister Ling would sternly scolded.

Therefore, Yang Zhaoting worked very hard, at least during the whole shooting process, he did not dare to make any mess, he was very well-behaved, and did not lose his temper.

Three hours later, the shooting officially ended, and there were hundreds of photos in Yang Zhaoting’s camera.

These photo materials need to go back for some refinement before they can be used as the final promotional photos.

“Hey, Sister Ling, the photos have been taken, and I will go back and refine these photos later.” Yang Zhaoting seemed to be asking

In general, I took the photos from the camera and asked for credit in front of Sister Ling.

“Well, it’s good to know. When the photo is repaired, show it to me first. If I find that the repair is not good, you know the consequences!” Sister Ling still threatened, as if threatening Yang Zhaoting in her eyes. It’s nothing, it’s just a daily task.

“Good, good, good.” Yang Zhaoting kept nodding, and answered again and again, without daring to refute.

“Okay, you can get out of here.” Nodded, Sister Ling waved directly to Yang Zhaoting, and let him go.

Zhang Xinyi and Dustin Zhou were amazed by this quick-come and quick-to-flick method.

After receiving the order, Yang Zhaoting was relieved and left without a word.

As the roar of the sports car faded away, Dustin Zhou, Zhang Xinyi, and Jiang Yan all looked at sister Ling, seemingly curious about Yang Zhaoting’s attitude just now.

“Haha, why are you looking at me like this? Isn’t it normal to accept a younger brother? This Yang Zhaoting was a younger brother I used to receive, and I don’t know when the cross talk will come, so it’s not a big deal.” Sister Ling also noticed the weird eyes of several people, and then casually explained.

Dustin Zhou smiled, and didn’t take it seriously. After all, there must be some things in it that Sister Ling didn’t want to say.

Even Jiang Yan didn’t know, let alone him as an outsider.

What’s more, it seems that she is still an outsider who threatens Sister Ling enough.

“Okay, the filming task is complete. I will invite you to dinner. The last time I signed the contract, I should invite you to dinner, but I was delayed by things. Now is just an opportunity.” Dustin Zhou smiled and started to invite Jiang Yan Having dinner with Sister Ling, after all, he didn’t invite anyone to dinner last time, and now, he is making up for it.

… On the other side, Yang Zhaoting returned to his villa in Changsha, and he was relieved to see that no one was coming from behind.

Immediately, there was a strange look on his face.

He didn’t even think that he would meet Sister Ling in Hunan Province or Changsha, and it seemed that Sister Ling had a good relationship with a lady named Jiang Yan.

Thinking of some of the scandals that Sister Ling had spread before, Yang Zhaoting suppressed a smile, got out of the car, took the camera, and returned to the room, ready to fix the photos as soon as possible.

However, as he refined the photo and looked at the impeccable beauty in the photo, his mind was shaken.

Yang Zhaoting thinks he can be regarded as a master of love, and the beauties he has made can not count with one hand.

However, it seems that I have never encountered a woman like this Jiang Yan.

And now, after finally encountering one, she was still guarded strictly by Sister Ling.

“No, I have to send out the news of Sister Ling so that

Some people know, huh, I can’t be the only one being scared by Sister Ling, I have to be scared!

“I thought of a prank in my heart. Yang Zhaoting quickly opened a WeChat group and concealed what happened today in the group. However, after all, Yang Zhaoting wanted these people to be taught by Ling Sister, so he concealed it. There are many things. Among them, he didn’t explain Jiang Yan’s existence in the group. Yang Zhaoting thought in his heart that if those people came to Changsha and saw Jiang Yan, they would definitely be unable to walk or even take the initiative to accost. However, Yang Zhaoting couldn’t help laughing when they thought that Jiang Yan would be known by Sister Ling, the consequences, and the tragic scene. Soon, the WeChat group exploded. “Damn, damn!

Isn’t it? Sister Ling is in Hunan province or Changsha?


“It was actually met by a kid like Yang Zhaoting, fake?”

You met Sister Ling, would you say it?

“Hmph, maybe he has been taught by Sister Ling, now he is thinking about how to cheat us.”

“Yes, everyone should pay attention to this. Yang Zhaoting has the most bad ideas, so don’t be fooled!”

“No, I can’t stand it anymore, I’m going to Hunan Province, I’m going to Changsha, I’m looking for Sister Ling!”

“Go together, go together, I haven’t seen Sister Ling for a long time.”

“Who else wants to go with, sign up now!”


Chapter 429

The WeChat group was ringing continuously, and there was a lively and extraordinary atmosphere. But Yang Zhaoting secretly laughed. He just said in the WeChat group that Ling sister was in Hunan province. Changsha didn’t explain what Sister Ling was doing now, who she was with. This group of desperate people, if they swarmed, Sister Ling would definitely not give them good fruit by then. Yang Zhaoting felt upset when she was reprimanded by Sister Ling, and even the unhappiness she had been scolded by Sister Ling today disappeared in an instant. It is better to put on some cushions when a person dies. This is what Yang Zhaoting thinks now. But soon, he will. He turned his gaze into the photos on the computer, and looked at Jiang Yan’s peerless beauty. If there were more people like Jiang Yan, then Yang Zhaoting’s photographic level would definitely rise a few levels. It’s a pity that he used to be. None of the beauties I met had the look of Jiang Yan. However, if Sister Ling was not there, Yang Zhaoting might really be interested in Jiang Yan and plan to get started. But since she was the person that Sister Ling had ordered , Then Yang Zhaoting would naturally not be boring and break the ground on Sister Ling. On the other hand, Dustin Zhou invited Jiang Yan. Sister Ling had a meal. During the period, several people also chatted casually, but Dustin Zhou had some thoughts about Sister Ling.

The temptation was all resolved by Ling sister in a moment.

As a result, after the whole meal, Dustin Zhou not only didn’t get any information about Ling Jie, but even faintly noticed that Ling Jie was hostile and unhappy with him.

Surprised, Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Ling’s reaction was so big.

It is easy to say that the two have met several times.

Even if there is no way to become friends, but with Jiang Yan, the relationship between the two does not need to be too stale.

So Dustin Zhou gave up the idea of ​​continuing to inquire.

After that, the meal was fairly harmonious.

After leaving Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou returned directly to the hotel.

Now Jiang Yan’s ambassador matter has basically been resolved. All that is left is to wait for Yang Zhaoting to get the promotional photos, and then the famous company will release it in Hunan Province and do enough advertising.

And one of his next important tasks is to confirm something with the Zhang family.

Sun Lian was right, even if Dustin Zhou and the Zhang family are now showdown, for him, there is not much loss.

Moreover, the showdown can also be used to find out whether there is a black hand from the Zhang family behind the blocked branch.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate anymore, and directly called the Zhang family and contacted Zhang Taiyan directly.

It has been several days since the last phone conversation with Zhang Taiyan.

In these days, Dustin Zhou thought that it was not just himself thinking about many things, but also thinking about the gains and losses after doing so.

Zhang family, it must be the same.

Otherwise, in the last call, Mr. Zhang Taiyan would not say twice and repeatedly. Once you encounter problems during the opening of the branch, you can directly contact him.

In the past few days, Dustin Zhou summarized some information in his previous dialogue with Zhang Taiyan and came up with several results.

First, Zhang Taiyan knew that he had encountered problems during the opening of the branch, and he was likely to know exactly what kind of problems he encountered.

Second, the Zhang family is capable of solving these problems, even easier than Dustin Zhou imagined.

Third, Mr. Zhang Taiyan was testing and at the same time implying that Dustin Zhou had a wise choice.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t smile deeply.

In the Zhang family’s opinion, it might be wise for Zhang Taiyan to make his own choice, tell the Zhang family famously about some problems, and then ask for help from the Zhang family.

But for Dustin Zhou, this is completely meaningless.

If you encounter any problems, everyone will seek help from the Zhang family. Then, in the future, these branches will be famous for the company or Zhang family?

Once some conflicts and contradictions occur and the two sides become entangled, the Zhang family only needs to say, what kind of problems encountered in the past, it was my Zhang family to solve, then for Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company, they will let them

Fall into a great passivity.

This is totally unacceptable to Dustin Zhou.

What’s more, this also involves the possibility that Zhang Family may be behind the scenes.

So Dustin Zhou had to be cautious, even keeping enough vigilance and caution with Zhang Family.

After many thoughts, Dustin Zhou decided to make such a call and directly showdown with Zhang Taiyan.

The call was quickly connected, because Dustin Zhou personally called him, and he was called to find Mr. Zhang Taiyan, so he was quickly transferred to the phone in Mr. Zhang Taiyan’s room.

At this time, the Zhang family and the old man Zhang Taiyan were alone in the room, sitting in the armchair, reading swayingly, looking immersed in the book, and unable to extricate themselves for a while.

And it looked very calm and indifferent, as if everything outside had nothing to do with him.

But suddenly, the phone in the room rang.

The old man Zhang Taiyan, who was sitting still like an old monk, suddenly raised his head, his old eyes that looked muddy flashed with a glimmer of light instantly and became extremely shrewd.

It seemed that he had expected it a long time ago. Zhang Taiyan knew who was calling, and he answered the call naturally.

“Hey, little friend Dustin Zhou.” Zhang Taiyan’s voice was very calm, confident, and casual.

Dustin Zhou’s first reaction when he heard Father Zhang Taiyan’s voice was that this was an old fox and there was no flaw.

It is worthy of being a man who has lived more than eighty years old, and is almost mature.

With this tone alone, I am afraid that I will maintain enough confidence and trust in Zhang Taiyan when I change to anyone else. It will not be like Dustin Zhou who is suspicious and even wants to show off directly to verify his thoughts and guesses. .

“Master Zhang, it’s been good these days.” However, even so, Dustin Zhou still made up his mind and began to confront Zhang Taiyan.

He is well aware that this is a constant confrontation, and it is impossible to prove all doubts in a few words.

Not only himself, but also Mr. Zhang Taiyan’s side, it is impossible to reveal too much in a few words.

However, Dustin Zhou knew that if he couldn’t let the old man Zhang Taiyan expose his flaws in a short time, then once the old man Zhang Taiyan was prepared, he wanted to prove something, but it would be as difficult as going to the sky.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou decided to go straight to the point and hit the old man Zhang Taiyan by surprise.

Presumably, based on Mr. Zhang Taiyan’s previous speculation, he would never have expected Dustin Zhou to be so direct, and without any worries or scruples.

“Master Zhang, I called you today to ask you something.” “Well, what is it, little friend Dustin Zhou can speak directly.” Zhang Taiyan was taken aback, and he did not expect Dustin Zhou to say such a thing, but

This is nothing at all, no matter what he asks, he will deny it at the time, just look for some time, pretend to say something, let Dustin Zhou guess.

Hehe, after all, he is a young man, and the city government is not deep enough, and his qi training skills are a lot worse.

Chapter 430

(2) “Master Zhang, the branch has indeed encountered some problems now. What I want to ask is, is there a black hand from your Zhang family? In other words, did your Zhang family instruct people to do it?” Dustin Zhou Shen Sheng Asked, the figure is extremely determined, if there is no reasonable answer, it must be a gesture of not giving up.

Suddenly, Mr. Zhang Taiyan, who was still laughing at Dustin Zhou for not being able to raise his qi, seemed to have his throat strangled, his face suddenly turned red, and even for several seconds, he didn’t say anything.

“Master, are you listening?” After waiting for several seconds, Dustin Zhou had not heard the old man talking, and the corners of his mouth suddenly raised slightly.

He knew that he had caught Zhang Taiyan by surprise when he asked questions straightforwardly.

Presumably, the other party had never thought that he would ask such a question at all, and he asked directly without any cover, the most direct question.

Among them, is there any black hand in your Zhang family!

In other words, Dustin Zhou has already stated that he has an attitude and suspects that Zhang’s family will engage in ghosts and disrupt the progress of the branch.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou’s inquiry like this clearly meant the Zhang family to give an explanation and explanation.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou could make a detour and ask about it.

Presumably as long as he showed his attitude, no matter whether there was any black hand from the Zhang family, Mr. Zhang Taiyan would give him an explanation.

“Haha, little friend Dustin Zhou, what are your words, is it because there is something wrong with the opening of the branch, and you suspect that my Zhang family secretly did it? Little friend Dustin Zhou, we are a cooperative relationship. The opening of this branch is not only The things that make you famous for the company are even more of my Zhang family. Why do you have such thoughts?” The old man Zhang Taiyan calmed down for a few seconds, thinking of thousands of possibilities in his mind for a moment, but most of them were caught except.

Even, the thought that hangs at the top of his mind now is, where is Dustin Zhou’s confidence, dare to question him in such a straightforward manner.

You know, although Zhang Taiyan is over 80 years old, he is very healthy both physically and mentally.

Moreover, among the five big families in Hunan Province, Zhang Taiyan’s seniority is the highest.

Now the heads of the other four major families, and even some of the elders in the family, are either one generation younger than him or the same generation, but younger than him.

So although the Zhang family is not the most powerful family in Hunan Province, his name is Zhang Taiyan,

But it is able to hold thousands of families in Hunan Province.

But now, a person from the East China Sea, with no background behind him, just relies on two successful commercial projects, dare to say such things in front of him.

Who has given Dustin Zhou such a strong confidence and confidence?

Famous company?

Zhang Taiyan directly shook his head in denial. Although a well-known company looks good and strong, in the eyes of Zhang’s family, a well-known company can’t make waves.

Sun Lian of Fashion Capital?

Zhang Taiyan thought for a second, but was still negative.

For fashion capital, Zhang Taiyan can be said to know its origins, as well as some of Sun Lian’s origins.

Because of this, Zhang Taiyan did not believe that Sun Lian and Fashion Capital would provide Dustin Zhou with any help and support.

So, is it just that Dustin Zhou’s unique youth and frivolousness made him a little bit confused about the situation, and dare to ask such questions?

Zhang Taiyan quickly shook his head again.

He did not know much about Dustin Zhou, nor did he have a deep understanding of Dustin Zhou.

However, from a few conversations and analysis of several movements when Dustin Zhou came to Hunan Province, Zhang Taiyan can almost conclude that Dustin Zhou is a man with very strong spirit and executive ability, and he has no scruples in doing things. Nothing can affect him.

When I first arrived in Changsha, I abolished Jiangbei, went to Xiangxi, injured Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying at his Zhang family’s house, and made a big fuss at the Jiang family dinner… In everything, you can occasionally see Dustin Zhou’s fierce and determined side.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, if you have any misunderstandings, you can tell them directly. I think our Zhang family still has enough sincerity, instead of preconceivedly doubting my Zhang family’s sincerity for this cooperation, what do you think? “?” Zhang Taiyan said with a smile, verbally, it seemed that Dustin Zhou’s question was regarded as a misunderstanding, and even very polite to let Dustin Zhou speak out the misunderstanding. His Zhang family could show sincerity to eliminate the misunderstanding.

But when Dustin Zhou heard these words, they had completely different meanings.

Acknowledging that it was a misunderstanding, then Dustin Zhou’s straightforward questioning showed that he was not stable enough, impetuous, and easy to rush for quick success.

As for the so-called sincerity expressed by Mr. Zhang, in Dustin Zhou’s view, it was nothing more than delaying time and giving them time and energy to clean up those behind the scenes.

At least, when the time comes to really discuss and misunderstand things, their Zhang family will not have any flaws in front of Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, father, is it a misunderstanding? I think you know better than me that originally this branch project is the cooperation between our two parties, and throughout the whole process, there is almost no direct blow to other people and forces.”

Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“I know, you will definitely say that our project, for the cosmetics companies and stores, undoubtedly has a feeling of being in the throat, but those existences are not a threat to the famous company at all.” As a threat, the entire Xiangyang cosmetics industry can pose a threat to Mingyang, and only your Zhang family. Moreover, for Mingyang’s branches blooming all over Hunan, the greatest loss suffered is none other than your Zhang. The beauty of the family’s Meichen Beauty.” “So, the Zhang family has enough motivation and strength to do this kind of thing. Presumably, in the store in Liushi, those people who ask for five million a year protection fees are your Zhang family. Send it out?” Dustin Zhou finished speaking calmly, and then waited quietly. He wanted to listen to what Elder Zhang Taiyan wanted to say, or he wanted to argue.

After all, his remarks can already be said to have considered all aspects, motivation, ability, and current situation in place.

Right now, the Zhang family is the one who has the greatest resistance to opening branches of Mingyang and wants to blossom everywhere in Hunan Province.

“Haha, little friend Dustin Zhou, you are worrying too much. If you say so, why should our Zhang family cooperate with you? Isn’t this self-smashing signs?” Zhang Taiyan said slowly.

But Dustin Zhou heard a hint of surprise and exhaustion in his tone.

“Because, this project is of great significance not only to our famous company, but also to your Zhang family, and you do it simply because you want to strive for greater success in this project. Right to speak.” “Master, am I right?”

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