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Chapter 431

(3) Silence.

There was a moment of silence between the two.

Dustin Zhou was not in a hurry anyway, and quietly waited for the response of Zhang Taiyan.

Anyway, he thought that his straightforward opening was actually beyond the expectation of Grandpa Zhang Taiyan, and even caught the opponent by surprise.

In this case, not only did I not have the so-called close-up when I saw it, I was pressing harder and harder. There was a momentum to clarify the whole situation today.

Under such an offensive, Zhang Taiyan couldn’t support it at all.

You know, Dustin Zhou has the initiative now, not Father Zhang Taiyan, nor anyone in the Zhang family.

“Master, I know you are hesitating now. You have doubts about the authenticity of what I said, but you must pay attention to the facts in everything. Now the fact is that the Zhang family has behind the scenes to obstruct the progress of the project in this branch. Presumably, you have no doubts?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly and waited for nearly two minutes.

But the old man Zhang Taiyan still didn’t respond. If it weren’t for the faint breathing from the other end of the phone, Dustin Zhou would suspect that the old man Zhang Taiyan was not listening to him, but was so angry that he would lose his temper with the next person.

“Haha, little friend Dustin Zhou, this is just a one-sided word of yours. You know, if our Zhang family is really secretly playing black hands, once we are discovered, we will suffer heavy losses, but in fact, there is a rate of return for black hands. But I don’t know at all. Do you think that our Zhang family will make such a loss-making business?” The old man Zhang Taiyan said calmly. Although there is still a hint of instability in his voice, it is much better now than at the beginning.

At the very least, under Dustin Zhou’s offensive, the old man can be regarded as holding the aura, and he will not be forced to say nothing by Dustin Zhou.

In that case, no matter what position Zhang Taiyan has in Xiang Province, once the incident leaks out, whether it is to Dustin Zhou or Zhang family, at least in Xiang Province, Zhang Taiyan will have no face.

Those who were dissatisfied with him in the past will definitely jump out and ridicule him in every possible way. They may even think that Zhang Taiyan is old and has no energy, so they will probably find ways to bite out of Zhang family. Pieces of fat.

According to Zhang Taiyan’s understanding, his two sons, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, are still other members of the Zhang family. At that time, they are already blessed by heaven. If they want to keep the Zhang family’s business, they can Some embarrass them.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, I know you are confused. Why don’t you take the time to visit Zhang’s house. We will not solve this problem. After all, we have already cooperated. Once suspicion arises, for either party, It’s not a good thing to be funny. What’s more, if you and Zhang Jie are still university classmates, you should resolve any concerns as soon as possible.” Zhang Taiyan said sincerely, even pulling Zhang Jie out, as if once Zhang Jie was mentioned, It can make Dustin Zhou relax his vigilance, even if he is cautious about his classmates, don’t ask the bottom line.

Dustin Zhou smiled coldly in the room. He knew what horrible idea Zhang Taiyan was making, and he knew that Zhang Jie was just a shield.

Once the skin between the two parties is really torn and Dustin Zhou has an advantage here, it’s better to say that the Zhang family may be subdued.

However, once the Zhang family has an advantage, they will definitely use thunder means to quickly reap the results. At that time, the entire Mingyang company branch project may be made for the Zhang family.

At that time, if Dustin Zhou used Zhang Jie to try to persuade the other party to leave them a little bit of leeway, Zhang Family would definitely not agree.

Even if Dustin Zhou has not personally experienced this kind of old-fashioned routines and methods, on TV, in novels, there are not too few insights.

Although those are processed artworks, art comes from life.

If something like that never happened in reality, then the creator would never have thought of that.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou is sufficiently vigilant about these aspects.

However, the old man Zhang Taiyan finally said such a thing, in the eyes of outsiders, he has been a bit soft-hearted. At this time, as long as Dustin Zhou said that he can negotiate, even if some conditions are proposed, as long as the bottom line of Zhang family is not exceeded, the Zhang family will definitely Yes.

It’s just that it is impossible for Dustin Zhou to go to Zhang’s house for discussion again.

“Master, I think you are right. If there are problems and doubts, we will resolve them. The two sides negotiate, and it is appropriate.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“However, compared to when I went to Zhang’s house and talked to you, I think it might be better for you Zhang Family to talk to me. That would be more conducive to solving the misunderstanding. What do you think?” Dustin Zhou finished. Father Zhang Taiyan fell silent for an instant.

Obviously, for Dustin Zhou’s last remark, he asked them to send someone from the Zhang family to Changsha to discuss, which seemed very unpleasant and unwilling. Even Zhang Taiyan thought it was Dustin Zhou doing this deliberately, just to let them down. The face of Zhang family.

After all, no matter what the outcome of this matter is, as long as Dustin Zhou speaks out afterwards, the Zhang family will go to Changsha to discuss the matter with him.

In the eyes of outsiders, it is already a very face.

Moreover, this time, once the Zhang family sent someone to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou, then the selection must be a matter of great care.

First of all, Zhang Jie must go. After all, the old man Zhang Taiyan just took Zhang Jie out to talk about the matter. On the other hand, Zhang Jie’s existence can also make Dustin Zhou a little bit more restrained, and not so angry.

Secondly, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying must go to one of them.

Finally, Mr. Zhang Taiyan was also thinking about whether he wanted to go.

“Hehe, old man, I have already said this. If you have any decision, I think you know better than me. For three days, I may only stay in Changsha for three days. If during these three days, you Zhangjia If you didn’t send someone over, then I acquiesced that your Zhang family was doing the trick behind this incident.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, and didn’t wait for Zhang Taiyan to think more. After putting down the harsh words, he hung up the phone.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou…” Zhang Taiyan was anxious and wanted to say more, but the next second, a “beep beep” hung up on the phone.

“Presumptuous!” At this moment, Old Man Zhang Taiyan was really angry.

Suddenly slamming the phone, Zhang Taiyan’s face was full of anger.

I think he has an extraordinary position in the entire Hunan Province as the head of the Zhang Family Patriarch, and with a word of his own, people in the entire Hunan Province can rush.

In the past, no matter who it was, as long as he showed kindness, the opponent would definitely climb down the pole, thinking it was an honor.

But today, just now, he was actually threatened by a hairy boy from outside.

Chapter 432

Chapter is impossible!

Dustin Zhou not only threatened Zhang Taiyan, but also the entire Zhang family.

“What’s the matter? Father?” At this moment, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying appeared in Zhang Taiyan’s room at the same time. Seeing the old man getting angry, they were shocked and hurried forward to ask for comfort.

They just received the notice from the subordinate that Dustin Zhou had called and called for the call to the old man.

For the two of them, this is undoubtedly an itchy thing.

What on earth does Dustin Zhou need to talk to the old man directly on the phone, and avoid other people?

Recalling that Dustin Zhou was talking to the old man on the phone a few days ago, the two immediately had a guess in their hearts.

“Father, calm down, what happened? Who dares to make you angry?” Zhang Lun took a few steps forward, patted the old man’s back lightly, helping him smoothly, and at the same time asked softly.

Zhang Lun knows that Zhang Taiyan’s qi training has always been very good. Few people in Hunan province can make him angry.

Even those old immortals from other families often need to be cheeky to make the old man feel unhappy.

“Huh! It’s not that Dustin Zhou!” The old man said angrily. Although Zhang Lun patted his back, he was already trying his best to make him go, but there was always an anger in his heart that was difficult to release.

“Dustin Zhou?” At this moment, both Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying were surprised.

It turned out to be Dustin Zhou?

What happened just now, what exactly did Dustin Zhou say to the old man on the phone, can make the old man so angry.

“Father, I just heard people say that Dustin Zhou called you because of what happened? Has he figured out that the branch project has encountered problems and he wants to find us to solve it?” Zhang Ying asked first.

Judging from the information currently known, Dustin Zhou called, probably because of this.

However, if this is the case, the old man should be happy. How could he be so angry?

“Father, did Dustin Zhou put forward any excessive demands, but father, it should be a problem for the branch project now. For us, it is not a problem. What’s more, once we help Dustin Zhou to solve this problem, it will be for us It will be a great help to improve the right to speak in the project afterwards.” Even Zhang Lun, at this time

I was also a little puzzled.

After all, it is obvious that Dustin Zhou must seek help when the branch project is blocked, and right now, only their Zhang family can help Dustin Zhou.

“Hey.” Looking at his two sons, Zhang Taiyan sighed in his heart with an analysis.

Thinking about it now, compare his two sons with Dustin Zhou. Father Zhang Taiyan even gave birth to the idea that Dustin Zhou is his son.

But this thought was only removed from his mind by the old man as soon as it appeared. After all, it was an impossible thing.

Besides, Dustin Zhou is now very hostile to him and Zhang Family.

“Neither, things are not as simple as you think. Dustin Zhou already knows that we did it behind the scenes, and it is likely that we have found evidence.” Father Zhang Taiyan said slowly, his tone was very heavy, as if he was ten years old. The same age.

The old man in his eighties was full of anger in his speech, but now, he has a feeling of depression.

“What!” But when he said this, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying’s expressions suddenly changed.

Rao was that they were a bit nasty before, but now they still look at each other, and they are shocked and incredible in each other’s eyes.

In their view, this is simply impossible.

How could Dustin Zhou think that these things were done by the Zhang family behind their backs, and even the evidence that the old man said, both of them thought that the pure brokenness was the old man’s own conjecture.

After all, the thing was done by the two of them. They thought that all the evidence had been destroyed, and that group of people did not directly connect with them.

Regardless of whether it is from physical evidence or personal evidence, they have done almost impeccable, and Dustin Zhou is unlikely to find any evidence.

“Father, this is impossible!” Zhang Lun growled in a low voice, he didn’t believe it at all.

“Yes, father, I did things together with my eldest brother. We didn’t leave any evidence at all. Even those people didn’t know that there was our Zhang family behind this incident. How could he Dustin Zhou know? .” Zhang Ying also looked shocked, and her mind trembled slightly.

Both of them looked like impossible, making Zhang Taiyan a little suspicious.

Could it be that Dustin Zhou has no so-called evidence at all, and what he said just now on the phone call was just a test?

This idea had just arisen and was quickly denied by the old man.

After all, Dustin Zhou asked them to send someone from the Zhang family to Changsha to do business with him.

If Dustin Zhou had no evidence in his hand, where did he have the confidence to make such a request with the Zhang family.

You know, this kind of request, and he just talked to Mr. Zhang Taiyan

With his tone and manner, faintly, there was already a posture of turning his face with the Zhang family.

If the two parties cannot reach an agreement by that time to eliminate this so-called misunderstanding, then turning their faces is almost a certainty.

As for Zhang Jie… Even the old man Zhang Taiyan knew that under such circumstances, a mere Zhang Jie would not have any effect at all.

What’s more, the temporary mention of Zhang Jie was only a temporary reminder that Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou were college classmates.

“I don’t know the specifics of this matter, but Dustin Zhou called just now, but it is plausible. It doesn’t look like it is unfounded. Besides, he also made a request.” Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice. Said, he also told his two sons about Dustin Zhou’s request.

For an instant, the whole room was extremely quiet, and there was silence between the three.

The old man Zhang Taiyan closed his eyes tiredly. Just ten minutes ago, he was under a lot of pressure, and even his brain was overused.

To speculate on Dustin Zhou’s thoughts and intentions, Mr. Zhang Taiyan was a little overwhelmed.

But the brothers Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying were lost in thought.

Both of them were thinking about Dustin Zhou’s conditions.

The Zhang family sent someone to Changsha to discuss with him.

How feasible is this matter?

“Father, this matter is difficult for our Zhang family.” Zhang Ying said in a deep voice. There are some things that he is not as eager for quick success as his elder brother Zhang Lun, so he sees more clearly.

“Father, if our Zhang family sends someone to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou, doesn’t it mean that we have already acquiesced that there is a black hand behind this incident? However, Dustin Zhou may not have sufficient evidence in his hands.” Words, like a bolt from the blue sky, smashed into the heart of Old Man Zhang Taiyan.

Chapter 433

Yes, if he really sent someone to Changsha to discuss with him on Dustin Zhou’s terms, wouldn’t he just not confessing to himself and admitting that Zhang’s family really had a dark hand?

At that time, Dustin Zhou could instantly occupy a very advantageous position regardless of whether he had evidence in his hand, and put their Zhang family in a very passive position.

And all of this is completely contrary to what Zhang Taiyan had before.

“Yes, Zhang Ying was right. I almost fell into Dustin Zhou’s deception.” Zhang Taiyan said in a cold voice, all the tiredness just now disappeared without a trace at this moment.

“Ying’er, you are still thoughtful. Otherwise, if I really send someone to Changsha to talk with Dustin Zhou, then I really have suffered a lot.” “Hmph, Dustin Zhou, this week, the people are not big, but the idea is bad. Quite a lot, but this time he also reminded us that he has doubts about those things, if we don’t stop

If so, he will definitely do something.

“The old man Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice, a hurdle in his heart has passed, and he now seems very relaxed. After all, a trap that Dustin Zhou planted, he had already evaded it under Zhang Ying’s prompt. “But, we are. How to respond to him?

If we just avoid it, he might think that we are guilty of conscience and press harder.

“The old man Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice. Although they avoided the trap set by Dustin Zhou, it was not the point at all. The point is, how they will face Dustin Zhou next. After all, with this temptation, they simply There is no guarantee that Dustin Zhou will not have another temptation at any time in the future. At that time, whether they can avoid it is still unknown. “Father, I don’t think we need to worry about this.

Suddenly, Zhang Lun smiled and said, his expression was very relaxed, as if what Zhang Taiyan and Zhang Ying were worried about was nothing to him. “Huh?

Do you have any ideas?

“Zhang Taiyan asked in a deep voice. At this time, he didn’t even think about the usual entanglements between Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying. Now, in his opinion, everything should make way for the Zhang family. “Father, you think, If we cower because of this and dare not meet and discuss with Dustin Zhou in Changsha, does that mean we are timid?

In other words, we are imaginary from the bottom of our hearts, are we afraid of confronting him with Dustin Zhou?

“Zhang Lun said confidently. Just now he was a little shocked by what Zhang Ying said. He didn’t expect that Zhang Ying, who usually doesn’t look like a mountain or a river, would say such things and wake up all at once. This time, Zhang Ying will definitely leave a deeper impression on the old man’s heart, and it is very likely that he will add a lot of points. Once the two people have differences because of the position of the head of the house, at that time, It is inevitable that the old man would not remember what happened today, so he strongly supported Zhang Ying. Therefore, in any case, Zhang Lun decided that he must also come up with an idea that made the old man’s eyes bright. Since Zhang Ying advocated that he should not go to Changsha and Dustin Zhou To negotiate, then I advocate going to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou. Not only does the Zhang family want to go to Changsha, but the people sent there must have sufficient status, at least at their level. Only in this way, it appears that the Zhang family takes this seriously. The matter, and with the determination to investigate clearly. When the time comes, let’s see if Dustin Zhou really has evidence, or is he just cheating them. “Huh?

How to say?

“The old man became serious now, and he was a little concerned about Zhang Lun’s statement. Although Zhang Ying’s statement just now made him

It’s like Daigo’s initiation, suddenly enlightened, and his mind is instantly bright, but if he doesn’t go to Changsha, it would seem that Zhang’s family is a little timid and fearful.

This point runs counter to Zhang Taiyan’s usual style, and it will also cause others to laugh.

But because there was no better way, Zhang Taiyan suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart and expressed his appreciation to Zhang Ying.

And now, Zhang Lun has a new saying, and it sounds like it can not only remove the suspicions from the Zhang Family, but also demonstrate the Zhang Family’s tolerance and courage, which is very in line with the old man’s appetite.

In an instant, the old man left behind what Zhang Ying had just said.

“Father, according to what the second brother said just now, it is indeed feasible, but I think that if we do this, our Zhang family will always fall into a passive situation.” “If we don’t show up and don’t go to Changsha, then it will be impossible to protect Dustin Zhou in the future. We will talk about the matter. At that time, we can’t argue with each other.” “Moreover, I think that if we don’t go to Changsha, Dustin Zhou will inevitably not doubt us. On the contrary, it is because we didn’t go to Changsha. Even more suspicious, thinking that we are afraid of confronting him.” “In that case, why don’t we go to Changsha openly? In that case, whether it’s bright or dark, first of all, Dustin Zhou couldn’t do anything even when reading. Things that are unfavorable to us, because we go to Changsha, every move, we will definitely be seen by the Jiang family.” Zhang Lun’s head is clear, and every word he says, the excitement on his face becomes more fanatical.

“Imagine that if the meeting and discussion between us and Dustin Zhou were learned by the Jiang family, based on the grievances between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou, even if we really did nothing, the Jiang family would probably take the initiative to deal with Dustin Zhou.” Zhang Lun After speaking, the whole room fell silent.

The old man, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, none of them spoke.

Zhang Lun didn’t speak because he had already said it.

Zhang Ying didn’t speak because he had already finished speaking, and Zhang Lun’s remarks were obviously a refutation of what he had just said, and they were justified. The feasibility was enough if they sounded. It can show the Zhang family’s tolerance and make the old man’s face look good.

As for Mr. Zhang Taiyan’s silence, he was analyzing what Zhang Lun said, whether there was something he hadn’t ignored, and Zhang Lun hadn’t thought of it.

Time passed by, and after nearly half an hour passed, the old man Zhang Taiyan exhaled a long sigh of relief.

After half an hour of thinking, Zhang Taiyan did not find any flaws.

Of course, all of this is based on Dustin Zhou’s absence of evidence.

However, Dustin Zhou had evidence of this, which had already been given to him by the three of them.

Automatically ruled out.

If Dustin Zhou really had evidence in his hand, how could he even call and ask them to send someone from the Zhang family to Changsha for talks.

As long as Dustin Zhou puts the evidence directly on the table, no matter how the Zhang family will defend it, the black hand behind the scenes cannot be cleared out anyway.

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