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Chapter 434

Therefore, since Dustin Zhou made such a request, there must be no evidence in his hands, everything is just a guess.

In this case, their task is to dispel the so-called speculation in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

“Okay, do everything according to what Zhang Lun said. Zhang Lun, since you made this point, you will lead the team when you go to Changsha this time. In addition, let Zhang Jie follow along with him, considering that The friendship of classmates will never do anything unfavorable to you anymore.” The old man Zhang Taiyan slapped him with a big hand, and the matter was finalized all at once.

Zhang Lun also smiled faintly, glancing at Zhang Ying from the corner of his eyes, feeling very proud.

Once, there will be a second time.

This time, his proposition was approved by the old man, then in the future, his proposition will be approved by the old man for the second time.

If this has always been the case, Zhang Lun thinks that he will be the future Patriarch, and there will be no suspense.

Thinking of this, Zhang Lun instantly felt that he was full of energy, said goodbye and went back to prepare.

This time, going to Changsha to talk with Dustin Zhou was not just about giving explanations and guarantees.

More, it is to represent the position of the Zhang family, to clarify misunderstandings with Dustin Zhou, and even to find a place to make Dustin Zhou bow his head in front of the Zhang family.

In this way, without careful preparation, when the time comes to Changsha, in front of Dustin Zhou, there may be no good expressions.

In the room, only the old man and Zhang Ying were left.

Seeing Zhang Ying remained silent, the old man also had some apologies in his heart.

However, a trace of apology only stayed in his heart for a second and then disappeared immediately.

Zhang Ying’s proposition is very reasonable, and he also wakes up the old man Zhang Taiyan immediately and regains his fighting spirit.

But the reality is like this. Some things are not the first thing you bring up, they are definitely the most beneficial.

Just like Zhang Lun’s proposal, it was more verbal than Zhang Ying’s proposal, but it was occasionally adopted by the old man.

Among them, it is not because the old man prefers Zhang Lun.

Rather, Zhang Lun’s propositions are more suitable for the father’s ideas, and more suitable for Zhang’s status and current situation.

After all, as one of the five largest families in Hunan Province, the Zhang family has a natural position advantage in front of Dustin Zhou, an outsider, and the two are inherently unequal.

If Zhang Jia condescends to talk with Dustin Zhou, he can certainly dispel Dustin Zhou’s suspicion, but he will be stunned by Zhang Jia’s face.

And majesty, but it is an invisible blow.

At this point, outsiders will not think that your Zhang family has considered many aspects.

They would only see that the dignified Zhang Family actually bowed their heads in front of Dustin Zhou.

So, some people with bad intentions are likely to take the opportunity to do something.

At that time, the dignity and majesty of the Zhang family among the large clans in Hunan province will slowly dissipate.

This is something Zhang Taiyan cannot accept.

However, this does not mean that Zhang Ying’s proposition is bad, but for the current Zhang family, it is somewhat out of date.

“Zhang Ying, don’t be discouraged. This time, Dustin Zhou called first to show us the show. Regardless of whether he has evidence in hand, we have to discuss with him and make the final confirmation, but our Zhang family’s The majesty is also not to be underestimated. I hope you can understand. After returning, take care of Zhang Jie’s thoughts and let him assist his uncle.” Zhang Taiyan stretched out his hand, patted Zhang Ying’s shoulder lightly, and smiled lightly.

At this time, the old man felt that his mood was extremely comfortable, unprecedentedly relaxed.

As long as the negotiation goes smoothly this time, dispels Dustin Zhou’s suspicion of their Zhang family, and then in the follow-up, Dustin Zhou seeks them to solve some problems, then the Zhang family’s right to speak in the entire branch project will be improved step by step.

Just thinking about this final success, the Zhang family’s position in the cosmetics industry in Hunan Province will be unshakable, and even Zhang’s Meichen beauty makeup will have a great say in the country. Father Zhang Taiyan has a faint smile. , Slowly fell asleep.

After all, the old man is already in his eighties, and after so long of thinking and analysis just now, his mind and body are very tired.

And Zhang Ying watched the old man enter the marrow very quickly and made a slight snoring. There was no change in her expression, only a slight fluctuation in her eyes.

However, there was a slight fluctuation, and no one noticed it.

Afterwards, Zhang Ying turned around and closed the door and left directly.

… On the other hand, Dustin Zhou was thinking after hanging up the phone.

His words should have shocked the old man, even if he has a high position in Hunan Province, but when he hears this, he is always shocked.

As for the so-called evidence, Dustin Zhou is not worried, and now only sees whether the Zhang family has the courage to come to Changsha to discuss with him.

For the next two days, everything went steadily.

Dustin Zhou also called Wang Wei and asked them if they had encountered problems again recently, and if the gangsters who wanted protection fees reappeared.

This time, Wang Wei brought an Austrian news to Dustin Zhou.

Last time they returned to Liushi under Dustin Zhou’s persuasion.

At the beginning, a few people still had a trace of fear in their hearts, and at the same time they had a bit of complaint about Dustin Zhou’s disregard.

They have even made the decision that if those gangsters still trouble them, and Dustin Zhou can’t help them solve it, they will abandon this branch.

The big deal, they didn’t do business in Hunan Province, they returned to the East China Sea, guarding their one-acre three-point land, and they could still get very moist.

However, when they returned to Liushi and didn’t start work, they observed for two days and found that there was no trace of the gangsters, and they were relieved immediately.

Soon, Wang Wei convened a construction team to continue decorating the branch store.

And that group of gangsters seemed to have really disappeared, and they never came to trouble them again.

This made Wang Wei suddenly feel ashamed, and he had doubts and complaints about Dustin Zhou before.

Therefore, on the phone, Wang Wei apologized to Dustin Zhou, and repeatedly expressed that he must invite Dustin Zhou to have a meal when he returned to Changsha next time.

Dustin Zhou didn’t agree or refuse. After all, with his current strength and status, he didn’t need to care about Wang Wei’s meal.

Just repeatedly told Wang Wei not to be paralyzed, but to handle all problems carefully.

On the third day, on the last day of the deadline Dustin Zhou had given to Mr. Zhang Taiyan on the phone, Dustin Zhou got up early in the morning and stared out the window in a daze.

Until now, he had no way to confirm whether the Zhang family would send someone over to discuss with him.

After all, in that case, it means that Zhang Family has a ghost in his heart.

, Even if Mr. Zhang Taiyan didn’t notice this for a while, as long as he calmed down, he could detect it.

Even if he can’t find it, there are so many people in the Zhang family, surely someone can find it.

Chapter 435

Chapter Enderia Shen’s concern!

“Boom, boom, boom.” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Dustin Zhou opened the door, Dustin Zhou opened the door, what are you doing inside? Did Jin Wu Cangjiao?” Before Dustin Zhou rushed to open the door, Enderia Shen’s voice rang directly.

These sudden words hit Dustin Zhou by surprise, and Dustin Zhou almost flashed back.

“Shut up, early in the morning, what nonsense? Don’t be afraid of being heard by others!” After opening the door, Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen with a gloomy expression, and his voice was also extremely cold.

Right now, he has a lot of things, and he may not take good care of Enderia Shen, the boss, which will inevitably cause Enderia Shen’s dissatisfaction.

After all, in Mingyang, she is the real boss, and she is really white and rich with more than half of the shares.

But in Hunan Province, all people who work under the name of a famous company are still flagship stores. Now they regard Dustin Zhou as the boss and turn a blind eye to her real boss.

If this were replaced by someone else, it would have exploded a long time ago. I don’t know how many times Dustin Zhou has been slashed.

Squid, I’m afraid I don’t know how many fired.

So now that Dustin Zhou is alive, Enderia Shen feels that everything is his own credit.

In the end, the credit is that she has amazing endurance, able to withstand all unfair treatment, and even doing this and that by Dustin Zhou, just like a little maid.

As soon as the door of Dustin Zhou’s room opened, Enderia Shen squeezed in, a pair of beautiful eyes kept checking in the room.

It’s like a lioness patrolling her own territory. Once she finds that there is an intrusion of another opposite sex, she will inevitably blast her out with thunder.

“Are you alone in the room?” Looking around, there was really no outsider, Enderia Shen squinted at Dustin Zhou and asked lightly.

But in this tone, there was a hint of joy.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if this was his own illusion, but as long as Enderia Shen didn’t make any moths, for him, it didn’t matter what Enderia Shen did.

After all, Enderia Shen himself is not an easy person, and even if there is something, he is still there.

“Otherwise, what do you think?” Dustin Zhou said helplessly, and sat down on the sofa.

He has become accustomed to Enderia Shen’s two-day rounds of ward rounds.

Before in the East China Sea, they did not live together, without this condition.

But now, everyone lives in a hotel, and the rooms are all on the same floor, close to each other, creating ample suites for Enderia Shen.

Dustin Zhou sometimes slandered in his heart that his wife was not as diligent as her.

“That’s good, by the way, today Mira and I are going to go out for a tour, do you want to be together?” Enderia Shen smiled and nodded, regarded as such a serious agreement with Dustin Zhou. The next second, her topic was turned to go out. Turn to the top, but still with Mira Xie.

If it were placed before, Dustin Zhou would agree to it no matter what, and then happily accompanied the two big beauties out for a stroll.

But now, he is here waiting for news from the Zhang family, so he can’t leave at all.

Among them, it is related to the project schedule of Mingyang branch in Hunan Province.

To be more serious, these are all about his capital strength when he returns to Zhou’s house in the future, and he must be treated with caution.

So this time, Dustin Zhou slowly shook his head, and refused.

“No, I still have business today and can’t go out. If you want to go out, I will let Chuanzi follow you to prevent accidents.” “Huh? Are you not going? What can you do? Wouldn’t it be waiting for the little one? Girl?” Enderia Shen was very suspicious of Dustin Zhou’s refusal, turned his head, his face was full of suspiciousness, and his tone of voice was a bit bad.

If Dustin Zhou couldn’t give a reason for her to understand, Enderia Shen might have to work with Mira Xie to interrogate him.

After all, such a thing

Love, happened a few days ago.

“Sometimes I really want to open your mind to see what’s in it, and little girl, have you ever seen me say a few more words to that woman?” Dustin Zhou rolled his eyes, looking at Enderia Shen’s unreasonable mind. It’s really a headache.

“Yes, isn’t that Jiang Yan? And the parents have to look good, with white skin and long legs. How do you look at it, it seems to be your food?” Enderia Shen smiled faintly, glanced at Dustin Zhou, and pretended not. Something keeps walking around the room.

But Dustin Zhou knew that if he didn’t make it clear what he was going to do today, Enderia Shen would not give up, and would even bring Mira Xie to the room with him until he said it.

“I’m waiting for the Zhang family, before…” In desperation, Dustin Zhou had to tell the story, but he concealed some things. After all, this was a confrontation between him and Zhang Taiyan, and he had talked too much to others. , After all, it is not good.

And Dustin Zhou felt that with Enderia Shen’s temper, once she really turned her face with Zhang Family, then she would definitely make this matter known to everyone.

“Well, it seems that it’s really not something shameful with the little girl. If that’s the case, sister Mira and I will not go out. We are in the hotel. The nasty people from Zhang’s family in the province are asking for trouble. Niu Chuan is not there. , You can’t handle it alone.” Enderia Shen waved his hand, smiled lightly, and then left Dustin Zhou’s room directly and returned to his own room.

Seeing Enderia Shen a little cheerful, but with some heavy back, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a trace of guilt in his heart.

Speaking of it, originally he came to Hunan Province mainly to relax with Mira Xie, but Enderia Shen chased after him, and if he wanted to come together, he was probably pretending to relax.

As for Zhang Jie’s request, originally for Dustin Zhou, it just went smoothly.

But unexpectedly, on the first day in Changsha, he met Jiangbei, and he also took action to abolish Jiangbei, so that things have developed to the present, his stall in Hunan Province has become bigger and bigger, and he wants to take it back. Simple and easy thing.

As for Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou was naturally less concerned.

However, when he thought that he would return to the Zhou family in the future, and the strength and energy of the Zhou family, the five big clans in Hunan province, are beyond the reach. Dustin Zhou only felt that the pressure on his shoulders was very huge, which made him lose every moment. Dare to delay.

However, Enderia Shen had just returned, and within a few minutes, Sun Lian appeared at the door of Dustin Zhou’s room.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised when Sun Lian suddenly appeared at the door of his room.

Because before, if Dustin Zhou didn’t take the initiative to talk to Sun Lian, she would not take the initiative to talk to herself.

“Mr. Sun? What’s the matter?


Dustin Zhou asked with a smile. Although he is not very clear about Sun Lian’s intentions, it is not always the cause of Dustin Zhou’s trouble. “I heard that the Zhang family will come over today?”

Sun Lian asked directly.

Chapter 436

Zhang Family, here! This made Dustin Zhou a little surprised. He obviously didn’t tell Sun Lian why she would know. Could it be Enderia Shen? Thinking of this, A hint of tenderness flashed in Dustin Zhou’s eyes. After all, Enderia Shen was a knife-mouthed tofu heart, with all kinds of belittling Dustin Zhou, but in fact he was very concerned about Dustin Zhou, for fear that Dustin Zhou could not deal with the old foxes in the Zhang family, so he contacted Sun Lian, please She helps. Indeed, after all, they are all women, and after getting along for a while, the relationship between each other should be pretty good. This is so busy, since I want to come to Enderia Shen to speak, Sun Lian will not refuse. “Yes, Mr. Shen told me. Yours?

Dustin Zhou didn’t hide it, smiled and led Sun Lian into the room, but he didn’t forget to avoid the danger and didn’t close the door tightly. “Bi Jun, she was worried about you too, so she wanted me to come and see and help you decide. .

Sun Lian said with a smile, looking at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, there was also a hint of strange color. Enderia Shen’s concern for Dustin Zhou was deeper than Sun Lian had thought before, and even Mira Xie’s attitude towards Dustin Zhou was not like that of Enderia Shen. Close. In this case, does it mean that the relationship between Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou is not very good? Even, the relationship between them is on the verge of breaking. In this case, then Enderia Shen’s attitude is well understood. But Sun What Lian was thinking at this time was whether Chen Xin could also do something. At the very least, what can she do for Dustin Zhou now, and then if Dustin Zhou considers it, Chen Xin can also be taken into consideration. No matter what major event, the Zhang family is here, and I can’t do much to me, but thank you Mr. Sun. If you are there, the Zhang family will surely converge.

“Dustin Zhou said with a smile. He accepted Sun Lian’s kindness. Otherwise, Sun Lian would never have come here to say this to him because of a request from Enderia Shen. Anyway, with Dustin Zhou’s understanding, Enderia Shen hasn’t been so. Great face. “Hehe, nothing is absolute, be careful, it’s always right, right, when will the Zhang family come?

Sun Lian smiled faintly, and then asked softly. Obviously, she was very curious about the Zhang family’s coming to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou. After all, the Zhang family has a distinguished status in Xiang Province, and Dustin Zhou is at best an outsider. , Is separated by a gap that can be said to be insurmountable. Therefore, this time the Zhang family came to Changsha to discuss matters with Dustin Zhou. No matter what, it is a matter of concern to Sun Lian.


Moreover, based on Sun Lian’s understanding of the Zhang family, this time the Zhang family came to Changsha, it could not have come in secret, nor could it come to the hotel silently.

At the very least, the Zhang family will let the Jiang family in Changsha know that they are here.

As for the rest of the matter, Sun Lian didn’t care too much.

“I don’t know, they haven’t given me a quasi-letter, but today is the last day when I give them time. If they don’t come, there will be a good show.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking at the window Outside, there was a trance.

In fact, Dustin Zhou had indeed thought about the things that Zhang Family would not come to today, but he quickly denied it.

Dustin Zhou did not know the Zhang Family deeply, but he knew one thing.

That is a big family like the Zhang family, who often regard their family’s face more important than life.

In many cases, people in these big families, especially those in high positions, would rather suffer heavy losses than hug the face of the family.

Regarding this point to Zhang Family, naturally there is no doubt about it, and Dustin Zhou also believes it deeply.

“Zhou, the Zhang family has come to Changsha. The Jiang family already knows the news, but don’t know what they will do?” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Dustin Zhou raised the corners of his mouth slightly and connected directly without evasiveness.

Soon, the voice of the person on the other end of the phone rang.

Dustin Zhou didn’t cover it up, and even what he spoke directly was the external voice, so that Sun Lian could hear clearly.

At this moment, Sun Lian was really shocked.

On the one hand, she didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so defenseless against herself, and let herself hear such news casually.

You must know that once your curiosity is overwhelming, if you carefully check the information to Dustin Zhou’s whistleblower, you will definitely be able to find out. At that time, if there is a sound of walking, or if Sun Lian herself is hostile to Dustin Zhou, then that People would be very dangerous and would instantly put Dustin Zhou at a disadvantage.

On the other hand, Sun Lian didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be prepared long ago, and the development of the matter was similar to what she thought. This time the Zhang family came, it was indeed not going to be sneaky.

“Okay, I see.” In response, Dustin Zhou hung up the phone, smiling and finishing his clothes.

“Mr. Sun, the Zhang family is here, and now it seems that they should have arrived.” As he said, Dustin Zhou saw through the window and saw a convoy approaching not far from the hotel.

The convoy stopped at the door of the hotel, and several people got out of the car.

Among them, there are acquaintances of Dustin Zhou.

Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying, Zhang Jie… “Let’s go, we are now equivalent to the host, and we must welcome them warmly.” Dustin Zhou smiled to Sun Lian

Stretching out their hands, the two of them walked together in an instant and went directly to the lobby on the first floor of the hotel.

Although the momentum of the Zhang family and his party is not huge, it is also very conspicuous.

Sun Lian came down with Dustin Zhou and saw the Zhang family and his party at a glance.

“Hey, Dustin Zhou, this way!” Before everyone saw each other, Zhang Jie waved to Dustin Zhou first, waved to Dustin Zhou, with a hint of excitement on his face.

Dustin Zhou looked at Zhang Jie’s eyes carefully, and confirmed that they were full of joy and excitement, and there was nothing unusual.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou had guesses in his heart.

The Zhang family asked Zhang Jie to follow this time, but did not tell him the specifics. Obviously, Zhang Taiyan didn’t want Zhang Jie to influence anything, but just wanted Zhang Jie to act as a lubricant.

After all, no matter what Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family do, as long as they are not the enemy of life and death, then with Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou will not really do anything to the Zhang family and his party in Changsha.

After all, there is a master like Niu Chuan beside Dustin Zhou, and Zhang Family is very clear. Since they chose to come to Changsha, they must be prepared to face Niu Chuan.

But seeing Zhang Jie’s excitement, he obviously thought it was because the family started to reuse him, and a drive that was finally recognized came into being.

“You are here too.” Dustin Zhou greeted Zhang Jie with a smile.

Although he was discussing matters with the Zhang Family this time, and it was faintly based on him, but when facing Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou would not be as aggressive as when facing other members of the Zhang Family.

After all, the two were once university classmates, and Zhang Jie took care of Dustin Zhou during the university. Dustin Zhou remembered all these.

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