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Chapter 437

“Mr. Zhou.” On the other side, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, as the leaders this time, also came forward to say hello.

The Zhang family and his party, mainly Zhang Lun, also quickly greeted Dustin Zhou, and they all went upstairs together.

And this scene was seen by many people in the hall, and they were immediately surprised.

Some of them may not know Dustin Zhou very well, or even the existence of Dustin Zhou.

But they have lived in Xiang Province for decades, and they are familiar to the Zhang family.

The Zhang family, who used to be aloof, is now so humble in front of a young man that many people are surprised.

Even, many people hurriedly sent text messages, called, and asked for all news about Dustin Zhou.

So, soon, the news that the people from the Zhang family had a secret conversation with Dustin Zhou spread throughout Changsha, but it was relatively slow in other parts of Hunan Province.

However, the Yu family, the Du family and the Tang family received the news at the first time, and they quickly took it seriously.


After all, as to what the Zhang family and Dustin Zhou are going to talk about in secret, they are blind with both eyes and have no idea.

On the contrary, at this time, the Jiang family was not as nervous as the other three families, but rather relaxed.

Jiang’s front hall.

This time, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu was not there.

Jiang Xingfang, Jiang Xingyuan, the three brothers Jiang Xingguang and some Jiang family members are discussing.

And what they discussed was the matter that Zhang Family came to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou.

Everyone in the Jiang family knew about Zhang’s coming to Changsha.

They even knew about this news earlier than most people in Changsha.

“Second brother, is your news accurate?” At this time, in the front hall, almost everyone’s eyes were on Jiang Xingyuan.

Except Jiang Xingfang.

After all, Zhang Jiahui came to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou about the news, and Jiang Xingyuan first said it.

And the source of the news, Jiang Xingyuan only said that he has a unique news channel, and guarantees the authenticity.

“Haha, how come you still suspect me now? You know, the news that the Zhang family was going to send someone to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou secretly, or I knew in advance. I told you that at that time, you also questioned me, but now what? How?” Jiang Xingyuan glanced at Jiang Xingguang and smiled faintly.

Amidst this laughter, there was pride and disdain.

It seems that talking to the old three Jiang Xingguang has already caused Jiang Xingyuan to surrender his status.

Originally, the three brothers of the Jiang family were of equal status, and their status in the Jiang family was similar because they were suppressed by their head Jiang Fanliu.

But since Jiangbei was abolished by Dustin Zhou, Jiang Xingfang lost the qualification to compete for the Patriarch. The faction that had supported him in the past has now begun to rebel, splitting up to support the second old Jiang Xingyuan and the old San Jiang Xingguang.

However, in comparison, the second oldest Jiang Xingyuan has more resources, and his strength has become more stable.

Faintly, Jiang Xingyuan’s right to speak in the Jiang family has been able to firmly suppress the old San Jiang Xingguang.

So now, Jiang Xingyuan felt that he was wasting his tongue to explain this and that to Jiang Xingfang, and the price was a bit lower.

So after choking the old three Jiang Xingguang, he stopped talking to him.

Anyway, everything speaks with facts. I have already released the news that the Zhang family will send someone to Changsha to meet Dustin Zhou. Now that the news is confirmed, it shows that his source of information is reliable.

So now that he tells this second news, the purpose of Zhang Family’s secret talk with Dustin Zhou, naturally has a very strong credibility.

“Yes, Jiang Xingyuan said before that the Zhang family would send someone to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou for a secret talk. It has now been confirmed.” “It seems that Jiang Xingyuan’s source of information is indeed reliable.” “But, what he said just now is too incredible. Now, you know, isn’t Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s cooperative relationship?” “This is hard to say, maybe

What caused them to disagree?

“Would you like, let’s wait for the secret talk over there to end, so that so many people are concerned, they always need to give the outside world a reasonable explanation, right?”

“… Everyone immediately talked about it. They didn’t overly question the news Jiang Xingyuan said before, but there were some doubts about the news Jiang Xingyuan said just now. In fact, the news Jiang Xingyuan said just now is too much for people. Surprised. The Zhang family came to Changsha to talk to Dustin Zhou because of suspicion between them. This time the Zhang family came here to explain clearly to Dustin Zhou, and the source of this suspicion is probably the branch project with the nearest Mingyang company. Related. However, everyone in the Jiang family knows that the branch project was a collaboration between Zhang’s family and Dustin Zhou’s famous company. In other words, the project itself can be regarded as a Zhang’s project. Then, both of them. Have something in common

Interest, how can there be suspicion?

“Haha, don’t be so surprised. In today’s society, when doing business together, even between brothers, there will be deceptive things. What’s more, the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family is not that reliable.” Jiang Xingyuan He smiled confidently, and then as if thinking of something, his face suddenly became gloomy.

“Also, don’t forget that at the dinner we held before, when we were besieging Dustin Zhou, Zhang Family was sitting on the sidelines. I think at that time, Dustin Zhou might have been dissatisfied with Zhang Family, so now both sides There is suspicion between them, and it’s normal.” Jiang Xingyuan did not hesitate to take out the events of the Jiang family dinner that night, and even if other people have any doubts, he has to seriously think about the possibility at this moment.

After all, it is impossible for the Zhang family to come to Changsha to find Dustin Zhou for no reason. Moreover, it was Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying who came secretly. No news had been leaked before.

Had it not been for Jiang Xingyuan’s source of information, if he had known it in advance, he would have only just known it now, just like everyone else.

Rather than having enough time to face what might happen between Zhang’s family and Dustin Zhou.

What’s more, Jiang Xingyuan has said some of the reasons for their secret talks this time, which will undoubtedly give the Jiang family more initiative.

“Then you said, what should we do this time?” Someone immediately asked.

Others also coincidentally looked at Jiang Xingyuan.

After all, as the publisher of the news, Jiang Xingyuan must have a more reliable inside story.

But Jiang Xingyuan would not necessarily tell the inside story.

“This time, as far as I know from my news channels, it is because in the branch project, the branch in Liushi encountered the blackmail of the gangsters asking for protection money of 5 million a year, and Dustin Zhou suspected that there was the shadow of the Zhang family behind it. The Zhang family wanted to clear the relationship, so they sent someone to explain to Dustin Zhou.” Jiang Xingyuan looked at the crowd and said slowly.

In fact, when he first got the news, he was shocked.

After all, no one would have imagined that Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family, who originally seemed to be in the honeymoon period of their cooperation, would be suspicious.

And this, for his Jiang family, is definitely an excellent opportunity.

Whether it’s dealing with Dustin Zhou or Jiang’s family.

Chapter 438

“Since Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou don’t want this incident to leak out and try to cover it up as much as possible, then we will help them spread the news and make their suspicions deeper.” Jiang Xingyuan Smiled.

And hearing him say this, everyone else laughed.

After all, just by listening, I feel that once this

When this news spreads, Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou will be devastated.

Soon, everyone dispersed, and according to Jiang Xingyuan’s arrangement, spread the news secretly through their own channels.

I believe that with their abilities, within a long time, the real purpose of the Zhang family’s sending people to Changsha to talk with Dustin Zhou will spread throughout Hunan Province.

Jiang Xingyuan even put aside his rhetoric to let everyone know about this, even ordinary people who are indifferent to matters between their big families.

It is always to be known to everyone.

And Jiang Xingfang also left silently, from beginning to end, he didn’t say a word, and naturally he didn’t express any of his attitude.

However, he was a little surprised by Jiang Xingyuan’s methods.

From the last time Dustin Zhou went to Zhang’s house, this outsider had no idea, but Jiang Xingyuan knew in advance, and famously said that he had news channels in Zhang’s house.

This time, it was the second time that Jiang Xingyuan showed this so-called news channel buried in Zhang’s house.

Moreover, this time compared to the last time, the news is even more exciting.

Sometimes Jiang Xingfang also wondered what exactly this so-called news channel was.

But he tried his best, but he couldn’t think of it.

After all, with the current strength of the Jiang family, if you want to arrange something like a spy in the Zhang family, you are basically joking.

Don’t talk about the Jiang family, even if it is the Yu family, it is impossible to arrange any secret spy in the Zhang family.

However, many people in the Jiang family will do what is happening today. After all, this is an opportunity to please Jiang Xingyuan.

However, this is indeed very disadvantageous for Dustin Zhou.

Jiang Xingfang thought silently, do you want to pass news to Dustin Zhou?

Suddenly, Jiang Xingfang froze in place, his expression was astonished, and his heart was suddenly clear.

Yes, everything can be done!

In an instant, everything seemed to be understood, and Jiang Xingyuan’s so-called news channel was nothing more than that.

Now that I can deliver news to Dustin Zhou and convey some of the Jiang family’s decisions, let Dustin Zhou prepare in advance.

Well, naturally someone in the Zhang family can do this.

So, what Jiang Xingyuan’s so-called news channel is actually just a traitor to the Zhang family?

Hehe, things are getting more and more interesting.

Jiang Xingfang smiled secretly, feeling as if he had found something interesting, whether it was to find the traitor in the Zhang family, or tell Dustin Zhou the news, and let Dustin Zhou negotiate with the Zhang family, it was all for him. Things worth doing.

Double Happiness Hotel.

The arrival of the Zhang family and his party made the hotel lively.

However, because of Dustin Zhou’s reasons, the hotel still offers some dissuasion to those who watch the excitement.

Those who stopped discouraging them, the hotel could only ask them to leave.

Anyway, this is the hotel, they have the final say.

What’s more, Zhou Shaohua will not be afraid of others criticizing the hotel.

And he even prepared a conference room on the sixth floor of the hotel, enough for three to four hundred people to have a meeting, but now, there are only Dustin Zhou, Sun Lian, and Zhang’s family, the total number is only a dozen.

It seemed like a fuss, but Dustin Zhou knew that Zhou Shaohua had arranged everything specially.

Because Dustin Zhou is in Changsha, he is away.

Although the Zhang family’s base camp is not in Changsha, but in Xiangxi, here, for the Zhang family, compared with Dustin Zhou, it is equivalent to home.

That being the case, Zhou Shaohua naturally wouldn’t let Dustin Zhou lose face or momentum.

So he used this way to express his support for Dustin Zhou.

After all, Zhou Shaohua’s name in Double Happiness Hotel is still very loud in Hunan Province.

Even people from the five major families should be polite to him and never dared to offend anything.

And Zhou Shaohua also knew that Zhang Family was a smart person and would inevitably converge. All the nasty methods against Dustin Zhou could no longer be used.

Even if they bullied Dustin Zhou as a kid who didn’t understand anything, they didn’t dare to play any tricks in front of Zhou Shaohua.

Harmony is the world and order of the strong.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou has not been recognized as a strong one by the Zhang family.

Of course, Dustin Zhou didn’t know these at present, he was just very satisfied with Zhou Shaohua’s move, and at the same time he felt that Zhou Shaohua cared too much about himself.

You should know that although Asher Chen is also a member of the Zhou family, although he respects him very much, he will not show it too much, but will let him go on his own.

In contrast, Zhou Shaohua felt a bit sad about Dustin Zhou.

However, everyone in the Zhang family, especially Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, have to pay attention to all this.

They naturally knew the name of Zhou Shaohua, the owner of Double Happiness Hotel, and before they came to Changsha from the Zhang family, Mr. Zhang Taiyan even confidently told them.

In Changsha, in addition to being careful about Jiang’s secret arrows, one person that needs attention is Zhou Shaohua, the owner of Double Happiness Hotel.

Although Father Zhang Taiyan did not clearly explain the reasons, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying did guess some quickly.

On the way here, the two of them also used their own means to collect some information about Zhou Shaohua.

After reading it, the two remained silent for a long time, and they were determined in their hearts that they would definitely not conflict with Zhou Shaohua.

And now, Zhou Shaohua supported Dustin Zhou with great fanfare and made a full face, which suddenly increased the pressure on the two of them.

Everyone sat down, Dustin Zhou and Sun

Lian sat aside.

Everyone in the Zhang family sat aside.

Around this long conference table, the two sides set up a posture, as if they were going to go shopping.

“You are the only people from the Zhang family?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly and spoke first, controlling the atmosphere in the meeting room well.

“Hmph, just us, but that’s enough, but Mr. Zhou, are you two alone?” Zhang Lun snorted, obviously dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s attitude, but right now he is not easy to vent. Replied coldly.

Dustin Zhou was about to speak, but the door of the meeting room was rudely knocked open from the outside.

“Who said that we only have two people?”

Chapter 439

Enderia Shen’s voice came in instantly, and as the door was opened, everyone outside the door also fell in the meeting room, in front of everyone in the Zhang family.

Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Chen Xin, Niu Chuan, Zhou Hao, Wang Dalu, and even Wang Wei from Liushi also appeared here.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou was also a little surprised, and it was good for others to say, after all, it was in the hotel and it was very simple to find it.

But Wang Wei and the others were all in Liushi before.

Even if Liushi is very close to Changsha, it takes nearly three hours to get there.

And it was only ten minutes from Zhang’s family entering Changsha and arriving at the hotel until now.

Could it be that Wang Wei moved here in an instant?

But after seeing the look that Enderia Shen handed him, Dustin Zhou also pressed down this doubt.

Now Wang Weiren is already standing at the door. As for when he came over, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Mr. Zhou, these people are coming in. It seems a little inappropriate, right?” Zhang Lun’s face turned ugly in an instant, obviously he just laughed at the two people on Dustin Zhou’s side. The next second, twenty or thirty appeared. Personally, this is clearly hitting him in the face.

“Hehe, there is nothing appropriate or inappropriate. They are all people who are famous for the company, and the branch project this time has something to do with them. It is reasonable to come in and listen.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile and motioned everyone to come into the meeting room.

Twenty or thirty people were soon seated in the conference room.

But most people are very conscious, knowing that they are coming, but as a number of people, so they consciously chose a corner position to sit down.

The more important people were sitting on the side of Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian, facing each other in Zhang Family.

“Now, it should be possible to continue. How about I explain the problem between us, how about it?” Dustin Zhou said calmly after seeing everyone sitting down.

Although Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying were dissatisfied, they suddenly became tense.


“Mr. Zhou, I think there may be some misunderstanding between us. We all know what you said to the old man on the phone before, but many of them are just your own words. There is no evidence. If this is imposed on us For Zhang Family, it is unreasonable, and it is unrealistic to propose any conditions through this.

“Zhang Lun said coldly, his attitude was a bit tough. Others on Dustin Zhou’s face were surprised, apparently wondering what Zhang Lun said. What are they talking about? Why don’t they understand? Indeed. Dustin Zhou had never explained anything to everyone before, nor expressed his own guesses, but only a few people knew. “Evidence?

Dustin Zhou laughed, and now he finally knows what the Zhang family is thinking about. Take the evidence to tell the matter. After all, he has not shown strong evidence in front of them to prove that they have black hands in the branch project. However, the so-called evidence is what the weaker needs, and Dustin Zhou doesn’t need it at all. “What I believe does not require evidence, and the same is true for you. Since I believe that your Zhang family is stigmatizing it, then, No matter there is evidence, it will not affect my views and practices.

Dustin Zhou scolded coldly, looking at Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, his faces were full of sarcasm. This time, even in the face of Zhang Ying, even though he was Zhang Jie’s father, Dustin Zhou did not leave a trace of face at all. “Dustin Zhou, What exactly is going on?

You…” As soon as he saw this, Zhang Jie wanted to say something to ease the conflict between the two parties. But this time, Dustin Zhou was not going to give Zhang Jie a chance. Since the Zhang family, especially the old man Zhang, felt that Zhang Jie should be brought Therefore, Dustin Zhou can let him restrain himself, so Dustin Zhou simply let go of himself. In this matter, it is not only Dustin Zhou’s business, but also the famous company, and the three who came to Changsha from Donghai with him. People from more than a dozen cosmetics companies. Dustin Zhou must guarantee the interests of these people. If they were harmed under Dustin Zhou’s guarantee, then everything is Dustin Zhou’s incompetence. This is absolutely not allowed by Dustin Zhou. “Dustin Zhou, don’t go too far!

Without evidence, do you want to buckle the sh*t shed on our Zhang family?

Zhang Lun was furious. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to have such a tough attitude, even if there was no evidence, he would be so bold. Moreover, there is a tendency that I will do whatever I want to do regardless of whether there is evidence or not. Just let Zhang Lun fall into a dilemma. He came to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou, and he brought it up. But he never thought that Dustin Zhou would have such a rogue side, and he didn’t care about the so-called.

evidence of.

“Poop? Is it a poop? Your Zhang family knows better than me. Otherwise, why would Wang Wei and his branch encounter that problem, and after I talked with you, those people disappeared again?” Dustin Zhou Said coldly, and nodded to Wang Wei.

“That’s right, what Mr. Zhou said is true!” Wang Wei slowly stood up, and said clearly what happened to him and his partner in Liushi.

In an instant, the entire conference room was extremely quiet.

The Zhang family members, because they knew the inside story in advance, were also greeted by Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, so they were not particularly surprised.

But on Dustin Zhou’s side, the more than 30 representatives of cosmetics companies who came to Changsha from the East China Sea were in an uproar.

They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

When Wang Wei’s branch in Liushi was renovating, he was asked by a group of thugs for a protection fee of 5 million yuan.

This incident, at first glance, does not seem to be a big deal. After all, a branch, five million, can be earned back in a few years.

But the hidden things in this one are intriguing.

At the same time, this kind of thing that may involve Zhang’s guardian’s theft behavior also made everyone extremely angry.

Everyone is cooperating with your Zhang family, but in turn your Zhang family stretched out their black hands to us.

“You must give an explanation!” “Yes, you Zhang family must give us an explanation. We are cooperating with you, and you are arguing against us now?” “That is, today is the protection fee, so tomorrow is it? Let’s transfer the branch to you?” “Zhou, this matter must be found out, otherwise we will not worry at all, and we will not be able to continue with this branch project.” … For a while, everyone exploded. They accused the Zhang family one after another and asked the Zhang family to give them an explanation.

The expressions of the Zhang family’s people were suddenly hard to see the extreme.

Even Zhang Jie looked at his uncle and father with shock at this time, and also at Dustin Zhou, as if he was still judging, what the two sides said was true and who was false.

However, Zhang Jie thought about many possibilities, but couldn’t make a judgment.

In fact, this kind of thing has surpassed his cognition and experience. With his personal ability, he has not experienced this kind of thing more than a dozen times, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

“Dustin Zhou, are you threatening us? You know, the Zhang family is not afraid of threats at all. If you have no evidence and you just want to buckle this sh*t pot on the head of the Zhang family, then we will never give up!” Zhang Lun snapped He scolded, his face was faintly red, and the blue veins on his neck even burst out.

Obviously, the current situation is far beyond Zhang Lun’s expectations.

Before coming to Changsha, he even expected

More than a dozen possible situations have passed.

But obviously, it does not include the current situation.

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