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Chapter 440

(1) In Zhang Lun’s view, even if Dustin Zhou suspected the Zhang family, but without evidence, he would not dare to turn his face with Zhang family.

Even if Dustin Zhou had evidence in his hands, Zhang Lun was confident that Dustin Zhou did not dare to act rashly.

But now, Dustin Zhou didn’t care whether he had any evidence or not, and he set himself up to tear his face.

All of a sudden, Zhang Lun was shocked.

How dare he!

Zhang Lun looked at Dustin Zhou with shock and incredible expression.

How dare Dustin Zhou do this with their Zhang family?

Completely ignoring the face, it seems that he is about to turn his face directly, where does the confidence come from?

Zhang Lun did not personally follow up Dustin Zhou’s investigation.

However, Zhang Lun has seen the results of the survey a long time ago, but he does not know how many times.

He believes that not only him, but the entire Hunan Province, the background of Dustin Zhou, who suddenly appeared in the East China Sea, may have been investigated.

Zhang Lun thought to himself about Dustin Zhou, and he also had a certain understanding.

However, he never expected that Dustin Zhou would do this.

Is he really not considering the consequences at all?

If he really turned his face with the Zhang family, wouldn’t Dustin Zhou worry about his difficulty in Hunan Province? Even the flagship store of the famous company, which has already made progress, may not last long.

“Dustin Zhou, I urge you to think clearly, this is not a matter between me and you, but a matter of your famous company and the Zhang family, but it is not trivial!” Zhang Lun said coldly.

Looking around, he saw Dustin Zhou sitting right across from him, and beside him, there were several beautiful women waiting.

“Presumably, this is the president of Mingyang Company, Ms. Enderia Shen, right? I don’t know if Mr. Dustin Zhou does whatever he wants, even without considering the overall situation, he insists on damaging the interests of Mingyang Company and our Zhang family. Should you give us one? Explain.” Seeing Enderia Shen, Zhang Lun suddenly had an idea in his heart.

Famous company is not Dustin Zhou alone. At best, he is just a shareholder.

But the president of the famous company, as well as the major shareholders, are Enderia Shen.

If Dustin Zhou really wants to turn his face, it is bound to harm the interests of the famous company.

At that time, it may not be necessary for them to say or do anything from the Zhang family. Just the interference within the famous company will make Dustin Zhou at a loss. At that time, it will be kneading or kneading, not just him. The Zhang family has the final say.

“And everyone, I would advise you all, if you really want to fight our Zhang family to the end in this matter, then our Zhang family will definitely not be subdued, but you, have you already thought about it? Home made


“After all, the famous company is owned by others. If you work for others, don’t even hollow out your own wealth and make wedding dresses for others.”

Zhang Lun immediately turned his head on Wang Wei and the others. In Zhang Lun’s view, although Wang Wei and others came from the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou. Moreover, Zhang Lun never dared to underestimate the East China Sea. Thanks to these people, the existence of each of them has been clearly investigated by the Zhang family, and they are not regarded by the Zhang family at all. They are like ants in the East China Sea, even when they come to Hunan Province, following Dustin Zhou, Ants are still ants after all. It is impossible for a huge change to happen in a moment. And these people are undoubtedly the weakest in character, and they will try to avoid even the slightest threat and intimidation, and even beg for mercy. And now, they have to face it. It’s the Zhang family. How should you choose between Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family? Zhang Lun believes that as long as the other party is not a fool, he will definitely be able to make the right choice. The others in the Zhang family are also quietly watching Dustin Zhou and his party, with a calm expression. The confidence that a pair of hands has arrived. In their view, this time the Zhang family quietly came to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou. It was a wrong choice. The most correct one should be a fanfare. First give Dustin Zhou and the others a head start, and give them a huge burden of pressure. “Haha, that’s right, but you have to think clearly about what will end up against our Zhang family.

“Our Zhang family is one of the five big families in Hunan Province. Even the other four big families don’t dare to say that they will completely turn their faces with our Zhang family. Do you think that Dustin Zhou can do this?”

“It’s just a dream.

“Don’t be inked, hurry up and give you a precise word.”

“Don’t rush them, now we should give them a time to think, otherwise, it will spread out and say that our Zhang family bullies others.”

“… After Zhang Lun finished speaking, the rest of the Zhang family suddenly vibrated, as if they had seen Dustin Zhou and his party most of them turn their backs and began to support the Zhang family, and turn their faces with Dustin Zhou. For a time, in the entire conference room, It was full of laughter from the Zhang family. Only Zhang Ying had a sullen face and said nothing. Obviously, the situation now has exceeded his expectations, and even he is not sure to clean up the situation. Now Zhang Ying can only be in I kept praying in my heart that Dustin Zhou could recognize the reality and make the most correct decision. Otherwise, even he would have to stand on the side of the Zhang family and oppose Dustin Zhou. If you want to say at this time, among the Zhang family, who else can Maintain a clear mind. Then it is undoubtedly Zhang Jie. At this time, Zhang Jie looked at his uncle, father, and all the uncles, and his heart was very refreshed. He has been

I thought I came to Dustin Zhou with them to discuss cooperation between the two sides, but now things are developing in an unpredictable direction.

Zhang Jie was even a little impatient. He felt that if he didn’t stop the situation from expanding, the consequences would make people crazy.

“Uncle, Father, are you making a mistake? Shouldn’t we come to discuss cooperation? Why do you want to turn your face with Dustin Zhou?” Zhang Jie scolded in a deep voice.

At this time, what he saw from the faces of the elders was all self-confidence and irresistible.

Zhang Jie even wondered if Dustin Zhou would really shrink from what Zhang Lun said.

But after seeing Dustin Zhou’s expressionless expression, he knew that Dustin Zhou was completely indifferent to what Zhang Lun said just now.

It is even a question whether Dustin Zhou can remember what Zhang Lun said just now.

“Presumptuous, Zhang Jie, there is nothing to do with you here. Don’t retreat. Don’t think that you and Dustin Zhou are college classmates, so you can eat inside and out. Zhang Ying, take good care of your son. Don’t let me find out what he’s doing. Home action.” Zhang Lun sternly scolded, then glanced at Zhang Ying with a gloomy expression, then ignored it.

At this time, the situation seemed very clear, and all the pressure and decisions were on Dustin Zhou in an instant.

Dustin Zhou agreed to reconcile and be soft. Then they and Zhang Jie might be able to restore the previous cooperative relationship. The two sides are still as peaceful as they seem to make money together.

Chapter 441

(2) But Dustin Zhou knew that if he really did that, although it seemed that nothing happened, in fact, his momentum would have been lost, and in the subsequent branch project, Zhang’s words in the project The power will increase step by step, until the famous company is squeezed to a negligible level.

At that time, the project was almost entirely determined by the Zhang family.

Mingyang, as well as his Dustin Zhou, if they want to express any opinions and opinions, the Zhang family would never adopt them.

Because before that, Dustin Zhou had already failed once.

For the loser, there is no right to speak at all.

Dustin Zhou believed in this.

However, there is another option, which is to carry it hard.

As long as Dustin Zhou has a firm attitude, insists on not accepting softness, has the support of well-known companies, and the support of most people, in this project, he can still hold more than half of the right to speak, but then, the team will inevitably be separated. .

If the hearts of the people are scattered, the team will be difficult to lead.

And everyone else, whether it is from the Zhang family or the people on Dustin Zhou’s side, is now watching Dustin Zhou, waiting for him to come up with a decision.

“Yes, you are right, I really don’t have

Evidence to prove that the problems encountered in the branch project, especially the Liushi project, were instigated by your Zhang family.

“After a long silence, Dustin Zhou said lightly, his voice was extremely flat and there was no trace of emotion.

Change seems to be lack of energy, just stating one thing plainly.

When these words were said, everyone on Dustin Zhou’s face had a look.

The expressions of Wang Wei, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others suddenly sank.

There are still many people with solemn faces, and even some people feel relieved.

On the other hand, Zhang’s side was full of smiles, winning tickets in hand, and their faces were full of triumphs and joy.

“That’s good, since Dustin Zhou, you have realized your mistakes, then…” Zhang Lun said with a smile, and he was ready to say some scenes to announce his victory.

But in the next second, all his words were stuck in his throat, unable to speak.

Because he saw that Dustin Zhou didn’t have a trace of decadence on his face, on the contrary, he was looking at himself sarcastically.

How dare he!

He clearly admits that he has no evidence in his hands. Isn’t that a confession and acceptance?

Why does he look at me so sarcastically?

I am the winner!

Zhang Lun screamed wildly in his heart, but he couldn’t say it.

In the dark, Zhang Lun felt that Dustin Zhou must be waiting for him, as long as he was hysterical, then he would surely fight back.

At that time, the aura on his side would suddenly plummet.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhang Lun, I think you made a mistake, and let you down. I didn’t subdue, nor admit defeat, let alone recognize my mistakes.” “Oh, no, I will die at all. If there is a mistake, how can I admit it?” Dustin Zhou was full of sarcasm, as if nothing happened just now, and he did not say that he had no evidence.

And his words made his morale soar.

Although he was surprised by Dustin Zhou’s changes, but for the trust in Dustin Zhou’s ability, the more than 30 people who followed from the East China Sea to Hunan Province still had sufficient trust in Dustin Zhou at this time.

And this trust was established in the East China Sea when Mingyang Company succeeded in two consecutive projects.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Lun was startled and looked at Dustin Zhou bitterly.

He had already noticed something wrong, but he couldn’t notice what was wrong.

However, Dustin Zhou’s change is like an obvious signal, which is of great significance to this discussion.

“What do I mean? I don’t mean anything.” “I just said, I don’t have any evidence to prove that your Zhang family is behind the scenes. But what?…” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, relying on himself. Sitting on the seat, one leg is tilted up on the other, looking very comfortable.

“Because I Dustin Zhou acted, I didn’t need the so-called evidence at all. For this, I just told you

We have said that, it seems that you still don’t pay enough attention to me Dustin Zhou, and you didn’t even listen carefully to what I said.

” “Snapped!

With a cold voice, Dustin Zhou stood up abruptly, slapped a palm on the table, and suddenly made a dull sound. But the entire conference table trembled a few times at this time. Everyone could clearly feel it, himself. The arms resting on the tabletop tremble for a while, faintly numb. Many people looked at Dustin Zhou inconceivably, and they could have such a slap in the slap.


If Dustin Zhou slapped Dustin Zhou’s face, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

“When I do things, I just do what I want. As for what you call evidence, it doesn’t make sense to me, because what I say is evidence. I said that there must be your Zhang family’s black hands behind it. For you Zhang Family.” Dustin Zhou said viciously, looking around the faces of the Zhang Family like a torch.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou looked like a wolf in a pack of wolves, despising the prey in front of him, and sneered dismissively.


The entire conference room was surprisingly quiet.

Whether it is the Zhang family or Dustin Zhou’s side, all of them are looking at Dustin Zhou at this time.

They never thought that Dustin Zhou would say something like this, and he was very domineering and didn’t make sense at all.

I am acting Dustin Zhou, why do I need to explain to others?

What I say is the criterion and the evidence.

I Dustin Zhou said that this thing was done by the Zhang family, so it must be done by the Zhang family.

There is no room for negotiation.

“Dustin Zhou, you…” Zhang Jie’s expression changed for a while. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to say something like this. He wanted to say something to ease the tense relationship and atmosphere between the two parties. But half of the words were straightforward. stunned.

The Zhang family didn’t even know what he should say.

Even, he didn’t even know the truth of the Zhang family secretly coming to Changsha to discuss the matter with Dustin Zhou.

Even after listening to the wrangling between the two sides for a while now, Zhang Jie is only half-knowledge.

What can he say?

Let Dustin Zhou relax, don’t be so nervous, their Zhang family is not hostile?

This was just a thought in Zhang Jie’s mind, and Zhang Jie directly denied it.

Because even he himself didn’t believe in the truth of this statement.

Zhang family is not hostile?

Just now, the uncle Zhang Lun and the reactions of the Zhang family were all in his eyes. The bitterness and the coercion, if it were not deliberately done by the Zhang family, Zhang Jie would not believe it.

But let him persuade Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying, and everyone in the Zhang family not to resist Dustin Zhou, but to put down their posture and speak well.

Zhang Jie can even confirm that once he says this, the first person to scold him will be his father Zhang Ying.

Chapter 442

“Zhang Jie, it seems that the Zhang family is still hiding a lot of things from you, but this is not important anymore. Now it is a matter between the Zhang family and I. It has nothing to do with you, so don’t interfere.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. , It was a step down to Zhang Jie.

In fact, he could also detect that the Zhang family had revealed any useful information to Zhang Jie at all.

Dustin Zhou even suspected that Zhang Jie was following the Zhang family this time.

Don’t know the purpose of this trip.

This time, he was completely blamed by Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

As for the purpose, Dustin Zhou can think of it with his toes.

It was nothing more than trying to take advantage of the relationship between his former university classmates between Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie, to make Dustin Zhou a little jealous, or even subdued.

After all, all Dustin Zhou’s information gave everyone in the Zhang family such a recognition.

But this time, Dustin Zhou was destined to disappoint the Zhang family.

For Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou certainly thought of the fellowship of classmates back then, but as far as things are concerned, Dustin Zhou will not make wrong or even indecisive decisions because of the fellowship of classmates.

On the contrary, it was the appearance of Zhang Jie that made Dustin Zhou see something.

That was the time the Zhang family had no absolute confidence.

Elder Zhang Taiyan, there is no absolute confidence that can shock Dustin Zhou.

“In addition, your Zhang family came to talk to me this time. It must have come in secret, but the situation now seems to be different from what you imagined.” Dustin Zhou raised the corner of his mouth slightly and raised the phone in his hand.

On the mobile phone, a webpage is opening, which is the news about Zhang’s sending someone to Changsha this time.

It is news, but the publishers are all official accounts of some gossip.

Such an official account has little influence.

But when they are brought together, the people that can be radiated and affected are no longer what Dustin Zhou and the Zhang family can imagine.

It is even possible that at this time the entire Hunan Province was swiped by such news.

How much Zhang family existed, even when they came to Changsha, they even went secretly and secretly.

Moreover, this time it was still related to Dustin Zhou.

These two points alone have caught the attention of most people, making them curious and inquiring about other news.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s abnormality, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying’s expressions changed slightly, and they quickly turned on their mobile phones to check.

The other members of the Zhang family were a bit inexplicable, but they also turned on their phones to see what the hell Dustin Zhou was making.

However, when these news appeared in their mobile phones, everyone in the Zhang family, including Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying, were all stunned.

“How is this possible!” “Didn’t we come here in secret? We didn’t reveal any news at all. How could these people know?” “Yes, and, from the looks of it, the other party clearly knows us, even if we come here. It’s for everything. It’s written clearly.” “Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying, this matter is not trivial. You have to check how the news spread out.” “Yes, we came all the way, basically. I haven’t been to other places, there must be a gangster in this one!” … Everyone in the Zhang family exploded.

Kidding, this

This time I came to Changsha to discuss the branch project with Dustin Zhou. It was appointed by Zhang Taiyan, and even the entourage was arranged by the old man.

These people are extremely loyal to the Zhang family and Zhang Taiyan. It is impossible for them to betray the Zhang family and Zhang Taiyan.

And now, the purpose and whereabouts of their trip have been exposed, which is undoubtedly a big deal.

This shows that among them, there is a possibility that there is an insider who is passing the news of the Zhang family to the outside world.

Zhang Lun looked gloomy and didn’t know what he was thinking.

However, Zhang Ying glanced at Zhang Lun quietly, thoughtfully.

Others don’t know, but Zhang Ying is very clear.

This time, the old man asked them to come to Dustin Zhou to discuss the project. He wanted them to make a quick decision. No matter what the outcome, he should press down the matter first.

As for the final result, it was nothing more than their Zhang family and Dustin Zhou arguing with each other.

But Zhang Lun was a little unwilling.

Zhang Ying knew that when he was near Changsha, Zhang Lun had released news to the outside world that the Zhang family secretly came to Changsha to discuss matters with Dustin Zhou.

In this regard, what Zhang Lun did was very secretive, and even the people he arranged were not from the Zhang family at all, nor were they some of the people they accompanied.

But it was precisely because of this that Zhang Ying was able to probe into what happened.

Zhang Ying also believed that person’s words very much, and he also thought that Zhang Lun would not, and did not dare to disclose the true purpose of their trip to the outside world.

If you really do that, once Zhang Taiyan finds out, the consequences will be unpredictable.

At least, in Zhang Ying’s view, Zhang Lun alone cannot bear such consequences.

So, does this matter have anything to do with Zhang Lun?

Zhang Ying even wanted to tell what Zhang Lun did before, so that everyone on the road would know what Zhang Lun did before.

But as soon as he saw Dustin Zhou’s smile on the other side, Zhang Ying resisted the urge to say it.

“Hehe, I don’t care about things about your Zhang family, nor do I care, but since the purpose of your coming to me has been revealed, then there is no need for us to continue the discussion.” Dustin Zhou looked at it. Everyone in the Zhang family responded with a soft smile, and there was a hint of gloating in their smiles.

Even if he is not very clear about the Zhang family’s house rules, he can guess some of the faces of these people in front of him.

“My attitude has been expressed very clearly. You only need to go back and convey my meaning to the old man. As for how your Zhang family handles it, I don’t want to pay attention.” “But there is one point.” Dustin Zhou stretched out One finger, said seriously.

“In this branch project, whether it’s like Liushi, you

The projects for which the Zhang family has reached out their black hands, or other projects that your Zhang family hasn’t done yet. I don’t want to see anything similar happen again in the future.

“Once it happens, then, no matter who the other party is, I will count on your Zhang family.”

“In addition, this time the Liushi project encountered problems, and your Zhang family should be responsible for the progress of the project that is hindering you. I will count all the expenses of this project on your Zhang family. Looking back, Wang Wei clearly listed all the expenses. Sent me a list and I will send it to your Zhang family.

“If there is nothing wrong, so be it today.”

Dustin Zhou stood up, smiled faintly, glanced at the crowd, and left. Others, seeing Dustin Zhou leaving, naturally left with a smile. This time, the results of their discussions with the Zhang family were perfect, for them to come. That said, it undoubtedly made them less worries. I believe that with Dustin Zhou’s words, even if there is any trouble in the future, Zhang Family will take the initiative to help them clean up all difficulties in order to avoid getting angry.

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