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Chapter 443

Soon, all the members of the Zhang family were left in the conference room. Zhang Jie lowered his head, and did not have any comments on Dustin Zhou’s departure, nor said a word. Right now, the state of the Zhang family, That is what he should pay attention to most. “Father, what shall we do?

Do you just go back like this?

Zhang Jie asked in a deep voice. In fact, Zhang Jie was a little disappointed with his father Zhang Ying. He was Zhang Ying’s only son. This time he came to Changsha to discuss matters with Dustin Zhou, but he was hiding things from him. What does this mean? This clearly means not treating Zhang Jie as Zhang’s family. You know, this time, Zhang’s family and more than a dozen people are the only one, Zhang Jie, who doesn’t know anything about the inside story. If this is spread, what will others think? What do you think of him? Zhang family’s useless person? Someone his father doesn’t care about? “Well, let’s go back first. Now things are like this. Although Dustin Zhou’s side, he won’t make any excessive demands on us, but this The matter has now been spread, and it is difficult for us to predict what other people will do. This matter must be told to your grandpa.

“Zhang Ying’s expression is also a bit solemn. After all, this time, he is also one of the entourages. If the old man Zhang Taiyan really wants to be held accountable, he will not escape the relationship. However, Zhang Ying has some plans for knowing some inside information. . Maybe they can use this opportunity to improve their status and right to speak in the Zhang family…. Soon, the Zhang family hurriedly left the hotel and returned to the Zhang family in Xiangxi. They even had time to say goodbye to Dustin Zhou. Not at all.

Things are not so simple anymore.

The outside world knows that there are contradictions and conflicts between them and Dustin Zhou, so they might get in the way in the future.

Dustin Zhou doesn’t matter, his family business is not in Hunan Province.

But the Zhang family is different. All of the properties of the Zhang family are in Hunan Province. If it is really embarrassed on all sides, the situation will be very critical.

And more importantly, they must investigate clearly how the news leaked this time.

Just kidding, for a big family like the Zhang family, betraying the family and spreading some news of the family, especially to some hostile families, is a big deal.

Dustin Zhou can even imagine what changes will happen within the Zhang family in a period of time, how much blood will be shed, how many people will be frustrated, and how many people will be proud.

“How is it? Looking at your performance today, is it pretty good?” Enderia Shen walked behind Dustin Zhou, reached out and gave a punch, and said with a smile.

In fact, Enderia Shen also had some accidents. For the Zhang Family’s aggressive coming this time, Enderia Shen actually lacked some confidence.

Even, she was worried that Dustin Zhou would suffer in front of Zhang’s family, so she took everyone to the meeting room, which was a cheer for Dustin Zhou.

But I didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou’s performance today was very brave, even unparalleled.

In front of Dustin Zhou, everyone in the Zhang family seemed to have no grown-up kids, and they were speechless when Dustin Zhou ran a few words.

Even in terms of momentum, Dustin Zhou has been pressing the opponent.

“What’s so strange about this? Haven’t I been like this all the time? It’s normal play, but now I am a little worried about Zhang Jie.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, but there was a bit of bitterness in this smile.

For a few days, he was strong against the Zhang family and did not leave them a trace of affection.

In fact, he also ignored Zhang Jie.

Emotionally, Dustin Zhou is actually unwilling to do this.

But in terms of interests, he will not talk about his own interests. In terms of the interests of the famous company and the interests of the thirty or so people who came to Hunan province with him, this time he must fight for it.

Therefore, it is reasonable to hold the Zhang family aggressively.

“Your classmate? What is there to worry about? Since he is Zhang’s family, he has to bear all these things. Can you still be soft to Zhang Jiafu because he is your classmate? The same, is he? Is it because you are his university classmates that the Zhang family will be soft to you?” Enderia Shen was a little speechless, she even thought Dustin Zhou was thinking too much.

In many cases, many things, the relationship between students can only be tasted, and it will not become the reason for the two sides to keep entangled with each other.

Just like this time, Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie have their own standpoints. They can’t, and the power behind them is not

Will allow them to damage their own interests for the so-called fellowship.

Even, Enderia Shen sometimes imagined that if one day, she and Dustin Zhou were on the opposite side, how would Dustin Zhou choose and what choice she would make.

These things are difficult to figure out in a short time.

But there is one thing, as long as it does not violate your heart, it is enough.

At the very least, what Enderia Shen can confirm is that if one day, he and Dustin Zhou are on the opposite side, then he will definitely pounce on Dustin Zhou without hesitation, even if the famous company behind him is gone, it doesn’t matter.

After all, those people who almost lost their lives in order to block the fatal blow for Dustin Zhou would care about those?

“Haha, that’s right, you are right, it seems I have a sense of sight.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

“Quickly, President Chen is back!” “Really, I haven’t seen him for a long time. I thought he was back in the East China Sea?” “I don’t know, but it seems that President Chen has been tired a lot this time. Ah, the whole person looks very haggard.” … As Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen were talking, there was a sudden noise outside the room.

Dustin Zhou’s brows tightened instantly, and he was a little unhappy with the carelessness of these people.

However, he keenly got a message from everyone’s words.

Asher Chen is back!

“Asher Chen is back? Let’s go and have a look!” Dustin Zhou’s expression was greatly lifted, and he said to Enderia Shen, then strode out of the room and hurried to Asher Chen’s room.

At this time, in Asher Chen’s room, Asher Chen shrank on the sofa with a tired look.

And both Chen Xin and Sun Lian were very distressed and busy, making tea for Asher Chen and eating, as if to rescue Asher Chen.

And outside the door, many people are already onlookers.

There are also a few people who are close to Asher Chen, or who think they are familiar with Asher Chen, have also begun to care about Asher Chen, all kinds of cold and warm.

At this moment, Asher Chen seemed to have become a lonely old man, receiving condolences from the loving community.

When Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen came to the door of the room, they saw a group of people surrounding the door and didn’t go in. They chatted there, talking about how familiar they were with Asher Chen and how good their relationship was.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about these things that obviously sounded bragging. He only cares about what happened to Asher Chen.

After finally squeezing into the room, Dustin Zhou saw Sun Lian and Chen Xin both busy.

Sun Yue and Su Wei chatted with Asher Chen casually.

Seeing Dustin Zhou coming in, Sun Yue just nodded slightly, saying hello.

After all, in terms of identity, there is a level between him and Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 444


(2) It was Su Wei who saw Dustin Zhou coming and immediately greeted him.

“Big brother, you are here.” “Well, how? It should be okay?” Dustin Zhou nodded lightly, then looked at Asher Chen and found that he was indeed very haggard.

He looked tired, his eyes flushed, and the bags under his eyes were obvious.

In addition, there is also a mess of beards on the chin.

It seems that the whole person is extremely decadent.

If this is to go out, others will think Asher Chen is a decadent youth.

“Mr. Chen, are you okay?” Dustin Zhou walked to Asher Chen, squatted down, and asked softly.

Until now, he didn’t know where Asher Chen had gone for so long.

Not only him, but everyone else didn’t.

Even Asher Chen’s daughter, Chen Xin, has no news about Asher Chen.

This worries many people.

In case of Asher Chen’s accident, Hannan predicted the consequences.

In addition, the few people who had happened to Asher Chen and Sun Lian now vaguely saw that Sun Lian’s eyes were a little unkind.

“Fortunately, I’m okay.” Asher Chen’s voice was very hoarse, like a situation after a long time without drinking water. It sounded dry and without power.

I looked around and found that there were too many people onlookers, not only their group, but even some other guests crowded around.

“You all go back, I am here, nothing will happen.” There was no way, Dustin Zhou could only disperse the onlookers first.

Surrounded by so many people, the lack of air circulation gives people a feeling of depression and makes people feel distressed.

Soon, everyone dispersed.

In the room, only Sun Lian, Chen Xin, Sun Yue, Su Wei, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen remained.

Even Mira Xie and Niu Chuan were driven back to their rooms by Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Chen, let’s talk about it. For so many days, where you have gone, there is no news at all.” Dustin Zhou was a little angry. Although Asher Chen’s actions, he has no right to supervise or restrict him.

But at any rate there is a relationship between them. At any rate, he is also Asher Chen’s young master. He disappeared so recklessly. For nearly half a month, there was no news at all, and he simply didn’t pay attention to him as the young master.

Otherwise, this alone would be enough for Dustin Zhou to punish him severely.

Of course, the main reason for Dustin Zhou’s anger was that not only did Asher Chen not tell himself the news of him, but even Chen Xin’s daughter had no news at all.

If this were to be extreme, Chen Xin might not know when Asher Chen died tragically outside.

This consequence is undoubtedly very cruel to Chen Xin.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, father just

When he comes back, he is still very tired. Let him rest for the night. If you have any questions, please ask tomorrow, OK?

“Chen Xin whispered, except for a trace of exhaustion in her voice, there was more of joy. Asher Chen’s safe return made Chen Xin seem to have found the backbone of her heart, and she was no longer the muddle-headed person he was before, helpless. “Okay.” , Tonight, take a good rest, if there is anything, we will talk to you tomorrow.

Dustin Zhou nodded. He could understand Chen Xin’s thoughts, and naturally there was nothing to refuse. Moreover, as to Chen Xin’s state of mind during this period, it can be said that among so many people, except Sun Lian, he knew best. Dustin Zhou knew that during the period of Asher Chen’s disappearance, Chen Xin had been thinking about Asher Chen, thinking day by day and thinking night by night. After all, Dustin Zhou only knew that Asher Chen was Chen Xin’s last relative in this world. As for the Chen Shao I met at Tunghai University in the past, although he is related to Chen Xin, Dustin Zhou does not know the specific relationship between them, but from Asher Chen’s attitude towards each other, Dustin Zhou can occasionally guess one or two. That is, if Asher Chen had an accident any day, Chen Xin would not be able to give it to the other person to take care of him. Even in Asher Chen’s heart, when the day comes, it is better to give Chen Xin to Dustin Zhou than to give him The Chen family in Beijing wanted to reassure him. After repeatedly urging Asher Chen to take a good rest, Dustin Zhou left the room with the others. For a moment, everyone fell silent as if everyone had something to say, but when it came to their lips, they swallowed them all. Go on. During the time when Asher Chen disappeared, everyone had very big doubts in their hearts, but at this time, they guessed and guessed, obviously a little inappropriate. Dustin Zhou looked at Sun Lian standing next to him, and wanted to follow She saw a slight change in expression on her face. But Dustin Zhou was disappointed. Sun Lian didn’t even have an expression on her face, and Dustin Zhou also noticed that from the moment she went to the room and saw Sun Lian, Sun Lian seemed to have no expression until now. Change. It’s like a passer-by who doesn’t care about what happened here. But Dustin Zhou doesn’t think that Sun Lian doesn’t care about Asher Chen. You know, they used to be lovers after all. And this time Sun Lian took the initiative to find Asher Chen in the hotel. Yes, this is what happened after Asher Chen disappeared. During this time, Sun Lian’s worries were all presented in front of Dustin Zhou, and any movement can be said to be seen by Dustin Zhou. Therefore, Asher Chen can safely go. Back, if Chen Xin is the most excited and relieved, then Sun Lian is definitely the second one. Even Dustin Zhou felt that Sun Lian’s excitement and relaxation would not be less than Chen Xin. Asher Chen needs a rest, Chen Xin needs a rest.

To rest, Sun Lian also needs to rest.

“Mr. Sun, you are also tired. Take a good rest. If you have any problems, we will solve them tomorrow.” After comforting Sun Lian, everyone quickly dispersed.

No words for a night.

The next day, as the sky just brightened, Dustin Zhou was in the room and heard many people talking outside.

And there is a sense of excitement in the words.

With doubts, Dustin Zhou hurriedly cleaned up, and after opening the door, he was immediately stunned.

At this moment, there was a long line in Asher Chen’s room.

The representatives of more than 30 companies in the cosmetics industry who came to Hunan Province with Dustin Zhou are lining up at the moment. The entire team lined up from Asher Chen’s room to the corridor outside, extending more than ten meters.

Although it looks a little messy, Dustin Zhou can see that this team is not messy at all.

“What’s the situation!” Dustin Zhou looked dumbfounded.

It was only one night, how did things become like this.

Could it be that Asher Chen really did something during this time, and now that he has achieved results, he wants to lead everyone to make a fortune?

Otherwise, why everyone is full of smiles and looks very excited.

Dustin Zhou didn’t bother to stop someone to ask carefully, and walked directly to the door of the room, and walked in.

“What’s the situation?” At this time, Dustin Zhou discovered that not only Asher Chen had woken up, but Chen Xin, Sun Lian, Su Wei, Enderia Shen, and Mira Xie were almost all present.

In addition, there are representatives of several companies.

Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao, and Wang Wei are all here.

And it seemed that they were discussing something.

Dustin Zhou rolled his eyes. Everyone was in love, but he was alone.

What is this going to do?

Exclude him as a leader?

Seeing Dustin Zhou appearing and rolling his eyes, everyone smiled happily and pulled Dustin Zhou down to sit down.

“Zhou, you have a solid sleep this time. We made such a big noise outside, and you only woke up now.” Wang Dalu joked.

The other people did the same, looking at Dustin Zhou and chuckled.

Chapter 445

Little business princess!

Dustin Zhou was a little helpless, because he really didn’t know what was going on, so he could only look at Mira Xie and Enderia Shen for help.

“We just arrived at the door of your room and prepared to wake you up, but we called out several times and you didn’t have any response. We thought you were asleep, so we didn’t wait for you. We came over to discuss some small things first.” Shen Bi Junqing He said with a smile, when he looked at Dustin Zhou, he was a little teased, and he was obviously amused.

Soon, everyone’s emotions stabilized, and their expressions began to become serious.

In fact, as Dustin Zhou thought.

There is no need for people like Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao, and Wang Wei to come to negotiate.

Rather than saying that they can be partners who can discuss matters together, it is better to say that they are the executors of orders, simply doing their own things in accordance with Dustin Zhou’s instructions.

As for the others, it is not what they need to think about.

But now, they are sitting in the room, apparently they were found by Asher Chen.

Could it be that what Asher Chen wants to say next has a lot to do with them?

“Okay, next, Mr. Chen, you should tell me, where have you been during this period of time? It seems that the entire Hunan province suddenly has no news from you.” Dustin Zhou asked seriously.

And the questions he asked are what other people want to know.

Chen Xin and Sun Lian put their eyes firmly on Asher Chen’s face, wanting to see something from this face.

But they were disappointed, and Asher Chen did not have a trace of mood swings on his face.

Unless he deliberately, no one in the room can see anything from his face.

“Actually, I went to the capital.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, his tone full of fatigue and a hint of depression.


This time, everyone present was shocked.

No one thought that in the past half month after Asher Chen disappeared, he would actually go to the capital.

On the contrary, only Sun Lian’s face was thoughtful, but in the next second, her face turned pale.

“You went to the capital? You went to find those people?” Sun Lian’s voice suddenly became a little trembling, and she looked at Asher Chen’s eyes with a hint of relief, but there was a hint of helplessness.

Dustin Zhou can see these emotional changes, and others can also see it.

But compared to Dustin Zhou, they don’t have a deep understanding of the relationship between Sun Lian and Asher Chen, so it is hard to think whether there is any secret.

Only Dustin Zhou, after hearing Sun Lian say so, immediately thought of the stories Zhou Shaohua had told him.

If what Sun Lian said is true and Asher Chen went to the capital to find those people, there is still a great possibility.

Even if Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen only knew each other for about half a year,

It seems to be fettered by Dustin Zhou as the young master of the Zhou family, but Dustin Zhou also has some understanding of Asher Chen.

That is righteousness.

But whatever the people and things he identified, no matter what problems he encountered, he would help fix them.

Dustin Zhou even thought that the incident between Sun Lian and Asher Chen was known to the Chen family in the capital. The Chen family must have adopted discordant methods, and those methods will inevitably be a little shameful.

Back then, Asher Chen was nothing but a wealthy young master. He didn’t have many means. He was unable to change the status quo. He could only watch and listen to Sun Lian telling him to break up.

Now, Asher Chen has not only developed in the East China Sea, but also has a lot of wealth. Now he is doing things for the Zhou family.

In Hunan Province, after seeing Sun Lian again, the impulse of a long time in the dusty heart, the seal broke in an instant, and Asher Chen’s heartbeat suddenly became violent.

Therefore, he desperately returned to the capital, wanting to say something to those people back then, and even resisted again.

This is probably the ending now, right?

Everyone looked at Asher Chen, waiting for him to continue.

“Well, I returned to the capital and wanted to find those few people to have a good argument. Originally, I thought my current achievements, although not as good as the Chen family, should be considered small achievements, but I didn’t expect their vision. , Is still so superficial.” Asher Chen laughed to himself, and the arc of his mouth tucked slightly, more like he was mocking those people.

“But this time I went to the capital, and it was not without gain. I discovered an amazing secret. I think this will play a very important role in our next actions in Hunan, so I brought you all over. , I want to count it up with you.” Asher Chen quickly changed his mood, swept away all the troubles and setbacks, and suddenly became extremely serious.

When everyone heard it, they immediately sat up in distress, especially Wang Dalu and the others, each of them looked very serious, for fear of missing any words of Asher Chen.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou was also curious. Regarding the capital, he hadn’t been there in his life. It was just that when he went there, it was really different from what he thought.

At that time, when he was still in college, he went to the capital just for fun.

I don’t know anything about the family power in the capital.

“There is a little princess in the business in the capital, and she is now in Changsha, Hunan Province.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, apparently speaking about the little princess of the business, his expression still a little unnatural.

“Business?” “Little princess?” “In Changsha, Hunan province?” … But as soon as Asher Chen’s voice fell, someone suddenly exclaimed.

But everyone’s focus is different.

Dustin Zhou’s expression instantly became serious.

Although he didn’t know the origin of this so-called merchant princess, and what kind of power he had in the capital.

However, just by seeing the solemnity and solemnity on Asher Chen’s face, he knew that the background of the little princess of the merchant was definitely not small.

Even her influence in the capital far exceeded her imagination.

“Mr. Chen, what is the origin of this little princess?” Sun Yue asked first.

It seems to be very curious about these complicated figures and relationship forces in Beijing.

When Sun Yue asked, other people looked at Asher Chen one after another, all wondering what the origin of this so-called merchant princess would make Asher Chen so cautious, and even the tone of mentioning the other party became much lower.

“This little princess of the merchant comes from a merchant in the capital, one of the four major families in the capital, and is so powerful that most people can’t even imagine it.” Asher Chen slowly said.

But he didn’t say a word, that depressive, low atmosphere continued to permeate the room.

“Actually, I come from the Chen family in Beijing. Judging by the power of the Chen family, the Su and Sun families in the East China Sea are vulnerable to the Chen family.” Asher Chen said this, even in front of Su Wei’s Noodles are also unceremonious.

However, the others were different, and immediately took in the air-conditioning.

They didn’t expect Asher Chen to come from such a powerful family.

Even the Su family, the Sun family, in front of the Chen family, could not withstand a single blow.

Just think about it… No, everyone is from the East China Sea. Regarding the Sun family and the Su family’s power, they know and understand, even if they don’t know very well, there are only so few super big families in the entire East China Sea.

They can’t imagine how powerful the Chen family is.

However, since Asher Chen first talked about the Chen family, what about the business?

Is it stronger than the Chen family?

Everyone’s breathing suddenly tightened, and they all looked at Asher Chen intently, waiting for him to continue talking.

Asher Chen took a deep breath, his chest also fluctuating.

Obviously, he didn’t look so relaxed as everyone else.

No one can imagine how turbulent Pengbai felt when he learned that the merchant princess was in Changsha, Hunan Province.

It is not only the name of a business, but also the characteristics of the little princess.

“It can be said that if the Chen family wants to clean up some families in the East China Sea, of course they will be resisted by the East China Sea, but the East China Sea will not be able to stop it if they really get angry.” “However, the Chen family is in Beijing. It’s a second-rate family, not even a first-class family, let alone a super family like a merchant.”

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