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Chapter 446

Asher Chen’s voice just fell, in the room

Everyone was shocked, and their faces were full of shock.

They knew about the Su family and the Sun family in the East China Sea, so Asher Chen said that the Chen family in the capital wanted to destroy such a family very simply. They could imagine some things.

At the very least, a roughly vague difference in strength is still known to everyone.

Especially Su Wei.

He himself is the Su family, and is the only son of the current Su family Su Shiming. Naturally, he knows more about the current situation of the Su family than outsiders.

But even so, when Asher Chen said that the Chen family could easily destroy the Su family, he did not refute it.

Because in his opinion, the Chen family in Beijing might really have that strength.

After all, a Asher Chen stirred up the wind and rain in the East China Sea, and his current strength was compared with that of the Su family, and he couldn’t find out much.

However, Asher Chen just said that the Chen family in Beijing is at best a second-rate family in Beijing.

This time, he was really shocked.

Not to mention, in Asher Chen’s mouth, there is also a super family business that can easily destroy the Chen family.

It is also one of the four major families in Beijing.

Su Wei felt a chill in his heart, and he suddenly discovered that there were many things he didn’t know about this world and this country.

Not to mention the businessmen in the capital, even the Chen family, before this, Su Wei was not very clear.

Perhaps the father knows something?

Su Wei didn’t dare to confirm, but now he desperately wanted to know what kind of existence the so-called four big families in Beijing really were.

It can make Asher Chen feel shocked, even afraid to mention it at will.

Not only Su Wei, but also everyone else, looking at Asher Chen one by one, looking forward to it.

They are naturally very curious about the hidden existence of the four big families in Beijing that Asher Chen said.

Perhaps, this time I didn’t hear something about the four major families, and they will never have a chance again.

“The four major families in Beijing are actually taboos in Beijing and even throughout China.” Asher Chen looked at the emotions of everyone, especially Dustin Zhou’s expression, calmed his mind and continued slowly. Speaking of.

“These four big families are Zhou’s family, merchants, Dugu’s family, and the fifth.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, as if he had exhausted all his strength and became collapsed.

Just thinking about the energy of these four major families, Asher Chen dare not be careless.

What he had encountered in the capital during this period and the news he heard were even more maddening.

The little princess of the merchant went to Changsha, Hunan Province.

Fortunately, this is only spread in a small area. If it spreads out, I don’t know what kind of chaos will happen to the entire Beijing city, and even the entire China.

At that time, there will probably be thousands of

The sons of the big family swarmed from all over the country.

As for their purpose, you don’t need to think about it. Naturally, they are here for the merchant princess.

“Mr. Chen, what does this fifth family mean? Is there anyone else whose last name is not fifth?” Someone asked with a smile.

The others also looked at Asher Chen with a smile.

After all, the surnames of the first three big families are quite normal. One Zhou family and one business are common surnames.

Even if it is the surname of Dugu, everyone has not heard of it.

But this last fifth one is a bit confusing.

“There is the fifth surname.” Before Asher Chen spoke, Sun Yue explained.

As a member of the Donghai media industry, he is one of the three directors of the association. He is knowledgeable and knows a lot more than ordinary people.

“However, the fifth surname is relatively rare. No matter whether it is in the past or now, everyone has not heard it too much, but it also exists among the surnames, but the ranking is relatively low.” Sun Yue explained.

“It’s really.” At this time, someone had already started to check with their mobile phones, and as expected, among the last few surnames of Baijia, the fifth surname was found.

“Is there anything hidden in this fifth house, or why is this surname so rare?” someone asked.

“I don’t know about this. In fact, among the four major families, the Zhou family and the merchants are relatively normal. To many people outside, they are not particularly secretive.” However, Dugu’s family already has some mystery, and its reputation in the outside world is not so great, but the Zhou family and the businessmen will not go against the Dugu’s for no reason.” “As for this fifth family, in fact, I still I have never seen anyone in the fifth family, but I heard that the elders in the family once said that this fifth family is something that even the other three major families dare not provoke.” Asher Chen looked at the crowd and took a deep breath. , Said slowly.

“If you really want to talk about it, this fifth family is more like a top-notch taboo that exists in the four major families, and even any news about their family can’t be found.” Asher Chen finished, everyone There was silence.

They really did not expect that among the top existences of the four major families in the capital, there would actually be a fifth such weird existence.

Even the other three big families dare not provoke them at will?

What a great strength this must have!

However, at this time, Dustin Zhou thought about Zhou’s family.

Is this Zhou family one of the four big families in Beijing mentioned by Asher Chen?

Is it your own family?

Just thinking of what Asher Chen said just now, the Zhou family’s strength is strong, and a little comparison with himself, Dustin Zhou feels


With his current strength, if he wants to be the master of Zhou’s family, he doesn’t need to be said by others. Just thinking about it, Dustin Zhou knows how difficult and cruel the road ahead is.

At that point, what Dustin Zhou needs to face is not only the existence and different voices within the Zhou family, but also a lot of external and different voices from the family that have interests in the Zhou family.

For these, Dustin Zhou must understand if he really wants to enter the Zhou family.

“But, the little princess of the merchant, who is not waiting for the capital, why did you come to Changsha, Hunan Province?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

He knew that it was impossible for Asher Chen to talk about this little merchant princess for no reason.

Presumably, this little princess definitely plays a very important role for herself.

Even when he enters Zhou’s house in the future, he can provide a lot of help.

“I want to correct one point. It is not the little father who came to Changsha, but has already been in Changsha, but no one has noticed yet.” Asher Chen said seriously.

“The reason why I say this is to tell everyone that in the next period of time, there is likely to be unrest in Hunan Province, because now that this news has been leaked, the disciples of those big families in the capital are likely There will be swarms.” “So, in the future, Hunan Province will leaps forward and gathers many people who are backed by big clans and big powers. What you need to pay attention to is not to conflict with people from these clan forces, so this paragraph Time, all of you must act low-key.”

Chapter 447

(1) “This, especially Dustin Zhou, you need to pay extra attention!” In the end, Asher Chen focused on Dustin Zhou.

After all, as long as Dustin Zhou has been in Hunan Province, he has already done so many things, and the disturbed situation in Hunan Province is obscure.

Even the five big families were teased by him.

In addition, when he just came back, he heard Sun Lian and Chen Xin talk about the affairs between Dustin Zhou and the Zhang family, and he was even more worried about Dustin Zhou.

“Uh, well, I know, I will hold myself back in the future, but if I don’t provoke others, it doesn’t mean that I am willing to be bullied and become a turtle.” “I can not provoke them, but , If anyone does not open his eyes to provoke me, then I’m sorry, no matter who he is, I either apologize or get out of Hunan Province. I have a way.” Dustin Zhou spread his hands helplessly and said indifferently.

When others saw it, they also smiled knowingly.

Regarding Dustin Zhou’s remarks, those who knew them would naturally understand them, and even those who did not understand could see a hint of helplessness from the faces of others.

After all, with Dustin Zhou’s character and attitude, something unpredictable might really happen in the future.

But fortunately, they are a whole, and everyone has enough trust in Dustin Zhou.

So they are not too worried now.

Anyway, the children of the big family haven’t come to Changsha yet?

When they come, maybe they have returned to the East China Sea.

“Okay, that’s all I need to say, just to give you a reminder, but don’t be so nervous, as long as you do your own thing step by step, I believe those people will not cause trouble at will. After all, this is Hunan Province. It’s them and they have to consider the impact.” Asher Chen couldn’t help but smile when he saw the solemn expressions of everyone.

But in fact, in his opinion, it is indeed a reminder to his family. After all, the children of the big family feel very powerful just by listening to the name, but in fact, they are not arrogant people.

Not to mention, this time, there is a little princess from the merchant, maybe someone from Zhou’s and Dugu’s will come.

Soon, everyone left, but compared to before, all of them were worried, excited and alarmed.

Asher Chen’s words seemed to open a new door for them.

It turned out that the Sun family, the Su family and the like in the East China Sea, are not worth mentioning in the eyes of the Chen family in Beijing.

As for the Chen family in the capital, there are first-class families on the top, and there are four big families on top.

Zhou’s house, merchant, Dugu’s house, fifth house.

These four families have left a deep mark on everyone’s hearts.

Soon, only Chen was left in the room

ASher and Dustin Zhou are two people.

Even Sun Lian, Chen Xin, and Enderia Shen were persuaded to leave by Asher Chen.

There are some things that he needs to explain to Dustin Zhou, which can be regarded as an exhortation.

“Uncle Chen, if you have anything else you want to tell me, just say it straight, don’t hesitate.” Seeing Asher Chen leaving himself alone, Dustin Zhou knew that Asher Chen must have something to say to himself.

Moreover, others are not qualified to listen to these words, or there is no need to know them.

For Dustin Zhou, it is necessary to know.

“Dustin Zhou, this time I went to Chen’s house and I did hear a lot of news. In addition to the news I just said, there are some that are related to you.” Asher Chen glanced at Dustin Zhou, his expression was a little weird, as if he wanted to laugh, but Forced to hold back again.

“It’s about me?” But Dustin Zhou was very curious.

Although he knew his identity, there were not many others who knew.

Even, among the people who have intersection with him now, only Asher Chen and Zhou Shaohua know about it.

Even Sun Lian and Chen Xin are not very clear.

So, Asher Chen went to the capital, how could he hear news about himself?

Has his identity been passed to the capital?

“In fact, the merchant princess came to Changsha, Hunan Province, and it has something to do with you.” Asher Chen said with a smile, thinking that after hearing the news at first, he immediately felt a galloping horse.

He couldn’t think that Dustin Zhouyuan was in Hunan province, but there was news about him in the capital.

“It’s related to me? Damn, what’s this? I don’t know any merchant, the little princess. I haven’t even heard of this person before. If it weren’t for Uncle Chen, I don’t even know the Big Four in Beijing The family doesn’t know what business, what little princess.” Dustin Zhou was speechless, and he was very surprised.

He naturally knew that it was impossible for Asher Chen to say such things for no reason, so it must be in the capital that Asher Chen really heard some news.

And these news clearly pointed out that the merchant princess appeared in Changsha and had something to do with him.

However, does anyone already know his identity in the capital?

So, does the Zhou family also know?

In an instant, Dustin Zhou’s face changed several times, faintly trying to ask something, but when the words came to his lips, he couldn’t say it.

“Hehe, I know what you are worried about right now. Don’t worry, your identity has not been revealed. Even if you are from the Zhou Family in Beijing, few people know your identity, even if only a few people know your identity, They won’t do anything, after all, they still have a mission.” Asher Chen naturally saw Dustin Zhou’s change in his eyes.

My heart suddenly resembled Ming Jing, and he was very clear about Dustin Zhou’s thoughts at the moment, so he explained.

This can be regarded as a solution to Dustin Zhou, so let him rest assured.

“Then I really want to know, what does that little merchant princess have to do with me when she appeared in Changsha?” Hearing Asher Chen’s explanation, Dustin Zhou also relaxed, and now he has some problems with the so-called merchant princess who has something to do with him. curious.

“Hehe, in fact, when I heard the news at first, I thought it was because I had heard it wrong, and I have checked with someone again and again.” Asher Chen said with a smile.

“But, several times, the reply I got was that the merchant princess came to this place in Hunan province to avoid the marriage.” “The marriage? It’s not me?” Dustin Zhou was shocked when he heard this. , Regardless of so much, asked with a weird look.

What a joke, no one else appeared in the capital, and even in the past two decades, none of them appeared in the capital as a member of the Zhou family in the capital.

How can there be a so-called marriage relationship inexplicably?

“Yes, this matter is actually the business’s current Patriarch, and the Zhou Patriarch decided more than 20 years ago. It can be said that you and the merchant’s little princess can be regarded as a finger-to-finger marriage!” Asher Chen Said with a smile, seeing the shocked look on Dustin Zhou’s face also felt funny.

Chapter 448

However, this matter is far from being as simple as it seems.

Apart from anything else, Dustin Zhou’s identity alone has not yet been recognized by all the Zhou family, and, if counted, Dustin Zhou is actually just an illegitimate child of the Zhou family.

Among the big families that regard face as more important than fate, identity and face represent everything.

As for Dustin Zhou’s status as an illegitimate child, it can be said that Zhou’s family has no gleam in this so-called finger-to-finger marriage incident.

However, the owner of the merchant was also a ruthless person. In spite of the opposition of the merchants, he strongly announced the so-called marriage, but did not directly indicate the identity of the Zhou family.

This can be regarded as an explanation for Zhou’s family and businessmen.

If Dustin Zhou can return to the Zhou family with the ability and strength, and is recognized by most of the Zhou family, then there is no need for the business to break the contract.

But if Dustin Zhou can’t do it, then this behavior of the merchant’s owner can be regarded as a face to the Zhou family, so that the Zhou family can choose a suitable person to complete this agreement.

Not many people know this, and not many know the inside story.

However, the reason why this incident was so heated is that it is not even secret information in the capital.

It’s all because the little princess of the merchant uttered rhetoric before she ran away from home, even with a woman

Together, I will not be with the Zhou family.

Asher Chen spoke slowly, trying not to miss any details.

As a result, it only took nearly two hours to clarify the ins and outs of things.

During these two hours, Dustin Zhou had no idea how many times he was shocked.

Every time Asher Chen said something, Dustin Zhou would be shocked once.

Finally, when Asher Chen said something about the merchant’s little princess, Dustin Zhou even had the urge to vomit blood.

Even if you spend your life with a woman, don’t be with the Zhou family.

Who is that Zhou family? Now after Asher Chen said this, Dustin Zhou naturally knew that that person was referring to himself.

Although his identity is not yet known, in such a situation, where would Dustin Zhou take care of the merchant, the little princess knew that he did not know him? With that sentence alone, it could be said that the other party had offended Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, it’s okay, I’ve always been generous and don’t care about this kind of thing!” Dustin Zhou gritted his teeth and said, there was no trace of anything wrong on his face.

But Asher Chen still heard a little bit of discomfort from Dustin Zhou’s tone.

After all, it is not a glorious thing for any man to be said by a woman.

Moreover, as the little princess of the merchant, this sentence will continue to circulate.

Even if one day Dustin Zhou returns to the Zhou family and enters the Zhou family, this sentence will still not be news, and some people will still take it out from time to time as a conversation.

“However, Dustin Zhou, I still need to remind you that those people who rushed to Changsha to come to Changsha with the little princesses of the merchant, you should try to contact them as little as possible. Maybe some people will be aware of their identity. At that time, your situation will also It’s not good.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice, his expression rare and solemn.

“Because of those people, their aim is the little princess of the business, and apart from her, everyone else in their eyes is like an ant.” “Even the people from the so-called five big families in Hunan Province, The same is true.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice.

Dustin Zhou was silent, he naturally understood the purpose and intention of Asher Chen’s words.

After all, Dustin Zhou knew that fashion capital was only an industry of the Zhou family. In this place in Hunan Province, even the Yu family, the head of the five major families, were helpless. Even after a conflict, the Yu family dared not treat fashion capital anymore. Any thoughts.

This alone can tell that the so-called five big families are really inferior to these top big families.

“I know, I will pay attention.” Dustin Zhou laughed casually.

“Well, but you don’t have to worry about it. With your current status and strength, I’m afraid you really can’t attract the attention and curiosity of those people.

, So you don’t have to worry so much. Besides, there will be no surprises with Zhou Shaohua.

“Asher Chen said with a smile, it was the last shot for Dustin Zhou. … At the same time, everyone in the Zhang family who had returned to the Zhang family dispersed separately, and Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying also came to the old man Zhang Taiyan’s room together. Zhang Jie has been sent back to his small yard by his father Zhang Ying. “Father.

When Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying saw Zhang Taiyan, they looked guilty, and at the same time they were a little nervous. Because they secretly went to Changsha to talk about Dustin Zhou, and now everyone knows it. In the publicity of countless news self-media accounts. Down, now in Hunan Province, the major clans, and even the ordinary people, know more or less about the actions of their Zhang family. It is naturally impossible for Mr. Zhang Taiyan not to know. “Well, you are back.

“However, what surprised the two of them was that Zhang Taiyan only faintly responded, and then fell silent. It seemed that there was no trace of pursuing them. However, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying knew that compared with Zhang Taiyan’s anger. The current situation shows that the old man is really angry. Silence is sometimes far more frightening than anger. Therefore, before the old man says anything, Zhang Lun took the lead to confess, even to reveal some news about himself intentionally. The matter is also explained. After all, Zhang Lun knew that he wanted to hide something in front of the old man. It was simply wishful thinking. He concealed it, but after being found out, Zhang Lun couldn’t imagine or gamble on him. Will let him go, because he is the eldest son, and will not punish him. Zhang Ying was a little surprised. He thought that Zhang Lun would conceal what he had deliberately leaked the information, but he didn’t expect the boss to tell everything directly. It seems that the boss is still sober. “Father, this is probably the case. I don’t know why there are so many rumors out there all of a sudden. Moreover, we were discussing with Dustin Zhou at the time. We immediately discovered this. Just came back.

“Zhang Ying said in a deep voice, which can be regarded as an excuse for Zhang Lun. However, he is not just an excuse for Zhang Lun. They went to Changsha together. They are a whole, a team. Once something happens, the whole team will have it. Unshirkable responsibility. So it is impossible for Zhang Ying to stay out of the situation. So instead of putting all the responsibilities on Zhang Lun alone, instead of putting all the responsibilities on Zhang Lun’s head, it is better to help and explain to the old man. and then?

How is your discussion with Dustin Zhou?

What is his attitude?

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