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Chapter 449

Zhang Taiyan’s decision!

Father Zhang Taiyan opened his muddy eyes slightly, and quietly took a look at Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying. The two brothers did not mention the leak, but directly talked about the results of the discussion with Dustin Zhou.

Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying breathed a sigh of relief.

Since the old man said that, it means that he has no intention to pursue the leak of the news, or the inside story, the old man has long known.

But right now, the result of the discussions between the two brothers and Dustin Zhou is the most worthy of the father’s attention.

“Father…” At this moment, Zhang Lun’s expression became extremely ugly.

But there is no way, facing the father’s question, he dare not talk nonsense.

Therefore, after speaking out the results and details of the negotiation, Zhang Lun’s back was completely wet.

It’s not that Zhang Lun has not felt this feeling in the past few decades, but so many times before, it is not as tense and breathless as it is now.

After all, in the past, the Zhang family faced the other four big clans in Hunan Province. Everyone was of equal strength, and no one could do anything about it. Since some things were done and they were taken by others, they would naturally be admitted.

But right now, it was Dustin Zhou, a man from the East China Sea, who was not as strong as the Zhang family, and there was no evidence in hand.

But under these circumstances, they had no choice but to take Dustin Zhou.

“Father, Dustin Zhou’s attitude is very arrogant. He clearly doesn’t have any evidence in his hands, but he has such a tough attitude. I think we must give him a look. Otherwise, who will look at our Zhang family in the future?” Zhang Lun hates Hate said, thinking that this action was under his own leadership, facing Dustin Zhou, he was defeated.

If this is said, it will definitely make people laugh out loud, and even many people and families will despise the Zhang family.

Father Zhang Taiyan did not answer, but closed his eyes and meditated, not knowing what he was thinking.

“You go back first, there are some things that I need to think about.” For a long time, when Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying were a little anxious, the old man suddenly spoke.

But this time, the old man did not directly state what he was going to do, but said he should think carefully.

Although he didn’t express his position directly, but like this, under the secret speculation, he already had an idea.

And Zhang Lun is such a caring person.

In his opinion, the old man is thinking about the relationship between Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou, to see if it is necessary to continue to maintain the superficial harmony.

Judging from the current situation, Dustin Zhou has repeatedly refused to give Zhang Family face, even without evidence in his hands, but dared to threaten Zhang Family. This is already an offense to Zhang Family’s bottom line and face.

Want to come

, The old man should be dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou, right?

With such excitement, the two brothers returned to their own small yard after leaving the old man’s room.

After Zhang Lun returned to the small courtyard, he was a little upset when he saw that his son Zhang Tao was not there.

He had warned Zhang Tao before that he should be careful not to be frizzy and let people get hold of it. It is best to stay in the small yard and not go out anywhere.

Zhang Lun didn’t expect that it didn’t take long for him to finish his remarks. Once he was away from home, Zhang Tao would run away.

“Go and bring the young master back for me!” After giving orders to the nursing home with a grim expression, Zhang Lun returned to the room and began to think about what he should do next.

At this time, an elderly man suddenly appeared in the room of Mr. Zhang Taiyan, his age seemed not too different from that of Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

“Have you checked it out?” Feeling the breath of the incoming person, the old man Zhang Taiyan said in a deep voice, his expression a bit tired, obviously he was very dissatisfied and worried about the current situation of the family.

“I checked it out. Zhang Tao did indeed do what Zhang Tao did. The person who conveyed the news to the Jiang family was also arranged by him. And now, he has escaped, but my people have been following and will not be lost. “The old man said in a deep voice, his expression calm.

And if there are outsiders here, they will be shocked to hear these words.

This seems to have little momentum, even just like an ordinary old man. He opened his mouth and said it was Zhang Tao, and between words, it seemed that they suspected that Zhang Tao had done something against Zhang’s family and had already escaped.

“Well, hurry up and see who he will come into contact with. Alas, the road in the current Zhang family is getting more and more crooked.” The old man sighed and fell asleep slowly, but there was always a trace of the corners of his eyes. The sorrow not to go.

Seeing the old man Zhang Taiyan go to sleep, the old man stood still for a while, then slowly exited the room.

Soon thereafter, someone came to clean up the room and put a blanket on the old man.

During the whole process, no one noticed the existence of the old man, nor did he notice that the old man had met a person before.

After that, the old man seemed to forget something. He managed fewer and fewer family affairs, and more and more gave the family power to Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying.

However, all actions related to Dustin Zhou were secretly blocked by the old man.

So everything seems very peaceful.

As for Dustin Zhou, he naturally felt a sense of peace.

Mingyang branch project is in full swing.

In the absence of Zhang’s black hands, it is not just the Liushi branch that has made rapid progress. The final renovation has begun, and the goods will soon be distributed and then opened.

In xiang

In other cities in the province, many branches have been hurrying to renovate one after another. I believe that many branches will open at the same time soon.

And in the process, they never encountered something like Liu Shi before, some unopened punks extorting protection money.

When Double Happiness came to the hotel, Wang Wei and others found Dustin Zhou again.

“You mean, everything is ready, you want me to set an opening time for you?” Dustin Zhou looked at Wang Wei in surprise. He didn’t expect them to move so fast.

After discussing with the Zhang family, less than half a month has passed, their branch is ready, and the distribution is almost done.

According to their predictions, the goods that have been laid out, plus the amount of goods they reserve in the back warehouse, are enough for their branches to sell for a month.

Even so, it is nearly 100 million goods.

“It seems that you are still very confident.” Dustin Zhou did not refuse, but was thinking, since it opened, it naturally needs publicity.

People’s flagship store in Changsha, the Pearl, is in front of the store, and it will be darker for any promotion.

However, when he thought that Jiang Yan’s promotional photos had been done, Dustin Zhou had a new idea.

Taking advantage of the opening of the Liushi branch, announcing that Jiang Yan had become the ambassador of the famous company was an opportunity to send a depth bomb to the long dull Hunan Province.

Chapter 450


As for the children of the big capital family who may have come to Hunan and Changsha, Dustin Zhou didn’t care.

If the other party does not take the initiative to provoke him, he will naturally not bother to provoke him.

However, once the other party moved some crooked thoughts and took the initiative to provoke him, Dustin Zhou would never be silent, but would let the other party see if his fists were as big as sandbags.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, of course, this is still to be done by you. If you hadn’t negotiated with the Zhang family before and asked the Zhang family to make concessions, our progress would not be so fast, and there would be no one at all during this period of time. The trouble that came to us, even the few bastards who had asked for protection money before have been arrested.” Wang Wei said with a smile, looking at Dustin Zhou’s current situation with respect.

You know, when they encountered problems before, they often complained to Dustin Zhou, and even secretly complained to Dustin Zhou.

But when I think about it now, their branch has made rapid progress, becoming the second store of Mingyang in Hunan Province after the flagship store.

This name alone can add a lot of fame to their timeshare.

More importantly, Wang Wei has realized that Dustin Zhou not only has a strong strength in the East China Sea, but also shows good strength and reputation in Hunan Province.

So this time, he negotiated with his partner and asked Dustin Zhou to cut the ribbon for the opening of the branch.

After all, this is the first branch to open. It is reasonable and reasonable that Dustin Zhou should attend the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon.

“Well, if that’s the case, let’s go with an event at the flagship store. This time, it’s a coincidence that you met. The flagship store signed an ambassador contract with someone before, and the promotional photos have been done. , We will start to promote, and your branch, naturally, can also make use of a shareholder’s style to make your own reputation.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

He did not tell Wang Wei about the ambassador in detail. After all, with the strength and status of Wang Wei, it is not his turn for Dustin Zhou to do such a thing in person.

After Wang Wei and others were sent to the flagship store to ask Zhang Xinyi, Dustin Zhou called Asher Chen. He had some ideas and wanted to discuss with Asher Chen.

Moreover, during this period of time, Zhang Family seemed to disappear completely, not just in Dustin Zhou’s vision.

Even, it seems that in the vision of the entire Hunan Province, the Zhang family suddenly seems to be non-existent, with a very bad sense of existence.

Dustin Zhou believed that this change was not only known to him, but also to other families.

The most important thing is that Chen Li and Ding Tao have already approached him and asked about some things about the Zhang family.

It is precisely because of this that Dustin Zhou noticed that Zhang

There seems to be no movement at home.

Let alone Wang Wei who came to the flagship store and asked the store manager Zhang Xinyi about some information related to the image ambassador, how shocked and surprised he was, and how to discuss it. We should help publicize it, especially Liushi.

As far as the hotel is concerned, after Dustin Zhou shared some of his thoughts with Asher Chen, even Asher Chen fell into silence.

“Do you suspect that something is wrong with the Zhang family?” Asher Chen was silent for a long time before he said in a deep voice.

Asher Chen also attached great importance to Dustin Zhou’s speculation and opinions.

After all, Asher Chen thought he was not as familiar with the Zhang family as Dustin Zhou, and Asher Chen had almost no contact with the Zhang family, but Dustin Zhou and the Zhang family had fought several times.

In addition, the Chen family and the Ding family have also come to Dustin Zhou recently, so Asher Chen has also seriously considered Dustin Zhou’s conjecture and feels that it is somewhat possible.

Something really happened to the Zhang family.

Otherwise, just the last time Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying brought people to Changsha to discuss with Dustin Zhou in secret, not to mention that Zhang family suffered a miserable loss. Will they accept it frankly?

Just the leak of the news that they came to Changsha secretly, this is not a trivial matter for the Zhang family.

Once found out, it will inevitably cause great disturbances.

However, half a month later, not only did the Zhang family remain silent, but instead seemed to disappear, and even Dustin Zhou had received any news related to the Zhang family.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou tried to contact Zhang Jie, but he couldn’t.

All signs made Dustin Zhou have to pay attention to it and get serious.

“Yes, now it seems that it is probably related to the last time the Zhang family’s actions were leaked. It seems that the Zhang family has already found the person who leaked the news.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, but with suspicion on his face. There is no reduction.

“But what makes me strange is that it has been half a month, and the Zhang family hasn’t moved at all. It stands to reason that if the Zhang family really found out who leaked the information, it would have been dealt with long ago, but it has been delayed until now. , Is there any important person involved?” Dustin Zhou said some guesses in his heart.

In fact, Dustin Zhou is worried about Dustin Zhou now.

He didn’t know if the insiders of the Zhang family, especially Zhang Lun, Zhang Taiyan would blame Zhang Jie for the failure of the negotiation, and then by the way, all the leaks were also pushed on Zhang Jie’s head.

After all, I really want to talk about it. Zhang Jie was the most suspected of leaking the news because of his relationship, so Dustin Zhou had prepared early, and he was motivated and convincing.

“So you are worried about your college classmate Zhang Jie?” Asher Chen thought for a while, and finally remembered Zhang Jie.

“Well, yes, no matter how you look at it,

Zhang Jie seems to have enough motivation and ability to do these things. Moreover, Zhang Lun’s line of internal voice is more powerful than Zhang Ying’s line. Moreover, Zhang Taiyan seems to have some preference for Zhang Lun. , It is very possible to listen to Zhang Lun’s slander and do something unfavorable to Zhang Jie.

Dustin Zhou did not conceal his concerns about Zhang Jie. If it is said that Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie were on opposite sides when the two sides negotiated. And in fact, the two are tit-for-tat. But in the end, Dustin Zhou has feelings for Zhang Jie. This kind of feeling is relatively pure and has nothing to do with the Zhang family. Therefore, Dustin Zhou does not want Zhang Jie to be squeezed out and targeted by the Zhang family because of his own reasons. “Well, this is indeed something to be worried about, but I think you You don’t have to think too much about everything. I think the Zhang family hasn’t moved for a long time, and they have disappeared recently. There must be an internal problem.

“Asher Chen thought for a while, and said in a deep voice. “This problem may be, as you said, the Zhang family checked the leaked information and found the instigator behind the scenes.”

“However, it is very likely that this messenger has forced the Zhang family to deal with it carefully.”

“So, this period of time, the Zhang family should be cleaning up these people, but I think, based on your understanding of the Zhang family, you can say this, then you can make the Zhang family so jealous, and spend half a month. People who haven’t been completely settled in time will certainly not be in Zhang Ying’s line.

“Hearing this, Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up, and his mind suddenly figured out something. The person who leaked the news in

Chapter 451

“In this case, only Zhang Lun’s line is the most powerful in the Zhang family, so The impact was the deepest, and the people who leaked the news this time were people in their line. Considering the impact, the Zhang family blocked the news completely.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, some of the confusion in his heart suddenly became clear, and Zhang Jie’s worries were quickly relaxed. As expected, after three days, the Zhang family had disappeared for 20 days, and Dustin Zhou finally received a message from Zhang’s family. Call. And the person who made this call is Zhang Jie. “Hey, Dustin Zhou, you have called me several times during this period. I have problems, so I didn’t answer it. I’m sorry.

“Zhang Jie’s voice was transmitted to Dustin Zhou’s ears through the mobile phone. Although Dustin Zhou relaxed, since Zhang Jie called back, it means that Zhang Jie has nothing to do, and this time, the actions inside the Zhang family were not directed at him. However, Dustin Zhou still heard the deep tiredness and lowness in Zhang Jie’s tone. This feeling of tiredness brought Dustin Zhou’s impression even deeper than the moment Asher Chen returned.

In an instant, a huge question mark appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

What happened to the Zhang family during this period of time.


“Zhang Jie, are you okay?” Although Dustin Zhou was very curious about what happened in the Zhang family during this period, he didn’t ask about it at this time.

After all, Zhang Jie was so tired and even called to apologize to himself. It must have been the first time he saw the call he had called him.

During this period of time, given that Zhang Jie had no access to mobile phones, Zhang’s family must be under total martial law.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou became more curious and heavier.

On the one hand, I am curious about what happened to the Zhang family.

On the other hand, I am also a little curious about who is the leaker in Zhang’s family.

“Well, I’m fine, it’s just that my spirit collapsed a bit during this period of time, but I’m much better now. By the way, when do you have time, I will go to you and have a chat.” Zhang Jie said with a smile, in his tone, although Full of fatigue, but there is also relaxation, there is a kind of mental tension for a long time, and then suddenly relax, a feeling of relief.

This also made Dustin Zhou more and more surprised.

“Okay, then this weekend. Listening to your voice, I must be very tired. Take a good rest and don’t worry.” After saying a few more words to Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou took the initiative to hang up.

He had already heard that Zhang Jie was exhausted to the extreme, and it was very likely that he fell asleep all at once while talking to him.


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Jie looked at the small courtyard outside the room, feeling uncomfortable at all.

Although he talked relaxed with Dustin Zhou on the phone, he didn’t look nervous, but pretended to be relaxed.

However, in fact, the fatigue and exhaustion brought to him by his body and mind have already made him unable to sustain him for long.

He even suspected that if he continued to talk to Dustin Zhou, he would probably fall asleep like this.

However, when I thought about the twenty-day experience, Zhang Jie still felt like he had a dream, which was incredible.

Soon, after a fight with his eyelids, Zhang Jie hurriedly climbed onto the bed without even having time to take off his clothes. Once he closed his eyes, he fell asleep directly.

After a long time, Zhang Ying walked in.

Seeing Zhang Jie who was sleeping on the bed with a tired face, Zhang Ying’s face was rarely distressed.

Zhang Ying knew that everything that happened in the Zhang family these days was too heavy for Zhang Jie.

Even, it is very likely that Zhang Jie’s ideas formed in the past two decades will collapse in one fell swoop.

However, sometimes, there are certain things that must be done, and Zhang Ying will not back down even if it puts great pressure on the people around him.

Thinking of this, the expression on Zhang Ying’s face became more determined, and a fierce stern flashed through his eyes.

Leaned forward and walked a few steps

, Zhang Ying put a quilt on Zhang Jie, tucked the corner of the quilt, and then slowly exited the room.

Time passed quickly, and it was the weekend in the blink of an eye.

Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie agreed that Zhang Jie would come to Changsha to find Dustin Zhou, and the two would have a good chat.

Speaking seriously, this is the first time they got together officially after graduating from college.

Zero point of water.

Ever since I met Jiang Yan here last time, Dustin Zhou also thinks this is a nice place.

Quiet and private.

Although it is located by the river, there are crowds outside the water bar.

But there are not many guests in the water bar.

When Zhang Jie came to the water bar, he was surprised to see the few guests scattered inside.

“There are so few customers here? The boss doesn’t have to make money?” Zhang Jie was a little surprised, and apart from a little pale face, there seemed nothing wrong with it.

Dustin Zhou saw that Zhang Jie didn’t seem to have changed, and he felt relieved.

At least, he doesn’t need to face a classmate who seems to be a different person.

What’s more, whenever there is a huge change in the family, a person’s spirit will change dramatically. Dustin Zhou has not heard of this statement how many times.

Moreover, he himself had even seen it with his own eyes.

“I don’t know, maybe the boss doesn’t make money from this at all. But it’s good, it’s quiet enough here, no one will come to bother us.” Dustin Zhou smiled and went up to the second floor. Jiang Yan sat in the deck facing each other.

“The environment here is still good. Sitting here, you can see the beautiful view of the Yangtze River opposite.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and ordered two glasses of water.

After the waiter brought the water up, Dustin Zhou looked at Zhang Jie seriously.

“A lot of things must have happened to the Zhang family during this period. If you don’t tell me, I can guess some of them. Otherwise, your Zhang family will not disappear for more than 20 days.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

And he also noticed that what he said made Zhang Jie’s face dim a lot.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou knew very well that it seemed that something bad had indeed happened to the Zhang family, so that Zhang Jie had been affected a bit until now.

“In fact, even if I don’t say it now, it won’t be long before I hide it. Other people, or other families, will definitely know it soon.” Zhang Jie shook his head slowly, his face quickly recovered, just in his tone, But there is some helplessness.

“In fact, this period of time, the family has been investigating the last time we came to Changsha whereabouts leaked.” Zhang Jie said slowly.

Dustin Zhou listened quietly.

“In fact, when the news was posted everywhere on the Internet, I already guessed that once we got home, we would definitely start an investigation, but I didn’t expect that,

Everything came so fast, so fast that I didn’t respond at all.

“Moreover, this time, I didn’t even think of the person who leaked our whereabouts. Even within the family, almost everyone didn’t think of it.

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