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Chapter 452

“Hehe, I’m not afraid of your jokes when you say it. That person is Zhang Tao, the son of my uncle Zhang Lun, who leaked the news to the Jiang family.” “Moreover, Grandpa moves faster than everyone else. We haven’t Before reacting, he had obtained all the evidence and controlled Zhang Tao.” “You know, before that, Zhang Tao had even left the Zhang family and planned to escape, but he was too stupid, he He didn’t even realize that when he was about to leak the news, there was no way back, and there was no chance of escape.” At this point, Zhang Jie fell silent, took a sip of water, and looked out the window. The crowd was lost for a while.

Dustin Zhou also had some accidents.

He did not expect that the person who leaked the news would be Zhang Tao.

However, in the Zhang family now, his father Zhang Lun’s right to speak is undoubtedly more important. This point, presumably Zhang Tao will not fail to realize.

So, for what purpose did he do this?

What good will he do to him or Zhang Lun?

Dustin Zhou shook his head. He couldn’t think of what Zhang Tao would do to himself and his father.

It can be said that Zhang Tao will not only do no good in doing this, but will put himself in a disadvantageous position and put him

The father was in dire straits.

Presumably, at this time, within the Zhang family, Zhang Ying’s line had already launched a powerful counterattack.

And Zhang Tao’s move is likely to destroy all his father Zhang Lun’s decades of hard work.

“So now the Zhang Family has solved it?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

He didn’t say everything, he knew that if he asked, Zhang Jie would know what it meant.

“Well, Grandpa personally took action. Zhang Tao became a traitor to the Zhang family. He was personally ordered by Grandpa to ban for three full years. For three years, he must not leave the Zhang family and confiscate all communication tools.” Come into contact with any power in the Zhang family.” After Zhang Jie finished speaking, there was no feeling of excitement.

This point also surprised Dustin Zhou.

It stands to reason that Zhang Tao was punished by the old man in this way, so Zhang Jie himself should have benefited the most from the three generations of the Zhang family.

But now, Dustin Zhou felt that Zhang Jie didn’t seem to be so active. On the contrary, Zhang Jie was a little depressed.

“Isn’t this good? In this way, Zhang Lun’s voice will be reduced a lot, and, as a child of three generations, you will naturally be more valued in the eyes of the old man.” Dustin Zhou asked.

“However, this is not what I want to see at all. Although Zhang Tao did something wrong, it did not materially harm the Zhang Family. Moreover, Grandpa did this without even revealing any wind before. This is completely against the Zhang Family. Other people don’t trust it, which makes it hard for me to accept. The entire Zhang family is the back of Grandpa. What can he occasionally doubt?” Zhang Jie said, his emotions suddenly became a bit intense.

“However, Zhang Tao still did something like this, and Zhang Jie, there is one thing I need to tell you. What Zhang Tao does now does not cause any substantial damage to the Zhang family, but what about in the future?” Dustin Zhou reached out and pressed. On Zhang Jie’s shoulder, he said earnestly.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that one day he could become someone else’s spiritual mentor, and this person would still be his own university classmate.

“This time, if the old man did not punish Zhang Tao, then he would not have a long memory, and he would probably do something like that in the future. At that time, who can guarantee that what Zhang Tao did will not harm the Zhang family? Interest.” “Even if you think about the bad side, if one day Zhang Tao takes over the power of the Zhang family, will it be possible for him to ruin the entire Zhang family or even sell it out?” Dustin Zhou’s voice was very low. , Like a bronze bell, sounded slowly in Zhang Jie’s heart, making him feel a little restless, and quickly calmed down.

“Will it?” Zhang Jie’s eyes were confused, obviously he hadn’t realized it yet, or he didn’t want to

Think about this.

Dustin Zhou knew that this was a short period of time when the Zhang family had undergone tremendous changes. With the tough style of Zhang Taiyan, some decisions made might make Zhang Jie, who has not been involved in the world deeply involved, feel confused.

However, this confusion will never last long.

Dustin Zhou firmly believed that Zhang Jie would come out sooner or later even without his own persuasion.

However, it is hard to say how long it will take to get out.

“That’s for sure. You still stayed in the family for too long. You think too much about many things. Do you think that the old man really made such a punishment just because Zhang Tao leaked the news?” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice. , His complexion has become more solemn.

“Isn’t it?” “Of course not!” Dustin Zhou continued after interrupting Zhang Jie.

“The point is that Zhang Tao leaked news from the Jiang family this time, but how did he establish contact with the Jiang family? With so many families, why did he choose the Jiang family? You know, the Chen family and the Ding family, start It’s not a secret to move closer to the Zhang family. With Zhang Tao’s identity, wouldn’t he know it?” “This is the reason why the old man was cruel, Jiang family, now the Zhang family’s enemy, but Zhang Tao However, regardless of the fact that the family news is leaked, if Zhang Tao makes any decision in the future, Zhang Tao will leak the news to the Jiang family, then the Jiang family will be able to respond well, and then the Zhang family will suffer heavy losses.” Well, Dustin Zhou shouldn’t have said it, Zhang Taiyan did not say it in the Zhang family, maybe because of the difference in age and status, he was reluctant to say it.

But Zhang Ying, as Zhang Jie’s father, is obliged to tell Zhang Jie this.

But he did not say.

Dustin Zhou has a little understanding of Zhang Ying’s thoughts.

After all, Zhang Jie is too young, and he is still somewhat idealistic in his views and thinking angles.

He always wanted to solve problems peacefully.

No matter it was when the Zhang family came to Changsha to negotiate with Dustin Zhou.

It was the punishment of Zhang Tao by the father in the Zhang family.

Zhang Jie hopes that it can be settled amicably, and everyone should not tear their skin.

However, the reality is always cruel, he always has his own running track, not because you have such an idea, will act according to your idea.

After continuing to unravel Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie will leave the water.

As for whether Zhang Jie really listened to it and solved the happy knot, Dustin Zhou could not do more.

For the moment, he has done his best.

What happens to Zhang Jie after all is beyond Dustin Zhou’s control.

Perhaps, when he returned to Zhang’s house, he wanted to drive all of a sudden.

Chapter 453

Send Zhang Jie away, Dustin Zhou tells the story of the matter, and

I have some ideas of my own, and explained to Asher Chen.

After all, they had discussed before, and they also had their own speculations about what the Zhang family did.

However, what surprised Dustin Zhou was that Asher Chen was not interested in these things, but let Dustin Zhou figure it out.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t pay much attention to it. After all, the Zhang family had solved it by themselves now, and there was no possibility of change.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou still doesn’t have the ability to let the old man make changes to his decision.

Soon, Wang Wei sent back news from Liushi that the branch will open on December 25.

And that day, it also happened to be Christmas in the West. In China, in recent years, it has become popular, especially in the cities. This trend of pursuit is very strong.

Dustin Zhou also had to put Jiang Yan’s publicity work as the ambassador of the famous company on the agenda.

After all, counting the time, it is only half a month away from Christmas.

Taking into account the media industry in Hunan Province, nearly half are firmly controlled by the Zhang family.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou didn’t use his brains much, and he made a direct call to Mr. Zhang Taiyan’s phone.

Dustin Zhou also did not ask about what happened to the Zhang family during this period, nor did he mention the problems encountered in the previous branch project, especially the Liushi branch, the protection fee for the gangsters.

This time, Dustin Zhou directly explained his intentions. He wanted to use the Zhang family’s publicity channels in Xiang Province to make a comprehensive publicity for the image ambassador of Mingyang.

After explaining his intention to call, Dustin Zhou did not speak. He knew that the old man needed time to think.

On the one hand, the old man must also know what happened to the Zhang family. He can’t hide anyone. Don’t say that Dustin Zhou is not surprised to know him now. Now that other big and small families know it, he doesn’t think it is any strange. of.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou called and said nothing about these things, whether he didn’t know or pretended not to know.

Is Dustin Zhou’s purpose really to borrow Zhang’s propaganda channels in Xiang Province?

“Haha, little friend Dustin Zhou, if you just borrow the propaganda channels, just talk to the people below, they will naturally know what to do, why would you call me the old man?” The old man Zhang Taiyan looked solemnly and glanced at his side. Old man.

Seeing the old man nodded slightly, Zhang Taiyan felt relieved.

“Father, tell the people below, where can I say good things to you, and then you give orders, it is useful? What’s more, this time, borrowing from your Zhang family’s publicity channels is not just a little bit, it is very likely to All your channels are used, I think, at this point, the people below may not be the master.” Dustin Zhou listened

After the old man Ruoyuowu’s temptation, he was not surprised, but he also had some meaning and thoughts to reveal.

Anyway, your old man Zhang Taiyan is playing hide-and-seek with me, if you don’t tell me, then I will play hide-and-seek with you, and see who can’t help it first.

As for the propaganda channels, Dustin Zhou did not lie. He really wanted to borrow all the propaganda channels of the Zhang family.

Then in Hunan Province, an all-round, bombing propaganda ambassador pushed Jiang Yan off the table.

He did this, there will be several consequences.

First, Jiang Yan was accused by the Jiang family, punished by the Jiang family, and even banned.

However, based on Dustin Zhou’s understanding of Jiang Yan, although this possibility is not impossible, it is very small and almost impossible, unless Jiang Yan does not recognize Jiang’s family.

Otherwise, just Jiang Xingyuan’s favorite mad demon, I am afraid that Jiang Yan will be protected in every possible way.

Second, Jiang Yan is a famous company platform, which will surely cause an uproar in Hunan Province.

In addition to the opinions of everyone in the Jiang family, the reactions of the other three families that cooperated with the Jiang family, the Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family.

There was even a reaction from the Zhang family.

Obviously, Dustin Zhou and the Zhang family are now in a cooperative relationship, but Dustin Zhou and the Jiang family have a deep hatred.

Jiang Yan was Jiang Xingyuan’s only daughter, and she was almost doted by Jiang Xingyuan. Dustin Zhou could not have known this matter.

Under such circumstances, Dustin Zhou actually chose to cooperate with Jiang Yan, and Jiang Yan personally came forward to do this for Dustin Zhou, and even did not hesitate to make an appearance to endorse Dustin Zhou’s famous company and act as an image ambassador.

If this means that there is no relationship between them, no one will believe it.

I am afraid that by then, Dustin Zhou himself will have doubts.

After all, everyone is very clear about the grievances between Dustin Zhou and the Jiang family.

And they knew even more that it was almost impossible to reach a reconciliation with Dustin Zhou in the Jiang family’s behavior.

Unless Dustin Zhou promised something, or made some concessions and sacrifices.

So, is Jiang Yan one of the links?

In the end, Dustin Zhou did so, undoubtedly making himself the focal point of the entire Hunan Province and the focus of the public’s attention.

In this way, if those elder brothers from the capital came to Hunan Province, they would naturally notice his presence inadvertently, which would probably attract the attention of interested people and cause trouble.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t worry about these things. In Dustin Zhou’s view, the things that might happen were trivial.

Not to mention that he does things and does not need to explain to others. Even if they are on their side, except for a few who need to explain, everyone else knows if they know it. Even if they complain, what can they do?

It is impossible for Dustin Zhou to cancel his plan for them.

What’s more, let Jiang Yan take the role

Like ambassadors, it is actually a good thing for them.

It can help their respective branches to quickly open the market and visibility in various cities in Hunan Province.

“Well, if this is the case, I will naturally explain to the people below. After all, the branch project is also a cooperation with our Zhang family.” Old man Zhang Taiyan said with a smile.

Now that the old man had agreed, Dustin Zhou’s goal was achieved, so naturally he didn’t want to continue.

After all, the old man Zhang Taiyan is like an old fox in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

Who would want to chat with an old fox?

With this time and energy, it is better to chat with a beautiful sister, which is more relaxed and easier to make people happy.

After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou contacted Zhang Xinyi and asked her to prepare, prepare all kinds of propaganda materials, and then hand over to the person in charge of propaganda in Zhang’s family.

As for Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou felt it necessary to communicate with her. After all, it would be a good thing if the Liushi branch could invite Jiang Yan to the scene.

“Hey, beautiful lady Jiang Yan, aren’t you busy now?” Thinking of doing it, Dustin Zhou quickly dialed Jiang Yan’s phone and said with a smile.

“Uh, can I say that I am busy now?” On the other side of the phone, Jiang Yan was stunned for a moment, and then said a little faintly, seeming to be choked by Dustin Zhou’s words.

Chapter 454

After all, generally speaking, asking the other person, are you busy now?

And if the other person has a good feeling, he is naturally willing to talk, but if he does not have a good feeling, then I can use my busyness to decline.

But this time Dustin Zhou, ask you directly if you are not busy now.

How would Jiang Yan answer this?

Can’t you just say that I am actually very busy now?

In that case, the two had no idea of ​​talking anymore.

“Hehe, looking at you like this, you must not be busy. After all, you are Miss Jiang Yan, how can you be busy? I have something to tell you. Is it convenient to meet up?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, naturally knowing Jiang Yan Not busy, judging from the other party’s tone, it is clear that he wants to choke him.

“Well, what time? Where?” Jiang Yan said with a chuckle helplessly.

“Just tomorrow. As for the location, let’s have zero water. I think that place is not bad.” Dustin Zhou was overjoyed and said with a smile.

Soon after making an agreement with Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou thought again.

On the other side, Jiang Yan hung up the phone helplessly, looked at the sister Ling beside her, and stopped talking.

“That kid again? What the hell does he want to do? Does he really call you like a girl? If you ask you to go, you go?” Sister Ling suddenly became angry, her chest ups and downs, and gritted her teeth.

Obviously, for

She was clear about the conversation between Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan just now, and she was listening.

It’s not without reason that Sister Ling is so angry.

In her eyes, Jiang Yan was a treasure. She was too late to cherish her. She didn’t dare to instigate Jiang Yan at will. Even a curse was very reluctant.

But just now, just now, the kid named Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything. He just said something to Jiang Yan, so he handed over Jiang Yan.

What is this?

Does that brat not pay attention to Jiang Yan at all?

Why does Jiang Yan, who is so precious in my eyes, look like an ordinary girl when he reaches him?

Can Jiang Yan be like ordinary girls?

It is absolutely reasonable for Sister Ling to be so angry.

She was watching Dustin Zhou not taking Jiang Yan seriously.

“Sister Ling, you don’t have to be so hostile to Dustin Zhou. He has no malice. Maybe this is how he talks. But I know that he really has something to tell me. It should be related to the previous ambassador. I also took the money and performed some duties, which is also due.” Jiang Yan pulled Sister Laling’s arm and explained in a low voice, but actually he was helping Dustin Zhou to speak.

She knows the energy of Sister Ling, if Sister Ling really resents Dustin Zhou because of her, then it is definitely not a good thing for Dustin Zhou.

If things really developed to that point, Jiang Yan would blame herself.

“Hey, you are still kind, and you are still talking for him up to now, what is your status, what do you think of the money he gave? Hmph, I really don’t know what charm a stinky boy has, I can even give you Fascinated!” Sister Ling was a little dissatisfied, pouting her mouth, and even the look at Jiang Yan became a little bit resentful.

The next day, let’s get some water.

Dustin Zhou came to the familiar location on the second floor of the water bar, but suddenly found that apart from Jiang Yan, the sister Ling who had met several times before was also there, sitting beside Jiang Yan.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Sister Ling was there. When she thought of Sister Ling’s hostility towards him, Dustin Zhou felt a little headache.

He couldn’t remember when he had offended Sister Ling so that she would be so hostile to him.

Even Dustin Zhou could confirm that if she had a chance, Ling Jie would never mind giving herself a lesson.

As for the extent of this lesson, Dustin Zhou couldn’t guess. Maybe it depends on the mood of Sister Ling at that time.

“Miss Jiang, Sister Ling.” Although he didn’t catch a cold to Sister Ling in his heart, Dustin Zhou still didn’t lack the etiquette he should have, and he wouldn’t leave a bad impression on others.

After saying hello to each other, Dustin Zhou sat directly opposite Jiang Yan.

“Let’s talk, get us, after all

whats the matter?

Do you know that we are very busy, Xiao Yan’er turned down many appointments in order to come to see you.

Before Dustin Zhou spoke, Sister Ling put a big hat over it. This time, Dustin Zhou was also stunned. He didn’t even know what Sister Ling meant. Jiang Yan wanted to date? But because of himself A phone call, so Jiang Yan turned off the appointment? Dustin Zhou’s face suddenly stiffened. This sister Ling, joking must at least have a degree. Talking nonsense will cause trouble sooner or later. Fortunately, she met Dustin Zhou. Others, I’m afraid they really have any thoughts about Jiang Yan now. “Uh, aren’t you serious?

This joke is not funny.

Dustin Zhou said speechlessly. “But today, Ms. Zhao Jiang, there is indeed something. I am going to start the promotion of the image ambassador of Mingyang Company. There may be some places where Ms. Jiang needs to cooperate with the promotion. Moreover, at Christmas, I want to invite Ms. Jiang Go to Liushi to do a new store opening activity.

“Of course, everything is carried out according to Miss Jiang’s schedule. If Miss Jiang has any inconvenience, I will not force it. After all, when the contract was signed before, there was no such convenient rule.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and took out some of the propaganda plans he had prepared. These plans have been verified in the East China Sea.

At the time of Donghai, the ambassadors of the famous company were Enderia Shen and Mira Xie.

The publicity has achieved increased success, and Mingyang has been known to everyone in Donghai within a short period of time.

And now, Dustin Zhou is ready to take the Donghai propaganda routine and carry it out again in Hunan Province.

He believes that with the Zhang family’s propaganda channels and power in Hunan Province, this time will definitely achieve better propaganda effects than Donghai.

However, all this still requires Jiang Yan’s cooperation.

But Dustin Zhou has never been a person who likes to be tough, and everything depends on Jiang Yan.

So after speaking, Dustin Zhou did not urge, but left enough time for Jiang Yan to consider it.

Jiang Yan opened the propaganda plan prepared by Dustin Zhou and looked at it seriously.

To be honest, she was quite interested in the propaganda plan Dustin Zhou said.

She could hear that Dustin Zhou was very confident when talking about this plan, obviously he was very confident in his plan.

Not only Jiang Yan, but Sister Ling also got together.

Suddenly the two of them looked together.

Soon, the two were immersed in the plan, and were surprised by the propaganda methods mentioned in the plan.

“Is this really okay?” After reading all the plans half an hour later, Jiang Yan was inexplicably excited, but there was still some hesitation.

She didn’t know what she was hesitating, she just wanted to listen to Dustin Zhou’s advice.

After all, this propaganda plan was produced by Dustin Zhou, and some ideas are probably only understood by Dustin Zhou.

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