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Chapter 455

(2) “Of course, the publicity method in this plan is the most suitable for a big beauty like you, but I still want to confirm with you that once the publicity goes out, the Jiang family will definitely You will know, based on the current relationship between the Jiang family and me. After seeing these propaganda, you should know better than me how the Jiang family will react.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, but still didn’t forget. Jiang Yan talked about possible problems.

Although Dustin Zhou was very confident about the propaganda plan, Jiang’s reaction to the propaganda was somewhat inaccurate.

In other words, Dustin Zhou had already guessed what the Jiang family would do, but just wanted to see what Jiang Yan could do and what her attitude was.

If Jiang Yan’s own attitude was ambiguous, she would have no opinion of what Jiang’s reaction would be, and even if it was to the point, she would not even stand with herself.

Then Dustin Zhou will reconsider the matter of propaganda.

After all, it’s not that Jiang Yan can’t.

Dustin Zhou himself did not want Jiang Yan to make difficult choices between him and Jiang’s family.

“Well, I know, but there should be nothing

The problem, after all, this is my own business, and it is not their turn to make irresponsible remarks.

Jiang Yan tilted her head and thought, and said casually. It seemed that Jiang’s family was nothing in her eyes. And sister Ling on the side also nodded repeatedly, agreeing with Jiang Yan’s words. Dustin Zhou saw In this scene, he shook his head silently, and he was also a little speechless for the two women. One is the only daughter of Jiang Xingyuan, the second oldest of the Jiang family, who is very much loved, and is well-known in Hunan Province, and has a huge reputation among major families. One is a mysterious existence, treating Jiang Yan as a little girl, calling herself Sister Ling, her identity is unknown, her name is unknown. Even Dustin Zhou secretly asked her to investigate Sister Ling, but she found nothing at all. Now that you agree, then I will arrange it. When the time comes, you only need to show up.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. After a few more chats, he agreed to see you on Christmas, and Dustin Zhou left directly. In the next period of time, he does have a lot of things to do. It’s much more than just the opening of Mingyang’s branch. There are other things. You know, this time, Dustin Zhou came to Xiang Province with Dustin Zhou, but there is also Sun Yue, a veteran in the media industry. Want to help some media companies in the East China Sea open the media market in other cities, Dustin Zhou feels like he It is necessary to further contact the Zhang family. The previous cooperation in the cosmetics industry is far from enough. In other words, the benefits brought to the Zhang family are far from satisfying the Zhang family. Because even without the participation of a well-known company The Zhang family’s market share in the cosmetics industry in Hunan also exceeded 80%. It can be said that 80% of the market in Hunan is related to the Zhang family. After Dustin Zhou left, Jiang Yan and Ling Sister continued to chat in the water bar. In fact, there is nothing to chat about. Sister Ling, as always, said that Dustin Zhou should not be trapped. She also said several times that Dustin Zhou has a wife, Jiang Yan is such a one. The big beauty, is it also involved in the feelings and marriage of others? Anyway, all kinds of words that slandered Dustin Zhou, like they don’t need money, were constantly said to Ling sister. Even Jiang Yan was a little helpless. I see, Sister Ling, I don’t have what you said, I just think Dustin Zhouhe is extraordinary, and I don’t have that kind of thought.

“Jiang Yan pushed Sister Tuiling, very dissatisfied with what she had just said, pouting her mouth, and said with a bit of resentment. “Good, good, that’s great, I tell you, a man like Dustin Zhou is nothing at all. Good thing, you know that you have a wife, but you are making eyebrows with the boss of your company, that Enderia Shen, do you know?

“It’s the beautiful president of the famous company, Dustin Zhou’s boss,

Looking straight at Dustin Zhou, in my opinion, the relationship between them must be abnormal.

“A man like Dustin Zhou has this kind of thoughtfulness, not to mention the elder brothers in the big family, one by one, the thoughtfulness is going to die. The hateful thing is that the family even told me that I was not born yet. At that time, you gave me a finger to marry, you said it was ridiculous?

“Sister Ling became more and more angry, and even at the end, her face became extremely ugly. Everything else was fine, but in the family, she suddenly told her that in fact, she had been pointed out before she was born. The abdomen is married, this makes Ling sister can’t stand it at all, she simply left the family directly and ran to Hunan Province, she was also clean and clean. Fortunately, Dustin Zhou was not there when she said this. If these words were heard by Dustin Zhou, He will definitely drop his chin. Because from these words and the attitude of Jiang Yan and the photographer Yang Zhaoting towards Sister Ling, he will definitely think of what Asher Chen said. This sister Ling is probably leaving from Beijing. The little princess of the merchant who ran away from home. “Sister Ling, you are now dazzled by these things. It is uncomfortable to see men. No matter how you resist, you still have to know who the other party is?

Jiang Yan was especially concerned when he heard Sister Ling’s complaint. Jiang Yan naturally knew about Ling’s identity. The two had known each other very early, and Jiang Yan had also talked to him when he was studying abroad. Sister Ling has met and met, and she trusts her personality very much. However, she is still very confused about her sudden appearance in Hunan Province, and she is still in Changsha. Jiang Yan has not asked, but she has always avoided the important things, it is simply Don’t answer Jiang Yan’s question directly. It’s the first time Jiang Yan has heard Sister Ling talk about it. Does it mean marriage? Jiang Yan suddenly felt a little strange in her heart. She didn’t expect that in this society, there is still Finger belly is the act of marriage. Didn’t the parents of both parents consider the other’s child and the future character of their own child? If the two have conflicting personalities and are not suitable for being together, then this so-called finger belly is marriage. Aren’t you cheating? “Sister Ling, you just heard what the family said, but you don’t even know who the other person is. How can you know that the other person is not suitable for you? ?

“Furthermore, Sister Yiling, your family background, surely the other party’s family background will not be simple, right?”

“Jiang Yan said slowly, as if she was slowly enlightening sister Ling. “Oh, Xiao Yan’er, there are some things. It’s not your turn. You don’t feel that way. Don’t say know who the other party is. Now the other party should be thankful that I am not. Know who he is, otherwise, I will be the first to rush to the door and get him out

Come, take a lesson, my sister Ling is also something he can covet?

Chapter 456

“Ling sister looked arrogantly, grabbing Jiang Yan’s shoulders, and said with a smile. It seems that all of the problems and troubles that puzzled her disappeared. “Okay, but it’s not early.” Now, I still need to go home and make some preparations. Dustin Zhou said to cooperate with the promotion, I can’t be without a little preparation, right?

“Jiang Yan said with a smile, looking at sister E Ling’s hand on her shoulder, she felt a little helpless. This sister Ling is good at everything, but she likes to take advantage of her. But everyone is a woman. What advantage can take advantage of? What about it? Jiang Yan consciously has it, and Sister Ling also has it, and even in some aspects, Sister Ling has something that is better and bigger than hers. But these topics are relatively private, and Jiang Yan has never told others Ever, even if it’s sister Ling. “You are really helpless. Didn’t you hear him say that you are only needed for Christmas?”

How old are you now, don’t stay at home all day long, go out to see more, get some insights, and accompany me to a place tonight. I will show you some fun.

Sister Ling tightened her arms and brought Jiang Yan closer to her, and then attached to Jiang Yan’s ear, whispering in a low voice, full of temptation. “Where, Sister Ling, can’t you go by yourself?”

“Jiang Yan is a little embarrassed. In fact, she has no interest in this fun place and things that Sister Ling said. But there is no way. Since Sister Ling said so, then Jiang Yan believes that no matter how she refuses, In the end, she will definitely go with Sister Ling. This has happened many times in the past, whether at home or abroad. Sister Ling waved her pink fist, her face bulging, look. Going up, it turned out to be cute. However, in this way, only Jiang Yan was lucky enough to see it once. Jiang Yan looked at Sister Ling’s appearance, and she was also a little helpless. To be honest, Jiang Yan could understand what happened to Sister Ling, but he did. There is no empathy. Although her father Jiang Xingyuan had the idea of ​​recruiting her son-in-law, it has not yet been realized. Moreover, she can completely control her own destiny, and she does not need any so-called marriage to improve. Her status and identity. In addition, she feels that she is also very good now, so she only knows very shallowly about the so-called finger belly marriage. “Hmph, Xiao Yan’er, don’t you don’t believe this picture. Looking at me with an expression, I came to Hunan this time just to fight against my family and make jokes. What age is it now, and I still play ancient routines like finger belly marriage.

Do they really think I’m still a kid?

“Sister Ling said coldly. It was obvious that she was very dissatisfied with her parents’ arrangements and what she had done. After all, Sister Ling is also a narcissist. How could a big beauty like her have been with someone like herself? I have never met someone who has never even been married. She Ling sister, never belonged to anyone! “Are you really planning to stay in Hunan for the rest of your life?”

I believe that your family must be able to find you.

“Jiang Yan said softly, she didn’t say anything about Ling’s decision. In fact, she also knew that no matter what she said, she would not change any of Ling’s decisions. So many times, Jiang Yan stayed by Ling’s side. They are all playing the role of a silent person. After all, talking about stubbornness, one is enough for later. “Huh, wait until they find me and say, okay, don’t think about those, go, we are now ready to prepare and take you at night Have fun.

“Ling sister laughed and said, she didn’t seem to care about what happened in the future. Then she got up and pulled Jiang Yan and walked downstairs with a smile. … Double Happiness came to the hotel. After Dustin Zhou returned to the hotel, he thought about it. , I still sent a message to Zhang Xinyi, asking her to prepare, cooperate with Jiang Yan’s time arrangement, and do the next propaganda work. After all, he is a man, and he is still a married man, and Jiang Yan Always keep a certain distance between them. After arranging the publicity work, Dustin Zhou had nothing to do for a while. The branch project is proceeding in an orderly manner. In a city like Liushi, the first batch of branches are also ready to open, even , Liushi will open on Christmas Day, becoming the first of all branches to open. This time, while borrowing the power of the Zhangjia media industry to promote the image ambassador, Dustin Zhou will naturally find time to give Sun Yue and Zhang’s family are connected so that they can reach a certain degree of cooperation. After all, Sun Yue represents not only himself, but also the media industry power of the entire East China Sea behind him. No matter how Zhang’s family despise Sun Yue, Will not underestimate Sun Yue’s entire media power in the East China Sea. You must know that Sun Yue’s own status in the East China Sea and the size of the media company will not be much worse than Zhang’s media industry. Then, Dustin Zhou seemed to just wait. Time goes by slowly. “Dustin Zhou, are you there?

At this moment, Asher Chen suddenly appeared outside Dustin Zhou’s room. “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Dustin Zhou hurriedly opened the door, greeted Asher Chen in, and asked. Dustin Zhou still attached great importance to Asher Chen’s sudden appearance to find him. After all, to be honest, he and Asher Chen were strictly speaking.

A seniority is missing.

Even if the Zhou family’s name is on it, Asher Chen doesn’t really need to be respectful to Dustin Zhou, as long as he can do his part to help Dustin Zhou appropriately.

So often when nothing happened, Asher Chen would not bother Dustin Zhou, nor would he take the initiative to find Dustin Zhou.

And now that Asher Chen came to find him, it means there must be something.

Of course, this matter can be big or small, and it needs to be analyzed in detail.

Asher Chen entered the room and sat down with a faint smile on his face, obviously in a good mood.

At the very least, this point fell in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, and he was relieved a lot.

Dustin Zhou is now afraid that Asher Chen will suddenly find himself, saying that there is something unusual in the capital, or that his identity has been discovered.

As long as it is not that, or as long as it is not bad news, Dustin Zhou still welcomes Asher Chen to come to him often and teach himself some experience in dealing with people.

“Is there time?” After sitting down, Asher Chen smiled and asked, without seeing Dustin Zhou’s reaction, he said to himself.

“There is a good show in Changsha tonight. I want to take you to see and see, and it can be considered as a way to let you feel in advance, what kind of style are the children of the big family, are you interested?” “Well? What’s the situation?” Dustin Zhou said Asher Chen immediately aroused interest. He didn’t dare to be interested in what this so-called son of a big family was, but was surprised when Asher Chen suddenly said this.

Chapter 457

(1) In his opinion, Asher Chen does not seem to be a person who can play leisurely.

Moreover, it is so mysterious, it seems like where to go to connect at night.

“Hehe, I can’t say the specifics now. You don’t necessarily believe it when you say it. Don’t worry, we’ll just go and see. There is no harm, and there will be no danger. It’s really not good. You can also take Niu Chuan. Come on.” “As for the others, you can bring a few with you, but it’s best not to bring too many. I’m worried that you won’t be able to take care of it then.” Asher Chen said with a smile, and got up to leave after speaking.

The moment he walked out of the room, he suddenly turned around to add.

“By the way, you’d better not bring Enderia Shen and Mira Xie. With them two, we will definitely have a lot of trouble at night.” “What’s the trouble? Can’t you take us with you?” However, Asher Chen’s words just fell off. Enderia Shen’s doubts came immediately.

Dustin Zhou clearly saw Asher Chen’s mouth twitching insignificantly. He was obviously surprised by the sudden appearance of Enderia Shen. What was even more confusing was that Enderia Shen heard what he said just now.

But Asher Chen doesn’t matter. Enderia Shen has nothing to do with him.

Great, he can also ignore Enderia Shen.

“Okay, I’ve said everything that should be said, and I will come to see you at night.” After leaving a sentence, Asher Chen went straight back to his room. Even Enderia Shen, who walked towards him, just nodded and was a hit. Say hello.

At this time, Dustin Zhou realized that he seemed to be cheated by Asher Chen.

Of course he could ignore Enderia Shen’s feelings, and even if he said something, he had nothing to explain to Enderia Shen.

But Dustin Zhou is different.

Enderia Shen is not only his boss, but also has a very good relationship with his wife Mira Xie. He often uses this relationship to make irresponsible remarks to Dustin Zhou and make some treaties that Dustin Zhou must abide by.

Just like now, Asher Chen is leaving, but the bad intentions on Enderia Shen’s face are all aimed at Dustin Zhou.

“Frankly explain, what were you talking about just now? Why don’t you bring me and Mira, for fear that we will cause you trouble?” Enderia Shen stepped forward aggressively, strode in front of Dustin Zhou, and directly touched Dustin Zhou’s head with one hand. Asked viciously.

Dustin Zhou looked helpless, full of resentment towards Asher Chen who had returned to his room.

“Hehe, I didn’t say anything, just discuss the next branch project.” Dustin Zhou opened his eyes and said nonsense. There was no guilt at all. It seemed that the only way to say this was the most correct.

It is basically impossible to use other words to fool through.

After all, Enderia Shen has always been known as being insightful and observant.

“Dustin Zhou, if you open your eyes and tell nonsense, don’t you feel pain in your heart? Or do you think I am like an eighteen or nine-year-old girl who has not been involved in the world, so it’s so good to lie?” Enderia Shen didn’t believe Dustin Zhou at all. If he didn’t step back, he would force Dustin Zhou into the room.

“Pop!” He kicked the door violently, and the door closed instantly.

At this time, only Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen were left in the room.

Dustin Zhou seems to have seen that next, he will be in dire straits.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou thought a lot, and finally made a decision.

“Okay, I said, Asher Chen said he would take me to have fun at night, let me not tell you.” Very decisive, Dustin Zhou sold Asher Chen directly, and said everything Asher Chen said to himself. .

He believed that, in this case, Enderia Shen would really believe in himself, instead of doubting him.

Similarly, these words are full of attraction to Enderia Shen.

Something fun?

what exactly is it?

Why did Asher Chen tell Dustin Zhou so furtively, instead of daring to say it to the public.

Another thought was to go out at night, and suddenly, all kinds of shots were slowly showing in Enderia Shen’s mind.

In the next second, the evil spirit on Enderia Shen’s body continued to increase.

“Dustin Zhou, do you know what you are doing? You have a wife? You still want to go to that kind of place? Are you a little bit ashamed!” Obviously, Enderia Shen connected the fun place Asher Chen said to go out at night Together, I think of nightclubs like nightclubs.

Although Enderia Shen didn’t go to the nightclub by herself, she must have seen Shen Weiyan go to the nightclub during the first half of her life when she was still in Shen’s house.

And maybe, that Edward Shen’s mother was Shen Weiyan who met in the nightclub until she became regular.

Dustin Zhou immediately stroked his forehead, and he naturally knew that Enderia Shen wanted to crooked.

“Hey hey hey, you be more sober, do you think Asher Chen and I will really go to the place you imagined? Besides, he didn’t say exactly what it is. Do you want to have such a rich imagination?” Dustin Zhou suddenly Quit doing it, and quickly refuted it.

Otherwise, if he keeps silent and doesn’t refute, it might be in Enderia Shen’s mind that he might be doing something angered and blamed.

Of course, that is only a bad thing for Enderia Shen, but in the eyes of others, they have different opinions.

“Hmph, tonight, no matter where you are going, sister Mira and I must follow. You are not allowed to leave us, otherwise, just wait!” After Dustin Zhou said this, Enderia Shen immediately turned his mind away. Those unscrupulous thoughts and thoughts threatened viciously.

Now she didn’t even know what Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen had said. As for Dustin Zhou’s confession just now, Enderia Shen was only half believing it.

If you want to really know what they are going to do at night, you still have to go with them.

After making up her mind, Enderia Shen immediately came up with a plan in her heart, and she was going to discuss it with Mira Xie after she would return.

Or, you can join Sun Lian and Chen Xin.

After all, for Dustin Zhou, she and Mira Xie can restrain him.

But for Asher Chen, I am afraid that only Chen Xin and Sun Lian can restrain them a little bit.

After all, Asher Chen, a middle-aged man, can’t do those unsightly things in front of his daughter and old lover, right?

Humph, this is how you offend me.

Enderia Shen laughed wildly in his heart, let go of his hand subconsciously, and was not ready to threaten Dustin Zhou.

Having said that, what should be done, Enderia Shen believes that Dustin Zhou will make his own choice.

Seeing Enderia Shen leaving the room with his head proudly raised, Dustin Zhou was also a little helpless.

It is impossible for him to do anything to Enderia Shen, nor can he really ignore Enderia Shen.

Even if Mira Xie is not here, Dustin Zhou cannot be true

Will take Enderia Shen’s words as deaf ears.

However, the fun things at night may be a little frustrating.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care so much about what happened at night.

After all, what is it, he still doesn’t know?

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