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Table of Contents

Chapter 458

(2) Time flies quickly, and night falls quietly.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Asher Chen knocked on Dustin Zhou’s door on time.

“Here.” Dustin Zhou got up helplessly, his eyes didn’t dare to look at all, he walked slowly to the door, and opened the door with great effort.

Seeing Asher Chen preparing to speak, Dustin Zhou hurriedly spoke first.

“Uncle Chen, you are here, come in quickly, is there anything to do so late?” Dustin Zhou did so out of helplessness.

He originally thought that during the day, Enderia Shen was just talking casually, but in fact he just didn’t want him to go out and fool around.

However, before it was dark and before six o’clock, Enderia Shen was entangled with Mira Xie, Sun Lian and Chen Xin and came to his room together.

Until now, several of them have been staring at Dustin Zhou as if they were surveillance.

Dustin Zhou wanted to cry without tears, and was seen by a few people uncomfortable, as if he was not wearing any clothes, so awkward to the extreme.

Now that he finally waited for Asher Chen, he didn’t even think about it, so he first pulled Asher Chen in and let him undergo a round of eyes baptism.

Asher Chen was dragged into the room by Dustin Zhou without knowing it. He was a little confused at first, and he didn’t know why Dustin Zhou did it.

However, after he could see the people in the room clearly, he sucked in a cold breath.

Rao has a rich experience, and when he sees this kind of scene, he also finds it very difficult.

What’s more, Sun Lian and Chen Xin are both in the room.

One looked at him with guilt and even a trace of regret.

One looked at him with a face full of disbelief, and eyes full of disappointment, as if the hero he had worshipped for many years was actually just a scumbag.

Being looked at by such eyes, Asher Chen felt indifferent, and there was no way to be calm.

“Uh, why are you all here? You have something to do with Dustin Zhou? Then I will go back first. After you finish talking, I will find him.” Without thinking, Asher Chen immediately prepared to excuse him. After speaking, he did not dare Look into the eyes of a few women, turn around and prepare to leave the room.

In other words, he turned around and prepared to escape from this Shura field.

“Dad, are you leaving like this? Don’t you have anything to explain?” Asher Chen just turned around, and Chen Xin’s voice sounded behind him.

Listening to this voice full of shock and disbelief, and a trace of disappointment, Asher Chen’s heart suddenly became a mess.

At the same time, seeing Dustin Zhou on the side with a smirk from the corner of his eyes, Asher Chen suddenly scolded him in his heart.

He didn’t

Thinking that Dustin Zhou was so ruthless, he even gathered these people and women together. Is this the so-called burnt jade and stone, all to death?

Good means!

With a few sighs in his heart, Asher Chen had to turn around, ready to comfort his baby girl.

He didn’t want to destroy his image of a good father, who had worked so hard for nearly two decades.

“Xinxin, Dad didn’t do anything. Don’t listen to Dustin Zhou’s nonsense.” At this time, Asher Chen once again felt that he had to limit the contact between Chen Xin and Dustin Zhou.

If Chen Xin listened blindly to Dustin Zhou’s words, his father’s senses would probably gradually fade or even worsen.

At that time, if he speaks for Dustin Zhou in everything, Asher Chen can’t guarantee that he will not do anything humane destruction.

“Dad, I don’t care, I just want to hear from you now, are you really discussing with Brother Dustin Zhou that you are going to have fun at night?” Chen Xin’s teary eyes were hazy, and if Asher Chen didn’t tell the truth, she would dare As if crying.

This time, not only Asher Chen was stunned, but even Dustin Zhou was stunned.

He had no idea that Chen Xin would actually do this.

This doesn’t match her personality at all?

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s peripheral vision saw Enderia Shen giving Chen Xin a thumbs up.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s doubts were all resolved.

It is said that Chen Xin is not such a person. It turned out that Enderia Shen was behind the scenes, and she asked Chen Xin to do this.

As for the purpose, it is not simple, it is to force Asher Chen to take the initiative to explain.

“Xinxin, who is Dad, you still don’t know? How could I do that? And you, I know you don’t believe it at all now, and even no matter what Dustin Zhou and I say, you will question it for the first time.” Asher Chen Reluctantly, I took a look at the time and found that it was almost time, so I decided to directly showdown with a few people.

Anyway, he was not prepared to take Dustin Zhou to do anything shameful tonight.

If a few of them insist on going with them, then go with them.

Anyway, with him, Dustin Zhou, and Niu Chuan, nothing can happen.

“If this is the case, then you can go with us, let you see, what are Dustin Zhou and I going to do?” After Asher Chen finished speaking, he glanced at Dustin Zhou and gave him a hint to tell him to speak quickly. Guarantee.

Dustin Zhou received the hint and naturally followed Asher Chen’s pace quickly.

“Yes, you don’t have anything to do at night anyway, just go and see with us. With me and Chuanzi there, there will be no accidents.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, but in his heart he actually took Asher Chen Scolded several times.

Although Asher Chen can be said to be his elder, and for so long, he has also helped him a lot.

But everything today was provoked by Asher Chen during the day.

Say what to take him to fun places.

It is naturally impossible for Enderia Shen to be in peace.

But fortunately, there was some disagreement between them, and the others did not know.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou would have no control over what would happen.

“Hehe, this is what you said yourself? It wasn’t we who forced you, huh, it seems that you should be ready to go now? Then take us together!” Enderia Shen said with a smile, pulling Mira Xie and Chen With Xin’s hand, he stood up comfortably and walked directly outside the door.

It seems that everything before it does not exist.

Soon, all four women left the room and walked downstairs.

In the room, Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen looked at each other, and Asher Chen glared at Dustin Zhou.

“Let’s go, kindly take you to see and see, and come up with this.” Asher Chen said angrily, and then left.

Dustin Zhou was very helpless, and felt very helpless and helpless for Enderia Shen’s sudden appearance with other people in his room.

He can’t blast people out of the room.

What’s more, Mira Xie also came with him.

How to do it seems a little inappropriate.

The group quickly got together, and because there were six people in total, they drove two cars.

Both cars were prepared by Sun Lian.

After all, in Hunan Province, it is Sun Lian’s home field. Arranging some vehicles, even luxury cars, is nothing to her.

As a result, an Aston Martin and a Bentley slowly drove out of the hotel’s underground parking lot.

Chapter 459

At the same time, the Jiang family.

Jiang Yan cleaned up, agreed with sister Ling a place to meet, and went straight out.

She didn’t even mention it to anyone.

After the previous events, the Jiang family didn’t dare to ask more about Jiang Yan, but after she left the Jiang family, she quickly told Jiang Xingyuan the news.

Otherwise, once Jiang Xingyuan found out that Jiang Yan was missing, and it was still the night, the consequences would be very serious.

Soon, Jiang Yan and Ling sister met.

When Ling Jie saw Jiang Yan, her eyes suddenly brightened.

She just asked Jiang Yan to dress up a bit, but she didn’t expect Jiang Yan’s style of painting to be so good, and the feeling she gave her was amazing.

Although there is not much heavy makeup, but it is this fresh feeling that makes Ling, who is used to seeing women with heavy makeup, feel very happy and happy.

“Little Yan’er, that’s not bad, you are like this, you are really going to fascinate people.” Since she is familiar, Sister Ling avoids taboos at all, and just grabs her hands.

Jiang Yan’s shoulders.

The fingers slid slightly on Jiang Yan’s bare shoulders.

Feeling the exquisiteness and smoothness from the end of her fingers, Sister Ling’s heart burst into joy.

She felt that she might be right to find Jiang Yan.

Just right, there is a pretty good event tonight, take Jiang Yan to see and see.

After all, with Jiang Yan’s current status and identity, I am afraid that he still can’t get in touch with such activities.

Jiang Yan glanced at her fingers moving around her shoulder without a trace, then glanced at Sister Ling, her eyes full of complaints.

But Sister Ling turned a deaf ear, as if she hadn’t seen Jiang Yan’s grievances, and drove Jiang Yan to her destination cheerfully.

At this moment, in a beautiful manor in the east of Changsha city, it is very lively at this moment.

There are a lot of cars coming and going outside the manor.

If anyone sees all this, his jaw will fall in shock.

Because, the vehicles around the manor are all luxury cars.

Moreover, the lowest-end cars probably cost more than one million.

As for the tens of millions of luxury cars, they are countless.

Even in the middle of the group of cars, a shining Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked there, surrounded by tens of millions of luxury cars, as if worshipping the Phantom.

Even people who drive luxury cars, when they get off the car, when they see the Phantom, they all give a burst of exclamation, and their eyes are full of enthusiasm.

The more Dustin Zhou and the others drove towards the manor, they were more amazed as they watched the luxury cars that kept surpassing them.

Although there are many luxury cars in China, there are also many people who can afford luxury cars.

But in many cases, it is difficult for ordinary people to see even a luxury car.

Even if I see one, I will take it and send it to Moments to show off.

But now, at this time, this place, the so-called luxury car, seems to be worthless at all and can be seen everywhere. Moreover, to the car owner, it is not even a toy at all.

“What the hell is this? How come there are so many people and there are so many luxury cars?” At this time, everyone was puzzled.

Even Dustin Zhou was puzzled and looked at Asher Chen as if listening to your explanation.

After all, Asher Chen just told him to bring him for fun tonight, but didn’t tell him what it was.

“Hehe, this is an underground auction house in Changsha. Under normal circumstances, it will not open. But today, I heard that there are good things, so I opened it specially.” Asher Chen said with a smile, and there was nothing to conceal. The purpose here is stated.

At this time, Dustin Zhou also knew that Changsha, Hunan Province, was still hidden in an underground auction house.

Moreover, according to Asher Chen

Law, this auction house is private in nature and will not be used at all under normal circumstances. Even people who know it exists are very rare.

At least, Dustin Zhou has never heard anything about this auction house from Zhang Jie.

Is it because Zhang Jie’s identity is not enough?

What about the rest of the Zhang family, Mr. Zhang Taiyan, Zhang Lun, and Zhang Ying?

Do they know?

“Don’t think about it, I am afraid that only the five big families will know about Hunan Province. After all, this auction house is also located in Hunan Province. It is naturally impossible for those big families to not know at all.” So, among the five big families, there are very few people who know this auction house. As far as I found out, it seems that only the heads of the five big families know this place.” “Besides, no other family in Hunan knows this place. “And what you see now, most of them came from other places. Among them, the capital occupies most of them. This is why I asked you to come over. These people from the capital are all big The children of the family, at least, are second-rate families like the Chen family.” “Of course, I also told you that the Chen family in Beijing is a second-rate family in Beijing, but if it is placed in Hunan Province, it will not be better than this. The five big families are bad.” Asher Chen continued, solving a lot of doubts in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

People Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Sun Lian and Chen Xin also nodded again and again, and they knew a lot about this place.

However, Dustin Zhou had noticed that Sun Lian seemed to know something about this place. When Asher Chen explained, she was not so focused.

It’s not like Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and Chen Xin are all surprised, and then look like this.

It seems that, as Asher Chen said, Sun Lian knew it a long time ago.

“Is there anything good today that can reopen this place?” Dustin Zhou asked curiously.

After all, it must be a rare thing that can attract so many people. At least, there are not many in this world, even orphans.

“Haha, it’s hard to say now. I don’t know what Ao is. I just got some news from my former friends. But when we get in, we will know soon.” Asher Chen shook his head and said slowly.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think Asher Chen was hiding anything. After all, from the perspective of the endless stream of luxury cars, he knew that the people who could come here were not ordinary people.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and several people came to the gate of the manor. Under the guidance of the doorman, several people parked the car.

“Let’s go, this is the ticket I asked for.” Asher Chen smiled and took out a ticket from his pocket. The design alone is very fashionable and also has a sense of mystery.


Because of the tickets, several people entered the manor without any obstacles.

Dustin Zhou didn’t ask too much, one ticket can bring so many people in.

After all, such a manor must be very respectful to visitors, and it is obviously different from the class of the Jiang family dinner.

Chapter 460

Chapter meets acquaintances!

(1) The so-called ticket can only enter one person, which is nothing but a very leaky behavior.

Whenever there is a ticket for some high-end top clubs or banquets, it means that you are noble and have the right to bring companions.

Several people walked into the manor, and their eyes suddenly lit up.

Although it was night, the manor was brightly lit, like daylight.

It is different from the decorations of Jiang’s, Zhang’s, and Chen’s courtyards. When you first entered, it was a plantation forest, or bamboo forest, or willow pine.

This manor, as soon as you entered, there was a huge square in front of you.

At this time, there were about hundreds of people in the huge square.

Dustin Zhou took a look and found that most of these people were young people, and some were about the same age as Asher Chen, but very few and very low-key.

Naturally, there will be no shortage of beautiful women in such a place.

Dustin Zhou took a glance and found that there were at least nearly 20 beauties with a score of eight or more.

However, before Dustin Zhou could continue watching, he was violently stopped by Enderia Shen, and he had to withdraw his gaze.

“Let’s go, let’s find a place to rest first. The auction will probably not start until nine o’clock.” Asher Chen said with a smile, and walked towards a place first.

And Dustin Zhou had no choice but to follow along.

After all, they are really unfamiliar with this place, nor do they know the rules here.

If you do something bad and cause dissatisfaction with the organizer, it will be more than worthwhile.

Moreover, the time has not yet reached nine o’clock, and there is still not a short time from the beginning, and it is normal to take a break.

“Look at these people, although they are very young, most of them are competitors for the powerful heirs of their respective families. Otherwise, they would not be able to get tickets to come in.” Asher Chen pointed to the young people around and explained softly. .

“As for those who are about my age, they are probably the heads of the family. After all, the older generations are probably enjoying their blessings or just sitting at home!” Dustin Zhou nodded, and under Asher Chen’s explanation, he too There is a rough division of who are so many people on the scene.

However, one of these people is picked out at random. I am afraid that in Hunan Province, they are all like Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying.

As for Zhang Jie, in the eyes of others, he may be just a little brother who is idle.

Do not

After all, the Zhang family is one of the five largest families in Hunan Province. Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying still have a little influence in Hunan Province.

It stands to reason that they should also come.

However, Dustin Zhou searched for a long time and didn’t find anyone he knew.

Even the Yu family, Du family, Tang family and Jiang family did not appear.

“Why didn’t you see the people from Hunan? Don’t they know?” Dustin Zhou asked the question in his heart.

“Maybe later, or they came long ago, but they’re not in this place. You’ll find out after nine o’clock.” Asher Chen didn’t say much, as if he saw an acquaintance, stood up and looked not far. Walk around.

Dustin Zhou also saw that Asher Chen walked up to a middle-aged man, smiled and greeted him, and still hammered each other in the chest.

It seems that their relationship is very good.

Could it be that Asher Chen’s ticket was obtained from that person?

Time passed quickly, but Dustin Zhou felt it passed slowly.

Because there are no acquaintances here, and he has to face Enderia Shen’s gaze scrutiny and surveillance, so that he can’t look around, especially those beautiful women, so almost every second, in Dustin Zhou’s view, is like an hour.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou felt that his patience had been polished.

“Huh?” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up, and suddenly he was surprised.

He finally saw an acquaintance.

However, this acquaintance was neither Zhang Jie nor someone who had enemies with him.

But Jiang Yan.

And beside Jiang Yan, it was Sister Ling.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you looking at, don’t have your eyes?” Enderia Shen threatened, and when she saw Dustin Zhou showing this gaze, she felt very upset in her heart.

What is even more annoying is that she didn’t expect that there are so many beautiful women here.

Although I am very confident in myself and Mira Xie, there are a lot of beautiful women here.

Although they are not as good as her and Mira Xie, they can’t find much.

The most important thing is that there are a lot of beauties here, and they are wearing a little bit. Many people wear very cool clothes. Even, at a glance, you can occasionally see some indescribable parts.

Even if Enderia Shen had some resistance to these, he couldn’t help but blush at this moment.

In fact, Enderia Shen had already scolded Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou in his heart for a long time.

Although they vowed to guarantee, there is absolutely nothing indescribable.

But these things still make Enderia Shen feel very stressed.

But now, Dustin Zhou seemed to have seen something extraordinary, his eyes were almost shining, and he looked in one direction, naturally causing Enderia Shen’s dissatisfaction.

While preventing Dustin Zhou from watching, Enderia Shen followed Dustin Zhou’s eyes

Just look over.

In the next second, Enderia Shen’s heart suddenly throbbed.

How is she?

For Jiang Yan, Enderia Shen naturally knew him.

And she knew Jiang Yan’s identity even more.

But she never expected that Jiang Yan would also appear in this place.

Didn’t Asher Chen just say that the young people who can come here are mostly candidates for successors of their respective families?

Is Jiang Yan a candidate for the Jiang family?

Of course, Enderia Shen also saw Sister Ling, but for Sister Ling, Enderia Shen did not have much hostility.

After all, regarding the attributes of Sister Ling, Enderia Shen went back and analyzed it carefully after seeing Sister Ling for the first time. He had already understood a lot in his heart, and he was very relieved of Sister Ling and let go of his vigilance.

“Why did she come?” Enderia Shen whispered.

“Who is here?” And this sound naturally did not avoid Mira Xie’s ears, and Mira Xie was also very curious about who she was in Enderia Shen’s mouth, and listening to the tone, it seemed that she was not very happy for the other party’s arrival.

“Here, over there, the eldest lady of the Jiang family, Jiang Xingyuan’s only daughter, Jiang Yan.” Enderia Shen pointed at Jiang Yan helplessly.

“It’s her?” Mira Xie was slightly surprised, and when he glanced at Jiang Yan, he suddenly felt a little surprised.

For Jiang Yan, Mira Xie naturally knew about Jiang Yan as the ambassador of the famous company.

Moreover, Mira Xie is even more aware of Jiang Yan’s fame in Hunan Province.

But Mira Xie never thought that he and Jiang Yan were the same, nor did they have an intersection between them.

But I didn’t expect to see Jiang Yan even here today.

But this should have nothing to do with them.

After all, there are people around Jiang Yan, and they are following Asher Chen, shouldn’t they be considered the same people?

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