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Chapter 461

Meet acquaintances!

(2) “Oh, sister Mira, your nerves are too slow, don’t you see that this Jiang Yan is staring at Dustin Zhou, if you don’t pay attention, she may grab Dustin Zhou from your hands Go.” Seeing Mira Xie’s appearance, Enderia Shen knew that she was a little indifferent to Jiang Yan.

Indeed, after all, there is only one side relationship between the two parties, so naturally there is no way to care about each other’s affairs.

But Enderia Shen really had to remind Mira Xie seriously that this Jiang Yan had a bad heart.

Otherwise, with Jiang Yan’s status and reputation in Hunan Province, why rush to serve as the ambassador of this famous company?

If it’s because of money, Enderia Shen doesn’t think Dustin Zhou can even give him how much money, can he even compare money with the Jiang family?

Speaking of fame, Enderia Shen even smiled on his face, MMP in his heart.

Who is borrowing whose fame?

In Hunan Province, is Jiang Yan’s reputation smaller than that of a well-known company?

And this time, in addition to the image of Jiang Yan as the ambassador, Jiang Yan’s reputation is also a large part of the reason.

Just like other companies hiring some celebrities to act as image spokespersons, don’t they just want to use the other’s reputation to increase the visibility of their company and let more people know their company?

Famous companies naturally have the same idea.

Therefore, Jiang Yan agreed to Dustin Zhou’s request in one fell swoop. In Enderia Shen’s view, it was just unruly and intent on unruly.

Among all the things that Mingyang has in Hunan province, there is only one Dustin Zhou that can make Jiang Yan plot, and Enderia Shen is thinking about it.

After all, they had seen it before, and the relationship did not seem to have been affected by the grievances between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou.

“Will it? Dustin Zhou won’t be snatched away so easily, I have confidence in him!” Mira Xie said with a light smile.

In fact, although she seemed to be indifferent to Dustin Zhou, she didn’t care about anything.

It doesn’t care who Dustin Zhou chats with, who Dustin Zhou gets close to, or whether Dustin Zhou knows any beautiful women.

Because in her heart, Dustin Zhou has always been a trustworthy person.

Moreover, this time in Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou originally brought her to relax.

Although many things happened in the middle, Mira Xie did not suffer any harm.

On the contrary, she only regarded herself as a spectator, watching Dustin Zhou stir up the wind and rain in Hunan Province, she also had a special flavor in her heart.

This kind of feeling is difficult for other people to understand. Even Enderia Shen can’t understand because of too much attention on Dustin Zhou.

“Oh, you are really hopeless, but don’t worry, I will help you stare at Dustin Zhou and won’t let him mess around!” Enderia Shen immediately stroked his forehead, nothing

Nye said.

And when Dustin Zhou and the others saw Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan also felt several glances the first time.

Among them, there are naturally a few people from Dustin Zhou’s side.

“It’s Dustin Zhou!” Jiang Yan was overjoyed, and she was about to come to Dustin Zhou subconsciously.

She didn’t expect that she would follow Sister Ling to this place.

Will meet Dustin Zhou.

Sister Mingmingling said that even a few people know about this place, even among the five largest families in Hunan.

And at the moment when I saw Dustin Zhou, the most normal thought was why Dustin Zhou was here?

Jiang Yan didn’t have this idea at all, and didn’t even care that Dustin Zhou brought several people over.

Except for Sun Lian who is slightly older, whether it is Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, or Chen Xin, they are all beautiful women in their time.

Such an existence, placed anywhere, will become the focus of the audience.

However, it seems that because of the high status of the people in this place, there is not so much demand for beautiful women. In addition, there are also many beautiful women here. Although they are not as amazing as Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, they can still be seen.

And because Enderia Shen and the others are with Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou, they are obviously in charge, and people who are conscious and interested will naturally understand, and they will not come forward and disturb at will.

As for whether you will meet people who are ignorant, everyone is smart, and people who can come to this place are not weak behind themselves. No one knows what the other party’s details are. In case of offending a big person, It is likely to bring disaster to your family.

Therefore, even those who are ignorant must restrain themselves.

At the very least, you can’t mess around in this place.

“Little Yan’er, where are you going?” Sister Ling soon discovered that Jiang Yan was wrong, and quickly grabbed her to prevent her from running around.

If this collides with someone and has a strong background, she may not be able to handle it.

After all, the people who can come here are also from the four major families in Beijing, and those people probably won’t sell her face.

And she doesn’t want to reveal her identity here, otherwise people from the capital will find her soon. In that case, her relaxed and free life will probably end.

“Dustin Zhou is over there, I’ll go and say hello to him.” Jiang Yan said with a smile, the smile on her face couldn’t hide.

“Why is he here? Impossible?” Sister Ling was surprised and instinctively denied it, but when she followed Jiang Yan’s gaze, she was immediately stunned.

It turned out to be Dustin Zhou!

As a result, a huge question mark appeared in Sister Ling’s mind.

How did Dustin Zhou get in here, and also brought so many people.

Apparently, there were some news that Sister Ling had inquired about herself, not to mention Dustin Zhou, even the people around him were not qualified to come to this place.

If you really want to say it seriously, it seems that there is only Zhang Family.

However, even the Zhang family would not waste precious quotas, let Dustin Zhou come, and also brought so many people, all of them were women.

Sister Ling’s forehead suddenly turned black. She felt that she was a little prejudiced against Dustin Zhou and needed to be heavy

Meet Dustin Zhou again.

If it wasn’t because of the Zhang family, then either Dustin Zhou had a big background behind him, and she couldn’t even investigate it.

Either, Dustin Zhou knew some big person, and he could take out so many places for Dustin Zhou to bring people in.

However, no matter what it was, Sister Ling could no longer show such strong hostility towards Dustin Zhou.

At this short meeting of Ling Jie’s distraction, Jiang Yan had already walked in front of Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect to see you here again.” Jiang Yan said with a light smile, with a natural expression on his face and a smile from the heart, not a fake.

Afterwards, Jiang Yan also greeted Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Chen Xin and Sun Lian.

She is not a person who bullies others, and she is very sincere to her friends.

She has regarded Dustin Zhou as her friend, so since the four women of Enderia Shen are with Dustin Zhou, Jiang Yan treats them as friends.

Although they may not be able to get along like friends, Jiang Yan still knows the politeness.

Chapter 462

“Haha, did Miss Jiang Yan come with Sister Ling?” Dustin Zhou had already thought about many possibilities at this moment.

The only possibility is that Jiang Yan came with Sister Ling, otherwise, it is impossible for the other Jiang family to not show up here.

Then, the identity of this sister Ling is very problematic.

Asher Chen has already said that those who can come here are the children of a big family.

Like the five big families in Hunan Province, I am afraid it is already the minimum requirement.

Well, Sister Ling’s background is probably stronger than that of the Jiang family.

For a while, Dustin Zhou became more curious about Sister Ling’s true identity.

But he wouldn’t show it right away, and he didn’t worry about whether Ling Jie was with Jiang Yan for other purposes.

Judging from Dustin Zhou’s current observations, Sister Ling is very sincere to Jiang Yan, and although she is a little weird, in general, she still does not force Jiang Yan to do things she doesn’t like.

“Well, I came with Sister Ling. I thought it would be boring tonight. I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Jiang Yan looked very relaxed, and there was no barrier at all when talking to Dustin Zhou.

It was as if they were old friends who had known each other for many years, seeing each other after many years. Although a little strange, they soon became familiar again.

Dustin Zhou didn’t show that he was not familiar with Jiang Yan too deliberately, but rather generously invited Jiang Yan and Sister Ling to sit with him.

“By the way, Dustin Zhou, do you know what to do here? I think there are a lot of people here, and they all seem to have a background. I asked Sister Ling, but she didn’t tell me.” While chatting, Jiang Yan suddenly crooked Asked the head, his face full of curiosity, a pair of bright eyes,

Looking forward to Dustin Zhou.

“Uh, didn’t Sister Ling tell you?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised at this moment.

He glanced at Sister Ling quickly and found that Sister Ling was staring at him, feeling a little funny in his heart.

He originally thought that since Sister Ling brought Jiang Yan over, he would at least briefly introduce the situation here to Jiang Yan.

But now it seems that Sister Ling didn’t explain to Jiang Yan, or Sister Ling herself didn’t understand much at all, so she couldn’t explain to Jiang Yan?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what it was because of it, but since Jiang Yan asked himself, he would naturally not refuse.

It happened that Asher Chen just explained to them and also explained some of the situations here.

“Actually, I don’t know too well. I listened to what others said…” Dustin Zhou said slowly, telling Jiang Yan some of what Asher Chen said just now, without avoiding Sister Ling.

In case Sister Ling didn’t know, she happened to listen to it together, which saved Dustin Zhou’s time to explain.

“…This is probably the case, but it’s still a while before the opening, and it won’t start until nine o’clock.” Dustin Zhou looked at his watch and found that it was almost half an hour away from nine o’clock.

And this half an hour, although it looks very short, here, it seems a bit long.

After all, with so many people, Dustin Zhou didn’t know anyone. Even if they were able to chat, would they have been talking for half an hour?

“That’s okay, half an hour will pass soon.” However, for Dustin Zhou, half an hour is very long and makes him feel bored.

But Jiang Yan felt that half an hour was short, and it passed in the blink of an eye.

“A few beauties, what can I do for help?” At this moment, a very untimely voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou, who had had a good conversation, all looked at the person who disturbed them.

Dustin Zhou narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at the person who was speaking to him, and sneered in his heart.

He knew that on such occasions, although everyone was a person with status, they would exercise restraint to a certain extent and try not to cause trouble.

But the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds.

With so many people here, it is inevitable that there will be several dudes who can’t control themselves and run to disturb others.

Dustin Zhou thought that they would not meet, but he didn’t expect to meet them at first, but Jiang Yan also came to them, and one appeared so soon.

In fact, from the moment Jiang Yan and Ling sister appeared, Dustin Zhou found that several eyes fell on both of them.

But until now, so many people have not really done anything, except for the person in front of them.

A suit, tie, leather shoes, dressed up very high-end atmosphere, at a glance,

He is a successful person.

Moreover, not only is he young, he is also very handsome.

Judging from Dustin Zhou’s eyes, if this person participates in the talent show, he will definitely make his debut soon, and he will definitely be loved and sought after by many fans.

However, at this time, this person looked a bit greasy, and Dustin Zhou felt guilty when he saw it.

“No, don’t get in the way!” Dustin Zhou hadn’t spoken yet, but Sister Ling was the first to say impatiently, waving her hand at the man again and again, as if she was driving a fly away.

Seeing this, Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything, just watched Sister Ling’s performance quietly.

Since Sister Ling has her own choice, Dustin Zhou is naturally happy to watch Sister Ling play.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou was really not sure how Ling sister would deal with this man.

You know, just the words and actions of Sister Ling just now have a provocative meaning.

If the other party really finds fault, this is the ready evidence.

As for the man’s strike-up, it doesn’t seem so important at this time.

After all, everyone is a person with identities, and it’s not a big deal to strike up a conversation with each other and get to know each other.

“Hehe, the beauty laughed. I didn’t stop you from doing anything. I just saw that you didn’t seem to be very familiar with this place, so I kindly came over to ask if there is any need for help.” The man seemed to have done something to Sister Ling. I didn’t care about what I did, but continued to explain patiently.

Moreover, seeing that no one objected again, he seemed to have been allowed, and he cheerfully started to introduce this place and what he would do next.

However, after the man had said a lot and even felt a little dry in his mouth, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The few people in front of them seemed to have no reaction at all.

Not to mention the shock and sigh, there is not even the least trace of curiosity.

For a moment, a huge question mark appeared in the man’s mind.

Are these few already familiar with this place?

But it shouldn’t be. Just now, I clearly saw that they were very curious about this place. They were still looking at the left and right, and even pointed at some places, completely looking like a hillbilly.

That being the case, why did they seem to have no interest in what they said just now?

Chapter 463

“Hehe, maybe what I just said is a bit unclear. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Fang Lei and I come from Fang’s family in Beijing. I don’t know where several beauties come from?” Fang Lei said with a smile, actually looking at Jiang Yan. , Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Sister Ling, and Chen Xin had no one stealing sights.

As for Sun Lian, Fang Lei was automatically ruled out because of her age.

For these five

Beauty, Fang Lei noticed from the beginning.

At the beginning, there were still only three, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and Chen Xin, but after Jiang Yan came, there were two more.

Fang Lei couldn’t help but step forward to say hello, wanting to be familiar, maybe he could have a nice date tonight.

And Fang Lei was very proud of his identity.

He has been here for almost half a day, and he has a general understanding of the people who come here.

He naturally found out the identity of some people.

Just like Jiang Yan, I learned from a friend that Jiang Yan is from the Jiang family in Xiang Province.

As for the Jiang family, in front of the Fang family, although it is not bad, it is actually the same. High is not high, low is not low, which can make Fang Lei attractive.

As for the other people, in Fang Lei’s eyes, they are familiar with Jiang Yan, and most likely they are from Hunan Province.

In Fang Lei’s view, none of the five major families in Hunan can not be offended.

Of course, we must consider whether it is worth the offense.

And now, if you can have an unforgettable date with one or two beauties, for Fang Lei, even if you offend them all, it is worth it.

What’s more, he only needs to say the name of the Fang family in Beijing, and under normal circumstances, no one can keep calm.

You don’t know how many times Fang Lei has seen this situation.

And by virtue of the Fang family’s name, Fang Lei didn’t know that he had a date with a beautiful woman.

However, Fang Lei looked at the indifferent people in front of him, suddenly a little sluggish.

Why is there no response?


What about kneeling and licking?

Fang Lei was a little confused, how could the reactions of these people to the people he met in the past were completely different.

Moreover, not only did they not have any meaning of worship, but they showed contempt.

“Haha, Fang Family Fang Lei? Never heard of it.” Sister Ling said with a look of contempt, her tone full of disgust, as if she had spoken to Fang Lei, and the price was already very low.

“You! Huh, let me tell you, I’m from the Fang family in Beijing, you must pay attention to your words, this beauty is Jiang Yan from the Jiang family? Since you and Miss Jiang are friends, I will naturally not be with you too much. Do care, but even if you are friends of Ms. Jiang Yan, you have to think carefully about your words. Some words, some people, are not something you can say casually, and you can offend them casually.” Fang Lei’s tone was a little cold, it was obviously sister Ling just now. His reaction and words made him very upset.

He even heard a trace of contempt in Sister Ling’s tone.

But Fang Lei felt that he was a generous person and would not care about Ling sister.

“Hey, people nowadays really put gold on their faces, or they think they belong to this world

He is the biggest?

“Sister Ling said coldly, her beautiful eyes staring at Fang Lei, and there was already a hint of chill. If Fang Lei doesn’t know how to advance or retreat, and is entangled here, Sister Ling doesn’t mind letting him know the consequences of doing it. As for the Beijing party. Home, to be honest, Sister Ling really doesn’t know, and I have heard of it. After all, it may be just a second-rate family in Beijing. “You!

…” Fang Lei’s face sank, and he was about to explode as soon as he saw it. “What you do, you just talk a lot of nonsense, here Bibi talks about it, not at all restless!

“But Sister Ling didn’t give Fang Lei a chance to speak at all, she stood up abruptly, and yelled at Fang Lei. Even, Sister Ling shot directly, knocking on Fang Lei’s head without stopping, as if she was knocking Fang Lei’s head. Think of it as a wooden fish. “Haha, well, sister Ling, just a little punishment. There are a lot of people here, and the influence is not very good.

Dustin Zhou said helplessly, and had to persuade Sister Ling, at least not to make matters worse. After all, anyone here may come from a big family, and this Fang Lei has already identified himself. The Fang family in Beijing, it sounds like Some bluff people, but looking like this, it is almost a second-rate family, similar to the Chen family. Although it is possible that the Fang family has a certain amount of energy in this place in Xiang Province, for Dustin Zhou, it doesn’t matter how much. There is no relationship between the Fang family, and there is no need to look at the so-called Fang family’s face. “Huh, people like this, without any strength, will use the name of the family to do things outside, hate it!

It should be a lesson!

Sister Ling hummed coldly, and sat down without paying attention to Fang Lei, although she still slapped Fang Lei harshly just now. Moreover, looking like this, she didn’t care about Fang Lei at all, or even Fang’s family. “Okay, Sister Ling, don’t be familiar with him.

Jiang Yan said with a smile, she also didn’t want to make matters worse. After all, from Dustin Zhou’s mouth, she also had some understanding of some of the situations here. She knew that any one person here might come from a big family no less than Jiang’s. It’s not that Jiang Yan is afraid to cause trouble, but that she herself has such a temperament, she doesn’t want to cause trouble, nor is she afraid of it. “You!

Simply presumptuous!

“And Dustin Zhou and the others were talking in a few words, and they didn’t look at Fang Lei at all, as if Fang Lei was standing here and he didn’t exist at all. Such ignoring people’s behavior finally made Fang Lei unable to resist and shouted loudly. And Fang Lei’s voice was not small, and it naturally attracted the attention of many people. Suddenly, more than a dozen people looked at this side and walked slowly here, seeming to want to see what happened. Thing. After all, there is still about half an hour before nine o’clock, if before the auction house opens,

If there is any lively thing to watch, they will naturally not refuse.

Soon, Dustin Zhou gathered a dozen people here, and all of them looked very young, not more than thirty years old at best.

“Hey, isn’t this Fang Lei? What is he doing here?” Suddenly, someone recognized Fang Lei and joked with a smile.

As he said, more people seemed to recognize Fang Lei.

“Yeah, isn’t this Fang Lei from the Fang family in Beijing? Why? Picking up girls here?” “Haha, still picking up girls? You made people’s belly bigger in the capital, and now things can’t be cleaned up, so I went to Hunan province and even thought about it. When talking to beautiful women, aren’t you afraid that people will come to you?” “A few beautiful women, there will be no future with Fang Lei, so it is better to think about it and play with us, at least not as scared as being with Fang Lei. “Haha, do you want to leave a contact information for these beauties? Let’s get to know them.” …

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