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Chapter 464

Everyone suddenly laughed.

“Get out!” But Sister Ling responded directly to them, with an impatient look on her face, as if she felt very upset at so many people surrounding her.

And Dustin Zhou naturally felt sister Ling’s mood, thinking that it was better to control things.

“Well, this matter has nothing to do with everyone, and we don’t have the idea of ​​knowing you. You should leave alone.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, trying to behave normally and approachably.

“Haha, it’s so funny, what kind of thing do you dare to talk to us like this?” “Yes, what kind of green onion are you? In the capital, it seems that you have never seen your number, a hillbilly who ran out from where, thinking you are When I came here, I thought I was so great, and I told you that a hillbilly like you, in our eyes, is nothing like a fart!” “Haha, Brother Li makes sense. I have never seen anyone in the capital, naturally. It can’t be compared with us.” “Let me say, since they have a conflict with Fang Lei, and we know Fang Lei somehow, should we help Fang Lei find a place?” … Someone immediately suggested, Son, everyone is eager to try, gearing up.

“I advise you to exercise restraint, otherwise the consequences may be beyond your imagination.” Sister Ling glanced at everyone deeply, her mouth raised slightly, her face full of sarcasm.

And such an expression in the eyes of everyone is undoubtedly a provocation.

Suddenly, everyone couldn’t bear it anymore, and they clamored to rush forward to teach Dustin Zhou a lesson.

And as the movement here gets bigger and bigger, more and more people are paying attention to the situation here.

“Huh! Our brothers give you face and let a few beautiful women play with the brothers, but didn’t think

Until you don’t give face and slander me, things are not that simple now, now.

“That’s right, now I give you two choices, one is to immediately kneel down and apologize to us, and then leave a few beautiful women, and the second, don’t leave here today!”

“… Suddenly, everyone surrounded Dustin Zhou and several people. The atmosphere became tense. But Dustin Zhou didn’t care. With him and Niu Chuan, he didn’t worry that these weak brothers would treat him. What is the threat. “What’s the matter?

“And at this moment, a light voice came from outside the crowd. Dustin Zhou was taken aback, and he realized that he was a little familiar with this voice, as if he had heard it somewhere. And he also noticed that sister Ling’s face suddenly changed. It became more relaxed, as if the owner of this voice came, she could be safe, and she didn’t need to take action. Naturally, other people also noticed the voice and immediately found the person who spoke. “This is not from the Yang family. ?

“Yes, Yang Zhaoting from the Yang family in the capital.”

“Why is he here too?”

“I don’t know, but I heard that he had a mission in Hunan province before. Isn’t he doing some photography now?”

I heard that I won awards abroad.

“… Someone recognized the person who was speaking, it was Yang Zhaoting. Those who surrounded Dustin Zhou and them saw Yang Zhaoting, and their momentum immediately fell a lot. “Brother Yang, why are you here?”

“Brother Yang, there is a small matter here, we will solve it soon, and will not disturb you.

“Hehe, Brother Yang.”

“Brother Yang.

“… Yang Zhaoting’s face was stern, he raised his eyes to look at these people, and his nasal cavity suddenly let out a faint hum. For these people, he has always dismissed them. It is just a group of people who are just idle, it is not enough, it can only It’s nothing more than a fake tiger outside. “I saw that there was a lot of movement here, so I came to have a look.

“Yang Zhaoting said coldly, since someone here knows him, he must be from the capital, so he doesn’t care. So after finishing talking, he is going to leave directly. Anyway, it has nothing to do with him, and he doesn’t want to be with this group of people. What to mix with. “Little Tingting, did you just leave like this?

Yang Zhaoting had just turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly a greasy voice came from behind. At this moment, Yang Zhaoting’s body stiffened, his mouth twitched slightly, and he turned hard, looking at the crowd, his face was also incredible. This voice… this The tone… Besides that person, who else? But, how could that person be here? Didn’t she always dislike such occasions? Yang Zhaoting turned around with difficulty and pushed away several people in front of him. At a glance

I saw sister Ling sitting in front.

In addition to Sister Ling, there are several other people who seem to be together, and Yang Zhaoting still has some impression of a few of them. It seems that he had been seen by Sister Ling when she was looking for someone to take pictures.

However, what’s the situation now? Sister Ling was surrounded by a group of self-righteous guys who didn’t know her status and status, and she clamored for Sister Ling to give them an explanation, or stay with them.

Yang Zhaoting screamed frantically.

Even if Sister Ling stayed, would you dare to do it?

I am afraid that before you can do it, Sister Ling will crush your hands one by one.

Thinking of the consequences of sister Ling’s anger, Yang Zhaoting suddenly felt a chill in her back.

Originally, this matter had nothing to do with him. Now he has to come over and take a look. Now it’s all right, and he sees the problem.

If he turns around now, there will be no problem, but it will inevitably make Ling sister feel upset and despise herself. If this is passed back to the capital, it will certainly offend many people.

Thinking of this, Yang Zhaoting gritted his teeth abruptly, turned his head and looked at the people around him viciously, his face as cold as frost.

“What are you doing? Do you know what you are doing?” Yang Zhaoting sternly scolded, his face extremely gloomy.

Anyone who reads it knows that Yang Zhaoting is really angry now, and he is still very angry, just like a tiger with his butt touched, all standing in front of him are enemies.

“What’s the situation?” “Yeah, Brother Yang, what are you doing? We didn’t offend you, did we?” “Yes, we didn’t offend you, why are you angry at us!” … Suddenly, these people didn’t Did it.

Although everyone respects Yang Zhaoting, it is also based on Yang Zhaoting’s family background. On the surface, everyone expresses respect, but in fact, there is no exchange of interests.

At best, everyone looks at Yang Zhaoting’s face and will not do anything harmful to him.

But now, it is obvious that everyone has done nothing. Yang Zhaoting became angry at them as soon as he came over. No one would lose his temper and bear it for nothing.

Therefore, everyone was unhappy at this moment.

Yes, you, Yang Zhaoting, comes from the Yang family in the capital. The Yang family is a first-rate family in the capital, and the strength is stronger than their respective families.

But they are united, even if they face the Yang family, they are not afraid at all.

Chapter 465

Chapter is just a few minutes!

“Haha, what am I doing? I want to ask you if you know what you are doing? Do you still want to live? If you don’t think you’ve lived too long, you can tell it directly, and I’ll tell your family. “Yang Zhaoting sneered. It’s this time.

By the time, these people have not realized what kind of existence they have offended.

But after changing his mind, Yang Zhaoting was able to understand them.

After all, they are all from the second-rate family in the capital, so it is normal for sister Ling to be unclear about her identity.

But no matter what the reason, since they offended Sister Ling, they must give an explanation.

This explanation, if they don’t give it now, maybe Sister Ling will find their respective families.

At that time, it can be solved not only by an ordinary explanation.

“Yang Zhaoting, what exactly do you mean by this, make it clear!” Fang Lei sneered.

He has never dealt with Yang Zhaoting, and has sung the opposite in public many times, so he has nothing to fear about Yang Zhaoting.

Offend you offend, and it’s no big deal.

In Beijing, even if his Fang family is a second-rate family, they are not afraid of the Yang family.

“Yes, even if you are a member of the Yang family, you don’t want to rely on these two sentences to send us.” “Hmph, I think he also fell in love with these beauties, and wants to come to a hero to save the beauty, and then good Come home with a beautiful woman, right?” “Yang Zhaoting, don’t forget, you are in the capital, but you have a fiancée. If we tell that little pepper about your caressing outside, what do you think will happen to you?” … Yes After Fang Lei took the lead, the others seemed to have found their confidence and joked.

It seems that as soon as Yang Zhaoting appeared, the people who only promised and greeted politely and yelled at each other, they were not the same.

“What a bunch of idiots, why do you think Fang Lei dared to talk to me like this? Just relying on what you guys are saying now, when you return to the capital, you will definitely regret what you did today.” “In addition, Xiaojiao, you can call it Is it true?” Yang Zhaoting looked young, but once he got serious, his aura exuded extremely powerful.

At least it gave Dustin Zhou the feeling that among the people he met, perhaps only Father Zhang Taiyan and Asher Chen had such a momentum.

Even Zhang Lun, Zhang Ying.

People like Jiang Xingfang are also a little short.

Not to mention the younger generation like Zhang Jie, in front of Yang Zhaoting, I am afraid that even the scum is left in seconds.

“I will let you leave, and I will give you a chance. Since you are so rampant, then I will do whatever you like. However, you must consider the consequences when you do things!” Yang Zhaoting looked around and found that there were about ten people on the other side.

If he is in the capital, he is naturally fearless.

But this is Hunan Province, and few people he knows.

And not many people know his identity.

Aijia, sister Ling is still here, and Yang Zhaoting doesn’t recognize it either

Sister Ling will suffer.

The reason why he said so much just now is to persuade these people.

Especially Fang Lei, after all, is a relative of Xiaojiao, and Yang Zhaoting didn’t want to see him begging for death in Sister Ling’s hands, and provoke trouble for Fang’s family.

However, he did not expect that this Fang Lei would be so unsightly. Fortunately, he said that for a long time, all of which were regarded as donkey liver and lungs.

In this case, Yang Zhaoting didn’t plan to be nosy, so he would be a quiet spectator on the sidelines.

At the same time, he is also constantly looking at Dustin Zhou.

Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou, he has all met.

But Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Chen Xin, and Sun Lian have never seen him.

Compared to the amazement that Enderia Shen’s three big beauties brought to him, Sun Lian’s impression of him seemed familiar, but for a while, Yang Zhaoting couldn’t think of whether he had ever met each other.

“Huh, Yang Zhaoting, this is Hunan Province right now, not the capital city. What’s more, these beauties are the first to speak out. Even if I take action against them, it won’t be a big deal.” Fang Lei saw Yang Zhaoting retreat, proud and proud. He raised his head and looked at the few people around him, and his tone was full of show off.

Look, even Yang Zhaoting of the Yang family, the first-class family in Beijing, has to give me face.

“Okay, no one will bother us now. The two choices we just gave you just now, decide quickly. My patience is very limited.” Fang Lei refocused his eyes on the beautiful women of Enderia Shen. Does not conceal a trace of greed and desire in his eyes.

In the beginning, everyone hadn’t smashed their faces and was in a stage of testing each other.

If at that time, these big beauties of the other party knew the current affairs, then Fang Lei thought that the result would be very happy, and would not make such a big noise now, and even attract Yang Zhaoting.

But it’s okay, the province will pretend to say something nice.

It was just some country bumpkins from Hunan Province. In the eyes of Fang Lei, Fang’s family in the capital, they didn’t count as farts. Even if they ordered a few people to serve him, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

At most, afterwards, give them a little compensation.

After all, Mr. Fang was not a stingy person either, and he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone without putting on his pants.

“How is it? Have you thought about it?” Fang Lei’s eyes were full of aggressiveness.

“Haha, it seems that you are looking for death by yourself.” Sister Ling said with a smile, not panicking at all, even looking at Fang Lei didn’t even mean.

“By the way, I heard that you abandoned the waste in Jiangbei before? It seems that you have a little skill? How long will it take to solve it?” Suddenly, Sister Ling looked sideways at Dustin Zhou and smiled lightly.

And this time, Dustin Zhou was also a little surprised.

He didn’t expect Sister Ling to be right

I know a lot of things before.

And she still held Jiang Yan’s face high and said that if Jiangbei’s trash was abolished, wouldn’t she be afraid that Jiang Yan would think too much?

However, Dustin Zhou couldn’t allow Dustin Zhou to think too much, and he nodded naturally.

“No problem, soon, a few minutes, but Sister Ling really wants me to take a shot. You know, once I take a shot, I might inadvertently hurt people.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, as if to pick up He didn’t care about the things that came down, and he didn’t care about the threats from the other side.

When Fang Lei saw that Dustin Zhou didn’t respond to his words, Fang Lei was talking instead.

Even more arrogant, a few minutes to be able to clean up these people.

Suddenly, not only Fang Lei, but other children of the big family were also angry.

Everyone came from the capital anyhow, and when they were in the capital, they had never seen any big storms.

But I have never seen such an arrogant person.

“Huh! Don’t be ashamed, kid, don’t speak big, be careful that the wind flashes your tongue!” Suddenly, a high-pitched man sneered.

“Chuanzi, slap twice!” Dustin Zhou didn’t even look at that person, just said lightly.

“Pop!” The next second, a loud applause suddenly sounded.

Everyone did not react, looking at the man who had just spoken in astonishment.

I saw a bright red palm print on his right cheek and his left cheek.

This is clearly the trace left after being slapped.

However, the crowd didn’t see any movement just now.

How did these two slap prints stay?

Chapter 466

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou in shock.

They had clearly heard what Dustin Zhou said just now, dealing with these people, it was just a matter of a few minutes.

At first they thought Dustin Zhou was talking big, bragging, and dismissive of him.

But I didn’t expect that from the beginning, the other party would show his hand.

The most important thing is that no one has seen how he did it.

“Ah! You dare to beat me? Smelly country guy, I want you to die!” Fang Lei was beaten up a little bit at first, not knowing what happened.

When he reacted, the fiery pain on both cheeks made him instantly realize what had just happened.

Suddenly, an anger spurted from his chest.

Fang Lei’s eyes flushed instantly, his face flushed, and the blue veins on his forehead and neck were even more visible. With the bright red palm prints on his face, he looked extremely hideous.

Like a mad beast.

Many people stepped back after seeing this, trying to distance themselves from Fang Lei.

Even the people who stood with Fang Lei before and ridiculed Dustin Zhou and others, at this moment

All were shocked and backed away again and again.

After all, Fang Lei’s current state is very unstable, which makes people very uneasy.

No one knows if Fang Lei will suddenly break out and then casually wound people, regardless of the enemy or the enemy.

Once that happens, no one hopes it will happen to themselves.

So the best way now is to stay away from Fang Lei and try to minimize the possibility of what happens to him.

“Chuanzi, it seems that he is still not sober, so let him sober again.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Afterwards, Niu Chuan rushed over again and slapped him twice before Fang Lei could react.

Even, because of too much power, Fang Lei swayed twice on the spot and fell directly to the ground.

At this moment, everyone saw how Niu Chuan made the move, and looked at him with dread.

Many people are thinking about their chances of winning if their bodyguards meet Niu Chuan.

However, no one has sufficient confidence.

After all, the two slaps on Fang Lei’s face for the first time, everyone didn’t even notice Niu Chuan doing it.

This alone is enough to illustrate the strength of Niu Chuan.

Although everyone is a child of a big family, no one is a fool. Faced with the current situation, they blindly think that they can rely on the name of the family to succeed outside.

Didn’t you see that Fang Lei has been beaten up now?

“And you, if you don’t want to get beaten, get out as soon as possible.” Dustin Zhou looked at the others and said lightly.

Originally they had a good chat here, but they were disturbed for some reason, and then a group of people gathered to ridicule them.

Dustin Zhou had been upset for a long time, if he hadn’t wondered what taboos would be here, he would have done it a long time ago.

But it’s fine now, at least sister Ling is here, so Dustin Zhou has a general understanding of this place in his heart.

Judging from the confrontation just now, Dustin Zhou also has a general understanding of the identity and background of these people.

Like Fang Lei who harassed the conversation at the beginning, he came from the Fang family in Beijing, and should be a second-rate family in Beijing.

And those who made a fuss with Fang Lei were almost all second-rate families from the capital.

And when they saw Yang Zhaoting, they were obviously a little jealous, indicating that the Yang family where Yang Zhaoting belonged should be stronger and stronger than their family.

At least it should be a second-rate family, and it is still very powerful, comparable to a big family of first-class families.

However, judging from Yang Zhaoting’s attitude, although Fang Lei was dismissive, he didn’t do it easily. There was a fundamental difference between Fang Lei and Fang Lei in terms of self-cultivation and conversation.

So Dustin Zhou guessed that the Yang family where Yang Zhaoting was located should be the first-class family in Beijing.

In that case, what about Sister Ling?

Dustin Zhou quietly looked at Sister Ling

At a glance, my heart suddenly understood.

Even Yang Zhaoting, who was born in a first-class family, didn’t dare to breathe when facing Sister Ling, and he knew the role of a little brother.

The deep meaning, as long as you are not a fool, can understand it.

There are probably only the four top families that can surpass the first-class families in Beijing.

But, which family does Ling sister come from?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, nor would he easily guess.

Because the relationship between him and Ling sister now, although not particularly familiar, is not bad.

Because of Jiang Yan’s presence, Sister Ling can still speak kindly, but some targets in her tone are not immune.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care. Through a series of observations, Dustin Zhou also roughly understood that this sister Ling probably has special preferences.

Therefore, the slight hostility that Sister Ling showed towards herself can be understood very well.

What’s more, even if Dustin Zhou guessed Ling’s true identity, it didn’t matter much.

Do you take this to cling to sister Ling’s relationship?

Dustin Zhou still disdains to do such a thing.

Since one day he is going to return and enter the Zhou family, he must rely on himself to make troubles, so that he will have confidence.

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, many people immediately scattered and left.

However, several people still stared at Dustin Zhou angrily.

In their view, Dustin Zhou was hitting them in the face.

Although they were very afraid of Niu Chuan’s strength, the feeling of being beaten in the face still made them very unhappy.

What’s more, if it was really just like that, Dustin Zhou would quit.

Once it spreads out, especially back to the capital, do they want to have their faces?

How can you brag in front of your sister in the future?

Even, will be ridiculed by some former opponents.

Saying that they were beaten in the face by a hillbilly when they went to this place in Hunan Province, it was a shame to their brother in the capital.

They don’t want to do this kind of shameful things.

At the very least, I have to find a bit of ground with Dustin Zhou.

After I went back, I could have an explanation.

“Hmph, hit someone, and want us to leave? What do you think this is? When we don’t exist? You only have two men. Are we afraid of you?” “Yes, if you have the ability, do it. Take a step back, I call your father!” “Fang Lei, don’t worry, we won’t leave you behind.” … Everyone clamored and didn’t mean to step back.

This made Dustin Zhou a little surprised. He didn’t expect these young masters to be so ambitious.

Even, he was very loyal and willing to help Fang Lei find his place.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think they had such strength.

Don’t talk about Niu Chuan, even if he is himself, I’m afraid he can easily clean up the few in front of him now.

Brother son, it doesn’t take much effort.

So, what is it that gives them so much confidence to talk to themselves like this?

“Chuanzi, since they said so, let them be with this Fang Lei…” Dustin Zhou said lightly, but he stopped when he was halfway and looked at everything in front of him with an incredible expression.

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