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Chapter 467

The few people who originally vowed to help Fang Lei find his place, after hearing what Dustin Zhou said, without saying anything, they rushed away from here.

And what they said just now kept echoing in Dustin Zhou’s ears.

“This is really righteous Yuntian, it really opened my eyes.” Dustin Zhou said silently, looking at him with some pity as he fell in front of him, with an incredible look on Fang Lei’s face.

Now those people have dispersed separately, and the only one who was still in front of Dustin Zhou and them was Fang Lei who had been slapped four times by Niu Chuan, and now he fell to the ground, and Fang Lei had not recovered yet.

“Hehe, this group of people is this kind of virtue. They have always bullied themselves and feared hardship. The more you are afraid of them, the more arrogant they are.” Sister Ling said lightly, not surprisingly at all what these people are doing now, on the contrary, if these People didn’t do this, but forced it to Dustin Zhou, which was enough to make Sister Ling a little admired.

“However, what are you going to do with this person?” Sister Ling looked at Xiao Lei and asked softly.

In her opinion, this Fang Lei is not even an ant at all, and he is not in his eyes at all.

So what Fang Lei should do, Ling sister is not interested at all.

“I should ask you this. He is here to tease you.” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless. This sister Ling was still quite capable of shaking the pot, so she opened her mouth and threw Fang Lei to him.

Doesn’t she know that even if Fang Lei is a rubbish, even if he is not seen by Ling Sister, he is from the Fang family in Beijing anyway. Isn’t Sister Ling worried that the Fang family will find him Dustin Zhou on the head to settle the accounts?

“Haha, see clearly, who has many people here?” Sister Ling gave Dustin Zhou a casual look, and glanced at Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and Chen Xin. The corners of her mouth faintly raised an arc, she said casually.

The meaning of her words is already obvious.

The three beauties here are all related to Dustin Zhou, and there is only one Jiang Yan related to her sister Ling.

So if Fang Lei really came to find something, he should also pose a greater threat to Dustin Zhou.

In addition, it was Fang Lei who was shot by Niu Chuan, so it was appropriate to let Dustin Zhou handle it.

Dustin Zhou was speechless, but he didn’t continue to say anything. Anyway, the matter was already like this, and it was too late to change anything.

Besides, Dustin Zhou had no intention of changing at all.


Since Fang Lei came to harass and strike up a conversation, he should have been prepared for the consequences.

“If this is the case, just let him. Anyway, it also taught him a lesson. At any rate, there are many people here, so you still have to give the host family a favor and don’t make things big.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, which can be regarded as an explanation for Sister Ling. And explanation.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou was afraid of Fang’s retaliation afterwards.

Dustin Zhou has not paid attention to a second-rate family.

But if what happened to Fang Lei here, let alone whether there would be any retaliatory actions behind Fang’s family.

Let’s just say that the billing auction is about to be opened here. For the owner, does this mean that he does not respect people?

So, will the host here be unhappy?

Even angry?

You know, Asher Chen didn’t tell Dustin Zhou even about the owner of this place, and even Asher Chen kept a little secret about the owner of this place, as if he was deliberately avoiding something.

This also gave Dustin Zhou a keen interest. He wanted to know who the owner here was, what methods and skills he had, and able to rely on a private auction house to attract so many children from large families.

Moreover, it seems that everyone in the square is very restrained, afraid to yell, and afraid to cause trouble.

Except for Dustin Zhou, there was a little movement just now, other places were very quiet.

“Haha, whatever you want.” Sister Ling couldn’t comment on Dustin Zhou’s actions, and didn’t care too much.

“Okay, you can roll.” Dustin Zhou looked at Fang Lei and said lightly, his eyes didn’t stay on him for too long from beginning to end.

And Fang Lei just looked at Dustin Zhou with resentment, a trace of resentment flashed under his eyes, he got up, covered his face, and left in embarrassment.

Soon, Dustin Zhou’s surroundings became quiet.

Although not many people saw and cared about what happened just now, there are more than twenty.

These two dozen people looked at each other after seeing Fang Lei leave in embarrassment, and they did not dare to approach Dustin Zhou for ten meters.

Therefore, for a time, the space of ten meters around Dustin Zhou was empty, and no one was walking around.

Not long after, Asher Chen returned.

After chatting with old friends, Asher Chen’s expression was obviously better and he looked more energetic.

However, when he walked towards Dustin Zhou, his expression became weird.

Not to mention the presence of Jiang Yan and Ling sister here made him feel a little surprised.

In fact, Asher Chen didn’t know Jiang Yan and Ling Sister, nor had he met before. He thought it was a friend of Dustin Zhou’s acquaintance, a member of a large family in Hunan Province.

However, the surrounding situation can’t hide from Asher Chen’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Asher Chen frowned and asked in a deep voice.


Previously, I explained the situation here with Dustin Zhou and others, and I picked out a random person, probably from a big family no less than the five big families in Hunan Province.

Therefore, Asher Chen also specially told them, it is best to be quiet and not to provoke anyone.

But now, ten meters around, there is no one, even if Asher Chen’s nerves are too big, something is wrong at this time.

Although this place is very mysterious, it is impossible for ordinary people to enter.

Those who come in are all people with a big background, who have always been kind to others and will not easily conflict with others.

However, this is not ten meters around, there is no one?

How big is the entire square?

Didn’t you see the place next to it, a few people huddled together, and never approached here?

“Uh, this matter is a long story, but I’ll keep it short.” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, so he had to say what happened just now.

In fact, even if Dustin Zhou didn’t say it, Asher Chen would know soon.

He only needs to ask others a little bit to know the ins and outs of the matter.

In just a few minutes, Dustin Zhou recounted the whole process.

He has nothing to hide, just say what happened.

After speaking, several people immediately fell silent.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care, anyway, he didn’t think that Fang Lei could pose any threat to him.

Besides, isn’t there still Sister Ling there? I believe Sister Ling will definitely not stand by by then.

But Asher Chen was lost in thought.

“Dad, what’s the matter? Isn’t it the right thing for us to do this?” Chen Xin saw that her father was lost in thought and thought they had done something wrong, so she was a little careful in her tone for fear that Asher Chen would be angry.

“That’s not true. I’m just wondering whether the Fang family will retaliate.” Asher Chen shook his head and said lightly. Although he said so verbally, there was no hint of worry in his tone.

Chapter 468

“Hehe, just a Fang family, can it turn the sky upside down? Don’t worry, they dare not retaliate.” Sister Ling sneered and said lightly. In words, whether Fang Lei or the other’s family is indifferent.

“Oh? I don’t know what this young lady is called?” Asher Chen suddenly asked in surprise, looking at sister Ling with curiosity and doubts.

Asher Chen was a little surprised at Sister Ling’s calm tone.

You know, even if the Fang family is only a second-rate family in Beijing, it is also an absolute top family in Hunan Province.

No matter it is any one of the five big families, there will be no good results if you face the Fang family alone.

But I thought, this woman looked down on Fang’s family, but Asher Chen was a bit disgusted.


However, Asher Chen also noticed that, judging from the seats of the few people now, this sister Ling should have come with Jiang Yan.

So, are they from the big family in Hunan Province?

“This is Ms. Jiang Yan from the Jiang family, this is Sister Ling, and is Ms. Jiang Yan’s friend. We have met several times before, and now Jiang Yan is still the image ambassador of the famous company.” Dustin Zhou smiled and introduced each other to several people. .

It can also be regarded as giving Asher Chen a bottom, so as not to underestimate anyone or say something out of date.

“Jiang Family?” Asher Chen was truly shocked.

He naturally knew about the Jiang family, and he also knew that Dustin Zhou had a great hatred with the Jiang family.

But he never thought that a young lady from the Jiang family would get so close to Dustin Zhou.

Does the Jiang family know this?

If you don’t know, what will the Jiang family’s reaction be if this matter spreads out.

If you knew it a long time ago, what does the Jiang family mean?

Planning to reconcile with Dustin Zhou and write off all previous grievances?

But why?

Can’t you resolve the grievances between the two parties just because a Miss Jiang family is close to Dustin Zhou?

Dustin Zhou didn’t care, after all, he didn’t suffer a loss in the hands of the Jiang family.

But what about the Jiang family?

You know, Jiang’s Jiangbei was first abandoned in Dustin Zhou’s hands, and then Dustin Zhou refuted the Jiang’s face several times, and even made a big fuss at the Jiang’s dinner.

Those who suffer are all the Jiang family.

Will the Jiang family be willing to write off all the grievances between him and Dustin Zhou?

What’s more, is she still paying for a big beauty like Jiang Yan?

What is the picture of the Jiang family?

Asher Chen was really confused about the Jiang family’s attitude this time. He even suspected that all of this was caused by the Jiang family.

And this Jiang Yan should be in Jiang’s family, and he is not an important person.

However, in the next second, Asher Chen was even more shocked when Dustin Zhou revealed some of Jiang Yan’s situation.

A well-known beauty in Hunan province, the most ideal daughter-in-law candidate for all big families.

The most important point is that the last dinner that Dustin Zhou made a big fuss about was actually held for Jiang Xingyuan to recruit Jiang Yan for his son-in-law.

But no one thought that Dustin Zhou would cause Jiang Xingyuan’s purpose to fail by making a big dinner.

It also gave Jiang Yan a chance to leave the Jiang family compound, and the two would meet in the hotel lobby.

This is simply something that novels dared not write. Asher Chen did not expect to find it alive around him.

Moreover, it seems that it happened after he left Hunan Province.

After all, he also attended the dinner that night, but he had never seen Jiang Yan.

“That’s the case, but even if you are confident of dealing with Fang Lei and Fang

There may be revenge in the family, but be careful. You can’t go wrong. You must know that once a family like them retaliates, they are different from ordinary street gangsters. They don’t talk to you. They always act vigorously. , The means are absolutely decisive!

“Nodded, Asher Chen didn’t say much, but when he came, he still seriously asked Dustin Zhou and Jiang Yan to be careful. After all, he can’t be with Dustin Zhou forever. “Well, I know.

It’s almost nine o’clock now, but there are no signs of opening.

Dustin Zhou nodded and looked at the time, a little puzzled. Looking at the time, there are still ten minutes left from nine o’clock. But in this place, there is no sign that the auction house will open at all. Is it true that it is exactly nine o’clock. Everyone prepare? “Don’t worry, you will know when the time comes.

Asher Chen said with a smile, and then stopped explaining. Compared to him, Dustin Zhou and the others clearly knew very little about this place. There are some things and some situations that have not been seen with their own eyes, after all, it is meaningless. Time passes. Soon, in the blink of an eye, nine o’clock arrived. “Boom boom boom!

Dustin Zhou looked at the time. From one to nine o’clock, there was a roar from the square. Everyone was looking for the person or place that made the sound. But no one found it. And the square suddenly became noisy. “What? Happening?

“What’s the matter with this voice?”

“I don’t know, it’s the first time I’ve come here. I don’t know much about it!”

“Look at it, what is that!”

“…Screams and shocks continued to sound in the square. As a bright light came out, everyone’s eyes looked to the innermost square. There, a white light suddenly lit up, followed by a booming roar. The sound is even louder. “What’s the situation?

“Even Dustin Zhou looked confused and didn’t know what happened. However, Dustin Zhou looked at sister Ling and Asher Chen at this time. If any of them knows what will happen here. , Then there are only two people, Asher Chen and Ling sister. The others, including himself, are all coming to this place for the first time, and even before that, they didn’t even know that there was such a place in Changsha. “I don’t know. In fact, this is also my first time here. I just saw a few acquaintances and asked about them. They are also the first time. It seems that everyone here is the first time. I don’t know what what happened.

Feeling Dustin Zhou’s gaze, Asher Chen explained in a deep voice. And his face became extremely solemn. Because he discovered that everyone here seems to be here for the first time, and there is nothing about what is about to happen here. Not knowing.

“They should have come out.” But Sister Ling said suddenly.

“Who?” Dustin Zhou keenly grasped a trace of information in Sister Ling’s words.

Should they be out?

Who is coming out?

Where do you come from?

Suddenly, the other people all looked at Sister Ling.

However, Asher Chen’s eyes flickered slightly, and his eyes looked deeper when he saw Sister Ling.

He didn’t even know what happened here, and several acquaintances from Beijing were also very strange to here.

But this woman actually said that they should have come out.

What is it to know about this place?

What is the origin of this girl?

It will definitely not belong to a large family in Hunan Province.

But at the moment, the most important thing is to figure out what happened here.

Chapter 469

Without letting everyone wait too much, just after the roaring sound for about a minute, the white light suddenly became extremely blazing, and it was so exciting that people couldn’t open their eyes at all.

Suddenly, there was a violent tremor on the ground of the square, as if something was about to come out of the place.

Dustin Zhou’s face changed slightly, his eyes suddenly widened.

Not only Dustin Zhou, but other people, at this moment, I am afraid that all of them have such an expression.

Because in front of them, in the deepest part of the square, a huge platform suddenly stood up.

On the platform, there was an old man standing firmly.

He stood alone on the platform, like a Dinghai Shenzhen, standing still.

Everyone marveled at this handwriting.

You know, before this, no one knew that there would be such a platform under this square, and it would be impossible to make the platform rise from the ground to the ground without sufficient power.

Dustin Zhou understood right away, the roar just now should be the sound of the power equipment.

And for such a huge platform to rise from the ground to the ground, the power required is naturally extraordinary, and ordinary electricity simply cannot be supported.

And when all the platforms were exposed, there was an uproar in the square.

In fact, this platform is too huge, at a glance, I am afraid, no less than a few hundred square meters.

“What is this?” “Is this too exaggerated?” “How does it feel like you are making a movie? This platform is so big, and it looks like it’s all made of white marble. It must be very heavy.” “Haha , Let me tell you that, according to preliminary estimates, this platform uses about 10,000 pieces of white marble, with a total weight of more than 10,000 tons. Think about it.” “I haven’t heard of any place in this country where such a platform will be used. Ah, why didn’t we know that there was such a place before?” “I don’t know either. If the elders in the family didn’t let us come to this place, I’m afraid we would

I will never come here in my life.

“… Everyone was talking a lot, and they were shocked at the huge platform that suddenly appeared. Dustin Zhou was also trembling in his heart. Watching this huge platform rise to the ground and slowly float in the air, it was more than five meters above the ground. The feeling of the palace in the sky. If you add some dry ice on the platform to create a smoky appearance, I am afraid that outsiders will see it and suspect that this is a fairyland. “What is the situation?

“Dustin Zhou murmured. If this is really just a private auction house, then it is too exaggerated. If you do this every time you open, the cost will not be small. “Hehe, this should be the basic operation, no big deal.” Now, with the strength of the master here, such a cost is still harmless.

“Sister Ling said with a chuckle, beautiful eyes looking at the platform, a faint gleam of light. Obviously, everything here is also full of novelty for her. “Ahem.

Suddenly, the old man on the platform coughed softly. The sound spread across every corner of the square. It was only at this time that Dustin Zhou discovered that there were a lot of speakers around the square, and every speaker was of great value. Hearing the voice of the old man, everyone immediately fell silent, and the entire square fell into a tranquil state. Everyone looked at the old man on the platform and waited for his next words. “Hehe, welcome everyone, three years Once, it’s just time today. I don’t know if your elders have told you about the rules here. If you don’t say anything, then I’ll repeat it again!

“The old man’s voice was very slow, but very powerful, and he couldn’t tell at all that this was something that seemed to be spoken by an old man who appeared to be nearly 70 or 80 years old. Next, the old man said the rules here. And this time Many people have discovered that there are so many rules here. However, with so many rules, in Dustin Zhou’s ears, there is only one. That is, in the next auction, everyone depends on their strengths and cannot happen. Conflict, and there is no need to make trouble here. Dustin Zhou can understand this. Regardless of the identity of the owner here, I am afraid that any auction house will have such a rule. After all, people who can participate in auctions have always Rich or expensive. If everyone really has a conflict, it will be very tragic. And if the conflict occurs directly at the auction site, then the auction will go on? So Dustin Zhou has no intention of resisting this point. As for the others, the quotation room and the delivery are second in Dustin Zhou’s view. It took ten minutes for the old man to talk about all the rules.

The description is over.

“Then, next, the auction will officially begin!” At the order of the old man, several rows of bright headlights were shot out all around the square, instantly illuminating the square like daylight.

And on the platform, a huge screen suddenly appeared, and it was white.

But the reaction of everyone on the scene was extremely intense.

Dustin Zhou knows that the auction has officially started, and the screen on the platform will constantly display the things that will be auctioned, and everyone present can choose what they want to participate in the auction.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to participate in the auction, he just came over to see the excitement.

Besides, there are so many people here, and most of them are the children of large families, the sons of brothers, they have always been extravagant, and I am afraid they are also very enthusiastic about such auctions.

Competing with them for some useless things is completely unnecessary for Dustin Zhou.

As for the so-called face, what is the role of something that has no effect in actual use?

And the next auction was really intense.

Only Dustin Zhou noticed that the final bid price reached more than 100 million, more than ten.

One of the famous paintings of the Tang Dynasty was sold for nearly one billion.

This made Dustin Zhou a little speechless.

For these brothers, is money not money?

One billion, just spend it casually, just to buy a painting.

This billion is used in other ways, isn’t it fragrant?

Maybe this is the fun of the rich, unpretentious and boring.

Only by constantly spending money, I can satisfy my empty heart.

Moreover, not only Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, Ling sister, Jiang Yan, they all didn’t want to bid.

“Don’t you have what you want?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

Dustin Zhou is not interested in the auctions here, but if others around him are interested, then he can provide some help.

“It’s boring, it’s always these few things. There is no one to look at.” Sister Ling shook her head with a disappointed look, obviously not interested in so many lots.

As for the others, they are all not interested.

“It seems that we are going to run for nothing, regardless of our knowledge. At least we know that the sons of these big families will be such a ruin.” sigh.

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