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Chapter 470

Time flies quickly, and in the bidding of these sons and buddies, the time has come to twelve o’clock in the evening.

“Now the time has come to zero, and next, is the last lot of this auction.” The old man said in a deep voice, his expression serious.

And as his voice fell, it appeared on the huge screen

A lot.

However, until this lot was displayed, the scene was extremely quiet.

No one opened the offer!

“What’s the situation?” Everyone looked at the lot on the screen in a daze, wondering if they had read it wrong.

Or, is this the auction house’s mistake?

Even Dustin Zhou, looking at the auction, was speechless for a while.

Because the last lot displayed on the screen turned out to be a stone.

The stone is nothing more. At the very least, the shape or material should be very precious.

But in the introduction next to this stone, it only stated that this stone is an ordinary stone.

Modeling, no.

Material, the kind you can find on the road.

Moreover, the stone is not big, just the size of a walnut.

“Damn! What is this stuff? When our money is not money?” “Yeah, this is too insincere, and the stone came to blame us?” “Yes, if anyone makes a bid, I will eat this stone! “Just pick up a piece as soon as you want. What kind of money would you spend?” “Yes, it’s boring, I thought there would be some treasure here, but there was no fart. It was too disappointing. Go, go!” “… Suddenly, many people in the square expressed their dissatisfaction.

Moreover, a few people left directly, and didn’t care whether anyone would bid for this stone.

“How about? Do you want to go back?” Asher Chen also retracted his gaze, looked at Dustin Zhou and asked in a soft voice.

She, uh, these people came over tonight, they were purely accompany running, and none of the lots were auctioned.

Even a few people didn’t even make one bid.

As if they were just spectators.

However, Asher Chen discovered that an old friend of his had also photographed a jade inkstone worth tens of millions.

“We just left. It’s not a trip in vain. Anyway, no one bought this last stone and the price is not expensive. Buy it back as a souvenir.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and then slowly bidding.

And what he bid was the reserve price.

One hundred thousand.

For Dustin Zhou now, one hundred thousand is not expensive.

And he also has the ability to afford it.

Most importantly, coming here tonight, Dustin Zhou always felt a little restless in his heart, as if something would happen.

But until now, nothing happened.

Of course, at the beginning, Fang Lei’s person took the initiative to harass them, that didn’t count.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou felt that it was a bit regretful that they just went back.

As the old man said, this auction will be held every three years.

If you haven’t won any lot this time, you will have to wait until three years later if you want to bid for another lot.

Moreover, no one knows what will happen in three years.

And with the week

Yang’s bidding immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the square.

“Damn, there are really people asking for a price! Who thinks I’m so upset, do you really want me to eat stones?” “Haha, it seems that some people think you are upset, Mr. Xu, just want you to eat stones, 100,000 yuan, go out Have fun in the nightclub. Find some beautiful women. Doesn’t it smell good? I bought a bad street stone.” “Hehe, no matter what, anyway, there are idiots every year. I saw it today, and there is nothing strange. Let’s go quickly. , I’ve contacted several beauties, and if it’s too late, we won’t have our share.”… Although many people were surprised by Dustin Zhou’s sudden bid, everyone was really not interested in this stone. There was no idea of ​​continuing to bid, so he left.

In just five minutes, the number of people in the entire square was instantly reduced by half.

Outside the square, huge sports cars roared endlessly.

In a corner of the square, Fang Lei saw Dustin Zhou bidding, and his heart was immediately full of anger.

He suffered a big loss in Dustin Zhou’s hands today, and he was seen by so many people. After he returned, he would surely be a big hit in the capital.

Said that his dignified son of the Fang family was humiliated by a hillbilly in Hunan Province.

And that was a hillbilly who would spend 100,000 yuan on a rotten street stone.

“One hundred and fifty thousand!” Fang Lei sneered in his heart and made a direct bid.

He had already decided that since Dustin Zhou wanted to bid for this stone, he would increase the price and pit Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, and he didn’t understand that there would be people bidding with him.

You know, after the old man introduced the stone just now, there was no movement for ten minutes.

After he opened his offer, many people even taunted him.

Why now, suddenly someone started to bid?

And it raised the price by half in one go.

“Two hundred thousand!” But Dustin Zhou didn’t care, there was no difference between one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand.

Anyway, he wants to buy a souvenir here, otherwise he will return empty-handed, and he always feels that he feels empty.

“Three hundred thousand!” “Three hundred and fifty thousand!” “Five hundred thousand!” … “One million!” When Dustin Zhou set the price at one million, there were very few people left in the square at this time. , And Dustin Zhou at this time was finally able to see who was keeping bidding with himself.

It turned out to be him!

Dustin Zhou looked at the person who looked provocative at him, and his heart was full of coldness.

It turned out to be Fang Lei.

He did not expect that Fang Lei would deliberately disgust himself at this last moment.

Dustin Zhou could be sure that Fang Lei kept bidding with himself, and every time he was only 50,000 yuan more than himself, this was clearly disgusting him.

For the stone, Dustin Zhou didn’t think

What does Fang Lei want to get?

However, it is in Fang Lei’s interests and ideas to be able to pit him in the process of constantly bidding with Dustin Zhou.

This Fang Lei, do you want me to spend more?

Dustin Zhou thought lightly in his heart, and did not feel that there was anything wrong.

However, since Fang Lei chose to do this, then he took what he had said before as deaf ears, and he must face himself head-on.

And one million is Dustin Zhou’s last bid.

If Fang Lei increases the price again, Dustin Zhou will give up directly.

But in the future, whenever he meets Fang Lei once, Dustin Zhou will let him know that he will end up against him.

Sure enough, after Dustin Zhou bid one million, Fang Lei looked at Dustin Zhou with a faint smile, his face could not hide the ridicule and secret joy.

“Since this friend likes stones so much and spends a million to buy a rotten stone, then I will be the beauty of an adult and I won’t steal it from you.” Fang Lei looked at Dustin Zhou and smiled lightly.

Others who watched the excitement suddenly felt dull.

Obviously, the bidding process just now was so exciting and exciting. The bidding of hundreds of thousands of two people for a rotten street stone seemed to be even more exciting than those bids of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

Everyone thought how much this stone would eventually be bid for.

Unexpectedly, this is only one million, and some people will not continue.

Chapter 471

“Oh, it’s really boring, I thought how much money I could fight for? I didn’t expect one million to end.” “Yes, that bidder, I recognize, is Fang Lei from the Fang family in Beijing.” “Oh? , Fang Lei can’t even compare to someone you don’t know?” “Hehe, who knows that. Maybe he doesn’t have that much money, he can’t afford it.” …… Everyone saw the final bid for this stone. One million, suddenly disappointed.

However, after some cynicism, they also left.

When the old man saw that no one continued to bid, he made a final decision.

This means that Dustin Zhou’s trip was not in vain, and at least they had bid for a stone.

Although no one knows what is special about this fast stone, the auction house here will use the stone as a bidding at the bottom of the box.

However, this can’t stop people from disgusting the stone.

“Hehe, I spent a million to buy a stone. It seems that the hillbilly is really a hillbilly. I don’t have any knowledge. I really think this is a rare treasure? Even if it’s a rare treasure, it won’t be your turn to bid. Yes.? Fang Lei walked slowly, and when he passed Dustin Zhou not far away, he grinned and said with a grin. “What?

Want to taste the fist again?

Dustin Zhou didn’t pay much attention to him either, but just said a little, and Fang Lei fled in a hurry. Soon, Dustin Zhou followed the old man.

The person handed over stones and one million.

Looking at the stone in his hand, Dustin Zhou didn’t feel any strangeness.

The only thing that is special is probably holding it in the palm of your hand, and you can feel a burst of coolness, which makes Dustin Zhou sober.

“Let’s go, it’s over.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, constantly worrying about the stone in his hand, with a smile on his face.

To spend a million to buy this stone, in the eyes of others, is a stupid behavior. In the words of those brothers, even Dustin Zhou has money and doesn’t know how to spend it.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t care. He came here this time to watch the excitement. He didn’t care if he could buy anything good.

And this last stone, at best, can only be regarded as a souvenir.

One million souvenirs are indeed a bit expensive, but Dustin Zhou now doesn’t think it matters.

Soon, everyone drove away.

Dustin Zhou was still thinking about inviting Jiang Yan and Ling sister to have a meal, but Enderia Shen was still defeated in the threatening eyes of Enderia Shen.

And Sister Ling was like a thief, guarding Dustin Zhou, and she didn’t give him a chance to get close to Jiang Yan.

This made Dustin Zhou very speechless.

Do you show a lot of interest in Jiang Yan?

Isn’t it so obvious?

So the two conveniences are separated in the city center.

Jiang Yan wants to go back to Jiang’s house.

And Dustin Zhou and the others are going back to the hotel.

At the same time, those young men who came out of the auction house also flocked into the center of Changsha.

They appeared at that auction house today, and they had just passed by, and they had never been to other places along the way.

So the auction house is over and they have time to have fun.

And so many elder brothers, and they are all rich people, naturally caused a sensation in many nightclubs in downtown Changsha.

In addition to marveling at the generous and generous shots of these elder brothers, many people also vaguely know that there is a stupid man in Changsha who sold a piece of bad street stone for one million.

And places like nightclubs have always been places where news is delivered quickly.

Soon, such news spread throughout Changsha.

Many people marveled that there are so many strange people in this world.

as big as World, nothing is nonexistent.

If you spend a million to buy a stone from a rotten street, I am afraid that only a prodigal or a person with a brain problem can do it.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t know this.

When I got back to the hotel, it was almost three in the morning.

After washing, Dustin Zhou lay down on the bed with a sudden movement in his heart. He held the stone that had been photographed for a million and placed it in front of his eyes and observed it carefully.

This stone, from the outside, is indeed no different from the stones that can be seen everywhere on the street.

Moreover, there is no fancy, attractive shape


If this is thrown outside, no one will know that this is a stone worth a million.

However, holding it in his hand, Dustin Zhou was indeed keenly aware of a slight difference.

The texture of this stone is very delicate.

It’s not rough at all in the hand.

On the contrary, a mellow touch made Dustin Zhou feel a little fond of it.

“This stone, why doesn’t it feel so simple?” Dustin Zhou murmured, observing the stone, becoming more serious.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know about that private auction house before and had never heard of any news.

Moreover, this time, among the five major families in Hunan province, except for Jiang Yan who went with Sister Ling, no one was on the scene.

Moreover, almost all of those present were big family elder brothers, and in terms of age alone, none of them seemed to be over thirty.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think that such a place would bring out an ordinary stone for auction.

And also put it on the last lot, as a treasure at the bottom of the box.

Perhaps this kind of thought has appeared in other people’s minds.

But they were quickly ruled out.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, there is no surprise for such a result.

Because those brothers, the concepts cultivated in their own family, have always been luxurious.

Perhaps they will be interested in famous paintings, antiques and the like.

But to talk about such a stone, they may have also wondered if there is something peculiar about it.

But the face problem makes them unable to bid for such a stone.

“Since no one wants it, it means that this stone may be really useless, but the old man doesn’t look like an ordinary person. Would he take out such a useless stone for auction?” And.

Dustin Zhou still noticed one thing.

When the previous lots appeared, the old man would always more or less introduce the origins and origins of those lots.

Even the old man smiled to set off the atmosphere of the scene.

However, when the last stone appeared, the old man did not respond.

I just watched everyone whispering and even dissatisfied with the simple introduction on the screen, and then left directly.

Such indifferent performance made Dustin Zhou finally made up his mind to make an offer.

The big deal, just treat this stone as a souvenir.

Although this souvenir is a bit expensive, Fang Lei’s bidding cost him one million.

However, it is also worth it.

However, it now appears that this stone is indeed not an ordinary stone.

Otherwise, put it in the palm of your hand, it will not have a cool feeling.

“However, it looks like an ordinary stone, why does it feel so strange? Or, only that

Only an old man will know.

Dustin Zhou thought to himself. Immediately, he made a decision to take this stone with him.

Chapter 472

Since I can’t think of what this stone will do in a short time, Then take it with you. It’s still a long time, and you may find the mystery in the future. But the night is deep, and a sleepy feeling hit, Dustin Zhou slowly fell asleep. And the stone was held by Dustin Zhou. In his hand, close to the chest. As time passed bit by bit, the whole room became extremely quiet. But the stone suddenly emitted a hard light, very faint. But Dustin Zhou did not see all this. Arrived. After Dustin Zhou got up the next day, he didn’t notice any changes in the stone. He put the stone in his pocket and was ready to go out. What happened at the auction house yesterday was probably just a cutscene for Dustin Zhou. What needs to be done next does not matter. Dustin Zhou contacted Zhang Taiyan’s grandfather of the Zhang family before to help Sun Yue and Zhang family to develop the media business in Hunan Province. “Mr. Sun, get ready, let’s go?

“I found Sun Yue and found that he was almost ready, Dustin Zhou said with a smile. This time, he and Sun Yue went to Zhang’s house with only Niuchuan. As for the others, just stay in the hotel. After all. This time I went to Zhang’s house, Dustin Zhou was not sure how long it would take…. When Dustin Zhou, Sun Yue and Niu Chuan came to Xiangxi, they were picked up by Zhang’s people before they went to Zhang’s house. They were picked up by Zhang Taiyan’s father. Ordered to greet Dustin Zhou with a few people here. Soon, a few people came to Zhang’s house. Compared with the last time when Dustin Zhou came, Zhang’s house now gives Dustin Zhou the feeling that the atmosphere is more depressing. Their people are still in the nursing home outside Zhang’s house at the moment, and the subordinates inside give people a feeling that they are trying to suppress certain emotions and not let themselves collapse. And Dustin Zhou also thought of it at the first time. This is what Zhang Jie said to himself before. Father Zhang Taiyan found the person who secretly passed the message to the Jiang family, it was Zhang Lun’s only son, Zhang Tao. Moreover, Mr. Zhang Taiyan, with tough methods, was very helpful in punishing Zhang Tao and Zhang Lun’s line. And the tension and depressive atmosphere of the Zhang Family is probably left over from that time, and it has not yet dissipated. Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou was secretly frightened. What did this old man do to allow this negative emotion to exist until now, I’m afraid it’s been more than half a month, right? Isn’t the Zhang family calming down yet? Soon, Dustin Zhou, Sun Yue, and Niu Chuan met Old Man Zhang Taiyan in the backyard.

At the moment of his father, Dustin Zhou’s brows frowned.

Compared with the old man I have seen before, the current old man Zhang Taiyan looks a lot more haggard, and he has more white hair on his head.

Earlier, although the old man had white hair on his head, there were very few, only a few.

But now, looking around, you can almost see a piece of white snow.

This shocked Dustin Zhou.

What happened to the Zhang family during this time?

If it was just what Zhang Jie said to himself at the time, Dustin Zhou would never believe it.

Because it’s only that level, it’s impossible for the old man to suddenly become this look.

This is clearly a sign of fatigue, and it seems that the old man is in very bad condition.

The skin on his face is sagging, the bags under the eyes are also drooping, and his eyes are blank.

Like the vigorous old man in the past, he looked like two people.

“Master, you…” Dustin Zhou hurriedly stepped forward, helping him not to stand up.

Even when he was speaking, Dustin Zhou’s voice trembled.

Although he and the old man had disputes and disagreements on some matters before, the result was good in the end, and both parties had resolved the contradiction.

Except for those, Zhang Taiyan is Zhang Jie’s grandfather after all, and to Dustin Zhou, he can also be regarded as an elder.

It stands to reason that Dustin Zhou should respect and respect Zhang Taiyan.

And Dustin Zhou did exactly that.

But now suddenly seeing the old man become what he is now, no matter how strong Dustin Zhou’s heart is, there is always a feeling of sadness emerging.

The world is impermanent, he never thought that he would see an elder with his own eyes, in such a short period of time, suddenly become so old.

It was like the old man Zhang Taiyan was confined by time.

But in fact, time has passed for a long time.

And now, time’s imprisonment of Zhang Taiyan’s father disappeared all at once, and the external time flow rate remained unchanged. The father who suddenly released the imprisonment, facing the timeline of the outside world, all the sequelae of being imprisoned by time broke out all at once. Up.

“Hehe, it’s okay, people are getting old, just like that, there is nothing strange, sit down.” But the old man Zhang Taiyan seems to be very optimistic. He doesn’t have much pessimism about his changes, but rather looks openly.

At this time, Dustin Zhou noticed that there was an old man serving beside the old man.

And this old man, he had never seen him before.

However, there are so many people in the Zhang family, one or two he has not seen, it is normal.

However, the last time Zhang Jie didn’t seem to say that there was an old man by his side to serve him.

So Dustin Zhou looked at the old man more and suddenly realized

Something is wrong.

The old man’s breath is too stable.

It seems that people in their 60s and 70s are younger than the old man, but they are in their old age, and their breath is usually a little disordered, not like this, like a middle-aged healthy person.

Dustin Zhou quickly looked at Niu Chuan because he suddenly thought of a possibility.

This old man may be a warrior.

When Dustin Zhou looked at Niu Chuan, Niu Chuan also glanced at Dustin Zhou, and slowly nodded in Dustin Zhou’s puzzled eyes.

At this moment, not only Dustin Zhou, but even Niu Chuan’s expression became solemn.

They never expected that they would see a warrior here in Zhang Family, or in the old man’s place.

You know, the reason Niu Chuan is so good, no matter who he meets or bodyguard, he can quickly end the battle.

It is because Niu Chuan is a warrior.

However, according to Niu Chuan’s own statement, he is not a real warrior.

A true warrior, who exercises his muscles, bones, skin and flesh, has excellent physical fitness, and his hand strength can instantly explode, reaching a thousand pounds.

And Niu Chuan is just infinitely close to the martial artist, in fact, there is still a certain gap with the real martial artist.

Niu Chuan once said that if he meets a real warrior, he can’t support a few moves at all, and he will be defeated.

And now, this old man standing beside Zhang Taiyan’s father is likely to be a real warrior.

However, Dustin Zhou soon calmed down.

Although I don’t know why there is a warrior next to Zhang Taiyan, but this time he came to Zhang’s house not to find fault, but to seek cooperation.

“Master, this time, I want to introduce someone to you. This is Sun Yue, a director of the East China Sea Media Industry Association, and the editor-in-chief of the largest media company in the East China Sea.” Not much nonsense, Dustin Zhou is very true. Directly introduce Sun Yue.

Sun Yue himself has a very rich resume. He is a talent in the media industry, and he can become a leader in a place like Donghai.

Now in Hunan Province, if you give him the space to display, he might not be worse than the East China Sea.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Sun Yue is still very young now, in his forties, it is just a matter of fertility and strength, he has a lot of time and energy to work.

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