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Chapter 473

(2) “Hello, Mr. Zhang Taiyan.” Sun Yue also stood up quickly and greeted Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

Speaking of which, Zhang Taiyan can be regarded as Sun Yue’s elder no matter in his age or in the media industry.

Therefore, due respect is also necessary.

“Well, hello, Mr. Sun. I don’t know what you are looking for today. It’s better to say it directly. If there is no big problem, I think we

It should be possible to reach cooperation.

“The old man Zhang Taiyan said with a smile. For Dustin Zhou’s arrival and the purpose, he can guess a little. Especially when Dustin Zhou introduced the identity of Sun Yue, the old man was able to confirm it. “That’s it…” Later, Dustin Zhou said all his thoughts. At this time, Dustin Zhou had nothing to hide about the layout of the media industry in Hunan Province. In front of Zhang Taiyan, I am afraid that everything about the media industry in Hunan Province has escaped. It’s not beyond his grasp. So instead of doing tricks, it’s better to be honest with the old man and let him know their sincerity. At the same time, maybe the old man is in a good mood and will pass on some experience. This is for Dustin Zhou or right. Sun Yue, they are all very useful. After speaking, Dustin Zhou waited quietly. He needs to give the old man some time to think. After all, nearly half of the media industry in Hunan Province is in the hands of Zhang’s family. The cooperation proposed by Dustin Zhou is undoubtedly to occupy and utilize the existing media resources in the hands of the Zhang family. The pros and cons of this are not clear in a few words. First of all, the Zhang family is in the media industry in Xiang Province. Already occupying nearly half of the share, it is in a leading or even dominant position. Whether it is cooperating with Dustin Zhou or not, it will have no impact on the influence of the Zhang family in the media industry in Xiang Province. Secondly, if you cooperate with Dustin Zhou, Zhang The family will inevitably release some of the resources in their hands for Dustin Zhou to use. The risks involved are not clear. Wan Dustin will use Zhang’s slackness to secretly do anything to damage the interests of the Zhang family. Then the Zhang family will think again. It may be too late to stop it. What’s more, once Dustin Zhou and the others really enter the media industry in Hunan Province, although they can cooperate with the Zhang family to suppress other media companies. But in the end, the media industry in Hunan Province has such a big plate. , Drove everyone away, and in the end only the two forces of Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou were left. Then, with limited plate benefits, they will inevitably compete for the final winner. And who is this winner? No one can say that, even if Mr. Zhang Taiyan has confidence in himself and Zhang family, once he cooperates with Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou’s influence and strength in the media industry may not be smaller than Zhang’s. At that point, the Zhang family is still in a dilemma. After all, Zhang family and Dustin Zhou may not back down. And Dustin Zhou has integrated the media industry in the East China Sea and established the media industry association. If this is the time, the two sides will be together. There is a dispute over here, who should I listen to? That’s why the old man Zhang Taiyan pondered

, And did not immediately give Dustin Zhou a response.

“I have to think about this. After all, if you want to be anxious, you can’t be anxious. If you have nothing to do recently, you can rest at Zhang’s house for a few days and talk to Zhang Jieduo. He has been very silent recently. I’m a little worried about him, I will give you an answer in three days.” Grandpa Zhang Taiyan said softly, and after speaking, he slowly fell asleep.

Dustin Zhou naturally noticed this.

At least four times since he first saw the old man, Zhang Taiyan was drowsy.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know whether this would automatically become like this when people reached this age, or if it was due to other reasons.

But there are no acquaintances here, Dustin Zhou is not easy to ask anything, let alone, facing a real warrior, even if there is Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou still feels Alexander.

After bidding farewell to the old man, under the guidance of his servants, Dustin Zhou and the three people once again lived in the small courtyard where they had lived before.

After allowing Sun Yue and Niu Chuan to act on their own, Dustin Zhou went out to find Zhang Jie. He had a lot to say and wanted to talk to Zhang Jie in detail.

After the three of Dustin Zhou left the small yard where the old man was, the old man Zhang Taiyan who had just fallen asleep slowly opened his eyes, as if nothing happened just now.

“Are you all gone?” The old man said in a deep voice, his voice full of vicissitudes and helplessness.

“Well, it’s all gone, have you really decided?” The old man said lightly, speaking to the old man without any humility at all.

On the contrary, in front of the old man, he seemed to be a superior.

“Well, it has been decided. Now the situation has become like this. If I don’t decide anymore, once something happens to me, at that time, the entire Zhang family will encounter great challenges and may even be unable to overcome it.” Father Zhang Taiyan’s voice was full of regrets, and even a trace of regret.

“All right, since you have made the decision, I will help you take care of the Zhang family for thirty years.” The old man said lightly, as if thirty years, but just a blink of an eye.

If Dustin Zhou was here, he would be shocked to hear these words.

Helped the old man to take care of the Zhang family for thirty years.

Not to mention these thirty years, could it be that in the eyes of the old man, it was just a blink of an eye that he said he wanted to take care of the Zhang family.

Where does this confidence come from?

You know, the current Zhang family is still one of the five largest families in Hunan Province. Even if one day, Mr. Zhang Taiyan has an accident and there is no way to sit in the Zhang family again. In that short time, the Zhang family will still be one of the five largest families in Hunan Province.

What’s more, it is not an easy task for the Zhang family’s accumulated heritage over the past few decades to break down.

Plus, Zhang Lun and Zhang Ying also

Now, under their management, the future of the Zhang family is still not good.

Moreover, considering the hostility of the other four major clans in Hunan Province towards the Zhang family, they will restrain themselves a little when Father Zhang Taiyan is there.

But once the old man is gone, it is still a question whether the Zhang family can withstand it under their full offensive.

However, when none of these circumstances were mentioned, the old man vowed that he would protect the Zhang family for 30 years.

This requires a lot of confidence and confidence.

Even if he is a warrior, I am afraid he can’t do so much, right?

However, in fact, this old man is not a real warrior. Of course, there are many things that only he and Zhang Taiyan know.

And this is because the old man wanted to repay his father Zhang Taiyan for his life-saving grace decades ago.

… Dustin Zhou finally found Zhang Jie, but found that Zhang Jie’s current state was completely different from when he went to Changsha to find himself before.

Zhang Jie’s current state is very poor. He is lack of energy, his eyes are absent, and his movements are slow and slow.

The whole person seemed to be drained of all strength.

Chapter 474

“Zhang Jie, what is the situation with you?” Dustin Zhou was anxious and immediately asked.

Zhang Jie’s current state made him very worried, as if accidentally, he would fall.

Dustin Zhou had never seen this state before.

What happened to Zhang Jie also became like this.

And just now they saw the old man Zhang Taiyan, the moment he saw him, Dustin Zhou thought that his eyes were blurred and he was wrong.

But then I knew that I didn’t read it wrong, but the old man had indeed become that way.

Now, Zhang Jie is the same.

“I’m fine, just a little tired.” Zhang Jie said with a wry smile, seeing Dustin Zhou

, There was also a look of joy on his face.

However, this expression did not last long, and Zhang Jie’s face returned to the fatigue that Dustin Zhou had seen at the beginning.

“I said it’s okay. Look at the way you are now. If you go out, you will definitely scare many people. Hurry up and sit down to rest!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, helping Zhang Jie to sit down, and then he relaxed a lot.

He was really worried. If he was not careful, something would happen to Zhang Jie.

“What happened, how do you feel that Zhang Family is weird now?” Dustin Zhou frowned and asked in a deep voice.

He was very worried, not only for the safety of Zhang Jie and Zhang Taiyan, but also for the current situation of the Zhang family.

The Zhang family looks like it looks like a big problem.

Otherwise, it won’t go up to old man Zhang Taiyan, down to anyone, all in this listless look, it seems that nothing around can attract their attention.

“Oh, it was all caused by Zhang Tao. I didn’t tell you before. Because he passed on some things from the Zhang family to the Jiang family, he was punished by his grandfather and banned for three full years, so he couldn’t leave the Zhang family.” Zhang Jie was helpless. Had to tell Dustin Zhou what had happened.

In fact, Zhang Jie was also under tremendous pressure during this period.

Zhang Tao was cut off from the Zhang family’s future because of his own death.

Therefore, among the three generations of children, he is the only one left in the direct line.

Faced with the high hopes of his father Zhang Ying and so many people who support Zhang Ying, Zhang Jie dare not delay for a moment, studying desperately.

Learn to manage, learn to employ people, and even learn how to think about problems from multiple angles.

Therefore, he is now in a state of overload.

But if it were just that, Zhang Jie wouldn’t be what it is now.

After Zhang Jie’s explanation, Dustin Zhou also knew what happened to the Zhang family during this period.

It can be said that all this is due to Zhang Tao.

Because he was dissatisfied with the old man’s punishment, although Zhang Tao showed that he obeyed the punishment, he tightly shut himself in the room and did not go out for several days.

However, it may be because of this that everyone has no defense against him.

From the old man, Zhang Lun and others, down to the nursing homes who took care of Zhang Tao, the supervision of him was relaxed a lot.

After all, this is the Zhang family, even if Zhang Tao wants to do anything, they can stop it in time.

“But I didn’t expect that Zhang Tao would actually be poisoned, and it is all-round. Now, the entire Zhang family has almost all signs of poisoning. And what you see now is that I have been poisoned and have not fully recovered.” Zhang Jie said here, a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes, and a trace of fatigue suddenly appeared on his face.

It seemed that the words just said had already taken out his strength.

But fortunately, the discovery was timely, and there was an expert around Grandpa, so all of us had nothing to do, but we always felt uncomfortable, lacking energy, and it took some time to recover.

“As for Zhang Tao, his grandfather was furious, and he has been dismissed. Now he should be in an unknown small yard in the backyard.

“Zhang Jie sighed. He didn’t expect that things would develop to this point. Zhang Tao secretly sent a message from the Zhang family to the Jiang family. The old man was just a symbolic punishment. But Zhang Tao was dissatisfied and gave the whole family down. Poison. If it weren’t because of a warrior around the old man, I’m afraid it would not have been waiting for Dustin Zhou to arrive. The news that Zhang’s family was poisoned and died would probably spread across the entire Hunan province and even the whole country in an instant. It’s really about that time, Dustin Zhou I’m afraid I will regret it too. “I didn’t expect him to be like this. Have you ever asked him why he did this?

Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice. He actually had a very weak impression of Zhang Tao. He seemed to have been beaten by himself before? Other than that, Dustin Zhou had no impression of Zhang Tao at all. “He didn’t want to say anything, and he poisoned him.” Grandpa has now ordered the news to be sealed tightly. If you didn’t come, it would be impossible to know.

Zhang Jie smiled faintly, and then leaned on the chair to gasp. The weakness from the body made Zhang Jie lack the energy and strength to do things with half the effort, and sometimes he couldn’t do it by himself. Now Zhang The family has hired a lot of temporary workers to take care of the family’s daily life. According to Zhang Jie’s prediction, it will take at least half a month for the whole family to get better. So this half a month, the Zhang family will try their best Low-key, will not easily let outsiders know about the current situation. As for Dustin Zhou, Zhang Jie completely trusts him, so he will tell him the truth of the matter. And Zhang Jie also believes that Dustin Zhou will not say it casually. This trip came at some untimely time. No wonder he was always sleepy when I was talking to the old man just now. I thought it was because of my age, but I didn’t expect it was because of poisoning.

“But fortunately, everyone has nothing to do. It’s very lucky.”

Dustin Zhou sighed. “Well, you have a good rest, I won’t disturb you for now, and I will say goodbye to you when I am leaving.”

After bidding farewell to Zhang Jie, Dustin Zhou returned to his small yard. He did not tell Sun Yue and Niu Chuan the information he had learned from Zhang Jie. Since Zhang Jie trusted him and believed that he would not talk nonsense, he only told what happened to the Zhang family. Things came out of the tray. Then Dustin Zhou would naturally not fail Zhang Jie’s trust. This is the most basic principle of Dustin Zhou’s life.


Three days passed quickly.

In these three days, Dustin Zhou did not run around casually.

Sun Yue and Niu Chuan remained vigilant to the strange atmosphere of the Zhang family.

And in the past three days, they also discussed the possible decision that Elder Zhang Taiyan might make.

However, no matter which kind, they agree to cooperate or refuse to cooperate, they are willing to accept it, and they will not be dissatisfied because the father refuses to cooperate.

After all, they have also considered many of the issues that the old man considered.

This is like the original place, a store dominates, occupying half of the market in this place.

At the same time, there are a few other shops in this place, but they have no effect on the big guys.

Suddenly someone ran out and said that I want to cooperate with you to drive out all the small shops.

Anyone can make a decision easily.

After all, after the cooperation, drove away those seven or eighty-eight small shops. For the big guys, there is not much benefit. Instead, they cultivated another new store of the same size as their own. For their own interests, they will definitely Hurt.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and the three came to the small yard of Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

Compared to three days ago, the state of the father this time is much better.

“Master, have you made a decision?” Three questions in

Chapter 475

(1) Dustin Zhou didn’t mean to greet Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

He has not said anything about it for three days since he came to Zhang’s house. After knowing what happened in Zhang’s house during this period, Dustin Zhou had already figured out a lot.

Compared to chatting with the old man, the effect will be better if you go straight into it.

Moreover, although the old man seems to be in good shape now, Dustin Zhou doesn’t even know his true situation.

In case the old man is forced to pretend, so long of greetings, and some subsequent discussions and negotiations, I am afraid that the burden on the old man will be very heavy.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to do things that might increase the burden on the father’s body.

“Well, think about it.” The complexion on Father Zhang Taiyan’s face is much better.

Three days ago, his friend was pale and tired on his face.

But now, although there is still paleness, there is already a trace of blood.

As for tiredness, it may be better to have a good rest these days, so the old man looks very energetic, and he can’t see tiredness at all.

Dustin Zhou was secretly speechless. Although he didn’t know how the old man did it, he was able to adjust his state to the current state in just three days. I’m afraid it’s not something ordinary people can do.

Even if you take some medicine, I’m afraid

It can’t be done either.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou’s mind suddenly appeared in the figure of the old man beside him before.

But this time, the old man was not with the old man.

Come to think of it, I am afraid that only the warrior can use extraordinary methods to quickly restore the old man to his current state.

“Hehe, I don’t know what the old man’s decision is. I know that at the moment, the Zhang family’s media industry in Hunan can be described as occupying half of the country. With hands and eyes, it can almost monopolize the entire media industry and channels in Hunan.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly. Tao.

Dustin Zhou has also done a lot of investigations on the Zhang family’s strength in specializing in industries, and he is very clear in his heart.

Otherwise, he would not take Sun Yue to Zhang’s family rashly. Zhangkou is to cooperate with Zhang’s in the media industry.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t understand, he would definitely be blind.

Although he wouldn’t believe in what Zhang’s family said, he would inevitably lose the initiative to negotiate.

This is not only Dustin Zhou, but also Sun Yue did not want to see.

“However, the Zhang family still has weaknesses in the media industry.” Dustin Zhou stretched out three fingers and said confidently.

Elder Zhang Taiyan also narrowed his eyes for an instant.

Dustin Zhou said this, and then stretched out three more fingers.

The meaning is obvious.

That is the media industry of the Zhang family. Although it occupies half of the country, it still has three weaknesses.

And since Dustin Zhou dared to point out so directly, it means that these three weaknesses, in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, may have a huge impact on the entire media industry of the Zhang family.

Even, the old man Zhang Taiyan secretly thought in his heart that Dustin Zhou might use the three weaknesses he saw to turn around to deal with the Zhang Family, and the Zhang Family would have nothing to fight back.

After all, the Levee of Thousand Miles was destroyed in an ant nest, and any insignificant flaw would have an indelible impact and disaster on the entire industry.

Just like now, the Zhang family’s media industry in Xiang Province seems to be dominated by one family, but there are also many other media companies that are not much smaller than the Zhang family’s.

Besides, they still have the possibility of working together.

If that were the case, the Zhang family’s right to speak in the media industry would be greatly reduced.

And this is just a possibility that old man Zhang Taiyan thought of casually.

This alone can have an irreversible impact on the Zhang family’s media industry.

Not to mention, Dustin Zhou bluntly stated that the Zhang family has three obvious weaknesses in the media industry.

However, Mr. Zhang Taiyan prefers to listen to Dustin Zhou’s analysis and see what three problems are in Zhang’s media industry.

“I want to hear your opinion, but it doesn’t matter if you say it, maybe you can convince me, haha.”

Father Zhang Taiyan gestured with a smile.

When Dustin Zhou saw the old man’s expression, he knew that he probably knew about these problems in the Zhangjia media industry for a long time, but he probably didn’t solve it for some reason.

However, Dustin Zhou would not worry that what he said would be denied by the old man.

After all, as long as a normal person, someone who understands the media industry, as long as he hears his words, he will definitely be able to detect it.

“Actually, I’m afraid that the old man has already known about these problems, but I don’t know if it was too much involved, and the old man did not let go to solve it, which caused some of the end of the game.” Dustin Zhou sat down and looked at it with a smile. To the old man, the tone was very calm, confident and calm.

It seems that what he is going to say next is an indisputable fact, and he is just a considerable exposition of this fact.

“First of all, the total volume of the overall media industry in Hunan Province is not that large. At least, it is not as large as the total volume of the media industry in the East China Sea. This is the first problem, and the most important issue with the greatest impact.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

But at this moment, Zhang Taiyan raised his brows. Obviously, he was a little surprised by the angle Dustin Zhou said about this issue and the angle of consideration.

The old man thought that Dustin Zhou would single out some problems in the layout of the Zhang family in the media industry, or some problems that might arise in daily operations.

But Mr. Zhang Taiyan didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to take a different approach, starting from the total amount of the overall media industry in Hunan Province.

This time, the overall tone was set.

The poor strength of the overall media industry in Hunan is a major premise.

The problem caused by this premise is that the total amount is not large and the market is not wide.

Hunan Province, which has an area dozens of times larger than the East China Sea and a population several times larger than the East China Sea, may be less than half the size of the media industry in the market.

Dustin Zhou also didn’t hesitate to expose this problem directly.

“Moreover, the market cannot be compared with the East China Sea in only one aspect. The overall planning and layout, as well as operations and development, are beyond the reach of the mature system of the East China Sea.” “It can be said that in the overall view, at the high level, Hunan Province The media industry in China is not at the same level as the media industry in the East China Sea.” “The East China Sea is of a level and scale under nine days, and Hunan Province, at best, is an existence that has just found the threshold.” “This is the system and operation of both parties. It’s almost impossible to rely solely on the Zhang family or the independent improvement and evolution of the Hunan media industry.” Dustin Zhou said confidently, looking at the eyes of the old man Zhang Taiyan, wanting to see through his eyes. What happened.

But Dustin Zhou was disappointed, and the old man seemed to be a calm old man.

Well, there is no ripple, and no mood change.

But he has been nodding slightly, as if on an automatic program, no matter what Dustin Zhou said, he would only do this.

Three questions in

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