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Chapter 737

Ren Qingqing! Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao looked at each other, and each saw each other. There was a trace of surprise on their faces. They did not expect that this purple golden phoenix tree actually had such a statement, but it opened their eyes to the two of them. When they reached the mid-levels, they entered the Mid-levels Orchid Garden, with a huge gilt sign at the entrance. The four characters “Banshan Orchid Garden” above are powerful and powerful, as can be seen by the writing ability of the person who writes. As for the difference between the Mid-Level Orchid Garden and other places, Dustin Zhou can’t say it well. He just thinks the environment here is similar to that of Green Bay Compared with the city, it is much fresher. In addition, the infrastructure in the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden is very complete. Entering the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden, less than 100 meters away, a vast lake has entered Dustin Zhou’s eyes. The distance between each villa inside is very far, Dustin Zhou initially estimated that the distance between the two villas is about one mile. Such a situation, let alone the East China Sea, is rare even in the whole country. This time, it really opened his eyes. It seems that this world is only showing the tip of his iceberg.

Dustin Zhou felt a lot of feelings in his heart, and it aroused the determination to return to Zhou’s family. Although Zhou’s family could not be against the country’s famous rich, Dustin Zhou would not take it seriously. When Dustin Zhou returns to Zhou’s family, all of this will be at his fingertips, instead of letting Ren Feng say here, he can only watch. Ren Feng’s home is located in Banshan Lanyuan. As one of the pioneers, he naturally owns it.

The right to choose a house.

“Sister Wu, get ready. I’m going to invite two little friends for dinner tonight.” Entering the villa, Ren Feng said to the nanny with a smile as if he had changed.

If Ren Feng in the Hengfeng Building is ruthless, iron-blooded, and stern, then Ren Feng when he returns home becomes much more kind, and his speech is no longer so sharp, but much kinder.

“Where is Qingqing?” Ren Feng looked at the living room and asked if he didn’t seem to see someone.

“Miss is upstairs and just came back.” Wu’s wife poked her head out in the kitchen and said softly.

“Well, tell her to come down, let me introduce two people to her.” Ren Feng pondered for a moment, and asked Aunt Wu to call someone down.

“Come on, sit down, don’t be cautious, just think of this as your home.” Ren Feng turned his head to look at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao, and said with a smile. He walked to the sofa first and sat down by himself, comfortable. Lying on the sofa, his face softened a lot.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Elder Ren to live in this place, this Mid-Levels Orchid Garden, I have only heard of it before, and I never thought I could come in here one day.” Dustin Zhou smiled and said lightly.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou naturally knew about the extremely luxurious villa area like Banshan Lanyuan, even when he was still in school.

But at that time, Dustin Zhou just sighed for one or two, longing for it, thinking about which day he could see it.

Today, he really entered the Mid-Levels Orchid Garden, only to realize that there was still a huge difference from what he had heard before.

“That’s nature. Mid-Levels Orchid Garden is not only a symbol of status, but being able to live here is also very important for expanding your network.” Brother Pao also said with a smile.

The three of them talked about it like this, and they were basically homely.

After all, matters related to the famous company, Hengfeng Building, and Xu You can be discussed in Hengfeng Building, and there is no need to bring them home at all.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou knew that since Ren Feng brought them to the house for dinner, he was probably just grateful, so naturally he didn’t want to talk about outside matters at home.

“Grandpa, you are back.” At this moment, there was a surprise sound from the second floor, followed by a kicking sound of running downstairs.

“Hehe, slow down, Qingqing, when will you be back?” Ren Feng smiled and looked at the stairs. When he saw a young woman appear, the smile on his face was more intense and his eyes were full of kindness.

And Dustin Zhou naturally looked over.

What appeared was a young girl in her twenties, with a long sand ponytail and no powder on her face.

Dai, but still makes people linger.

If it hadn’t been for Dustin Zhou to see too many beautiful women, I am afraid that at the first sight of this young woman, he would be lost for a moment.

From the conversation between the woman and Ren Feng just now, Dustin Zhou also knew that this should be Ren Feng’s granddaughter, Ren Qingqing.

For Ren Qingqing, Dustin Zhou actually didn’t know much information.

In fact, not only Dustin Zhou didn’t know much, but the whole Donghai probably didn’t know much.

In the first place, Ren Feng rarely talked about family matters outside, and rarely brought his family to come out.

On the other hand, Ren Feng is very serious about protecting her family, and Ren Qingqing is also very low-key. Not many people know her.

“Grandpa, I haven’t just returned for a while. Why didn’t you wait for me at home.” Ren Qingqing trot downstairs, completely ignoring Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao on the side, and went straight to Ren Feng, holding Ren Feng’s arm, a pair His eyes had already turned into crescents with a smile.

“Hehe, there was something in the company just now, how about grandpa going to deal with it? Are you accustomed to it abroad?” At this moment, Ren Feng is like the chairman of Hengfeng Building, but like an ordinary old man. .

“It’s okay, this time, I came back to accompany you to celebrate the New Year with Grandpa, save you for the New Year, and be lonely.” Ren Qingqing said with a smile, although she is already a girl in her early twenties, Just like a little girl who hasn’t grown up.

As for Ren Qingqing, it was completely regarded as not seeing Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao’s behavior, which made Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao a little helpless.

After all, this is Ren Feng’s granddaughter, and this is Ren Feng’s family. As for what Ren Qingqing wants to do, Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao naturally have no right to say anything.

“Okay, grandpa knows, Qingqing, come, let me introduce you two people.” Ren Feng smiled and patted Ren Qingqing’s arm, looked at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao, and started to introduce them.

“This is Dustin Zhou, and this is A Pao. They are all young people with accomplishments. Grandpa thinks that you are all young people, so he wants you to know each other…” Before Ren Feng finished speaking, he was taken by Ren Qingqing. Interrupted directly.

“Grandpa, what are you doing? Who do I want to know, do you still need to introduce them? Besides, who knows who they are, and what kind of rhetoric deceived you, wanting to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix.” Ren Qingqing snorted coldly. He glanced sideways at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao, the disgust on his face was not concealed at all.

This is obviously to put disgust on the face.

Chapter 738

“Uh…” Dustin Zhou just got stuck in his throat and couldn’t say hello.

He didn’t expect Ren Qingqing to say such a thing.

Not only Dustin Zhou, but Brother Pao didn’t expect that the two of them suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

Because in their opinion, Ren Feng introduced a few people to know, but because everyone is now cooperating, and Dustin Zhou and Ren Qingqing are of the same age, get to know, there is nothing bad.

However, in Ren Qingqing’s view, what kind of status is Ren Feng? The chairman of the dignified Hengfeng Building, looking at the entire East China Sea, and even the whole country, is a famous rich man.

In the past, there were too many people who wanted to cling to Ren’s family, taking all kinds of relationships.

And Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao are now in Ren Qingqing’s eyes. Not only are they no different from those before, but they are even more hateful.

Those people in the past, at best, wanted to get some benefits from Ren Feng.

However, in Ren Qingqing’s view, Dustin Zhou and Pao actually wanted to get close to themselves through Ren Feng’s relationship, so as to embrace the beauty.

In this case, Ren Qingqing would naturally not show Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao a good look, and the expression of disgust on his face was justified.

Ren Feng was taken aback for a moment. He did not expect that he was just about to introduce Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao to Ren Qingqing, and Ren Qingqing would have such a big reaction.

This is different from her previous performance.

In the past, those who wanted to gain benefits by clinging to themselves, although Ren Qingqing did not like him, but Ren Qingqing’s superficial relationship was still in place, and it would not make people feel too embarrassed.

So now, what happened to Ren Qingqing?

Even Ren Feng couldn’t understand his granddaughter at this time.

“Qingqing, what are you…” Ren Feng wanted to ask what the reason was. He didn’t want to invite Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao to the house for dinner, but was disturbed by Ren Qingqing.

“Grandpa, are you still old? I’m not too old, am I? Even if you want to introduce me to a boyfriend, but you have to keep your eyes open and pick some good ones. Look at who you brought here. I said, this uncle, you are almost forty years old, right?” Ren Qingqing interrupted Ren Feng once again, looking at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao, especially Pao, his mouth curled up, and his mouth was shocking.

At this time, several people came to understand why Ren Qingqing had such a big reaction.

After two seconds of silence, the three of them couldn’t laugh or cry.

And this time, Ren Qingqing was also a little confused.

Why is this person so weird that he has said so, without any sense of shame, so he dared to laugh here, really dare not to do it as an aunt?

“Haha, Qingqing, you misunderstood, I introduced you to meet them, not to introduce you to a boyfriend.” Ren Feng quickly explained after knowing what Ren Qingqing was thinking.

“They are grandpa’s partners in my company, and they just handled some

Regarding things, I invite them to have a meal at home, and let you know each other by the way, but don’t look at them young, but they are all young talents in the East China Sea.

“Ren Feng said with a smile, and his heart relaxed a lot. He was really worried that Ren Qingqing would say more unpleasant things to Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao without saying a word. In that case, he was caught in the middle, but it was true. A little embarrassed. “What?

After Ren Feng finished speaking, Ren Qingqing opened his mouth wide, his face was full of surprise and a trace of embarrassment. “Grandpa, why didn’t you say it earlier.”

A flush suddenly appeared on Ren Qingqing’s face, and she quickly lowered her head, not daring to look at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao. When she thought of her righteous remarks just now, Ren Qingqing only felt that her cheeks were hot, and she wanted to find a drill directly. Go in. “Hehe, it’s okay, a little misunderstanding, don’t worry about it, hello Miss Ren, my name is Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou chuckled and said lightly. He didn’t feel any offense in what Ren Qingqing said just now. After all, as a man, he was still in the other party’s house, plus what Mr. Ren Feng said at the beginning was indeed somewhat ambiguous. Ren Qingqing would have Such a misunderstanding is normal. As a man, Dustin Zhou is naturally more generous. “Hello Miss Ren, I am A Pao.

“Then Pao also introduced himself. “By the way, I have a family. I don’t even know this point when I want to come to Master Ren.”

“The words of Brother Pao made Ren Qingqing’s face flushed again. “Sorry, I misunderstood you just now.”

“Ren Qingqing now knows that she is really

Misunderstood, he spit out his little tongue and nodded slightly to Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao.

“Grandpa, I’ll go up first.” After speaking, Ren Qingqing returned to the second floor without looking back.

“Haha, I really let the two little friends read the jokes, my granddaughter, she doesn’t look like pretty girls at all. She’s very carefree, and she’s going to study abroad. It’s more casual.” Ren Feng said with a big smile. Although it sounded like he was talking about Ren Qingqing’s shortcomings, Dustin Zhou heard it all at once, which clearly praised Ren Qingqing’s granddaughter.

Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao were also casual people, and soon stopped taking this matter as the same thing, and continued to talk about family affairs.

Even Ren Feng also told some of his deeds when he was young, and the more he said it, the more red his face became.

Dustin Zhou listened carefully, feeling more and more that it was not easy for Old Man Ren Feng when he was young.

Enthusiastically, in Ren Feng’s words, Dustin Zhou also heard something else. It seems that when Ren Feng was young, he had contact with the Hidden Family, and in that contact, there was also a figure of Tiger.

But at this time, Dustin Zhou won’t ask more questions.

There are some things that he shouldn’t know now, Dustin Zhou wouldn’t have to know about it, he just left an impression in his heart, and he would know when he encountered it later.

Sister Wu prepared dinner quickly.

Just before Ren Feng, Dustin Zhou, and Brother Pao talked and laughed, more than an hour passed, and Sister Wu had already made dinner.

“Master, two gentlemen, it’s time to have dinner.” Sister Wu got everything ready and went to the living room to remind her.

“Well, I see, call Qingqing down.” Ren Feng nodded and said lightly.

Soon, the three took their seats.

But Ren Qingqing’s figure never appeared.

“Master, the young lady said that she is not hungry now and doesn’t want to eat.” Aunt Wu came down from the stairs with a helpless expression. At the same time, she looked strangely at Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao.

“Isn’t hungry? He just came back from abroad. How could he not be hungry? Do I have to go up and invite her down?” Ren Feng frowned, his tone already a little serious.

Before Ren Qingqing misunderstood Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao, everyone regarded it as a joke and didn’t take it seriously.

And now it’s time for dinner, Ren Qingqing didn’t come down unexpectedly, so she was looking for an excuse for not being hungry.

Is this how she treats guests?

Chapter 739

“Master, I…” Upon hearing this, Wu’s wife’s face changed slightly, she was hesitant to say something, but she didn’t dare to say it directly.

“Sister Wu, what’s wrong, tell me.” Seeing the strangeness of Sister Wu, Ren Feng directly gave the order.

“Oh, sir, I just went up to call Miss, and I heard her in the room

Scolding people, it seems to be scolding Dustin Zhou and a person named A Pao…” Wu’s voice became lower and lower, but her gaze at Dustin Zhou and Pao brother became more and more weird. Obviously, even if Wu Sao didn’t know what happened. What happened, how did Dustin Zhou and A Pao offend Ren Qingqing. However, Wu’s wife can also guess the two people who Ren Feng brought back today. The Dustin Zhou and A Pao that Ren Qingqing scolded may be Ren Qingqing. The two people Feng brought back. It’s just that Wu’s sister-in-law doesn’t know who Dustin Zhou is, who is A Pao, and how they offended the young lady. The young lady is in the room and would rather not eat or scold them. “Uh… this …” Dustin Zhou was completely speechless. This Ren Qingqing is too strange. Everyone has already said that it was a misunderstanding, but now she would rather not come down to eat and scold them in the room. “What a mess!

Let her down!

“Ren Feng heard that his face was a little ugly, and he shouted sharply. Normally, he would naturally tolerate Ren Qingqing’s mischief in every way, even if he was presumptuous, but as long as it was not too excessive, Ren Feng would not take care of it. But now, not only Hengfeng Building encountered a problem, and he was still cooperating with Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao. At this time, Ren Qingqing was undoubtedly hitting Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao in the face. With that, let Ren Feng face himself Wu Guang. Knowing that Ren Feng was angry, Sister Wu quickly returned to the second floor and began to persuade Ren Qingqing. It took about ten minutes for Ren Qingqing to walk down slowly, but there was a clear tear on her face. Dustin Zhou took a look. , I immediately slandered. Is this a bitter trick? They haven’t expressed any opinions yet, Ren Qingqing directly performed it for herself. She cried like this, and the tears are all there, even if they have any dissatisfaction, they will not What are you talking about? And Ren Feng obviously saw the tear marks on Ren Qingqing’s face, and the severity of his face eased a lot, and his eyes softened a lot when he looked at Ren Qingqing. “Come over for dinner, it’s almost cold.” Up.

Ren Feng said softly, and did not blame Ren Qingqing, but instead asked her to eat quickly. “Oh.

Ren Qingqing answered silently, and sat directly next to Ren Feng, and began to eat like no one else. But when she lowered her head to eat, the corners of Ren Qingqing’s mouth were slightly raised. “This is a bitter trick.” Sure enough, otherwise, Grandpa wouldn’t be so gentle just now, maybe he would blame me because of these two people, hehe, Sister Wu’s trick is really useful.

“Ren Qingqing was very proud at this time. She felt that she was forgiven and sympathized by doing a little bit. She was really a genius. “Well, Qingqing, how are you abroad?”

Is there anything fun


“Ren Feng coughed slightly, looking at Ren Qingqing’s gaze, instantly became extremely kind and kind. Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Ren Feng cared so much for Ren Qingqing, even far more than his grandchildren under normal circumstances. And, here it is. Dustin Zhou also didn’t see Ren Feng’s children, Ren Qingqing’s parents, and didn’t know if there was anything inside. But those are not what Dustin Zhou needs to consider right now. “Well, there are really, Grandpa, this time, I When I met a senior in the UK, I really admired my senior sister.

Ren Qingqing tilted her head for a moment, and said suddenly excited, and her face was full of admiration. “Oh?

Who is the other party?

Ren Feng became interested in this. He knew his granddaughter very well. Since childhood, she had almost no admirers, whether it was a celebrity or the wealthy people near her home. But now, it’s just a trip to study abroad. , The girl actually said she has a lot of admiration

School sister.

It is really unexpected.

But fortunately, it was the senior sister, not the senior, otherwise Ren Feng would definitely let someone go and check the other party.

“Hey, grandpa, my senior sister is amazing. She has a legend in all universities in the UK. She is called the most talented woman, and she is also very beautiful!” “The most important thing, the senior sister is Chinese. And the family is in Hunan Province, and it seems to be a big family, but I don’t know what big family there is in Hunan Province. Grandpa, do you know any big family in Hunan Province whose surname is Jiang?” Ren Qingqing said incessantly, face Frowning.

The others listened quietly.

Ren Feng and Brother Pao sounded like they were just listening to Ren Qingqing talking about her experience abroad, and didn’t think much.

But Dustin Zhou was different. The more he let Ren Qingqing talk about it, the stranger he felt.

The senior lady mentioned by Ren Qingqing was very famous in British universities, and she was very talented, so Dustin Zhou thought of Jiang Yan for the first time.

Jiang Yan also studied in the UK before and was highly regarded in the UK.

But when I think of Britain being so big and so many universities, it wouldn’t happen that the senior sister Ren Qingqing mentioned is Jiang Yan.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou never heard Jiang Yan say that he knew any domestic people.

As Ren Qingqing, getting acquainted with Jiang Yan shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Since Jiang Yan didn’t mention it, the senior sister Ren Qingqing said should not be Jiang Yan.

Dustin Zhou felt a little more settled.

However, Dustin Zhou hadn’t settled for long. Ren Qingqing said that the senior sister was from a large family in Hunan Province, and immediately put Dustin Zhou’s heart in his throat again.

Studying in the UK is very famous, talented and a big family in Hunan Province.

If none of these were enough for Dustin Zhou to confirm 100% that the senior sister was Jiang Yan, then Ren Qingqing’s final question to Ren Feng completely left Dustin Zhou speechless.

Studying in the UK, he is very famous and talented. He is a big family in Hunan province and his surname is Jiang.

Combining these points, besides Jiang Yan, who else?

One couldn’t hold back, Dustin Zhou almost spewed a sip of red wine in his mouth just now.

Although Dustin Zhou tried his best to endure, his abnormality was discovered by others.

Ren Qingqing was the first to discover that Dustin Zhou was strange.

He introduced the senior sister well, but Dustin Zhou looked like he was about to squirt. Why, is he looking down on me, Ren Qingqing, or feels that what Ren Qingqing said is false and does not exist.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing? If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you don’t have to listen. There is no need for a stance!” Ren Qingqing asked immediately.

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