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Chapter 245

The crisis of the famous company!

In addition to the Shen family, a group of people appeared in many places in Donghai City.

The topics they talked about were naturally about Dustin Zhou, about Enderia Shen, and about Mingyang Company.

Office of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the East China Sea Evening News.

Chen Ze frowned and kept smoking.

Smoke filled the entire office.

In the office, besides him, there are many newspaper people, and his nephew Chen Haonan is naturally there.

Such a scene seems to have appeared once before.

That was when Dustin Zhou strongly integrated the Donghai media industry and established an association to exclude them.

“Uncle, many people have seen this time, Enderia Shen directly stood in front of Dustin Zhou, was pierced into the heart by Zeng Pingchang’s dagger, and died on the spot. From my point of view, Enderia Shen must not survive.” Chen Haonan’s face was mad.

He is Chen Ze’s nephew and the most promising reporter of the “Donghai Evening News”. Among his colleagues, he is also a common presence.

However, because of offending Dustin Zhou, all this disappeared.

Not only did he enter the police station, but he was also fired by the newspaper, and even the people who hugged him before began to be cold to him.

Even several times when he wanted his lover to eat, others just refused directly.

You know, in the past, only others invited him to dinner, he has never actively invited others.

And now, with such a thing happening, Chen Haonan only feels very happy in his heart!

He thinks Dustin Zhou is done!

Enderia Shen blocked the knife for him and was in danger, not knowing his life or death.

Mingyang Company will definitely fall into turmoil, and as Enderia Shen’s father and the head of the Shen Group, Shen Weiyan will definitely move.

At that time, Dustin Zhou was a bereaved dog!

He toss each other as he wants.

Chen Haonan wanted to return all the anger he had suffered during this time to Dustin Zhou.

“This matter needs to be considered again. Once there is an accident, we may not be able to bear the consequences. Dustin Zhou’s revenge must be even crazier than before!” Chen Ze did not directly agree, but fell into contemplation.

Junfa Company.

Charlie Chen’s face was gloomy, and the atmosphere of the entire company was extremely depressed.

No one knows what happened to General Manager Charlie Chen. Once he returned to the company, that was it.

“Dustin Zhou, this time, Enderia Shen is doing this for you. If she has an accident, I am afraid you will not feel good. I want to see if you offend those people, what will they do.” Sun Family.

After Sun Qiankun returned to Sun’s house, he stayed alone in the room.

Being treated like that by Dustin Zhou at the press conference, Dustin Zhou simply didn’t take him seriously.

Plus the previous conflict in Su’s house.

Sun Qiankun was extremely angry inside!

He has been a long time

Not so angry anymore!

Last time, when it was so angry, a company that was dominating Wushuang in the East China Sea collapsed overnight and was taken over by the Sun family.

And the person who offended him had long since disappeared.

That time, the second master of the Sun family and Sun Qiankun shocked the East China Sea!

He thought that from now on, no one in Donghai City would be slow to treat him, and even when he heard his name, everyone would feel fear from the bottom of their hearts!

But this time, someone embarrassed him twice in a row!

Sun Qiankun could not bear it!

“Second Uncle!” Sun Tian came to the outside of Sun Qiankun’s room, whispered, and when he got the answer, he pushed the door and entered.

“What’s the matter?” Sun Qiankun looked at his nephew, his gloom and anger disappeared instantly, showing a smile.

“Second Uncle, something has happened.” Sun Tian told what happened after the press conference.

And when she said that Enderia Shen blocked the knife for Dustin Zhou and fell into a coma, Sun Qiankun’s eyes suddenly beamed!

“Really?” “It’s true. It’s spreading outside now, and there are already many people guarding at the entrance of the hospital. Once something happens, people outside can get news immediately.” Sun Tian said in a deep voice.

He also hated Dustin Zhou very much in his heart.

Dustin Zhou not only refuted his face several times and made himself embarrassed, but even dared to offend his second uncle.

This makes Sun Tian full of resentment towards Dustin Zhou!

And this is a good opportunity to happen to Mingyang Company right now!

“Okay! God helped me, you help me contact some people, and I want to discuss things with them.” Sun Qiankun ordered, looking out the door, full of viciousness!

Su family.

“Father, don’t we care about it?” Su Wei looked at his father with a bit of irritation on his face.

Naturally, he also heard about the outside affairs.

When he heard that someone dared to attack the boss, his heart was extremely cold.

So he wanted his father to take action, but his father hesitated.

“Father, don’t forget. At the beginning, the big brother and Asher Chen and Asher Chen were able to let you defeat your aunt. Do you want to cross the river and break the bridge?” Su Wei’s face turned red, obviously hesitated to his father Su Shiming. dissatisfied.

“Some things are not as simple as you see! Do you know how many people outside are staring at Dustin Zhou, staring at Mingyang Company!” “Once something goes wrong, even our Su family can’t bear it. !” Su Shiming’s voice was low, obviously well thought out.

Not to mention the well-known company Enderia Shen behind her father Shen Weiyan, the Shen Group itself is the top level of the second-tier family in the East China Sea.

Although not as good as the Su family, but the energy is also great.

If the Shen Group makes a move, let alone strength, it will have the upper hand in name only.

After all, Enderia Shen is Shen

Weiyan’s daughter, Mingyang Company can also be regarded as the Shen family.

What’s more, there is also the Sun family staring at him.

Dustin Zhou offended Sun Qiankun several times, not without trouble!

At that time, Dustin Zhou and famous companies were in their heyday.

Even the Sun family can’t easily interfere!

But it’s different now.

Enderia Shen’s accident, Mingyang Company may soon fall into chaos. At that time, the Sun family made a strong move. Even if the Shen Group came forward, there would be a lot of competition.

At this time, what was the position of the Su family when they came forward?

Su Shiming is the Patriarch of the Su family. He cannot act solely on his own will, but must take into account the interests of the entire family and the general situation of the surrounding environment!

Famous company.

After Sara Ye returned to Mingyang, she obviously felt a low atmosphere lingering in the entire company.

He knew that he was afraid that everyone knew what happened at the press conference.

Enderia Shen is the president and symbol of the company.

She was in an accident, life or death is uncertain, and the people in the company are naturally confused.

After all, once Enderia Shen has an accident, how Mingyang will develop in the future is a question that nobody knows.

Maybe it can continue to develop like this, or be acquired by other strong companies!

Everyone is worried about how the company will develop next, and where they will go.

Chapter 246


“Assistant Ye, now the customer service department is always on the phone, asking about Mr. Shen’s situation, and it is almost impossible to support it!” Zhang Haiyan, the director of the customer service department of Mingyang Company, found Sara Ye with worry on his face.

Since the news that Enderia Shen was injured, the call of the company’s customer service department has hardly stopped!

All of them called to ask if Enderia Shen was really injured.

The entire customer service department was struggling to deal with it, and the tense and depressive atmosphere gradually spread and enveloped the entire company.

“Hold on a little longer, Mr. Shen should wake up.” Sara Ye’s face was also extremely severe.

When she was in the hospital, she was still thinking about waiting for Enderia Shen to wake up.

However, Dustin Zhou asked her to return to the company first and take control of the company to prevent abnormal changes.

At that time, Sara Ye did not quite agree with Dustin Zhou’s words.

The Mingyang company is functioning well, how can there be problems?

Besides, Dustin Zhou himself said that in more than an hour, Enderia Shen could almost wake up.

What can happen to Mingyang in just over an hour?

But what she didn’t expect was that something really happened.

Although it is not famous inside the company, but outside.

But the impact on famous companies cannot be ignored.

Let’s not mention that those people call endlessly to ask about Enderia Shen’s situation, which seriously occupies the resources of the customer service department, making it impossible for many people who call because of the famous company’s products.

This is undoubtedly increasing the burden on the company.

At the same time, the spread outside became more and more widespread, and there were even some undercurrents.

Sara Ye was in the company, feeling restless and faintly aware of something.

“Tingling bell.” Sara Ye’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hey, Mr. Zhou.” Seeing Dustin Zhou had come, Sara Ye’s heart was tight, full of expectation.

As long as Enderia Shen is safe and sound, all conspiracies against famous companies will dissipate.

But once Enderia Shen did not wake up, Sara Ye had already faintly guessed what would happen afterwards.

“Really?” Sara Ye was surprised at what Dustin Zhou said.

When Zhang Haiyan saw Sara Ye’s appearance, her heart was also settled.

She knew that Enderia Shen should wake up.

But soon, the look on Sara Ye’s face suddenly changed, becoming nervous, confused, and finally angry and sad.

The combination of various emotions made Sara Ye’s face even twisted.

The originally attractive Sara Ye also looked like a woman who was about to break down emotionally.

It is very different from her previous image.

In the end, when Sara Ye hung up the phone, her mood was very depressed, and her eyes were red.

“Assistant Ye…” Zhang Haiyan asked tremblingly.

She has a guess

Test, but I dare not say it easily, for fear that the situation is really the same as I thought.

The consequence is not what she wants to see.

“Mr Shen hasn’t woken up yet, Mr. Zhou said that the situation is very critical, so let the company stay alert!” Sara Ye closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice.

When the voice fell, Zhang Haiyan’s mood seemed to sink to the bottom of the sea, and her expression was very gloomy.

Is the situation really the same as what I thought?

“Director Zhang, you go down and make arrangements so that the customer service department will keep the phone lines open and unanimously announced that President Shen is currently recovering.” Sara Ye said coldly.

At this time, she can only say so.

“Okay.” Zhang Haiyan was taken aback, then nodded, and in response, he turned and left and returned to the customer service department.

Soon, the people in the customer service department got the news that Mr. Shen had already woken up. As long as someone called in to ask about Mr. Shen’s situation, he kept his tone.

And this news was quickly publicized in Mingyang.

When all employees heard the news, their emotions became much easier.

As long as Mr. Shen wakes up, he can recover, then the famous company will not have problems, and they can work in the company safely.

As a result, the overall atmosphere of the famous company suddenly changed from the previous depression to cheerful and relaxed.

And such a change in atmosphere naturally cannot escape the observation of outsiders.

Soon, this change of Mingyang Company was learned by many people.

Some people were ready to move. When they heard this, they immediately became vigilant and wondered if something they didn’t know would happen.

At the same time, in the ward of the First People’s Hospital.

Dustin Zhou put down the phone and glanced at Enderia Shen and Mira Xie with a smile.

He told Sara Ye the news just now, and at the same time also said a plan of his own.

If there are no other thoughts out there, then everything will be fine.

However, as long as there is an alienation in life, Dustin Zhou will let the other party know how serious the consequences for him and Mingyang Company are.

“Block the news, don’t let people come to disturb you.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

Then he asked Niu Chuan to start arrangements.

At this time, many people also appeared in the hospital. They were neither patients nor employees. Instead, they seemed to be looking for something after entering the hospital.

“You said, did Enderia Shen wake up?” “I don’t know, it’s just that the atmosphere of the famous company is very relaxed now. If Enderia Shen really has an accident, they should not be like this.” “This is hard to say, maybe it’s just How about pretending to be?” … A few people walked together, looking for Enderia Shen’s trace in the hospital.

They visited almost all the wards of the hospital, but still did not find Enderia Shen.

Even the figure of the famous company was not found.

Suddenly, when they moved to the eighth floor of the hospital, they suddenly saw a familiar figure.

Niu Chuan!

The eighth floor of the hospital is the VIP ward of the hospital. Generally speaking, people who are rich, powerful, and even with special status are accepted.

Of course, the cost of the ward itself is naturally not low. Similarly, the service is first-class.

At this moment, Niu Chuan was standing at the door of Enderia Shen’s ward, his face full of dignity.

In the ward, Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie, and Enderia Shen were chatting.

“Okay, time is almost up, it’s time for me to play.” Dustin Zhou chuckled, the smile on his face instantly converged, becoming gloomy, and even a trace of sadness could be seen.

When several people saw Niu Chuan, their faces were shocked and immediately hid.

When it was determined that Niu Chuan had not found them, he approached cautiously.

But they never dared to get too close, for fear of causing Niu Chuan’s alert.

“What’s the matter? Why is this only one person outside?” “Look, his expression is not right, it seems very solemn.” “Will there be fraud?” “It’s hard to say.” A few people were confused, just Seeing the door of the ward opened, Dustin Zhou walked out from inside, seeming to be talking to Niu Chuan.

“Look, Dustin Zhou’s expression is not right!” “It seems to be sad and sad, is there really something wrong with Enderia Shen? Mingyang is just acting?” “It must be so, otherwise the hospital would not be able to block the news. Great! Quickly, contact the family and let them prepare!” Several people looked excited and kept sending messages outside.

Soon, many outsiders knew about it.

It seems that Enderia Shen really had an accident, and the so-called cheerfulness of the famous company at this moment is just pretending.

At this moment, Shen Group, Enderia Shen’s father, Shen Weiyan, took Shen mother and Edward Shen into the famous company!

Chapter 247

Take a share!

News of Shen Weiyan’s entry into the famous company spread quickly.

Some people say that Shen Weiyan not only took Shen Mu and Edward Shen with him, but also accompanied many high-level Shen Group.

There are even some shareholders of famous companies.

The appearance of Shen Weiyan made everyone outside suddenly tense.

According to normal circumstances, as Enderia Shen’s father, Shen Weiyan’s daughter should go to the hospital for a visit if something like this happened to his daughter.

Although there are contradictions between the two sides, almost any contradiction can be resolved in the face of life and death.

But what is surprising is that Shen Weiyan did not go to the hospital.

On the contrary, he entered the famous company at this time, with conceivable intentions.

With Shen Weiyan’s end, many people immediately began to act.

For a time, the entire East China Sea undercurrent surging, seems to erupt at any time.

At this time, the famous company.

Shen Weiyan entered the company directly and no one stopped him.

Employees all know that Shen Weiyan is Enderia Shen’s father. Not only that, there are also several company shareholders following Shen Weiyan.

But all the employees are puzzled. Is there anything wrong with President Shen’s father coming to the company at this time?

You know, before that, Shen Weiyan had never been to Mingyang.

It is true that Edward Shen has appeared several times, but Enderia Shen’s attitude towards him is not very good, and the employees of the company also know it.

“Mr. Shen, I don’t know why you came to the company today?” At this moment, Sara Ye, as Dustin Zhou’s assistant and the director on the bright side, would naturally come out to entertain.

Sara Ye stared at Shen Weiyan with bright eyes, regardless of whether he was Enderia Shen’s father.

“Huh! Sara Ye, you are asking! Enderia Shen is my sister, can’t our Shen family join the famous company?” Shen Weiyan did not speak, but Edward Shen said coldly.

Edward Shen looked up and down on Sara Ye, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes, but soon disappeared.

“That’s natural. It’s just that the famous company has been founded for many years. As Mr. Shen’s father, Mr. Shen Weiyan has never been to the company. I don’t know why it suddenly appeared now?” Sara Ye was uncomfortable by Edward Shen.

But she knew that it was not the time for her own attacks, Dustin Zhou had told her, so she knew how to measure.

“Sara Ye, don’t be presumptuous! As Enderia Shen’s father, and also the chairman of the Shen Group, is there any problem when he visits his daughter’s company?” “That is, let alone, this is also our invitation to Shen. The company inspected, you are only a small assistant, and you dare to be so disrespectful to President Shen. Who do you think you are?” “Sara Ye, step back, we will naturally take President Shen around the company to check it out! Several middle-aged people scolded Sara Ye.

Ye Chu

Qian’s face was gloomy, she naturally knew these people who scolded her.

There are three of them, in their fifties, and they are all shareholders of the famous company.

Of course, their shares are extremely small, not even as large as Dustin Zhou’s.

But anyway, as a company shareholder, it seems that he is indeed qualified to scold her little assistant.

However, Sara Ye did not let go of the scolding.

Let alone the dispensable positions of these so-called shareholders in famous companies, they are of a pension nature.

Just because she is Dustin Zhou’s assistant, and Dustin Zhou is the second shareholder of Mingyang Company, she cannot make way for these people.

What’s more, Shen Weiyan, Shen’s mother, and Edward Shen have no shares in Mingyang.

If they enter the company as Enderia Shen’s family, Sara Ye will naturally entertain them and treat them as guests.

But if they were to celebrate the company as the chairman of the Shen Group, then Sara Ye would naturally receive them politely.

But in that case, Shen Weiyan does not have any right to inspect Mingyang.

“Presumptuous! Sara Ye, don’t retreat, are you going to block our way?” a middle-aged man yelled.

His name is Xu Wei. He is the third largest shareholder of the company and holds 5% of the company’s shares. He is now the logistics director of Mingyang.

Of course, this logistics minister is also a senior care post.

But now, Enderia Shen is not there, Dustin Zhou is not, he, the third largest shareholder of the famous company, can naturally speak out and show his existence.

“Minister Xu, in what capacity did you talk to me?” Sara Ye stood still, staring at Xu Wei with cold eyes.

As soon as the voice fell, Shen Weiyan and his party looked sideways.

The employees of the famous company looked at Sara Ye in shock, and at the same time they admired themselves secretly.

To be able to face Enderia Shen’s elders, as well as the company’s shareholders, and the logistics minister, to say such things, is simply a chivalrous existence.

“Sara Ye, you are a little bit overwhelmed. Minister Xu is not only a shareholder of the company, but also the Minister of Logistics. You are just a small assistant of Dustin Zhou. No matter what, you are just an ordinary employee. Don’t you want to work in the company? Already?” Another middle-aged man walked out.

When the employees saw this person, their breath suddenly shrank, their eyes dodged, and they didn’t dare to look directly.

Qin Shan, the fourth largest shareholder of the company, the head of the personnel department, is in charge of the personnel changes of the company!

It can be described as a department with real power. Compared with Xu Wei’s logistics director, Qin Shan’s personnel director has much stronger authority in the company!

As soon as Qin Shan spoke, the employees immediately retracted their necks and did their own work, not daring to pay more attention to Sara Ye.

In case of annoyed Qin Shan and vent his anger with them, he

They have no resistance at all.

Sara Ye’s heart shuddered.

She didn’t expect even Qin Shan to fall to Shen Weiyan.

Qin Shan’s support for Enderia Shen was the strongest in the past, so Enderia Shen allowed him to serve as the company’s personnel director, in charge of personnel changes.

However, he did not expect that Qin Shan would immediately change his position as soon as Enderia Shen had an accident.

“Although I am just a small assistant, I am directly ordered by President Zhou. For everyone else, except President Shen, I will not accept orders from anyone. Is there a problem?” Sara Ye responded coldly.

“Okay! Very good! Sara Ye, don’t forget, I am the company’s personnel director. Now I announce that I will fire Sara Ye immediately and you can go now!” Qin Shan is a violent person, seeing that Sara Ye is so strong, Where could he stand it, he announced that Sara Ye was expelled.

For a time, the atmosphere of the entire company was extremely cold!

“Mr. Shen, why should I have such a temper, isn’t it good to be nice? I heard that Assistant Ye is looking for a job at Mingyang Company and is responsible for doing well. This is what Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou value, is it so easy to fire?” At this moment, a cold voice suddenly came.

When everyone looked outside the door, they saw a group of people slowly walking in.

The headed person is surprisingly Chen Ze.

“Why? This is our Shen family’s family affair, should Editor-in-chief Chen also intervene? I just don’t know what the confidence of your “Donghai Evening News” to say such a thing.” Shen Weiyan said lightly, glanced at Chen Ze, and then took it back. look.

“Editor Chen is certainly not alone anymore, but I don’t know if Mr. Shen said something wrong. Perhaps this is not Mr. Shen’s family affair?”

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