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Chapter 248

Gathering one after another!

While talking, another group of people walked into the lobby of Mingyang Company.

Shen Weiyan’s eyes tightened when he saw the visitor, he was obviously surprised. He didn’t expect the other party to come.

The employees of the company look at people coming, and many people don’t know them, but they feel that they are very popular, and they seem to be a big man, at least not much different from Shen Weiyan’s status.

Only a small number of employees know who the person is.

So they were even more shocked this time!

Also confused!

What happened to the company? Why are there so many big people appearing in the company today, and they are at war with each other.

Sara Ye looked at the people coming, and her heart stunned!

He knew he was right.

Once someone changes, the person in front of you will inevitably appear.

The second master of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun!

And it was Sun Tian who followed him!

Sun Tian entered Mingyang Company and looked around, slightly narrowing his eyes.

“Is this the Mingyang company? It doesn’t seem like that!” He thought to himself that Sun Tian despised Dustin Zhou even more.

Several times before, Sun Tian was refuted by Dustin Zhou and even severely injured by Niu Chuan.

Even the two consecrations of the Sun family joined forces, and they are not Niu Chuan’s opponents!

Sun Tian naturally heard of everything about the famous company, and he has been passing on his skills!

But when Sun Tian saw it personally, he felt that it was nothing more than that, thinking that those who praised the company were just insights.

In front of the Sun family, ten well-known companies are not enough!

“Second Master Sun, it seems that this matter has something to do with you?” Shen Weiyan saw Sun Qiankun, his face instantly darkened.

Although he had previously guessed whether the Sun family would forcefully intervene, he thought that the Sun family would not make a move.

After all, Mingyang and the Sun family seem to have nothing to do with each other.

Only Dustin Zhou has something to do with the Sun family.

But Shen Weiyan did not expect that not only did the Sun family come, but also the second master of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun led the team.

For Sun Qiankun, who of their generation does not know?

So at this moment, Shen Weiyan became extremely vigilant.

This Sun Qiankun came to Mingyang Company not only to trouble Dustin Zhou, but also to covet Mingyang Company.

“I don’t know what Mr. Shen is talking about? I came to find Dustin Zhou. There are some problems between me and him that need to be resolved. It shouldn’t affect Mr. Shen, right?” Sun Qiankun chuckled and responded lightly. .

Regardless of Shen Weiyan’s attitude, since his Sun Qiankun has already arrived, it is impossible to retreat directly.

If Dustin Zhou shows up, then he must settle the problem between the two sides.

But if Dustin Zhou does not show up, then the Sun family will take some things from Mingyang Company as compensation.

It’s reasonable too!

“Yes, there is a personal problem between Dustin Zhou and I that I want to solve, and it doesn’t seem to affect Mr. Shen.” Chen Ze said lightly.

Speaking of it, his status is the lowest among several people.

A deputy editor-in-chief of a media company, but a part-time worker is naturally inferior to Shen Weiyan and Sun Qiankun.

But Sun Qiankun had sent someone to find himself before, and jointly deal with Dustin Zhou.

So now it seems that the two sides are already a cooperative alliance, and Chen Ze will naturally not be afraid.

“It’s best to be like this.” Shen Weiyan said coldly, extremely unhappy in his heart.

But he couldn’t drive him away either. Not only was he unable to do it, but he didn’t have that thought at all.

“Enderia Shen is my daughter. She is now injured and fainted. Mingyang is in turmoil. As a father, I naturally want to take over.” Shen Weiyan looked at Sara Ye, his eyes directly over her, and the employees who looked over. And middle-level leaders.

If you want to take over the famous company, you can’t just clean up one Sara Ye, you need to take over all of them, otherwise, Shen Weiyan can’t get rid of all these employees.

In that way, who works for Mingyang?

Even if it is necessary to recruit employees again, it will take a lot of time.

Not to mention the time required to run-in with each other, it will also affect the existing project operations of Mingyang Company.

You know, Mingyang is now, in addition to a whitening factor project, the sales of whitening masks are booming, a new plant project is also being approved.

Combining almost all new projects of cosmetic companies in Donghai City, it is naturally a project no less than whitening factor.

Shen Weiyan will not let these two projects directly cancel.

Even if it was a moment’s delay, even he would feel distressed.

That’s all money!

No one will have trouble with money!

The justice that Shen Weiyan said was Ling Ran, as if he really should have done this, and it was also for the good of Enderia Shen and for the good of the company.

Sara Ye stared at Shen Weiyan coldly, without moving.

“Sara Ye, you still don’t let go!” Qin Shan drank again, and saw Sara Ye still standing in front of him, furious.

Taking a step forward, Qin Shan stretched his hand forward and pushed Sara Ye away strongly.

“Unexpectedly, Minister Qin Shan, who is famous for the company, would actually do something to the company’s employees!” At this moment, another voice rang coldly.

Everyone looked out the door, suddenly shocked!

The Su family!

Su Shiming took the lead, and Su Wei followed him. As soon as he entered the famous company, he began to look around, as if he was looking for someone.

But after looking around, Su Wei didn’t see Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, and couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

If Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were not there, it would seem that their Su family would find it difficult to fight against Sun and Shen family.

The Sun family alone can almost stabilize the Su family!

“Su Shiming, I didn’t expect you, the Su Family Patriarch, to come in person. It’s really funny. There shouldn’t be any relationship between the Su Family and Mingyang Company. Could it be that you are also here for Dustin Zhou?” Sun Qiankun saw Su Shiming, his eyes condensed. A fierce color flashed away!

There was a power struggle within the Su family before.

Su Shiming’s sister Su Shiqin personally approached him and asked for his help.

Correspondingly, the remuneration given by Su Shiqin is a quarter of the current Su family industry!

As long as Sun Qiankun can help Su Shiqin win the position of Patriarch, he can get a quarter of the Su family’s fortune.

Faced with this promise of remuneration, Sun Qiankun certainly agreed.

It’s just that he never expected that one day he would meet Dustin Zhou, and Asher Chen would directly kick his right arm off, and thus had to leave the Su family.

After that, the dispute for the Patriarch of the Su Family naturally did not have any waves, and Su Shiming successfully held the position of Patriarch!

“Er Master Sun said that, is it that your Sun family is also here for Dustin Zhou?” Su Shiming smiled lightly, looking around the crowd, his expression could not help being slightly solemn.

Of the people who appeared here, their Su family was certainly not the strongest.

After all, with the Sun family in front, the Su family had to be softer.

But the appearance of Shen Weiyan and Chen Ze is also a force that cannot be underestimated!

And Su Shiming even knew that the two parties had been angry with Dustin Zhou for a long time, and they were waiting to find a time to burst out.

Chapter 249

You don’t count!

“Naturally!” Sun Qiankun admitted directly and generously.

Anyway, no matter whether Dustin Zhou appeared or not, it would not prevent him from getting what he wanted. Almost no one in the room could stop him.

So Sun Qiankun is absolutely fearless!

“If this is the case, then my Su family will naturally have to take a good look.” Su Shiming smiled lightly.

Without Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou, he and Su Shiming and the Su family could only do so much.

With a light sigh in his heart, Su Shiming looked forward, Sara Ye still stood in front of Shen Weiyan and his party without moving.

, “Sara Ye, do you think I really dare not touch you?” The appearance of the Su family made Qin Shan’s heart gloomy, but seeing Sara Ye still motionless, his heart was even more angry.

In the company before, except for Enderia Shen, he almost said nothing.

Later, Dustin Zhou appeared, and suddenly occupied one-fifth of the company’s shares, surpassing the three of them.

Not only that, Dustin Zhou is directly in charge of the whitening factor project. From then on, he has been the first person under Enderia Shen from a silent ordinary employee in Mingyang Company!

Qin Shan was full of dissatisfaction long ago!

Dustin Zhou, a small employee, didn’t know what method he used against Enderia Shen to get one-fifth of the shares and become the head of the whitening factor project.

This process itself is full of controversy.

It was only after the whitening factor project was a big success that Mingyang became the most famous cosmetics company in Donghai City, and the controversy slowly stopped.

However, Mingyang is not a company of Enderia Shen alone.

Even if she and Dustin Zhou occupy more than 90% of the company’s shares, there are still some different voices.

It’s just that these voices were ignored by Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

Now that Enderia Shen is in trouble, Shen Weiyan wants to take over the famous company forcefully, and a small assistant like Sara Ye dared to block the way. It was an insult to Shen Weiyan and Qin Shan.

Sara Ye didn’t speak, just raised her head slightly and glanced at Qin Shan lightly.

The face of Qin Shan in front of him was full of anger, as if endless anger was about to erupt.

But Sara Ye didn’t realize it.

“Presumptuous!” Qin Shan was irritated by Sara Ye’s ignorance, shouted, and waved his big hand forward to slap Sara Ye.

When Qinshan people reach middle age, they are tall and mammoth, and this slap is extremely powerful!

All the employees watched this scene, some were timid, and even closed their eyes.

Under Qin Shan’s slap, Sara Ye seemed like a paper boat. It would be easier to slap into the water than Qin Shan’s slap, and she would just drown!


There was a dull sound.

Everyone looked at Sara Ye and their eyes were stunned.

And those who are timid and close their eyes

Man, slowly opened his eyes, not even daring to look at Sara Ye, for fear of seeing some bloody pictures.

However, when they finally moved their eyes to Sara Ye’s side, their eyes widened as well.

Qin Shan’s slap did not fall on Sara Ye’s face.

Instead, he was stopped directly by someone!

Su Wei’s face suddenly showed excitement when he saw the incoming person!

And Sun Tian looked gloomy!

Angry in my heart!

He was once defeated by this person, and he was clean, he was not the opponent at all!

Even the two worshippers of the Sun family were defeated and injured by him!

Niu Chuan!

He appeared, with one hand directly blocking Qin Shan’s slap, standing tall in front of Sara Ye, like an extremely thick protective wall!

People feel very at ease!

“Go away!” Niu Chuan stood there, glanced at Qin Shan coldly, and said lightly.

Then he moved forward with one hand, and a huge force spread into Qin Shan’s arm.

Suddenly, in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, the tall Qin Shan backed back again and again, his face was instantly pale, and the arm he was about to slap Sara Ye was weakly slumped on his side!

Just for a moment, Qin Shan’s arm was scrapped!

Everyone was shocked!

The gaze they looked at Niu Chuan also became a little frightened!

This is a master!

Almost all employees of Mingyang know that Niu Chuan is Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard.

And before, there were even Niu Chuan one person against dozens of enemies!

However, Qin Shan is no more than tall and dead, so he often does fitness training.

In the face of ordinary people, there may be some deterrence.

But in front of Niu Chuan, it is still not enough!

Shen Weiyan’s gaze was on Niu Chuan’s face, and his heart was extremely gloomy!

Niu Chuan again!

Before at the Brilliant Hotel, Shen Weiyan’s family led a group of bodyguards to find Enderia Shen, ready to force her to hand over the whitening factor formula and let Edward Shen operate!

That time, Shen Weiyan was full of confidence!

But I met Dustin Zhou.

The dozen or so bodyguards Shen Weiyan led were very weak in front of Niu Chuan!

Now, Niu Chuan appeared in front of him again, and Qin Shan was abolished in the play.

Now that Niu Chuan appeared, what about Dustin Zhou?

It should be not far away, right?

Shen Weiyan looked around and finally landed in a corner.

When everyone saw Shen Weiyan’s movements, they also followed his gaze.

In an instant, the employees of the famous company turned red and excited.

Su Shiming and Su Wei also took a long breath.

Sun Qiankun and Chen Ze and his party were extremely gloomy.

Dustin Zhou!

When did he appear there?

Why can he appear here?

“I don’t know how long Mr. Dustin Zhou is going to watch the theater there?” Shen Weiyan said coldly.

Did Dustin Zhou finally show up?

Let alone why he appeared here, how about Enderia Shen?

There was news before that Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were accompanying Enderia Shen in the hospital, and their expressions were very gloomy, even sad.

It is precisely because of this that Shen Weiyan and the others have entered the famous company and are ready to take over.

But now that Dustin Zhou has appeared, is Enderia Shen safe and intact?

Not only Shen Weiyan, but also this idea flashed in other people’s minds for a moment.

“Watching a play? It’s rare for Shen Weiyan to feel that he is a clown. Manager Shen is acting in a scene, but this scene does not seem to be very beautiful. Look, everyone has no expression on their faces!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly and stretched out his hand. Refers to company employees.

The employees did not have much expression on their faces at this time.

And Dustin Zhou said this, undoubtedly everything he did before Shen Weiyan, like a clown, wanted to sensationalize, but received no applause.

Not to mention the applause, there was no response at all!

Dustin Zhou smiled and walked forward, looking at other people’s faces.

He saw Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun, and naturally Su Shiming.

In fact, the appearance of Chen Ze and Sun Qiankun were both expected by Dustin Zhou.

But the appearance of the Su family surprised him a bit.

“I remember Mr. Shen just said something.” Dustin Zhou looked at Shen Weiyan and said softly. Although his voice was very soft, it spread to everyone.

“President Shen said that Enderia Shen is your daughter. Now that your daughter is in an accident and you don’t know whether you are alive or dead, you should take over the famous company.” “That’s right?” The voice fell, and everyone looked at Shen Weiyan.

He did say this just now.

“Is there any problem?” Shen Weiyan replied coldly!

“I think Mr. Shen’s words are not counted if you say it!” “Because Enderia Shen may not recognize your father!” Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, and the audience was silent!

Chapter 250

Singles or group fights?

Dustin Zhou said that Enderia Shen would not recognize the father of Shen Weiyan!

Everyone was stunned and looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise.

Compared to the Shen family, Dustin Zhou is just an outsider. Why does he say that?

The employees were speechless and didn’t know what to say, they just looked at Dustin Zhou in a daze.

Even Sara Ye did the same.

Before that, she had never heard Dustin Zhou or Enderia Shen say such things.

As for Sun Qiankun, Chen Ze, Su Shiming and others, they were suspicious, not knowing what medicine Dustin Zhou sold in the gourd.

“Dustin Zhou, you are presumptuous! You know who you are talking to, what are you talking nonsense!” Edward Shen furiously rushed out and pointed at Dustin Zhou and scolded him!

Dustin Zhou actually said that Enderia Shen did not recognize that he was a member of the Shen family, which made Edward Shen totally unacceptable!

If, as Dustin Zhou said, Enderia Shen has nothing to do with the Shen family, then the Shen family’s desire to take over Mingyang Company would appear unfounded!

And his desire for Edward Shen to take charge of the well-known company will directly fail.

This is something Edward Shen absolutely does not allow.

After all, he joined Shen’s mother, but after persuading Shen Weiyan for a long time, did he persuade Shen Weiyan.

“What? What does Young Master Shen want to do? Do you want to single out or fight in groups?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and looked at Edward Shen.

If Edward Shen did not speak, Dustin Zhou would even treat him as non-existent.

Now, Edward Shen is nothing in front of Dustin Zhou.

Without his father Shen Weiyan, Dustin Zhou would not even care about Edward Shen.

After all, the gap between the two sides has become bigger and bigger!

In this way, Edward Shen is no longer on the same level.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Edward Shen took a step back subconsciously.

He immediately thought of the incident that his father had brought dozens of bodyguards to Niu Chuan in the Brilliant Hotel.

At the same time, Edward Shen also thought of the scene where Su Che wanted to deal with Mira Xie, being abused by Dustin Zhou in the exclusive private club of the Su family.

At that time, he was better than Su Che and the young master of the Su family of Donghai City’s first-class family. Dustin Zhou also directly kicked his breast ribs!

The Su family even took out 100 million before taking Su Che back!

In the face of Su Che, Dustin Zhou is still so, and he Edward Shen is nothing at all in front of Su Che, and Dustin Zhou is even less polite!

“It seems that Master Shen dare not.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly and shook his head lightly.

Everyone looked at Edward Shen with contempt in their eyes, but with Dustin Zhou’s words, they retreated in fright. It was nothing!

Shen Weiyan frowned slightly when he looked at Edward Shen.

In his opinion, facing Dustin Zhou, even if Edward Shen is not his opponent, he should at least be stronger and show something.

But with Dustin Zhou’s words, Edward Shen retreated without fighting!

Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun and others are showing contempt!

Edward Shen, nothing!

At this time, everyone realized that Dustin Zhou could drink Edward Shen with just one sentence. This kind of aura no longer fell on anyone present.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, thinking he would say something to Shen Weiyan.

“Since I dare not! Don’t get out!” But Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything to Shen Weiyan, but his eyes tightened, his complexion suddenly became cold, and he looked at Edward Shen and shouted coldly!

This sentence is violent, as if engulfing endless momentum, blasting towards Edward Shen!

Like a thunderstorm, Edward Shen’s eyes were dull, and he backed away again and again!

Even, with an unstable foot and touching the leg of the table, Edward Shen fell directly back to the ground.


Edward Shen fell directly to the ground, his face full of embarrassment!

For a moment, everyone was silent!

The employees looked at Dustin Zhou, full of admiration!

Sara Ye’s beautiful eyes sparkled with water.

Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun, Sun Tian and others looked gloomy, and they looked extremely jealous when they looked at Dustin Zhou!

And Su Wei is extremely excited!

The big guy deserves to be a big guy. In a word, letting Edward Shen not say anything, it scared him even more!

Fell directly to the ground!

This momentum, this scene!

It seems to have the same momentum as Zhang Fei’s Changban Po in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” saying “I am Zhang Yide, who will die!”

Zhang Fei’s words scared Cao Jun to death!

But Dustin Zhou just said a word, scared Edward Shen fell to the ground!

This may be the boss!

At this moment, Su Wei’s admiration for Dustin Zhou is infinitely high!

Edward Shen was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized that he was paralyzed to the ground at this time, and what happened just now was instantly recalled in his mind.

Suddenly, a strong sense of shame and anger swept through his body.

“Dustin Zhou! I am at odds with you!” Edward Shen clenched his fists with both hands, collapsed on the ground, and roared at Dustin Zhou in anger!

He felt that he was full of momentum and able to show his determination!

Edward Shen wants to see Dustin Zhou’s anger!

But he was disappointed!

Dustin Zhou not only didn’t get angry because of his roar, he didn’t even look at him!

Edward Shen’s heart is dull!

He looked around and found that of all the people present, only a few people’s eyes were on him.

Most people’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou!

“Why!” Edward Shen whispered softly, a little confused, suddenly his eyes turned white, and he rolled his eyes and passed out completely!

Edward Shen fainted, mother Shen quickly stepped forward to help him back, and at the same time gave Dustin Zhou a resentful look.

Dustin Zhou didn’t care about it!

If you lose, you lose. No matter how angry you are, no matter how you rant, it is not worth the winner’s attention!

Edward Shen thought he roared at Dustin Zhou angrily, which could arouse Dustin Zhou’s emotions and make him focus on himself again.

But he didn’t know that since he was shunned by Dustin Zhou, he was not worthy of Dustin Zhou’s attention!

And Dustin Zhou will not set his sights on the loser!

This is a sign of belonging to the strong, belonging to those with strong confidence!

“Does Shen agree or disagree with what I just said?” Dustin Zhou looked at Shen Weiyan and said lightly.

He just said that Enderia Shen does not recognize Shen Weiyan as his father, so Shen Weiyan has no right to intervene in matters of the famous company!

“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, besides, Bijun is ignorant of life and death. As her father, I am taking over the famous company, why shouldn’t I?” Shen Weiyan said coldly, his eyes flashed fiercely!

His son, the son of high hope, fainted with fright just because of Dustin Zhou’s words!

This is a shame for Shen Weiyan!

What a shame!

And this shame will not only accompany Edward Shen’s life, but also Shen Weiyan’s life!

Unless, Edward Shen can achieve far more achievements than Dustin Zhou!

But this possibility, kindness is slim!

As Edward Shen’s father, Shen Weiyan did not return much hope for this, let alone other?

“It seems that you also know that Enderia Shen’s life and death are unknown, but you keep saying your father, but you don’t see you go to visit Bijun, ask, what kind of father is your father!” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, looking at Shen Weiyan with sorrow!

Everyone sighed!

Shen Weiyan has been saying that as Enderia Shen’s father, taking over Mingyang Company is a matter of course when life and death are unknown.

However, from beginning to end, he never went to see Enderia Shen!

Is such a person a father?

And Enderia Shen naturally has reasons to refuse to recognize Shen Weiyan as his father!

“What do you know? After I took over Mingyang Company, I would naturally go to see Bijun. This is our Shen family’s business, and it is not your turn to be an outsider to speak! Get out!” Shen Weiyan’s face became cold and waved!

“Really, it seems that I am in your heart, and it is still not as important as the famous company!” Suddenly, a cold female voice came, and the tone was so cold that it made the heart tremble.

Everyone looked at the person who made the sound, and their faces were suddenly different!

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