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Chapter 251


“It’s Enderia Shen!” “She’s okay!” “It’s wonderful now, there are good shows to watch!” “I didn’t expect Sen Bijun to appear here. Is she all right? She suffered so much. Wound, it looks like it’s almost healed? It’s amazing!” … Everyone looked at the sound, their faces suddenly changed.

Because the person who questioned Shen Weiyan was really Enderia Shen!

Shen Weiyan’s heart sank and his emotions were complicated. For a while, he didn’t speak!

The company’s employees, including Zhang Haiyan and Sara Ye, took a long breath.

Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun and others looked grim and snorted in their hearts!

Enderia Shen actually appeared here, which shows that their previous arrangements for people to go to the hospital to investigate have failed, and it is very likely that they have been confused by Dustin Zhou.

After all, the dagger directly pierced Enderia Shen’s heart!

At that moment, almost everyone saw it, and thought that Enderia Shen was too bad!

But who would have thought that not only did Enderia Shen not die, but he seemed to be recovering well!

Where does this look like being seriously injured?

“Are you awake?” Shen Weiyan was very surprised when he saw Enderia Shen, and couldn’t help but ask softly.

“It seems that my so-called father is very surprised that I can wake up. I don’t know if I wake up, is it a good thing to disturb you?” Enderia Shen slowly walked towards Dustin Zhou, but his eyes stayed on Shen Weiyan’s face. ridicule.

It didn’t take long for her to wake up, but she was still very weak.

But for Dustin Zhou’s plan, she was willing to give, bearing the weakness and exhaustion of her body, and came to the company.

At this moment, every step he took, there would be a tingling in his heart.

But this is not important to Enderia Shen.

What Shen Weiyan did made her lose the last bit of extravagance.

When Shen Weiyan appeared at Mingyang Company, and even said such awe-inspiring words.

The last trace of light in Enderia Shen’s eyes also slowly disappeared.

Maybe this is the so-called father?

Well, don’t do it in the future!

“Enderia Shen, what are you talking about indiscriminately? Your father has always worried about you. Hearing that something happened to you, he put everything down, not for you!” Shen mother was angry!

Edward Shen’s performance made him very disappointed, but it was more resentment!

Enderia Shen is from the Shen family, and Edward Shen is her younger brother!

But she wants to unite with outsiders, in front of so many people, let Edward Shen become like that!

From then on, Edward Shen simply couldn’t lift his head outside.

Even when facing Dustin Zhou, Edward Shen didn’t even have the confidence to face it!

And all of this, in the final analysis, was caused by Enderia Shen!

She could have given up the famous company to her brother!

After all, a family, don’t everyone’s things belong together?


“Mrs. Shen is right. Mr. Shen is so anxious and brought so many people to the company. Is it for me or for the company?” Enderia Shen tit-for-tat, glanced at Mother Shen contemptuously. She has no good impression of this woman!

At this moment, her gaze also turned to the three shareholders of the company that was originally famous.

Xu Wei, Qin Shan, and Zhang Xing!

These were originally all shareholders of the company, although the total shares are less than one-tenth!

But that is also a company shareholder!

Not only that, they also hold positions in the company!

Qin Shan is even the Minister of Personnel, with a high position!

But they are now standing beside Shen Weiyan!

Enderia Shen felt a chill in his heart!

If Dustin Zhou did not prepare in advance, then everything could happen today!

Together with Shen Weiyan, these people are likely to directly take over Mingyang Company!

At that time, even if he wakes up, when he returns to the company, he may only face an empty shelf!

And even if she has the most shares, Shen Weiyan has a way to drive her out of the company, thus paving the way for his precious son, Edward Shen!

This is Shen Weiyan’s consistent style!

Enderia Shen is used to it!

“Of course it’s for you! Since you are a family member of Shen, and if something like that happens and there is no one in the company, your father will naturally take action. Is there anything wrong?” Shen Mu said coldly.

Now that Enderia Shen is awake, the matter of letting Shen Weiyan come over to take over the famous company and pave the way for Edward Shen is also a failure.

But Mother Shen was not reconciled!

“Of course not. Mingyang is my company. What does it have to do with the Shen family? What does it have to do with Shen Weiyan? It has nothing to do with your precious son, Edward Shen.” “Then, you came so heavily today. The company, isn’t it just to occupy the company?” “But, are you worthy?” Enderia Shen’s voice was extremely clear!

After an almost life-and-death journey, she seemed to look away from many things.

Before, she faintly relied on Dustin Zhou in her heart, and she relied on Dustin Zhou to solve many things!

Not only the whitening factor project, but also many other things for the company.

Faintly, the famous company is dominated by Dustin Zhou, and Enderia Shen is like a symbol, a symbol.

But she doesn’t mind!

She had been reluctant to admit it before, but after this time, she had already admitted in her heart.

She likes Dustin Zhou.

So when Zeng Pingchang stabbed that knife, Enderia Shen didn’t hesitate, as if instinctively, he rushed forward and stood in front of Dustin Zhou.

And now, the Shen family, who was supposed to be his family, wanted to cut a knife in the back at this time!

Enderia Shen will never allow it!

The voice fell, and the room was silent!

Everyone opened their eyes and watched

Enderia Shen.

The employees were surprised.

Is this still Mr. Shen in their impression?

It seems to be quite different from before!

And Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun and others were obviously surprised that Enderia Shen would say such a thing.

In their impression, Enderia Shen would not say such a thing.

After all, before coming, they had already investigated everything about Enderia Shen clearly!

I have endured it for decades. Is it this time that the Shebi Army has to make a decision?

Shen Weiyan was faintly aware of something, and his expression was extremely gloomy, as if the dark clouds in the sky approached before the violent storm, making people feel chilly when looking at it!

At this time, Shen Weiyan’s expression was like this.

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Shen Weiyan said coldly, his heart was extremely angry!

Enderia Shen is his daughter, he has always believed that, both physically and psychologically.

But today, things seem to be different!

“Of course I know, and I know very well, President Shen, I told you a long time ago that I am no longer your daughter and you are no longer my father. As for the famous company, even if it is dissolved, it will not Leave it to the Shen family, not to Edward Shen.” “You guys, give up!” Enderia Shen’s tone was light, as if he was talking about a very ordinary little thing.

After a word, everyone was shocked!

Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen blankly, his heart moved slightly!

He did not expect Enderia Shen to make this decision!

And it seems that this decision was only made today!

Dustin Zhou is the closest to Enderia Shen, so he can occasionally feel that Enderia Shen’s mood fluctuates greatly.

“Bijun, don’t get angry, I have everything!”

Chapter 252

I am here!

Dustin Zhou stepped forward and held Enderia Shen’s arms!

He could clearly feel that Enderia Shen’s body was shaking!

Although it is very slight, it is indeed shaking.

Dustin Zhou sighed, Enderia Shen must be very painful to make such a decision.

Although Shen Weiyan’s behavior was excessive, it was even a naked injury to Enderia Shen.

But after all, in blood, they are father and daughter.

Enderia Shen must have never thought about what happened today.

But the long-term depression finally broke out today.

Under the circumstances that his life and death are unknown, the father of his own blood did not go to the hospital to care about her life and death, but rushed to bring people to Mingyang Company, and wanted to win Mingyang Company.

And he did all this for his son.

All this, in Enderia Shen’s heart, is like a thousand-edged swords, constantly cutting her bottom line.

Finally, Enderia Shen’s bottom line was cut by Shen Weiyan.

So she did it!

Everything seems to be very reasonable, and it is also expected by many people.

“Enderia Shen, what are you talking nonsense! Weiyan is your father, don’t you want to recognize this father, you are absolutely rebellious!” Mother Shen was terrified!

She did not expect Enderia Shen to say such a thing.

Once the father-daughter relationship was severed, Mingyang has no relationship with their Shen family from now on!

And Edward Shen never had the opportunity to get involved with the company!

This is definitely not what Shen mother wants to see.

So she was a little hysterical and yelled at Enderia Shen.

But all of this, in the eyes of a discerning person, is like a shrew cursing on the street, not only is useless, but even more embarrassing.

“After today, I will naturally deal with it. From then on, Enderia Shen has nothing to do with the Shen family!” “When I left the Shen family that year, I was destined to be our home.” “As for the famous company, I created it by myself. , There is nothing to do with the Shen family. If you want to intervene, let’s put away your thoughts!” Enderia Shen said lightly.

At this time, everyone knew that Enderia Shen was determined to sever the relationship with Shen Weiyan.

She said she was going to deal with this matter.

But how to deal with it?

It is nothing more than going to the relevant department to do notarization!

From then on, Enderia Shen and Shen Weiyan have nothing to do!

Shen Weiyan’s face was extremely pale, and he glanced at Enderia Shen deeply.

And the mother Shen beside him is going crazy!

If Enderia Shen really did that, then what was she doing all the time for?

So she disagrees!

“You b*tch…” Mother Shen scolded.

“Enough!” But she was interrupted by Shen Weiyan before she said a few words.

Shen Weiyan’s stern gaze fell on her, making Mother Shen couldn’t help but give a cold


All of this can be done by her and Edward Shen.

If she and Edward Shen did not listen to persuasion, Shen Weiyan would not come to Mingyang Company today and would like to take over the company.

Then, Enderia Shen will not make a decision, and wants to sever women’s relationship with him!

Now, there seems to be no room for recovery.

This made Shen Weiyan’s heart sinking.

Shen Weiyan looked around and saw Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun kept sneering, he had already made a decision in his heart.

“Bring Edward Shen on, let’s go back!” With an order, Shen Weiyan turned around and left without any muddle!

Mother Shen was stunned. She didn’t expect Shen Weiyan to take it away and leave without any hesitation.

“Weiyan, how can you be like this, she is just a b*tch, can she really sever the relationship with you? You just leave, what will Edward Shen do? How will he take over the famous company in the future?” Shen Mu panic He didn’t hesitate to say something, but he said his own voice directly.

At this time, she realized that something was wrong, but she had already said it, and it was impossible to take it back.

And so many people present, not only Enderia Shen himself, but also many employees of the famous company, and even outsiders like Chen Ze, Sun Qiankun, and Su Shiming, but they all have certain power.

All these people heard her.

Suddenly, Mother Shen felt a repressed violent aura slowly approaching herself!

With a chill in her heart, Shen Mu’s face changed drastically, and she quickly asked a few bodyguards to take Edward Shen with her, wanting to leave.

“Did I let you go?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, his eyes like a sharp sword, surrounding Shen Mother.

As Dustin Zhou said, Mother Shen and the bodyguards didn’t even dare to move.

“What do you want to do?” Mother Shen turned around hard, her face very ugly.

Shen Weiyan had left, and even after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, he still didn’t stop and didn’t care about her.

This makes Shen mother passive at this time.

If Dustin Zhou wants to do anything to her, she has no room to resist.

As for the bodyguards beside her, they weren’t Niu Chuan’s opponents at all.

Mother Shen knew this well.

“What did you just say, you didn’t know it in your heart? You forgot so soon?” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

Just now, when Mother Shen was about to leave, she even dared to call Enderia Shen a “slut.”

Dustin Zhou could not tolerate it.

“I mean, isn’t Enderia Shen a slut? Otherwise, how dare she sever the father-daughter relationship with Weiyan?” “This slut is just like her slut mother! Not worthy of anyone’s sympathy!” Shen mother grinned. , His face is already hideous at this moment!

In an instant, everyone was quiet.

Many people know that Shen’s mother is not Enderia Shen’s biological mother, nor is Shen Weiyan’s original partner.

And at this moment, Mother Shen is doing this

The face of many people not only scolded Enderia Shen, but also scolded Enderia Shen’s biological mother.

Dustin Zhou was furious, and Enderia Shen was now leaning on his arms.

At the moment when Shen’s mother talked about Enderia Shen’s biological mother, he clearly felt Enderia Shen’s whole body trembling, as if he was suffering incomparably great pain!

“Chuanzi!” Dustin Zhou shouted in a low voice.

Niu Chuan immediately rushed forward, his slap raised high, and suddenly fell on Shen’s face.

“Pop!” The applause was extremely loud, and the audience was shocked.

I saw Mother Shen was slapped by Niu Chuan and flew out!

And the bodyguards around her didn’t dare to step forward, or even dared to stop them!

They had seen Niu Chuan’s power, and now, Mother Shen didn’t hesitate to say something, even at this time, she said such things recklessly, even these bodyguards felt that Mother Shen was looking for death.

That being the case, there is no need for him to endure Niu Chuan’s fist for such a dementia.

“Since you dare to say such a thing, you must be prepared to take responsibility!” Dustin Zhou looked at Mother Shen, no matter what she was at the moment.

In fact, Shen’s mother is not worthy of Dustin Zhou’s attention. At this moment, Enderia Shen’s mood seems to be something wrong, and Dustin Zhou needs to be comforted.

After all, she has just gone through a journey of life and death. If the mood swings are too large, it will have a great impact on her body and mind.

“Chuanzi, please get Madam Shen out!” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

He said “please” very hard.

Niu Chuan naturally knew what Dustin Zhou meant. He took a step forward and directly picked up Shen’s mother and walked towards the door of the famous company.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, Niu Chuan threw Shen Mu directly outside the door.

Everyone was stunned, admiring Dustin Zhou in their hearts!

I am afraid that in the entire East China Sea, only he dares to do such a thing.

Even Sun Qiankun, the second grandfather of the Sun family, couldn’t do it.

After all, they have too much fear.

Although the Shen family is nothing compared to the Sun family, the Shen family is also a second-rate yge family.

If the Shen family retaliated, even the Sun family would have to pay a high price.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t care.

He is now guarding a well-known company, and everything revolves around the well-known company. Even if the Shen family wants revenge, he is confident to solve it.

“Don’t worry, everything has me, I’m always there.”

Chapter 253


“What about you?” Shen Weiyan left, and Edward Shen fainted with a word from Dustin Zhou. Shen Mu was thrown out by Niu Chuan.

Now, the only outsiders staying in the company are the Sun family, Chen Ze and his party, and the Su family.

However, the Su family is here to help Mingyang, so they are not considered as outsiders. Dustin Zhou will definitely keep them afterwards. Thank you a little bit.

So now, only Sun Qiankun and Chen Ze are left.

And Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell directly on them.

At this time, Chen Ze’s face was extremely gloomy. He did not expect that Enderia Shen not only did not have an accident, but even went directly to Mingyang Company.

Moreover, in the face of the Shen family’s sudden attack, Dustin Zhou used lightning and thunder to make the Shen family out of the game in a very short time.

This is what Chen Ze never expected.

Now that Dustin Zhou’s gaze came over, Chen Ze actually felt a trace of fear in his heart.

After all, he is just the deputy editor-in-chief of a media company. Although he holds a high position in the newspaper, he still doesn’t seem to have enough attention in front of Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou is determined to clean up him, nothing else, just a media industry association is enough for Chen Ze to drink a pot.

But when he thought that Sun Qiankun made people find himself before, Chen Ze felt relieved.

After all, in this matter, Sun Qiankun and the Sun family are the mainstay.

If the Sun family is fine, he will naturally be fine.

Although Dustin Zhou strongly let the Shen family out, the Sun family is not the Shen family after all.

The Sun family’s abilities and influence are far from what the Shen family can compare.

Does Dustin Zhou dare to deal with the Sun family as he did with the Shen family?

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be so courageous. I really admire you!” Sun Qiankun said with a smile.

In fact, after the incident just now, he really felt admiration for Dustin Zhou.

Such a person is someone who can be compared with his Sun Qiankun.

Only such a person can let Sun Qiankun fall into a disadvantage several times!

And Sun Qiankun’s words shocked many people!

Did even the dignified second grandfather of the grandson family take Dustin Zhou so seriously?

“Since I admire him, don’t Erye Sun plan to give me an explanation? Why are you here at Mingyang?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes were sharp, and he didn’t feel proud of Sun Qiankun’s words.

On the contrary, he has always been very wary of Sun Qiankun.

He was able to make such a great reputation in Donghai City, and brought the Sun family to the ranks of the top families in Donghai City today.

Sun Qiankun’s ability is beyond doubt!

So Dustin Zhou has never lowered his guard!

And at this sensitive time, Sun Qiankun brought people to Mingyang Company. What was the purpose, even if he didn’t say it, Dustin Zhou could guess something.

But the time has not yet come for the two sides to tear their skins apart, make a complete break, and the conflict erupts.

So Dustin Zhou

Not that clear.

He just wanted to give Sun Qiankun some room to retreat.

In this way, Sun Qiankun has stepped down, and the pressure on the famous company will be much less.

Chen Ze looked at Sun Qiankun with dignified eyes.

It seems that Sun Qiankun can decide everything.

“Hehe, nothing, just listen to Sun Tian said that Dustin Zhou has a master next to him, so I want to get to know it.” Sun Qiankun took a serious look at Dustin Zhou, and when he saw that the other party’s eyes were firm and did not back down, he chuckled.

Dustin Zhou laughed too.

He naturally did not believe what Sun Qiankun said.

Even many people present didn’t believe it.

At this sensitive and critical moment, Sun Qiankun brought people to Mingyang, just to meet the masters around Dustin Zhou?

This reason is really bad!

But Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, acknowledging Sun Qiankun’s words!

Dustin Zhou knew this was just an excuse, but he still admitted.

Because at this moment he didn’t really want to directly confront the Sun family.

Head-to-head is never the best result.

Let alone the current Mingyang Company is not an opponent of the Sun family, even if it is combined with the Su family, it is not enough for the Sun family.

Even if the famous company develops to the point where it can compete with the Sun family, and if it wants to head-on with the Sun family, the end result must be both sides.

The strong showdown, no one has ever been able to stand alone!

Even if one party lives to the end, Q must be seriously injured.

Unless one party’s strength crushes the other.

But judging from the current situation, Mingyang still has a long way to go if it wants to develop beyond the Sun family.

There is a long way to go.

Dustin Zhou can only do this now.

“I don’t know if Sun Erye has seen it, and if there is anything else.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Everyone was shocked, and Dustin Zhou thought that Sun Qiankun’s words were correct.

The Sun family came to see the masters around Dustin Zhou.

However, in the eyes of many people, if there are many loopholes, why would Dustin Zhou believe it?

Many people do not understand, thinking Dustin Zhou is afraid, and disdain arises in their hearts.

But there are also many people who are thoughtful and understand Dustin Zhou’s decision.

After all, Dustin Zhou still couldn’t bridge the gap between Mingyang and the Sun family.

“I’ve seen it, and there is nothing more to do, so let’s say goodbye.” Sun Qiankun said with a big smile, turning around and leaving.

The Sun family also left with them.

This made Chen Ze a little confused!

How is this going?

Why did Sun Qiankun just leave?

At this time, only Chen Ze and his party were left in the company.

“It seems that Editor-in-Chief Chen is very dissatisfied with me, and I don’t know why you came to our company? Are you planning to quit?” “But it’s a pity that the famous company still

No need for someone like Editor-in-Chief Chen.

Dustin Zhou looked at Chen Ze with coldness. This Chen Ze provoked Dustin Zhou several times and even made a lot of small actions in the dark. He thought that people were unaware of ghosts. But he didn’t know. Because Dustin Zhou has not only the relationship between Lord Tiger, but also the relationship between Asher Chen. The relationship between either of them is enough to help Dustin Zhou find out what Chen Ze has done. So in Dustin Zhou’s heart, Chen Ze’s name has dimmed. Sooner or later One day, Chen Ze will disappear from Dustin Zhou’s vision. “Humph!

I just heard about the accident with President Shen, so I wanted to bring someone to interview. Since President Shen is safe and sound, I will definitely find time to visit again later, and say goodbye!

After finishing speaking, Chen Ze left without looking back. At this point, all the members of several power families have left. The atmosphere of the famous company suddenly relaxed. The employees smiled again and felt the pressure on their bodies suddenly. After taking a look at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, they re-entered their work. Even compared to before, the passion and efficiency of these employees have become higher. Office. Enderia Shen lay in Dustin Zhou’s office chair for a nap. Just now Being stimulated by Mother Shen, her mood still fluctuates at this time. Dustin Zhou asked her to close her eyes, don’t think too much, and let her go. On the side, Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming sat opposite each other. “This time, I still need to thank Patriarch Su. Reach out!

Dustin Zhou smiled and raised his teacup to Su Shiming. At this time, he was not ready to prepare wine, so he could only use tea instead of wine to express his gratitude to Su Shiming. Dustin Zhou knew that even without the Su family, he It can also solve other people. But anyway, the Su family came, and Su Shiming personally brought them. This is an attitude in itself. And Dustin Zhou is very satisfied with this attitude. If the Su family comes this time, Dustin Zhou will also No blame. But there must be some discomfort in my heart, and the cooperation between the two sides will definitely leave a lot of cracks. Once one day, these cracks can no longer be repaired, it may be the time when Dustin Zhou and the Su family turned their faces. But now, the Su family is here, so Dustin Zhou naturally won’t let the cooperation between the two parties cause a rift.

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