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Chapter 254

The dust settled!

“Come on, take medicine.” In the hospital ward, Dustin Zhou personally walked to Enderia Shen’s bed with a bowl of medicine, and handed the bowl to Enderia Shen.

“If you don’t drink it, it’s too bitter. What kind of medicine is this?” Enderia Shen frowned when he smelled the medicine, and his smiling face was wrinkled, obviously disgusting medicine.

Dustin Zhou was also speechless, and he couldn’t help it.

This medicine was specially prepared by Mr. Jiang before leaving Donghai, just for Enderia Shen.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t know what these medicines were, since Mr. Jiang said so, he could only do his best to get Enderia Shen to drink the medicine.

“Hey, drink the medicine, and you will be well soon.” Dustin Zhou kept persuading, unknowingly, there was a hint of coaxing in his tone.

Enderia Shen was taken aback, and after looking at Dustin Zhou, he was not talking, but opened his mouth directly, waiting for Dustin Zhou to give the medicine himself.

At the side of the ward, Sara Ye looked at the figures of the two, with a trace of envy and longing flashing under her eyes.

Several days have passed since that incident happened, and Enderia Shen returned to the ward.

Her body has not yet fully recovered, and one day she was stimulated by Shen’s mother, and her mood fluctuated greatly.

So in recent days, I have been recuperating in the hospital.

In order to repay the love of Enderia Shen for blocking the knife, Dustin Zhou has been with Enderia Shen for the past few days, even rarely going to the company.

So these days, the entire well-known company is handled by Sara Ye alone.

There are some things that he can’t decide, he will find Dustin Zhou and let Dustin Zhou make a decision.

As for the three shareholders of the company with Shen Weiyan that day, Dustin Zhou has already made a decision.

The other three were removed from their positions in the company and offered to take back their shares.

Even though the three of them were not very willing, they had to make compromises under Dustin Zhou’s strength.

So far, Dustin Zhou has nearly 30% of the shares in his hands.

All the shares of Mingyang Company are firmly in the hands of him and Enderia Shen.

In the future, unless it is a great disagreement between the two of them, it is impossible for others to influence the famous company.

And what happened that day was not always impervious.

Many people still learned about what happened that day from multiple channels.

Many people looked at Dustin Zhou with admiration, and they were secretly alert at the same time.

If you encounter Dustin Zhou in the future, you still have to be careful, otherwise, Shen Mu will be a lesson for you.

The madam of the chairman of the dignified Shen Group, Dustin Zhou said to throw it out, and then it was really thrown out, without showing any affection.

Many people have never had this decisiveness!

And another news spread out inadvertently.

The president of Donghai First People’s Hospital and the chief physician of the Thoracic Department were both dismissed by the hospital.

The hospital arranges soon

A replacement candidate.

This time, I heard that the leader of Donghai City in charge of the medical and health system personally supervised it.

No one knows what happened.

Outsiders wanted to inquire and even contacted some leaders of the hospital.

But no one revealed the news.

In fact, people in these hospitals dare not!

The immediate boss wants to keep them secret. Who dares to say it easily?

As for where Yang Xilai and Yang Zongfu went after they left the hospital, Dustin Zhou didn’t know, and many people in the hospital didn’t know.

Because of Dai Hui’s righteous speech that time, the leaders valued him and promoted him to become the new chief physician of the Thoracic Department.

After all, Dai Hui’s own qualifications and credentials have reached the mark, but Yang Zongfu has been suppressed, and he has not been promoted.

This time, it was a matter of course, no one was more qualified than him.

After the news spread, many people after thinking about it, faintly connected the matter with the famous company.

Otherwise, why everyone thinks that Enderia Shen has something wrong, but she appears in Mingyang Company?

The hospital is crowded with eyesight and it is difficult to control.

With Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company alone, it is obvious that the news cannot be controlled.

Then there was only one result, and the leader issued an order to block the news.

For a while, Donghai City continued to speculate, but the targets were Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company.

But Dustin Zhou would not care about these.

After dealing with the Mingyang company, he went to meet Zeng Datou.

But in just one day, Zeng Datou was like a different person.

, From the previous high spirits, to frustration and loss, to the lack of eyesight, like a zombie.

Dustin Zhou was not doing anything to Zeng Datou. In fact, when Enderia Shen came to his senses, Dustin Zhou could not continue to do anything to Zeng Datou.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou directly asked Zeng Datou to be sent to the police station and explained everything clearly.

In the ward, Enderia Shen was fed medicine. Hearing Sara Ye’s report, Dustin Zhou was also embarrassed.

Under police investigation, Zeng Datou was directly convicted. It is said that at least he would go in and squat for several years.

But Dustin Zhou would not forgive Zeng Datou for this.

Since he did the thing and Enderia Shen was injured as a result, he must take responsibility, and no one can excuse him.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, this is the company’s latest project. Would you like to take a look at the project plan of the new plant?” Sara Ye said as she handed the two documents to Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou looked at it. This is the latest project plan for the Xinzhu project.

This was what he had prepared before, and it united many departments within the company.

From the planning department to the propaganda department, almost the entire company is involved.

And now, this plan

Officially came out.

Dustin Zhou looked carefully.

The new plant project is not only a project of the famous company, but also a project he values ​​and leads.

At the same time, for the famous company, even for Professor Shao Zekai of Tunghai University, and for colleagues in Tunghai City, this is a project that does not allow any accidents to occur.

As time passed, Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou were carefully analyzing the plan.

For a long time, Dustin Zhou raised his head, his eyes bright.

This plan is very complete, and it lists almost everything that can be thought of and can be done.

“Very well, this plan is very good. The new strain project will be implemented according to the plan. By the way, sister Ye, after you go back, let them combine the whitening factor project and sum up the successful experience.” Dustin Zhou smiled.

The whitening factor project has been a great success, and the entire project is now running smoothly.

In the project, there are many places worth learning, which are all valuable experience and wealth.

For the new plant project, these can fill the gaps for the new project.

“By the way, Sister Ye, you should contact those cooperative companies immediately. By the way, don’t forget the Su family, and send a notice to the Su family.” Dustin Zhou ordered.

“Okay, I’m going now!” Sara Ye replied, then turned around and left.

There is still a lot of work to follow, which is not only complicated, but also not tolerant of errors.

Now Enderia Shen is recuperating in the hospital and Dustin Zhou is paying her.

She is responsible for the entire company, so there is a lot of pressure on her shoulders.

But precisely because of this, Sara Ye did not dare to relax at all.

Soon, everyone at Donghai Cosmetics Company was notified, and Su’s family was also notified.

The new strain project is about to start.

As project partners, they also have to participate in the whole process.

For a time, the eyes of the entire Donghai City seemed to focus on the famous company.

Chapter 255

Who is for, who is against!

At present, the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City is divided into two very obvious contexts.

One is a multinational cosmetics company controlled by a foreign consortium.

There is also a domestic cosmetics company.

For the time being, those multinational companies are not only aiming at the East China Sea, but also focusing on the entire China.

Therefore, even if they set up a branch in the East China Sea, their focus is not here.

In comparison, these domestic cosmetics companies attach great importance to Donghai City.

Among these companies, well-known companies in Donghai City have the strongest development momentum.

The new strain project that Mingyang is going to develop, not long ago, united almost the entire East China Sea cosmetics companies and put forward their opinions on joint development.

This is undoubtedly an exciting thing for other cosmetics companies in Donghai City.

After all, the whitening factor project of Mingyang Company, with pearls and jade first, and the new strain project, no matter how bad it is.

The incidents that had happened before the clear company also made all the cosmetics companies feel very shocked.

Whether it was Zeng Datou, who was forced into a violent attack, or Shang Zeming, who was frustrated, they were all objects of alert.

And Sara Ye got Dustin Zhou’s instruction and contacted the companies that participated in and signed the letter of intent for cooperation. Everyone also gathered at Mingyang.

“Why? Is there any wind?” “No. Mingyang has covered up the news about the new strain project so much that it didn’t disclose it at all.” “That’s right, I asked a lot of people, and even invited me here. The classmates who work at Mingyang have eaten several meals, but there is no news at all.” “Don’t worry, the last time you clarified the company’s affairs, it is estimated that Mingyang and Dustin Zhou were annoyed, and we are normal if we let them dry.” …… Mingyang company, conference hall.

At this time, the conference hall was full of people, all of whom were representatives of various cosmetic companies, coming over to discuss the specific content of the new strain project.

Wang Dalu was a little nervous.

All of you present here and the company they work for are larger than Wang Dalu’s Time Beauty.

It can be said that his company is the smallest company among the companies present.

Therefore, after asking about his company, everyone automatically ignored him.

“Don’t care about those, you have to believe in yourself. These days, your efforts must be shown to them later. They can look down on your company, but they can’t look down on you!” , It is Chen Hui who invested in him.

Hearing Chen Hui’s words, Wang Dalu felt a little relieved, but he was extremely moved.

It can be said that in Donghai, apart from the only four employees left in the company, only Chen Hui can fight alongside him.

Thinking of myself

With the preparation these days, Wang Dalu was immediately full of confidence.

Others don’t know what he did, but Chen Hui knows, and the employees of Time Beauty do.

Wang Dalu could even confidently say that everyone present was not fully prepared by him.

Time passed by, and at ten o’clock in the morning, the door of the conference hall was slowly pushed in.

Dustin Zhou, Sara Ye, and Su Shiming came together.

As a first-class family in Donghai City, the Su family will naturally not wait in the conference hall like these companies, but will be personally received by Dustin Zhou in the office early and communicated in advance.

As for Enderia Shen, her injury is not completely healed, and she still needs a lot of time to recuperate.

So Dustin Zhou didn’t let her participate. Anyway, this project, all the successful experience reference of the whitening factor project will not cause big problems.

Everyone was not surprised by the appearance of Dustin Zhou and Sara Ye.

After all, this new strain project is led by Dustin Zhou, and Sara Ye should be involved as an assistant.

However, Su Shiming’s appearance shocked everyone.

Sheng Yiguan was shocked when he saw Su Shiming.

As the top cosmetics company in Donghai City, he naturally has been paying attention to famous companies.

Before Enderia Shen had an accident, Shen Weiyan led people to take over the famous company forcibly, but he didn’t succeed in the end, so he naturally heard the news.

At that time, he heard that the Su family also appeared in Mingyang Company.

But no more news came.

Sheng Yiguan has always been half-believing that compared with the Sun family, the Su family’s natural strength is not enough, but for them, it seems to be a giant!

He didn’t expect that the Su family really participated, and this time it was Su Shiming, the head of the Su family, who appeared in person.

Other people had similar thoughts in their hearts, and each of them sat up in distress, and the slightest dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou and the famous company before disappeared instantly.

Even Su’s family has participated, and this project must have a bright future and lucrative profits.

Otherwise, where would the Su family look good?

And Dustin Zhou was not stingy at all and shared this project with them.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, it has become a support.

Wang Dalu didn’t know Su Shiming, but when he heard other people whispering, he also heard some, and he was suddenly shocked and even more nervous.

After Dustin Zhou entered the conference hall, the conference hall quickly became quiet. Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to speak, and spread the project.

“Everyone, I invite you to come today just for the start of the new strain project. I have a project plan here. Please take a look at it. If you have no comments, the whole project will proceed accordingly. What you need to do, Just to cooperate fully!” Dustin Zhou said softly, glanced at Sara Ye, and nodded


Sara Ye did not hesitate, and directly distributed the documents. Each company was given a project plan.

The person who got the plan immediately checked it to see if there was anything wrong, especially if it hurt his company.

Half an hour was fleeting, and everyone had seen the thick plan.

The atmosphere in the conference hall suddenly became tense.

To be honest, in the eyes of everyone, this plan is perfect.

If you follow the steps in the plan, then the new plant project will definitely have more prospects than Mingyang’s previous whitening factor project.

As for walking participants, the company they belong to can also get a lot of profits.

However, a plan or a new project involves almost all cosmetic companies in Donghai City. It is impossible to cover everything and take care of every company.

In terms of interests, there is always a choice.

Dustin Zhou even assigned some benefits that could belong to the famous company in the plan.

In his opinion, doing so, although it seems that the benefits of the well-known company are reduced, it can make the new strain project develop better.

“Everyone, the plan, you should have read it, I don’t know what your opinions are? Is there anyone who wants to object?” Dustin Zhou chuckled, leaning back on the chair, folded his hands on his abdomen, and the corners of his mouth smiled slightly. , Looked around at everyone, seeming very indifferent.

However, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, the entire conference hall fell silent, and everyone’s eyes subconsciously avoided Dustin Zhou’s.

Chapter 256


Everyone dodged their eyes, and they didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou at all.

Dustin Zhou asked if anyone wanted to object.

This sentence is familiar to everyone.

Dustin Zhou also asked this more than once in the previous meeting.

But compared to this time everyone was silent, the last time someone stood up and clearly opposed it.

Except for a few companies, the most famous one is Zeng, a clear company.

At that time, everyone admired them and was able to refute Dustin Zhou in front of so many people.

But now it seems that everyone is scared in their hearts.

Looking at the entire conference hall, the company that opposed it the previous time was disqualified by the famous company after it withdrew.

This means that no matter what trade-offs everyone makes, once the new strain project is launched, all future successes have nothing to do with them.

You know, there are many senior people present, but they have predicted that once the new strain project runs smoothly, the profits made within one year will far exceed the profits of many people’s companies for several years.

The most frightening thing is that Zeng Datou, who took the lead in clear opposition, has now been put in prison.

His life is gone.

Everyone didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Zeng Datou.

“Does anyone have an opinion?” Dustin Zhou found it a little funny. These people are all people calling for the wind and rain in their respective companies. At this moment, they are silent and dare not even look at themselves.

Is it really that scary?

Moreover, this plan came from him, and from the perspective of thinking about the problem, although it is based on well-known companies, there are many aspects that he has considered for other companies.

But Dustin Zhou had only worked in Mingyang after all, and he had a thorough understanding of Mingyang, and his understanding of other companies was superficial.

So this plan is inevitably biased.

Dustin Zhou is a person who pursues perfection.

And this new strain project is his second large-scale project executed in Mingyang.

He hopes that this project can be more successful than the whitening factor project.

Therefore, he gave everyone an opportunity today. If they raise any objections, Dustin Zhou will add it to the plan after thinking that it is feasible.

However, ten minutes later, no one spoke.

While this surprised Dustin Zhou, he was also disappointed.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, and the corners of their mouths trembled slightly.

In this case, you asked before, what the consequences are, everyone can see.

Now ask this again. With lessons learned, who dares to speak again?

“Zhou, I have a question.” But at this moment, a trembling voice slowly sounded.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes swept over.

When everyone saw the speaker, they were surprised and a little puzzled.

“Who is this person?


Why haven’t you seen it before?

“I don’t know, it shouldn’t be a big company?”

“I know, this is Wang Dalu of Time Beauty. Their company is about to go bankrupt now. I heard that the company now has only four employees, plus him, there are only five people!

“Hehe, such a company, I don’t know how it got in. I am afraid it is bankrupt. I want to try a way out.”

“… When everyone saw the speaker, they started talking in a low voice. Dustin Zhou was surprised when he heard other people’s comments, and looked straight at him. However, he didn’t underestimate the other person. From everyone’s comments, Dustin Zhou also understood simply. If it is true, under this situation, to make such a decision resolutely, it can be said to be full of determination. Such a person, in Dustin Zhou’s view, is very promising. Just like Mira Xie! Yueji Beauty is in trouble, and the entire company’s employees are decreasing. Others think she can’t support it, even Xie Mu and Dustin Zhou think so. But Mira Xie refused to admit defeat, and one by one investors visited to seek investment. For this reason, Mira Xie It was even in danger several times. It was Dustin Zhou who helped to keep Mira Xie from falling into the tiger’s claws. “You tell me.

Dustin Zhou said softly. Everyone thought Dustin Zhou would be angry, but he didn’t expect him to say so. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes fell on Wang Continent again, wanting to see, this young man could say something. Wang Continent at this moment Very nervous. Everyone’s eyes are looking at him! Not only are many well-known bigwigs in the industry, Dustin Zhou is also looking at him with scorching eyes. If it weren’t for Chen Hui to press him tightly on the side, give him confidence, Wang Dalu I am afraid that he has long since fled. But when he thought of this opportunity, he ran out of all the money of the company and individuals, and even borrowed two million from Chen Hui. If he fled now, he would not dare to suffer the consequences. Imagine. Taking a deep breath, Wang Dalu’s gaze gradually became confident. Even if these people in front of him are bigwigs in the industry, what can they do? People are not born to know them, and they are not born to be bigwigs in the industry. These people are becoming bigwigs. I have struggled before! Wang Dalu knows at least a few of the struggle histories. Those struggle histories have always inspired entrepreneurs like him! “Zhou, in this plan, many small companies are indeed considered. , But there is one thing you did not consider, those small companies are basically fighting for survival now.

“The greatest extent they can do so far is to act as an agent, rather than as an independent individual, becoming the cornerstone of this project.

“… Wang Dalu said all the points he had considered.

, Even completely ignoring that the plan was issued by Mingyang, and all the steps in it were the possibilities proposed by Dustin Zhou.

Gradually, the eyes of everyone looking at him changed.

Dustin Zhou looked at Wang Dalu, his eyes changed, and he became serious.

Indeed, Dustin Zhou had considered the issues mentioned by Wang Dalu before, but he only thought of the strength of those small companies a little bit, but as the cornerstone of the entire project, it was not a problem.

But now that Wang Dalu said so, Dustin Zhou also felt that he might still look at those small companies.

In a big city like Donghai, all the small companies are struggling, and their scale and strength are too small to really participate in the operation of the entire project.

“Mr. Zhou, just like my company, just raking in this million has already reached the point of bankruptcy. For this reason, I even borrowed two million from my friends, and my company is just a microcosm. I think there are many people here who have similar experiences with me.” Wang Dalu said seriously, looking at everyone with sincerity.

Chen Hui looked at Wang Dalu from the sidelines, feeling very pleased.

When everyone heard his words, they became silent.

There were even several people clenching their fists secretly, gritting their teeth, their faces heavy!

Because of the problem Wang Dalu said, they also exist!

The company’s size is not large enough, and the finances are insufficient, which restricts them.

But in the face of such an opportunity, no one wants to miss it!

“So…” Dustin Zhou fell into deep thought after listening.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and wanted to see how he would deal with it.

“In this case, a situation like your company is really not suitable for the new strain project.” After a moment of reflection, Dustin Zhou raised his eyes to Wang Dalu and said softly.

After just one sentence, the entire conference hall fell silent instantly.

Everyone was shocked, is it true?

As before, this time, Wang Dalu was just asking a little question, and Dustin Zhou would exclude him from the project!

However, Wang Dalu felt sad in his heart and bowed his head.

Everything is over!

“But I can give you another chance.”

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