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Chapter 257

Little league!

Wang Dalu suddenly raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou. There was bloodshot in his eyes.

A second, he thought everything was over.

Not only the Time Beauty Company, but even the money he owed Chen Hui was gone.

But the next moment, he seemed to hear the sound of nature!

Dustin Zhou’s voice was like a natural sound, filling Wang Dalu’s heart with hope.

The others also looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise.

This is different in their minds!

Shouldn’t it be directly concluded that Wang Dalu and his company are out, and then blocked in Donghai City?

Before the big head raised objections in person, that was the end.

Everyone thought it was the same this time, but why now it seems that things have turned around?

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou.

Su Shiming’s eyes flickered, and he looked at Dustin Zhou curiously.

Judging from the reactions of others, they were very jealous of Dustin Zhou.

He had heard a lot about the previous things, but he didn’t know the specific situation at that time, and others might also have deviations.

It now appears that the situation at that time may be more extreme than what others have said.

Only this time, what will Dustin Zhou do?

Feeling so many gazes, there is excitement, hope, doubt, curiosity… Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but smile, is it so scary?

In a word, it caused so many emotions among these people.

“Zhou, is what you said is true?” Wang Dalu asked tremblingly.

This is an opportunity, his last chance with Time Beauty.

Although Dustin Zhou was scary before, at this moment, Wang Dalu no longer wanted to think about it, and was afraid of others.

He just wanted to hear the exact answer from Dustin Zhou.

“What? Am I someone who doesn’t believe in words?” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows.

“However, the opportunity I mentioned is not so easy to grasp. I am just proposing an idea, and I will see you in the end.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

And everyone keenly heard something unusual from Dustin Zhou’s words.

Dustin Zhou said about you.

But now, Wang Dalu is the only one who has made comments.

What do you mean?

Wang Dalu faintly guessed in his heart, and his expression became more excited.

But he didn’t say it directly. He was afraid that his guess was wrong. In that case, Bai Bai was happy.

“Since you said that many small companies can’t play this project, not just the company’s scale, capital, influence, and ability, then it is better to gather all these small companies to form a small alliance.” Dustin Zhou Said with a smile.

Little league?

Wang Dalu was overjoyed!

This was not much different from what he had guessed.

But this word fell in the ears of other people, but

It was like thunder.

What does Dustin Zhou mean?

He wants to take out all the small companies individually and form an alliance. In this way, this small alliance can be called a whole, and it is not much better than those big companies.

Su Shiming looked surprised. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to come up with this idea. He was surprised and more delighted.

It seems that Dustin Zhou did not feel coquettish because of the company’s growth.

In this case, the Su family chooses to cooperate with him, and there is no need to worry about anything.

“I will ask the company to screen all the companies that participated this time. Those companies that are not large enough to participate in this project alone, I will take them out and form a small alliance.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and put this small The relevant functions and obligations of the alliance are stated.

However, these words are naturally unreasonable, but this is only a preliminary plan, and then specific planning and design needs to be made.

But those are not things that Dustin Zhou needs to worry about. Mingyang’s planning department will design this plan.

“Zhou, this small league is very good, but since it is an alliance, I don’t know if there is a leader, and who is this leader?” Someone asked softly, with a hint of expectation in his tone.

The others also looked at Dustin Zhou instantly.

Indeed, this small alliance is very good. It can not only unite all the insufficiently capable companies in the new strain project, but also make up for many of the things that these large companies cannot take into account.

Wang Dalu heaved a sigh of relief, his company was not excluded by Dustin Zhou, but the opportunity to enter the minor league, which has exceeded his expectations.

Once this small alliance is formed, Time Beauty will surely usher in a leapfrog development.

As for the leadership of this alliance, Wang Dalu didn’t care at all.

Anyway, the company at the scene, his time beauty is the smallest scale, how can it not compete with others.

Instead of expecting something and disappointing in the end, it is better to have no hope at the beginning.

“Since it’s an alliance, there is naturally a leader.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his gaze passed over the crowd and fell on Wang Continent.

“Since you put forward this opinion, it is up to you and your company to be the leaders of this small league.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking, and there was an uproar.

Everyone looked at Wang Dalu enviously.

Just by asking a question that many people think of, you can become the leader of the small league. Such a good thing is too simple.

However, there are still many people who are not convinced!

Regarding the size of the company, Wang Dalu’s Time Beauty is the bottom of the existence.

Among them, many companies are comparable in size to large companies, but they are only one chance.

Now this

The leader of a small league was taken away by Wang Dalu, which naturally made them unconvinced.

And Wang Dalu was even more stunned.

He hadn’t thought about this at all, and now Dustin Zhou suddenly said it, leaving him completely unprepared.

“Mainland, you are the leader, the company is saved!” Chen Hui saw Wang Dalu still sluggish, and suddenly punched him with excitement, which awakened him.

“Zhou, I don’t think this is appropriate. When Wang Dalu is in Time Beauty, in terms of the company’s scale and influence, it is the worst among all the companies present. How can such a company dominate this small alliance?” At this moment, someone stood up and said with a bad expression.

After him, several people from the company stood up and expressed their opposition.

“Yes, Time Beauty is a company that is going to close down. It is already giving him face to let him join the small league. How can he be led?” “Zhou, please choose another company to lead it?” “Yes, I think that Zhou Hao’s natural beauty company is pretty good. Recently, it is booming, and it has higher capital than those big companies!” “Yes, not to mention, Zhou Hao and Mr. Zhou are still My family can also convince the public!” … After several people had spoken their objections, they all looked at the person who stood up and raised the objection in the first place.

Dustin Zhou looked at the man, feeling clear in his heart.

For the boss of these companies, he has seen it more or less before.

Not to mention all the acquaintances, but it’s almost impossible.

The person in front of him, named Zhou Hao, is Dustin Zhou’s family, but in fact, it doesn’t matter at all.

Others keep talking about their own family, but they just want to say good things.

The company he works for is Natural Beauty, which is a newly developed company in Donghai City.

In just ten years, it has been catching up with those companies with decades of development.

It can be said that if the small alliance is established, then the largest company among them must be natural beauty, there is no accident, and there is no one!

Chapter 258

Here, I have the final say!

“Mr. Zhou, I know that you are doing it for the good of everyone, and for the sake of our companies that are not large enough.” Zhou Hao looked at Dustin Zhou and smiled lightly.

“However, it is a little tricky to make Time Beauty the leader of the small league. You know, now Time Beauty, together with the boss Wang Dalu, has only five people. How can such a company become the leader?” Zhou After Hao finished speaking, many people nodded subconsciously.

They have also thought about these issues in their minds.

Not to mention other things, the company plus the boss, there are only five people, how can you maintain the company, other companies, and the entire Donghai market?

What’s more, once it becomes the dominant player, Time Beauty has to contact other companies in the alliance.

These workloads, not to mention five people, are fifty people, they are all a little choking.

“So?” Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything, but said with a chuckle.

“So, the leading power of the small league should be my natural beauty company. I am confident and able to maximize the role of the small league!” Zhou Hao helped the glasses and was very confident.

Everyone nodded secretly.

Zhou Hao is right. Compared to the strength of the company, Natural Beauty should naturally become the leader of the small league.

This is not only to say that natural beauty has this strength, but also because only in this way can it convince the public.

Watching everyone’s reaction, Wang Dalu felt miserable in his heart!

Originally, he thought it was a surprise, a reward for his hard work over the past few years.

But now, reality told him coldly, what is strength.

In the face of strength, he didn’t even have a chance to refute.

What’s more, Wang Dalu didn’t know where to refute.

After all, what Zhou Hao said existed.

And now, all the decision-making power is in Dustin Zhou’s hands.

As long as Dustin Zhou nodded, the leader of the small league would become Zhou Hao.

For a while, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, waiting for him to make the final decision.

“You are right!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

When the words fell, Zhou Hao grinned, contented in his heart.

Everyone also looked at him, and some even congratulated Zhou Hao in advance.

But Wang Dalu felt sad, but he didn’t feel much lost. After all, this leader shouldn’t have been given to him.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhou…” Zhou Hao was satisfied, and smiled directly and bowed slightly to Dustin Zhou to express his gratitude.

After all, after he becomes the leader of this small league, whether it is an individual or a natural company, he will shine in the new strain project and develop rapidly.

“But so what?” However, Dustin Zhou interrupted Zhou Hao before he finished speaking.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were like torches, looking around everyone.

“you are right

That’s right, Time Beauty Company is not as big as yours, but so what?

Dustin Zhou smiled, there was no change in expression on his face, as if he was talking about a trivial thing. In an instant, Zhou Hao and the others’ faces changed. Dustin Zhou said it all, how could they still not understand “Zhou, you…” Zhou Hao frowned, feeling very upset. “What’s wrong with me?”

Here, but I have the final say!

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, his gaze fell straight on Zhou Hao’s face, and gradually became cold. “If you have opinions and don’t want to join this alliance, then you can quit!

“The same goes for everyone else, whoever has opinions can withdraw!”

Quiet! Very quiet! After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, everyone including Zhou Hao became quiet. At this time, who would dare to speak nonsense? Everyone has not forgotten that the Zeng head of Chengming Company is a lesson from the past. Even Chengming Company Such big companies are like this, not to mention their little ones. As long as Dustin Zhou said, I believe that many companies in the East China Sea are willing to clean up them together and receive all the original resources of their company. Zhou Hao never doubted, as long as he said it, Then he will be ruthlessly excluded from this project. And the consequences, he can’t imagine. “You are called Wang Dalu, right? Your time beauty, I understand a little bit, I leave this important task to you, not Say how much you have personally, but you are the first person to come forward and point out the problems in the plan.

Dustin Zhou smiled lightly. “So, as a reward, this is what you deserve, but if you don’t do it well, I will re-adjust. When that happens, I will take back your qualifications as a leader.

“No problem, I can do it!”

Without waiting for Dustin Zhou to continue speaking, Wang Dalu hurriedly responded, his face flushed, and he was obviously excited. After all the twists and turns, Wang Dalu did not expect that Dustin Zhou would eventually hand over the leader to himself. This made Wang Dalu feel endless pride in his heart! What if there are only a few people left in the company? He is confident that he will be able to lead the company to a bloody rebirth in the new strain project! “Okay, that’s it. The new strain project will be launched next month. Get ready, when the time comes, I don’t want to see any company or anyone drop the chain!

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, and then said in a deep voice to everyone. The new plant project is a brand new project. Although the success of the whitening factor project is ahead, Dustin Zhou cannot guarantee foolproof, so everyone needs to do their best. … After determining the leader of the small league, the next meeting seemed to be a lot silent. Including Zhou Hao, many small companies are not too hot


“Ms. Zhou, Zhou Hao, and other people will have grievances, will they stumble the Wang Dalu in the project?” Sara Ye whispered in Dustin Zhou’s ear.

As a bystander, she can feel everyone’s emotions.

Especially people in small companies headed by Zhou Hao are very depressed.

“If Wang Dalu can’t even overcome this difficulty, then the leader of this alliance, he is not qualified to continue to be.” Dustin Zhou said with a light smile.

He didn’t worry about Wang Dalu at all, after all, he was as hard as Mira Xie!

And this hard work, at this time, can give him endless energy.

After a while, the people in the conference hall were almost gone.

In the end, only Su Shiming remained.

“Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhou is so strong, those companies dared not speak.” Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou, feeling a little different from what he knew.

If the first contact was made, I felt that I was drawing on the reputation of the famous company and Asher Chen. Although he was polite, it was nothing more than that.

So last time when Shen Weiyan wanted to take over the Mingyang company, Dustin Zhou was very sharp and domineering in the face of Shen Weiyan and even Sun Qiankun and others.

It seems that he is the superior, and Shen Weiyan and Sun Qiankun are the subordinates.

So this time, Su Shiming saw Dustin Zhou’s self-confidence and deterring others.

Chapter 259

Three years of appointment!

“Haha, where are they, it’s just that they asked for something, and I didn’t ask for it.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, not taking Su Shiming’s words.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou didn’t care much about the Su family’s participation.

The main reason was that he could return to the Zhou family in the future and be able to draw on the strength of the Su family.

In contrast, what he could give to the Su family at this time was quite generous.

“After Uncle Su goes back, I will let the Su family start preparing. Once the project starts, it will be a huge machine that can’t be stopped easily. I don’t want to see the Su family become a bondage.” Dustin Zhou did not. Said politely.

To be honest, although the Su family is a first-class family in Donghai City, they are still novices in the cosmetics industry.

Even Zhou Hao’s natural beauty company is more influential than the Su family in the East China Sea.

And the Su Family, at best, was better than Wang Dalu’s Time Beauty.

“Don’t worry, the Su family will definitely not be dragged down.” Su Shiming promised.

… After Su Shiming also left, Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

To be honest, it is not easy to host such a meeting and unify the interests of all parties.

Dustin Zhou only felt that his mind was full of paste now, and he felt like he wanted to explode.

“Huh, it seems that such a thing is definitely not an easy thing, and I don’t know what kind of existence a behemoth like the Zhou family will be.” He sighed secretly in his heart, and Dustin Zhou also started to prepare.

Next, Mingyang Company must fully use its horsepower to fully carry out the new plant project.

As for the research and development of the new strain, Professor Shao Zekai has been receiving news during this period.

Dustin Zhou can only say that Shao Zekai deserves to be the director of Zhou’s testing institute, and his ability is absolutely nothing to say.

In just a short time, he has already purified the nutrients in the new plant, and has done experiments, which can be used on human skin.

As for the next chores, Dustin Zhou can let people do it, and he doesn’t need to keep staring at them.

The City First People’s Hospital.

Enderia Shen has been recuperating in the VIP ward ever since he was sober.

When Dustin Zhou is busy with company affairs, he often visits her.

After all, Enderia Shen was injured in order to protect Dustin Zhou from the knife, and Dustin Zhou could not ignore her at this time.

“The company’s business has already started to work. Next, the new plant project will definitely surprise the people of the East China Sea, and even the people of the whole country.” Dustin Zhou peeled an orange to Enderia Shen and said with a smile.

“I believe you!” Enderia Shen lightly opened her lips, holding the orange, and biting gently.

She was very confident in Dustin Zhou, and she was not surprised to hear Dustin Zhou say this at this moment.

“By the way, when are you going to leave the hospital?


Dustin Zhou smiled when he looked at Enderia Shen, and felt a little headache. Although he was also happy to look after Enderia Shen, he couldn’t always be here. After all, the company’s affairs also need to be taken care of. What’s more, the relationship between him and Enderia Shen is not reached after all. That level. Regardless of what others think, Dustin Zhou feels ashamed of Mira Xie’s level. “What?

Feel annoying to take care of me?

Enderia Shen raised his eyebrows and gave Dustin Zhou a white look. This look was very charming. However, Dustin Zhou closed his eyes and ignored him. Seeing Dustin Zhou’s appearance, Enderia Shen also sighed in his heart and felt a little disappointed. But this loss came quickly. I went there quickly. “In a week, I don’t think there is anything left.

“Enderia Shen finally said the deadline. In fact, if there is a choice, she would rather stay on the bed in the ward and enjoy Dustin Zhou’s care and care. But she knows that it is just a luxury. “Ting Lingling.

“At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly. Dustin Zhou picked up the phone and looked at it. It was a strange number, and he was about to refuse. After all, all the people he knew had saved their mobile phone numbers. And strange numbers mean He may not know the other party. “What are you doing hanging up?

Maybe someone is looking for you for something?

Recently, the new strain project is online, there must be many people looking for you.

Enderia Shen quickly persuaded. “Hey.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to answer the phone. “Hey, is this Dustin Zhou?”

Still remember me?

There was a hearty voice on the other end of the phone. Dustin Zhou frowned slightly and looked a little unhappy. Dustin Zhou was not used to the other party’s self-acquaintance, and the tone was too light, as if they were very familiar with each other. “you are?

“f*ck me!”

Dustin Zhou, you are too righteous, you can’t even hear my voice, I am Zhang Jie!

You forgot, when we graduated that year, we still had an appointment for three years!

Dustin Zhou couldn’t remember him without saying anything, but after saying that, a large memory flooded Dustin Zhou’s mind like a tide, and he suddenly thought of him. “So it was you!”

” “how about it?

Dustin Zhou, the three-year agreement, have not forgotten it!

You must come, without you, there will be no fun!

“Zhang Jie laughed loudly at the other end of the sentence. “Okay, I must go!”

“OK, then do this first, I have to contact others!

Wait, let’s talk!

“After speaking, Zhang Jie hung up the phone. “Three years of appointment, Dustin Zhou, are you doing these boring things too?”

“Enderia Shen had been listening, almost didn’t hold back a smile. “Uh, this, who didn’t have a young age?”

Besides, at that time, it was very popular, OK?

”Dustin Zhou

Rolled his eyes, a little speechless.

In fact, he does have this three-year agreement.

When graduating that year, the whole class agreed that three years after graduation, they would find a time to meet the whole class.

At that time, no matter where you are, you will gather in Donghai to take a look at your alma mater.

As the monitor at the time, Zhang Jie was naturally responsible for contacting the whole class.

Thinking of the lush years of the year, Dustin Zhou only felt that time flew by, as if three years had passed in the blink of an eye.

“Counting the time, it will be next month.” Dustin Zhou thought to himself that in order to prepare the time for everyone, the agreed time to meet will be in the middle of next month.

Counting the time, it was only a dozen days.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou is in the East China Sea, so he doesn’t need to hurry, just go by that day.

“I said it was a three-year appointment. In fact, it was a class reunion! Dustin Zhou, I heard that many people develop that relationship at the class reunion. Would you not do the same?” Enderia Shen said About very disdain.

Class reunion, just class reunion, must be so tactful.

What’s more, some things that happen at classmates reunions often appear in the news, and Enderia Shen also knows a lot.

At least, when he first participated in a class reunion that year, he witnessed some things with his own eyes.

So now, he feels that Dustin Zhou’s classmate gathering is similar.

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