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Chapter 260


After caring for Enderia Shen to fall asleep, Dustin Zhou sat for a while before leaving.

Dustin Zhou was also emotionally upset at the thought of seeing his classmates in more than ten days.

When he was in school, Dustin Zhou’s academic performance was not the best, and his social activities were not the most active.

Counting that, he is not very famous in school.

However, he had a great time with the dormitory and classmates.

At least Dustin Zhou thinks so.

After all, when everyone got together, the most discussed topic every day was about Mira Xie.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle.

Those classmates probably don’t know yet, Mira Xie is already married to himself.

If you tell her this, I don’t know how they will react!

Regarding this three-year agreement, Dustin Zhou did not intend to tell Mira Xie, after all, he did not want to pull hatred in front of his classmates.

Time passed quickly, and a week later, the new strain project was officially launched.

This time, Dustin Zhou only attended the project launching ceremony, and the staff of Mingyang Company were responsible for all subsequent activities.

This time, Dustin Zhou appointed the director of the planning department and the director of the operation department to jointly coordinate the new plant project.

After all, there is a whitening factor project ahead, and they can take pictures of cats and tigers.

If something goes wrong, Dustin Zhou will come forward to solve it at that time.

Soon, the new strain project was officially launched!

This time, Professor Shao Zekai’s nutrient solution extracted from the new strain has been developed to produce a new strain of facial cleanser.

Someone in the company wanted to produce a facial mask, but Dustin Zhou denied it.

The company already has an explosive product of whitening factor facial mask, and there is no need to have other facial mask products. In that case, it will only share the demand for whitening factor.

Some of the gains outweigh the losses.

And washing face trouble, at present, is still a blank area for famous companies, and there is a lot of room for development.

For a while, all cosmetics companies in Donghai City are paying attention to the new strain project, and even many other companies are also paying attention.

They want to see what the outcome of Mingyang will be when it runs this project with all the cosmetics companies in the East China Sea this time.

However, when the project was officially launched, everyone was stunned!



People seem to think of other words to describe the situation of the new strain of facial cleanser.

Everyone only saw that the initial stage was only half a month of publicity. The moment the new strain of facial cleanser was launched, the entire Donghai City was crazy about it.

Almost all the outlets that sell new strains of facial cleanser are more crowded than the crowd!

Orders continue to pass to Mingyang, and Mingyang continues to pass to the factory.

As expected, Dustin Zhou asked the factory to prepare nearly four million facial cleansers in case of emergency.

But tight

Tight for a long time, it was sold out!

The production plant had insufficient capacity, and Mingyang specifically approved the contact with the logistics company of Donghai to ask them to help transport the goods.

To this end, Dustin Zhou gave a lot of profit margins.

As a result, people in Donghai City often saw dead trucks passing through on the road.

The destination of these trucks is the sales point of each new strain of facial cleanser.

And when the sales data of the first day were fed back to the famous company, everyone in the company went crazy.

Even when Dustin Zhou saw the data, he was shocked!

In one day, the new strain of facial cleanser sold 5.3 million pieces!

The sales amount is nearly 500 million!

Exceeds the original data of the whitening factor mask!

And looking at the feedback from various sales outlets, customers still have a strong demand for the new strain of facial cleanser!

On the second day, Dustin Zhou asked the company to directly release the sales data of the first day.

Suddenly, the entire East China Sea was a sensation.

In addition to industry insiders, many news media have also started interviews under Dustin Zhou’s signal.

The news of the day mostly revolved around the hot sale of the new strain of facial cleanser.

And those companies involved in the cooperation can no longer care about the trivial gains and losses at this time, they are already very busy.

Zhou Hao didn’t have the mind to pose a problem to Wang Dalu either. His own natural beauty makeup has been dispatched by the entire company, but the manpower is still insufficient.

As for Wang Dalu, after temporarily recruiting two hundred people, he felt a little more relaxed.

But he did not dare to relax too much, after all, such a hot situation did not allow him to relax.

A week later, the hot scene of the new strain of facial cleanser only eased slightly.

But even so, the supply in Donghai City is in short supply.

In one week, the sales of the new strain of facial masks exceeded 1.5 billion!

This is something no one thought of!

You know, at the beginning, the sales of whitening factor masks were only one billion in a week.

At this time, Dustin Zhou’s three-year agreement also arrived.

On this day, Dustin Zhou woke up early, and it was rare to clean up himself. He took a good look in the mirror and found it okay. Then he set off for the company.

He has to go to the company to arrange things first, and then go to the hotel where the party is.

Coincidentally, the party hotel Zhang Jie chose was Avaria!

You know, this is a high-end venue alongside the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Under normal circumstances, Avaria does not accept party guests.

Even the last launch ceremony of Mingyang’s whitening factor project was acquired at a high price.

When Dustin Zhou came to Avaria, he reported his intentions and was taken to a hall by the waiter.

Weizhu Hall.

There are several such halls in the center of Cuihu Lake.

Generally speaking, they spend a lot of money to participate in the party to receive

The guests.

Just like Dustin Zhou’s classmate gathering this time, it would normally be arranged in the Weizhu Hall.

However, Dustin Zhou was still slightly surprised in his heart.

He knows the specifications of Avaria, even if the Weizhu Room is very ordinary, but this time, at least one hundred thousand yuan, this is only the most basic, if you want to eat a little better, not two hundred thousand, There is nothing to eat.

You know, Dustin Zhou had only forty people in this class.

In this way, if everyone is split equally, at least one person will pay five thousand.

What’s more, boys can’t let girls participate in AA, right?

In that case, a boy would pay 10,000 yuan per person.

Personally, this is already a considerable number.

When Dustin Zhou was an ordinary employee in Mingyang, his salary was only over 6,000 a month.

Dustin Zhou came to the Weizhu Hall, and there were already a few people in it.

Three male students and two female students.

“Dustin Zhou! You are here! I will recognize you as soon as I see you, and it hasn’t changed at all!” As soon as Dustin Zhou entered, Zhang Jie greeted him with a smile.

Dustin Zhou also smiled slightly, familiar with this atmosphere, and felt at ease.

At this time, the people in the hall saw Dustin Zhou and looked over.

The other two classmates sat in their original positions and did not come over, while the two female classmates just looked at Dustin Zhou and looked away, without any change in expression on their faces.

“You haven’t changed either, you still look like this sorrowful bag.”

Chapter 261

Sun Junkai!

Zhang Jie couldn’t see any seriousness at this time.

The clothes he wears are very fashionable, trendy brand T-shirts, beach pants, flip-flops, and a pair of sunglasses on top of his head.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like someone with a serious job, but more like a gangster.

But Dustin Zhou knew that Zhang Jie was actually a rich second generation.

His family came to Xiangxi to be considered a wealthy family, not to mention the wealth, there are hundreds of millions.

So when he was in college, Zhang Jie had very generous hands, and a good student like Dustin Zhou played with him, and he did not miss Zhang Jie’s autumn style.

However, at that time, brothers were loyal, and no one would care about it.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t feel how formal this class reunion was, but seeing Zhang Jie’s dress up, he couldn’t help but ridicule.

But ridicule belongs to ridicule, four years of classmate friendship, three years of goodbye, and I can’t help but feel a little joyful in my heart as if I have passed away.

I don’t know how the other students in the class are doing.

Zhang Jie took Dustin Zhou into the Weizhu Hall and greeted the other two male and female classmates, but they did not respond much.

It’s just a hasty answer to Dustin Zhou, and they have their own business.

Zhang Jie’s face was a bit ugly, as did Dustin Zhou.

Not to mention other things. Everyone, four years of classmates, meet again after three years, so you won’t be so perfunctory to say hello, right?

Dustin Zhou clearly remembered that when he was in college, he played fairly well with these two male classmates.

Even the previous relationship between the two female classmates was fine, and there was quite a lot of communication between the two.

But now it looks like a stranger.

“Hey, maybe I haven’t seen each other for three years. Everyone has students. When I talk more later, I will get to know each other again.” Seeing that something was wrong, Zhang Jie quickly changed the subject with a smile.

“Zhang Jie, didn’t you say that Young Master Sun is also coming? Why haven’t you seen the figure now? If you didn’t say that Young Master Sun is coming, I would never have time to come.” At this moment, a male student stood up with a face. Buyu said.

Dustin Zhou recognized this person, Zhou Hang, who was next door to his dormitory at the beginning, and often played cards together. They were very familiar with him. Moreover, everyone was still a member of the army that had pursued Mira Xie.

But this week, Zhou Hang was going to take the civil service examination later, so he gradually lost contact with Dustin Zhou, and I don’t know how it is now.

As for the young Master Sun Zhou Hang said.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed, and he remembered who the other party was.

Sun Junkai!

At that time, the class was a master!

“Haha, who is talking about me?” At this moment, a hearty laughter sounded outside the Weizhu Hall.

Dustin Zhou looked around and saw a man slowly walking in.

What surprised Dustin Zhou was that behind him, a dozen people walked in with him.

And those dozen people are all from Dustin Zhou’s university


Dustin Zhou looked at the incoming person, compared with the person in his own impression, and instantly recognized him.

It is Sun Junkai!

“Master Sun, I thought you weren’t coming? I blame Zhang Jie, saying that you will come, but you can’t see any figure for a long time.” “Yes, Master Sun, I didn’t expect the classmates to come with you. I had known that I had also gone with him, which made me wait here in vain for a long time!” Seeing Sun Junkai coming in, the two male classmates immediately greeted him with a smile and kept flattering.

The two female classmates also smiled, with spring in their eyes, and they looked at Sun Junkai with a smile.

Dustin Zhou slandered in his heart, it seemed that as long as Sun Junkai nodded, the two women would plunge into his arms without hesitation.

“Haha, it’s all the same, come early and late, aren’t they all the same!” Sun Junkai was very satisfied with this flattery and laughed out loud.

“Hey, this is…” Sun Junkai walked into the Weizhu Hall, saw Dustin Zhou at a glance, and asked suspiciously.

He thought Dustin Zhou was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

“Sun Shao, this is Dustin Zhou, don’t you remember? The one who always said to pursue Mira Xie.” Zhou Hang immediately said with a smile when he heard Sun Junkai’s question.

And he looked at Dustin Zhou, as if full of disdain.

After Zhou Hang finished speaking, everyone’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

There are surprises, surprises, disdain, and indifference.

Sun Junkai was stunned, then suddenly laughed.

“I know, it’s Dustin Zhou who was full of schools saying that he would catch up with Mira Xie? Haha, I didn’t expect you too

And he looked at Dustin Zhou, as if full of disdain.

After Zhou Hang finished speaking, everyone’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

There are surprises, surprises, disdain, and indifference.

Sun Junkai was stunned, then suddenly laughed.

“I know, it’s Dustin Zhou who was full of schools saying that he would catch up with Mira Xie? Haha, I didn’t expect you too

And he looked at Dustin Zhou, as if full of disdain.

After Zhou Hang finished speaking, everyone’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou.

There are surprises, surprises, disdain, and indifference.

Sun Junkai was stunned, then suddenly laughed.

“I know, it’s Dustin Zhou who was full of schools saying that he would catch up with Mira Xie? Haha, I didn’t expect you too

How’s it coming?

Three years have passed, have you caught up with Mira Xie?

Sun Junkai raised his eyebrows and laughed. The others also laughed along with Sun Junkai. “Sun Junkai, what happened back then, is it interesting for you to tell me now?”

“Zhang Jie’s face is very ugly. This time the party was organized by him. Originally, he wanted everyone to gather together and recall the past, which was not bad. But he didn’t expect that before everyone came, Sun Junkai would take it. Dustin Zhou’s past was joking. Back then, he also said that he wanted to pursue Mira Xie, but after Mira Xie talked to Charlie Chen, he didn’t mention it again. “Zhang Jie, this is your fault, Dustin Zhou’s infatuation back then, but the whole school Knowing that Mira Xie was with Charlie Chen, and everyone else gave up, but he still made a vow and said that he would chase Mira Xie. Is this false?

Sun Junkai seems to be determined to say this, ignoring Zhang Jie’s increasingly ugly face. “Naturally it is true, and I have never denied it!”

“Zhang Jie wanted to say something, but Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand to stop him. Dustin Zhou knew that Sun Junkai had always looked at him unpleasantly, from the beginning of enrollment. And the reason seemed ridiculous, he thought Dustin Zhou’s tuition fee was applied for a student loan. , And during his university years, he has been living relatively hard. Sun Juncheng self-proclaimed a son of a rich family, naturally disdain to associate with people like Dustin Zhou. The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou was the first person to publicly issue a statement to pursue Mira Xie. , Mira Xie is the school flower, countless people want to kiss Fangze. Sun Junkai is one of them! Seeing that his sweetheart is being remembered by others, Sun Juncheng is naturally unhappy, so he has been looking at Dustin Zhou upset and has been asking Dustin Zhou for trouble. Dustin Zhou didn’t remember how many times Sun Junkai had troubled him. He was already numb. “Hehe, he really knows himself!

“That’s right, who didn’t know that Mira Xie had always been Sun Shao’s sweetheart, but you didn’t have the eyes to see, and you wanted to pursue Mira Xie!”

“I don’t look at what identity it is. I only ration people who wear shoes to Sun Shao, so I am embarrassed to have thoughts about Mira Xie?”

“… Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with disdain. Dustin Zhou clearly saw that several women had rolled their eyes at him. When they were in college before, they had clearly played well with Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but sigh. He didn’t want to say anything, he just found it boring. His original desire to get together with his old classmates gradually became cold. Dustin Zhou was thinking about whether or not to leave. Anyway, so many people think he is unhappy, so he just leaves. “Enough, Sun Junkai, this time is a class reunion, if you have any comments,

Let’s talk after it’s over!

Not everyone wants to see you watching Dustin Zhou’s jokes!

“Zhang Jie frowned and gave a cold drink.

Chapter 262

News from Mira Xie!

Zhang Jie was angry, and even if Sun Junkai was there, it would be hard for everyone to say more.

After all, Zhang Jie is not only rich in wealth, he is also a wealthy family in Xiangxi.

In addition, Zhang Jie treated his classmates very well as the monitor.

There were several present, and they received a lot of favor from Zhang Jie.

“It’s boring, Zhang Jie, your own troubles are not small, and you still care about this, I don’t know what you plan, hum!” Sun Junkai and Zhang Jie made a cold snort and walked straight inside.

Others also filed in.

“Sorry, Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect Sun Junkai to say these things!” When everyone walked into the hall, only Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou were still at the door, Zhang Jie said softly, full of guilt.

“It’s okay, it’s all classmates. It’s nothing to tease each other.” Dustin Zhou shook his head. He could see that Zhang Jie really didn’t know, and he was very guilty now.

Dustin Zhou still cares about Zhang Jie.

It is not only that he himself is good, but he also took care of Dustin Zhou that year.

“By the way, Sun Junkai just said that your own troubles are not small, why? Have you encountered any difficulties?” Dustin Zhou’s heart moved slightly and asked in a low voice.

What Sun Junkai said just now, others may not care much, even if they care, they may not say anything.

But Dustin Zhou was different. Zhang Jie treated him well in the past, so he also thought about how he could help Zhang Jie.

“Hey, you can’t help much with this matter. I came to the East China Sea this time, just for this matter, I will solve it myself.” Zhang Jie shook his head, his face stiffer.

But obviously, he also thought that Dustin Zhou could not help, so he did not say what it was.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, without further questioning.

Zhang Jie didn’t want to talk about this. He had no choice but to pay attention to it later and see if he could help. It was not bad to work secretly.

Soon, everyone was seated.

And Sun Junkai sat straight in the first seat.

Although it is a round table, there is actually no so-called first seat, but the first seat is formed artificially.

“Haha, Young Master Sun should take the first seat, that’s right!” “That’s right, among those present, who can compare to Young Master Sun!” “Yes, I heard that, Young Master Sun is currently not worthy Fei!” “Huh? How many? Young Master Sun, you are about to help your brothers.” … A dozen people continued to flatter, and Sun Junkai was very happy.

“Haha, it’s easy to say, it’s not a big deal to say that it’s a good mix, earning hundreds of millions a year, these years, everything is expensive, just bought a car a year ago, Lamborghini, eight million!” Sun Junkai laughed. , He took out a car key and placed it directly on the table.

It’s Rambo

Gini’s car key.

After everyone saw it, their eyes shone.

Several female classmates are full of spring, it seems that as long as Sun Junkai nods, they will give everything!

And over time, all the people in the entire class arrived.

But without exception, every student who arrived saw the car key on the table and all smiled flatteringly.

And Sun Junkai seemed to be the center of the party, and everyone revolved around him.

Of course, Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie are exceptions.

Zhang Jie is because his family is considered to be a wealthy family and does not need to cling to Sun Junkai.

Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly, disdainful of it.

Not to mention making hundreds of millions a year, he can now make hundreds of millions a week.

But now it’s a classmate gathering, he doesn’t want to show off his wealth, he just wants to take a good look at the lush years of the year.

The dishes were ordered by Zhang Jie before, so after the crowds were gathered, Zhang Jie directly let the waiter serve the dishes.

Soon, a large table of dishes was ready.

Dustin Zhou looked at it, except for a few common dishes, most of them were delicacies.

Abalones, shark fins, sea cucumbers and the like are fairly common.

“Haha, everyone let go, I will pay for this meal!” Sun Junkai waved his hand and laughed loudly.

Originally, at this gathering, he was going to gain a lot of face in front of his classmates. Now that he has such a good opportunity, he will naturally not miss it.

“Sun Shaozhen is magnificent! This meal is at least tens of thousands!” “What can be solved by tens of thousands, you don’t know, this Avaria is the top hotel in the East China Sea, which is much more upscale than the five-star hotel. Meal, at least one hundred thousand!” “Oh my God, one meal is one hundred thousand, I am afraid only Shao Sun can afford it!” “Zhang Jie, you ordered this dish, how much is it?”… … Zhang Jie was unhappy when he was watched.

“Not much, two hundred thousand.” With a curl of his lips, Zhang Jie could not understand these people either.

Obviously everyone is a classmate, even if their development is good or bad after graduation, but the classmates reunion is to remember the happy time that year.

But these people are here purely to compliment Sun Junkai.

This made him feel that he was kind of like a donkey liver and lungs.

“Oh my God, 200,000 is worth my salary for more than a year!” “Haha, Zhang Jie, you are really willing.” “That is, if it weren’t for Sun Shao’s treat, the 200,000, AA will come down. Every one of us has to bleed heavily.” “Sun Shao is still thoughtful and considerate for us!” At first it was two hundred thousand. Everyone changed their faces first, and then they continued to praise Sun Junkai.

It seemed to them that Sun Junkai was their savior.

“Hey, do you know? Mira Xie is in Donghai City now!” Suddenly, Zhou Hang smiled mysteriously

, Whispered.

And his words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Even Dustin Zhou looked at Zhou Hang, wanting to see what he was going to say.

“Why? Have you met Mira Xie?” Sun Junkai looked straight after hearing about Mira Xie’s news and immediately asked.

No one knew about Mira Xie’s style in the school.

Most boys regard Mira Xie as a goddess.

But the appearance of Charlie Chen dashed everyone’s hopes.

Although Sun Junkai is good, he still doesn’t look enough compared to Charlie Chen.

After all, Charlie Chen is backed by his father and has a wealth of wealth.

“I only saw it once from afar. Mira Xie is now amazing. She has opened a cosmetics company and can now rank high in Donghai City. I heard that a monthly profit alone can make tens of millions!” Zhou Hang was full of face. Envy, and look forward to.

“What? Tens of millions a month?” “Isn’t that more than Sun Shao earning?” “Is there any other news, how is she now? Is she still alone?” Everyone was suspicious, and hurriedly asked.

But Zhou Hang had only seen Mira Xie once from afar, and the people around him couldn’t get in touch with Mira Xie at all. He didn’t know much about it. How could he explain everyone’s reasons?

“Hey, don’t keep asking me. Isn’t there a person here who vowed to catch Mira Xie? Ask him!” Zhou Hang turned his eyes and immediately looked at Dustin Zhou and said loudly.

For an instant, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou.

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