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Chapter 263

Sun Shao has face!

(1) “Dustin Zhou, just tell everyone, didn’t you say that Mira Xie wouldn’t marry?” Zhou Hang said that his voice was a little yin and yang.

Dustin Zhou frowned lightly, feeling strange.

He didn’t say much about the relationship with Zhou Hang before, at least it was pretty decent, and he had fantasies about Mira Xie together back then.

Moreover, after graduation, the two almost broke contact.

Why now, Zhou Hang seems to have been targeting himself.

Dustin Zhou felt strange and was not ready to speak.

Maybe Zhou Hang was boring as he spoke.

But Dustin Zhou was wrong. Seeing that Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, Zhou Hang seemed more motivated.

“Dustin Zhou, are you too shameless? So many of us are waiting for you, you don’t say a word? What’s more, Sun Shao is here, he treats guests, but also paid for you.” Zhou Hang said coldly.

It seems that he is not going to be polite to Dustin Zhou anymore.

Others nodded again and again after hearing this.

After all, Sun Junkai’s treat is a fact, and they have nothing to say.

What’s more, with so many students present, many of them were more famous than Dustin Zhou.

They thought they might not be as good as Sun Junkai and Zhang Jie, but in front of Dustin Zhou, they still feel superior.

So many people are waiting for you Dustin Zhou to speak, but it’s fine now, and they don’t say anything. Who are they looking down on?

“That’s right, Dustin Zhou, you can talk about it and you won’t lose a piece of meat. Let us have a good time. What’s wrong? Haha!” “Ah, if I want to say it, I am afraid that Dustin Zhou will not face it, after all. Back then, Mira Xie was so good, but now Mira Xie is so good!” “Hey, let me say that Charlie Chen is good enough to catch Mira Xie!” Everyone talked.

“Haha, you probably don’t know yet, Mira Xie and Charlie Chen broke up long ago!” Sun Junkai said coldly, making everyone stunned.

“Broken up? No?” “Oh my god, is that Charlie Chen a fool? Even if his old man is rich, he wouldn’t look down on Mira Xie, right?” “Who knows? Maybe Charlie Chen found a better one, or maybe Mira Xie is well developed, and I don’t like Charlie Chen anymore.” At this moment, everyone began to talk again.

Mira Xie was their goddess when he was in school.

Now that I heard that the goddess broke up, and it has developed so well, different thoughts are born in each natural heart.

“Hey, let me tell you that only Shao Sun is worthy of Mira Xie, do you think is it?” Zhou Hang looked at the timing and said with a smile.

Everyone was taken aback for a moment, then reacted.

“Yes, that’s right, only Sun Shao can be worthy of Mira Xie!” “There were so many people chasing Mira Xie, now it seems that only Sun Shao has the best development and wants to follow him.

Mira Xie is a match made in heaven!

“Young Master Sun, you have to invite us to drink someday!

Sun Junkai was smiled by everyone, and the smug look on his face was not concealed at all! “Alas, it’s a pity that some people didn’t know themselves well. Even if they were young and frivolous, they are now too!”

Zhou Hang looked at Dustin Zhou with a look of regret on his face. Everyone realized that among all the classmates, only Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie had not spoken. Forget about Zhang Jie, after all, he has some family background. But what is Dustin Zhou you? , Which one is not stronger than Dustin Zhou? “Dustin Zhou, it’s been three years since you graduated, don’t you still give up on it?

Still dreaming of being able to catch Mira Xie?

“That’s right, look, among those present, which one is not better than you!”

“Although the class reunion is not used for comparison, but in this picture is too shabby, just like you, you still want to eat swan meat!

“… Everyone sneered. After a few words, everyone felt at ease. Who is willing to flatter others? No! Naturally they don’t want to flatter Sun Junkai all the time! But in this situation, Sun Junkai develops best and can bring them. Many opportunities! But what should I do if I can’t vent a trace of grievance in my heart? I can only find someone! So looking at the audience, only Dustin Zhou is the most suitable! It is almost a consensus to belittle him, and there will be no sequelae! After all, they are against Dustin Zhou The basics of this are known. “What does it matter to you?

“Zhang Jie couldn’t stand it anymore, and was about to speak for Dustin Zhou, but suddenly looked at him in surprise. Everyone was also a little surprised. They all looked over, with disdain, upset, and the meaning of watching the excitement in their eyes. “How about me?” , I’m good, can I catch up with Mira Xie, what’s up with you?

Dustin Zhou sat in his seat, looked around the crowd, and said coldly. Originally, he had gathered with his old classmates and recalled the good times of the year. However, since he entered the Weizhu Hall, he said These classmates headed by Zhou Hang kept aiming at him. All kinds of derogation, contempt, comparison, ridicule… It seems that Dustin Zhou is the lowest level existence not only in front of Sun Junkai, but in front of all of them. It is a kind of grace that they can allow Dustin Zhou to come to the party. He Dustin Zhou should be humbled and flattered. Maybe others think so, and they do it. But Dustin Zhou disdains it! “Dustin Zhou, you are arrogant!

You have to know, today it was Young Master Sun, and he even invited you. Look at you like this, if AA is the case, I am afraid you will be in a hurry in the next few months.

Zhou Hang was the first to stand up, pointing at Dustin Zhou and yelling. “Everyone ridicules you, it’s worthy of you!”

Don’t know what it is!

Zhou Hang shouted angrily and slapped the table with a loud noise. For a while, everyone was quiet and looked at Dustin Zhou. Sun Junkai was drinking to himself, his eyes flashed, looking at Dustin Zhou, he was very upset. Today he was very upset. Spending 200,000 yuan to invite everyone to dinner is just for the sake of saving face. Zhou Hang and others flattered, naturally they wanted something, and Sun Junkai didn’t say much, but just responded. After the party is over, if you can help, you will naturally do it. Help. As for Mira Xie, Sun Junkai has always had imaginings in his heart. But this Dustin Zhou did not give face to the end, which made Sun Junkai very upset. He also planned to do it himself, but now that Zhou Hang does it, he is also happy. At that time, once the conflict broke out and couldn’t be resolved, he would come forward to resolve it, and he would naturally admire everyone! Dustin Zhou was dumb, looked down at his clothes. Although not a famous brand on the market, they are all Enderia Shen. The selections he helped him were all foreign luxury brands, and at least they had a history of nearly a hundred years. For example, T-shirts and pants were the private designs of the head of LV. The global distribution of fifty pieces is tight! This is still the beginning Enderia Shen asked someone to buy it, saying it was a gift for Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou hasn’t worn it, and only took it out today. As for the shoes, they are made by people with a century-old history in Italy, and only less than 2,000 double-sided markets each year, the price of a pair , It’s more than one hundred thousand US dollars. And these, in the view of Zhou Hang, are proof that Dustin Zhou’s bad mix. There is not even a common brand of clothes on the market, so I am embarrassed to come out and talk, and they simply don’t put them in In my eyes! Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou shook his head again and again, feeling funny.

Chapter 264

Sun Shao has face!

(2) “Enough of you guys, is this interesting? If you keep targeting Dustin Zhou like this, I don’t think you can dismiss the group!” Seeing Zhou Hang being so aggressive, Zhang Jie couldn’t stand it anymore, and he screamed.

He is the monitor of the squad, not to mention that he organized this gathering, and everyone in the room also called to inform.

Just say that many people had received Zhang Jie’s help when they were in school.

Whether it was life, study, or any trouble, Zhang Jie was almost the first one to come forward.

Therefore, everyone can always look down on Dustin Zhou, but they have to give Zhang Jie face.

Even Sun Junkai had to give Zhang Jie face.

“Okay, just talk about it. Who remembers what happened back then? Dustin Zhou was also young back then. It’s normal to have this idea, aren’t you?” Sun Junkai saw that he had to come forward, so he reached out and suppressed Zhou Hang. Said slowly.

“Since today is a gathering organized by the old squad leader, why should I save some face for the old squad leader!” Sun Junkai said with a smile, but a haze flashed in his crescent-shaped eyes.

When he was in college, he and Zhang Jie were a little offended.

Originally, after graduation, he planned to forget it, but now Zhang Jie openly refuted his face for the sake of Dustin Zhou.

This makes Sun Junkai very upset!

Since he is unhappy, he has to find someone to trouble him!

And Dustin Zhou has undoubtedly become a good target!

Zhang Jie’s speech for Dustin Zhou was limited to this gathering. After the gathering, Sun Junkai had some ways to clean up Dustin Zhou, and others could not find a clue that he did it.

“That’s right, it’s Sun Dashao, Dustin Zhou, since Sun Shao speaks, then we don’t care about you!” Zhou Hang also smiled generously.

“However, since Dustin Zhou is very disdainful to me, he will naturally not accept my treat? You should pay for this meal, your part!” Sun Junkai said with a smile, as if he was talking about something very special. Ordinary things.

Everyone smiled slightly, thinking this was a matter of course.

Zhou Hang sneered, looking at Dustin Zhou, wanting to see how he reacted.

But he was disappointed.

Dustin Zhou didn’t react at all, but took a sip of wine instead.

It seems that Sun Junkai was not just talking about him.

“Don’t go too far, I will pay for Dustin Zhou for this meal!” Zhang Jie was really angry.

These people like Sun Junkai repeatedly targeted Dustin Zhou, ignoring the friendship of being a male classmate, which made him feel very embarrassed.

“No, I can still get the money.” Dustin Zhou smiled, feeling a little warmer in his heart.

Finally, not everyone in the class is targeting themselves.

At least Zhang Jie is still good enough!

“Dustin Zhou,

For this meal, if AA is the case, one person will say 20,000 less. Your current condition is not good, don’t insist!

“Zhang Jie sat down, attached to Dustin Zhou’s ear, and whispered. Zhang Jie saw that Dustin Zhou’s clothes looked a bit unique, but there was no big brand, so he thought it was not good to be mixed up. This way, it will save face, then Zhang Jie doesn’t want Dustin Zhou to do this to make his next life difficult. Besides, 20,000 yuan is nothing in his eyes. Any night show is more than that. But it can make Dustin Zhou the next few The month is much better. This can be regarded as his care for Dustin Zhou, an old classmate. Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly, and Emi continued to talk. He knew that Zhang Jie was such a person. Even if he took on his friendship this time. But I heard Sun Junkai say before, Zhang Jie’s family seems to have encountered some problems. When the time comes to ask, if you have the ability to help, it will be considered a reward. There is an outstanding face, and everyone stops and eats separately. After all, a meal of hundreds of thousands Food, not everyone can eat. Some people may not be able to eat such a meal in their lifetime. Since Sun Junkai treats guests, everyone naturally has to eat enough! All of a sudden, the scene became a lot more cheerful, and everyone kept going. Eating and drinking, the atmosphere is extremely lively. However, Dustin Zhou has been by the side, watching all this silently. The liveliness is other people’s, and he has nothing but silence. “Kacha!

Suddenly, the door of the Weizhu Hall suddenly opened, and a small group of waiters filed in, each pushing a small cart with a silver bowl covering the same dish. Dustin Zhou’s eyes flickered, remembering the previous company’s whitening factor project launch ceremony. Avaria also had such an appearance. At that time, the waiter said that this was specially prepared by the boss for Dustin Zhou. Now, this place has appeared again. But other people don’t know, watching these waiters fiddling with the dishes, for a while During that time, he was stunned. “What’s the matter?

We don’t seem to order, right?

“Sun Junkai was the first to react and asked quickly. He could not help but not ask. The original dishes cost nearly 200,000. Now, these waiters have served a lot of dishes, and they seem to be more precious than the previous dishes. So the price is naturally not cheap! Two hundred thousand, Sun Junkai may directly take it out to make students envy and flattery. But if it is more, Sun Junkai will feel a little distressed. But he can’t fall back on the bill. For Avaria No one knows better than him! Even the big people in Donghai City don’t dare to make trouble here! “This is a gift from our boss, and the original drinks and dishes are all free. Enjoy it slowly!

The waiter smiled and said, before waiting for everyone to react, he walked away slowly.

For a while, the entire Weizhu Hall became quiet.

Everyone can’t believe their ears!

What did they hear just now?

The wine and food given by the boss, but also exempted all the previous wine and food?


This table, at least 500,000 yuan, the boss said that if you don’t have the order, it will be free. It’s too grand!

“Shao Shao has face!” Suddenly, Zhou Hang laughed loudly, giving Sun Junkai a thumbs up.

“Everyone in this room, besides Sun Shao’s prominence in the East China Sea, who else? And this Avaria is also the top hotel in the East China Sea. The owner must be looking at Shao Sun’s face. This is free!” Zhou Hang said loudly.

At this time, the people reacted, think about it, and feel right.

Of the dozens of people present, only Sun Junkai and Zhang Jie were rich.

And Zhang Jie’s family is considered a wealthy family in Xiangxi, and it hasn’t had that much influence in the East China Sea.

Then there is only Sun Junkai fighting in the East China Sea!

At the thought of this, everyone’s gazes at Sun Junkai changed.

If before, they still had a casual attitude, now everyone’s eyes have become more respectful.

Just kidding, this is Avaria!

With a little knowledge, you know that Avaria is not a simple hotel.

There are no stars, but it is more upscale than those five-star hotels.

The upper echelons of the entire East China Sea often gather here.

One can imagine how powerful this boss is behind the scenes!

But now, the boss of Avaria is actually looking at Sun Junkai’s face and giving them a free bill. If this is said, their faces must be very faceless!

Chapter 265

Sun Shao’s kindness!

“Haha, since this meal is waived, everyone will open it up!” Sun Junkai was very excited!

He wouldn’t say that he didn’t know any Avaria boss at all.

But in the face of this situation, he just secretly thought in his heart that perhaps his identity has attracted the attention of the boss, so that’s why he made a good deal.

Thinking of this, Sun Junkai is even more energetic!

Everyone didn’t have any worries, and they started eating and drinking.

“Hehe, I remember someone said just now that he pays for this meal himself, don’t know how to calculate it now?” While everyone was eating and drinking, Zhou Hang suddenly looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes burning, and said with a smile.

In an instant, other people also looked at Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou did say such things just now.

But now, the boss of Avaria was waived for Sun Junkai’s face, so what would Dustin Zhou do?

“Zhou Hang, what the hell is going on with you? I have been targeting Dustin Zhou, where did he offend you?” Zhang Jie couldn’t stand it anymore, suddenly stood up, with a gloomy face, looking at Zhou Hang.

Even a fool, it can be seen now that Zhou Hang has been targeting Dustin Zhou.

And Zhang Jie thought about it, but he didn’t remember that Dustin Zhou had offended Zhou Hang!

“Hehe, old squad leader, Dustin Zhou and I have no grievances and no grudges. There is no offense and no crime, but I can’t understand him acting like this.” Zhou Hang said with a smile.

“Everyone has graduated for three years, although there is no contact, but who doesn’t know who?” “You Dustin Zhou liked bragging back then, always bragging to catch up with Mira Xie.” “Just now you said that you have to pay for yourself, don’t you know the reality? Zhou Hang’s mouth moved slightly, looking at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of sneers.

He did not have any grudges with Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou kept threatening to catch up with Mira Xie and offended Sun Junkai.

And now Sun Junkai is developing very well. If Zhou Hang wants to hold Sun Junkai’s thigh, he must have a vote of fame!

When he was in university, Sun Junkai was dissatisfied with Dustin Zhouduo.

Zhou Hang felt that if he did this, he would definitely leave a deep impression on Sun Junkai’s heart, so the matter of holding the thigh would naturally succeed.

“What reality?” Dustin Zhou raised his head and looked at Zhou Hang with a cold face.

Since Zhou Hang has been aiming at himself regardless of the friendship between his classmates, there is no need to leave him with affection.

Face is given to each other. Since others don’t give face to themselves, why should I lick my face to take care of each other’s feelings?

Dustin Zhou sneered repeatedly in his heart.

He didn’t know what Zhou Hang had been aiming at himself.

However, Dustin Zhou is certain that there has never been any grudge between him and Zhou Hang. Not only that, the relationship was even good during college.

Then, there is only one reason.

Zhou Hang did this to please someone!

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell on Sun Junkai unconsciously.

It seems that the person Zhou Hang wants to please is Sun Junkai.

Otherwise, there is no need for Zhou Hang to always belittle Dustin Zhou and always uphold Sun Junkai.

Such a blatant depreciation method is extremely clumsy!

“What reality? That is that the inferior people must have the consciousness of the inferior people. People like Mira Xie are not what you can imagine! Except for Sun Dasha, no one else is qualified!” Zhou Hang sneered.

Is that so?

In an instant, Dustin Zhou understood everything.

Zhou Hang used to belittle himself and warned other students not to think too much about Mira Xie.

After all, Mira Xie has a lot of money now, and he also broke up with Charlie Chen. Naturally, there is space to take advantage. Sun Junkai wants to start, so Zhou Hang helped him wave the banner and shout.

While other students heard this, although they were a little unhappy, they didn’t say much.

After all, compared with conditions, I am afraid that only Zhang Jie and Sun Junkai are qualified to approach Mira Xie.

“Sorry, what you said, I am not interested, nor do I want to be interested. As for who Mira Xie will choose, it has nothing to do with me!” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

He won’t say it directly, he is already married to Mira Xie and has been married for more than three years.

Dustin Zhou disdains playing with this kind of boring and very naive behavior.

“Hehe, I hope you do what you say. I know you have been making a living in the East China Sea. Although I don’t know how you are doing, I can give you a chance.” Sun Junkai smiled lightly, looking at Dustin Zhou, a group of people. The master’s pride came to life.

When the others heard Sun Junkai’s words, they were jealous.

Zhou Hang is extremely jealous!

He has done so much and kept belittle Dustin Zhou and Sun Junkai, why?

Isn’t it just to be able to hold Sun Junkai’s thigh?

But now, Sun Junkai actually threw an olive branch to Dustin Zhou!

Zhou Hang simply cannot accept it!

“Sun Shao, Dustin Zhou is so ignorant of good and evil, why should you tell him this…” Zhou Hang wanted to say something, but when he met Sun Junkai’s gaze, he trembled in his heart and swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach.

“I have a company under my hand, and I am currently taking on a task. You can come over and be a sales agent. I will give you a commission, which is 10% more than the others!” Sun Junkai stretched out a finger and said confidently.

He did take on a task recently, which was to work with his former partner Zhou Hao.

If Dustin Zhou knew, he would laugh.

Because Sun Junkai cooperated with Zhou Hao to sell a new strain of facial cleanser!

And the recent popularity of the new strain of facial cleanser made Zhou Hao and Sun Junkai very excited!

When the others heard this, they were taken aback and laughed instantly


“Yes, Dustin Zhou, Young Master Sun gives you such an opportunity, you should take it well, maybe you can make 10,000 yuan a month!” “Who said no? Young Master Sun is now worth more than 100 million yuan, if you are good Do it, maybe you can make a fortune!” “Hehe, Dustin Zhou, you seem to be very dissatisfied?” Zhou Hang felt relieved when he heard this.

Just a small salesperson, even if the commission is 10% more, what is it?

After seeing Dustin Zhou’s face seemed to be impatient, Zhou Hang suddenly sneered.

“You think it’s good? Let’s leave it to you!” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

He doesn’t know what Sun Junkai is engaged in now, so he will check it carefully when he returns.

However, let alone a salesperson, even if Sun Junkai gave him his current position, Dustin Zhou would not do it.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone fell silent.

Although they say so, but they don’t like this job in their hearts.

“Huh, Dustin Zhou, I let you come to work under me because I can value you. If it weren’t for the sake of playing with your classmates, you wouldn’t be worthy to carry my shoes!” Sun Junkai looked cold and stood up directly, disdainfully said .

“That’s it for today’s meal. Whoever wants to get together, look for me at night, but if there are some people who don’t know how to promote, don’t come!” Sun Junkai finished speaking, and prepared to leave in strides!

When other people saw this, they followed suit.

It’s not that they really have many opinions on Dustin Zhou, but Sun Junkai is developing best now. He is dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou, and other people can’t be enthusiastic about Dustin Zhou.

after all.

Compared to Dustin Zhou, everyone is still unwilling to offend Sun Junkai!

“Look, is that Mira Xie!” At this moment, someone pointed at the right side of the Weizhu Hall with a surprised expression.

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