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Chapter 266

Encountered Mira Xie?

“Yes, that’s her!” “I didn’t expect that three years have passed, she is still so beautiful, it seems to be more flavorful than when she was in school!” “I didn’t expect to see the goddess Mira Xie here, it is really worthwhile to come to the East China Sea One trip!” “Shao Sun, this is an opportunity, don’t you hurry up and say hello?” … Everyone exclaimed in a low voice, very excited.

Although they had been missing Mira Xie at the wine table just now, they just thought about it in their hearts.

Unexpectedly, they would be able to see Mira Xie as soon as they left the house.

Many people did not react to this kind of surprise.

Dustin Zhou was also slightly surprised, and when he looked up, he did see Mira Xie.

In addition to Mira Xie, he also saw Sara Ye, Zhang Chufan, the director of the planning department of the famous company, and Wu Sheng, the director of the propaganda department.

And beside them, there are a dozen people.

Dustin Zhou looked around and found that these dozen people seemed to be from the Little League.

Among them, Wang Dalu stood in the first place impressively, the closest to Sara Ye and the others.

Seeing this, Dustin Zhou knew in his heart that he knew why these people appeared here.

Recently, the sales of new strains of facial cleansers have been booming, and a dozen companies have rushed to full capacity, but there is still some support.

Dustin Zhou got the news from the Propaganda Department that Wang Dalu, as the representative of the small league, had contacted Mingyang several times for support.

It seems that today, we have to deal with this matter.

There were dozens of people on Dustin Zhou’s side, and they all looked at Mira Xie’s side, which naturally attracted the attention of each other.

Mira Xie, Sara Ye, and others also looked over, their faces were obviously very upset.

They didn’t know Sun Junkai who was standing in the front, so they treated them as strangers.

No one would be happy to be stared at by a large group of strangers.

Mira Xie and Sara Ye frowned and looked ahead with ugly eyes.

Mira Xie always felt that those people were familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

Moreover, the eyes of the dozens of people on the other side are very hot, making her feel uncomfortable.

“Mira Xie, do you remember me?” Sun Junkai was urged by the crowd, thinking so in his heart, he smiled and walked towards Mira Xie.

He thought he was posing like a gentleman and chuckled lightly.

At this moment, it is impossible to say not to be nervous.

Facing the goddess during college, and now he is developing much better than himself, even if it is Sun Junkai, there is a cold sweat on the palm of his hand.

But he quickly calmed down.

Even if Mira Xie didn’t remember himself after graduation, he would definitely have an impression.

After all, when he was in school, Sun Junkai was also a master of the school!

“Are you?” Mira Xie’s brows furrowed tighter, a little tall facing Sun Junkai

His body couldn’t help taking two steps backwards.

But Zhang Chufan, Wu Sheng, and Wang Dalu all took a step forward subconsciously, faintly shielding Mira Xie.

They knew that this Mira Xie was the wife of Dustin Zhou, a famous company.

If anything happens here, they are inexcusable.

“I’m Sun Junkai, don’t you remember me?” Sun Junkai was a little sad. It seems that Mira Xie really doesn’t remember him at all.

“Sun Junkai?” Mira Xie muttered the name silently in his heart, always feeling some impression, but he couldn’t remember it.

In a daze, Mira Xie seemed to remember that Dustin Zhou had said this name before.

“I don’t know, I don’t know you, what’s the matter with you?” Mira Xie said indifferently on his face.

Don’t say that she really doesn’t know Sun Junkai, even if she does, it is indifferent, and there is no need to talk about it.

“How could you not know Shao Sun? At school, Shao Sun chased you. If it weren’t for Charlie Chen, you would be with Shao Sun!” Mira Xie ignored Sun Junkai, but Zhou Hang suddenly walked away from the crowd. Come over, said with a wry expression.

It seems that Mira Xie’s current attitude is disrespectful to Sun Junkai.

When the voice fell, everyone was stunned.

Not only these classmates, but even the people behind Mira Xie were stunned.

They have never heard of such a thing.

“Zhou Hang! How do you talk! Back then, I just admired the goddess, and I haven’t pursued success yet!” Sun Junkai was actually so happy in his heart. He didn’t expect Zhou Hang to talk so well. He was thinking that when he returned, he would definitely take Zhou Hang. Take it with you and train it.

As for Mira Xie, looking at her current appearance, maybe these words will be heard soon. Then, besides his Sun Junkai, who else would choose her?

“Mira Xie, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect Zhou Hang to say that. To express my apologies, I want to invite you to dinner…” Sun Junkai had a good idea.

In the name of an apology, Mira Xie was invited to dinner. At that time, it was not easy to use her charms.

“No, I don’t know you, please get out of here!” But before Sun Junkai had finished speaking, Mira Xie yelled coldly.

And Zhang Chufan, Wu Sheng, and Wang Dalu directly stood up.

Even Zhou Hao, who was at odds with Wang Dalu before, stepped forward.

Just kidding, Mira Xie is his benefactor’s wife. Now someone dares to molest her. If this spreads out, how can he f*ck?

“Get out of the way, Mr. Xie said that he didn’t know you. If you don’t let out, don’t blame us for being impolite!” Zhou Hao said with a stern face, the more at this time, the more he had to show his attitude.

“Zhou Zhou


I didn’t expect to meet Zhou Zong here!

Sun Junkai was still upset at first, but when he saw Zhou Hao, his eyes lighted up and he immediately smiled. He did cooperate with Zhou Hao, but he cooperated with Zhou Hao’s company, and the person who rented a joint with him was nothing. It’s just an ordinary little leader of Zhou Hao’s company. Sun Junkai wanted to get in touch with Zhou Hao in the past. But he never had a chance, but he didn’t expect that he would meet him now. Moreover, it seems that even Zhou Hao will follow Mira Xie. Sun Junkai’s heart Be more determined and must catch up with Mira Xie! In this way, those who looked down on themselves and made troubles for themselves in the past will definitely change their attitude! “Who are you?

Don’t mess around, I don’t know you!

Zhou Hao was shocked. The person who molested Dustin Zhou’s wife said that he knew him. If this is passed to Dustin Zhou’s ears, he would not be able to cleanse himself if he jumped into the Yellow River! “Hehe, Mr. Zhou, I and you have natural makeup There is cooperation, so I know you, but I didn’t expect you and Mira to be friends. In that case, why don’t you be together at night?

Sun Junkai has changed his name unknowingly, and even wants to bring Zhou Hao together. “What’s the matter with you?”

Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Xie is a married person. If you continue to be so savage, don’t blame me for doing it!

“Zhou Hao was really frightened. This Sun Junkai wanted to die, so he took him with him. Don’t say that they didn’t know each other, even if they knew each other, Zhou Hao now has a lot of money, and he would never give up so good. Chance to do something like this. “Married?

“At this moment, not only Sun Junkai’s face changed slightly, but the expressions of other classmates also changed. “Aren’t you breaking up with Charlie Chen?”

When did you get married?

Sun Junkai was anxious and didn’t take that much into consideration. He directly reached out and wanted to grab Mira Xie’s hand and asked. If Mira Xie is really married, then all his calculations will fall to nothing. How does this make him accept?” Snapped!

As soon as Sun Junkai reached half of his hand, he was knocked off by the side. “Dustin Zhou, you are presumptuous!”

Chapter 267


Sun Junkai stretched out Mira Xie’s hand and was held tightly by Dustin Zhou, unable to move!

The people behind Mira Xie saw Dustin Zhou and breathed a sigh of relief.

Without Dustin Zhou, once Sun Junkai really started, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

And those students were stunned.

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

Dustin Zhou dared to stop Sun Junkai?

You know, Sun Shao is a person who even wants to give face to the boss of Avaria, a word can make Dustin Zhou unable to mix in the East China Sea 1 How dare he Dustin Zhou?

Is it because of the ridiculous student fantasy?

For a Mira Xie, it would be foolish to ignore his own future.

Although the students behaved like this, each one had another idea.

If the shot can get Mira Xie’s favor, and even catch up with him, then he will not hesitate to offend Sun Junkai.

“Dustin Zhou, you are crazy! Even Sun Shao dare to stop? Get out!” Zhou Hang suddenly became angry and yelled at Dustin Zhou.

He felt that his opportunity had come.

A little Dustin Zhou even dared to perform in front of Sun Shao. He was like a car!

“Dustin Zhou, you…” Even Zhang Jie was a little speechless at the moment.

He has no idea what to say.

Sun Junkai and Zhou Hang had targeted Dustin Zhou several times before, and Zhang Jie had already come forward to help him.

If at that time, it would be useful for him to speak out.

So now, in front of Mira Xie, Zhang Jie’s words are useless.

Sun Junkai would not care about his old squad leader’s affection at all.

“Dustin Zhou, do you know what you are doing?” Sun Junkai’s hand was firmly imprisoned by Dustin Zhou, and he was very upset. He looked at Dustin Zhou and said coldly.

Almost all the students could feel Sun Junkai’s anger.

They couldn’t imagine how Sun Junkai would treat Dustin Zhou when he was angry.

Probably driving Dustin Zhou out of the East China Sea was the limit they could imagine.

After all, everyone has only graduated for three years, and not many students belong to a large family. Everyone has very limited imagination.

“Of course I know.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly. He didn’t put Sun Junkai’s words in his eyes at all, and regardless of the look in his eyes that he wanted to kill, he pressed Sun Junkai’s hand with force.

“However, Mira Xie is not something you can move!” Dustin Zhou said indifferently, a fierce fierce flash in his eyes!

At the party before, Dustin Zhou didn’t care no matter how Sun Junkai and Zhou Hang targeted him.

After all, everyone is classmates, and they don’t like each other. The big deal is that they won’t be with each other again.

And Dustin Zhou has already made plans, and such class gatherings will not come again in the future.

And he doesn’t care about Sun Junkai


However, nothing should be done for nothing, Sun Junkai should not think about Mira Xie, and even directly want to do something with Mira Xie!

This is undoubtedly touching Dustin Zhou’s negative scale!

The previous Enderia Shen made Dustin Zhou furious and almost bankrupted Chengming Company.

What’s more, now Mira Xie is his wife, and if outsiders want to do something, the consequences will be more serious.

“Haha, Dustin Zhou, do you know who you are talking to? Believe me or not, I will let you get out of the East China Sea!” Sun Junkai smiled grimly, as if he had heard something tale.

“Then you can try it.” Dustin Zhou said, with a faint smile on his face, as if he was not afraid at all.

“Shao Sun, what bullsh*t with this person, dare to stop you, just do it!” Zhou Hang couldn’t stand it anymore, sneered, took the lead, and went to Dustin Zhou, wanting to knock Dustin Zhou down.

It’s just that he greatly underestimated Dustin Zhou’s strength.

In the past when he was in college, Dustin Zhou was really thin and not very strong.

But for a long time recently, Dustin Zhou has been training with Niu Chuan, which has long since been different.

Now, if you don’t need Zhou Hang, even if Zhou Hang and Sun Junkai go together, Dustin Zhou can handle it alone.

“Ha!” Zhou Hang yelled and fisted.

Dustin Zhou retreated and avoided this fist directly. Before Zhou Hang could retract his fist and start again, Dustin Zhou let go of Sun Junkai and blasted him over.

“Kacha!” Suddenly, a faint click came to everyone’s ears.

“Ah! My hand!” When everyone was puzzled, they heard Zhou Hang suddenly clutching his fists and wailing loudly, his face tangled in pain, and sweat on his forehead.

All of a sudden, everyone was shocked.

They looked at Dustin Zhou, who was standing in the middle, looking indifferent.

Looking at Zhou Hang, who was holding his fist and his face full of pain, he was terrified.

Being able to beat the opponent like this with just one punch is no longer something that can be done casually.

No one thought that Dustin Zhou had such a violent side.

Sun Junkai was a little scared. If Dustin Zhou treated himself the same way just now, his fate would definitely not be any better than Zhou Hang.

“Dustin Zhou, you dare to do something to hurt people, so many people have seen it with their own eyes, then, I will see how you explain to the police!” Sun Junkai did not dare to do it now.

Can only threaten.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful and knocked this person down with one punch. Don’t worry, everyone is watching. We will testify for you. This person is the first to do it!” Zhou Haomei smiled and walked over. Dustin Zhou said respectfully.

When other people saw this, they responded.

After all, they basically rely on Mingyang and Dustin Zhou to obtain benefits in the new plant project, and it is impossible to stand on the opposite side of Dustin Zhou.

What’s more, it was indeed Zhou Hang’s first hand. When the time comes, even if you check the monitoring, everyone will not be afraid!

“Mr. Zhou, I thought you were just shrinking behind, not coming out, let these people do something to your wife.” Sara Ye had seen Dustin Zhou a long time ago, but at that time Dustin Zhou was a little dodge, she couldn’t make up her mind, so she didn’t. Point broken.

Now that Dustin Zhou finally made a move, he said with a slight dissatisfaction in his heart.

The others also smiled silently, looking at Dustin Zhou.

Mira Xie’s beautiful eyes fell on Dustin Zhou’s face.

“Why are you here? With this kind of person?” Mira Xie asked softly.

Because of Sun Junkai and Zhou Hang, Mira Xie had a bad impression of these people who came to the party.

Seeing that Dustin Zhou was also with them, he suddenly felt a bit wronged and dissatisfied.

He was bullied by Sun Junkai and Zhou Hang, and Dustin Zhou only took action at this time. Isn’t it true that he doesn’t take himself to heart?

At the thought of his anger and irritation for Enderia Shen before, Mira Xie’s eyes were filled with tears.

This time, Dustin Zhou was confused, and he quickly raised Mira Xie’s little hand, softly soothing it, and by the way, he also explained the cause of the matter clearly.

This scene, falling in the eyes of those classmates, has made them all numb, and their hearts are turbulent, like a sea tide, surging!

Chapter 268


If it is said that Zhou Hao called Dustin Zhou as President Zhou at the beginning, although they were surprised, they were still more suspicious.

So when Sara Ye said that Mira Xie was Dustin Zhou’s wife, and Mira Xie not only did not refute, but complained that Dustin Zhou was too late to make the move.

This has stunned all the students.

When they saw Dustin Zhou holding up Mira Xie’s little hand and softly soothing, everyone was silent.

They couldn’t believe their ears and eyes.

How did Dustin Zhou, who was inconspicuous, even at the lowest level suddenly change his identity?

Not only Zhou Zong, but also Mira Xie’s husband?

Moreover, all of this, they have not received any news.

Seeing the scenes of Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie showing their affection, all the students had the urge and thoughts of hitting them to death.

Sun Junkai stared blankly at everything in front of him, and couldn’t calm down for a long time!

Zhou Hao was an existence he had to look up to, and he couldn’t talk to him at all.

But now, Zhou Hao is careful and humble in front of Dustin Zhou.

And Mira Xie is even more affectionate with Dustin Zhouxiu, seemingly complaining, but in fact it shows the relationship between the two.

When were they together?

Sun Junkai was surprised. He has been walking around in the East China Sea since graduation, but he has never heard the news.

Now that it was all of a sudden, he also had a trace of doubt in his heart.

Could it be that Mira Xie co-acted with Dustin Zhou in order to get rid of him?

After all, in the East China Sea, Sun Junkai had never heard of Dustin Zhou’s name.

A nameless person, how could Mira Xie be admired!

“Dustin Zhou, don’t pretend anymore. Who are you? I know best. If you want a hero to save the United States, you must have the ability to do it yourself!” Sun Junkai said coldly.

He has endured to the extreme, if Dustin Zhou doesn’t stop here, he can’t guarantee that he won’t do it.

It seems that what happened to Zhou Hang just now did not happen.

“Is there a place for you to speak? Who are you?” Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, but Zhou Hao, who was naturally beautiful, yelled at Sun Junkai.

Just kidding, Dustin Zhou is now the backer of all of them. If you want to make a fortune, you have to rely on Dustin Zhou.

If something happens to Dustin Zhou, or if he is unhappy, then everyone present will not start school.

Zhou Hao had collided with Dustin Zhou before, for fear that Dustin Zhouqiu would settle accounts afterwards.

But more than half a month has passed, and Dustin Zhou didn’t ask him to settle the accounts, which made Zhou Hao panicked.

Now that he has such a great opportunity, of course he must seize it!

“Zhou, what do you mean, this Dustin Zhou is pretending, he is not familiar with Mira Xie at all, you must not be fooled by him.” Sun Junkai was surprised when he saw Zhou Hao speaking for Dustin Zhou.

But more

Many, I want to explain clearly.

Sun Junkai firmly believes that Dustin Zhou is pretending that it is impossible for him to know Mira Xie very well and he is still married.

Don’t say he doesn’t know about such things. Why is there no news in Donghai City?

You know, Mira Xie’s current company is developing very well. If she gets married, there must be many people participating.

But in fact, Sun Junkai has never heard anyone talk about it!

“I was cheated by him? What kind of thing are you? You dare to talk to me like that?” Zhou Hao was really angry.

The person in front of him had been talking about cooperating with his company before, but he didn’t even know him.

Now, he has repeatedly slandered Dustin Zhou.

If Dustin Zhou really pursues it, and asks why he wants to cooperate with such a person, Zhou Hao can’t answer at all!

“Slap!” Zhou Hao was so angry that he threw out a slap and directly printed a bright red slap print on Sun Junkai’s face!

For an instant, everyone on both sides was stunned.

They stared at Zhou Hao blankly, then at Sun Junkai, and they all fell silent.

Everyone was listening to Sun Junkai’s words just now.

The students also thought Dustin Zhou was pretending, so they didn’t say much, but looked at Sun Junkai silently.

But now, the other party, who even Sun Junkai was a bit flattering, stood up and slapped Sun Junkai.

And in front of so many people.

It doesn’t take much time, it will definitely spread.

Then there is no room for recovery.

For a while, the students couldn’t figure it out, and it was obvious that Sun Junkai wanted to expose Dustin Zhou.

Unless… Gradually, a somewhat absurd idea slowly emerged in the minds of the students.

Everyone glanced at each other, then suddenly looked at Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou was holding Mira Xie’s hand and placing it on his chest. Not only that, he also held Mira Xie’s shoulders, and the two sides were very close.

In this way, it looks like a pretense, it is clearly a real couple, a scene that only appears between husband and wife.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are really together!

Even if they are not couples, they are at least very close couples!

Then, what the other party said before is all true.

This person slapped Sun Shao not for any reason, but to vent his anger to Dustin Zhou, or even to clarify the relationship between himself and Sun Junkai.


All the students New China sucked in air-conditioning!

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou incredulously, their eyes rolled, as if thinking about something.

Is this the Dustin Zhou they know?

Why has he changed drastically after only three years of absence?

But looking at Dustin Zhou’s appearance, it doesn’t seem like he has many abilities.

Did he climb Mira Xie and eat soft rice to this point?

If Dustin Zhouzhi

Talking about the thoughts of his classmates, I’m afraid they will want to dig out their brains to see what’s inside.

Eat soft rice?

Dustin Zhou never bothered to eat soft rice!

He has been working hard even in the three years since he was married.

Otherwise, even if he gets the money, it is impossible to get the position of the person in charge of the whitening factor project, and it is even impossible to successfully operate the project.

“Boy, I just heard you say you have a cooperation with my company? I don’t know who you are cooperating with, but from now on, this cooperation is over!” Zhou Hao slapped Sun Junkai and it was not enough. The cooperation between the two sides was ended viciously.

Anyway, this kind of cooperation is dispensable for people who can’t even make an impression on him.

In the face of a situation that might offend Dustin Zhou, Zhou Hao thought clearly and made a decisive decision.

Sun Junkai covered his face and was about to fight back, but when he heard this, his face finally panicked!

If everything before, even the slap just now, Dustin Zhou had prepared in advance.

However, this termination of cooperation is not hundreds of thousands, millions can be settled.

You know, Sun Junkai previously cooperated with Natural Beauty, and his profit alone was nearly 100 million a year.

The profit of natural beauty is more than 300 million!

It is impossible for Zhou Hao to act without these three hundred million!

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