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Chapter 269

In whose face?

“Zhou, I don’t know this guy at all. After I go back, I will check the company thoroughly, find out who is working with him, and drive out!” Zhou Hao walked over to Dustin Zhou and said with a smile, full of words It means to please.

And the people around did not laugh at him.

Everyone is a member of the small league. During this time, the benefits gained from the new strain project alone are even more substantial than the benefits gained from several months or even a year.

As for Zhou Hao’s natural makeup, because of its large scale and strong strength, it naturally gained the upper hand in the beginning. In this project, the benefits are currently the most.

In this situation, there is no need to think about it, not to mention Zhou Hao, and other people will not risk offending Dustin Zhou.

“Well, you can just take care of this matter.” Dustin Zhou nodded, accepting Zhou Hao’s explanation.

After all, there was no major issue between the two parties, and since Zhou Hao had expressed his opinion, Dustin Zhou would naturally not care about it.

“By the way, what are you doing together today? Did something happen?” Dustin Zhou asked, looking at the others.

“During this period, the new projects have developed very well, and we have all benefited a lot. So we joined forces and invited Assistant Ye, Minister Zhang, and Minister Wu to have dinner. By the way, if we wanted to expand the market, we called on Mr. Xie. “Zhou Hao said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie, and when she saw her nodding, he knew that Zhou Hao was right, so he didn’t intend to pursue it.

If the other party wants to hug the group, and then collude with the famous company and covet the interests of the famous company, then Dustin Zhou will naturally not be merciful.

“Zhou, you can’t do this! I have worked well with your company. Your company can earn hundreds of millions a year. How can you do this? Don’t you be afraid that I will cooperate with other companies and suppress you together!” Seeing Dustin Zhou talking and laughing with other people, he seemed to be a central existence.

Sun Junkai also reacted at this time, walked up to Zhou Hao and said loudly.

When everyone heard this, they were secretly surprised.

Zhou Hao’s natural beauty company deserves to be powerful. Just an ordinary collaborator can bring so much profit to the company.

Those classmates were shocked by hundreds of millions.

In an instant, their eyes on Zhou Hao changed.

The collaborators who can bring him hundreds of millions of profits a year are directly cancelled.

That means that he doesn’t like these hundreds of millions.

But Zhou Hao was flattering in front of Dustin Zhou.

What this shows, everyone knows!

It shows that Dustin Zhou’s profit to Zhou Hao far exceeds Sun Junkai.

Comparing the two, Zhou Hao naturally gave up Sun Junkai in favor of Dustin Zhou.


Our eyes have changed, and our mentality has also changed.

At first they knew that Sun Junkai was doing very well in the East China Sea, and he had a gesture of calling for the rain.

So everyone kept flattering Sun Junkai at the party.

As for Dustin Zhou, he was unsatisfactory at first glance, so he naturally wanted to suppress and make fun of him so as to find a sense of existence.

But now, things have turned around.

Dustin Zhou is the hidden boss, and even Sun Junkai in front of him may not be a big deal.

For a moment, someone thought of an episode that happened during the party.

They were eating and drinking at the time, and the waiter came uninvited and gave a table of wine and food, said to be the owner of Avaria, and today the consumption is free.

At that time, everyone thought that the boss of Avaria did it because of Sun Junkai’s face.

But now it seems that the truth does not seem to be the case.

The expressions of Zhou Hang, Zhang Jie and others became extremely exciting.

Zhang Jie didn’t expect this, nor did he expect Dustin Zhou to be so good, but he was thinking about paying for him just now.

A mere 20,000 yuan, in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, may not be a big deal at all.

However, Zhou Hang’s eyes were dull, and the chagrin in his heart emerged frantically.

He has been helping Sun Junkai belittle Dustin Zhou, just to be able to hold Sun Junkai’s thigh.

But now, Sun Junkai is nothing at all in front of Dustin Zhou.

I knew it would be like this. I hugged Dustin Zhou’s thighs from the beginning, and I will definitely get huge benefits in the future!

Zhou Hang’s eyes flushed, looking at Sun Junkai in front of him, with a deep hatred in his heart.


At this moment, a small group of waiters came over.

The waiter who led the team was exactly the waiter who led the team in the Weizhu Hall.

All the classmates looked at the waiter, faintly guessing the purpose of his appearance.

“Mr. Zhou, the boss asked me to ask you, how is the meal today?” The waiter walked up to Dustin Zhou, bowed slightly, and then asked respectfully.

All of a sudden, the students fry the pot!

It really is!

The boss of Avaria didn’t care about Sun Junkai’s face at all, so he sent the drinks and food free of charge.

It’s because of Dustin Zhou’s face!

Thinking of the scenes of people mocking Dustin Zhou at the wine table at that time, many people secretly bowed their heads, regretting in their hearts.

And those who didn’t belittle Dustin Zhou at that time also shook their heads helplessly.

Although they did not belittle Dustin Zhou, they did not stand up when Dustin Zhou faced other group attacks.

In the audience, only one person stood up to speak for Dustin Zhou.

Everyone looked at Zhang Jie, who was a little dumbfounded.

Of all the classmates, only Zhang Jie spoke for Dustin Zhou, and several times, he did not hesitate to attack Sun Junkai!

At this time, Dustin Zhou must remember this friendship, and maybe thank Zhang well.


Everyone didn’t know how Dustin Zhou would be grateful, so they could only guess in their hearts with a sad expression.

“Very good. I’m very satisfied. Thank you boss for me. I will definitely come to visit another day!” Dustin Zhou nodded and said with a smile.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the boss of Avaria, nor had he met him.

But this time, the boss of Avaria has already given Dustin Zhou twice.

If Dustin Zhou doesn’t know, it’s okay to say, but if he knows, if he doesn’t respond, he will be arrogant.

“I’ll tell it.” The waiter replied, then turned and left.

The others also looked at Dustin Zhou.

The students have guessed it in their hearts, so their eyes are just curious.

But those in the small leagues are very excited!

They knew what kind of existence Avaria was. It was the existence of the same name as the Mountain Mist Club.

The boss of Avaria is said to be more mysterious and more powerful than Asher Chen of the Mountain Mist Club.

And now, the boss of Avaria is actually looking at Dustin Zhou’s face, not only delivering wine and food, but also free of orders.

It’s not this gift that everyone is shocked. Everyone is not short of money for wine and food.

The important thing is that the boss of Avaria is willing to do this for Dustin Zhou!

“Hehe, I didn’t expect President Zhou to know the boss of Avaria.” Zhou Hao sighed, his expression more solemn and respectful.

The same is true for others.

“Okay, if you have anything to do, continue to discuss it and leave me alone.” Dustin Zhou nodded and said softly.

“Zhou, please come with us. I still have a lot of questions and I want to ask you for advice!” Wang Dalu stood up and said, his face was sincere.

Dustin Zhou hesitated for a moment, then nodded his agreement. He also wanted to know what was wrong with the small league. If he could contribute, it would be great. Anyway, for the famous company, there is only good, no harm.

“Zhang Jie, I will look for you tonight, so don’t leave the East China Sea yet.” Halfway through, Dustin Zhou suddenly turned around and looked behind him, smiling at Zhang Jie.

And those classmates immediately turned their eyes to Zhang Jie, full of envy.

Chapter 270

Zhang Jie’s problem!

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he went upstairs with Mira Xie and others.

Outside the Weizhu Hall, only the students who came to the party this time were left.

At this moment, Zhang Jie surpassed Sun Junkai and became the core of everyone.

“Old squad leader, I knew you were unusual when I saw it, but in the future, we must take good care of our old classmates!” “Yeah, I didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so good. The relationship is so good, maybe we will meet the boss of Avaria in the future!” “Hey, I didn’t expect us to miss it. Dustin Zhou is too low-key!” “It’s better to be low-key, unlike someone, who is so high-key. As a result, But I was slapped in the face. I thought I was exposed to his light without spending money, but I didn’t expect it to be covered in Dustin Zhou’s light!” … Everyone surrounded Zhang Jie with constant flattery, even in words. Unabashedly began to mock Sun Junkai.

They have seen the situation just now.

Sun Junkai’s big boss, who lives on, promises to sever cooperation with him.

Without this relationship, Sun Junkai is nothing more than that.

Dustin Zhou is a person with status. If he can establish a relationship with Dustin Zhou, he will be developed.

It is a pity that they were a bit too much with Dustin Zhou just now, and now they dare not go up and talk to Dustin Zhou.

And looking at the whole class, only the old monitor Zhang Jie can talk to Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, Sun Junkai, who was on the periphery of the crowd, had a gloomy face and his eyes were fierce.

And Zhou Hang was standing beside him, his eyes sluggish, and his expression was a bit sullen.

What the other students said at this moment was like a knife, stab Zhou Hang fiercely.

Back then, the relationship between Zhou Hang and Dustin Zhou was also very good.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t belittled so much today, then based on their previous relationship, they would definitely be able to hold their thighs.

But now everything is gone!

“Blame you! It’s all you killed! I’m going to kill you!” Suddenly, Zhou Hang seemed to be crazy, stretched out his hand to directly pinch Sun Junkai’s neck, and roared loudly.

Sun Junkai was caught off guard, did not react, and before he could stop him, Zhou Hang pinched his neck, and suddenly felt difficulty breathing.

Others were also taken aback by this scene!

When they saw Zhou Hang pinching Sun Junkai’s neck and Sun Junkai had difficulty breathing and swaying his hands wildly, they realized that Zhou Hang might have come for real, and they stepped forward one after another, preparing to pull the two apart.

“Zhou Hang, hurry up and stop, it’s going to kill people!” “Hurry up and pull the two away. If you go on like this, there will be an accident!” “You two pull one side, we squeeze out from the middle!” … Zhang Jie takes the lead, everyone Working together, they finally pulled the two apart.

But Zhou Hang did not stop.

Even if he was pulled away, still waving his fists, thinking

Go up to find Sun Junkai!

“Blame you! If it weren’t for you, how could I offend Dustin Zhou and not guilty of Dustin Zhou, I will definitely be prosperous in the future, and you will pay me!” Zhou Hang was almost crazy, his eyes flushed, and he roared loudly.

In his heart, he didn’t hold Dustin Zhou’s thighs, and it was all Sun Junkai’s responsibility.

So Sun Junkai is responsible for compensation!

“f*ck off, it’s my business! You have no abilities, you want to take advantage of me. Now that Dustin Zhou is well developed, you want to turn back, I tell you, there is no way, you can only stay at the bottom! Sun Junkai was also annoyed by Zhou Hang. If everyone hadn’t pulled Zhou Hang away just now, he might have been strangled to death by Zhou Hang.

After all, once the other party goes crazy, they can’t take this into consideration.

At that time, Sun Junkai wanted to cry, but couldn’t find a place!

“Okay, don’t talk about it anymore. I keep telling you that everyone is a classmate, but you don’t listen. Now that Dustin Zhou is doing well, there are complaints! Who is to blame?” Zhang Jie snapped.

Now that everyone bowed their heads and said nothing, he was actually a little happy.

At the party before, the classmates targeted Dustin Zhou together, which made Zhang Jie very uncomfortable, which was not in line with his original intention of convening the party.

Now, everyone is aware of their mistakes, which makes Zhang Jie very pleased.

“Take them out and send them to the hotel. I will pay for the money!” Zhang Jie found two classmates and gave them 10,000 yuan each, and asked them to arrange Zhou Hang and Sun Junkai.

“No, I’ll go by myself!” Sun Junkai waved his hand, broke free, gave a cold drink, and left.

… The students dispersed quickly, because Dustin Zhou’s identity changed, so everyone’s emotions also changed.

As Sun Junkai said, the things to get together again at night will not be over.

In the hotel.

Zhang Jie has been hesitating.

He was holding the phone, and Dustin Zhou’s number had been turned on it.

As long as he presses the dial key, Dustin Zhou’s call can be reached.

But he hesitated and even worried about writing.

He knew that Dustin Zhou asked himself to find him at night for the day.

Sun Junkai said casually that Zhang Jie had something to do with his family and was heard by Dustin Zhou.

And Dustin Zhou did ask Zhang Jie.

But at that time, Zhang Jie thought Dustin Zhou was just an ordinary identity, so he didn’t tell him.

After all, encountering oneself is a matter, it is indeed a problem, and it cannot be solved by ordinary people.

Even Sun Junkai didn’t have the qualifications to intervene, let alone Dustin Zhou.

But now, after knowing Dustin Zhou’s identity, Zhang Jie has some concerns.

Would Dustin Zhou just mention it casually, and didn’t mean to help.

Or, it should have been there, but after knowing the truth, it retreated?

However, one

Thinking of his own situation, if he doesn’t seize this opportunity, Zhang Jie doesn’t know where else to find someone to help.

However, before Zhang Jie got through the phone, Dustin Zhou called.

After the two parties communicated over the phone, Zhang Jie went to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

He was secretly surprised that the boss of Avaria gave Dustin Zhou the face of surprise.

And listening to Dustin Zhou’s tone just now, it seems that he is also familiar with the owner of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Squeezing the doubts in his heart, Zhang Jie soon came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Because Dustin Zhou said hello in advance, Zhang Jie was taken to the office on the second floor as soon as he arrived.

At this time, besides Dustin Zhou, there was Asher Chen in the office.

“You are here, I thought you left the East China Sea!” Seeing Zhang Jie coming, Dustin Zhou greeted him warmly.

“This is Asher Chen, the boss of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse!” “This is my old squad leader when I was in college. He took good care of me before!” Dustin Zhou introduced the two to each other.

Asher Chen looked at Zhang Jie and nodded secretly.

But Zhang Jie was taken aback!

On his way here, he guessed that Dustin Zhou knew the owner of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, but that was all. He didn’t expect Asher Chen to be so enthusiastic, and it seemed that it was all because of Dustin Zhou.

Suddenly, a huge doubt appeared in Zhang Jie’s mind.

Dustin Zhou, what is his identity?

“There are no outsiders here. Now you can talk about what Sun Junkai said during the day, what happened to your family?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice after sitting down.

Chapter 271

I will handle it!

Mountain Mist Clubhouse, second floor, in Dustin Zhou’s office.

It was quiet at the moment.

Zhang Jie kept smoking, his expression was dim and his eyes were hollow.

Asher Chen sat with Erlang’s legs upright, and did not look at Zhang Jie or Dustin Zhou.

Only Dustin Zhou frowned at this moment, obviously thinking about something.

Just now, Zhang Jie talked about the problems his family encountered.

And Dustin Zhou also listened very carefully.

As a result, I suddenly felt that things were not that simple.

The Zhang family where Zhang Jie is located is considered to be a rich family in Xiangxi.

The status is roughly equivalent to that of the Su family in Donghai City.

Although it is not the top one, it is also a first-class family, and other families dare not easily provoke.

This is also the first time Dustin Zhou knows about Zhang Jie’s family background. In the past, when Zhang Jie was in college, although Zhang Jie made a lot of money, others knew that he was a rich second generation, but he did not know the specific situation of his family.

And Zhang Jie said that his Zhang family was engaged in silver mining, manufacturing and sales in Xiangxi.

It can be said that the real family has a mine.

Dustin Zhou nodded secretly in his heart, and being able to work in this industry obviously had some background and some means in his family.

Otherwise, when it comes to things like silver mines, it’s not something ordinary people can handle.

After all, there are countless people jealous outside.

However, it was precisely because of the silver mine that Zhang Jie made too many people jealous in Xiangxi.

And those who are jealous, all have extraordinary energy.

As a result, everyone united and started an offensive against the Zhang family!

However, even if the Zhang family is powerful, it can’t stand up to several families of the same size as it.

At the moment, the four major families that have joined together to launch an offensive against the Zhang family have issued an ultimatum to the Zhang family.

Zhang Jie is required to make the final decision within three months!

Otherwise, Zhang Jie will usher in their pursuit!

Zhang Jie was helpless, but he was unwilling to admit defeat directly, so he sent his family children out to seek help.

And Zhang Jie is the person from his line who came to the East China Sea for help!

“That’s how things are. Actually, I was planning to contact some people who were playing together back then. I know that many of them have some power in their families. I wonder if I can ask for help, even if the Zhang family pays some price.” Zhang Jie Somewhat dispirited.

“Then, you saw it too. In fact, before I contacted you for the party, I had already found several former classmates in Donghai, but no one agreed to help!” Zhang Jie lowered his head and fell silent.

Dustin Zhou could understand that the family was in crisis, and he came to the East China Sea with a mission on his shoulders, and wanted to ask for help, but none of the people in the past agreed to help.

Whoever it is will be a bit chilling.

Let alone whether it can help, just an attitude is enough to make Zhang Jie feel desperate.

Zhang Jie looked up at Dustin Zhou and saw Dustin Zhou fell into silence. He thought he was unwilling. Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he could occasionally understand.

After all, Dustin Zhou was the first person to ask about his family affairs.

Perhaps this is the catastrophe of the Zhang family!

Thinking like this in his heart, Zhang Jie said in a deep voice.

“Dustin Zhou, this matter is not easy to handle. Of those families, almost all of them are better than my Zhang family. I have already inquired about it. Even with the help of a family like the Su family in Donghai City, it still cannot turn things around. !” Zhang Jie was really frustrated.

After he came to the East China Sea, he inquired about some big families in the East China Sea.

The Sun family is the top family in the East China Sea, it is difficult to get involved, and he has no way to meet the Sun family party.

As for the Su family, he found out that there were several, but just one Su family was useless.

Unless you can invite three families like the Su family to help you at the same time, you can fight the four big families.

But it’s too difficult!

“This matter is indeed a bit difficult to deal with. The main reason is that we don’t know the specific strength of the four big families you mentioned.” “Moreover, the four big families cannot target your Zhang family for no reason, so there must be more You didn’t say why.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while, weighed it carefully in his heart.

“However, this matter is not impossible!” “What!” “Dustin Zhou, you are serious!” Zhang Jie stood up abruptly, looking at Dustin Zhou with scorching eyes.

He heard it just now, this is not impossible!

Zhang Jie went to the East China Sea for nearly half a month and found nothing, but now Dustin Zhou says there is a way, how can he be unhappy?

“Well, although the four big families are a difficult problem, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible.” Dustin Zhou nodded and said with certainty.

In this matter, he was not on a whim, nor was he impulsive, but he had plenty of cares.

First of all, the place in Xiangxi is a bit behind the East China Sea.

Those four big families, compared with the Su family, must be a lot weaker.

And if you want to help Zhang Family and deal with the four big families, Dustin Zhou will definitely pull Su Family up.

Then, he can unite the famous company, Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty, and Zhang Wei’s Beauty Beauty, and then all the cosmetic companies that are united this time.

Although these companies cannot cross to Xiangxi, they can provide funds!

As long as there is capital, Dustin Zhou has a way to deal with it!

It was Zhou’s family that gave Dustin Zhou this full confidence.

He is the young master of the Zhou family, so he is naturally able to

On the other hand, dominate the resources belonging to the Zhou family.

He had confirmed with Asher Chen before that, in addition to the resources available in the East China Sea, he could also mobilize the resources of the Zhou family in Hunan Province!

With these conditions, dealing with the four big families is just a trivial matter.

But Dustin Zhou would not make promises lightly.

After all, to mobilize such a large amount of energy, if there is no corresponding reward, it is simply for the friendship between him and Zhang Jie.

That is not desirable!

After all, there is friendship between Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie, and there is nothing wrong with him wanting to help Zhang Jie.

However, the Su family and other cosmetics companies have no connection with the Zhang family. It is natural to pay a price for them to help.

“Zhang Jie, things can be covered by me, but there is one thing I need to escalate to tell you, that is, I cannot help you Zhang Family for no reason. After all, the resources and energy that need to be mobilized are a lot of money. Number.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

He needs to vaccinate Zhang Jie for everything, and save the trouble to the end.

“I understand that when I came, the owner of the family said that if anyone can help the Zhang family solve this crisis, the Zhang family will not only be grateful in his heart, but will also give 20% of the industry currently owned by the Zhang family. Five handed over to the other party, counted as reward!” Zhang Jie looked excited and said quickly.

What Dustin Zhou said was nothing, Zhang Jie naturally understood it.

What’s more, Zhang Jie had planned to do the same.

A quarter of the entire Zhang family’s property is used as compensation.

This remuneration is already rich enough!

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