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Chapter 272


Dustin Zhou nodded, although he didn’t know how many of Zhang Jie’s possessions were.

But if the four major families equivalent to the four Su families can unite and target the Zhang family, then the Zhang family must have a lot of wealth!

At the very least, just a silver mine is enough to make people jealous.

“Alright, this is the most basic condition, but it still depends on the situation. The family that besieged the Zhang family must have a lot of foundations in Hunan Province.” Dustin Zhou looked at Zhang Jie and smiled slightly.

In fact, the meaning of this statement is already obvious.

Since it was helping Zhang Family deal with the four big families, they must have hurt each other.

Don’t care about Dustin Zhou’s injury, so the Zhang family must have benefited the most from the injury of the four major families.

After all, Dustin Zhou and the others are based in the East China Sea, and they will not travel all the way to Hunan Province to take over those industries.

“I understand that if the siege of the four big families can be repelled, my Zhang family can fully take over the property they have paid, and then divide three-quarters of it and hand it over to you!” Zhang Jie is also very open and bright, knowing that there is no gain. !

Nowadays, the predicament facing the Zhang family is very difficult. If you are not careful, the whole family will collapse.

So at this time, anything can be promised.

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly, quite satisfied.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou smiled.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s play in the East China Sea now. I will prepare first, and I will contact you when I’m ready!” “Okay!” Zhang Jie felt excited!

It has been half a month since I came to the East China Sea, but Zhang Jie has not found anyone or family willing to help Zhang’s family.

He had originally planned to give up, contact his classmates, and complete the three-year agreement that year, and immediately set off to return to Xiangxi.

However, the appearance of Dustin Zhou gave Zhang Jie hope again.

Now with Dustin Zhou’s assurance, Zhang Jie is even more excited.

After all, since Dustin Zhou made a guarantee, he was at least somewhat certain.

Even if it is really not the opponent of the four major families, it will never let the other party occupy the Zhang family’s property so easily.

With the assurance, Zhang Jie returned to the hotel soon, and he wanted to convey the news back as soon as possible.

Relieve the tension of everyone in the family.

When Zhang Jie left, only Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen were left in the office.

“Master really intends to help that Zhang family?” When Zhang Jie was there before, Asher Chen didn’t say a word or even went to see Zhang Jie.

Now he asked suddenly, his expression was obviously serious.

Dustin Zhou nodded.

“Well, Zhang Jie took care of me very much when he was in college, and he was the only one who spoke for me in the previous classmates.” “What’s more, judging from what he said, it is not impossible!” Dustin Zhou smiled, he is not perfunctory

Zhang Jie, but really had this idea.

“But you want to consider the price!” Asher Chen said in a deep voice.

In fact, to be honest, he didn’t want Dustin Zhou to shoot.

Aside from other things, many forces simply can’t make it through just crossing a thousand miles from the East China Sea to Hunan Province.

And this will naturally become a drag on this action and will make Dustin Zhou pay more.

Dustin Zhou is the heir of the Zhou family, and Asher Chen is a member of the Zhou family. Naturally, he must be considered for Dustin Zhou, not for Zhang Jie and Zhang.

What’s more, the Zhang family’s industry may not be as valuable as what Zhang Jie said.

“I have already thought about it. With the resources I can currently control, it should be no problem to help the Zhang family deal with the siege of the four major families, but it still needs careful planning and a perfect plan!” Dustin Zhou laughed Looking at Asher Chen.

“So, this time I still need Mr. Chen’s help!” Asher Chen sighed lightly. Since Dustin Zhou had said so, he would naturally not remain indifferent.

Besides, this is also the heir of the Zhou family. It is the first time to take action against other big families. No matter what, you must be beautiful and let those people take a good look.

After leaving the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Dustin Zhou did not immediately return to the company or go home, but walked along the road for an endless distance.

He is summarizing!

Just because of the success of Mingyang’s whitening factor project, Dustin Zhou can pay more than 2 billion in dividends!

What’s more, the new plant project is so popular now that it even exceeds the whitening factor project, then Dustin Zhou’s dividend in the next six months will definitely exceed 2 billion!

If you count it this way, not counting the others, these two projects alone can bring Dustin Zhou more than four billion in income!

“Ting bell!” Suddenly, the phone rang.

Dustin Zhou picked up his cell phone and took a look, and found that it was Mira Xie’s call, and a strange thing flashed in his heart.

It’s getting late now, at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, most people have already rested.

And Mira Xie called him at this time. Did something happen?

Although there was some speculation in his mind, Dustin Zhou still connected without hesitation.

Only after the connection was made, Dustin Zhou shouted again and again, but there was no sound on the phone.

Dustin Zhou was shocked!

Did an accident happen and Mira Xie was kidnapped?

The robber uses her cell phone to contact herself?

Just as Dustin Zhou was struggling with worry, a murmur suddenly came from the phone.

“Dustin Zhou, where are you…” The voice was soft, light, and hazy, and seemed to be drunk!

But Dustin Zhou heard it very clearly.

Mira Xie is asking, where is Dustin Zhou!

“I’m here, what’s wrong with you?” Dustin Zhou asked quickly, he was a little worried about Mira Xie now.

Listening to the tone, Mira Xie seems to be drunk


However, Mira Xie was not drunk when they were parting, and was still sober, even refusing Dustin Zhou to send her home.

“You come to me, you come to me, I miss you…” Mira Xie’s voice was intermittent and very vague.

Even so, Dustin Zhou heard a message from it.

Mira Xie said he missed Dustin Zhou.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou’s heart was stirred, and he couldn’t wait to appear next to Mira Xie right away.

He knew that tonight might be a key to the further improvement of the relationship between himself and Mira Xie!

“Where are you, I will look for you now!” Dustin Zhou said hurriedly, looking around, already thinking about where Mira Xie might appear.

First of all, the Xie family is impossible.

Not to mention that Mira Xie can’t get drunk at home. Just doing this will definitely attract Xie’s mother’s attention. Once Xie’s mother pays attention, Mira Xie will never have the opportunity to call!

So, where else?

For a time, many possible locations flashed in Dustin Zhou’s mind, but they were quickly rejected by him!

Suddenly, a place suddenly appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind.

Maybe it’s there!

Chapter 273

Night talk!

Although the phone is connected, there is no sound on the other end of the phone.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if Mira Xie was asleep, so there was no sound.

Or Mira Xie deliberately didn’t make a sound, wanting to see if Dustin Zhou could guess where she was.

However, Dustin Zhou could only try one by one without getting a clear prompt!

Dustin Zhou spent several hours checking several places where he and Mira Xie had been alone.

Whether it’s a park or a road… But nothing!

“This dead woman won’t be in the company?” Dustin Zhou muttered, already very anxious.

I haven’t found Mira Xie for so long. In case something happened, Dustin Zhou would be too late to regret it!

Dustin Zhou stopped hesitating and rushed directly to the company.

Of course it is Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty Company.

At this time, the only place where Mira Xie could let Mira Xie do what he wanted, and when he was drunk, could call himself unscrupulously, probably only the company.

Soon, Dustin Zhou came to the downstairs of Yueji Beauty Company.

Standing downstairs, Dustin Zhou looked up and saw the lights on the first floor of Yueji Beauty Company.

According to the location, it happened to be Mira Xie’s office.

“This woman!” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, he didn’t expect Mira Xie to be in the company.

And it’s so late, not going home.

What does this woman want to do?

Don’t you be afraid of danger?

Dustin Zhou quickly went upstairs and came to Mira Xie’s office.

But when he entered the office, he frowned!

Wine taste!

A very strong smell of alcohol came out, shouting to be caught off guard, directly covering his nose, looking around for Mira Xie.

And he finally found Mira Xie.

At this time Mira Xie was lying on the sofa in the office, with no image at all!

Not to mention the scattered hair draped over his face, covering almost half of the entire face.

The clothes on his body were messy, even revealing a lot of fair skin.

If another man sees this, he must not help but pounce on it.

But Dustin Zhou saw now that he was helpless and sympathetic.

He knows what kind of person Mira Xie is, and has always been self-disciplined and calm.

In the more than three years of marriage with Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou hardly saw Mira Xie look like this.

Even before the Yueji Beauty Company was in trouble and almost went bankrupt.

At that time, Mira Xie had never been like this. Instead, he had a high spirit and kept in touch with investors.

Rejected, then the next one is rejected!

So back and forth!

Even, Mira Xie had been in a dangerous situation several times. If Dustin Zhou hadn’t been there, she might have already suffered a bad hand.

Mira Xie was optimistic and positive in such a difficult time, and he had never shown such an embarrassed appearance.

But now, Yueji Beauty Company has regained its vitality and is developing even better than before.

Mira Xie became like this!

Dustin Zhou couldn’t understand, isn’t this all what she wants?

Now I got it, why did he die so behaved!

Stepping forward, Dustin Zhou piled the scattered hair together, so that Mira Xie’s face was completely exposed.

At this moment, Mira Xie’s delicate face was full of blush.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed that there were two secret tears under Mira Xie’s eyes!

Although it was mostly hidden by the drunken blush, Dustin Zhou could see it all at once.

Mira Xie cried before he got drunk!

“This woman!” With a light sigh, Dustin Zhou wiped the tears from Mira Xie’s face, and then tidyed up her messy clothes.

Anyway, don’t be so casual, exposing large and delicate areas, which will not affect you.

After helping Mira Xie tidy up, Dustin Zhou sat on the sofa and looked down at Mira Xie seriously.

The phone is still on and has fallen to the ground.

The corners of Mira Xie’s mouth tremble slightly from time to time, as if he wanted to speak.

But after getting drunk, her mind was hazy, and she couldn’t speak.

Dustin Zhou felt a little distressed inexplicably.

He had never seen Mira Xie before.

In his impression, Mira Xie has always been the image of a strong woman.

But now seeing this, Dustin Zhou suddenly thought that Mira Xie must have been very hard during this time.

While supporting the Yueji beauty company, we must also be busy with projects.

But there was no one around her to accompany her to comfort or encourage her!

It seems that everyone thinks that she should do well and she must do well.

Just because he is Mira Xie.

“Fool!” Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand and gently stroked Mira Xie’s side face, his heart moved slightly.

He doesn’t even remember when he was so close to Mira Xie!

The two have been married for three years. To tell a joke, Dustin Zhou has not even had sex with Mira Xie!

“Well, you’re here…” Mira Xie murmured something, and leaned sideways to Dustin Zhou, allowing Dustin Zhou to touch it better.

And her frowned brows seemed to have calmed down a lot, and the irritable expression on her face became calmer.

“Well, here I am. Why are you drinking here alone?” Dustin Zhou responded softly, just sitting on the sofa without moving or approaching.

“I just… want to drink… you… don’t care about me…” Mira Xie’s lips pursed slightly as if hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, groaning like a baby.

Dustin Zhou was caught off guard and was taken aback by Mira Xie’s tone.

This kind of coquettish tone is completely inconsistent with Mira Xie’s personality!

“Why didn’t I care about you?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Since Mira Xie is drunk now and can respond subconsciously, Dustin Zhou simply chats with her.

Anyway, now Mira Xie is asleep and can’t move easily so as not to wake her up.

And Dustin Zhou couldn’t leave alone.

“You just didn’t care about me, you never cared about me, you only care about Enderia Shen…” Mira Xie said in a deep voice, suddenly turned sideways and hugged Dustin Zhou’s arm.

Dustin Zhou was startled, thinking that Mira Xie was awake.

After discovering that Xin Mira Xie did not wake up, Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to pull his arm out, but he couldn’t pull it out anyway. Mira Xie hugged him to his chest and hugged him to death.

But after hearing Mira Xie’s words, Dustin Zhou was silent again.

Is this woman jealous?

Otherwise, why did she suddenly mention Enderia Shen?

You know, before Enderia Shen fought Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou’s relationship with her was limited to the upper and lower levels. At most, there was still a little friendship with ordinary friends.

But everything was ordinary in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, but in Mira Xie’s eyes, it was Dustin Zhou who cared too much about Enderia Shen’s rain boots.

As a result, Mira Xie was jealous!

But no one vented her, no one listened.

That’s why I chose to be alone in the middle of the night and get drunk in the office!

“No, I care about you most. You are my wife. Of course I care about you most and love you the most!” Dustin Zhou lowered his head, attached to Mira Xie’s ear, and said softly, his voice extremely gentle.

“Yeah.” The voice was very slight, but Dustin Zhou knew that this was Mira Xie’s response.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou’s expression moved, he quickly lowered his head, aimed at Mira Xie’s profile, and quickly kissed him!

“Dustin Zhou, what are you doing?”

Chapter 274

The first intimate contact!

A somewhat sharp sound broke the silence in the office.

At the same time, it also broke the silence of the entire building.

Mira Xie, who was still asleep because of drunkness, had already sat up at this time, looking at Dustin Zhou with a flushed face, her eyes widened, and she looked angry.

Dustin Zhou looked at Mira Xie, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he did not speak, so he looked at Mira Xie quietly with the faint light.

This woman was not drunk at all, nor really fell asleep.

She has been pretending to sleep!

“Are you still smiling? What were you doing just now? Don’t think that I will not feel when I fall asleep!” At this time, Mira Xie is like a little girl who has not grown up, living in her own fantasy paradise.

She pointed at Dustin Zhou with a look of dissatisfaction, as if she was very unhappy with Dustin Zhou’s kiss of her just now.

But Dustin Zhou was unmoved.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t noticed just now, he almost thought Mira Xie was asleep.

When Mira Xie responded “um” just now, Dustin Zhou clearly saw that the corners of Mira Xie’s mouth raised slightly.

How is this asleep!

Even the babbling while sleeping, it won’t match the facial expression changes like Sang’s mouth slightly raised!

So at that moment, Dustin Zhou decided that Mira Xie was just pretending to sleep!

So he simply kissed him directly to see if Mira Xie would wake up on his own initiative!

And now, everything is the best proof!

“Did you really fall asleep just now? Then why can you keep responding to me?” Dustin Zhou smiled, and he is now even more sure that Mira Xie is pretending to be asleep.

She has never fallen asleep, and has been waiting for Dustin Zhou to appear.

Even if she didn’t speak for a few hours, she just sat quietly on the sofa.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou felt a little distressed inexplicably!

Obviously, he cares about himself very much, but he hasn’t said it all the time, holding in his heart, wanting to vent out with the help of drunkenness.

“It makes you tired, this time must be very hard!” Dustin Zhou stretched out his hand, placed it on Mira Xie’s head, and gently stroked it.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s voice was full of tenderness.

And this kind of tenderness, Dustin Zhou has never given others.

Even Enderia Shen shielded him from the knife during his time in the hospital, Dustin Zhou did not show such tenderness.

Suddenly, Mira Xie’s aura fell, and there was soreness in his eyes, and tears flooded faintly.

And feeling Dustin Zhou’s touch and that gentle tone, Mira Xie felt a burst of satisfaction in his heart, but at the same time a huge grievance and tiredness came surging like a tide.

Mira Xie only felt that she was wronged, as if the whole world was targeting her.

There is not only cruelty from society, but also persecution from family members.

Even she feels very

Tired, it seems that the whole body is in a state of downtime, and there is no way to continue working.

“Dustin Zhou, I think I can’t do it anymore. I don’t seem to have the strength to handle everything anymore!” Mira Xie sat on the sofa and let Dustin Zhou touch her head, whispering, looking very discouraged.

“I feel very tired, just put everything aside, you and me, don’t forget, we are a husband and wife!” Dustin Zhou’s distressed hands were slightly hard, Mira Xie fell into Dustin Zhou’s arms without any resistance. .

And Mira Xie didn’t respond, so he fell into Dustin Zhou’s arms and closed his eyes quietly.

She feels very tired now and wants to rest quietly.

Or an hour, or a day, or a month, or a year, or never work again!

“I still remember that when I saw you for the first time, you smiled brilliantly, like a sun, which directly left an indelible mark in my heart!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, his voice soft, What happened between myself and Mira Xie, from the first meeting to everything that happened later, I will talk in detail.

And Mira Xie didn’t refuse, just listened quietly.

Unconsciously, the sky gradually brightened.

“…So when you found me and said you wanted to marry me, but the condition was that I became a parent, I didn’t have any consideration at all and agreed directly, because marrying you is my dream.” Dustin Zhou finished, bowed his head After looking around, I found that Mira Xie was really asleep this time.

Faintly, a slight grunt reached Dustin Zhou’s ears.

Dustin Zhou heard a trace of peace of mind from this grunt.

Dustin Zhou felt very at ease for Mira Xie, which made her forget everything for a short time, and she was in peace.

Since Mira Xie really fell asleep this time, Dustin Zhou naturally couldn’t hold her forever. After all, this would not be very good for Mira Xie.

Looking for a suitable angle, Dustin Zhou slowly put Mira Xie down, then took off his coat and put it on Mira Xie’s body to prevent her from catching the cold.

Looking at the chaotic office, Dustin Zhou gave a chuckle and became a happy cleaner.

After spending a while, the entire office was cleaned by Dustin Zhou as clean as ever.

At this time, the sky was bright, and many people even started to work outside.


With a soft sound, the office door was suddenly opened.

Coming in

It is Mira Xie’s secretary.

When the secretary saw Dustin Zhou suddenly appearing in the room, he was also confused.

For a moment, there was only one thought in her mind.

How come there are men in President Xie’s office?

But when he saw Dustin Zhou’s appearance clearly, he took a long breath.

Almost everyone in the company knew about the affairs between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie.

So the secretary was not surprised.

“Mr. Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be there too!” The secretary whispered, nodded, and then exited the office and closed the door.

However, Dustin Zhou was still a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect to be seen by her company’s employees when he first visited Mira Xie’s office. He didn’t know what kind of rumors would come out later.

I just hope that Mira Xie will hear it then and don’t go crazy.

Dustin Zhou stayed in the office for more than an hour. When the company was almost ready, he greeted Mira Xie’s secretary and asked her to take care of Mira Xie.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou left quietly and returned to Mingyang Company.

Dustin Zhou could feel that Mira Xie was totally exhausted now. If she was allowed to work so endlessly, one day there would be big problems.

At that time, there is basically no way to save it.

Therefore, it must be corrected now to let Mira Xie get a full rest.

That being the case, it is better to take Mira Xie out to play!

The country is so big that he has never been to many places, and I believe Mira Xie has never been.

That being the case, then take the opportunity to give yourself a vacation and go out for a trip.

As for agreeing to Zhang Jie, there are still three months left anyway, so there is no hurry.

Besides, it is not as important as his own wife.

Dustin Zhou can still tell which is lighter and heavier!

“Sister Ye, come here!” After making up his mind, Dustin Zhou called Sara Ye directly.

Although I have decided to travel, some planning must be done in advance.

Not only that, during the time he is out, the company’s operation and the new plant project also need to be arranged in advance.

In case he is not there when he is away, the company and the project have problems, and he has to be disturbed.

Sara Ye was also a little puzzled, and she didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was looking for herself in a hurry.

“Zhou, you are looking for me.” Walking all the way to Dustin Zhou’s office, pushing the door and entering, Sara Ye only asked one sentence and heard one that surprised him.

“Sister Ye, I am going to travel, please help me refer to it!”

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