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Chapter 275

I also need to go!

“What? Are you going to travel?” Sara Ye exclaimed, realizing that her voice was too loud and it would attract other people’s attention. She immediately covered her mouth and looked at Dustin Zhou with surprise.

Enderia Shen has just had an accident and is still in the hospital and has not been discharged, and the new strain project has just started for half a month.

Now, Dustin Zhou, the actual helm of Mingyang, even said that he is going to travel!

Anyone would be surprised.

“Dustin Zhou, do you know what you are talking about? You are joking, right!” Sara Ye became a little angry, walked up to Dustin Zhou and said angrily.

She is Dustin Zhou’s assistant, yes, in the company, she is also Dustin Zhou’s subordinate.

However, Sara Ye worked at Mingyang Company longer than Dustin Zhou, and had a better understanding of Mingyang Company than Dustin Zhou.

At this time, Dustin Zhou is the backbone of the company.

Regardless of whether it is the daily operation of the company or the operation of the new plant project, Dustin Zhou is responsible for it, so there is nothing wrong with it.

Sara Ye could almost predict that once Dustin Zhou really went out to travel, then the company and the Xinzhu project would have a certain degree of confusion.

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious.” Dustin Zhou sighed lightly, and then told her about Mira Xie.

Sara Ye took great care of Dustin Zhou in the past, and after she became Dustin Zhou’s assistant, she was also very serious and responsible.

This time Dustin Zhou is going to travel, and he will hand over the company to Sara Ye for a period of time.

Therefore, he must give a reasonable explanation to make Sara Ye feel at ease.

Rather than tell lies, it is better to clarify the truth directly. Dustin Zhou will not have any psychological burden, and there will be no risk of being dismantled in the future.

“Really?” Sara Ye still wrote a letter with doubts.

It is an exaggeration of the rain boots that Dustin Zhou said.

In Sara Ye’s impression, Mira Xie is a tireless person.

Often when Sara Ye works all day and comes home, she is extremely tired, she doesn’t even want to do anything, she just wants to sleep beautifully.

But even so, Sara Ye still felt tired when she went to work the next day.

It even takes a lot of time to wake up your body.

However, every time she saw Mira Xie, Mira Xie was a lively, active, and energetic person, as if she never knew that she was tired and devoted herself to work.

Now, Dustin Zhou told her in person that Mira Xie was tired and needed a rest.

Anyone can be surprised.

But Sara Ye can also understand.

Change to be yourself, don’t say that you support it until now, it will collapse long ago.

Mira Xie feels tired now, as it should be.

“Then what are you going to do? You are traveling, and President Shen is in the hospital again.

The company must have no one in charge of the overall situation, and no one is in charge of the new strain project!

“Sara Ye has accepted Dustin Zhou’s idea of ​​going out for a trip. Now what she needs to think about is the normal operation of the company and the new plant project after Dustin Zhou goes out. “After I go out, the company and the new plant project will be left to you. I can rest assured .

Dustin Zhou looked at Sara Ye and smiled. Dustin Zhou believed in Sara Ye’s ability. After all, as an ordinary employee, he worked in the same position as Sara Ye for a period of time, and he knew Sara Ye’s working ability very well. Besides, Dustin Zhou this time. It’s not that I’m going out and I won’t come back. It’s just over a month at most. As long as the company and the new strain of the project are step-by-step, there won’t be too much thick lines. Even if there are some problems, Sara Ye can’t solve them, and when he comes back, they can use Thunder , A quick solution. “Well, where are you going to take Mr. Xie?

Sara Ye had no choice but to accept. She knew that Dustin Zhou had made up his mind. No matter what she said, she would not shake his mind. Instead of having to persuade her mother-in-law, Sara Ye simply accepted the arrangement directly. The situation is still under control. “Well, I want to take Mira to Mengmeng. I said before that I would find time to see her. I haven’t had time, but it’s just right now.

“Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and the little girl who was a little weird appeared in his mind. “Okay, but Mr. Zhou, I need to remind you that if Mr. Shen knows that you are going to travel, and has not told you She, I don’t know the consequences!

“Sara Ye reminded me playfully. Sara Ye is very clear about some of Enderia Shen’s thoughts. If you know that Dustin Zhou will take Mira Xie, the two will travel together and spend the world together, I am afraid Enderia Shen will be uncomfortable. As for what she will do, Sara Ye But I can’t guess. “It’s okay, it’s just an annual leave. Don’t tell Mr. Shen.

As Dustin Zhou said, he began to look for Rocket Girl’s itinerary on the Internet. As a national idol group, Rocket Girl’s every move will naturally attract attention. Since the last assassination in Donghai City, on the Internet, Rocket Fans of the girls have been clamoring that the company must protect their safety and stay away from cities like the East China Sea. All their itineraries can be found online. Dustin Zhou also took a closer look, as if since leaving the East China Sea , Rocket Girl’s itinerary deviated from Donghai City. There were even a few times that they should pass through the East China Sea, but the company arranged for them to detour and avoid the East China Sea. Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell on one place at this time. That’s Rocket Girl’s next stop

Where to go.

Hunan Province!

Dustin Zhou was shocked!

I have promised Zhang Jie to help him deal with the four big families to alleviate Zhang Jie’s crisis.

The Zhang family is in Xiangxi, where the cross talk, and the four big families that besieged Zhang family are also in Hunan province.

“It seems that this time, I can’t avoid it anyway.” Dustin Zhou closed his eyes and thought about it.

This time, in addition to taking Mira Xie out to relax, he could help Zhang family by the way.

The resources he needs to mobilize are also very simple.

The Su family must join in. The Su family itself is a big family, and it can deal with one of the four big families.

And Dustin Zhou combined with the energy he currently possesses, but he can even deal with the other two.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou personally called the Su family, and there were many people related to him.

Zhang Wei, Wang Dalu, Sheng Yiguan… Although the energy of these people is not great, when put together, it is a scary existence.

When those people received Dustin Zhou’s call, they were still worried and guessed the purpose of Dustin Zhou’s call.

It was the Su family, and Su Shiming asked Dustin Zhou to go over and explain in detail.

The Su family has now begun to remodel and have undergone a lot of major exchange operations. Now within the family, there has been a slight disagreement. If Su Shiming wants to control the Su family, he must suppress these disagreements.

As for Dustin Zhou’s plan, Su Shiming was able to transfer the contradictions within the family directly to the outside.

Everything was prepared, Dustin Zhou found a good weather, and took Mira Xie to fly to Hunan Province.

Donghae International Airport.

This time, Dustin Zhou originally intended to be the two of Mira Xie, and by the way it was equivalent to spending the honeymoon that he missed during the marriage.

But now, after looking at the people around him, Dustin Zhou also regretted a bit.

I had known it a long time ago and I would not be busy with Zhang Jie’s housework. Now there are so many people who follow him.

Su Wei, Chen Xin, Chen Hui of Time Beauty, Zhang Wei… With a light sigh, Dustin Zhou began to pack and salute, preparing to check the ticket.

“I want to go too!” At this moment, a clear voice came, and Dustin Zhou stiffened when he heard the voice.

Mira Xie looked back, and when he saw the person coming, his eyes turned to Dustin Zhou’s face, full of playfulness.

Others have a look of admiration.

The 276

Chapter first arrived in Hunan!

Dustin Zhou is puzzled!

~ This time, she did a good job of confidentiality, but why did she still know?

“President Shen, why are you here? Are you going out?” But now that the other party is here, Dustin Zhou couldn’t pretend not to know him. He immediately turned to look at the other party and said with a smile.

The person here is Enderia Shen!

She was still in hospital, waiting for this

Dustin Zhou’s visit and care.

But today, Sara Ye showed up to take care of her, which made Enderia Shen aware of something wrong.

So, under coercion and temptation

, Sara Ye had to confess everything.

Enderia Shen was stunned at the time, with anger in his heart.

I fend off the knife for Dustin Zhou, and he is still in the hospital, but Dustin Zhou’s heartless guy actually wants to go out with Mira Xie to live in the world of two!

Enderia Shen became more angry the more he thought about it, and finally he was discharged directly from the hospital and rushed all the way to the international airport.

“Yeah, I just want to go out to get some air when I am healed. Why do so many of you have to go out? Where are you going?” Enderia Shen sneered in his heart.

Dustin Zhou’s question was clearly knowingly.

That being the case, Enderia Shen simply came to the plan to calculate.

“We are going to Hunan Province, do you want to go to Hunan Province, President Shen?” Dustin Zhou hadn’t spoken yet, but Su Wei was the first to speak.

This time I was able to follow Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan to come out, Su Wei felt that the calligraphy has been paid attention to, and the inspection of the boss should be over soon, and he will definitely be taught kung fu.

So he wanted to express himself in front of the boss.

“Hunan Province? It’s such a coincidence, I am also going to Hunan Province!” Enderia Shen’s brows and eyes turned into a crescent moon, and he shook the ticket in his hand.

It is the ticket to Hunan Province.

Dustin Zhou was helpless, so many people on his side had already arrived, and it was impossible to go back.

But it is impossible to change the schedule.

Since Enderia Shen already knows, let’s take it with him.

Anyway, Dustin Zhou was also worried about what accidents Enderia Shen would encounter when going out alone.

“Well, if that’s the case, then Mr. Shen will be with us, and there will be a support on the road!” Dustin Zhou said helplessly.

“Is this convenient? It won’t disturb the world of you and Mr. Xie?” Enderia Shen deliberately showed a surprised expression, his eyes slightly turned to Mira Xie, and there was some self-blame in his tone.

Dustin Zhou knew that this was intentional by Enderia Shen, but he just couldn’t help it.

Directly refuse Enderia Shen to follow?

But she had blocked the knife for herself before!

For this reason, Enderia Shen was seriously injured. If it weren’t for Mr. Jiang, I’m afraid Enderia Shen would really be dying!

Dustin Zhou has always kept this kindness in his heart and dare not forget it.

“No, this time we mainly want to see Mengmeng.” Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly.

Because at this moment, the inside of his right arm is being twisted vigorously by one hand.

Needless to think about it, Dustin Zhou knew that this was Mira Xie’s dissatisfaction.

After all, when I told Mira Xie before, I didn’t say to bring Enderia Shen with him.

Otherwise, Mira Xie might even stop coming in angrily.

“Su Xiaomeng? Just so, I went to see her too, I really miss her.” Enderia Shen smiled.

So everyone boarded the plane and flew all the way to Hunan Province.

Hunan Province.

The plane landed and everyone left the airport.

Rocket Girls’ concert was held in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.

So this time they flew directly


“Zhang Jie, you can take them to Zhang’s house, first make some preparations, I also want to see a friend in Changsha!” Dustin Zhou turned his head and said to Zhang Jie behind him.

This time he brought a lot of people, all to help Zhang Family deal with the four big families.

When Zhang Jie first saw these people, he was still a little skeptical.

But he also talked a lot with these people along the way, and his heart slowly calmed down.

Among these people, not only the bosses of big companies, but also those in charge of the alliance, even the Su family arranged for someone to come with them.

Such a lineup, although it is said that it cannot defeat the four major families, it is enough to compete against one or two.

“Don’t worry, I will arrange them properly!” Zhang Jie was excited to be able to return from Donghai this time and naturally agreed.

Even if Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything, he would arrange these people well.

In the end, only Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Chen Xin, and Niu Chuan were left beside Dustin Zhou.

Niu Chuan is a bodyguard, so naturally he will not leave Dustin Zhou. Otherwise, if the previous assassination happens again, Niu Chuan will be ashamed to death!

And Dustin Zhou’s purpose this time is to take Mira Xie for a trip, relax and soothe the body and mind, so Mira Xie will naturally be by his side.

Although Chen Xin offered to come with her, Dustin Zhou would not drive her away when she saw Asher Chen’s face.

So everyone looked at Enderia Shen.

“Why are you looking at me? I came to see Mengmeng!” Enderia Shen said calmly as he felt everyone’s eyes.

This time she was determined to follow Dustin Zhou, no matter what Dustin Zhou said or did, she would follow.

“Okay, but you don’t want to run around. You will be lost and you can’t find us, so don’t cry.” Dustin Zhou joked with a smile.

Soon, several people found a good hotel and opened a room each.

People who are not short of money naturally do not account for others.

Dustin Zhou wanted to open a room with Mira Xie. After all, they were husband and wife, but Mira Xie refused mercilessly.

“Haha, who doesn’t know someone’s ghost thoughts?” Enderia Shen took the room card, dragged his salute, walked to Dustin Zhou’s side, and sneered.

She could see the scene just now clearly.

Dustin Zhou wanted to open one room, but Mira Xie had to open two.

And now, Mira Xie had dragged his luggage upstairs, leaving Dustin Zhou alone here secretly hurt.

“Take care of yourself, if the injury is not completely healed, you must run out!” Dustin Zhou gave Enderia Shen a fierce look, and walked directly to his room.

But fortunately, several people opened rooms at the same time, and they were specially ordered, so their rooms are all connected together, walking in the same way.

On the edge of the road.

After cleaning up, Dustin Zhou directly called everyone together.

He had bought the Rocket Girl’s concert tickets a long time ago. He originally bought ten tickets, just in case he needs them.

Now, there are only five people.

But this is not a big deal, just five tickets.

“Mengmeng and their concert at 9 o’clock in the evening, in the stadium in the city center, we should almost go now.” Dustin Zhou shook the concert ticket in his hand, and gave everyone one.

They live in the Hilton Hotel, which is also a five-star hotel.

From here, it is at least half an hour’s drive to the stadium.

Counting the impact of emergencies such as traffic jams on the road, it is reasonable to start one and a half hours earlier.

Several people cheered.

Especially Mira Xie and Chen Xin.

Chen Xin was originally Su Xiaomeng’s friend, and the two even knew each other a long time ago.

And Su Xiaomeng also attended Chen Xin’s birthday party.

As for Mira Xie, it was the friendship developed during that time.

In addition, the concert must be very lively, so both of them are very excited and looking forward to it.

Chapter 277

Many people are paying attention to Rocket Girl’s itinerary.

As the most popular national idol group in the past year, the three girls in Rocket Girls have made countless people go crazy.

And the concert in Changsha, compared to the one in Donghai City, was even more impressive.

Especially when I heard that Su Xiaomeng was assassinated at the Donghai City concert, many fans were even more angry.

When Dustin Zhou and his party arrived at the concert, there were only twenty minutes left before the concert began.

And ticket checking has already started.

“Fortunately, we came an hour and a half early, otherwise we will be late.” Dustin Zhou was also somewhat thankful.

Although he had some preparations in his heart, he still didn’t expect that the road was so crowded.

From the hotel to the gymnasium, it was less than half an hour’s drive, and he was stunned for more than an hour.

One can imagine how crowded the road is.

And the most important thing is that most of the vehicles along the way drive towards the stadium, and their destinations are also the same.

Rocket Girl’s concert.

“Check the ticket. This time I ordered all VIP tickets.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and walked to the ticket gate with everyone.

But this time he didn’t go from the ordinary ticket gate stupidly, but went straight to the VIP entrance.

Compared with ordinary ticket gates, the number of VIP entrances is much smaller.

After all, ordinary tickets cost several hundred. Even so, many people buy them only after grit their teeth.

The VIP tickets are often thousands, even close to 10,000.

This is simply not something the average person can afford.

What’s more, fans of Rocket Girls,

Most of them are students, they do not have the financial ability to afford such expensive tickets.

The appearance of Dustin Zhou and his party at the VIP entrance also attracted a lot of attention.

Not because of other things, but because of Dustin Zhou’s group, the three beauties are too conspicuous.

Chen Xin looked a little petite, but looked very cute.

Both Enderia Shen and Mira Xie look like powerful women.

The difference is that at this time, Enderia Shen has put down his identity as the president, all as an ordinary girl, watching to sing, so she will have a bit of life and liveliness.

And Mira Xie held Dustin Zhou’s hand tightly, very nervous.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He felt from Mira Xie’s hands that Mira Xie was very nervous at the moment.

Her hands even kept shaking.

You know, Mira Xie is the president of Yueji Beauty, a person who has met the world.

But now, I was so nervous that I was shaking!

“Don’t be nervous, just as you are here to inspect the company counter!” Dustin Zhou calmed down softly.

Dustin Zhou probably guessed why Mira Xie was nervous.

She used to appear in the eyes of everyone as the president, but now she is an ordinary person.

Most importantly, before, not so many people dared to look at her nakedly.

And now, just a casual glance, Dustin Zhou saw at least a hundred people cast their eyes on Mira Xie.

It’s strange if you don’t get nervous!

“Who are these people?” “I don’t know, there are three big beauties, which is too glamorous!” “Yes, even the young master of the Jiang family, I am afraid he is not so ostentatious!” “Haha It’s good if we have had eye addiction. That person had better look forward not to meet Young Master Jiang, otherwise, the three big beauties around him might suffer!” … Everyone looked at the three of Mira Xie, their eyes hot, but again Very restrained.

Because they knew their identities, and they also knew that Dustin Zhou and his party must not be simple.

Just entering from the VIP entrance is nothing.

The key is to be accompanied by three big beauties.

You know, the definition of being accompanied by a big beauty is often given by the rich.

“Three beauties, looking at the face, don’t know where they came from!” Just as Dustin Zhou and the others were preparing to check the ticket, a discordant voice came from behind them.

The trio of Mira Xie frowned, their light tone made them very dissatisfied.

In this way, it’s as if they are women on the street, just let them choose.

“Don’t pay attention!” Dustin Zhou frowned, but once he knew that there should be no trouble in front of Su Xiaomeng’s concert, once the trouble was reported by others, it might affect Su Xiaomeng and Rocket Girl.

“The three beauties don’t give face, don’t they look

Are you kicking me Jiangbei?

Seeing that the three of Mira Xie didn’t respond, the person behind seemed a little angry, but more, as if he was excited about seeing the prey. “It’s Jiangbei!”

Young Master Jiang!

“Unexpectedly, they still met Jiangbei, but now they can’t escape.”

“Oh, it’s a pity, why don’t you have to go out with three beauties, isn’t this rushing to the mouth of the young master?”

“Yes, the beauties in Changsha have basically been harmed by sauce burning, and finally they have a few raw faces. Now, they will be harmed by Jiangbei!”

“You said, are these people from outside?”

“That’s for sure, let’s Changsha, that person doesn’t know Shao Jiang?”

“… Everyone exclaimed and talked about this person who claimed to be Jiangbei. Dustin Zhou and the others also heard a lot, and they also had a certain understanding of this Jiangbei. All in all, Jiangbei is a scourge, specializing in female sex, and the methods are extremely high. Disgraceful. However, Dustin Zhou’s expression was slightly moved, and his heart was a little strange. Because of this Changsha Jiang family, he had heard of it, and he had heard of it from Zhang Jie. Among the four major families that besieged Zhang Jie, there was Changsha Jiang family! And this Jiangbei, looking like this, should also belong to the Jiang family. Dustin Zhou sneered in his heart, he didn’t find the door, but the other party took the initiative to send it. “How about not giving face?

What if I look down on you?

Who do you think you are?

Dustin Zhou turned around suddenly, staring at Jiang Bei behind him, and said in a cold voice. Jiang Bei was dressed in hip-hop and looked very chic, and at this moment, he had each arm around a beautiful woman. But his eyes still looked greedily. The three of Mira Xie. Chen Xin was the youngest, had never seen such a battle, and had never felt such naked eyes, so he was a little scared, hiding directly behind Dustin Zhou, only dared to show a small side of his face, looking forward. As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, it seemed that the entire stadium was quiet. Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and was shocked. Does he know who he is talking to? That’s Jiangbei! The eldest master of the Jiang family in Changsha, in Changsha For decades in the city, no one has dared to talk to him like this. Because the first person to talk to him like this is no longer found. “Haha, haha, haha.

Jiang Bei didn’t seem to hear these words for a long time, chuckled twice, and then turned into a big laugh. And his face gradually became gloomy. “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“Jiang Bei sneered. He is already thinking about how to deal with Dustin Zhou. But for the sake of the three beauties, Jiang Bei thought that he might let Dustin Zhou go, as if it was his reward for the three beauties. He Jiangbei Walking in Changsha,

Never take advantage of others!

“My ears are not deaf, don’t you have a bad brain? I forgot what I said just now?” Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang Bei with a sneer, and didn’t even care that he was Jiang Bei, but he was jealous.

“Good! Very good!” Jiangbei was extremely angry, looking at Dustin Zhou’s eyes as if looking at a dead person.

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