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Chapter 278

In an instant, with Dustin Zhou as the center, the surrounding area suddenly became quiet.

Those who were waiting in line for the ticket check were all dumbfounded, looking at Dustin Zhou as if they were watching a madman.

They couldn’t believe their ears, what did they hear?

Dustin Zhou was in front of Jiangbei and asked if Jiangbei’s brain was broken!

“He… is he crazy! How dare you talk to Shao Jiang like this?” “Yeah, how long have we not heard anyone dare to talk to Shao Jiang like this?” “I don’t remember, the last one talked to Jiang Shao like this?” Those who talk less are already gone!” “Oh, it’s a pity that he can have such three beauties beside him, he must be an extraordinary person, but if he provokes Shao Jiang, even if he has a backing, It’s no use!” … Everyone immediately shook their heads with regret.

There are regrettables, and naturally there are also mocking ones.

Jiangbei, in Changsha City, although always arrogant, but also made many friends.

These friends usually receive a lot of benefits from Jiangbei. When they encounter problems, they have always taken the initiative to help Jiangbei solve them.

Now that Dustin Zhou insulted Jiangbei in front of them, he naturally made them angry!

“Boy, what are you talking nonsense?” “Believe it or not we let you go today!” “Hurry up and apologize to Shao Jiang and hand over these three beauties. If we are in a good mood, maybe we can consider letting you go. One horse!” … Several young people behind Jiang Bei pointed at Dustin Zhou, just shouting, with extremely arrogant expressions on their faces.

It seemed to them that Dustin Zhou was an inconspicuous little person. They didn’t need them to take it seriously. As long as they said something, Dustin Zhou would kneel down and admit his mistake.

After all, in this case, they have said so many times over the years.

Every time there is an effect, no one has ever refused alive!

However, when they finished speaking, triumphantly, ready to watch Dustin Zhou kneel down and admit their mistakes, they found that Dustin Zhou was standing still on the spot.

Not only Dustin Zhou, but even the few people with Dustin Zhou were indifferent.

All this angered these people completely.

“Boy, I’m deaf, I didn’t hear you! It seems that I must teach you well and let you know how great!” A young yellow-haired young man sneered, shaking his fist, and rushing towards Dustin Zhou, with sneer on his face.

He didn’t pay attention to Dustin Zhou and his party at all

, Punching is also loose and unstructured.

Suddenly, many people averted their gaze, not wanting to watch the next picture.

After all, they have seen such a scene before, but every time, people who dared to challenge these people did not end well.

Everyone can almost imagine the fate of Dustin Zhou and his party.

“Bang!” There was a muffled sound, and everyone’s hearts trembled.

Alas, another scrapped one!

Everyone couldn’t bear it, they opened their eyes to see Dustin Zhou’s situation.

But when they opened their eyes and looked past, everyone was shocked.

Everyone looked at the front inconceivably, even opened their mouths, and forgot to close them.

Because, at this moment, Dustin Zhou stood in place safe and sound.

And a person behind him stood up and punched the yellow-haired boy.

The picture that everyone imagined did not appear. On the contrary, the yellow-haired boy was pale at the moment, his arms trembled violently, and the whole body was shaking!

“Ah! My hand! My hand!” Suddenly, with a scream, Huang Mao’s right arm dropped directly, screaming again and again, and he couldn’t even stand, and he knelt down with a flutter.


At this moment, everyone was quiet.

Those who were still worried about Dustin Zhou were shocked at this moment, keeping their original movements, staring blankly at everything in front of them.

As too many people were stunned, the ticket gate was stopped, and the queue was even longer.

“Oh my God, what’s going on?” “Who saw it just now? What happened?” “I don’t know, I only heard a muffled noise, and then opened my eyes that’s it!” “I saw it, that People hit this little Huang Mao down with a punch!” “I seemed to hear a cracked bone sound?” … Everyone looked over and discovered that Xiao Huang Mao’s right arm was drooping to the side, obviously. Has been broken.

But Niu Chuan, who fought against Xiao Huangmao, was unharmed, as if he wasn’t the one who shot just now.

Is a master!

In an instant, everyone’s eyes on Niu Chuan changed!

“Chen Fang!” Jiang Bei was also a little surprised to see Xiao Huang Mao so tragic, and the people behind him suddenly exclaimed.

Several people hurried up and helped Xiao Huangmao Chen Fang back.

“Young Master Jiang, take revenge for me!” Chen Fang passed by Jiang Bei, his face pale, but the anger and hatred in his eyes were not scarce.

At this moment, he not only hated Dustin Zhou, but also hated the person who broke his arm!

As long as there is a chance, Chen Fang will definitely solve Dustin Zhou and them without hesitation.

“Huh! A trash, now I am embarrassed to let me take revenge and take him back!” Jiang Bei glanced at Chen Fang slightly and snorted, obviously very unhappy with him.


Originally, Chen Fang was the first one on Jiangbei’s side. Jiangbei thought about the first attack, he would show Dustin Zhou and the others a good look and let them know what kind of existence he was facing.

Then, it is best to deter Dustin Zhou and them, so that Dustin Zhou can take the initiative to hand over those three beauties.

In this way, in the future, Changsha City will surely once again spread a good talk about his Jiangbei!

But now, everything is destroyed by Chen Fang.

Even Jiang Bei did not expect that Chen Fang, who was able to fight in the past, could not even take a punch in the face of the opponent!

At this moment, Jiang Bei was also a little serious.

“Zeng Gong, go, abandon that kid’s two hands and avenge Chen Fang!” Jiang Bei’s expression was gloomy, and a fierce stern flashed in his eyes.

How long has it been, no one has dared to be so presumptuous in front of him!

Not only did he ignore his own words, but also dared to contradict himself.

Even people who dare to hurt themselves!

If this spreads out, where will he put his Jiangbei face?

At this moment, they are destined to have no return!

After Zeng Gong got the order, he also walked out slowly.

Zeng Gong is tall and tall, and can be regarded as the tallest among the people behind Jiangbei. His bulging muscles seem to explode!

“Oh my God, it turned out to be him!” “Zeng Gong, I heard that Jiangbei’s men are the best able to fight!” “Isn’t it? I heard that Zeng Gong used to be a black boxer who had defeated him. Many well-known boxers have also gotten gold belts from underground boxing rings!” “Then why is he playing under Jiang Shao now?” “I heard that he offended someone, and that person would let Zeng Gong go. Then it seems that the Jiang family took him in and asked him to protect Jiangbei!” “Oh, it seems that this group of people can’t escape this time! Chen Fang is just a young man, this Zeng Gong is a master!”

Chapter 279

Waste one!

At this time, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and his party again, sighing in their hearts.

Everyone shook their heads, feeling something unworthy for Dustin Zhou and them.

Jiangbei has no resistance to beautiful women, and almost grabs his own hands when he meets beautiful women.

This is no secret in Changsha.

If Dustin Zhou and the others are smart enough, at this time, they should take the initiative to dedicate the three beauties to Jiangbei. In this case, maybe Jiangbei will not trouble them when he is happy.

But after the three women are lost, they can look for them again, so why bother!

“Boy, Jiang Shao asked me to abolish you, but I will give you a chance to abolish both hands by myself. Then I can reply to Jiang Shao. Otherwise, if I do, you will be abolished, but it is not just your hands. !” Zeng Gong’s tall figure gives people a sense of oppression.

He walked all the way to Dustin Zhou and the others, and the people beside him didn’t dare to breathe easily. They all held their breath. When Zeng Gong walked over, it seemed like a long breath of relief.

“You talk too much nonsense!” Niu Chuan said coldly.

In the eyes of others, Zeng Gong may not be shaken. Just looking at it, he felt short of breath.

But in Niu Chuan’s view, Zeng Gong was full of flaws.

Once the two sides played against each other, Niu Chuan was even able to beat Zeng Gong to nowhere within three moves!

But Zeng Gong couldn’t even touch Niu Chuan’s clothes.

“Death!” Zeng Gong’s gaze was stagnant, as if he hadn’t expected Niu Chuan to say that, grinning and rushing towards Niu Chuan like a phantom.

“Oh my God, be careful!” “Hurry up and call 120, or I’m afraid you will die!” Someone exclaimed, but they didn’t want to close their eyes.

After all, Zeng Gong’s reputation is well-known, but not many people have seen him take action.

Because no one dared to provoke Jiangbei in the past, naturally it would not be Zeng Gong’s turn!


A loud noise!

Everyone looked forward and saw Zeng Gong’s huge figure, a pair of hammer-like fists and Niu Chuan banging against each other.

In contrast to Niu Chuan’s seemingly ordinary fists, everyone felt that Niu Chuan should be blown away by Zeng Gong.

But such a picture did not appear.

On the contrary, Niu Chuan stood still and did not retreat.

However, Zeng Gong’s face was flushed, and there were even faint signs of retreating under his feet.

This scene shocked everyone.

This is Zeng Gong, the former underground boxing champion, and now the bodyguard of Jiangbei, almost beat Changsha invincible.

Now, he was almost beaten back by an unremarkable person!

This has simply subverted the consciousness of many people!

“Oh my God, what did I see? Zeng Gong was beaten back by this person?” “You didn’t read it wrong, I saw it too, and Zeng Gong’s face

Rising red, full of muscle swelling, obviously exhausted, but look at that person!

Someone pointed to Niu Chuan, his face was shocked. In addition to shock, his eyes were more admiring. And following what this person was referring to, others also discovered unusual places and showed their faces. Respect. Niu Chuan is not flushed like Zeng Gong, and there is no muscle swelling in his body. It looks like he has done a trivial thing. There is even a slight smile on his face! Hiss! Everyone suddenly! Breathe in the air! This is obviously not exhausting! And Jiang Bei’s face is completely dark at this moment! He squinted slightly and looked at Zeng Gong, Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou coldly. He never expected that he would let Zeng Gong make a move. You can’t even abolish Niu Chuan. Not only can it be abolished, even Zeng Gong is not Niu Chuan’s opponent! What is this person’s background! A casual person has this skill! At this moment, Jiang Bei already has a hint of retreat in his heart. He is. Know some things. People like Zeng Gong will not easily follow others. And he can be his own bodyguard, mainly to repay the kindness of the Jiang family that took him in. Moreover, this kindness only lasts. Three years. It’s now the third year. Once this year is over, Zeng Gong will leave the Jiang family! Zeng Gong is already like this, so what about someone stronger than him? “You want to destroy me, you are not enough. qualifications!

Niu Chuan silently felt Zeng Gong’s strength. Although it was considered strong, it was nothing in front of him. Even the guard that he met in the nursing home at that time was stronger than Zeng Gong. “Chuanzi, the concert will require it.” It’s getting started, I don’t want to waste any more time!

Dustin Zhou looked at the scene in front of him, feeling dull. He believed in Niu Chuan’s strength. After all, even Chief Fang’s guard was not Niu Chuan’s opponent. And now that the concert officially begins, there are only less than ten left. Minutes. When the ticket is checked in, and you have to find your own position, time may not be too late. Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to waste time here. “Yes!

Niu Chuan replied, grinned, sneered at Zeng Gong, and then sneered hard! Boom! Zeng Gong couldn’t bear the loud noise, and he was directly blown out. The body fell into the crowd and hit several people at once. With Zeng Gong’s tall figure, coupled with the force of being blasted off by a huge force and hitting the ground, it was simply not an ordinary person who could bear it. In an instant, there were several wailing sounds around him. All of them were injured by Zeng Gong. “But if you are a trash, you dare to ruin me?

Niu Chuan sneered, and then looked at Jiangbei’s group of people. At this moment, Jiangbei actually felt himself

As if being stared at by a wild beast, he stood upside down all over his body in an instant, he was constantly alert, and even felt uneasy, and he had to kneel and surrender!

“As for you, you deserve to talk to Brother Yang? I don’t know how high the sky is!” Niu Chuan said, striding towards Jiangbei.

Without Zeng Gong, no one in Jiangbei was Niu Chuan’s opponent. In addition, they were all frightened by Niu Chuan’s aura just now, so at this moment they stood there and did not respond.

Afterwards, Niu Chuan raised his slap and threw it straight away.

“Pop!” There was a loud applause, and everyone was awakened, suddenly dumbfounded.

Niu Chuan slapped Jiangbei’s face with a slap, and suddenly flung Jiangbei away, until he hit the person behind him, and stopped.

However, Jiangbei’s entire right face was red and swollen, and he couldn’t even see the original appearance.

Jiang Bei himself was even more dizzy by this slap, a little confused, and he couldn’t tell where he was now.

“Things like waste, don’t get out!” Niu Chuan yelled, then turned and walked towards Dustin Zhou.

“Brother Yang, it’s okay, I didn’t humiliate you.” Niu Chuan said with a smile, where there was still a fierce look just now.

Others were secretly surprised when they saw Niu Chuan like this.

While admiring and surprised by Niu Chuan, they became more and more interested in Dustin Zhou.

It is absolutely impossible to be an ordinary person who can subdue a powerful person like Niu Chuan.

In addition, Dustin Zhou’s attitude of neither humble nor overbearing when facing Jiangbei made people wonder about his origin.

It seems that there has never been such a person in Changsha.

Chapter 280

The fear of Jiangbei!

“It’s doing a good job. To deal with this kind of person is to teach him a lesson, otherwise, he doesn’t know who he is!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and did not pay attention to Jiang Bei’s reaction.

Anyway, the two sides have already reached a feud, and it was Dustin Zhou who slapped Jiang Bei in public. It would be impossible to reconcile.

In addition, the Jiang family is still one of the four major families that besieged the Zhang family.

And Dustin Zhou came to Xiang Province this time to help Zhang Family deal with these four big families.

Therefore, before Dustin Zhou and Jiangbei met, the two sides were destined to stand on opposite sides.

“Hey, Brother Yang is right, I also think that person is too bad, and his sister-in-law is what he can say casually? If it weren’t for the crowds here, I would definitely leave a deep mark on him!” Niu Chuan laughed.

But Mira Xie chuckled suddenly, and a blush flashed across his face.

Enderia Shen on the side took a look, a trace of gloom flashed in his eyes, but he quickly recovered his look.

At this moment, seeing Dustin Zhou and his party seemed to be sweaty and calm, completely unaware of the consequences of offending Jiangbei, and all the onlookers felt nervous.

At this time, they had determined that Dustin Zhou and his party were not from Changsha City.

Even, they may not be from Hunan Province!

Otherwise, it is impossible for Dustin Zhou and the others to know nothing about Jiangbei’s virtues, and now they are not doing anything afterwards.

Unless, Dustin Zhou’s background is much stronger than Jiangbei and the Jiang family.

But this idea only appeared in everyone’s mind for a moment, and it was immediately denied by everyone.

They knew the status of the Jiang family, and naturally thought that there would be no stronger existence than the Jiang family.

Even if there is, it is impossible to offend Jiangbei, the youngest of the Jiang family, just because of a few women.

“I’m afraid. These people also have some background, but they are a little stunned. They don’t know the horror of the Jiang family!” “Yes, for the three women, it is a pity, these people may not be able to leave Changsha City!” “In my opinion, they can only have fun for the last few hours. Jiang Shao will definitely find someone to clean them up. Even if that person is very powerful, Zeng Gong is not his opponent, but he is not invincible!” … Everyone sighed in their hearts, it is definitely a pity for Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, Jiangbei was burning with endless anger.

Not to mention that Chen Fang and Zeng Gong were easily defeated by that person, but that person actually dared to “get off” to the violent drink.

The most important thing is that they are even talking and laughing in front of them now, without putting themselves in the slightest.

This made Jiangbei feel an unprecedented insult!

This is an insult!

“Okay! Very good!” Jiangbei laughed twice and called out several times.

But the tone was full of coldness.

“Dare to do so

For me people in Jiangbei, I have never had it before. I don’t care if you have ever lived in Jianglong. Since you are in Changsha, then the dragon will hold it for me and the tiger will also lie down!

“If you have a kind, stay in Changsha. If you can’t clean up a few of you, my Jiangbei name will be written upside down!”

“Jiangbei shouted, he was so angry, his eyes were red, and his face was full of hideousness. Since childhood, no one has ever dared to treat him this way. No matter what others are behind, in front of him, always have to be respectful. But now, he has been insulted by a few unknown people in Jiangbei. If this spreads out, his Jiangbei name will definitely become a joke in Changsha, or even in Hunan Province! And this is something he absolutely cannot tolerate. Matter! “Chuanzi, it seems that someone is still not convinced, I don’t want to hear his voice now, let him shut up!

Dustin Zhou glanced at Jiangbei and sneered. “Yes, Brother Yang!”

Niu Chuan nodded, without saying anything, and walked directly to Jiangbei again. “What do you want to do?”

“Jiang Bei’s heart sighed, his bodyguard, Zeng Gong, has been abandoned by Niu Chuan, and now no one can protect him. If Dustin Zhou and his party want to do anything to him, no one is willing to stop him. “What are you doing?”

Brother Yang said, I don’t want to hear your voice anymore, so I told you to shut up!

“Niu Chuan rubbed his fists and said with a sneer. And this also made the onlookers feel a little stunned. Suddenly, a somewhat absurd idea appeared in everyone’s hearts. “Is he going to abolish Shao Jiang?”

“It should be impossible, right?”

Shao Jiang is the eldest young master of the Jiang family. If they abolish Shao Jiang, can the Jiang family spare them?

I am afraid that they will be chased to the ends of the world, and they must be found!

“But now, even if they don’t abandon Young Master Jiang, can the Jiang Family spare them?”

“… Everyone moved slightly, their eyes looked at Niu Chuan, and they didn’t dare to blink, for fear of missing some wonderful scene. “Don’t come over!

I am the young master of the Jiang family. If you dare to move me, you can never leave Changsha!

“Jiang Bei is really panicked now. I didn’t think that, firstly, his Jiang family status would make him run wild in Changsha and even in Hunan Province. Secondly, even if he encounters some status and status similar to him, He also has Zeng Gong’s protection, and most people are not Zeng Gong’s opponents at all. But now, the two backers that Jiangbei relies on are all useless. Zeng Gong has been abolished. And his Jiang family’s status, the other party simply Don’t buy it. “Haha, is the Jiang family great?

I can go wherever I want. A Jiang’s house in a mere mere house cannot restrict me!

Chuanzi, stop talking nonsense!

Dustin Zhou sneered, his words were full of disdain. Jiangbei wanted to use Jiang’s background

He threatened him, but didn’t know that he came to Xiang Province this time to help Zhang Jie deal with the Jiang family.

Whether there is today’s conflict or not, there will be a contest afterwards.

Instead of that, it’s better to let the Jiang family give birth to a little chaos in advance.

After all, Jiangbei is the young master of the Jiang family. If something happens to him, the Jiang family will be very angry, and will trace their identities.

But Dustin Zhou was not worried.

“Okay!” Niu Chuan responded, not talking nonsense, and dashed forward in two steps, punching Jiangbei’s right cheek.

With only a click, Jiangbei’s chin seemed to be distorted, like a dislocation.

After that, Niu Chuan didn’t stop, and he punched Jiang Bei’s chest again.

Suddenly bursts of bone cracking sounded.

Jiang Bei’s face was instantly pale, and cold sweat was flowing on his forehead, and his eyes bulged from severe pain.

As for screaming… The intense pain spread throughout Jiangbei for an instant, and he couldn’t make any screams at all.

“Hehe, in the future, brighten your eyes. Some people are not something you can afford to offend!” Niu Chuan yelled coldly, straightened his foot, and kicked directly towards Jiangbei.


There was a loud noise.

Jiangbei was directly passed by Niu Chuan and flew out, hitting the protective fence behind and stopped.

But at this moment, Jiangbei couldn’t stand up even more, so he collapsed to the ground, his body convulsed.


For an instant, everyone took a breath in their hearts.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou and his party, and besides admiring them, there was a hint of comfort in their hearts.

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