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Chapter 281

Jiang family!

Jiangbei is abandoned!

Young Master Jiang was actually abandoned by the crowd in front of him!

Moreover, in the face of Jiangbei’s last threat, they simply dismissed it!

Everyone was shocked!

They had never seen such a powerful person before, and they were still facing Jiangbei. You must know that once the Jiang family gets angry, Dustin Zhou and others may really not be able to get out of Changsha.

Even if Dustin Zhou and the others crossed Jianglong, they would not get any benefit in front of the Snake Jiang family.

“It’s over, the Jiang family will be furious!” “But what about that? Jiangbei has been abolished. No matter how angry the Jiang family is, they can’t restore Jiangbei to its original state!” “Yes, look at Jiangbei’s appearance. There are many ribs broken. I am afraid that some internal organs in the body will be greatly shaken. Even if the trauma is restored, there will be no way to live and live like before!” “Hey, the Jiang family must have received the news now, these people If you don’t leave quickly, I’m afraid you really won’t be able to leave!” “Even if you want to leave now, I’m afraid it’s very difficult. Don’t forget, I came with Jiangbei, but there are people from other families, they will definitely hold back. The footsteps of these people!” … The hearts of everyone were mixed.

On the one hand, they are very happy that such a scourge in Jiangbei has been abolished. Since then, Changsha City has at least lost one scourge that is bothering and frightening.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou and his party who abolished Jiangbei will definitely receive revenge from the Jiang family.

Nobody dared to imagine this kind of revenge.

However, once Dustin Zhou and the others are unable to withstand the Jiang family’s revenge, what they have to face is definitely more tragic than Jiangbei’s endure at this time!

“If you have been watching here, it doesn’t matter, but if you don’t take this guy to the hospital for half an hour, he may not survive!” Niu Chuan glanced at the other people with Jiangbei and said coldly.

He is very confident in the strength of his fists.

Don’t look at Jiangbei now looking very miserable, as if he was dying, or even unable to survive.

However, most Jiangbei suffered were traumatic injuries.

However, even if it is a trauma, if you want to recover completely, you have to lie in bed for at least three months.

However, this does not mean that Jiangbei will be able to do evil in Changsha again in three months.

Because Niu Chuan started secretly, he almost gave up the Jiangbei guys.

However, these all take time, and Jiangbei will discover physical problems slowly.

“Ah! Shao Jiang! Hurry up and call the hospital!” Upon hearing Niu Chuan’s words, those talents reacted and quickly suppressed the fear in their hearts, hurriedly ran to Jiangbei to check the situation in Jiangbei.

And after checking Jiangbei’s body,

Everyone’s complexion became gloomy, and quickly became pale!

Jiangbei was really abolished!

And they are fine now.

If this is known by the Jiang family and they are held accountable, they will definitely not be better off!

Forcibly enduring the fear in their hearts, everyone at this time didn’t have the mind to say anything to Dustin Zhou and the others, and quickly carried Jiangbei into the car and rushed to the hospital.

When Jiangbei’s group left, the concert ticket gate instantly became quiet.

Everyone was watching Dustin Zhou and them.

Even the security personnel who checked the tickets were stunned.

Just now, they saw with their own eyes that Jiangbei, which was rampant in Changsha, was abandoned!

This is definitely a super big news!

There is no need to wait until tomorrow, the major news will be released.

“Haha, you guys have seen it, it’s not that we are looking for something, but some people don’t open their eyes. Now that the trouble has been solved, the concert is about to start, why don’t you enter the venue as soon as possible?” With a smile, he took the admission ticket and checked it, and went straight into the gymnasium.

And after he entered the gym, the crowd outside suddenly fryed.

Everyone is discussing what just happened.

Everyone was more curious about the origins of Dustin Zhou and his party, and they slapped the sound. There were also many people who shared what had happened just now through the circle of friends, which immediately attracted a lot of attention and inquiries.

For a time, almost the entire city of Changsha knew about this.

And Jiangbei, the young man of the Jiang family, was abolished, and this news spread quickly throughout Changsha like autumn wind!

After a while, the Jiang family had already learned of the news.

Jiang family!

At this time, many people had gathered in the front hall of the Jiang family, almost all of them were direct descendants of the Zhu family of the Jiang family.

Almost everyone was filled with righteous indignation, and their faces were full of anger.

There are also a small group of people with a faint smile on their faces, and they can’t see anything.

Jiangbei was abandoned, and they are now receiving treatment in the hospital, they already know.

In fact, someone notified the Jiang family as soon as the incident happened.

At first, the Jiang family didn’t believe it.

Just kidding, what kind of existence is the Jiang family?

Who is Jiangbei?

Don’t talk about Changsha, the base camp of the Jiang family.

Even in the entire Hunan Province, no one dared to be rude to the Jiang family.

Not to mention, Jiangbei was abolished!

This is definitely a provocation to the Jiang family!

“Father! Jiangbei was abolished, and this incident must not be let go. Those people know that Jiangbei belongs to our Jiang family, and they are so cruel, obviously provoking the Jiang family!” A middle-aged man strode out with a full face. It is grief and anger.

He is Jiangbei’s father, the second generation boss of the Jiang family, Jiang Xingfang.

As soon as Jiang Xingfang’s voice fell, everyone in the front hall looked forward in unison.

At this moment, an old man sat on the front seat of the main hall, closed his eyes and thought, holding a golden dragon-head walking stick in his hands. He was restrained and looked like an ordinary old man.

But once you think so, it’s a big mistake.

This old man is named Jiang Fanliu.

The Jiang family is currently the head of the family.

With all the power of the Jiang family, Jiang Fanliu can have the final say!

At this moment, Jiangbei has been abolished, and can integrate Jiang’s family and let everyone have one heart.

, Only Jiang Fanliu.

“Father, this matter must be tracked down to see who it is, who dared to hurt Jiangbei like that in Changsha and in front of so many people!” At this time, Jiangbei’s mother, Li Jingxiu, also looked sad. Said.

Jiang Xingfang and Li Jingxiu, as the current grandfather of the Jiang family, have only one son in Jiangbei under their knees, so they naturally gave all their favors to Jiangbei.

They just hope that Jiangbei will be able to stand up and earn face for them, so as to increase the impression and score in Jiang Fanliu’s heart, and prepare for the future power of the Jiang family.

But now, Jiangbei has been abolished.

This means that they may have been removed from the list of candidates for the Jiang family heir.

After all, the Jiang family cannot be handed over to someone who has no direct descendants!

What’s more, in the second generation of the Jiang family, in addition to Jiang Xingfang, two other people are also vying for the inheritance right of the Jiang family!

“Brother, what you said is wrong. Given the strength of the Jiang family, who would dare to provoke? In my opinion, there may be hidden secrets in this!” “That’s right, father, you know, we are now uniting The other three major families launched a siege on the Zhang family. If they were distracted and gave the Zhang family a chance to breathe, then annexing the Zhang family would definitely pay a greater price!” At this time, the two middle-aged people also followed one another. Came out.

However, unlike Jiang Xingfang, in their words, it seems that there is no meaning to hold the person who abolished Jiangbei responsible.

“Jiang Xingyuan! Jiang Xingguang!” After hearing the words of these two people, Jiang Xingfang was the first to shout angrily before the others reacted.

Chapter 282

Jiang’s attitude!

Jiang’s front hall suddenly fell silent.

Everyone looked at Jiang Xingfang who was so angry that he was almost crazy.

And his anger and sadness also touched many people.

After all, Jiangbei is his only son, and Jiang Xingfang wants to compete for the position of Patriarch. It is absolutely impossible to have no heir, even if he is alive but has been abolished!

Therefore, as soon as Jiangbei had an accident, it was almost concluded that Jiang Xingfang was the first to leave the competition for the position of Patriarch.

Suffering these two consecutive blows, no one will feel good.

At this moment, Jiang Xingfang’s eyes were red, glaring at his two brothers.

On weekdays, everyone gets along fairly well.

Even if they secretly compete with each other for the position of Patriarch, on the surface, they are still very friendly.

However, Jiang Xingfang never expected that his son Jiang Bei had such a thing and was abandoned by outsiders.

And his two brothers, not only didn’t want to avenge their nephew, but instead wanted to give up on the murderer!

The past harmony was broken instantly!

Of course Jiang Xingfang knew why his two brothers were like this!

Because Jiangbei was abolished, Jiang Xingfang naturally lost the qualification to compete for the position of Patriarch.

Then, the competition between the two of them should be smaller.

If he were himself, Jiang Xingfang felt that he might also be the same.

But when things happen to him, he can’t accept it anyway!

“Brother, don’t be angry with us either. Of course we want to avenge our nephew, but right now, it is the critical moment of besieging the Zhang family. As long as the Zhang family is destroyed, the benefits that our Jiang family can get are enormous. !” Jiang Xingyuan, the second oldest of the Jiang family, smiled faintly, but there was a flash of sharpness and pride in his eyes!

Jiang Xingfang loses the qualification to compete for the Patriarch, so Jiang Xingyuan naturally has a better chance of winning among the remaining people.

He is not willing to make any accidents at this time.

What’s more, what he said is true.

Right now, the siege of the Zhang family by the four major clans in Hunan has entered a white-hot stage.

At this stage, both sides suffered heavy injuries.

As a weak person, the Zhang family suffered terrible injuries.

But their Jiang family was also very uncomfortable. Facing the Zhang family’s crazy counterattack, they suffered a lot in several industries.

If the Zhang family cannot be destroyed within the next two months, then the Jiang family will also fall into the quagmire.

At that time, many external forces will definitely show their sharp teeth, staring at the piece of fat in the Jiang family.

“Father, you can say something, is it that my son Jiangbei was so vainly abandoned? If our Jiang family did not make a statement, how would outsiders treat my Jiang family?” Jiang Xingfang was very aggrieved and had to put all hope They are all pinned on the old father.

As long as the head of the Jiang family speaks, then the Jiang family will

Immediately launched frantic revenge on those who abolished Jiangbei, making the other party regret what he did.

However, if the Patriarch does not allow it, then the Jiang family will certainly not care about that person.

At least, on the bright side, it would not be against each other in the name of the Jiang family.

For a while, everyone looked at Jiang Fanliu, the head of the Jiang family.

Even the second and third of the Jiang family are the same.

After all, even if they were just and awe-inspiring, they still couldn’t be the master for the Jiang family.

Jiang Fanliu sat high in the position of Patriarch, his eyes slowly closed and gradually opened.

The eyes that looked a little muddy at first, but became very clear in an instant!

“At the moment, all matters of the Jiang family are focused on destroying the Zhang family!” Jiang Fanliu said coldly, and an unquestionable aura spread.

For an instant, everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look in his eyes again.

Jiang Fanliu has already expressed the Jiang family’s position in one sentence!

Everything is based on destroying the Zhang family!

The implication is that the abolition of Jiangbei is nothing before Zhang Family is eliminated.

Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang secretly delighted.

But Jiang Xingfang and Li Jingxiu’s couple became more grief and anger.

But he knew that at the moment, he could not influence the family’s decision-making just by relying on himself.

“However, Jiangbei is my grandson and a member of my Jiang family. Since outsiders dare to act against him, they must be a provocation to my Jiang family. If you are a good way to find someone, I have to ask myself, who gave it. He is so courageous, dare to do this!” But then Jiang Fanliu’s words excited the Jiang family again.

Jiang Xingyuan and Jiang Xingguang’s expressions of joy stagnated and looked a little embarrassed.

But Jiang Xingfang and Li Jingxiu were ecstatic.

“Yes, father, I will definitely catch them!” Jiang Xingfang promised loudly, his face full of hideousness, quite crazy.

… Dustin Zhou didn’t know what happened to the Jiang family, and he didn’t want to know.

Anyway, he came to Xiang Province to help the Zhang family.

So, sooner or later, I will face up with the Jiang family.

That being the case, no matter what attitude the Jiang family has, the two sides will meet sooner or later.

Therefore, in the face of Jiangbei’s provocation, Dustin Zhou did not fear at all.

What’s more, Jiangbei, and even the Jiang family, probably couldn’t pose a threat to him.

That being the case, Dustin Zhou was naturally at ease, no matter how great the outside world was, he would not move.

At this moment, the stadium is full of people.

Compared with Rocket Girl’s previous concert in Donghai City, the scale of this concert in Changsha was a bit smaller.

After all, Changsha is not as rich as Donghai, and its population is not as large as Donghai City.

But even so, the scene was very lively and the atmosphere was not inferior to that of Donghae’s concert.

Before the Rocket Girl appeared, everyone waved light sticks and shouted the Rocket Girl’s slogan and the names of the three members.

“Seeing Mengmeng is the most popular!” Enderia Shen smiled slightly and sat beside Dustin Zhou, across Dustin Zhou, and looked at Mira Xie on the other side of Dustin Zhou.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that the person who was like a little sister at the time would be adorable.” Mira Xie didn’t know if he didn’t feel Enderia Shen’s meaning, or deliberately pretended not to know, and smiled faintly.

And Dustin Zhou, who was caught in the middle, only felt as if he was being burned on a fire.

The two people around are people who can’t offend.

One is his wife.

The other is his own company boss, who has prevented a fatal blow for himself before, which can be described as a life-saving grace.

“Of course, compared with the other two girls, Mengmeng has a more lively character and is naturally more popular!” Dustin Zhou quickly corrected the topic, he didn’t want these two women to be in secret competitions.

As the time came to nine o’clock in the evening, the lights in the stadium suddenly lit up. In the middle of the huge stage, the lights hit one spot, and the figures of three young girls appeared.

Suddenly, the cheers of the entire stadium became even greater.

Dustin Zhou knew that the concert had officially started!

Chapter 283


The lights of the huge stadium are all focused on the three girls of Rocket Girl at the moment.

And they lived up to expectations, their graceful and lively figures left a very deep impression on the stage.

Not to mention, their singing made the fans intoxicated, screaming and crazy.

If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou’s deliberate restraint, I’m afraid he would be like those fans at this moment, like a crazy person, screaming frantically.

But Enderia Shen on the side was not at all polite, screaming wildly as the fans screamed.

She even urged Dustin Zhou to be presumptuous once again, isn’t it just for this moment of madness to watch the concert?

On the stage, the Rocket Girl Sanxiao only danced three dances and sang three songs, then slowly stopped.

“Next, we want to select a fan to come on stage and sing a song with us. Do you want to?” Su Xiaomeng took a breath and continued high-intensity dancing, which really brought them a lot of burden.

Fortunately, they have received training and there is no problem with their physical strength for the time being.

But even so, it is necessary to intersperse such interactive programs in the middle.

Firstly, they can take the opportunity to take a break, and moreover, they can use the interaction with the fans to deepen the relationship with the fans.

After all, Rocket Girl has been so hot because of the support of countless fans behind it.

“Yes! I want it!” “We want to be on stage too!” “Mengmeng, I love you!” … When Su Xiaomeng said that, the fans in the audience went crazy.

Because there was also such a show in Rocket Girls’ concerts before, the fans have been waiting, just waiting for themselves to be drawn to the stage.

At this moment, in the center of the VIP table, a young man raised his mouth slightly and his face was full of pride.

“Hehe, these people thought they had a chance, but they didn’t know that our Chen Shao had already decided in advance!” “Yes, Chen Shao is the Fourth Young Master of Changsha, how can they be compared with those who are not?” “What’s more, This time, the organizer is Chen Shao’s company. He wants to have further contact with Rocket Girl, but he hasn’t got it right!” “Chen Shao, wait for Rocket Girl to win, but you have to share your feelings with your brothers!” Beside the man, there were five or six men sitting around, each with arrogance on their faces, and at the same time there was something to please.

After hearing the shouts of the fans behind them, they were very arrogant.

But when faced with the man sitting in the middle, they looked like they were pleased again.

The man they called Chen Shao put away his smile and adjusted his clothes to make himself look more handsome.

“Don’t worry, I have already ordered. This time, I will not only be on stage, but wait for them

After the concert, you can also take it out for a meal. If you want to go together, you can naturally follow along!

“Chen Shao smiled faintly, as if everything was under his control. “Really!

“That’s great. I have loved this Rocket Girl for a long time. I will definitely go and see it when that happens.”

” “Count me in!

“… Suddenly, all five or six people expressed their opinions and wanted to follow them to have a look after the concert. This picture seems like Rocket Girl is their everything. You can deal with it whatever you want. With Su Xiaomeng’s voice fell, and the huge screen on the stage suddenly appeared in the audience. Tens of thousands of fans appeared on the huge screen. And as the camera went on, the picture also changed. In the end, the fans who can go on stage are Su Xiaomeng chose one of them. The picture flashed by, and many people’s faces appeared for a second, and then they skipped it. This disappointed many fans, secretly sighing in their hearts, and at the same time envious of the upcoming selection. Fortunately for you! The picture continued to slide. Soon, Chen Shao’s faces appeared on the huge screen. At this moment, there was a noticeable pause in the picture. Chen Shao was satisfied when he saw this scene, and straightened his clothes. He stood up directly. “Haha, as expected, Shao Chen is still great!

“Chen Shao, go up, brothers look down below!”

“Shao Chen, don’t shame us men, you must subdue the three girls of Rocket Girl!”

“… Everyone cheered immediately. The fans who were not far away from them were also a little surprised to see this scene. How do these people seem to be confident. But Su Xiaomeng did not stop! Chen If he stepped out less, he was about to step onto the stage. But the next second, he was stunned, and a touch of anger suddenly appeared on his face! Because, on the huge screen, the picture was moving. Just one second, Shao Chen and the others The picture disappeared on the screen. However, Chen Shao and their performance just now were all shown in front of the audience through the screen. “Haha, is this person crazy?

I want to go straight up!

“It’s really cheeky. Su Xiaomeng didn’t even call to stop, so he walked up. Doesn’t he know the rules?”

” “Humph!

I heard it just now, and between their words, they seemed to be very unkind to the young ladies of Rocket Girl!

“What, really?”

“Damn, such a person, don’t say that he was not selected, even if he is selected, he must not be allowed to go up. Our young lady is innocent and can only belong to us!

“… Chen Shao’s expression is ugly, and there is endless anger in his heart. And he

The few people beside them also turned their eyes, their complexions changed, and they were obviously very surprised by this sudden situation.

Didn’t Chen Shao say that everything is done?

Why is it like this now?

“Shao Chen…” Someone wanted to persuade him.

“Shut up, damn girl, dare to go against my meaning!” Before that person finished speaking, Shao Chen shouted in a deep voice.

“Shao Chen, should we go back to our seats now, so many people are watching.” However, some people pulled Chen Shao down. After all, this was at the concert.

The audience can be said to be loyal fans of Rocket Girls.

Don’t say that Chen Shao and the others are going to do it here, even if they are more frivolous to the Rocket Girl, they are likely to be attacked by other fans.

Chen Shao lowered his head and walked back to his seat silently.

Many fans in the audience laughed at this scene.

And Chen Shao’s expression was even more gloomy at the moment.

He was very angry in his heart, clearly he had arranged everything, why this happened.

But his anger, others didn’t care.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are still on the big screen.

Up to now, Su Xiaomeng has not called to stop, which means that no one has been selected by her for the time being and can come on stage to sing with them.

Su Xiaomeng was calm inside. Just now the big screen stopped in front of Chen Shao, she naturally knew the meaning.

The organizer told him before that the organizer’s son wanted to come on stage and sing a song with them.

If it’s other singers, you might agree.

But Su Xiaomeng didn’t want this.

For the past two months, that figure has been occupying his heart.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Brother Yang now, do you still remember Mengmeng.” Su Xiaomeng sighed inwardly and continued to look up at the big screen.

But in the next second, Su Xiaomeng’s calm heart suddenly made huge waves, and even his plain face suddenly appeared with a bright smile.


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