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Chapter 284

It depends on Chen Shao’s face!

Su Xiaomeng shouted loudly, and the big screen stopped instantly.

Everyone looked over, and saw a dull-looking man on the big screen, and on either side of him were three stunning beauties.

At this moment, the three stunning beauties were looking at the man in the middle with full smiles.

Su Xiaomeng looked at the people on the big screen, feeling excited about Peng Bai. She didn’t expect that the other party would come to see her concert.

Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian on the side were also shocked, obviously not expecting them.

Because the person who appeared on the big screen was Dustin Zhou!

At this moment Dustin Zhou was blinded.

He never expected that he would appear on the big screen.

This means that he will be on stage and sing a song with Rocket Girl.

“Hehe, how about it, are you flattered!” Enderia Shen chuckled aside.

Mira Xie also looked at him with a faint smile, but did not speak.

“Silent, I want to be low-key, but I can’t get it low-key anyhow, there is no way, a handsome man is suffering!” Dustin Zhou said lightly, shaking his hands, looking very helpless.

With his appearance, not only Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were speechless, but even Chen Xin and Niu Chuan beside him were speechless.

As for Dustin Zhou, many people behind them were already looking at him at this moment.

Now suddenly I heard Dustin Zhou say this again, and he was so angry that he wanted to hit someone.

They have seen someone who is narcissistic, but it is the first time they have seen someone who is so narcissistic.

However, when I thought about it, there were three big beauties around, and Su Xiaomeng rejected Chen Shao and chose him to take the stage. It might not be that simple.

Suddenly, many people became interested in Dustin Zhou.

However, at the same time, many people were frightened after seeing Dustin Zhou’s appearance.

After all, they had seen Dustin Zhou’s cruel side outside when checking tickets for the concert.

The Jiang family, Jiangbei, if they didn’t agree with each other, they would be abolished directly than Dustin Zhou!

How can such a person be a good person.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to stand up, smile faintly, and slowly walk towards the stage.

Originally, he planned to come quietly to watch a concert to see how the three little ones are now.

But since he has been discovered now, he will naturally not avoid it.

Coming to the stage, Dustin Zhou smiled at Su Xiaomeng who was excited, and Zhao Wanrong and Zhang Tiantian who were smiling.

“Unexpectedly, it was discovered by you!” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Because he is not equipped with a microphone, he can only hear the voice.

And hearing this, the surprise on Su Xiaomeng’s face instantly became a bit resentful.

This caught Dustin Zhou by surprise!

How could this expression appear on a girl’s face?

“Brother Yang, if I hadn’t seen you, would you not plan

See me?

Su Xiaomeng’s face was a bit wronged. It seems that Dustin Zhou would cry out if she admits it. Dustin Zhou sighed in her heart, it’s all like this, how could he still tell the truth. “Of course not, I came to Changsha, that is Let’s see how you are doing.

Dustin Zhou said softly, walked slowly to Su Xiaomeng, stretched out his hand, and concealed squeezing Su Xiaomeng’s face. Fortunately, Dustin Zhou was blocking his body at this moment, and only a back of him can be seen on the big screen. Otherwise, he squeezed Su Xiaomeng’s face and was known by others. I am afraid that as soon as he leaves the gym, he will be chased by Rocket Girls, especially Su Xiaomeng’s foundation. “Hehe, I know that Brother Yang will not forget. mine!

“Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Su Xiaomeng suddenly smiled. All the grievances and dissatisfaction just now dissipated. “Brother Yang, I have chosen you!”

You have to sing a song with us!

“0 Su Xiaomeng said with a smile, and handed Dustin Zhou a microphone. “I’m glad to invite a fan. Next, we will sing a song for everyone…” As Su Xiaomeng’s voice fell, there was a slow sound of music. It sounded again. And Dustin Zhou has long listened to Rocket Girl’s song, and he is naturally no stranger to the song chosen by Su Xiaomeng. … On the stage, Rocket Girl and Dustin Zhou are singing in a chorus. Under the stage, all fans are also waving their hands. Although they felt very disappointed when they were selected, they were naturally very happy to see the Rocket Girl singing again. Especially Dustin Zhou has three big beauties around him, and Rocket Girl shouldn’t treat him. Good impression. However, Chen Shao in the center of the VIP seat is even more ugly at this moment. If Su Xiaomeng did not choose him, he was already very angry. Then, Su Xiaomeng chose Dustin Zhou, which made him very unhappy. Especially Dustin Zhou. There are already three big beauties beside him. Chen Shao glanced at them, two imperial sisters and a young girl, but without exception, they are all beautiful, not inferior to Rocket Girl. But he Chen Shaogui is the fourth youngest of Changsha, In Changsha City, I have never seen that beauty! “Dingling!

“At this moment, Chen Shao’s cell phone rang suddenly. When he saw that the person he arranged was calling, Chen Shao suddenly snorted. “You still have the face to call. I will explain your business and how did you respond?” thing?

“As soon as the call was connected, Shao Chen was screaming. But the people over there were silent. When Shao Chen calmed down, he asked what happened to him. Then, there was a silence. And Shao Chen was around. However, people who are not able to feel the anger and madness in Shao Chen’s heart at this moment. Compared with the shamelessness just now, I don’t know how many times he is stronger! Hang

After disconnecting the phone, Chen Shao sneered again and again, looking at the four people who cooperated perfectly on the stage, hatred in his heart!

Just now, the people he arranged on the stage called and told him.

Su Xiaomeng and the selected person seem to have known each other a long time ago, and that selected person not only made all three Rocket Girls laugh, but also touched Su Xiaomeng’s face!

“This stinky b*tch! How dare to treat me like this!” Chen Shao snarled frantically in his heart, he had never received such an insult!

“Li Fan, after the concert is over, go backstage and ask the Rocket Girl to find me, and also, bring the selected kid with me!” After Chen Shao finished speaking, he left the show!

Everyone didn’t know why, but they also felt the anger in Chen Shao’s tone.

“Hehe, since I offended Shao Chen, I naturally want to plead in front of Shao Chen! Brothers, do you want to invite the big beauties together?” Li Fan sneered. Since Shao Chen said so, he would naturally do it. At the same time, he also wanted to get in touch with the Rocket Girl up close. It would be great to be able to kiss Fangze.

… Dustin Zhou sang a song with the Rocket Girl and ended directly.

After that, the entire concert lasted nearly three hours.

Twelve o’clock in the morning!

At the end of the concert, the fans also left.

And Dustin Zhou also brought Mira Xie and his party to the backstage ten minutes early.

“Congratulations on the success of the concert!” Dustin Zhou offered their blessings as soon as they appeared.

Su Xiaomeng was even more delighted when he saw the crowd, and ran over to hug Chen Xin.

At this time, there are many people in the background. If she hugs Dustin Zhou directly, it will cause criticism, and it will not be very good to Dustin Zhou.

And Chen Xin and her had known each other a long time ago, and they were both girls, so there was nothing to hug each other.

“Hehe, congratulations on the successful performance of the three little beauties. Chen Shao asked me to come and invite the three little beauties to the banquet. By the way, Chen Shao also gave a special name for you to go with.” At this time, Li Fan also came. When I went backstage, I saw that Dustin Zhou was there, and he was surprised, but didn’t think too much.

Chapter 285

Who do you think you are!

At this time, in the background, except for the busy staff, the three members of Rocket Girl, Dustin Zhou, were all together.

And Su Xiaomeng hugged Chen Xin even more at this time.

When Li Fan saw this scene, his eyes moved slightly, naturally thinking of something.

It seems that Su Xiaomeng was able to select Dustin Zhou because of the relationship with the girl who hugged her.

In this case, Li Fan didn’t intend to embarrass Dustin Zhou anymore, just speaking, arrogance was indispensable.

Although his Li Fan is not as good as Chen Shao, who is the fourth youngest in Changsha, his Li family is still a wealthy family with a fortune of hundreds of millions, and Li Fan is the only child in the family.

As for Dustin Zhou, he was just an ordinary person, naturally not in Li Fan’s eyes.

However, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie beside Dustin Zhou made Li Fan’s eyes shine.

When Dustin Zhou’s picture appeared on the big screen before, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie also appeared on it.

Because they were far apart, Li Fan did not see clearly, but he also knew that these two people were definitely beautiful women.

But now from a closer look, Li Fan was suddenly shocked.

Compared with Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, the women he played with in the past were nothing but rubbish.

And Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, is a fairy!

“Hehe, since it is Chen Shao’s request, then the two big beauties will also go together, presumably Chen Shao will be happy!” Li Fan looked at Enderia Shen and Mira Xie with a faint smile.

In terms of words, it seemed that Chen Shao gave face to the two of them when they came to the appointment, and as long as they can win Chen Shao’s heart, it will naturally benefit a lot.

As for Dustin Zhou on the side, Li Fan has automatically ignored it.

Although Chen Shao said he wanted to bring Dustin Zhou with him, his tone was very bad.

Dustin Zhou looks nothing more than an ordinary person, even if there are big beauties around him, how can he compare with Chen Shao!

However, when Li Fan’s voice fell, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie didn’t react at all, and even the other people looked normal, as if nothing happened.

“Did you not hear what I said? Shao Chen called to see you, and later I will all go to see Shao Chen with me! Otherwise, if you offend Shao Chen, the consequences are not something you can afford!” Li Fan said coldly.

There was a faint feeling in his heart that these people seemed to care nothing about their own words.

However, he Li Fan not only represents himself, but also represents Chen Shao.

“Are you talking to us?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes moved slightly, and he looked at Li Fan with a calm expression.

But when Li Fan saw Dustin Zhou’s eyes, he was taken aback, and he felt a little nervous.

It seems that Dustin Zhou’s eyes have terrifying murderous intent, as long as he speaks rudely, Dustin Zhou can directly kill him!

“Nonsense! Do you want to go against Chen Shao’s meaning, be careful…” Li Fan seemed to continue to threaten


But Dustin Zhou would not give him this opportunity.

“What are you?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, with the corners of his mouth raised slightly, as if he was talking about a very common thing.

In an instant, not only Li Fan, but the entire backstage was quiet.

Everyone in the backstage looked surprised. Although they have been busy, they are still paying attention to things here.

When they heard Li Fan said that it was Chen Shaoxiang’s invitation, they were still secretly jealous. After all, it was Chen Shao’s invitation. As long as Chen Shao’s love was received, there was no benefit.

However, Dustin Zhou actually said, What are you?

This was not only hitting the person who was passing the word in the face, but also hitting Chen Shao in the face.

Many people sighed secretly, feeling speechless at Dustin Zhou’s arrogance.

Maybe Dustin Zhou and the others didn’t know Chen Shao’s energy.

But Li Fan and the others are going crazy!

What is this person talking about.

Who do you think you are?

This is talking to him, Li Fan, so why not talking to Chen Shao?

Chen Shao asked Li Fan and the others to come and call Dustin Zhou and the others to join the banquet.

Obviously, Chen Shao believed that Dustin Zhou and the others were not worthy to talk to him, and he asked Li Fan to come over, probably because of Enderia Shen’s sake.

But Dustin Zhou hit back directly, what are you?

You said we are going to a banquet, we must go to a banquet?

Your Chen Shao’s face may be very prestigious in the eyes of others, but in front of Dustin Zhou, you can’t let Dustin Zhou look down at all.

“Presumptuous! Chen Shao’s invitation is to give you face, but you are so unsure of what is good or what is wrong. In that case, you don’t have to go. These beauties just go with me. As for you, it is best to get out of Changsha, otherwise, You don’t have to leave!” Li Fan was furious, his face extremely hideous.

Since Dustin Zhou is so presumptuous, he will naturally not give the right side.

Even Chen Shao dared to violate his face, and he was a daze to think about it.

Such a person is best not to appear at Chen Shao’s banquet.

As for the beauties around him, they must be taken home with them.

“Go!” However, Dustin Zhou’s words were the only one who responded to Li Fan.


This is Dustin Zhou’s attitude.

The same is true for other people. They came with Dustin Zhou, naturally listening to Dustin Zhou’s meaning.

Li Fan opened his mouth slightly, his face full of incredible.

He has already said it for this purpose, and the man in front of him is still in the dark. Does he really think he can compete with Chen Shao?

I’m afraid that without Chen Shao going out, he Li Fan can solve these people!

“Okay! Very good! Since you are so toasting and not eating fine wine, then don’t blame me, brothers, some people disrespect Chen Shao, let him know that people should learn to be in awe!” Li Fan sneered and rubbed his hands.

Palm, suddenly rushed towards Dustin Zhou, since this person is so ignorant of the heights of heaven and earth, I will teach him Li Fan, people, must learn to respect!

Especially in awe of the strong!

“Hehe, Li Fan shot, this person should know that it’s amazing!” “That’s natural, anyhow, Li Fan is also the champion of Changsha Taekwondo competition! It is not easy to deal with a little white face.” “Alas, I don’t know how tall and thick the kid is, dare you He was rude to Chen Shao, but he didn’t know that Chen Shao was an existence he couldn’t look up to in his entire life.” … The few people who came with Li Fan were very casual. If Li Fan took action, they naturally believed in Li Fan extremely.

But in the next second, they all opened their eyes wide, unable to believe what was in front of them.

I saw that Li Fan’s fist was blocked by Dustin Zhou with a palm, and he couldn’t make an inch!

“Li Fan, what are you doing, quickly solve this person, Chen Shao is still waiting, but don’t make Chen Shao anxious!” “That is, if you can’t, just say, let’s do it ourselves!” Among them, it’s not that Li Fan has some skills, and there are two other people who are also good and have won championships in boxing matches.

Moreover, they did not hide from their family, and had fought black punches in the underground boxing arena in Changsha City.

“I’ll do it myself!” Li Fan was not angry when he heard the words, and was very upset in his heart.

But Dustin Zhou’s palm was like a mountain, no matter how hard Li Fan tried, he still couldn’t make an inch!

“It seems that you are nothing more than that. If that’s the case, then you must be responsible for your actions!” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly and twisted his palm.

Suddenly, a clear clicking sound spread into everyone’s ears!

Chapter 286

Chen Shao and his people!


“Ah!” With a scream, Li Fan’s face suddenly turned pale, his forehead was sweating profusely, and he bit his lip, and even bit his lip, blood flowing.

“That kind of strength, what makes you so confident that you can casually shoot at people?” Dustin Zhou squeezed Li Fan’s wrist, his eyes were like torches, and he said coldly.

At this moment, he seemed to be an unshakable existence, and Li Fan, but an ant, was a bed bug that Dustin Zhou could kill with his fingers.

“Get off! I’ll see you once and hit you once!” Dustin Zhou pushed out his palm, and Li Fan immediately backed away and fell directly into the arms of several people.

If it wasn’t for the people who came with him to catch him, I’m afraid Li Fan would be pushed to the ground by Dustin Zhou.

“The wrist is broken, I’m afraid it won’t be connected well, even if it is connected, it will be difficult to restore it!” Someone checked Li Fan’s wrist and his face suddenly became very ugly.

They came with Li Fan, and now Li Fan is like this. If they don’t do anything, after they leave, they will not only have no way to explain to the Li family, but also to Chen Shao.

“This friend, why is the shot so vicious?” This man let Li Fan be supported by others, stood up slowly, looked at Dustin Zhou, with a grim expression!

“Big Brother Ding, this kid has used my hand, you must avenge me!” Li Fan looked at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of hatred.

“Relax, I will!” Ding Li nodded and said lightly.

Li Fan laughed tragically when he heard Ding Li’s words, and then passed out.

But Ding Li didn’t seem to know, he just looked at Dustin Zhou, his gaze was warlike.

His name is Ding Li, from Changsha Ding’s family, and he has a very good relationship with Li Fan’s Li family.

And he and Li Fan have been brothers since childhood.

In the previous years, he had fought black boxing in the underground boxing arena in Changsha, and he won 18 consecutive victories.

Later, I was told by my family that I gave up.

In addition to learning Li Fan’s skills since childhood, Ding Li also taught a lot.

It can be said that Li Fan is half of Ding Li’s apprentice.

Therefore, Ding Li naturally knew Li Fan’s strength.

But now, the man on the opposite side broke Li Fan’s wrist easily, and he must be quite capable.

Even Ding Li must be treated with caution.

But Ding Li is very confident!

He was sure that he could win.

Because he has experienced life and death!

Dustin Zhou looked at the man walking out in front of him, his eyes condensed slightly, and his expression became more cautious.

He could see that this person now was not much better than the person just now.

However, he was not afraid.

His own skills are just casual practice with Niu Chuan. Even if he is not an opponent, with Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou will not be in danger.

However, what this person said just now made Dustin Zhou feel cold.


Vicious shot?

If he doesn’t have the strength, then Li Fan can easily deal with him. At that time, this person will definitely not stand up to stop him, saying that Li Fan is vicious.

“If I don’t have the strength to protect myself, he will hurt me, and even make me suffer more severe injuries. At that time, will you stop him and let him not be vicious?” Dustin Zhou said with a slight smile on his jaw.

“Li Fan wouldn’t be like that.” Ding Li said lightly.

“Hehe, this is your answer? But so!” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, and suddenly sneered in his heart.

Ding Li’s reaction was the same as he thought.

It’s not that he hasn’t seen this kind of kissing each other.

Whether it was when he was an ordinary employee before, or during this period of time, he has met more than once.

“Since you made a vicious move and injured Li Fan, I will naturally teach you a lesson for him and let you know that some people are not something you can provoke!” Ding Li’s eyes tightened, and as soon as his words fell, the whole person was like the same handle. Sharp sword rushed towards Dustin Zhou.

He has hit black punches before, and speed and strength are his advantages.

Regardless of Dustin Zhou’s true strength, Ding Li must solve the problem in the fastest time.


Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed slightly, this Ding Li was very strong, but he was not without the power to resist.

Seeing the opponent rushing quickly, Dustin Zhou didn’t rush, and withdrew his footsteps to the right rear, at the same time, he stuck out his palm and met Ding Li’s fist.

The two played against each other, and suddenly there was a muffled sound.

This was the sound made by Ding Li and Dustin Zhou after they played against each other.

The two are also very fast, and if outsiders don’t look carefully, they won’t be able to see clearly.

“Niu Chuan, hurry up, or Dustin Zhou will get hurt.” Enderia Shen looked a little anxious, he didn’t know that Dustin Zhou was able to fight like this.

But no matter how much he can fight, he is a man of flesh and blood, and he is not a person who specializes in martial arts. If something happens to Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen cannot accept it.

“Don’t worry, Brother Yang will be fine!” But Niu Chuan was very calm.

Dustin Zhou and Ding Li’s fight was inexplicably shocking to outsiders, but to Niu Chuan, it looked like a fight between children.

Although Dustin Zhou had practiced with him for a while before, but he didn’t insist on it all the time, but even then, Niu Chuan felt that Dustin Zhou was enough to deal with Ding Li.


There was another loud noise.

Dustin Zhou and Ding Li separated immediately.

There is a hint of confusion between the two breaths, obviously because the fight just now was extremely intense.

Dustin Zhou looked at Ding Li, his mouth raised slightly.

“Since Young Master Chen wants to see me so much in your mouth, then I will take a look. I just hope that Young Master Chen won’t disappoint me too much.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly and turned around to whisper to everyone.

After watching this scene

Everyone in Taiwan was secretly surprised.

Dustin Zhou said that, it seems that the fight with Ding Li just now fell into a disadvantage, and then he had to subdue.

“Ding Li, how can you be merciful?” “Yeah, Li Fan is your brother, and he was beaten like this by this man. Is that what it is?” “Yes, they disrespect Chen Shao first, and now they still want to see Chen. Shao, who do you think you are?” … Everyone looked upset and thought that Ding Li had won, so naturally they didn’t put Dustin Zhou in their eyes.

“Enough, take them. It is Young Master Chen who wants to see them. You don’t need to talk too much!” But at this moment, Ding Li gave a cold voice, glanced at everyone with a stern look, and then turned and walked outside. go with.

Everyone looked at Ding Li in astonishment, not knowing what happened, but since Ding Li said so, they naturally wouldn’t make extra moves.

After all, when you meet Chen Shao and Dustin Zhou, you will naturally know how stupid what you did before.

However, no one noticed that Ding Li, who was slowly walking outwards, both hands were trembling, and his forehead was sweating instantly.

As he walked out, his face paled with every step he took.

When he walked outside, he saw that there was no one around, and suddenly a stream of blood spurted out, coughing and panting violently!

If someone saw this scene and combined with the scene that happened just now, they would naturally know the reason.

But no one sees it outside now.

Ding Li wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were cold, and he strode away directly!

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