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Chapter 287

You are so nonsense!

Dustin Zhou and his party left with the people sent by Chen Shao.

The Rocket Girl wanted to follow along, but Dustin Zhou was somewhat unwilling.

He didn’t want Rocket Girl’s three little ones to only see what they shouldn’t.

“Brother Yang, take us there, with you, that Shao Chen can’t hurt us!” Su Xiaomeng hugged Dustin Zhou’s arm and acted like a baby.

If you were an ordinary person, you couldn’t bear Su Xiaomeng’s act of acting like a baby. Even Dustin Zhou was shocked.

Fortunately, Dustin Zhou had already decided to treat Su Xiaomeng as his younger sister, so he quickly calmed down.

“Mr. Zhou, you can take them there. The organizer of this concert is the company of the Chen Shao’s family. Instead of letting them be missed all the time, it is better to cut off other people’s thoughts.” Sister Yang said softly, but in her tone, It was cold.

Obviously, she already knew what happened just now.

Since Sister Yang, the agent of the three little ones, said so, Dustin Zhou no longer refused, and brought the three little ones together.

Double Happiness Hotel.

The famous five-star hotel in Changsha City, because of its profound background, is a place where many upper-class people in Changsha often visit. Many wealthy foreigners who come to Changsha will also stay here.

And Chen Shao was waiting for Dustin Zhou and them at the Double Happiness Hotel.

At this time, in the VIP room on the third floor of the hotel, Chen Shao had a small hall alone.

You know, the VIP lounge of Double Happiness Hotel receives countless VIPs every day, and it is very difficult to cover a small hall.

If the Chen family were not for the strength in Changsha, Chen Shao could not afford this small hall.

“Shao Chen, wait for a few beauties to come, but let them perform their talents!” “That’s right, the three beautiful Rocket Girls are versatile, singing and dancing are very good, I just don’t know if at that time, whether It’s also very attractive!” “Haha, and the person who was invited to the stage dared to steal Chen Shao’s limelight, then the three beauties around him, I don’t know what it’s like.” … In the VIP room, Chen Shao sat In the center, while seven or eight dudes surrounded by, he laughed.

Before the concert was over, they left directly and came to the hotel.

After Chen Shao came here, he didn’t say a word, but his expression was very gloomy.

This surprised many people.

After all, what’s coming should be exciting, and Shao Chen shouldn’t have this expression.

Even if Chen Shao was not selected for the stage at the concert before, it is irrelevant now.

“Shut up all to me!” Chen Shao let out a cold voice.

Everyone shut up instantly.

They all looked at Chen Shao, not knowing that everyone was very excited, Chen Shaowei

What would be so angry.

Could it be that Shao Chen was so angry with the man who was invited to the stage!

“Do you know that the b*tch Su Xiaomeng did not choose me on purpose because she had an affair with that man!” Chen Shao’s voice was cold, and the anger in his tone made his heart tremble slightly.

Several dudes looked at Shao Chen, and suddenly felt a slight tremor in their hearts.

As the famous elder brother in Changsha City, their family is definitely not an ordinary existence, at least, they will have hundreds of millions of fortunes.

However, when facing Shao Chen, they didn’t dare to be so arrogant, and even continued to flatter them.

After all, almost all their families depend on the Chen family to develop.

And they hadn’t seen Chen Shao angry before.

But every time, the people who angered Chen Shao had very tragic consequences.

The person who angered Chen Shao last time might have disappeared in this world long ago.

Now, there is another person who dares to provoke Chen Shao.

When Chen Shao finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

Chen Shao said that the man had an affair with Su Xiaomeng a long time ago, so Su Xiaomeng did not choose Chen Shaomeng to take the stage!

“No? We haven’t seen that person before!” “Is it from other places, or is it not Changsha at all, or even from Hunan Province?” “I don’t know…” “Follow him! Anyway, Li Fan and Ding Li have already gone to find them together, and they will definitely bring them here!” … When the few people talked, the door of the VIP room was pushed open, and the few dudes led Dustin Zhou and his party slowly. Walked in.

But Li Fan and Ding Li are missing.

Everyone looked at them, saw Dustin Zhou, ignored them automatically, and saw several other beauties, their eyes brightened and their hearts were fiery.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was also looking at the few people in front of him.

Especially the man sitting in the middle.

The man’s face was gloomy, like a poisonous snake, staring at Dustin Zhou and the others, which made Dustin Zhou feel very upset.

And he naturally knows who this person is.

“Are you Chen Shao?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, and walked straight ahead, walking in front of Chen Shao a few steps.

Niu Chuan, who was on the side, didn’t move slowly, and he directly took a chair and placed it behind Dustin Zhou to let him sit down.

“Presumptuous! In front of Chen Shao, you dare to sit down!” “It’s too arrogant, Chen Shao, you must not let him go!” “That is, let go of the man, and then bring all those big beauties. Then serve Chen Shao…” As soon as Dustin Zhou sat down, everyone was furious, pointing at Dustin Zhou and scolding him, as if Dustin Zhou sat down in front of Chen Shao, what a rebellious thing.

“Who are you? What does it have to do with Su Xiaomeng?” Chen Shao stared at Dustin Zhou, as if observing each other.

Shao Chen is definitely not a brainless person.

On the contrary, being able to have so many dudes around him, his own ability and ability are not low.

He is now thinking about what identity Dustin Zhou is.

Otherwise, how could he get acquainted with Su Xiaomeng, and have personal affair, even Su Xiaomeng directly rejected him for this.

“You are a lot of nonsense. Are you coming to us for such a stupid problem?” Dustin Zhou said coldly. He doesn’t want to deal with these people. It can be solved quickly, so it is naturally better to solve it quickly.

“Eh? Where’s Li Fan and Ding Li? Didn’t they come back with you?” Chen Shao’s eyes turned slightly, and suddenly he noticed that two people were missing from the crowd.

“Chen Shao, Li Fan was injured. Now he is sent to the hospital for treatment. Ding Li doesn’t know where he is going.” Someone explained in a low voice, but his face was very ugly.

They went to the backstage to take away Dustin Zhou and his party. Li Fan shot, but Dustin Zhou directly destroyed it.

Ding Li then took the shot, although Dustin Zhou did not know the specific outcome, but Dustin Zhou brought it, but Ding Li did not come back.

“Injured? What’s the matter?” Chen Shao was shocked and asked quickly.

He still knew about Li Fan and Ding Li, and the relationship between them was pretty good.

If Li Fan is to be injured, he must at least have some strength.

But the person in front of him, no matter how he looked at it, didn’t seem to have this strength.

The man didn’t dare to conceal it, and said exactly what happened backstage.

Gradually, the atmosphere in the VIP room suddenly became tense.

Chapter 288

Li Fan was actually injured, and he was injured by the man sitting in the chair in front of him.

An idea suddenly appeared in everyone’s mind.

Since Li Fan was injured and didn’t come over, what about Ding Li?

Ding Li also played against Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou was intact

Here, Ding Li did not appear.

Could Ding Li also be Dustin Zhou’s opponent?

In an instant, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes seriously.

If they had looked down on Dustin Zhou before, thinking that Dustin Zhou was just a bit of luck, even if they had the confidence, they couldn’t compare with them.

So now, Dustin Zhou has enough capital that they value.

His skills are equally outstanding!

You know, no matter how bad Li Fan and Ding Li are, they can still be ranked among them.

Everyone is a son of a brother, and his hobbies are usually common, except for those of ordinary people, but also like some exciting sports.

Boxing, taekwondo, karate, almost everyone has learned since childhood.

It’s just that as time goes by, the strength of everyone is higher or lower.

But even so, there were four or five people who were stronger than Li Fan and Ding Li.

“Huh! Li Fan and Ding Li’s strength is too low, they are not enough to look at, hurting them is nothing, but they are my brothers, you have to pay the price for hurting them!” At this time, a medium-sized figure The young man came out, his face full of fortitude, his eyes looked at Dustin Zhou harshly.

“You, get out!” The man hooked his fingers at Dustin Zhou, extremely arrogant, as if he didn’t even see Dustin Zhou in his eyes.

“It’s Zhong Shan!” “He was a professional boxer before, and he won prizes in national boxing competitions!” “That Dustin Zhou is miserable. Zhong Shan has a good relationship with Li Fan and Ding Li. I will avenge them!” “If I were him, I would kneel down and confess my mistakes, otherwise once I fought with Zhong Shan, the consequences would not be something he could afford.” … When everyone saw Zhong Shan appear, their faces suddenly With a smile, they are very confident of Zhong Shan’s strength.

If you want to rank the strength of the sons present, Zhong Shan can definitely rank in the top three.

Even, because of Zhong Shan’s strength, he is not equipped with bodyguards.

Because, he can solve the dangers that can almost be solved by manpower, and he can solve the dangers that cannot be solved by manpower, and having bodyguards will not help.

“Brother Yang, let me come!” Niu Chuan stepped out first. He could feel that Zhong Shan had some strength and he was worried that Dustin Zhou would be injured.

“Huh! I look at you, as if I think I am very strong, how can I get my bodyguard out?” Zhong Shan looked at Dustin Zhou, his face full of sarcasm.

“You are wrong.” Dustin Zhou didn’t think he was angry, smiled faintly, and then stretched out his finger.

“First, I don’t think I am so strong, but it is enough to clean up your waste.” Boom!

As soon as the voice fell, it wasn’t just Zhong Shan who showed great momentum.

In the crowd behind him, a few tyrannical auras also emerged.

But they all

He did not speak, but looked at Dustin Zhou quietly.

Since Dustin Zhou said first, there must be a second, really third, they want to listen to what Dustin Zhou would say.

“Second, Niu Chuan is not my bodyguard, but my brother.” Dustin Zhou looked at the crowd, his face calm.

“Third, he won’t make a move either, because you are not worth his move.” Dustin Zhou finished speaking and stood up slowly.

In fact, his own strength is not very top-notch, and the time for practice is only three months.

But because he was practicing behind Niu Chuan, his progress was tremendous.

Not much to say, just ask Dustin Zhou to participate in the national martial arts competition now, I am afraid he will win the prize.

“Don’t be ashamed!” Zhong Shan was really angry. Seeing Dustin Zhou standing up, he immediately fisted out without hesitation!

This punch was extremely fast and appeared in front of Dustin Zhou in the blink of an eye.

“Brother Yang, be careful!” Su Xiaomeng and the others didn’t know how powerful Dustin Zhou really was, they trembled and couldn’t help but whisper.

“If there is only this strength, I am afraid it is not enough!” Dustin Zhou yelled, his figure quickly avoided, and he flashed through Zhong Shan’s punch, and then quickly strangled Zhong Shan’s wrist with lightning speed.

Just like before pinching Li Fan’s wrist, Dustin Zhou also made Zhong Shan immobile this time.

In an instant, Zhong Shan’s face changed, and he felt that his wrist was locked by a ten thousand catties iron lock, unable to move.

Not only that, a huge force was directly transmitted to his wrist, making him tremble all over and sweating.

Everyone was watching Zhong Shan’s performance, and everyone was stunned at the moment.

Zhong Shan was the top three of them, and even Dustin Zhou couldn’t deal with it. Not only that, it seemed that Dustin Zhou had been countered.

“Unbearable!” Dustin Zhou sneered, twisting his wrist, directly crushing Zhong Shan’s wrist.

There was a clicking sound, and everyone turned pale.

Dustin Zhou actually abolished Zhong Shan!

Isn’t he afraid of Zhong’s revenge?

Zhong Shan’s wrist was scrapped, and his entire arm was weakly slumped down. He was as if he had just taken a bath, sweating profusely, and his face pale.

Several people immediately contacted the hospital and rushed Zhong Shan to the hospital.

Although Zhong Shan was abandoned by Dustin Zhou, but now, their sons are a whole.

“It’s amazing, Brother Yang is so amazing!” Su Xiaomeng saw this scene, his eyes lit up, as if seeing something incredible, his face was silly and happy.

Girls’ Generation, it was just when the relationship was first opened, and naturally there was a fantasy of a heroic beauty in my heart.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng felt that Dustin Zhou was a great hero and he was a big beauty.

And Chen Shao became a

The big bad guy who doesn’t do evil.

In Su Xiaomeng’s eyes, the scene in front of him suddenly became a scene of Dustin Zhou, a great hero fighting a big bad guy in order to save a beautiful woman.

“Who else wants to try my skills?” Dustin Zhou sat down again, looking forward.

Many people met his gaze, and they avoided him instantly, and they didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou at all.

The scene just now really shocked their hearts.

They didn’t see the scene of Li Fan and Ding Li fighting with Dustin Zhou, and they didn’t know how.

But they saw the scene of Zhong Shan fighting Dustin Zhou truly.

It can’t even be called a fight.

Because Dustin Zhou only used one trick to directly destroy Zhong Shan.

The strength between the two is not at the same level at all.

“I want to try, how good are you!” At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Many brothers trembled after hearing this voice.

Even Chen Shao, his eyes narrowed, looked back at the speaker.

Chapter 289

This is your confidence?

“It’s Lu Gang!” “Unexpectedly, he couldn’t help it anymore!” “He should be the most skilled among us?” “Of course, he was sent to a martial arts master by the Lu family since he was a child. Learning martial arts, now I am afraid I can defeat that person with a finger!” … Seeing the speaker slowly coming out, everyone suddenly whispered.

It was this Lu Gang that impressed them too much.

Although everyone usually mixes together and knows each other, no one knows how strong Lu Gang is.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed slightly and looked at Lu Gang.

He naturally heard what everyone said just now, and he was also amazed.

Since childhood, he followed the martial arts master to practice martial arts, no wonder he looked very resolute.

Dustin Zhou took a deep look at Lu Gang, and already had an idea in his heart.

This person is not an opponent!

After all, Dustin Zhou had only studied roughly for three months, and he certainly couldn’t compare with such a person who learned martial arts since childhood.

“Chuanzi, you go.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, not feeling embarrassed.

Since the other party can take turns, he can naturally also let Niu Chuan take the shot.

“Okay!” Niu Chuan nodded, responded, and walked directly up to face Lu Gang.

“Haha, it’s not about letting the bodyguards take action!” “Lu Gang is still powerful, and he can scare him off by just relying on his aura!” “Yes. I just don’t know if his bodyguard can withstand Lu Gang’s punches and kicks. “Definitely not, that bodyguard doesn’t look like a skilled person.” … Seeing Niu Chuan coming out, everyone suddenly sneered.

“If you want to fight, you will fight, you talk so much nonsense, come with me?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and looked at the others sharply.

All of these people looked thin and thin, and their complexion was yellowish, and it was obvious that they were drunk.

Such a person, not to mention Dustin Zhou’s shot, even just an ordinary passerby, can beat them into nowhere.

If they really played against Dustin Zhou, they might not be able to hold on for even a minute.

When those people heard Dustin Zhou’s words, they were silent, but they all glared at Dustin Zhou.

Although they could not beat Dustin Zhou, there was no problem expressing their anger.

“Courageless people!” Dustin Zhou sneered, then ignored them, but looked at Niu Chuan.

“You are not my opponent!” Lu Gang glanced at Niu Chuan and said coldly.

He learned martial arts with the master of martial arts since he was a child. Before returning to the family, he could be described as an invincible hand. Few people could even survive ten moves in his hands.

In his opinion, Niu Chuan is just an ordinary bodyguard, and he may have learned some moves.

But compared to myself, there is no

Way to compare.

“You are too confident.” Niu Chuan didn’t get angry, watching Lu Gang playfully.

Some people are absolutely confident in themselves before they do it.

Niu Chuan knew that Lu Gang was such a person, and perhaps some of his past experiences made him highly appraise his own strength.

So now it’s just time to let him see what strength he really is.

“Ten tricks, if the ten tricks can’t be solved, I lose!” Lu Gang snorted, obviously very confident.

“Okay! Brother Lu Gang is so good, defeat him within ten moves, making him so crazy!” “Hehe, he doesn’t look like Lu Gang’s opponent, ten moves, he is praised.” … heard With Lu Gang’s words, many princes began to get excited again.

Dustin Zhou’s good attitude just now made them very unhappy.

But they didn’t dare to fight Dustin Zhou, so they had to let Lu Gang teach Niu Chuan severely.

“It’s really arrogant, in this case…” Niu Chuan lowered his head and sneered, not knowing where the other party’s confidence came from, threatening to abolish himself within ten moves.

“Boom!” Before Niu Chuan finished speaking, the whole person rushed out at an amazing speed.

Many people just felt that there was a flash in front of them, and before they could see what was going on, Niu Chuan rushed to Lu Gang.

At this time, Lu Gang’s expression finally changed, and he was no longer as calm and confident as before.

“Stop!” Lu Gang shouted violently, and backed back again and again, trying to reach out his hand to block Niu Chuan’s fist.

He could feel the extremely strong explosive power from Niu Chuan’s fist, and if this explosive power hit him, he could not bear it.

At this moment, Lu Gang finally panicked!

He didn’t expect that this humble person in front of him would have such a powerful explosive power, which he had only seen from one person before.

That is the martial arts master who told him to practice martial arts.

Could it be that the young man in front of him turned out to be a martial arts master.

However, Niu Chuan would not really stop just because Lu Gang called to stop.

Since Lu Gang threatened to solve him with ten tricks, Niu Chuan naturally wanted him to take a good look at how to solve the battle with ten tricks.


With a muffled noise, Niu Chuan and Lu Gang collided, and everyone’s eyes widened, for fear of missing any detail.

Those princes and buddies, one by one, were so nervous that they dared not breathe, and kept praying for Lu Gang to win.

Finally, one of them groaned and flew out directly.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, very satisfied with the result before him, and the three little ones behind him also exclaimed.

On the other hand, those princes and buddies, one by one, looked like a bereaved concubine, as if the sky had fallen.

Even Shao Chen’s eyes were stagnant at this time, and he couldn’t believe everything in front of him.

Lu Gang, the most powerful person on their side, with

Niu Chuan fought, just one move, and he was directly blown out.


“Ten tricks to solve the battle? You are too high to look at you!” Niu Chuan coldly looked at Lu Gang who was flying upside down with a torch.

This Lu Gang, I am afraid that he has learned something, so he is defiant, thinking that he is the strongest in this world.

But in front of Niu Chuan, it was no match.

However, at this moment, Lu Gang’s face was pale and his heart was shocked.

He looked at Niu Chuan, his heart tumbling like a tide.

He couldn’t believe what he felt.

Master of Wuxue!


The person in front of him who is fighting against him must be a warrior!

He was sent to learn martial arts with that person since his childhood, he is a martial artist!

But how is this possible!

Lu Gang gritted his teeth, his expression in defeat.

You know, when he was a kid, he followed that man to learn martial arts, and that man was at least fifty years old.

And the person in front of him seemed to be in his twenties.

“Haha, is this your confidence?” Dustin Zhou ignored the shock and incredibleness of others.

He slowly stood up and walked towards Shao Chen.

“I heard that you are looking for us, I don’t know what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

At this moment, the clouds were light and breezy, as if nothing happened.

“Do you know what you are doing?” Chen Shao didn’t stand up, and his heart was shaking.

He did not expect that Zhong Shan was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, and Lu Gang was not even Niu Chuan’s opponent.

He had thought before that once Dustin Zhou and the others arrived, they would directly deter them with force and let them hand over the beauty.

But now obviously not working.

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